The Sklar Brothers

Friday, May 12th


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Listening die hard film. I'm the alternatives and east. Hello hello Arthel reckon is a liar to a sporting KC studios were up to your bio below harboring company. This is going to be real fun I am very excited for this I. Got a chance to meet these dudes last night at the record bar and talking to Jason entering Andy's Clark the Smart Iran record barred U shape now. You know the race you have lower your target. No that is that is the that is it didn't need to come this are out they were Utley and you're out later hanging out man did you come early this morning I'm sorry TI your show ma'am we have we really wanted to because relay Q now we do this thing we go round we do depressed. We talked to everybody but it's rare the you connect with everybody know like a man would have a real conversation he. This is this is where I was at last case so we had zero. Sold out show played Umar it was awesome yeah. Fantastic over I heard it was amazing still still pretty brand new to be honest there has got to still looking real nice and so I am. Sit in the back enjoying a they just discussing only lukewarm PBR and the mountain bike. And those guys who don't like the Hillary is doing right now like what is going on and I've been a fan for a lot of them and this man boy into both the the million I know I take my local favorites local and not so much Raeburn. Memories of the mid two thousands with me in my twin engine guys as Mir might wind kicking in the living room turn ideas Buick classic. She is just. All the beauty of that show and Diallo the bring that up is that what's crazy 'cause I'll tell a story about liked that show and how it almost became now when it was. But that show was designed to have people be like were hanging out with you so we would see people after that show was on who love the show and they felt like they were just hanging out with that because I was just some accounts talking directly to them that's what was. In the third season so it is his second season since he's in fact someone can't know I think was third summit came along and ESPN and said. We need a little like a fifty person studio audience in there and we were like no no this a bad idea. Because it was what you just said you would your brother had no we don't hear my brother it yeah it was very much like mystery science theater yet oh man we. It's near those guys and and taught those guys and say hey we got this year. But our goal when we made that show was if you don't love sports you can still love the show he loves sports he will love the show. But EU we want to create the kind of show that people like. I love this show and I love The Daily Show on eleven arrested development and I love. Conan and I love those shows not I love. Cheap seats and I love sports center right we wanted people to be like. Because we're comedians that's what we are first right of sports yes like how is this thing gonna make everybody right now it was who went and that's that's tough that's tough out there are they tough. Varied mix I mean our debt so big it's it's tough when you talk about it but if you really peel it back and because we talk about this me about musicians all the time and the music to people make. Rain and arrow like let's make the kind of show that if we didn't know us we would wanna watch and tell people about. So you think about a guy like I'm sure you do this with this show we like I wanna do that type show that if I wasn't the ideal idea right now that's my show this. I shelves in exactly I mean I don't be that guy it's like. Here's a song followed by another song enjoy like that's you know that's not even you in the choices of songs that you can put on. You're saying you're opening up your playlist people's them is violently but I think about musicians like I'm not trying to knock him and he's a funny guy but like. Does John Mayer listen to his music because it lists and other I don't know I actually don't Aziz is comedy tendencies are more indie. And is and is energy when you meet Emory con we've met him before. They lean towards more Indy and I just. I don't know I wonder if you would be the kind of guy listened to his own music I don't know I like I mean like myself talks yesterday that he's you have maybe Megan let it kilos or maybe was used to have to look at. Now internally screaming at them right now. Exactly Jason NR ADs glory of playing as we can yes via a drop lower. Improbably do show last night which was really fun and we're just trying to get people out people Judy night Friday night to Saturday night and and it's such a great club and is our first time in Kansas City doing a weekend of shows. And it's also special we're talking about this with you because we do this audio documentary Ehrlich trying to get it's going to be an audible dot com each city will be a chapter in a pod be like a six hour long project I've sort of twelve cities. Can't say it is going to be 11 of the big cities so we sort of set this challenge for us we go into atomic level were in a weekend where were like all right let's try and right five to ten minutes of new material about what his Kansas City experience be like the band came in towns like we're gonna arrest on this weekend. And Campbell played for you. That is it's tough I mean when we dabble in comedy at all it's it's always yeah punishment so it's like who off the bat go to two minutes and that's how I keep and a terror it is terrifying number one. Come into it we can show now on governor you're still trying to write new material in this that I mean I can I can. So we have to goes so there that's the trick is he got to go around and experience and that's what brought us the record bar relief you're due experience is much in Kansas City is as much as you get down there showing you go that to my hotel wanna go back to the airport Hilton and I don't like effective get out and we wanna actually experience it and that's what we did last night by going the wrecker bar which your friend. Yeah no stars have Bob knows Sean and Steve and but he said go find them. Find them and then they will tell you about other stuff and of course we go to the bar we meet you we see other people there are ago we pick it up down jig is up downplay those key volley. I can play Dallas I got to apologize that's right shocking and was seventeen and I have no radio pool we try to at times down. A tough sell clothes I mean MLS really telling about Gansu were like Thursday's first you have a group will be eleven early. As early as they go like ten people that wanna buy drinks right now and it's their right there like we close at eleven I was like AM who could hit what's happening here I try I tried apple I you know I try to collect our lower albums. All right there we went does down enough down was super cool we've gone we saw way more people there and a bunch Q were like com C it's like they're like how come to your shows up and so on who we want that's who want coming out is just so. And we just run I mean literally landed at the airport and we discern right immaterial and it is like a women's obviously eager to get there women's British India straight out like cell block gauge by yet know the stewardess said as we're walking up the plane punch the biggest guy you see right away and don't let anyone make you their bench and I did mention to my shoelaces which I was like that's right I shot I want my Starbucks has something working out with freeway it's like one of three laid some of those things. That's his that's the normal and you can wanna eat a lot of good work detailed three events outside line please put me on kitchen duty and cell library. We have been climb through rivers threw both sewage just over time fee to our cougar town wherever you're strong enough because we aren't here are stronger now dead we're in the desert island that is Kansas City and enjoying it it's our city on the bill do you we were to go through Westport area as well blow his cool like there's a lot of cool stuff against excellent that's a player of the year so the last time we came whiz with the comedians of Chelsea Lately who played the main street main street and away now the only power -- and that oil is now. Old about it. Eight years ago or nine years yet so much time here in the time before that in one high school. Yes so we grew up in Saint Louis and we had friends here this is why can't city for comedy it has really deep significance for us. So we relied Jewish youth groups because it was just to win for us to connect with the other kids from other cities in your from Saint Louis. And it ended up being a lot of creative kids who do that kind of stuff people we felt really connected to. Because you know we're gonna high school were in the comedy now a lot of people were in the comedy night comedy nerds and eighties before I was like cool for the right kind of school before Netflix before they're like a million stamps -- -- -- anything yet nothing so so we just sought out comedy reloaded and then we made some friends in Kansas City some kids who -- a year younger than us in high school and cancer they went to Shawnee mission south hey what do itself went up and we are worse and we we like would I remember we went to visit them -- B hop on the train in Iceland to take the train for the Amtrak from Saint Louis only they know like come to school with us today -- like can we and likable figure it out and we like -- came to school I remember we likely to their high school like we went and delivered the announcements at their high school likely. I got injured it was all caught like they're like Wear black Sox at like long shorts and just if anyone asked you guys are foreign exchange students. And it literally was. They it was sort of color are at work or are like I worked his and we made it to the holding at a Shia as China south Louise to send each other. Via they were Vic they have a videotaping business they would videotape like tape like parties and departments is the stuff like that so then they would use their their video amateur shoot like comedy sketches around. Kansas City. They would send us the tape like every month we will love did we would show it to our friends and then we would make them sister didn't have video camera and audio. Tape of audio sketches who make up a cent over this way. It was all about who could be made more creative that sounds like the beginnings of us wanted to created right company was in born out of Kansas City so lot of love for this last night deep in our his. Oh man. Pakistan itself and on and is now goes back the Eagles 34 and Metcalf. Around ruin where I mean well it's like around the corner you'd have to go back. Yet go to Italy and a giants got grass that's out I guess it is a good things I think Sudeikis went to assignments it's I was with a purple or etiquette where I think bioethics at your. Little guys and Paul Rudd who did our shoot cheap seats I was and chief Timothy stone street we've become friends yeah irons on the streets of big Casey Galileo and a lot to experts about light to Casey payload it. You take it with like a famous Saint Louis than meets a John actually Jon Hamm is a saint Luke guy what does it. Well a lot of our friends. Like either went to the zoo or decay you that was like a big Saint Louis from our high school destination went ecology K you're a college and so a lot of friends who we haven't seen since high school are gonna come out this week I'll try to address their spouses or friend Greg KUNA's statement in Kansas City. We're reunion the homecoming yes in in some ways and so in and we love we also love going into a city that we don't know. Tremendously a much about 'cause again we have been here we were here for one night. Nine years ago so. To really understand the city and that's why it's so great to know people really really gotta go here. I gotta check this I'm gonna go to negro baseball league museum which. An hour waits literally have a blast. He's is what they've done what that plays its grip I actually user may quite people. So what are you listening to now that you're loving wife kit you know we played US songs we play deuce on the head not hurting now it was your players are currently live though as good as hell. And so good but we talk a little bit about wit me and that album light upon the way command that is the an unbelievable top to bottom album are you guys so is sitting on the road quite this she. You know to finally Sasha or otherwise inland or what what is. What's on your plate so here's here's some things like the of that light upon the lake alma is just I reached forty grab it every single chance I get played several record player. Play a top to bottom both sides it is phenomenal. Poem. I. And. Bony bear album that came out last year and you're saying you want it not to I want it and it's probably two billion liked him it's still good you feel like we're skate gonna go with what he's doing is just gonna be this super even though he liked his guitar around in the woods in Wisconsin this is really glad I don't yeah right particularly when that does not only way he went a loss around exactly he'd be involved he gov of coal coal. Like soundscape. Not sound but vocal he created that and he did so many interesting things. Cool soulful almost life. He's he's such that gospel melodies really cool guy and. I got a chance to look at some of the guys that work with him in my. And that's the thing to have you know there's always going to be that. You know pretentious. I heard him first before he was cool I call that the I call the pitchfork audience you know but hey I like the guy. I I am an apologetic if you know I love it might hit. Love it too which is also a good sign and as long as he's upon -- means that but he knows who he is so that's a good thing so like I can't tell a joke that people won't stand it's like so personable back then try hello nick we were at the rock and roll hall and we saw the nickel back exhibit which is an amazing which we just know it's just did deeds in the middle arrows there there in the current quarter past the code of every member of that video where people their own fans were throwing rocks at nickel back there are during rush into the magnet that was not doing in Iraq back at them through no ground to make it there are not a bad. I hate they would know they were so I might they wish they were create an app I got beyond that I I was the guy. This is that the true story. I was the ads that the first date technical. Yeah I did that. I we we had we actually so that was your only day it was our only day my. What lies containing the Ares I hate anew every song no handbook it's Pepsi it's catchy I. Canada's own oh yeah I got no play at all that night she kind of like looked at my. Once though. That was actually connect to an analyst day at the half million U overcame that you're hey you know you are games so wants to get better than her own obstacles. When I against me because I didn't go back mountain to accelerate that nickel back out and up often know grit and I'll Wear that I got to look at it. You send me to tell you said we shall overcome together. Let's look at and that's a phrase that we are now do you sit there negro baseball is that right I went out and to discuss that. I know the other thing that I've listened to begin because somewhat collecting vinyl and in great records from either in the past what there are like three albums and I'm going to suggest that are and the music is so good to dig back in the past. So. I I got into a couple of solo Graham Nash albums from Crosby still Nash yet he made two albums they're both incredible one song for beginners sauce creators and the second one is a wild tales wild deals is. Again it is just top to bottom so brilliant of an album. And I. Heard it was so I'd never either he was kind of the guy in the band that I liked the least I was like like Stephen sills amazing in Crosby's is kind of weird and crazy but. He's so his first solo albums amazing to if I can only remember my name that's an amazing album the day of cross the album but then I do I saw elicit that that I kind of worked my way into the Graham Nash. It's amazing it's amazing it's Smart it's it's just I would say. Played decide what they thought hey you looking at them. Iranian blah. As you Ryan Adams album are buddies help reduce it and play on and do you still love me that no ripping guitarist I've. Heard you guys you mentioned. That you guys are writedowns in the four camera are you oh yeah big man Dick grandstands. I'm thinking. Yeah. A moon. And he is easily introduce our friend like Mike viola great singer songwriter in his own right. He's like his daughter's best friends that it is common good of a friend in how close he is does so our kids are. His daughter and another friend's daughter and my daughter oldest are all best friends. And they love Hamilton so much and so him incumbent to LA. I it was on the phone trying to get this American Express everybody gets right yeah so. Are we went in camp doubt we like at 5 in the morning when the tickets went on sale though like you can't get there before says what we got there five guys in line with our kids. Me and Mike in our mother buddy Justin and our three girls and we sat in camp now waited for eight hours in line to get handled it we got them. But their amazing so just hang in in talking yes guy who I love so much but he played guitar. That awesome guitar saw do you still love me dead. Routine get and so that is my man now my way no way and so. The I would tell him that that. And out analyze you know guidance is holding out there record bars and yeah I need is is acting like that's. That's the cool stuff that is that is the great part of doing what we do and being deployed it was what we don't realize is that. Like you men were such big fans of music. That we forget. That. Bands now a special with podcasts. You know bands use it as there's a great line in in the load out. Which is Jackson Browne famous Jackson Browne salary talks about like finishing up a concert and loading out. It. And talked about really life on the road at some of the type that I made on the body and all of us and Richard Pryor on the TV. So a case of Niagara back to the seventies and they watch comedians. And with podcast when danced on the road in the have to drive 49 hours a day. Listen to podcasts so we don't realize that all this content that we're putting on the world stand up comedy are too podcast on people to this club or country. Those are being consumed by the indie bands that we feature on yeah I mean we reached out to Whitney and they reached out back to us on on Twitter relate guys we've come out you gotta you know come and play don't play on the podcast a while trying to grow another pine grove another landlords slam record tiger west. Yeah yeah. Well landlords slim is a buddy of ours and he's such together playing great music and up down like the undertaker. Does have a good senior editor of the match yeah. That is casting ballots they but then we heard like Lou we heard from not by nature though PP BP is go PP all the way to like MG MT yes a light. Yeah you know me yeah so so we can hang him out there I was like oh Kansas City has this. And I'm sure you've tad did you it which is really cool this sort of all group of folks culture yes like he counterculture people who are like yeah we're up for consuming great comedy and great music and great art. And doesn't. Everything doesn't have to be to surface level now right. That goes deep where the bugs we have we are blessed lately it's a real thing you have to leave and bringing everybody appears and I I'll love you guys I was gonna get a little bit of does that resonate as though Sharon know what we're talking about. We got Randy and Jason's our means of cheap seats ideas Ian feature all the time to them last night. On hand at midnight last night mom that was that are mom got that is DVR domain it usually JC I mean I'll play. She's an elderly person she's honest I mean she was way older than the other half ass but she brought it got around him did a great. Hasn't done stuff with the Chelsea Lately Peru. I mean yes. The list goes on and on gonna talk about his last night sir going to save save it with a I I've I've I've. Benefit for a long time a lot of my body I'm 2510 a lot of my buddies you know. And how they've how I met you guys for the first time. Season three finale. It's always sunny. That was the blast and a Malone the game audiences and enhances their ass off tires to cool story glad with that does that TrueCrypt since there are they can't go to day care. Fat Michael and squarely being utility owns our name. That we came up with the stuff OK so here's a cool story about that. So you know it's twins you know there are a lot of great roles that are written between the sometimes they write some good ones and we've done them. But and we've gotten we've been lucky enough to do a lot of them. But other times you know we each got this audition to come in and be I've morning DJ. The who's who's running this dance competition at the bond it's always sunny and as we were learning the lines raining now we're just improvising with the each other were helping each other learn the scene but we're gonna go in and read against each other. And we start improvising like what if they were like. We had an old team did in our act about a morning's view in Saint Louis like he she 95. And we went into this whole thing we do it is jam so much Kenny allowed in the diner Droid you're rethink you know all that stuff so like battle tossing a Doobie Brothers right now. So that. Casey 95 you know legs sub stations are gonna give you the Counting Crows. We're in a man. And the man to man a man and math. We're again you can hit us now. Like this is funny year than what we're doing individually let's go in and let's ask the casting director before we either of us read and they get any of us on tape. We said and we have an idea can only pitching like an interesting thing we didn't change the ins and outs of these lines. We just improvise within them a little bit and we created this thing called the Q crew whatever we yeah. And and Darrell Wright did it and it's like you know a gamble but the second you know we've become friends with Charlie day and and Robin and immediately immediately and glad you don't advocate for yes Palin's come on and done stuff and we learn a movie hero anything that we Rhode but she so they're amazing love those guys and dale said that the second we saw you guys on there were like this is it answered it. And so once and on the set though it was so loose on the set that we started improvising more like what if one of them is going through a nasty divorce but can't drop the DJ voice. Like yes yeah yes yeah night I can't tell you the last doubted shower with a motels so. Well. I'm rather odd to go to the cloud that just smell addresses. They Palin it's so great to connect via radio guy view that stick is Philip and finally you know it's still absolutely now. Just the guy you'd think like he's got him amazing voices and what if they're just going through tremendous personal tragedy and they hand was probably the table way that's half that's mostly real right also like I was so sad. Did you have so dead and that they want the voted yeah. Yeah. It's the worst thing that they have now so that just was a blast to do they were loving it and here I mean it was a huge scene because you've got all these extras all these people dancing like. If you finale so I. Like he comes in weekly recurrent repeating here comes in the excess skeleton in. Select is this sort of hydraulics. Wolf thing that's happening so a lot of moving parts in this thing and they still allowed us to improvise improvised as when my favorites those of in here I have to thank you and we get that a lot and it's really fun and you know I mean obviously those guys have gone on to do one especially Charlie is gonna do massive massive things you mentioned the Mickens are our and he is so good out of me again we love those guys in and just love the energy they had those another thing that like. We saw that show on TV we said how do we you know that show who are these two how do we get on the show and then we just found ways. Actually that was still it was the chemical podcast yup you know now or what's he thirteen when gas went along with animal ever it's just been crap so what he got prefer more to guys prefer more and props style do you like. Your massive rate. Yeah we write as well and so I mean you wanna write it in a way that's close to how we kind of talk but we always love it when it feels it's MIC somebody acting. And it feels very natural and real I love that I've immediately gravitate towards that so. The morning as we can make it and obviously between the two of us we concerted jump off of it's not like my line your line violent there's a little bit of a crossover and overlap so we really really to anybody that allows us to do that this that's tough to. It is tough to do we just did a show that's it we're not allowed to say what it is 'cause we signed a non disclosure agreement by it myself I think it's TV show. Takes place in New Mexico where that's all we're gonna say Christmas to New Mexico and can probably figure out what's going on it it'll be on at the end of this month we did two episodes of it. And even in that show where there really isn't any writhing there was a little bit they allowed us to do a little bit which I thought was incredible. And so debt that experiences just super funny any any work we get. It time here on a set. Getting did you work I'd just in my happy as a person yeah. I I I don't want to get too long besides this is this is a blank and it just a few more kids yeah I think guys work. Kids in the center howdy again to bring on the road. No don't bring the kids right now it's too Dark Knight you're just tied up and I mean there is like a beautiful sweet freedom that we had last asked which is walking the streets Kansas City my parents that he went to sleep actually deal with any of this garbage kids kids kids can be telephones and it was with a subpoena themselves yes that was reminiscent of I have a moment ago pot at that stage as if someone else trying to protect I was trying to it was dark. The journal no but still we eat you know for us had two kids so that's a lot you do a two personalities Plano is leveling my excellent has one kid innate. Complain about how to like a seventeen month old kitten so I'm like. You're barely apparent nominee and if you got wind kit your life here like a parent like an optometrists is a doctor. Your barely an apparent theory. Think you have a dog that talks and many of the people who are like now the dog it's just like having kids know it is no I love that you think it is. But I'm a taste of that if you can tie it up while you go have brunch is not a kids' debut. If you can leave it with someone who's not a member of your family while you go out of town and it is not a kid you can cut off its balls in the communities like that's a good thing yeah you did it not been a bid it up for some people you should realize that tiger asked for some kids if do you that. So yeah we working I mean it's what we're dealing with and hopefully hopefully if you don't have kids. Will make it funny enough that you understand what it's about in a way that you don't have to in the same way that we made sports funny. For non sports fans we look at parenting is like something we can tell you about. And you can laugh that even if you don't have kids and if you do you have kiwi trying to take what is the human element that everybody can relate to and we as people are trying to relate to it so we get a little bit of that there's a little bit of everything in the acts so it's there's a little something for. Yeah it's stimulus Juan Antonio won last year he had one last thing it does and heart shall be there are we hammer coming out of Nigeria and I authorities yet but the real actors yes we aren't you know it. You yeah. The flat top 545 here Rick. Thought 05% Naomi Campbell that will kill me Alia how long they make you laugh because that I will be made you first call comedy in an agent tryout. Even before you know when he got people like you know even like sign filmed going to college more yeah no rocket tomorrow include I mean. I'm now that is look that's blue gear tires at two different ends of the actor I mean. Look we asked troopers so that means it would mean the show and our special and I'm like nervous for Tokyo's like nervous on our upcoming special. We just do a joke and now really it's going to be announced he's so in September. This really something that happened in my life and I wanted to reflect and talk about my knee. Sun said to me from the back of the card eat in a world that about trump and I don't hide it and cry from Exxon. He picks about the need explaining why things are tough and so one night when their job in the company's data as again I said I want to kill trump. And I was like. It's nice to have goals on you can play literally AGCO. So that's well. Obviously I'm not condone any killing the president don't fire me from my job percent Secret Service to my house domino effect but like for me you know we put that in the special and it's true trumps so that is making me a bad parent and that's the premise that bit. And I admit that it's not a great thing to say bye buddy it is we are in such uncharted waters just feels different it's hard it is hard to. It's hard not to just be really mean it's hard not to really still how to lead battle it and how to we get through it you get through it by creating art and you get through it by voicing and trying to be funny about it if you can be funny about it. I mean look all you got dumb people we're getting we're getting their voices heard got a bunch of Nazis in crappy people like that who are suddenly feeling emboldened that they can do a bunch of things that they couldn't do. Four years ago like for us. You know like we have to be the counter voice and we have to do and a Smart and funny way to make people laugh is Bieber laughed about it even if he's supportive if you laugh at what we're saying. We've sort of brought everybody together and that is kind of the beauty of what lies he live comedy is. We're in any Germans on the phone you you don't concert you he's gone through emails he can be a concert I love when people like pulled out their phone at a concert they're watching it on their followed. Likely and no they're out there right. Putting out that'd be an experience are you offering live that's right ultimately look I don't let it a comedy show it's hard to do that who don't want filming in that doesn't happen as much so you have a roomful of people. Collectively listening and then laughing together it is such a beautiful sound a roomful of people doing one thing together is a beautiful sound where it's rare in this day and aids so we idea but as far as assigned helping him like now when you go there the sensitivity on the other end of the spectrum. That's hard to and I understand that you wanna be able to be edgy our point is comedians is to take people outside their comfort zone and sometimes we say things in a way to blow out certain attitude. Doesn't mean we espouse those attitudes it means. Were making fun of that stance deficit that's as satire is that coal bears whole thing on on the come on come essentials he was being more of Bill O'Reilly there Bill O'Reilly was hit that he was he was lampoon it body going tiller there if you took is being what he was saying literally. You'd be like you know someone who is a sensitive over sensitive person who had never seen the show would be like who's this guy. And why's he saying these things can't yet exactly so we're I am very much in the in the frame of mind of like especially if it's for comedy you have in your comedian and you were in known comedian. You have like we have to push boundaries and make people think about things well. You guys. I've done a phenomenal to me this weekend radian Jason's car up at the out in Prague I know we've got we got to show tonight tried it tonight aliens you more tomorrow. That's one of the times times serves seven. 730 intend denied 77. Intend tomorrow. The evidence and tickets are going so calm yeah I want to know all details are lying go to it probably works I compound amateur night. I'm very excited are pretty seriously guys this is. This is gonna treat for us treat for us man great to meet you in a good look at this awesome ship there was party. Same guys.