Snorting Chocolate

Tuesday, November 14th


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I think that morning buzz good morning names tantrum. It in me is here now Meyer needs of dermatologists. Would you be willing to do that aren't the only many were in an argument hopefully is off OK yeah so. I've a question yes do you remember. Four Loko. I don't think ever when. It's drugs. What's it tastes like his elegant energy drinks or is like your days like diary answer. Like a watermelon daughter answered my arm. The Grammy improbably issues other bright as ever I ironic thing how would you rate idea of I wanted to get a quick buzz that was like really strong straight leg off half of four Loko. Marion is a lightweight by vetoing the whole thing idea I wore off. Red. Birdie at me and I heard and more. Because what I strategy that he's. A lot right. Have a glass of wine yeah that seems again on you shouldn't be during keen. You know if you wanna get you know messed up affiliation be planning to not eat so the you get messed up on alcohol. You know I don't get messed. You mean by that you mess up everything I know but does say I don't get messed up with the British generals stick it wow. Sometimes I do yes I mean I've been known to yeah off. You know I feel like I'm their adult about it it's a little people to take care new driver. And it. Now it. I'm now some class. Yesterday injuring Clinton because I was like hey Matt. And I have to just drink more than make any sense that means you shouldn't be drinking alcohol that they feel like guys I've Miami and a drink today at what point. That's the good that the dangers sign at the warning sign while. Let IIAA. Drug I take I don't compensate for my eating them just like I'm gonna do drugs or not. Well it's nice to have a nice warm feel in a high after it happened last July. Yeah that's a physiological response expectations feel me. Got below the bad feeling I think that's a good thing I'll say yeah that I got this six the got to have a at all. All paying off (%expletive) that's more please offer price and Arnold we're trying to do a story about Coco loco. I was just saying aha how much are talking I'm sorry your story. Don't get up and it offended I think her bra and okay that's I'll all right then well Coke logo on compound viking area look. All right could be logo okay all right well there is one substance that's legal dates are allowed to put up your nose. There's a lot of substances that are legal that you're allowed to appear a lot of those medications though you can't use them in a manner of which they were not prescribe an even talking medication outside. You can archer if you buy that I mean yeah I guess you could sort your parents you. Lots of things appear now it has served hollow promise you'll buzz. I don't believe it does but I want to do now survivors say Coco loco and putting up your nose what are we putting up our nose now as a society. We're putting Coco loco yeah muddy what's the cocoa in Coco loco. Hot cocoa legs like chocolate yeah yeah talk about outer yeah yeah which Norton talk a powder and a really demise not a joke is that. Works on June at a racing pastor at this is very interesting KC TV 57 young James is joining us this morning to explain exactly how. People are snorting this chocolate and why. It could be a big problems Abigail what's behind this trend. Well dean and yeah exactly you are hearing it right chocolate at least nor the product promises 830 minute by. For the questioning it is like saying. There are ways to enjoy chocolate. Mars ice cream and drink makes sense how like shut and pound you and your nose your latest. Eagle and normally you know they supplement company is created in chocolate powder that you snores it makers are selling Coco loco sounds like it or not. Marketing the drug free chocolate as a legal high incident indoors and rush block com okay. The Internet is full of videos of people trying out. And now finds some of those little room break. Hi Hoch. How much is the co this in it's second it is it is prime. I'm bayou today Brian. How stupid is this though. I really any good target appear knows the cocaine isn't billions of dollars this shot I'm not putting chart that Atlanta has slide army people can now yeah chat. Coke. Logo snorting rock Coco your listeners. And you thought it was an honor I ask you. Some. We have the product of all time aren't tall. All. Yeah on this channel. Some cocoa mocha. The makers of legal team they have recently started doing. Rock cow guts don't. Count. Actually. Tire pressure. 12494. Propped. Just minutes he didn't mind tomorrow he'd do a few bottles and it's really weird. I don't play. Well and also seen a lot of upscale restaurants in Europe actually read this set the table. To snort that. Cal. And able and all the classy rich people out. Join I don't feel that. Outraged at each site it's gonna open this up and trying to hanging. Bottle. Line. Like the desert dinners. Yeah actually does not like chocolate it's. It's and actually. And has. Yeah. And I have. My little. Little. Guy who's this is I have no idea what else. Powerhouse trolls here. We're just gonna see the universal access it is like the first guys that. Now to a line like one. Big Apple lately and tries more ethical kmart's. I. App that he's a baby about. You can really taste it's. Like. Oh really let. Your. Junior and as the best indoors and you get it really opens up your mother. And knows so I let that echo look a pattern Amazon yeah that's my buyback and its president. But you know and housing combined for a purple drank premium grade we likes he's sincere he's snort it 1299 pride. That and I. That should you like but again there he recently I have. Other customers also led to act frequently purchase together path. Let's see if we find them doing align its nuclear offensive line. And about it'd be really seemed to be ended. He's entity and that and anybody out there yet he's directly. And we'll. Were find out today. How have as. Good a good thing. I don't know. We'll do will there. I am familiar taste to do cocoa it appears now via. It has an exit and you're with your drink right but I mean. I'm not disaster questions and that's why I guess fuel mix cocaine in their during the thing now but it's not cocaine. But he's tries Coco loco gas and orders them purple or gin up. Talk a minute what's this video old people try lean for the first time. Well I'm gonna have to watch this you know alene is right now cops Europe in I think the dire answer yet at this Sarah okay. Intention and sixty. In the next month W 69 of them Stallone. I. Are things that two weeks that take. Apple fighter and leave it outside in this what have. Thing that she's definitely that you really I don't make it in the chemistry lab needs definite enemy Disco. Carries I loved marijuana smoke marijuana. Basically for over twenty years almost lived alone. Want to be a writer and so I was living in northern California taught. So I tried a number of this site analytics. And awarded to area that could only be an hour instead of ten hours. Angry at us today. Just take a sip of would listen I may have to go to you think. It's definitely you know it's. Yeah. This great. It's sweet. There's a book in here. Doesn't bother me a rose a way to start. In the mountains like really. And Nicholas it's really means do I think of Hillary knows him brightness is if her release has come a little brighter are doing anything for me to accept that this act. Of older people are. That's Serbs. I spoke to a girl revolution through through that. From. Yeah. Bruce Morton is the world. Afternoon. Hey hey hey yeah. Didn't you we not do cogo we've got to get them lane and ads telling you that. I actually get it right here you can get mental drain premium grade relaxation C era but that night live does not cough serve though yes. Athlete in this is not code being against them Cody Tia. Island city and from the headless shop. Which I think is an area that's probably synthetic lanes frequently pot whatever as we can do that who could ever. You can't begin a ventures Amazon or are emerging spot is also by the Karbala. God.