Snowcone's Problem

Tuesday, February 20th


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You want our children buzz problem. So I have a problem thinks so all our first first I know we're wrestles with the question does have slipped god damn eyesight is I don't know got a problem and I'm helping the W eight and if Radek let me show you this. This is local. Look they threw it. In the pro am got to him Camaro. Ever last time it was a court battle as an aloe and brother I'm down river vet and Philly losing her actions were about amounts of red Camaro low what does that guy do. Drove the Corvette in the river there are fighting over I'll go to my heart had it right for all to god damn river. This has rescue crews responded Tuesday morning to accidentally possible water rescue on southbound 71 highway near banister road quickly determine and I was inside the car. Sometime in the morning or night the car slid or drove into the river so on later spotted it and called dispatchers. If you. Accidentally drove your car and river. I guess we truckers of these depend on and leave sleeve. The old Ted Kennedy. Also holy old Ted Kennedy does not picture of a red. Congress and I'm not saying yes and electing someone in this room has pulled a Ted Kennedy. Out one point. Driven their car until the river not the river. A leg got in the record broken ran off. Now. Chappaquiddick someone diet that. I was gonna say you. Yeah I do that like a long time ago but I think it was going to be like Chappaquiddick someone's to have died. I don't think otherwise. I don't think it's all that much alike but we're. If your body came home buzz that I had to get here is that I drove would you automatically go rethink your Ted Kennedy JB drive around this is just like Chappaquiddick. Venus engine buzzed driving. If you kill someone. That I think you could make that that argument there and what do you drove your car into the lake. But no one died he left it there. Also up to general when it will now okay it's got enough of this Chappaquiddick ask for the important points sure yeah all right fine. If you did drunken driver into the water. Then you can make it Kennedy jobs yet. Itself so soak audio adrenaline I'm good. I don't know he's got a problem an auto problem fine would you send. I'm good everything's fine I'll explain this problem. It happens all of us right just explaining generic terms it's fun OK it's generic OK here's the thing. When you do this job. You. You have people in your life who will perhaps listen I don't listen right. And then they have people in their lives or perhaps wizard don't listen. And and a you can get in trouble for things you say on the radio during this program and you may have not even of subnet. Saw there's plenty of times Ron have to tell like a girlfriend or are my parents. Like you know I've just got to stop listening right you can't a probation officer who you can't then. A judge like look if you can't hold me accountable. And for what side. While I'm on the radio now. And that's sad I do we. You know what we say is true priest still you can't hold me accountable for that that would be like when Robert Downey junior. Gets in trouble. Any walks I don't know like man I saw you do that us on Iron Man you're in trouble none of them I don't know that's a show it's different. You can't be held accountable in the core one out even if well Robert Downey junior character is very much like. Iron Man right men in my inner cordon might same guy. It's still can't be held responsible. Robert ideas what was said memo it's like there's no way that attorney client privilege right you just can't whenever I say I hear this is obviously for me. It can't do you just end this right exact. English cannot be used again not used against us as anyone. Who does his job and it is dating someone that conversation inevitably comes up absolute more than once and some people decide. I'm Mike Ellis I can't limit us I know it's not not Ellison and others continue to listen and continue to say. We talk about something real quickie you know it's. We know if it's about something that was said today is about words you can't bizarre right. No we can't. And so that's when they choose not to listen and then so called for a yeah I know that Sam no I cannot forget to say is like what. You chose not to listen. If your friend shoes and listen. Then that's you know what that's none of us is we can't you tell users against me. If you have a question for me you contention that question but not about it and sent. Right here. This is like confession. Via. An analog user against. It's stupid to me that these friends text that person who isn't as things like you know he's served as he so glad I was much more generic convention nor do you write. You write a letter I got kind of conversation late when you're primarily but I and it sounded like him angered one of his girlfriend's from something that was sunny air's and somebody sent. Is that what it was. I hate yourself hate to so much mass. Say an anonymous since your dad I think people realize that the joke in wanna get in trouble with a girlfriend got this and also one of the girlfriend CNET. I think any more trouble. As far as on your romantic. What's the rules your romance we don't go to general rob you don't get in trouble you're a grown man should not gonna get grounded your grown god damn man. You can be angry at me. Like you I shoes I'm not angry I understand your argument is used and never talk to me again all these things what you can do is get in trouble I'm not in trouble but the I'll get in trouble or you can fire me or you can choose. To keep me employed here but I'm not in trouble. Troubles your children your not a child you're a man. Some owner likes askew like questions. But it in your troubles as some would like to ask you some analysis that you don't I know you guys are joking but people out there don't some people don't. And they know lies comes that word dagger joking joking about why. I'm not getting in trouble about girlfriends. Oh girlfriends and or not joking seat but only they really don't know of of. Well you got a whole resort is say girlfriends. And then like each one of them things you brought up that each one of them thinks that near the line at. Of that little later talking tomorrow. And therefore there like not upside because like what's our army and racism fund. And as well like twelve Roma it. You don't know enough about it and I don't know anything about it right right in barricades as an abdication review is what I'm saying but. I understand what's on site. I like it when you add a little cheat sheet in the studio over their case one of your friends are you are what we wouldn't. Miss identify her say the wrong name or something because that Ozzie did OK coach I know. I'm busy cheers and applause I was Olympics is a just out of this girl comes Weezer aren't there has been dating Sam Smith now named him a little run parallel about it is I. That was helpful he gave a little rundown likes tennis theater Golan Heights. Tell her that I. Really like thus strokes I'd go that sir I bow next girl comes and I'm imagining you're in trouble. From cool from who which one gets you in trouble. And all and would attack at all plus a romantic she's in those weeks and only one life. There's one girl baby mama. Message is one field the one she's my child she's doing great job. You have the baby. Sit with a pitch where wasn't maybe taking care of the unborn child online here herself god did it. I knew I should say you know I can you guys to vet for lover hell. And he has our email is somewhat worse no we did and we made it a little better everything. That is Strider ruin everything look. We started this by telling you happens hustled as I've got it never goes away our. Just got to do it and I have a duel at times like and do you like. Guys is annoying like how do you deal what they usually do with a lighted vessels exact hour always dealt with it right make it so much worse. Exactly. You make it so much worse says almost unbelievable that he would make that worse than it becomes. Almost a caricature of himself and nobody knows what to believe and so therefore like OJ you know what I'm not gonna listen to it or my friends. I mean I know that there's no pictures of girls live what they like a from a studio that's ridiculous even though it's for a moment there. And you have to remember those things when it comes out and gather all case I suppose I also think anybody else I don't Obama up there are all potential to girls that it is a golf there. But really think that's true because you know it's not true. It's a couple of the published the book. That was true. These battered updated net. You need to redo that now's the time. Since on thin ice as it is like the one that picture. He needs you know surrogate prepared. When that baby due. Maintained. May eighteenth cheeses really we have members are right around a corner and oh my god or 27 weeks. What are you going to my god what's gonna change is just just really came in here crying now I came here cry at the on one were trying to do my life has grown like battle and Edwards says it like just yesterday. I think it was when we said who is Cheney's and I'm not really sure all six. Got the makings. Think you. Seeing this is so good for you right it's great for me. So what happens when the baby is here you have plans focusing last year you're saying. Yeah hey you know drive so I followed the cigarette they're not a religion build any thing. Yeah but you push some messed up down Roberson together crib but did you address there where is it looks and over her voice inside. I saw the need help can't box officials are down the street. Certainly don't. From here compare both from here are what went there on my way home from work one night out. Mobile Appel wasn't addressed dressed and I'm still putting together. And so what about your housing guns and also yeah so are you gonna are you gonna have to build a nursery are yet that you had all these things at the end of lesson he said. I can't in my junior who's this isn't okay and OK well your house and got it shut up for a moment. Mostly it's going to be at her place fur. The first few months. Taking care of tomorrow we're focusing on that there's a nursery there college stuff taking care of for the most part and in my place we got a few things. It's doing some work but. But it's like what you do and if you soon. I got. Crayola I need to get a co sleeper. What a co sleeper that's a girlfriend. Obviously is that someone that comes already and since hangs out that Dallas is awesome when you don't want so likely here and divorced you never married the -- -- measure kids' when the kids are not with you you get yourself because sleeper and that's normally not sad -- -- -- the -- and feel -- super happy and -- and -- and when Mike -- -- like -- I -- -- -- -- -- but -- I don't -- just -- -- -- -- so awesome that is -- -- and -- doctors recommend it. Our place at the nursery over there is is coming along very nicely so. You're just saying this date price shouldn't be in my house fears there's nowhere for it did to stay. To another judge themselves enemies will be with a mild the first few months or describe. Always been over there while we in the nursery set up woods who we got a place for to be. And one of its time to Conan does voice or other it. Was like thirteen or some of them. Third morning when he looks you up online but she donated funds on FaceBook or something. There is pretty much dead and then you say what is your answer. No public talk just like yeah what happened but I don't know your adopted within the adopted their I had. My dad remember if you ever wants anything needs anything it's of centrifuges. Right back to your iron out of the blue. Miss you Bruno both of our life you just heard it right just remind him. What happened. What do you say look I knew you were coming in this world and I bought a one bedroom house. Figure it out for the sure I got a got a two bedroom place but I didn't. It's a one bedroom place but imagine that take that and imagine that bomb pop about but the. Amy toast or if you're a mom Matt. Of that story fast flat. Careful. Careful I'm curious I think that can be and you're done nice I think that could be just a careful I don't know are you guys know and agree I don't know what is your say I don't worry about it you know he's gonna save you don't know are you miserable and I know how we well I don't know how he does I don't know whose side I think a lot of attention no picture no we're not gonna know this as an artist at all. Okay it's. Time. Well this is just for you guys is just for you guys time and now doesn't know very you don't get as big so Arab drinking okay don't. Say what he's doing okay stop that I don't know if you guys stop drinking you're gonna hurt someone's feelings stop. I first overtime. Virginia's I don't know tiger and that's what we're doing OK time gone. Is that like when I was in high school you would drink a shot a beer average on the eight timer went off and got past present and that's exactly. Coming out with a dude wants because Latin. Boy what a busy one but he lost. A man just as high as I felt like I won right now feels like a possible. But. That I look at and I gosh. Well hang. Now I think we've made it very clear that we're just joking around whereas Josh hey ya now the stuff is real true or real it's obviously. A huge. Huge huge all about embellishment embellishment. I hope you are and he's gonna have other people do a sinner. Because obviously those things that happened besides the pictures and things are happening what does the truth as I resent the size doesn't true. So I'm exciting is like a couple months away basically Saint Patrick's Day is gonna get here as these are to get warm and the next thing you know. Still my little baby so come get you got a new god can. How many got kids you have and I don't know I don't think happening. I I've not only does my nieces so now cause now don't fool. My Brothers I thought I played a lot he signed something that said if something happens to me in my life quite Euro was now. I'm not anointing about god parents not only to family. Aaron I don't I don't think I have got parents and don't you know that three Greek I'm not sure exactly when all that I criminals and my area wasn't really part much of the discussion to be honest really of not very religious so I just told. A couple of my body's slam Scott if I die. He got a looked off form you I don't know that that's called god parents are not god parents but I told that right now. But you got to go check in once every once a week out yeah after my. And is it okay. Closet I think that's different then and maybe that's all got father what mean that is what got us supposed to do exposed to look at buys on not from Langley says I have like a legal title legal thing yeah that sense. You know. If something happens to us from. Yesterday Karen are you get to carry them. So. You know maybe that counts as a golfer and I'm excited good. I'm glad puzzling to say something like warnings about life is gonna. Ahead buying room. We'll watch I earned and I'm super excited for you. They do you know how he's not he's going to be. It was thrown at the end of the night. You're excited I'm excited for you know consumers every new idea but you're excited to Rory. So you know what is your big damn super sign every is gonna be awesome invigorating dad. Excited for you on inside of her on excited for him are which are ordered his boy or girl much air force. I side of ram I think everything's a rigorous oversight of for all of. Okay here. I'm not having another kid and I know loves but but but but right now. No one's called me in suburbs are pregnant and my child that's got. That's fine which signs about the that's fights I've got a music that's good you know it and it's a conga. Both are good the out both things are good. All of bow. I'm excited to bring him analogy does it mean a moment Ellen but if and Georgia gets older. We'll Lola. Well you only go baby go Brea of course mellow hold them. Well I mean. You don't meet Japanese army's current blobs yes. Some. Knowing crying blobs is very desperate. Well those regular Austria. But the beginning. Old crater maybe. Oh yeah. Well I guess if that does have any type of affect on your. Sperm we'll find out that actually was no wish maybe mommy are talking and stuff and I don't know the answer of that announcement you. That's why I use names right just keep a generic. Up until that way and both baby Mamas and to talk about Stoudemire had.