Side Effects

Thursday, February 16th


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Hi I I am I'm good you good ally the story. This is a great story and that's a sad story well. It's fascinating it's fascinating it's a fascinating story I'm sorry. It's also kind of a great story but here's a story. We've both. Take in numerous pharmaceutical mood enhancer is right mood stabilizers. SSI. Just perfect occasion for Ben's nose the anxiety me whatever the case may be depression my doctors thrown a lot of thing at the walls over the years. I've taken a lot of stuff this particular drug that Irish saw on the news today is not on and I've ever tried a guy I've definitely seen the commercials for it. And it the commercials I think it's one of those were they say you know try this whiff. You're just let alone future I don't think so I think that's the commercials are sinners like you know I added a bill fly right to whatever and so okay. Remember a few years ago there was a drug they came out and I don't remember if for some reason I wanna say it was a restless legs syndrome drug but it might speak as far as I got so much hype. But one of those drugs is commission antics that are memorable one of them said. You know as this listing off that laundry list of side effects has said increased gambling and we've never heard that before life and we thought it was hilarious that is ready to carry on an English can't heart palpitations all bought increased game has increased Campbell we know that happened not while trying larger story is an apparent. We'll share. Yeah because I don't remember what struggle as we first talked of how that happened Molly. I. My first ought to go on anti depressants I talked to my doctor about it and it was also. As I ask her what does you know increase to gambling thing now this is what he told me. And I'd suitably army said I am saddened this Ryan. Anxiety and depression are there for a reason now let that happen too often for you for no reason. But all of your emotions are there for a reason right there. Just like being scared is good right now drawn from Granger. He said. Anxiety. Or sadness. That's usually what stops people. From losing more money in and they can afford the casino. Which makes sense right COC lost 500 bucks five bucks 5000 bucks 500000 bars whenever. Your number is right yeah and like on count him on Washington you know I'm just an all right yeah. Well when you take some of these medications. Right. The anxiety the depression sadness goes when announced 500 bucks who cares running as five or more barks. What social lose five and a bunch because. You know longer have the anxiety of the status of an impression. So we actually serve and I know you like to gamble so seriously watch that if you go which. Isn't that hard to understand or maybe because there's and I heard him say it on TV about that's most ridiculous thing I've heard I've ever heard when I talk to go about an island. Absolutely make sense try and there are drugs and I'd take. That want to think alcohol or wherever the dries Georgia I might take a certain drug and I think. The smoke or say well they certainly are one of course there's certainly an alcoholic but is still a free for a reason right there's like halftime and a bunch of finished Medina like the cigarette thing. If I'm not Ari drugs they Diego I've had enough cigarettes and but if I'm feeling good does it take is and I say who cares right exactly that same. I guess hypothesis but. This particular article from cage DVR dot com which is fox 31 news in Denver. They don't get ended why it happens they're just talking about this drug vilified and that they interviewed this woman now she apparently lived. And the Vegas area for awhile and never had they say she never had the desire to gamble. And then she went on to vilify known bill flying. It is mum. Used for. Schizophrenia. And bipolar disorder you know so as. Probably not would you get if you an immense and I'm depressed liken it to the color anti psychosis anti psychotic or something. I think I feel like that's what they what they called strip anyway this woman she starts taking it calm her done atypical anti psychotic. So our doctor prescribe the tour and she says what she started taking it all the sudden she had this. Never before known desire to gamble Asia gambled a lot. And she gambled so much that she even sort of gambling at the airport Las Vegas one time. She missed a flight because she was gambling so she went and booked another later flight and they continued to gamble and missed the second flight and she says is because she was taking this drug. Apparently I was asked to leave my parents problems. Expect from a start killing Barbara as well called this woman had already lost your own house injured two kids to a gambling habit she says began in 2008. After she was prescribed to dull fight for depression she told the problem solvers being winnable fight into gambling at the Las Vegas airport. Once mayor missed two flights ahead 21 schedule the first woman I've missed them watches knows where and so they've they've had no identity of all why not sure apparently don't know who she's embarrassed solution. Reading from the second for you here and I ended up losing ground as well. I lost 100000. Dollars and we in total Barbara believed gambling habit cost 2122 million dollars billowing acts of French de. So yeah first of all you got a lot of money to spend again I don't think Eric I don't have two million dollars to lose I just don't know you know I would at first maybe I'm wrong. But I'm good. At first wonder. Is she misdiagnosed. I don't know a lot of people would schizophrenia who have millions of dollars hang around now maybe I'm wrong you know. I saw those Harvard guys say trump is insane so one line up. Maybe she does how is just kind of things schizophrenic people are. Living on the edge ride like on the outskirts a little bit what is you don't millions of dollars yes but see what they do with these drugs from veterans I was on a few years ago and it turns that I wasn't supposed to be on. If a drug I drug may be treated for one purpose so in this most serious psychosis share. Then they say but we've also proven they can treat who's in this list says besides something major depression and bipolar disorder severe so when it comes and says I'm Majorly depressing bonuses approved for vessels on his approved for that it's not off label prescription. Now the news gets into a little bit about how the bill by one million. But shopping group over eating and hyper sexuality slinking into all seventy problems. And lost and subsequently improved. Stopping the car OK so she loses a 1000002 million dollars gambling because she she claims because of the strike. He says are also made her eat uncontrollably as you you know gained and lost seventy pounds because of the drug they get hoarse but Barbara says the worst thing she did. Was prostitute herself why you shouldn't go into greater spot and so this woman says that a vilify it caused her to gamble uncontrollably. Eat way too much food and gain weight and are like taking drugs now. I'm blonde using challenging Grammy she's like you know I don't care how much saying Brian and I used to I would feel guilty selling my money but now there's no guilt I don't know I don't know I've never heard of antidepressant that causes hyper sexuality usually does side effects are you know decreased libido T priests and ability to perform all those things is. Almost always sexual side effects this one apparently. Makes fuel. Craving even more. If this is true. This is the sounds like the greatest drug ever because what we're really talking about is someone who was depressed potentially. So depressed I know I'm just. You know hypothesize here that she was up. Press vision wanna do anything she takes a drug she feels good she's just do all the things also in your gambling you're eating my character a great. You've had such a Montessori you know what I'll just pick a motor. Like did this national loan to me. That sounds like a drug that really really really works well while it works I mean really really really works too much. For her. But I do you honestly think. That and obviously not obviously not every person who takes his drug. Loses about trying to casino gains a bunch of weight and becomes a prostitute I'm just gonna gas. But that doesn't happen everyone's jaw everything in southern and none of them so many to sharpen your war final. I'm saying Tim mead if you look if you're trying to not be depressed it sounds to me like during that time she was not depressed. Washington press now while there are some dry he's got a lot of guys but at the time you take the drug misses to the Rory. But I don't know million dollars in debt all what we're really saying is that the drug works too well. Well you're saying it worked so well that. She's I'm sexy whenever you want and dandelion and it worked really well too well we're really really well. Well you make good points to my doctors not listening yes it does it's the exact opposite of being depressed. You know your pressure alana were you do well they know ranking airlines which is an intern mayor depressed or I was back where does say prominent okay pants. Okay. Makes you happy here is what if you do it enough. There's a wrecking alive which makes you depressed what to do it in and have a so cocaine. In and of itself. Works too well. Imagine you're so anxious and depressed all the time that you worry about everything you'd. Gambling sounds like she says she never had a desire to gamble some gambling. Makes you too anxious it's easy you don't wanna blues money and it sounds too risky. Eating too much you want you know you're reading the side of the boxes to make sure the labels her as up to what you're trying to do their nutrition this week. You're worried about all that stuff sacks. You have no libido because you're depressed. She took a drug that clearly flip if this is true. Made her completely opposite. Like she's going to the casino should debate she's going to be tomatoes you like him during that time she was having the battle outside a village sounds like it she say now hide my did because I was struggling like she got to know she had no problem didn't care. She did candidate. I imagine if you missed it like if I miss a flight a Democrat Pozen knows me. Right at it it has had a problem but what do fight or they give you drug missile flight. Let's book another one gonna miss them like we miss him a flight well Lisa even though he's unsure how about who's going through tough time with that I don't know man it sounds like she was enjoying herself she would call my. Doctor told me today for an unlimited so Austin seems to being different and didn't but I give me this drug. A bill file is not run. So but this won't there's such as. Which is different than what he said he said the drug that he gave me. Could it. Stop me from being worried about losing money or getting in trouble are those citizens and be careful about right and now I'm more as a learning about a notify it says a strong desire to gamble. Bengie shop and have sex may occur moves may actually cause it. So that's old every game or talk about what I was singing is like she won a sexual armed overeat and she wanted to gamble and it you know her. Her. Her anxiety or whatever wasn't stopping her from doing it. This does it may actually be actually causing it she may have never want to gambles he took to build up she wants to gamble. It's so that's different than letting you do it. Sharp and say this sounds like she's never gambled for have a my thought was him out again my thought she was scared of it okay she takes a pill but till removes the fear okay it doesn't cause a desire to counter so she wanted to be a hooker. Or she wanted to have sex a lot or she want to have sex for money whatever the case may be but she wouldn't let herself do it because of fear Bryant. Our society or whatever the case may be. And then. She took this pill and those fears remove sushi acted in a way. That's he's unhappy red now because fear does stop us from doing things that we shouldn't do right and but this is saying well actually do like. I'd never gambled before commentators pillow and also and I'm like hey yeah you guys are like crashing forks for whatever reason super light to do it like you just went out there for automatically groups and that's super reference I know all the rules for taking this pill that's a different ball game which I still find hard to believe I think about alcohol when people drink they wanna smoke right that's how I think in this stop smoking commercials there say stay with Malcolm commission's report. People who never smoked a cigarette before don't catch a buzz and say boy do I wanna cigarette exactly so right identity alcohol southern casinos because it wants to catch a buzzing gamble a limo money and you're comfortable with. That's why it's there but nobody. I can't imagine anybody who's been at home is never gambled before nodded and it all right so now a couple Beers some mental casino and New Orleans golf right. Which is why I'm the ability I think a little hard to believe why maybe you didn't do before. But you knew about it you understand how works and no sudden it sounds like a lot of fun but you never smoked a cigarette in your you've got a buzz you don't crave a cigarette. And you could've gone twenty years without a cigarette he'd get a Bosnian man I want a cigarette that's different than. But it's not creating something that never existed you before the bottom line here is if this does what she says it does. We need to strut before they take up the market now the lawsuit what they're trying to do is they're trying to get. Manufacture. To be more up. About the side effects and I guess blood doctors be aware of it because his lawyers said that if it's not on the bottle and talk about it and doctors are more likely to prescribe it. So it doesn't sound like they're trying to get ready to. Odd they're just trying to get them to be more up front about the possible side effects. But. I don't know I just if if you're depressed you go home every night you sit in the darkened watch. American Dad! reruns and also and someone gives you Tony like let's go out. I wanna go gambling. I wanna go to the buffs say. I wanna go find some loose women. Just really can't press corps to load the craziness out in a pill for all have a I don't know stop it before but are they. Well I was born when vamp for whatever reason I'm like man let's go to buffeting. For a place of cards try to do remarks like her enough I mean. And of itself I believe that 80% of the people in the world. Are born. But when what that drug mingling you when you're depressed when you were really going through your bad summer there and you lost the desire to do most of those things everything seemed pointless to you loyal Ryan. And so it was time zones is going to bring him back there right right in saying you miss it all those things does a struggle over the years I finally get tired I'm. It's nice item pop a pill and get right back in absolutely and the only place this lady skirt up she stopped taking this announcer the blue moon euros or animals and mammals she was on the drug she didn't care she was happy. You are hole so I don't know how far that goes missing your broke you got to live in this crappy studio maybe says I don't care I hugely improved revenue figure. Roloson. Sunoco is just. The play devil's advocate William. It makes you employed. If you're taking credit him every day reviewed all the liberals are so let other guy and a lot when I'm Susan Rice those same same concept art fair in your taken drugs and drink Ambrose Alito actually stumbled through your life a little bit after that convince yourself and all those and is using music immigrant or anti an iron up. So she's still doesn't know and say you know what I'd brought about a million dollars in bad line calls us a student. I'm so I mean you know Tim everybody's got their own problems run.