Slimfast's Adult Summer Camp

Tuesday, May 15th


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No doubt cigarettes after such Soledad entire record stood in officials and to do so. How would Madison is a bad idea was. Annoy you you're planning your summer vacation. That's not set in stone doesn't sound. You just enormous C a but he left it up on the computer. Tests yet. I don't want this to cause a fight between me and my girlfriend and we kind of discuss some things and fully gone over all of that with her yet. But. It just is just an idea is just an idea I she's not adds. She's not totally against it she wasn't as excited as Iowa. It's kind of cool yet to admit it's kind of cool you know I don't think that it is I'd. And but I certainly and it journey. Just hear me out here can you hearing yeah okay so so fast slipped out on the computer just. Tell me I want you what you think of refusing to centrist think OK you rule out looking at summer vacations. And he has decided. That he wants to go. To an adult. Summer camp. And so apparently you go there's like three and was at three places on this website are those like six them okay. And you go there you go for like three or four days I was trying to choose between him and there's no. I guess is what is it called no camp counselor something you know camp counselor. You know counselor. And you go you play like kick ball and soft ball him. So summer camp it's summer camp for adults and on a night you play drinking games and and then you stay there for like three or four days. And he wants to do this in my thing is like man. I feel like you're looking back. OK so you know if you're in a relationship right. Bank and it. It goes south and into bat right and a sense like ten years ago and you look back on an annual like a man that guy or that girl that person whatever. You know what that was so bad that was cool because you look back kind of finally time. And the further time goes. Bit makes tragedy lesson lesson last Friday. And I think you are looking back at your time on summer camp where these rose colored glasses where you're like oh we're just gonna sit around the campfire at night. And saying indigo girls songs and I can't wait to do this. And I can't stop thinking. If your going to. Thirty years later 25 years later. You're still going to be the kid in right field praying to god that they don't kicked the ball TO. And when they do your going to drop it and they're gonna call you'll lose our hands. I just don't think you should want to go back and have to relive all that again. This is like. OK I love summer camp first ball and second of all this camp has things that my summer camp didn't have that like the rich kids can't patent. You know in the video in the promotional video they've got the blob. You know that you jump on the got zip lines throughout on kayaks these giant slip and slides. It's in you know beautiful parts of the country I was trying to pick what I wanted to go because that you go to Colorado you can go to Tennessee and Austin. And at nine AE UEU get to like drink to me it would be like a mix between number hedonism. Now they can mix between hedonism. And summer camp like hedonism was. A little much. Right I mean you know I molested summer camp. No I wasn't molasses summer camp and now I was not well known was molested in my summer camp. No no no no no. No. Now. I love summer camp. And they have this also up where it looks like when you drink and it is like a big rat call you know it looks like the mass hall from. From from like a movie did this looks like this summer camp. That would exist in a movie move. And they can do that because it's for adults and you pay to go and you're gives it does you want to take April vacation because it's only a few days so really just like a long weekend I'm trying to convince my girlfriend. That. We could so take a vacation and to do this. On top of that journey look at this giants do. Promotional videos uploaded the giants weapons. The promotional video list to make you want to beat there that's why they make that standard and. And I should do all these people are looking attitudes you know as seen on the shark tank I got it. And that everybody wants to have experiences I understand about it. Here's my thing look at the people of promotional video and look at yourself right of course that same with like I. I do that I'm not what it's gonna be like you know and you are not not well but that's not that's the same. They do with winning Chinese Somalia as a spring break package or whatever and all the guys are blocked and all the girls are into pieces I get a there's going to be normal people there's going to be normal looking people it's for adults. It suffered just for college kids is for adults here is what I know about eve. You are a little anti social when you get in big groups of people that you don't know all right but that's why this would be good because I would take my drop from a panel to go down I don't really hundred pick your girlfriend up. And do it. Not crab walk race thing and a sack race how tired I know what I together and do a one legged race like none of that sounds. Now I know what's gonna happen you are going to regress to sever him. When he hears ago Amy Hilliard girlfriend and be the one sitting in the corner that everyone's like why. The weird kids didn't call exactly that's what I'm saying yours or those lucky kids the drug begin to sit in the corner and they're gonna. My name person maybe it would you're gonna go back to summer camp and be alone what happened at some probably a very good chance that your girlfriend makes I was someone else you like summer camp. Twenty years ago. The thing about summer camp was the first like today. May be the first today. Usually just parred the first day I was uncomfortable and nervous and shy and but as you know you say hello to a few people you introduce yourself. You start to feel more comfortable and here. There's blues so that first day you get there you could drink a little bit everybody's been introduced they have these you know. I know it's called no counselors but they have like a group leader or whatever and then you do stuff. Yes I don't like to kick balls up but they they said if you don't like that set they have like arts and now. Rounds up some trash yeah Brady got a pipe cleaners freedom. French you know they friendship of friendship bracelets and what's wrong with the facts I. I they're going to be a talent show them. You make this sound like I came up with this idea and I'm trying to sell this and trying to remind investors. This isn't it I think army took off it's already in multiple cities and IBC a ton of people go to this is things. I obviously before this conversation ball before the first conversations and earlier I honestly thought there was a chance to lasso my ego. I don't oh I don't know that I thought I could convince them now I sensed definitely changed my mind but I thought there's a chance that you might go to this. No why because it's like 34 days it would be fondle and I don't know. It's. What what else do you do for vacation. I I would go. You would go to the camp I would count say when you wanna go I would totally go on like I I. I I don't know when he started written before I said why don't we do it like as a station. And we can all go. I imagine Indo weird thing I don't wanna go Laszlo why. That I think that would just be uncomfortable a lot of different groups of people you hang out with just like your regular summer gave you get this. Another thing lying if you're gonna go to summer camp why are you gonna bring your girlfriend. I thought I don't know summer camp is like that's like the first day is where you might start to try to figure out who you're gonna try to test yeah if you bring a girl when you are you know I Marlene takes half the fun out of it doesn't it. I think it takes up the pressure off now I already got. The girl. Except for now there's guys and your wheels Miller Dominique his side early on his own kayaking together and slip and sliding began there and arts and crafts and together. I get sane and out loud I understand. It sounds. But I think it does sound fun for some people I just don't know I feel like you're setting yourself up for. I just had fun when we did to hedonism thing and you know I think at it we eat dinner my favorite part of hedonism. Going to that resort was that we we we we eat dinner and then after dinner there. And on sat around talk to and you went downstairs you know they called the discotheque where everyone went down and met in this area. And everyone. Hung out the site. Predetermined carry you to go swimming. And you could go into this like you know nightclub kind of thing. And then the next day when you woke up your cow on your own for a while you can sit by the beach you can do whatever and then. You know you you map back up for lunch at. You know. Predetermined times. And if you wanna go because you're an adult you could skip the meal if you want you have to go to and you could stay at the beach. I would just like to do something like that again I thought this. Could be. A fun way to do that. While incorporating. The blob the zip lines the kayaking in you know without having to go on like a cruiser something. They do they exercise and more rain and none of this sounds like anything you do. No not at all I let my say and actually a kind of selling me on Ahmad Khomeini but none of those sounds like anything you do that was. Yeah I wanna do it's I can't imagine you have some hand you know like I can't imagine you doing. On a summer camp playing kick ball I had far does that blind in spite of jump off of CBS evening that an all. I had fun summer camp in spite of myself because they were telling me to do things it I wouldn't of thought would be in my comfort zone. Right but dooming your bare and there's someone telling you old. Like the counselor whatever I feel you're gonna be every six hours and I hear it on their monitoring that you right. That's the thing if I'm there for six hours knowing that I do is leave I'm an adult I don't have to call my mom I can get in the Congo. I. I love the law goes I think our guys are gonna do that now kind of been sold on the idea. And I'm not gonna summer camp as an adult and you're just had a fracture in his only Fuzzy well sort of like does it blind Carlos things like individually they sound fun. I'm going to that place to hang out with other adults that I don't know and play kick ball Wear them is. That's not mine completely. I don't wanna sit at a camp fire at night and listen at indigo girls saw is also there are not gone had a guy who's that I yogi bass plays and I'm acoustic guitar. That is not my idea of fun I sounds horrible this isn't my childhood can piece on a video they've got a deejay in their listening to music in their drink and bruises isn't sitting around the world are going to be camp fires there's going to be a yogi. He's gonna have his shirt off he's going to be wearing flip lost off and he's gonna replay Wonderwall and there is no doubt about that. I don't and I can't live through that I think there could be a lot of techno music. But. If they get an attorney and a burning man. I got out front leg to. Kind of makes them but they also have like. You know I've sports tournaments and stuff remark made sport. Why actor I know why are you saying I'm not going I was just saying use started to get sold a miss you like now I don't wanna do any that's up I think you do what did you doesn't he said do you like the idea of the zip line and the blob and supple I think you'd like the idea of the kicked all of the and the soccer instead of two in the basketball of the fund. And maybe we'll all your plane. Basketball or whatever you do in making us friendship bracelet asks a lot of media just go to other modes lives are heroes and always that you meet new people live nation memories is already a very rarely do people. You make of friendship bracelets and I'll do like fishing and fighting or whatever we have to do. At this camp yeah. And I just want the postcards and say dear beginning to please come get me into a big guy Alan nice buzz allergies are bothering him cook I clean the air bags in I was. Them hotly doesn't have as a mailer I applied to bring plaza and Naylor the other day causes allergies are bothering them. Your supposed to send us a care package of cookies after we'd been there is huge here I know I'm a lawyer I know my role here. You're the one that seems huge series there earning. Please send some fast and Taylor who think he's as soon passing out after that big ball that hit a lot. I think there's some law had peanut butter. And his face swelled up we need is Penn. Please send extranet people it looked. And then he went out. I'm a little bit of hype it is covered in poison ivy then. Doesn't zoom ma'am I'm not allergic to poison ivy and how would never forget mine Naylor. Police are. I think. You solve this you're watching the promotional video you're starting to think you know what this does kind of look like fun journey was sold on a few minutes in this conversation. I lived at summer camp and summer team and I didn't broke out again which is different but hey. Have done all of those transit I and you haven't done in twenty some years right no because I'm now. Older and don't need to do those things anymore but they now offer for people who are old so it for adults. So we can go back. Like I just feel like a group of friends that you know that you like all these things Obama's second quarter left her there alone. And along this is better. This is much better. I've got you. OK. This is a different camp don't know when you're showing me. He had to choose your own activities. And design your summer of fun. Arts and crash. Literacy. Yet summit table top games. You like that right yeah. Archery. Others a lake this is a different campuses for you. Aren't yet I found also new into this camp it's actually it's right around vacation time to August 15 two of the nineteenth. I picked nerd camp geeks summer camp for adults he else. What is epic nerd camp at partnered camp as the summer camp mentioned. Budget convention any summer camp headed Kiki baby for adults one and one plus who enjoyed gaming. Fantasy and scifi com it's five days four nights of playing table top games live action role playing. And doing activities in real life to characters doing the game. You'll find out what it takes to be a hero as you learn sword play archery hum a lot of your crafting skills she could. An email learned to fly I betcha this campus right across select from the other one with a zip lines and everything. And you guys will be over here and epic and camp. I don't wanna lower. And besides I didn't wanna same thing. But part of the reason I wanted to go to the other campers because they have. Specialty camps. And one of those specialty camps is LG BTQ and friends. Camp got so then I'm just guessing I wouldn't. Those videos that you saw all the buff dudes who electrodes. And you like you probably would wanna be around those guys. That's why am I. And looked tentative. What happened nerd cam right here it says is this an LG BTQ silly place absolutely is but I was going to do if then a save social basis team here. I don't know I don't know which one you are I don't know why. That's part of your question. But. Man epic nerd camp August 15 with a nineteen. I don't wanna lower I just wanna do summer camp Jersey accommodation show. This is great for you. I don't even think you have to go outside in this can't I want to go outside. And 96 eyes.