Sergio Dipp

Wednesday, September 13th


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You're at that morning buzz good morning and it is going to do any easier Amare is here yeah coming up we'll tell you that examines that after 8 o'clock. First we are busy yesterday yes and stevens' staff and me and get to Sergio and a leg of all this Steve is seven got to Sergio got bumped. That's housed in the vision that's how stupid realize that Vizquel bomb but it's good six cock fighter a couple days later yes it's fine who cares Medina gave up on. Forget it it's now on ESP yeah I mean how much I don't watch the I always forget football on television. Mean chairman I was minded I need to name and I mean like that problem I don't even know how I could like fit that I got a lot Bob's burgers. I candlelight forego my Bob's burger marathon her birthday infirm are certainly not for the NFL although if they hire Sergio debt I again. I think they dad I don't know they fired Sergio and I mean they hire like for this guy needs to be like your number one guy and he needs and not change ever he doesn't need to get more polished he is the kind of guy. So here's the setup right okay. Is this as ours nights as this is via sideline reporter he's being with the network for several years mainly with ESPN deport pace. Deport deport this which is the Spanish the Spanish and our ESPN sports abort this Argus CG adept. Has been with he has PX event on the year I think so yeah. It just seems like he got so this is his first. How old I see can't be like more than twenty sorry it got like who does he know this is first gig. For Monday Night Football on the sidelines at eight Monday Night Football proper broadcast and the SP I C act like it is. San if you are deep. The un radio these that if more people make you kind of gain meciar in Mexicali Baja California in CO. Those ideas Tacoma cuts young in being the as as Wikipedia and NSA knows CCC. So every Sergio BB. Coach though DSCR joining us in Mexicali. Arch it's 818 years in mesa county and there's public mixed yet he's only 29 years old but he doesn't look good day over 22 I tell you already here is his debut. From my dear I law as it ESPN non Spanish speaking for them and he's talking about. This is like getting the first Monday Night Football that featured two minority head coaches is that right mark. I believe boom and I'm gonna have percent shy man but I know is that this gets first head coaching job his first visit ground zero goes area ready yet. Area. Bad boat it's the you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. Both events over the from here. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. Hello Sergio I don't know. Birdie there at Sergio both melodies sound like a little bit. He kinda started going soccer announcer I have. He sounds like soccer and you know it is the football if you listen to this being hall calls of the NFL. I think there now I assume that they are far more entertaining I want if they have one from the chiefs like big touchdown densely. It's the the hunt one then why can't touch them I'd. Fielders or I am surge. Right hello let go I was I was unaware you'd be cutting Amir right now but I feel the crowd behind me at so I sick it's happened that could. I said. But you know. And as. More clips. I mean that's like the obviously adding dozens first time on. Actually ESP and he was on the porches. That. My gut check this out here guys here's Obama's Spanish announcer okay I'm is gonna play this this is policy this is just. Oh. Is that it's. Not a fluke that I got. Goes. Let you out it's now the word for dodge dodge. It was actually in Spanish. Touched. Dodge. Oral Lou is an Redding area. Cottage. There's no doubt yeah yeah. That's not who. Not that they Rhode. Oh yeah. What. The yeah is that. That. But it. I'm not email less. Spares makes everything better I don't know why is that the official global language my the air like here's another idea is. This. As a elements banning pass and I should have half the time and they don't have words that like new words have been invented them like. Dumb not cheeks tired blood. I. Wish Sergio. Was more about it gives Sergio I mean uncork Sergio like he let other you're 20 yeah first one let him call a game. Libyan better than. Quote I think Rex Ryan was one of the announcers and that might have been his first time I DN on the football. And he was active I guess I just don't understand like. How come they don't do we have the technology right ESPN had the money why don't you just do a whole bunch of different. Broadcast call outs that people can freely switch between. Like I would like to listen to the Sergio dipped. The actual audio channel they do that but only for the college football national championship they have coaches in one room talking about the game they have like all of these things to. Why should people were capture. Before right yeah I think UN high and mark cost areas and it would be so that it will I can. I'll be on the field. Here dessert I. On the field I civic coach walking behind me. Do you think there's that chance that it be. Community will have access to the scene after the fire is deported he. Byers yes. You guys do the U. Lots. Both events Joseph the from here. And watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. If tech coaching debut. Rights are duplicating into all Sergio and I look dad might follow and and then I let them then die. Our bigs got really excited. Here Sergio into apartments at the beginning can tell he wants to do his own thing and he goes like to the script you've yet to talk about the coach back they're semi. And venues C we are looking up the screen now yes yes I am being told me oh look at that I am on the floor yeah. Just packed it cost him his diverts us. Indiana found. Half bath. As you are Sergio. Yes you look.