Friday, January 12th


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You. Forty year old. Easier I would not binge. Drew worries. Cool until we want to. Mickey Wright how are you lemon. You know what approach. That's 1 in the morning channel to wait on Google's fiber through and into. Watch it doesn't I'll watch it on every morning is my favorite TV show. All the editors. Very very kind of view I get that relates back to the fact that you guys don't yet consider all this streaming pornography television shows just. Yeah our discussion from yesterday. Yeah I know about the pollen count the other stuff though you're here and quite quite a great editor maturity talk about it now that Lullabot woman like a walk. You usually don't watch so Nixon as a town watch and some vast gonna love this there's some thinner here you go and it's simple it's a lady robots allegory she cries. Quote for him hurt Guillen was made what they called whopper. All of which you between salt that arch she could make fixing your facial expression thing given what you expert. You're number one quality mobile robot may would be sensible and coal or I thought that you enjoyed. I told her legs there earlier just the concern total or you put pants on earth. Mean her legs are bad any news and watch all the other don't they give her legs in the end this is exciting but now just looks like his foot yoga pants on him. I don't pattern fit some yoga pants to get a big rectangular metal legs of gears and am I guess they are into it. I got some. There'll for a quick oriented sports. Crew and crew aren't the church reliable Twitter account shelter on. Okay would that explain to apply. I could have that I got really creepy GM's let me count in the wall scroll all will play like what happened. Well all. Did you know about this is how did you now. What they'll do Jews don't go and we'll we'll do that yeah. They've got then it was just then there was aren't prompted the orient at the end of that was hi nick. And then the next hole was Blake away leaving him promote G and it just struck me it and to be totally artful little old partner. This stretch all right this sounds threatening if somebody were to do that you want to do that artists and nick how are you drown letter high oh time to come and along at am was a recently when you don't. What are airport there at 11 PM this Wednesday I was just saying hey why are you texting nick writing I. Isn't texting while you slide and the Nick Greisen DMZ and 11 o'clock and I always that was my Y 11 o'clock at night why no economy that's that is kind of snow super creep you know. He's not. A way we handle I've never met before new lodge trying to get them. Diem meal if I saw an edit like I am looking out my windows is it seems like maybe someone's looking and right to sitting their alone. You know let. Exactly what I thought. It I didn't know who rated it I know smoke over rated at the time I know that like. The you know what I'm told for travel to New York occasionally added know what was normal but no problem. Just be article about why you do it because I now know why you get it because we just had a little skirt. The order action on the phone but beyond you you couldn't DM me from your personal Twitter account correct. Talcum. Because you don't follow me. Well I didn't follow. Now I do follows I appreciate it would be and sure we never met until we've gotten to know each other over the past few month why you still why did you what one did you wanna DM did you why just like that was hit. We're gonna. And it didn't and I got split I actually like so grown our. I even though we don't we have a just. And no I like you mandate it's it's been guided occasionally. Got a mask over it open it. If you had sorry didn't the end of it would it would light and make itself known how to go and it would defer to. We had it all now adult things weird I wasn't I don't know GM Chris Carter went high in a waving and totally weird. Oh and that's. For an airport or get will play a fun game to make this week in full ball better yeah. Art but let's candidates what book or about not including your smoke don't look for about. UAE. Five player so one quarter wreck one Friday and actually get four point one quarterback went right in one wide receiver one running back. Touchdown only skater he's good job this weekend. That's you follow it. Yes we have one QB. If you can draft immediately ordered it to wall we're gonna get four picks we'll do the knicks draft you followed it's it's just from this weekend. They pointed thought that weather slowing running her catch it. This is gonna gathering this is gonna end with Lazio yelling at me saying why don't understand how any of this war I know. My guy who knows less about sports a new it's easy. Our own so how it will go up a perfect. You can. The shoe gonna take Tom Brady so. All saying OPEC robbery Carol look I smoke argued the second. Well we don't know where you're writing it down that's how we doing are I'm all right on the team assuming and I'll go down for you next to it wrong Greg got it I got it. OK nick took drunk Basel USEC is as you know what's going on. I'll take. I'll take Tom Brady broke ground. I don't know what we're doing OK I'm still there okay. Out of their remaining games yes. All but he did Hargrove quit we're here each drafting a quarterback a running back wide receiver to tight. Bet we reached an app or hit okay at the end of the week we can't whichever team has. Well both touchdowns wind that it it's not found only know yards. Off. A guy okay I'll take big bend. OK so you can learn you took ban I write this down back to back pick out one group. Make you Sacramento OK then even know I had this is stupid because I don't lose Celtic Matty ice time. Okay and then nom. Tactically or no mileage okay delta or Leo okay. Okay. Your turn some dog is Antonio Brown playing yes that is yet and helmet before a Celtic Antonio Brown. OK so now it's Nick's turn. But no both turned and I don't think I'll format. Okay it's your turn again. My turning dedicated as our partner in go to art and architecture this fight that. I'll take two or three times and we think we're quick. I overthrew breed in the way beyond bell okay well so what is it that you are mine people who they've taken say oh did you say eight. OK so nick you've got ground breeze and bell right so all I need order here. And then. I've got mad yeah race. And it's Jones and snow cone has mum. So who has Big Ben Wright is only took an Antonio Brown Antonio Brown so. What. I have both taken number eighty it and it went on that and I'll take a little while it's sort of part. Are you on. OK Thomas is your New York senior running back hurt fighting Pierson one junior running back who sent the frame back nick. Who's out there are getting us right now I don't know or not. Just as much Ingram who take Ingraham yes Santiago taking Ingram who's next cell phones are back to back picks up front but is it. I'll say Derrick Henry. The rule could pixel. Perfect. I don't know the tight ends weighed news Pittsburgh side and. At first sight and Jesse James Beard off began to get suing on. Yeah share larger potential foot mediated that it. Yeah I don't know all the signs are it's left. Only type in I came out and eighty seems to be rock. Well unfortunately your vote Ari I know he didn't so he gets you excited because Carew and he's tight ends are. What doctor reliable like it hit it in you know crappy one you can get an under dog Jimmy crappy one Elliott being a war. Okay all right Brian Jones Mercedes Lewis and who else meet the guy who's your runner Bernard. I think Henry oh I've Ingraham Ingram bigger Russert our quote. Titans aren't usually only crime. It was a good try and glass. Provinces quarterbacks such Alda play I'm going up that hurt this in rural that this. I think about it really does little or whatever his name is all they who prove you Allison for assaulting. And I think I should negate all your quarterbacks holes was ruled them. And all that I needed a wide receiver. Art I think real quick eye where 00. Boy. Moved away. I didn't even think there I was security coaching you bury us. Our own way are you do you not seek a little ones you know you just can't just pick one. Understand they get about why what do you think it plunged no I just did not have you do you still live a better Julie come down you think in the lives are like oh I know I wish I on the patriots. Yes that beat a coward's way out. I don't want to do that. I am going to go it unit shut down there put an article and Adam he'll do. Big white guy from Minnesota who's quite good. Despite being a Whitewater receiver I know it's surprising what is it your team's done the Eagles scenarios or we don't 500 are the guys. No whoa whoa whoa whoa slow loan and. Yes wolf I'm in I'm out. I mean I'll do so you have knicks. Are worrying. Open O Adam feel. Mama Cho. So how about you guys have you guys. Okay garrido could be seen go though he's seen so because chairman you can read. OK nick has grown Marie's way beyond bell and the UN plaza has Brady for net Thomas and Hooper. I have big band Antonio Brown Henrik and Jesse James. And some buzz says Matt Ryan Julio Jones marking German Mercedes Lewis. All right. Well so I really like your team until the jet exchange fictional cone purity like I. I'd change it hurts. Ordinary care. I'm going to so. Look look to kids aren't Judy's. Zach gonna put 500 bucks in the pot anyway I'm not either I think so garage of you too big shots can. You know there are a lot of rocks and. Wanna won't let those red envelopes you on your belt that. The last time I gambled one all the levels. Well the last time that the New England Patriots didn't make BAC championship game is doing the picked up yet Chet in this around until ten point favorite. At the time. I would I do believe I was making 23000. Dollars a year and what will convince Peter B you'd like you guys in order to collect. That the pats storied I'm like no point but no reports straight up. I'm like okay like 500 out. I. See it deal and the jets for. Corset and I told you they would. You're remember that. Simon and I remember watching and home lasting. Rex Ryan Lizzy coach AM. Owners also created. Yeah but that might I think that was for overall picks that we did you know just a regular tactics. I think nick came in last of the regulars yeah. Yeah I do remember that but I will work we'll bring that up pretty more now at eight though it was all accounts are off to that bleed a little village. Clinic what.