Friday, July 14th


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If it up when he does. Excuse me and my name's Angie do an easier mark is here so as you know I am ridiculously. Fast maybe don't know memento about it name. I don't love a lot of television right I did enjoy globe and Netflix in York absolutely. 100% right mark Mary Ann is. Fantastic now I love mark Marron and that's. Like he waited like honestly if you ever feel. Like you've been left behind your peers are moving ahead of you they're taking you know their careers are going in new exciting places you feel like will way you feel like the mark Merritt of your group yeah. Just know that eventually one day your global come along later you'll have a chance. The shine badly glove don't quit don't quit never quit never quit also. Speaking of never quit. There is as I series which itself fantastic. If you like music at all. If you Jones. It's hysterical. On them and it's called the defiant and and it's basically about Dr. Dre and Jimmy I have nine. Both producers. And doing. You know end up obviously budgetary NWA Lleyton and you know Ammon and his rounds of Iran. And really actually quite a few artists anyway they. Integrate different artists then you work to win. Throughout this doctor is series there snoop jive is sol mod their caffeine funny. He has some of the best lines I've ever heard absolutely hysterical. He is trying to wed doctor drink or death broke his Death Row Records got signed an or scope records yeah audio yeah daddy daddy got out. There's three labels now I doubt sound ridiculous now you can follow all this the label. Integration and. I got Italian man yeah I had a if you pay radio and like LA radio socks and UH music you like music Sox. You you're you should push for regulation on on media does. This is because it's to help us save us well it's Time Warner Cable now owns Interscope these old hat because on death row record write like this story and then. You know and kids aren't NW age you know you yeah now I'm easy. GE now being able to around in my drained and anyway so snoop dog works. And works with drag me and they get so trying to this label in Jimmy and I and tells them that. Doctor Drake in Snead died snoop dog also playing as beach about I hope to god he does something special with wireless person he has the best. One of the best white people voice as I've ever heard. Faint Jamie I mine war. Introduce seeing so many white people. You can and Jimmy I am buying compared. Both Dr. Dre and snoop tied to. Mix in each other better and bigger so. Cindy hoops he's. Who are making cheese wedges in doubt cool cookie that is has no idea AT and he's just like. O'Leary he's a wonderful and they're so many characters. On their shallow it's not diminish rapidly this topic is utilized. Open and Andre are bigger than a bigger and better than it has raised during her teeth in them nick. Genital area and decide that right to jog itself and you know whilst any time patty. Tom Petty. Is funny mother after sentences I never thought I knew neither am I am and I can not be more in love with Tom Petty and saved. Every time ICC to. Whatever he's doing whether it be like a comedy rose and odd to you talking to the rock hall of fame and watching his IQ theories. He lets not funny it's called the defiant in its. And it's about all. You know obviously they minute time of money but it wasn't easy. It certainly wasn't easy surgery. And you know it kind of starts out with that selling beats. For over three million. Or billion excuse me billionaire bill yet billion yen you know. Remember Tipper Gore wanted to like band Dr. Dre and any created jobs for how many well not Americans but the important thing in a jury made a lot of money and as America is all that matters with kind of a person you are counted yeah it was a long arrived and he worked really hard in his varies and in many ways Dre and snoop are the mark Merritt and wrap. Gary. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm hoping he does something all and I do snugly with them like everywhere mouse they mean its like its nuclear Willie Nelson they've got tired of all the weed people wanna smoke them now I don't think so and then he talks about we'd punitive Eden and he brawl this amazing. The long as the lines. That's like I got a wall snoop an amazing. Huge I would want that pressure. I'll make fun of ads that I wouldn't give them. Right currently trailing just practice practice speaks OK guys Langer story. One time one guy game. And this is there's. Comedian he's absence up on ABC. And he's done a couple specials. And a radio now. No no not am girl. But I am gonna he's a name droppings that's really what night all of that it was that happened. Yeah might well it's that you read in your pipe threat and your tie and didn't name before in not only do aids or he did not take you backstage to churning out you wanted to hang out and smoke weed with him right. You weren't there to give them we rank Uighurs snout right. And day out like I did my mom to Bob's sag get. And ended up meeting Bob Saget in me on aluminium Melamine a mob item line the I want Bob Saget to tape my mom but I wanted to have like kids and my aunt. They are but now I don't I don't I really did not need that to have but I want my mom and and it gets angry gamblers and clubs that it. Horrific. First odd Celtic is CU gap because you asked meted out move and I was gonna go out to Bob Saget and then you're like I'm gonna take my non. On the out and I'd like OK I suspect he writes and then. You add an evening when Bob Saget with his numbers are talking about originally this is a different person. I sell us about missing out on house. Because I feel it. He would immediately right. And I would have blocked it right. Listen I absolutely 100% that's the like you know what I think I think you know he's a jury he man and I think he plays one on TV I think he's activities during a big night sweetheart underneath these injury and he's got some damage. You got Keiko leak early like literally. But I think that you know is fine but there's other duke. So that guy who invited me up with a can you bring you know some some weed this is two years ago and has some announces someone out not at a coral and up pops up that's economic sure sure man you know missiles it has. Is it. Titus Chris I know it's not Chris Titus lakers' Titus or should that. Because it. What occurs I don't earlier. Averaging each don't I mean look I wanted to impress questions you know he has he's attitude as well is up till now now. While India Tim Allen Tim Allen the last Tim Allen narc on people for coats and he's in a lot of counties. Not like outage for working on that early it's network was I believe it was ABC or maybe it was the CW. Not quite sure I am good. Jamie Kennedy now I. You might do in the it's a black guy always a court chorus. Dan let's name Corey and I asked am I Ali Al Arab man Wayne Brady now Eisenhower. Now. This her privacy. I'd close what what is Herman in the ABC. Give me an actual letter ideas that does give away how he's got a national. And Sherman. Only. About eight. It was DOU yeah that's activities. You -- leave with tales you would do that again you know gun lobby's generated Serena and you come out meet with them whenever. And like obviously I know I'm not he doesn't want me there. I don't you know I don't have breath. I why were they doing that no all right that at all that like it's really weird when a guy you don't know locks in your Dresser it's like OK I once they expect that you expect. Like with the hands right. And glass animals never any women I know and the fast talking about they are the ex generals in this. And I may tournament we were talking about the crusades and more so there are no women meg there it was a big guys back there I'm Ali is back there it is your dominant out of the blocks and out. Now. There is no other women and other plans and the mad. And is now the lighting director of me and the reason I lever anyway life is he in the lighting director yes but. Euro is surprised so there's no women in large brass enough. And it and you in DLQ did duties was chill I got to take SpinRite is named take you back there yeah. Yeah other famous comic yet what's his name famous I wouldn't say payment term. Wasn't that now you're thinking of the time I met the guy Overton from living single now on your anger and resentment lively he was one of the nicest men I've ever match he was nice to hear you organize now that comment that hagee open forum. Well handled earth camel are now handle it is now don't know what it is that now. There's a local guy Brandon yet as so it's a nice job. Any super nice super welcoming they also have a conversation because it's my job to get down to business and you know we'd yet this is like to when he twelve. And I didn't you know I've been around I know what I'm doing okay in every way I am mad I'll but it never way there. We'll blondes everywhere man and spinning and Danny. I don't know how he got as yours are about seem dog and you wanted to roll subbing in an exact one vulnerable and dismissive and I know I mean I don't need ready right I'm not gonna roll it in front and a writes I'm an and it rolled ready to get out you know you think. You think but when you're running behind and you hide it exists seeking and it does not see world I don't yeah I mean lynch. I mean he's got to be style over people giving him week. Snoop yeah yeah I mean yes so maybe down to let's I go and I'm doing I. Star having trouble roll rolling and trying to deal with you and I'm like this never happens yeah right I must be nervous if I. You were an amateur that that was damage or might it normally works I don't know what's going on here it's like finally kind of put together this wetland thing. Yes. Any I played in any ticket or that I'm good man and I this is this the smoking he did a little bit but it was so embarrassing that you one of them. Hot oil because they wanna get their hands dirty to the you know they can plausibly deny. Yemen's are smoking what if you're going up there where we Dwayne Bowe got in trouble for going to sonic with all that we'd in the car and when he got busted his friends didn't say that was you know we did basically deep throw some lines out. I don't have a mileage sign right I mean given their lives spit you out. Lot of try that I June I was trying with frictions yet how hard it is when we got rich here we're not did stay off it was wet inland. Anyone any of it I've failed and you know what I never ate it never be gone well viral one I don't know where I'd be today but unfortunately you're here at me don't put yourself and fortunately yes you're right you're right pre roll. Absolutely are on our present breeze that cone. I'm going to obviously Tyree hand pound. Richard once lined up rage out yet we I mean talking and house new job. Which are about tied DL it's ugly out there shall yadda yadda yadda I'm still here.