Risking It All

Monday, February 12th


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Laszlo. But the but the be nice to snow cone of shut up. Laszlo. Being nice to me. Why you're really sure who's got a picture of euros nightstand and a blown out of two got enough and that now. She's sort of protect them. That's my job that's why he has as a loner as a male water and in. So what is sure you get off the grid. Our general figures off target what's your off the grid fancy you know some people say. You know what I wanna sell everything and buyout now the real popular thing on his chances people who buy old school buses and the tournament RVs were religious. Drive around all my dad brother had color I as out of lost on me now but I remember like bases are you know another sell everything your eye doesn't have anything when I was young and has moved. Barbados so our shores Al. Some big chair or gas bill bartender. In announcing I don't know follow The Grateful Dead and so veggie burritos most. That on I can't release. And those are all models shows that I. Kicked around in my head is a you know a late teenager. I definitely see the appeal in the movie somewhere. Well remember we just talk about backside I'll tell you just go right good you know and served drinks some of Asian tourists and you and I easy award. And. Cruise ship right you know what exactly did you know is that nobody does that. Remember we knew and I would if we needed that outback in Seattle time and the server edition that's that's yeah. Insufficient though the period fisheries that feed that is out there who had. She was from Ohio when she said her boyfriend were both Amani is set to sell everything and moved it into sort of live to Seattle and they became servers. By our use of cook and she was a server and is wanted to live in Seattle and somebody got jobs and infrastructure I can understand that. There's still risk. The risk being and I think if you go from having a job up you know comfortable. Nine to five reading your weekends authored these I'm gonna sell everything. And moving on to be a bartender. And a chance you say well as cities better but man I really hate my job or really hate not making. Extra money into just making enough money to get by. But my friend moved to saint Thomas to be scuba instructor Lisa you know. I had just enough money to buy my milk can might be you know did just that necessities of the gorgeous now was it looked as long as you're okay agency on the beach and doing nothing there is the time. But after a couple of years to set up I'm tired you know the straight. But I have absolutely no money but did you see that couple this couple that sold everything because they one incident by Silva. Notes is on twittered it wants audits of its Twitter moment right now it's trendy right now tanner Brock well and Mickey Walsh they play and for this. Sailboat dream of theirs for two years they saved for two years so they can by the czar I don't know how many. Did it but they say for two years because they wanted to buy she owed jar. Destroyer change in certain. That might take a little more than two years but maybe I'm Athens on how much. And we dollars or break but they wanted to buy this sailboat and travel around the world turn so I guess I think last week they actually got. This is so accomplish our goal accomplish it they still learning and they saved their money they quit their jobs I don't know what their jobs war. They're from Colorado. But they they quit their jobs and sold everything innate and they saved up enough actually taken by this vote. Well. I think they made it out on the water for two days. So day two of their journey. The boat hit some and underwater sank and they have turned up at I had to jump off the vote. Get rescue at the sort of vote is a total loss and now they have got an assurance anonymous I don't it said vultures don't sell orders as turns you'd think right if that's your life now I would think you are on a sector that's your world. Somalian dress right. I maybe you don't have to have insurance or because people are saying that the boat was a total loss two days ago. And when that because it took on water so fast they evacuated and really take anything with them it was just their dog and then Jose. I guess they said they got their cellphones and Social Security cards and that was it. That's all they have left. She says Ali how is this thing oddly enough I live online and have no under my social director of the right he says I sold everything we all of these adrenaline crucial security guard never gonna motor company allowed. I sold everything I had to do this I lost everything in a matter of twenty Mets. Well. Shoreline it was a risk is not part of yourself everyone on Twitter yeah. How many guys right now at this very moment I mean as you guys and girls failures or whatever just went through the same exact thing on a roulette machine to Monte Carlo right now where. Everybody lays it all along a little advanced part of the risk. But god damn man we got fifteen grand left. That's a we've got and mullet this whole thing ride right now and that happens daily. If not hourly. And I don't see. Twitter blowing up firm Johnny from New Jersey you just lost everything. Now well all the role and sixth on the roulette table but but but but. All the people's lawyer in a boat that's what happens right at all resting and all that are on sale. The stories that when they got out there like you know this story is not all I got scared I'm nineteen I don't someone's not. Not calling guaranteeing at all. OK you don't you don't so everything so I can do does guarantee it all thing in a song is called is called resting and all of our reason I'm a celebrity get a boat. We know what happens a little. Risk. Risk to your hate at. Risk. That it's not what you thought it was. Risk that you lose everything and risks of a god damn thing sinks my just like I'm an arrest him in islanders along mom running guarantee this thing on six. Duel that I had a poker DR undergoing guarantee this right now but no it's called bats are. They've never sailed before now. Fast so get this going to be a risk no matter what but you could mitigate your risk a little bit by taking some sailing lessons decent eyesight is obviously we're surely want. Yes of course they were white have you ever seen. And n.'s Jim Graham. Of the couple building a bus that wore white. Not only like they're from Colorado via right. Mean if I am I know Larry told Kharrazi here on know that butler's. Tryon and be honest if I said guess what state they're from I feel it would all gas. Colorado Colorado every other than Washington might have been haggling on price sale before where I saw this I never set before they bought a boat. Colorado Colorado stuff from top five there. I thought it was a feel good story because I sought and thought. This is why you don't take risks I'm risk averse so when I saw that threat that was a feel good story seat but but but but you make it so don't tell us and over all your dreams kids that whenever the bottom of the ocean exactly you'll be left with nothing and you know it's too much up positive stuff muscles meet with the people who sell everything in there and a van down by the river you look those people. Did we don't see TV the other side that they're gonna post pictures of them not having enough money to buy bread more fighting because they live in a school bus together. Our I don't know getting dysentery or whatever happens we yet. Live out in the woods whom. I think you're right this is a feel good story makes you feel better about not Toronto that's a good story Asia's share your kids about at least not chasing dreams yes. Don't risk everything. And I'm sorry that I don't feel bad for them when I read some things or big got a chasing dreams. Right out first. That's insane yes you get weird get your feet wet snow on taste and sailing lessons able we're gonna save everything but in the meantime we should save a little action might just for some lessons so we know what we're doing. From they didn't have any experience and it put everything in this boat actually said they were afraid of the waves the story talked about how I guess it got like you know watered adults and they got nervous than they did hit something that was underwater yes. But the vote I mean here's the vote. Yes that's gone he had Wexler is beneficial to bow before yes doesn't kiss and my dog that's dog they say of people or really really concerned. About whether or not the dog survived. Which it did. Yeah so that's the picture of the boat before it sank a fund for him. Texas isn't a serious story if there are cubic. Right now allow pets and I spoke. So it was five grand is to us as a touched on this and I'll I don't know what to say look I can't be five. This is story say how much it was and see what they spent on here just says he said they saved everything are here you go on misses aren't the bottom. That in April Tony seventeen that's and they sold everything he had including their SUV. About this boat it's it was in 1969. Vote. And it was 5000 dollars while the world doesn't go to LOK they spent the same to restore it on good. Who cares and Randall and hold on Neitzel. That's so unjust laws more than that and to casino like I said earlier trying to figure out a way to take care of them and friendly last ditch effort someone just lost more than. Coast guards and it will cost them more than 101000 dollars to remove it on it when I don't lose all allergic to cinema started don't fund. But but but I don't lose all of my dreams at the right. Not a survey thing can you please should give me some money know that the Obama door apparently people want to put on Twitter. This guy risked everything that the that is live in the dream that that they said you know I saw everything put on black but at the damn thing came out Brad. Please send him on a shame I hope your dogs are okay well he's not at the eyes of tennis I need to go fund it I about him too but yeah.