Social Grace

Wednesday, July 11th


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I waters talk you all about the thing that we're talking much earlier than using cars there and show us. Episode drought yes yes yes yes and I pulled back of them discussion but. I have to piece. When we told us percent. We just place on acquittal just hold of course I generally I started talking social change treasure not a baby. Not exactly I'm I'm a grown girl. I'm already we don't have the Theodore I don't want nobody nobody can stop Eli got to be right does your second and a gradual thing giant Pepsi got a piece okay. A Pannemon and it's fine. So he's he won't talk about the Nash where he started talking. Well the new season of comedians in cars getting coffees and I watched. All the over the weekend thanks so funny did you watch all of them are most welcome okay so Neal Brennan was on track. For people who don't know he is or was should polls. And Mario are your right they were writing partners right he did Chappelle's show with. With him and had a big. The Netflix special I think it was an effort special. With them last year that a lot of people really liked where he. Talked about anxiety depression like that so he's kind of making a name for himself away from Chappelle. He was only guests. Obviously even if you've never seen the show you have an idea what happens Jerry Seinfeld those specs of the comedian. Usually they know each other some you can tell he knows better than others right or maybe even close friends and they just film them. Dolan did you know it coffee and walk around and talk so in this particular. Clip. There are sitting at the coffee shop and this is this really bothered me a solve this it didn't bother me. So much at the time. But the more I thought about it it really started to bother me and I talked to my girlfriend about it. As it you know this is really bugging me and they somehow. Muster got Turkish is that you know what. You're right that's sucks why would he say that I don't understand why people would say that so that I can minister to complain to you about it this is this is the Clinton and this is. Again Neal Brennan and talking to Jerry Seinfeld on music cars from the new season. I haven't embezzlement and nuggets I've only seen it may be seven episodes I look. It's time again when I need to find what I'd like to sketches on Chicago and New Zealand James in the black white supremacists and Lorena who by the way I know what. Yeah I mean and I again. I don't lights that come. We were I mean really got mad at him. I think that's okay you want anyone understand it is here and have fun is that. They lose there and why you want wants I don't know what I'm about. Everybody turn out fine though you guys who worried about it. Could resign. Now. He's seen wide. That's stuck with me ans and and charter percolate and I start as I thought about it yet there's that there's a couple things one he says like I need be finally that I knew you understand. Well no you assumed that Jerry's response wasn't going to be. F fuel car or out you knew he wasn't gonna be a diva about it OK I use you assume that's it would. You have no idea. What he was actually thinking when he said I was feeling I was feeling and then like. Jerry responds and says I'm only seen a few. Sketches on Chappelle's Show which in my mind's. It could be true door could just be his way of author a little zing back issue and sure but why is this. Grown adults feel the need to tell his I guess friend and even if they're not friends they're friendly right this acquaintance. That. I don't like sitcoms. Which means I also don't like your sick come. And I've only tried to watch it if you tell us your ways to take it I mean NATO armored guard. More linemen but. I don't know you don't have to like. Everyone's heart right right I do have to like it as a matter of fact probably don't like most of most are right. Subjective and so there's send zero like animals lot of things you don't like. I don't think he ever really have to toll artist you don't like there are in my shore in a position. Where you need to tell that you're judging the Olympic figure skating Ry car on earth. The guy who signs bands to Capitol Records as a way to do it and I don't really like your music and Bryant yeah okay. There's really no reason to ever tell someone. You don't like there are. There's really no reason why. Tell him to his face and then. I know semi desert site you got super awkward date it's later off well wherever you are so Jerry responses I'm was seen this many episodes what are now Neil. Pass to stick with that and say right I don't like sick com's I also don't like your sitcom OK we get it you don't like. What I do keep in mind. Jerry Seinfeld. And Larry David. Created a sick Tom that many people consider. You know that that they've greatest sitcom of all time you know that doesn't mean you have to like hit the right now no one I'm not saying you have to like it I put Tony people don't like it. Why do you have to tell him and it's almost like we've moved from this world where any day. Not in a way like let's just say because you know me I'm really have probably seen seven signs held at the right spread I just it's fun like I don't really happens anywhere and yeah. Inside info was here. I may even say like hey man I'm an anomaly I've only seen like seven episodes. What he says that in a way lied. I've only seen seven episodes because of stupid right and your what you do is stupid and I'm not into what you do not like. And abolition seven below because the whole whatever for whatever reason. Paul phenomenon missed me where he says product line that tagline there's an imaginary double down on it like I like sit coms. And by the way every time I turned yours on it wasn't funny it was stupid race and that's didn't like Walter what do you do when one widen. That's shot at the end because now you've already said I never watch your show which to go back to what you're saying about if Jerry Seinfeld came in here. The most appropriate time for it to come up that you haven't seen many episodes would be if he asks you are you a fan of the show right. Okay now you're in a position where you can be honest to say all be honest I've only ever seen a handful episodes I don't watch a lot of sick com's I know people love it. I just happens I really haven't seen that okay aren't a problem my guess someone says. Yeah I don't really I ate only if it was a similar situation are we ever. Otherwise would happen but you ever listened to my radio show. Somehow you're asking that question right is that I I never listened to the radio OK are fine I acts. This is an of course it's edited so I don't know what was said directly before this but this conversation as played. On Netflix. Starts with insane I have a confession to make. No we don't why you have to say I have noted as far as I can tell. Jerry never asked you if you're a big fan of the show. So then you say. I've only seen a few episodes okay fine they said don't like sitcoms. OK also find Jerry says I don't either. Did you say including yours say come right. Okay. Know you've. Don't wait a minute the and you have to take an actual shot at the show whether than just saying I'm not all that familiar with because it's not my thing like if I told an artist a painter. I don't know anything about painting you know I think right painters I know there's. A New York but but you know right erosion it's impressive at its own right. He's now at the end has to take a personal shot at the show by saying. Until it turns out of. Guys like looking for a jacket but I'm talking about Neal Brennan used I guess sound a new episodes of comedians talking cars or whatever it is Eisenhower's hitting golf now right yeah he was on it and there was a clip where he based original size volume like Seinfeld show yes hello. You don't. I guess my fingers like you know what. So not too long ago I was that main event. And I would like place dads and a bowling and arcade boys whatever so I was I'll sign and I was smoke a cigarette and this guy comes up to me those same lines on my guys like man. Don't. I listen your show all the time ball all along look off thanks man I'll now thank you and then the other really you know I used to you know tell. You know I guess Spotify now my phone and you know men you know pandora. And apple muse said you know son now and I guess I'll listen how much you nor am I don't. And I'm sure lessened role and where do you work in recent I'm a bartender Marti corner only to have ties to go there ten years ago when it was cool. And here's an idea and then he stopped and realized like oh. I see exactly what you did there yeah you're an and then but you know a lot as you walked away he was visceral visibly agitated at my behavior. Form arm and that was it is there anything else is there any chance that he was embarrassed now is visible by disguising deck like I shouldn't say that because. You would not if someone I would hope you would not. If you meet someone easy what do you do for a living you say I build trucks from Ford likely come in now I'm glad you wouldn't say. I don't I hate people attract I for a like why union guys are overpaid whatever OK well even if this is your belief. You don't you solve this person that why are you telling this person no one asked. What your opinion now if he said I'd build Ford trucks what do you think of them right now do you like so many says. Our third show they guy wherever okay he guessed. What does a man beating them and I don't know I don't know I don't know I'm a drug trucks going to meet this is this is a result of an Imus like an old man. Contact this is a result of when you put out arch it used to be similar put out of a were a record or movie or whatever. The closest thing you had. Was critics who would write about. The movie or the album in Rolling Stone or in the Kansas City Star or whatever and they were the people who were. Vocal Lee and openly. Criticizing these these before sparks that was right there are jobs that I was just critique is things right but then. You hit the Internet and also you have anonymous messages spread comments on YouTube videos on anything you can't under strange in a new story wherever. And people felt really comfortable saying they show up in this guy's ugly nice I believe people listen to this to mean this is like. Bleeding over slightly of back. You know it's it's someone saying you let's say you're on Redick and someone. Putt of video clip of sidled up to date that was really funny and you wrote a comment that said I never really liked. Six pounds and I never thought bell is any better than the others is so much only sick cows. Yeah that's you would not be surprised actually that would be every mile or remodeled. But it's certainly more appropriate there are two that is when you're having dinner with a guy and the other thing. I would also difference if your commenting on someone's YouTube page or some thing. There's something to be said for having him some sort of decorum but their reporting out my world for it to be judged yes. No wind its main event I don't necessarily think like if you text me now say they show such well okay. I'm putting out right now. But but if I'm just getting coffee. And android. And ask you if you thought my shows are dumb just getting caught him right I'm just having a beer there's no reason theater tomorrow millionaire and thing to show sucks. And that's my point like to me they're still. Some sort of there should be some sort of decorum of society where. That's Achilles I don't you know. If. Signed Felder is getting coffee I don't necessarily think it the first thing I need to do. Has run up to IC signed fell at a Starbucks and in the run up to me like there would never saw our show Sox highlighted while while while what was the point I'm not right but why who won't wire your ass all right like that's. I just a definition of Ashley your castle. I told you have had those moments where I'm watching a talk show Letterman used to do a lot. And I they probably all do that Letterman six I I remember seeing like. I always use Kirstie Alley is an example because there was a time where everyone wanted to make fun at Kirstie Alley for gain weight off. And in every time I see one of those jokes same with the Chris Christie think every time I see one of those accounting go. Why act. It is this okay now. It's not like she was sitting there on the couch and he's making jokes which I guess would be worse. But I still as weird like why is it okay for him to make fun overweight here and Owens says well it's because she's a public figure she's put herself out there that's. OK so we've just decided that if you put yourself out there that's. That's. Fair game AM I think some people. Feel more comfortable saying it to someone who's successful if you had someone that you're sitting down to have coffee with he says I'm trying to do this. Showing tuner on YouTube I'm not producing myself paying for everything really work my ass off. It's almost like there's a less chance for you to say minutes sucks it's no good but John has held. That is fair drew signed builds a billionaire. People consider his show to be the greatest sitcom of all time so you feel like as a fellow comedian. Surely he doesn't care what I think so I can tell him that I don't like the show I am sick and because he says you there's usually embryos so yeah appropriate then you have. That's heat this was his creation he obviously has some pride in this I'm sure he is proud of the fact that the show has. This reputation but as it it's a continued did you know now it's the same repetition that should also had exactly. I myself a huge huge show that Neal brown was completely instrumental. I know create that show along with days right right. And so that's your that's your work. Now that that's your pride and that's that's something you worked really hard my doom. So what just like I think the big guys and gals who are building trucks and click on what we're now right bachelor word that they don't. You know I assume most of them have a lot of pride in what they're doing so why would I. Crap on that just because I feel like they need to know. There with no but again I wanna make sure that I'm crystal clear Brothers and you'd think Ford truck sock I don't necessarily. Think that soapbox bridges and as an example. It's OK to say that. Yeah the point being. But if you're meeting someone you know like what are you doing like auto workers for good man that's what I hate the most blatant lie ever larger point. Don't like what's the point a wedge wedge went. Why why do that this is what they do. That did this is this is. But they do for a living. And again of course there are exceptions may be the person says I hate my job. You know I've wasted my time getting this our history degree and I have to work at this and they say yeah well. Our history degree what are ways I don't know but don't just start with back now for again for people who work. China through what the hell we're talking about new season of comedians in cars getting coffee. I watch all of that this week and one of the episodes is Neal Brennan which is Dave Chappelle's of already is a comedian just had to stand up special not too long gone Netflix and he. At one point in their conversation just decides it would seem. That at least when it was headed out of nowhere to just bring up hey you should know I don't. I have a confession I went against her I've always seen. May be seven episodes I love this time there when that's fine yeah okay that's fine. OK I have no idea what he's feeling right robbers in us I need to find what I'm. I knew you'd be finalists. Again. What do you mean you knew you knew he finally did because he's a billionaire and everyone else likes it and so you're allowed to say you don't like it which you more content like you are either. If you're just about everything you've seen Rick James in the twilight princess warrior who by the way I know. Yeah I mean and I guess it. I don't lights that come. When you were. We really got mad at any movies is not my thing I'll and I knew of anyone understand it is here and have fun is. OK so now did that and this is what could it not for betrays laughed about it is that I've run if you don't mind the extra day here at the end. They lose the good news why did allow unsigned code myself. Everybody turn out fine though you guys who worried about him. Every time I turned on signs told you guys are worried about a jacket yet. As a show that was on for nine seasons. And they probably did 250 episodes and you must reduce in June it seems led exempt Tehran's brought out a jacket. Thanks. I know. Some of what I see and yes Jerry could eat here. Maybe it's different assigned felt. We're using this is an example. But I think that's happens all the time. Ended People's Daily lives take signs a lot of it like I feel like we've just gotten to a place from people discounted decks yes and are OK don't be indexed. You know it doesn't have to be your job so you go out and you buy. Which talks about cars a single by motorcycle event. And other vehicle so number I only have a few spaces similar bicycle so he's Columbine TV but he thought I am and I got the Stevie it's awesome night while brandy allied Samsung night since the Sox like why aren't saying a lot of odd maybe it's true maybe you're right but why there's no need for that. 'cause it's such a personal attack to is that right you gonna do research unit shows about Brandan Wright you've failed this whole team by any young and right right I personally I'm superior right I have a friend is notorious for this everyone gives them a hard time about it but it's never. Cause him. To pause. And not do it I remember one year he said a would you get for Christmas and I showed and they got these beats by Dre headphones and he's like you know those things are like. The biggest rip off. Did they IV if you read reviews reviews are terrible. You know they've taken apart in these videos shown how cheap the are nice it. Yeah okay I warned them. Because I want heard him right so I I didn't I didn't come out you and say you know all these are better here I don't pass this is the best quality you're getting right dollar for dollar but I wanted to because it said Dr. Dre on the side of it and right now yet and they are overpriced or something I liked something about that. Whatever was I wondered it. I didn't need June consultant crap on it and give me a review I didn't ask who didn't ask and did you sing it to me may do when you leave. And you're walking out of my house you know it with my other friend and true you're walking after carding say it's completely freaked opposite phones that was right OK fine. That's that's fine. People are just decks and this guy. Is not just some guy smoking a cigarette and a parking lot. At a gas station that you ran shoot my this guy is a turf a professional comedian who does the same job. In essence the Jerry sign Feld does right. And decides to just say I have a confession to make well no we don't. I it is now. The more I thought about it the more stuck with me and I says excellent and all of everyday examples transferred normally get my criminal jobs. I saw some of the works for garment they always hear I disease my phone right I must use Google are being ordered out Citibank all of the worst bank in the world bright buy cars there's there's a lot of examples for every day the gap or you don't have to be an artist or comedienne or musician or whatever. People aged just do this right now. It's annoying. Try not doing that to one another. In just think first second that maybe this person. Does take pride in what they do or maybe think for a second that this person doesn't like their job and wish they had a better job but this is the job they got it's what they do and they don't need you to pile on to their insecurities that they already have about working poor sad company the worst is our because it's so personal if you work for Garmin or bank or whatever. That could be a job you could be pride for about a job that's fine. Artists such a personal thing like you're putting now I get the true but I do think a lot of people have pride in their and I think they surely I think they should you don't have to be an artist to have pride in what you do and if you wanna make that argument you see that everything you do there's an art to every. How silly I know and understand a lot of times. People may just have this job outlook that is had a child pays the bills I don't know so I love this company sir I'm here and compete anymore. I do have to be really really really talk forever and even bring it up I know because I'm a grown man I get my total oil grows up I'm sweating because it. But some of the accident that social grace is that the right yes. Ryan yes that's exactly social grace and Sokol rapidly as usual after that if you work at a bank can I do what you're saying maybe you're gonna bank. Your work is it as I'm not personal and you try understand maybe network isn't as personal view but now I would say. Even less so. Are you putting yourself out there to be critiqued by others I understand some yardage people make it say well it put themselves out there to be critique that's true okay so work. It's seeking. People's weight I don't get that what I right I sort of understand it. But if you work O line you work at a Fannie. I was I feel I guess just reflex for sake of conversation then you're just a national missile called ring your normal reflexes are purses to be and I saw this in my mind no reflects isn't that. Know you could accomplish something to talk to Jerry about. The only thing you like I just millions the same thing like so comedy you know I work for Nebraska furniture mart. And as a response such when where why and why and why what's the point. What's the point one and this isn't registered June should do ensure there's local and so. Wanna hit it's not like I don't know why why ate like OK go. Yeah. I had someone tell so when my ex she got her. Motorcycle license right end. We were and I also the name of that place but it was a a look it was a professional. Place and there was a professional employee working there right and said. I know you have a helmet and what did you drier yes I just got a motorcycle I got motorcycle license and this person says. Oh my friend or something. Works at a hospital and we call those the organ donor whatever her and I you know scoop and brains okay. What are we doing my Clinton should not where I don't know you you know my mother what. You know what nobody said that I'd never considered the idea. That a vehicle could be dangerous I'd never considered. The idea that I should try and be safe and run I never thought about that think you and you are just the person to do it because. You're trying to and that's why they've as a smoker. When you go out rice fired buys cigarettes if I misspoke his signature walk up and it's it's so easy to just tell spoke Orioles about for you right. All yeah we hold welcome back you did you say these are some of these. Started their way they're bad for me rightly where did you hear this I need some evidence he simulate exactly that's where I started doing. Let's somehow acceptable because smokers in this you know this right marginalize looked down on member of society which is what a different story. But it is a become accepted delay gives right this crap right and again. No it's acceptable for my mom give me crap about right now you the only time that someone did that. It's allows on my and it didn't bother me at all actually I was kind of on his remember we were sans has spoken Dante Hall watch news sings and slow down boys and and of course you know he's like the passes and try to. Out of those kind of a funny it was kind of cool it may be making an exception because he's back. And then Henry Rollins told me that one time it was like. Aaron Davis more Vermont not rod just noted prime not gonna make it to the Olympics right. Okay fine. So let's just China a little more tomorrow and have some tooth right now whose absence social grace I'm not mad Daniel Brennan doesn't like cycle he's wrong. And it's you know it's it's it's it's stupid opinions to greatest sitcom everybody's allowed to have it. Don't. Sit down with the creator of the show create his name is on and say you know I need to tell you something I have a confession to make you don't. You don't you don't this part of conversation doesn't have also Valentine yeah. I know the point as again you can say I hate signs on my attention now that's of course I'm you're talking about raising your buddies are Arnold signs and around it was a stupid show. And I I think people who drive trucks are idiots right I was signed those shows of your house or truck trying to sand. Yeah hey you're showing your truck stupid my thoughts down. That in just a void that a conversation. And now I can lives in his believe it in the comments on YouTube. Mean am. Those aren't necessary either but if you really feel the need. Says complain about something. At least. Brian would anonymously and making YouTube video you see of the options and the comets off right right so you open yourself up like that and that's OK I still don't like you for saying usually hard to know the end right baton dome and okay. Yeah both sides to balance up and you know can happen at all but I made an obviously an accurate economic. A movie you put it out there and then it will be judged in critique just like his radio show it is a and I don't want people to judge or could take me I could get a different job where that doesn't happen there. I I get that and I'm fine and the point is. Now if you see signs held somewhere or you see me somewhere or you seek whoever it is now. Do you really have to really just shows such. I don't let don't don't say anything. How about that I don't even social grace and have been nicer to just listen in for a I usually walk by windier buddies and me like Hank and do smoke and some past. In general so I show it sucks. Goal what you don't have to use office on fast growing. So fast right now. Those who showed up at times pretty stupid that's a good thanks man. I wonder why why what's the point not just give walking oh do you care what I think I mean you're still on the air so what does it matter which is exactly how I feel of my this situation. Came about because Neil felt like I'm talking to Jerry San Jose the richest can meeting driver has the most successful sitcom ever. Only get a bottle Transocean have some sort of man sick. And best for the people say it will lose Jerry respondents say he's only seen four sketches Jerry didn't say. I have a confession to make I have never seen Chappelle's Show. You start that way in say. I don't like sketch comedy horrible I didn't he said it actor Neal said on the show don't like sitcom is your shows no exception. And right and when it's all said and done after OK we move past this little awkward unnecessary. Back and forth he throws in the Potomac turned on again is looking for a jacket. Mark you're right yup. Good critique. Even a well look particularly taken with time if you really wanna criticized oh right I'm watching it.