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Thursday, March 22nd


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Hi this is a sea of bad day on tomorrow at eight tonight at their right. Now but I think if I don't I say it. Ultramar died Visio I am was a from Kansas City and you are. A graduate glycol used side neighbors are decided dot com. It brought it up aren't you got okay just about so I met thank you for taking the time to talk to us our producer. Is a huge fan of your work has been telling us about it and supporting us oh. Emails and you know who's written articles and we have to ever auntie smarty and funny and all the things that were not so I thought oh yeah and so I. Thank thank thank him for that would. Well I. I'm I'm fascinated by some of the stuff that I read and I guess I'm fascinated in a certain sense because. You hit the nail on the had and we have talked about it in here and I remember one time at least three years ago. That we are absolutely debated some thing and then both of us ran to the Internet and found I had lines. That told us exactly what we had read and then we just believe it is facts and that was salt. There was one that I read that said you need salt it's good for you quit listening to people tell you know more salt in my body over his slim was like back. So it's horrible for you don't kill you gotta get an idea diet or pay thirty dollars isn't saying this is not so much I. Ten days of the sodium and I'm like but we're supposed to have that it is like so. I just gave up and say whatever I want and I did doesn't matter anymore. All of not true and here are some of my life and you know now. I look at it. Good good to know before it very you know taking the pop shops where we can lump of clay. I would be what they end up dying for kind of individual thing is we're not our top model it after I carried. Out like well one of the big things that we get out of it is I got beat it beat you have that you know that's wonderful I well she. And you do need I got it diet or generally are hurt her. First irate. I've regulation. Depending on who you are now your exercise level is one of the pay up ball is this is a had a much delight. And you need about her it looked so if you let it control a lot of different functions in your body felt like I eat it marathon and I went. Let out a Hummer off the court in particular march. A regular you're an athlete. And you're sweating a lot moment when all your diet more so than people who were an act that they're saying you don't need any salt it's horrible for you I met I had based on them a little bit of outdated information that well picture blood pressure go through their group the church if you're having blood pressure issues with your regular athlete if you're healthy weight salt really isn't the double we used to think that what. Budget not just salt is added I know we were kind of joke around about that but even you can't eat you seem to focus on. All of these pseudo science health claims. There we hear yeah I'm really you can't go a day without seen a headline somewhere that says study says dark chocolate may she live longer study says drinking more often extend your life by 40%. And I know I Albert did something a few weeks ago Horry said we have that we have to do something about all these. News outlets posting articles there's there. Purposely misleading insane study says this will kill your study says this while you achieve immortality. The truth sometimes lies somewhere in the middle but it seems like more oftentimes or not. Re at least the blogs I read up on your website side they've dot com. The claims are not even there in the first place is not just misleading. A lot of times you would look through these different studies and that there's no there's no evidence anywhere in the study that says what the headlines are saying. I had no what you know sometimes you haven't been quiet say you know don't just treat to have why don't article. Because sometimes don't take a kind of a small coal or read the funded study and really really extrapolate out to make it much more I catchy headlines or to make it sound like it at the minute that double. Don't really get your attention and here you can tell how are we put out there are there web site. And you know there I'm blank one at why did you really legitimate body that could be that something later. I don't you know all of that information out there who in a big hit it crap on the and compare it will get out you know there'll be critical to open. A note that Lott Trent policemen and unbearable get out there it is it is a greater media. To be a very quick made article. Wait a while ago there was one of my eighth grade it's if you information I got the same bed and if you remember that once people heard that. That a class supply would be able to an hour of exercise per day to hear about how much. Yes I did and I truly delighted to bottle night. I'm not a. I I. I've never marathon the couple a couple of years ago back when I was a little bit if you thought that motorists do you know a few years younger. Every everything else put up a little O little butter out as well it it would have been a little bit you you're trained to look more fun. If it I can't do you know trying to cross the line from our people. So. That's why the headline that's why people wanna print these headlines because they sound great shot it makes you live longer makes a little longer whiners like exercise. I think how do you what you wanna hear that how you like your weight here Heidstra broad scale it like one I don't have a father and a different that this is the thought LB out of that my life. But you know that you're living what I bought into it. Other study there was a precursor of who was put into a component of all right Becky get used some of the benefits of exercise. If you couldn't get back if it turned out needed during the equivalent of a hundred to a thousand bottles the lining. In order to get that tiny hole that I thought I promise you. Here's Erik there's no it looked every bit you didn't want to think benefited the up quite you might not know a little bit of a hangover. It. And second now how many bottles of wine to I have to drink. A hundred to a thousand hurt you get hot at that I didn't total and the like a week. And bigger and are you a lot has really it's hard for and what. You think you know this is our of course a week I can just has to carry conduct a hundred down means gonna be a little bit of work but no more than getting on the treadmill solos don't. All mad that you don't like. It up and I don't want the belt and that big diet book the next big. Being in business that help then because you know at this point we Chertoff and really insecure thing we cured. And and some aren't secure things they've gotten rid of all our they've gotten brilliant. You know at least gotten rid of all the beauty. Horrible big word yet on humanity you don't beat people in polio free walking around America anymore and now. We're trying to shape all the things that people are air we're trying to keep up like if the thing that hurt you later and later on like it or cheat on jeopardy. They're chasing all these other big there they're looking at a lap. Fashion apparel so where were selling. You know they open that this article that people there are hunting or. And it's getting a little particular and people don't know how to other difference between bumping that we look up at all. Now the opposite could be true right you talk about if you drank a 100000 bottles of wine at once maybe you get some of this chemical or and it's also released when you exercise. What about when something like saccharin they found out whenever they found out in the seventies early eighties that sweet and low this week as we almost Akron. Gave lab rats cancer ever but they said. Yeah do you have to if you were gonna do this you happy like a hundred pounds at one time or something odd then that gets translated into. The next artificial sweetener which isn't NutraSweet aspartame and all the sudden all our officials leaders are bad. And you wrote on your blog about I heard you talk about this that this movement to get away from aspartame which is sweet and low. And how I was it Diet Pepsi that decided to get rid of that and you're upset because you're saying they are reacting to. These people who are scared of pseudo science or reacting to what this ignorance but I doubt last and I were talking literally like you know here's the thing that was. If every currency if you're like man I don't have enough money to try to change people's minds out of switch. It's like eight other because they they did react it had been overblown but it after that study it kept people are. It is people are here because Pratt got you know I will treat it good I think a lot or cancer in you know I'm. I'm over vehicular out of of an artificial sweetener in you know that it would not it has you know I'm good under the yeah but I I think it was. I'm accurate. But you know it's. Of course that there are their people that are built scared about the pain that they've gone back. And I I do want I suppose I do work out professionally lit up one that was you know it. Our and that makes people look. And it it to me that have he chose to take. Who wrote getting rid of our aspartame altogether it's what you know what to do what you think I like you work with because I haven't beaten so people like the one earth. Other but. The Pepsi formulation. Without looking at I'm curious what they caught it at the formulation with aspartame. You're out of the peer driven that it. Let's double the one that may be bought and customer and customer like at formulation that would completely safe. Isn't the same reason that we're getting rid of gluten now because people aren't really certain and and you know we talked about this earlier as well but silly X Aziz is a real thing. But certainly one thing that does it did. Require all of these gluten free products that we see younger bushels up there are the ones final list. Yeah I mean like you guys how do you react to be so I mean I have to avoid gluten I hope you have there. But like needing to avoid gluten doesn't mean the world stage to avoid it likely to enjoy your Baikal the wheat farmers need your good poker. I I would kill for both the big well if I I did it it. Beyond me like people wait it would have boy. Good piece. Just because somebody else how does how autoimmune conditions to get it like saying other people peanut allergies go I'm not gonna eat it up there's no. I can do it did not act for every one of the few people. Are you don't have a condition port but you know people that are. They're they're a big error there was. Again up for the conduct the study. That I get what Beimel and Dick that yacht which 5% of the population might have a gluten problems they get they conducted the same group conducted a better study. That showing you know what was going wrong. If you know I got back up to 5% of the population not twice but he is dealt with a little bit further but that you know one that out of the bag it. Everyone you know it's hard yeah our debt it if you think back into that back into the feud so to speak. I have a question for you because I do think and and I. I think you're explaining in why it happens I feel like people are at least in certain situations have to err on the side of caution. While I was a kid. Who what when I went when I was a kid now went to school all. Nobody ever said you can't bring a peanut butter and jelly so I think they would have told my parents or any of the kids. In this polish neighborhoods and I grew up went back you cannot bring you butter and jelly to school all. They would of Burma goddamn place to the ground like that was not okay and now my kids like pass I don't think I've learned judge you just gotta be sunflower I'm like. You know I Wear even tentative and enjoy at home anymore because. Because you can send it anywhere I'd say it's if my kid brings the school apparently toward Priscilla children pass out. It right I could be wrong on that go ahead and back at me I'm I'm over the fact checking out I have. Read that there are increasing the deficit. Of allergy and he'll hurt you react to our hope it works now and is there you're the Nick's theory about why that things. Other series there has been that I want a lot of double check on the one. One of the theory that ideology it's got a little more extreme has been. That there is. A little bit of a link antibiotic use. I'll give you been able to me it was the day Alec CEO it. From changing their got for and then. We Allard you have to work life I might be due to incorrect sure that there Alec about real thing and I think I got via the incorrect term. But they they've been able to kind of pick the other he afterwards by changing its got that Brett got bacteria. Back to lead normal normally but it got corps afterwards. So there. There is some evidence to suggest that even though about it have been Beatty really could keep it up but alive. It helped a lot different up bacteria that aren't all it could also happened is I. Independent and enjoys those obsolete yup. Though it I mean I wasn't aware that comes out right wasn't words that now again a bit of butter and jelly. Oh yeah are accusing you can't just you know you have to be careful look at the bit I don't like. It looked up at some Beck seemed perfect and it kind of like you know there's. They're people were scared that the vaccine you know what you're gonna have to get over that fear because those back to recoup those violent that it does protect you clowns. Are those Byron did look I don't gonna affect everyone around here. So. Even if you don't let it get somebody doesn't like the act yet. Back it up they get over it for the public that you don't get the read something that people for the people around you don't even though we think of we we need to act or eat something. Is that something that the basic you and that just ignore. Who built up area around I don't get you on your fleet of peanut. I have molecule but you know that that hadn't is that better. That better sort true you know triggered if a happy note can really get someone allergic reaction. I we're talking to you that Don jamaat I say it right that time to dunk remark yet eat it but I babe dot com is the website I think I think the easiest way to describe his you're a warrior against pseudoscience. And wagged his. What if like Google pseudoscience which I did before this interview because I want to try and get examples of our what are some of these things just are not the name that comes up over and over and over again. Is Gwyneth Paltrow. When the couch as matter that it looks like a friend Michael Shermer skeptic magazine that they awarded her. They called the rusty razor award Ford. You know basically being bullet crap. And we see it all the time deep these stories specifically about her company what is it is a duke Purdue were. Yeah and it. It. Felt actually mean could you don't pick and think that shut up yeah. I don't know needs. Yeah. I I think it is the gateway and are the or something I don't know but like it that they thought wait a kite. But she's actually marketing copy at a much now I don't know why. Don't I don't get a lot what you. She has not found a bigger by Deborah white but they're built our belated. They not heard that somebody. I look at the ferry which are a better yet it isn't she repeatedly getting B or hurt therapy. I saw a woman died this week like you. Yeah I just don't and I didn't I. Yeah I'd never heard that you've heard as well as now they're doing that acupuncture would beat stings the bees. And someone that way. Don't. I mean I I thought that was something that we we try to move Kuwait when we were. Smarter I I know. These people are trying to go hey at the thought then that isn't a lot of overlap they feel era like basically if it it may bite science that they try to avoid. Where's that does it might never had a name Gerald. And all the kids we all play tag up and down and we yell Gerald you've got a bigger pants and then he would freak out the ball more every dime and take his fans saw run home was the vast that. They got things that. Maybe I don't what you got to put a natural human reaction would be I got into us. Most of the hates LA are stable and have someone sting you repeatedly with these clothes look good Paltrow does though my point was I think that's just how. I think that's ethnic that's only over to it was fair for us but put it Alger does this is somewhat easy to spot. And Lester just desperate for a cure I mean you talk about you know being sick. A few years back in the and you want answers he wanted to try and find remedies for people who are being told by their doctors this is the best medicine we've got. I understand people are turned the RNC if there's something they're missing but. I feel like if you see someone making claims on a wet like when a pallets or whoever it might be saying hey if you do this crazy thing. It will help you live longer feel better. And be healthier yeah did investing doing that case's sake is anyone else sameness is there any science to back this up but it's a little tougher when you see. Studies aren't drinking black coffee. Increases your lifespan. The hard part but with the but that is what it outrage she has a handful of people who have MP neck your name. Back you know up and no matter what you can always find. Some doctors son and be done nurse practitioners somewhere who will say oh yeah I believe it suck it won't somebody. Who are without error they decided they didn't worry that the scientific establishment a lot of back area. And left main street not pathetic freak but it but the opinion you don't hunt for the out liar you can't firmware scientific it and that says. And like what I do when I'm when I'm Brady would try to figure out what's real or not. It's a book or I try to find people look at it brings with it well despite the with the balance of evidence that almost get freaked surges. And if you keep these water cheap points. That this decree would view that not a like that's not going to find it is beaten I mean I have a hundred people. In the scientific establishment think something's got where the size probably it. And quoted in there it is issued eleven point Leo but she's so why not a hundred no accurate watch it. Well let's be honest to as a scientist comes on TV. And says navies of the factual and you got to look at that guy or girl rice import of Paltrow comes on the says. Drinking coffee and coffee M I'll make you look like me because really that's or buying into you like well. Whenever I'm gonna look Paltrow because whatever she's way don't whatever she's doing give me too. The parent people to model but what a poker at the pilot what ever happened is they entered on the my theory that people would go with what they want to look like not what the person is doling out good advice so I think we could mean he. As you get a bunch of really sucked it doctored. It's a good idea that that would help and unfortunately we got you know a prominent people would affect you got it up Iraq. We got doctor drew I think he's pretty good looking but I saw him. Selling something on daytime TV the other day two of I don't remember what it was that's nothing I see a doctor and it's on one of those commercials you said that you can always find a doctor questions some of them all out an entomologist this company does make any money being professors is like Al Gore promised smock and don't be able despite his stuff on had to get an added some. Thank you doctor saying issued back in the community is so hot and how. Leo it's the last answer like I fought back well. You might help so I was looking into some of the popular pseudoscience is the day exists right now raw water was a big one with in the last year but I haven't heard that on a couple months so maybe that's kind of going away. There's something like whenever the raw water people talk might not want to drink on purified water that was. I mean I'm who lived like in the if it does it. The Bay Area as like their well water thing like it. It could bury the Silicon Valley were so modern that we're going burst up they killed us 500 years ago I think like I am I gonna I. It up and make me go how is getting I I did I don't get it I don't get why I was there I don't get why that's become saying. I guess we have we put known pastor impatient really. Some do. Also I have some people have there's a minute never heard about called the razor in his Emerson said that this is where you don't eat you just. Sustain life slide breathing techniques owe this to be real. Singer in as them and it. The people who are hurt they you know people who have ever read eat try it out again and only after Cingular. They're people who claim that they got it and they haven't really. Gotten like Jarrett. You never thought you know you're doing all of this that they sustain them propped up on wait force energy appeared in the areas and it always been found out they've been you know they've they've been a couple of quick thought about this this because obviously they. Right place but here there's no way you can think yourself on some light and happy thought that that. Not as saying I don't I don't. I guess man always talks dragging people to her she's just a total downtime. Hey you know you could you get this thing yourself on some late copy thought. And like that would have been really get it right it sought her out like I thought what if I asked Eric thought I'd just. It's sitting right more likely but might it is gonna get you up. Our. No one of the made me laugh though. Because these are still around you still seem on TV are that the the copper bracelets you know popular clothing copper bracelets. As I just did a quick search to see what scientists say about it and this does doctor was saying you know this whole thing changes on the idea that your blood is magnetic he's like which. As as the way that we all understand magnetism it's not that type of magnetic is that if your blood was magnetic the way that they. Describe it in those Merle had been with when you go into an MRI machine your head would explode he's like the manga sounds and I think that would be awesome it's. But what are people are more even that stuff sale of that I don't know are. Right but people still believe in this they still say I know I think it works there's stairs because they can they can find the answers somewhat original placebo effect and are absolutely. And your income measure Bebop fact that some people experience I mean I don't wanna completely. Disregard the fact look it up a good thing but I also ball I don't like the fact that there are people that. You know are are charging extra that they both would put them back get in the big east have more can the healing here so. You know of course faith based frayed piece that the market on these things very carefully though they don't say it out where we're you guys like. Yet if they don't make any medical claim was very carefully. But they're innovative they're like well put that in fact this so it dried blood city area it yes we know what level of improvement. How outfit like if you think that contribute to happen don't welcome back so what bank. But it's not. The not how it. It has ever been south. Well. Are these statements are not and evaluated by the FDA and we don't want them to be. Ever. So that's exactly like if you. I am I mean I I would think for all the supplement maker the planet it's safe Papa Bear or they would want. There I could know how we're pleased that put you know the it department that a value it at the FDA. They wanted. They don't want that to go away kick in they ought to be regulated. And there are people would love. Other public art it says should become regulated it not a couple of acres because it won federal regulators these things all at. Had it. So it wouldn't happen but you're I think approval and there I believe it does. And I got I have a daughter that you are but the fact that want Bob I didn't think I'd be. Like everything under thought that it had to encrypt it well be safe and effective. And in order to make its market. And that he. Suddenly had to be. True then hit both be safe and effective exit is something for a certain percentage of the population that you know secure things that. A big Eddie to prevent it'd be. Their way to do it so many things that are on your shelves right now would be fine. Of course you as you wouldn't have figured it therapy companies out of business tomorrow because they're keeping yourself up but note. Or you know I think the but it was irked but let's just do nothing. Right yes and we can talk about supplements all day but if it says sorry I just you know he could dubious about their claims. Comfort assigned to stay for the dirty jokes website is side they've got comes out right. Yeah yeah mommy gives us. Olympic break our did you did you enjoy your time here. All right all right I got midget you're nice to pick you back Don jamaat side they dot com thank you so much appreciate it thank you grabbing eight.