Sharice Davids

Monday, August 6th

Sharice Davids joined the morning show to discuss the upcoming Kansas primary. 


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Today and the lion tailback sunny alternative nice by the buzz that is version one point oh against Houston version 2.0 and this can happen like that embarrassed little more raw. Little more funky beat it is Dini and mark in the morning tomorrow cans and let's head to. His vote the India primary. And this is rather interesting. Because I have a candidate right here and I really don't wanna screw this up a little nervous trees Davis how are you getting married and I'm very good thank you for coming in today. I think it's really important that people vote I hated it we've gotten away from voting like period it is sorry. Adds. It's really interesting to see. The the Democratic Party feel a bunch of candidates to challenge Kevin Yoder and well I guess is been Republican candidates to challenge having dinner. We reach out to Kevin Yoder and a few of his. Republican counterparts and none of the money to come on. The afternoon show here had well there on already so. I thought wouldn't it be nice to have you. Hi hi how's it going are you excited yet it's finally are you nerve sorry what's going on what does it feel like to be the day before primary. It's surreal. Is it's. Yeah it's kind of exciting it's also kind of on me our campaign team is just. Hit or strike we hit our stride a few weeks ago I bet. And we've just been kind of you and are staying on them knock on dollars a making phone thousand. Then you didn't turn on the radio you better head down but you've gotten a lot of attention recently till I mean you got the endorsement from the Kansas City Star. And then just a couple of hours ago I saw the guardian wrote something about you on the yeah and it's good tennis sports section it did. Yes I would just watch that this match and that was entertaining our. Own and then yeah. I mean I athletically Judith. Then there's this super cool I thought that brought me to an interesting point because I really actually wanna talk more about life. The positive aspects of what she wanted to do which one believe rather than I mean anybody can throw mud these days right and yet he's really is a really hard thing to not. Throw shade. But I can't see a bigger but I don't government again no I just shape. I I didn't want to do you ever feel pigeonholed in like the way that you are described in the media are you pretty much like you got to forget. Why do you feel like there are a lot of pieces of who I am that people like to highlight. But since there are so many pieces because I'm a multifaceted person I'm OK with that. LA it's awesome as good I like your chances. I'm very. A very good you do and is followed visiting very very good also very earnest so I'll take. I will say this it never raise general horizon but it's fine I am it was unaffiliated. I did I signed up unaffiliated. Who you're not alone in July adamant about it voting yes and I signed up unaffiliated and I'm gonna affiliate tomorrow and vote. I haven't made my decision yet. That's skin and no I just think there's no and I blinked as he did you can't. It's radio you know and I'm not good at it. But. Tell me I mean as well what rewards was guru Warren what do we do any chances that what how are you gonna represent people better than say like well given you order a. While I have noticed that there's a tally behind you by Kansas yeah yeah yet. It looks like Kansas is when he yeah. And I think an outboard if Kansas is winning these the afternoon show I think they keep track of who screwed up more Kansas and Missouri with well whenever yeah ha ha that. It doesn't say that on the board now news. There's a couple of things you know I think that what we're looking far right now from people who are either running for office or elected officials is our. People who are gonna do it they say and say what they mean and we don't have that right now so that would definitely can improvements. And then I think one of the biggest things that I've seen from talking to people and meeting with folks is. That we have too many decision makers and I use that word intentionally brother and leaders in congress. Because. And they don't listen like we have too many people who don't wanna listen to way that people in the third district need to. I'm and that's actually not just at their district that's across the country I think that's why we're seeing so many people. Stepping up to the plate and saying I'm not satisfied with what I'm seeing in I'm an anti something. About it I've why I decided Iran I have to say I've the one thing that I would I think needs to happen more than anything and I'm so appreciative that your running is that there's just needs to be. I just nothing but women running I mean we need more women running we need more women representation in congress and it's something that hasn't. Ever really happened or picked up and I'm I'm very surprised considering women are half the voting bloc and learning. So yes I think it's great that you are ready I think we'll see what happens tomorrow how are you feeling. I'm feeling really candid I am. It'd just amount of energy that we've guy. It just is like palpable it's like there's an electricity that goes through all of our. Events that we can have been bad. Of course you know social media is is hard to tell exactly what's going on because I think there's a bit as a selection that happens there bank. Number of people that we have reaching out to the campaign. Especially younger people which is really encouraging. As. In Kansas where younger people have had a harder time getting registered to vote in the last few years to come back. Talk. Think I think that is I think. Like that's one of the most encouraging things and seeing as the number of young people who are. Like I registered to vote this is my first election. You know going with their parents going with their friends. Like. Voting in school now. And AM answer is down as you know voters if voting could be swipe left despite price we feel like they like ten or voting no comment I was insane. The letter in the iris is even back when I was you know I didn't vote probably by 25. I admit that Ireland but is this the younger voters I'll concede diligence I ideal I still doing the same people you are voting now and I welcome. Absolutely I am says that's only good thing. Now but mark just should be sending general I'd idea. I I also know coming following through is the hardest part about voting I feel like as it everybody's got good intentions even if you register you go to DMB alike are used to go out. And then the time comes and especially in the primary where you wonder why you can't get your voice hurt well you can talk to somebody right now. In your in your area that's running for office and you can have a say in who runs in the general election and that is tomorrow so if you're upset about the candidates that you feel in the general election you know like murder. You should probably think about voting in the primary which is tomorrow trees David thank you very much for coming and good luck tomorrow thank you good luck tomorrow thank you for coming to budge. Beach ball which is a rule. App that was fun yeah fun Dan asked me how many times have you been backstage at this place. Now he's. The name of the empathy or has changed so many times it's do and I can only remember the name of it from when I was in high school cell that's how everybody. Were supposed to sandstone Verizon comments medical interference sir yeah I'm always like you know it's audits and an amateur. Sole. Dad spent. I actually had not ever been backstage to a concert like that before. That you guys gave us parents are we had a patch so walker around as he pleased. And so Dan honestly how many times have you been next each year. I've never backstage to become even to a music we are watching her only you know what you're doing and like what they said and it is it's been it was a perfect idea that they'll. But I just like the you were walking back saying like look. The way they country feels like it's headed. I'm getting need powerful friends. Slow. Whatever I need to do you know concert tickets and that's what it costs so how America. You have you know because I've got I don't know I'm not very good ones as he shows you probably don't want to see Santa. Series David thank you very much go vote thank you coming in good luck no matter what happens that you're being a part of the process and that you for coming in today thanks for having no problem.