Slimfast is Weird

Tuesday, June 12th


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No word got man. I don't watch videos of coaches are no skin although all those are no wise is our kids that was a caramelized there was one kid a kid were no skin there was one. Now that was an acute back as he's an adult. He's a he had. He's a cotton wool dating okay it north. The struggle something else. Okay. I'm just saying I don't wanna talk her out of it. I'm just saying I don't our front and I was well you show me video watching his his allies of watching those this morning event that cotton wool baby guy he was saying. They his parents were told by the doctor that he would only survive a couple of months and he's just enjoyed a little amount of time that they're gonna have with them. But he said. To how it back. I'm gonna fight and he. Exercise every day he lifts weights. He has all the stuff and and demand just doing it justified just by lifting weights he gets these horrible. You know blisters and Stephanie has these and all this pain but he doesn't he fights all the act that's inspiring c'mon. If you're ever feeling. Blow on yourself. You're lacking motivation. You're you're you're feeling glass half empty comments I don't know about. I can't launch it but I wanna make sure that. You. It's I wasn't showing you that to shock you assure you know what I don't like you know account event place you don't like not about the fact I was inspirational. Mean and that's the only reason that I've showed it to you I was not trying to Shockey you. I would. It's enough. So that and you know it's it's it's per cent enough. Q does as anyone ever inspired you. Don't you ever you have something that you go to in your feeling low this inspirational. I'm not tubman a song. Or watching Braveheart again talk relic someone's story. Something. That inspires you. The carnations. The you think I'm kidding but haven't ever watched. Like a document LB baseball players come on not watching Joseph you know I feel down. About myself or life not going well on it. I don't start putting on videos of people would no skin and no eyeballs that's not where I go to to be like you know what. I love coming I feel better and I keep them never watched a show or documentary. And there's someone who's let's say there's someone who's paralyzed right. And you see. How determined they are they've got this this this spirit that they're gonna overcoming you don't after watching that think. Am I'm lucky you've never. You never felt that after seeing someone. Sanaa who asked to struggle you've never felt it's an hour thought. I'm lucky that's enough and I hate to say but sometimes maybe you see some wind you get you know a lot on the I can't even believe. That I bitch about. These insignia are you ask my heart feel a little pure feeling inspired. It's both because you you you you get done watching and you think you know what. I'd look in the Mir and I guess I think now we got my hair's turning grass still exists and in my thirties always things. You must have a guy like you don't want what might complain about unlucky. You don't you. And sometimes you think. I did you remind myself how lucky and maybe some people volatility heard those kids in India that walk like eighty miles to school ranks shoes and some people volunteers some people. A federal moved go to Charles rolls right why is it. Has his own skin and it was a shame I was trying can't tell you why you even encouraged him. I'm not Chinese agency is I don't look at this kid he's gotten wise in his eyes does doubt I have no more loud forge his number one thing is our us know nobody likes that that's not like a weird how weird you don't like they like as well. No I don't like it I don't like get out of morbid curiosity that leads in the these videos. And you wanna share women on a handsome. There was a link I was a little more or less doesn't exist. There was a link this morning. And it was one of those click base things and it said mom you know remember abbey in Brittany the conjoined twins there's they look like now. And so I clicked it updates eclectic. And it was fake it was one of those dead links Ratliff also set up like still wanna with a look like now so I'd Google it. And then I sort of watching these videos of people who have overcome great obstacles. Great odds and Nate. Seem happy and determined they have a can do spirit. But I sometimes lack and I find that. Inspiring it's inspirational. One writer inspired please don't children. I think like washing. That is a disabled people to make yourself feel better is that's not I didn't do with sat. Lesser inside a tent but yeah I sometimes you watch those things and when you're done you can't help but think. Inputs to widen the perspective. You go. Like I said. How how can I even begin to think it's okay to complain about. These stupid things I'm complaining about these trivial things these superficial things when people have it. Really badly and yet they managed to be more positive more upbeat more determined more successful all these things and here I am complaining that. Whatever I said I'd I'd I still live acne as an adult whatever it is. When I wanna get inspire and make myself feel but I go to your instrument. So they're you know maybe some people do that that's mean. It's a harsh thing to say more but I look at all of your difficulties and setbacks and realize that you're still here. Still I think why in the world. What I complain at all battling after the accident is she curious that's rude that's crazy isn't it good for them. Go to him. Yeah. Was worth it right. And I wasn't showing you do shot Q I have never seen that before. With back I was talking about Anderson never heard of that and it's a pretty common. Closures while in town he said there's like 700 people Australia nobody lives in Australia so that's got to be that's like a lot there's probably thousands in the United States sure. That's a lot when they shouldn't be that should be rarer than that would you agree. Poehler I remember in the I saw I think there at that that picture that shows you are 27 in that picture. But I'd to don't know all there Allen look to 28 so that picture's pretty recent. They just turn Tony march at a birthday girls with art Basel as they surely doesn't. Mean. I looked at their anatomy earlier on I think they do. And I didn't search scene and trolls here here. One each. When you read or want latter. Want her ovaries. And uterus. Two last few days on wreckage and treat it takes them. Any bad. Two installments. They have. Two gall bladders on liver. To arts. Pretty long odds. And. Almost like a superhero yeah. And I liked because alongs and allied swim underwater for a long time Washington. I don't know I'm guessing that's probably. Make clean out updates of a favorite to look to staunch have to drain so they might not remind you that oxygen. You might be short actually have races. Wasn't doesn't believe they should have rights by the way. So individual rights you we can go back and you've said this many times or one person you said they only get one person's eyes and a one drivers like him merry. One person. Why don't care knowledgeable and manner no more march for about our regulation a statement if they if they were following the same rules as everyone else than. They're doing drivers' licenses only to the ball once. But if they get one vote that was definitely is one long ago one driver's license. Well I mean what if one of them huge thanks a bunch of boos and then they drive. Alliances they have three kidneys so. I mean they both did the garage right. I think there have the other ones so low and I don't. The they both get drunk is coming yes. Because they should well know is that and renders she responded. What I'm saying and yeah Eric kidney and I wanted to warn Eli you don't get to deal rise 01 Beilein. Well I do like that that's true if it works out their favor. And I guess somewhere if you are writing to Eli should that person. For those people. Mom writing studio guys says some sun should have two votes program YF. Two's two suffered brain injured Eli. This is where we run ended this. Problem because I said the same things how come when we talked about this or think this I'm greater political it's to people right. If there are people who are out of joint session happened Jones. A former Monroe's fair you know Wimbledon. While it owns gone. Does on site may be against her well bush is gallons. If 11 I don't know until someone you know owns and then. Well it which side of the body. You know as one controls laws unveils its together as well as Warren. Yes my point after. Well or you could. Are you guys and say we can't put this innocent person in jail on happening win over up and we know other night giving them free rein you don't do whatever they want or even later just going to enjoy enjoy Lindsay you know whatever you want. Knew all too very long way I want a camp for both in jail that's not the game has been employed these girls all put it Abbie does something. Then she should. Get punished. For it. And it Brittany didn't partake of them Britain and partake you shouldn't get Heidi Mac autism. Well that's opinions you may not be able to punish them lay out two and emboldening Vonage. You can't you can't sending innocent personally is right if you kill Mugabe you're gonna happen now until it was really only a one vote she gets she's saying you can't see Joseph and after Leo she gets one of those ankle lets on her ankle. And she's oddly the house they're both not only in the house you mobile then if the Allen leaves the house then not saying they get in trouble. You don't you don't want to get final on the other line up well publicized it was almost the way to let them with what the daily to one vote yeah that's one well. On one everything just because they do anything because they're got good friends are doing most of arguments not. But they're cajoling and yes they're still sue people use another one person's yes OK I understand that it's gonna get tricky. We have one person when you have to punish one for doing something that the other one didn't wanna deal I understand right but that doesn't mean that they are not to people what. There are grated soccer. Just amazing and soccer where they take up two positions on the film. They would be able to play goalie because there's two of them while I'm sure some something to argue that its chief Nancy get to mineral field got no. No one they might say that counts as two men onboard are concerned. What about a once I just know sesno. Then on demand so you know it's near one votes whoever controls whoever controls for John and don't. Well I don't like how bluntly say it but yeah I don't know who's controlling I don't know how you control in control I don't know who's getting who's is it. It's it's theirs including one of theirs some of these shares something's one belongs to one person one belongs of the other. But the each up one leg each have one arm that is not one of them actually belongs last one long anatomy or is that displayed I these little kids a lot. But now I'm not saying that I that it was years ago people as easily triggered a Mets thing. Look but but but but but you said that her Alter a picture. You said that. Here's why are we talking on his conjoined twins I don't know years he always brings it because he likes it because he likes argument that was it wasn't convinced me about the one vote is that he okay. Yes commenced when you said I'm not a base I think it's a pretty good. Artist rendering don't you actually all of that one comes not real. You said that this there's a dominant and there's a dominant he said which is that pretty good isn't it beyond here pretty pairings. It's okay. Yet. OK I got it that there's a dominant ones fresh Erica. He's saying that basically that when she has been. This would should be in charge of all of us in a picture of modern times we meaningless if a man what an exemplary. Had a Brittany. So. Anyway I was gonna talk yeah he's right for sure. Might Obama's dominance Claire these are new to town dump that's not only said well most is that there's one that was clearly dominant. This clearly though. The play solar. Back. Taller. Taller has more centered yeah about it that's the trek right so I'm I'm not talking a man made and is not though that is more cynical about it and another on a legalistic and I think I know it's not like Matt Damon and what's his name. Who was in that stuck on video was that was that. I agree can hear this. I think I was this knowledge that when they you know armor that would suck Aston as has made recently back to back their backs were stuck together right. I was touching OK here's the map if what I'm saying is not like vendors there is no dominant one and that. Therefore long's this says they have three maybe I was looking at the wrong diagram that this and says they have three. Longs matches I must look at somebody else now. Two parts for longs to go 12220. Access to a two starts has said that three kidneys I said that one's own tests and one pelvis. One liver that's. Yeah one vision one change. One is not a reproductive or it's. Yes what is a full sat this one falls yet so they can have I think they connected before long lines. Egypt on the one of our minds as everyone's time wouldn't come up positive view anyway. I was gonna talk about that can't. Can't what you want to vote. I I okay I'll go with you all the earlier rising now go with you all the way. Did that then added that the jail sentence in Gaza by get you what you drive act but. Let's give two votes not one driver's license to votes as they vote toys.