Tuesday, July 10th


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Have you ever been. Scammed. Like you know that Nigerian gas is now attempting something along as maybe not that I don't say obvious some writer scammed but now. But I know off I think the only time I can think got us I think earlier when I was a kid I remember someone. Com. Sending him a message on our dial up Internet if he has said like. AOL has logs you out you know what is your use all right yeah ordered ideas did it and right after I did I went. Always say if that doesn't make any sense I just sent those people minding your information I thought really stupid for doing it. But I was also a kid I was new Internet and then most of the stories you hear. About people getting scammed her. Senior citizens. You see these. News clips of people getting a big they called them on their land lines and then tell them. All kinds of stories like this is not just senior citizens there's these dating web sites where maybe someone says hey guys. I eat on an and I Iraq or whatever and Ryan Parent deployed but I love talking to you relevant authorities to meet you and hey you know what I'm here I need some money for this flights they can get you quicker in and you see these people's standard of him in the get 3500 bucks or. I still like to thank. I. I want to give anybody money and and be wise right not gonna give anybody money in the that's the easy part I gasses I'm not gonna handle graphics card among them are going right back then that's I'm done I'm now. But. The other things. Like just accidentally installing some malware he must mark an analyst on. So this new scare if it is just to scare or or whatever news story lies somewhere in the middle of someone. Just lying to you and also use gene I guess using malware but it's cults machine and be heard of them now. I guess the attorney general of Michigan is the one who issued this warning to residents. About the scam so it's text messaging. Room and what happens is somehow someone I guess must be able to put some malware on your phone where they're able to get your contacts or something. So they send you text messages. And it appears to be from someone you know from a trusted source or cracked. So you can get a text from me saying if you trust me trust saying. Hey listen I need to talk to you while block and it just says slim fast in the context and you can see the history of our conversation that okay bit. And then the goal is to get people eventually so if I could search outlets and is having a conversation with you hey let's fumbled line you're responding because you know it's me and and I said. Mean did you see this funny video I send you a link. Once you click on that link now you've installed. The malware. And back. Steals your personal information. So now they've I'd probably intra but I try to Sharia so not like Arthur young people of the golf course dudes machine. You know it takes anyone. And never openly to my only using corrected whatever apps at. C'mon it does that make me old. Then I think I could fall for this or they just getting better. They came from you wonder chained check out the storage is at every show and I knew each other to talk about a moment shows so much I would certainly clicker. He says dishonest individuals are always trying to find new ways to obtain our personal information my consumer protection team continually works stay current on the latest scams. So they can make sure Michigan residents are aware of these scans and know how to identify. Of the scams and avoid them. Don't respond to any suspicious numbers. A panel thank responding don't hit if someone says something to mean I don't know the number I do. Lost my phone let me tell who is this which by the way most the time is true. Lost contacts or something. I have actually had. People text me and it says their name in mice they like Zach or whatever and I think who knows I'm right Zach is but I must have that one point. Probably drinking I don't know or made it easier Generale vs but I just say who is this again says says don't respond any suspicious numbers. If you get it they ask you to report it and then delete the text and block the number which is a lot of work. Don't share your phone number unless you know the person. Or they'll organizational reverend you know him well wild how do I know I know them well if you're asking me for what's your phone number I lost it. In your text me you know for my different phone or something I don't know how the hell I suppose you know. And then he also says beware of fine print in user agreements for products or services. They may use your phone number which is basically any mobile app any ring tones journal. No one could possibly. Really don't have all the you don't they know you're not going to that's a whole other issue that I wish someone would address. Those things need to be a little more concise. But the last week they were talking my house Samsung phones were randomly texting people. On some phones were randomly texting people in their contact list. Photos from their photo library and not only was it randomly doing this so it can just text picture. Just go to your phone and find a picture imagine it Graham markets that Texans to work. But also you don't get a sense receded doesn't show you that you text of that person's or you don't even know. It's happened so we could be happening right happy I don't know if they're trying to scare me hear what I guess that maybe. You can't prevent. But if someone texted me started up this conversation I think it's Laszlo. Active offered by the way if you if you texted me and you said Amy and so this is embarrassing but. You know army lost a lot I think a locked in my office and I need to get back to work I guess happening to gas. And the card that some iPhone does not focus your phone is messed up I can't use it. Could Jew. Apple pay me some money. Are exactly scenario works right somehow you ask me apple pay you. I would apple pay you more right they get fifteen bucks on image not gonna get thousands but even fifty. If I sit fifty bucks to some schmuck who somehow got hold of my information because I don't order a ringtone. Or whatever it is a game. It is basically every app that you download has this user agreement thing that they know your phone number. All this stuff about Al ghoul and apple and everyone else FaceBook as should say was sharing more than we thought they were. Sharing says so you just says singer somebody who's got out they say but Tex signs says just so you know that is either one have you. Are someone that you know. He just have a keyword after every time you send a link like pineapple or some fast laws lady penis so we have safe words for length exactly. That's that's the Smart thing to do very well to have a similar or related payments for a link. Ailing you send NASA's Richard I was late penis. In the images say something else like purple after. We have ten dollars per belatedly this now if I just say Hayes watches videos finals and you follow plane before it click it it just says purple. Sure it's in their normal I don't have to keep taking my losing but anybody can desperate and relationship beyond the fringe purple 71. That is fine and no no one's gonna know that. We're gonna get scams. And it's really easy to stick around you don't know I didn't watch those people on the news and see these old people say. If you keep giving these people money you kept giving your credit card information program please stop what are you thinking then. Let's be honest part of you is thinking this is so stupid. But guess what it's gonna happen to us. I wouldn't let readiness well. May for the smashing thing this machine thing scares me of for myriad reasons why not this is the ultimate defender Sonoma and every single time. You tax me. All right text you because search is about links is of a bet if you're not really talking usually guard every text now is send me your own laziness. Org has changed because now people notice but. Or ruin. I I don't know. Look even if I wasn't asking for money if dole was sending you a link that install malware they idea that someone could taxi. 11 o'clock at night and it says it's your friend might. And you to start joking around and then you find out later no. Sorry. Wasn't him somebody else and now whoever that person is maybe Davis they have got your whole I'm message thing here I'll sell it to differ on a box. I won't show it to whoever imam. Your wife or husband whatever it is. I try every conversations are related penis so that's the world we live in now there. Every single text message I sent has have a safe word the related industry. They're gonna know what they get a hold of all of our text messages they're gonna see that we've been using this safe we're going to go back and look. And see that it's always leaving they're gonna announce that we're saying something he did it. It's over we're screwed. Our phones are safe and out was those phone is possesses only actually possessed and just sending people text messages and pictures. From his phone and a mature and rather than sane my phone is possessed. He's been trying to play along with that which actually think it's kind of funny. That's not an angle I would've thought revenues on an angle I would have predicted out of you want but went when he started like random people that you work for ten years ago the president Hussein my phone is possessed plaza or just say hi ya thought it was funny. Tell whenever I know like at all. All okay. Real well tonight and their mental launched our let my phone rodents. Some or all of the screen and I came into the Apple Store in times around the six and then you know it's always a couple hours later. You know me I'm just not that patient anyway no I haven't sergeant on time take Carolyn Bryant site Estonia there's just left bone is broken. More than an area where you're from wrong why what it text me. As a native sons my bones possessed but then I guess that does sound like. An excuse gripe I actually thought it was kind of funny that you just went along with that lie and I and there is no no nothing else and there. And it's still you stole yet you're still using a possessed phone doesn't that scare you. Now he gets machine to deal with and texting Randy bowling you're just walking around with a possessed foul mouth. What you wanted to. I don't know there's no place in order to fix is something Apple Store unintentionally seventeen days to fix it you can get into a psychiatrist is a new patient faster than you can get that phone fixed yes we know what winning is your appointment to get the phone effect I don't know I'm not to go invasive come in late you have to show up anti Apple Store. Before it opens seafood in line. But this is ridiculous every day is Black Friday down and you just have to get their take a number I Charlotte for the draw I was like no real real for the July packed. The well. I apologize for your. Broken phoning your troubles but I do once you guys to be aware spin machine and I do think it would be Smart now since. I basically only text to read over much of start everything related it is gonna have to be some sort of a code word between us we're gonna has arsenic in our military's don't gone. Well maybe Afghanistan the same for B public. You don't know if we change it off here anonymous if they did user you can assuming we were known airline. Did dead giveaway. Assumed Sangakkara if we change cherica don't know. And owns a Texas was elated and some don't Don we know that there's not a trusted friend. A cracked. That's fine. We're really gonna stick with us relative pinch. So divisive it in the attacks or separately SMU attacks and I followed our every conversation related payments. That's our church. I'm great people are intact simulate Kunis. Trusted friends from whom. She now works. Those texted me I'm I got once or should just says sleepiness. No I'm gonna. We're gonna get scanned for various scams are always and so Auburn he scam by something. It is just a maritime. For already today at age related always serious and start working nine guarantee is such international and armed well. That I agree with but I don't agree about the smashing.