Thursday, January 11th


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You are. I. Forty year old. Easier I would not binge. Crew members. Cool until we want. Nick a ride how I am. You know when you guys first made that throw it was remarked to me now sounds genius. Here a few weeks when Brady go on yeah we're an ever what they've got heard about Schmidt. When I wouldn't drink I wouldn't drink what he's been strong breeze. Breezes and the Super Bowl so I think that you got the audience would bet you I had from the very beginning of the bigger and wedding that's all the Panthers were sentenced. No the Pittsburgh Steelers. And they're and they're going so there and that. Good result you fellows I don't know what we're gonna talk about anymore. Certainly wants Brady kids swallow up here to belt either two days or ten days towards testing as. Or fifteen days it would be the weakened at the probe all I could slow. All he could play in the course I'm along parts. Nick junior and I know now why don't you definitely hear you loud and clear enough I've heard at all before. The mom. No the last signed in doing a patriot. Or not in that yeah AFC championship game. No. 2000. Probably it if you worker acted by the New England Patriots in 2011. Every single year of your career you had to work around body and you played at least here keep our. That's crazy. That in saint outrage I expect. What is right despite that all that's Brady guy. Born in your real coming up to liquidate GW go over your store on my side and now. We're about zero last year it was just good old this year. Or it looked edgy guy is here in the intro he looked very old this round of the playoffs last year whose eighteen of 32 touchdowns to pick. In what was a very close game and happy W the second and then basically in the Super Bowl she was just dreadful balloon was. I'm now. That's a we're waiting for we're waiting for the until we want part of our careers. It's come and I can feel it that he's got to simply that luckily our bosses seem to have that same mentality hey NIC what's gone almost forces as you talk about. Well I mean UW would you want a local four games this week and you guys you guys don't like NBA so this does. Where do you see story today at a restaurant today that a sports strategies to be a little bit and I think was Jay Wright somebody they were talking about warning. Raiders players about gruden like hey you know good coach but basically pick guys the scary dude I didn't. Played. Sports did you use and I didn't I say this I did I find it hard to believe looking at your high school trap shooter I've played. Recreational old roller blade hockey. Those parks and rec by the ways I consider myself you know quite the athlete and an amateur athlete sure at least. I don't recall having any and a trap shooting angry coaches my track coach is very level headed need to be you know a situation like that. I'm guessing you at some point you two guys you ask you mustn't play for error played a sport in his life Nichols all America. I played forward. I guarantee you later in life that you did. But what are Null out there or not stops and no substance. Absolutely. Did you play out. I played against college is on traveled traveling baseball team when I was seventeen. Okay so like that later in life are black you played against both. Competition but I respect what. And I also play soccer in my forties Newton Newton what you don't lately. Well I'm not yeah sure come on next did outlets so it wasn't easy you play later you're like tonight and I don't know I play soccer team play. Or right or I'd wait might but lack your blog organized sports that they're not count. I'm talking about right. Well doesn't want doesn't count. I guarantee you the competition and the soccer league that we play and is actually more difficult than any sport you better play your life. Okay I'm well what I was sick I believe most people consider these. When did you or firms you don't kill win the wind meter athletic career stop that you presume you fight your after the fact. I guess I didn't tell. You can employees fortress senior you're quite school. Oh yes of course. Like button and senator scenery you're place my drop down my senior year I played sports or played baseball that some plays football. Okay you play Opel but the first semester here sport I played I played. I wouldn't kick off our track seconds Russert you. Leave I'd ask you. What do you mean Nolan and these Jonas. Yeah I mean that's kind of basketball you range jump through he ran he jumped him. Let's take all that. All there was and it got me all all all. Fumes now there's some I don't gonna ask you guys about what are executed or talk about to be adorable closer in feel like the NBA there's something. Don group yes okay. I urge you Percival out what have you thought Jon Gruden with a good broadcast. I loved them all NATO I loved them. Took some like me who doesn't know audience announce our body was good it at explained. You know big game. As they say Apple's I thought it was interesting is really no way that. Man I felt like he is thought he all but one foot in in coaching and so it was never critical. Of any quarterback never heard so many coaches. He never really wanted to told outlines of the NFL when he came to. You'll a lot of those guys they'll say I you know was a passenger fares I can see why they tell you don't vertical he ran he was critical need is more than an end. Donna. I've partnered in the double quote critical threat of donating blood like he Jon Gruden coached. Until 2009. You know the last year he won the playoff it. Now. There was this Super Bowl one and 20020309. Q1 zero playoff game. It was under 500. The exhibit Jon Gruden. Is it good hire for Oakland in years 100 million dollars. It unbelievable to me like you to cheat sir and I think we're open we're. Are you are okay. You're not. You know wish in the that she sat. No not at all I just don't. I'm not eat it I don't know what though. Dire fracturing is and. I think it mattered that he hasn't coached since 2009 Dick or meals the only guy. To be out of coaching that law and come back and have that type that Blake. The coach Joseph did those unbelievable coach. Do you look furlongs run came back and it didn't work out form like well people that's why when you mention Bill Powers the other day I'm like man I'm not. I'm not into the idea guy is going away you go into all too much easier much less time consuming job that nearly as lucrative. And then him coming back and performing at the same lot. I think we're just I think you understand that it's time to certain. Calls and coaches yes. Bright that you guys both think you got to vote fire on Bruton are you. Yeah I yeah I mean I don't know he started using a coach we seems like because I think it is a very specific skill. I think as I look over his record. He took over the raiders emit 98 you went eight Nate the first year a name the second year twellman for the third year in ten and six. Clear out and. Yes and then look whatever the buck he took over an absolutely. Backed off scene that Tony Dungy had been coaching his first year there than on the Super Bowl ring broad outline. He had two down years or seven and nine in the five and eleven. And anyone eleven and 597 months something. Right I thought it I think maybe your leaving your album maybe not like. I closed its I don't know I just saw the last 297 so maybe I am. I can look back governments and. Carter that now that sound right does. So I hit it wasn't made yelled you'll I also think committing to 81 that we take guaranteed luck here the deal. The raiders. Are one of the horror teams in the league by that I mean. They're older not old rich man by NFL older and amber right like that wealthy entirely about the football. And he's coaching contracts or guarantee. So it it doesn't like three years and you're like oh my god this this is that earth. They're gonna have to stick with them for a while because they're not fighting in the 870 million dollar check. To go away like Jon Gruden is the raiders coach I would say. The next six years at any notable maybe it'll be grateful that the operator and though I've been error result that and I'd be nervous about how. It is here aren't. Well he had a lovely clothes out of his or go but let me ask you this and you reconsider that. You believe Jon Gruden is a step up from Jack Del Rio right. I do right I mean solid team. Automatically gets better because Gordon Watson or so for our sake it's these fans I hope he stinks and hope he's there and stinks. For the next ten years but I do like the guy on TV and I will chromosome that's what I'm upset about. They beyond that you article on big if you know light thing. God they have given so much money. But you mentioned what do you get when you work on my crude are due swat teams who would otherwise watch this water seal yeah. Yes you need that for Monday Night Football right now eighty and announce that cost persecute beginning at an acute skull. What to think that the world will have. How good role more laws. Mail me and I feel like you walk it almost be worth it to just lay out. A blank check for Payton man. Yeah out all AME immigrant have. Have we heard him and we were talking about just just to put the gruden thing in perspective real quick. Bomb we're talking about how Nick Saban did pretty good it wears his quarterback Gus Frerotte these are gruden is quarterbacks they're adding while he was an. I can I that I could go through because god has a look here. So it's it would have been Brad Garrett in the first year. He had Shaun king in there I think he will go on and oh by the parent Josh Freeman got there so who fill in the blank summit in Jesus. Brad Johnson Brian Griese Chris Simms and Jeff Garcia. Luke McCown and Bruce Gradkowski those are his quarterbacks. John King what a lot of oh yeah. Well this strong can must've been terrible for grown so. Let's give them to do those guys. Not a fair point is it's it's always perp ordered never had a quarterback and a one year he did have a quarterback. That would that forward or you're Copeland were torched it. Right like the year that we are scared and well wait right Erik Richie played against rich in indiscernible has grads can be easily here Willis Reynolds Brad Johnson. Yet now aren't so at the airport that that we had Ferrer mark in newspaper. That. That. That never has quarterback so we needed our court now all of a Portland senators who wasn't Smart. Well I. Why did not really revolutionary here. You know Tampa Bay Bucs beat him by his feet and Wiki page where Democrat fight but I mean. What on. I are we gonna talk about the games this weekend I thought that's what you want to discuss yet. Let it work like taught her level can read more single dinner called Smart. That I have to say something Smart I know who's playing this weekend. Okay we wanna do pick laundry picks against the spread it. I feel like we almost have to because otherwise. Just straight out to straight up Louis Brad what is this sport so we don't know what that means just straight up you can do better that way I mean you're you're so what about. I mean that's fine work and I have three of the same for. Honey you know our. They're not all gonna we're all gonna pick a favorite in the AFC. All gonna pick against the Eagles and the question is going to be do you have the same sort of like that's what it's gonna come down to. All right Eagles falcons you see everyone's gonna pick falcons thought. OK honey I don't think the Eagles and its announcement come so we've got the dollar is right here many I started singing out your own. But I feel fine with that I'm okay with that I'll sing about and out of the falcons and I was certainly thing about the Eagles I thought am I type of money on the stock has finally taken the Eagles site and pet. Passed patriots are integral to the patriots. Feel hurt Eric jags then you go they go Lazarus coming in with a Jack I think just like the regular season with five interceptions. There's such as auto. Dealers the judge this film does your right. Yeah I get there Ronald that was cute offensive scorer and five interceptions yet word came to certain patent in five years works less well when you said to. Beat someone that's on your shows I have Biederman hey BM LB item on the mum was at the Jackson what the patriots are it's almost. Why is it was the we've supplements you know for us. It was. It was. Steeler safety Mike Mitchell. Saying about the patriots. House they can beat the patriots anywhere all right well yeah plus got the job so take the Steelers but then you got the vikings in the sinks in use at everybody's gonna take the saints. No I didn't say that I said that the game that I think they'll be big disagreement. I'll just say it's epic two and some rule. I'm gonna take the vikings just because I'm routing form our normal thing. There are also the favorite in this game road map for that favor smile snowball to value the error home they have a great view is that I fighting this thing journal. All right. So level and I've won this agreement it's the jags. On healers so I'm gonna win. How much money and I know he knows all the top you had how much money could I win betting on the titans to win this weekend. But tighten their probably. Noted. What do budget the jags and the titans and we are let's face it exactly that's all I got to elect period bill yeah we community I had jags titans followed. Art might yet see that that was a pumping like. 42 walked. How under bought this date 40000 but let me check. The two of them would pit that would pay 40000. It's almost like that over stated by me probably more like 31 wolf you've got to tighten. You bet a hundred dollars. You would win that you're under backed what they 150 dollars. I. That's great got to go to biggest Muslim but. If you can't buy an iPod. I will admit I would miss doing the odd ball. She had tightened our way. Hey he's fallen for example of hundred dollar. All. 08 or wants stating I was under state you know armed. Oh wow that's quite an anger at the right but you tighten our way of hundred dollars. Paid 171000. No way. We have to lose. And. Is that we're the Lynch's straight. Know that accord no we straight away right okay that's. Now logic they did that old URL. I'd like you guys about 70000 or yeah that's right a lot of money and talent that. Well all under our bet is paid my column on our bed at 83000. Dollars. That's still OK I'm gonna do a thousand dollars down that former Knick a thousand dollars down or could retire. That's like. Tens of thousands of dollars us it'll be very very and no I guide we could not use terror squad dude I just do that just autumn launch. You only about a thousand dollars on that or use. Yeah and the U combat. I a substantial amount of money for snow cause there's just as vital to do this. All because he's not gonna doing so he's like Obama and I don't have to get a more watched and who's gonna watch the games this weekend and be like. I got there is no problem. And then they're going to catch it and figured out the writing a personal check in with 30000 dollars for. I mean look I hurt us Chris Carter alone won't from a mile. That's what would bat like a phony sopranos. Money go parties. Are probably won't be able and just get you won't be needed to work out yeah. I'm I'm I'm not fallen down back up your sleeves a neck.