Wednesday, February 21st


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Nick right to FS one how are you. Glad quote one bat flower you guys don't don't you talked all of you. I saw you on Colin Powell heard today. On what you want that first woman All My Children yet go ahead. No I watch your show joins us sense site on their jobs by your very funny. I'm not there are met with the I would you know what I'm glad you said that I think I would I'm not funny he would not a lady which I live. I was funny or merit and I think it may be on TV I'm very calm cool I'll also bear terror assuming. So we had a good time I appreciate that thank you people in the city what a lot talent show. That would be eleven to 2 PM on our best Wanda alight and you need to be in my show was 5:30 AM 8:30 AM on that one. All know who's not funny. The show lets on after you Shannon Sharpe and once I guy's name. All it but Janet Barrett art also. Nobody bad they got eight. Yeah I know they are very missiles they're gonna punch each other every time. I didn't go that did not everyone I will DV a lot of people pay all of if and Shannon because it sitcom that debate but that debate debate show business or we're gonna call fired a big every debate. Incredibly period what do I lobbed like I won't that. No I watch it comes directors shall not find it interesting I just like they don't ever cracked a smile but there's never like oh yeah. But I'm like I'm not sure these guys actually really like each other. I think they do like each other but they take it very weird and why did he. Get more. On this earth to its sport that it easy for eight years. Very. Are almost robotic in it preparation and the way in which he does he bangs and so no it does not only paying for a laughing matter they end. And he he swore. Of who you believe that won the debate and so now I don't know that that's not there's no you don't know if you look at that definitely we try to do right. Thank you learn what their fault when we started doing right. I mean does he be sure I'd that you noble dot net let me read. Thank you so much I don't yemenite that cargo by got a big heart or at all. Well laws know they take it very very seriously and get take me it would. On your show it's I mean you know it there's there's at least last because Chris is funny. Well prepared very funny. There's a lot of those jokes are my expenses that put that solves the price of doing business like clothes. I don't mind I think is no walk or shuttle flight to be all well and all humor and seriousness and our show on. You know our showed a morning show for every one like there's no one people were shown on in the afternoon. And so I think and I think it's important that in the mornings before partly. I mean it's huge I mean you guys know that that bump on a show on bond mortgage yeah. There all the announce. Our final table or religious forward. I can write no smoke unfortunately sometimes can be the dog jokes on this program I do want gives no clones some credit for something a primary sure it for our neighboring Forsyth is but what would you remain in force fighter mating good luck. That we didn't she knocked out both of corporate. Jets are both having boy. Told. You had so gone really could use you know some positive feedback today and he was ready. As soon as he heard you say that Allen's say something nice I saw Minnelli usher as close all the basic turnabout is any that is so much and it at a Nissan it business turnaround they look down a method of just. So yeah. Saw a lot more allies at 58 minutes ago I was just cleaning houses G Allen Hamilton. Well. I'm now I'm more about it for donated upon death. Quite well besides this ability or that. But no serious it's over that are really good job of this bid making solve the true part of a program to fabric of this show. And I mean it'll be ashamed when he quite a few months after the kid or. Didn't it didn't really isn't up to this point. Our inner what sports world. There it is you I mean we had a whole bunch of local stories yesterday. That we got into right now is of course does the slow time because of the NBA back on yet Interpol are going on. Fortunately got Mark Cuban knows that is an interesting guy a guy I know libel you argued during I read you do well on that. Did you hear what happened with and today. So what of dart board something I guess there's a major sexual harassment thing going on with boat Aleks Maric that's the only headline I saw. All but but look forward angle of what's going on not a sexual harassment is he got. 600000. Dollars. Which I believe the third biggest party BA history if he were all podcast and admitted. Yeah I told my team we won't lose it like it though at this point it's the best strategy. It what we need to do we're not gonna make the playoffs and that's one of those things that. But we know goes all out. But you're not supposed to say publicly. And so he got enormous fine for it and it just dozens. It he can maybe enters into question it's like what a local like it to the royals like. So loyal that that at this point. It's true due to Houston Astros did it intentionally for a few years well the royals did I think unintentionally for a few years. Which is being hit that ball. Like we try to get try to be the worst team in the league for a few Beers and oh try rebuild that farm system and it's a long way and it makes sense agency I eight in your basketball and that's what can you shorter did you give me one lottery pick away from turning things around. In baseball it's a longer process. It's a hard pill swallow for the involuntary quite I think casual war stance on vast. Would you rather go through. Five years all adds that they did it gives you a fifteen per cent chance. All competing for the playoffs once that's over. Or would you rather go through. Up until 7585. Wins Stevens. Where you have very little chance of competing per championship at the end of it but he Cherie you're around five. Well I'd rather. The former I think is preferable and I was talking to bum one hero co workers in the day about how long does this. Beyond that the royals having those back to back World Series appearances and be such a great team and having all these startling team. How long does that highlight has been well yeah how long do people go to the easiest to the really average fan I urgency average for amateur a lot of fans. There could be people show up there are from you know edit the first game of the year in a worst Hosmer. Where where where does change and they don't even know that they're gone yet and they're still thinking of the royals as you know a team that's competitive a team that went to a couple of World Series. And you can do that ending the more I still don't think there's. My thing on this next and I guess what Mark Cuban as saying and I know you're saying one player can change of direction and your team in basketball. If you get stuff curry all the sudden entire games different. That happens. Block here's my this is what I would say to Mark Cuban. Do better. Do better as an owner hire better general managers and make better trades made better draft picks do better. If your only option as an owner of an NBA franchises to tell your players to play worse. Then you've done so much wrong. That. I think you should get fines and I think that should never be an option. Do better do better last year do better the year before make some trades get some people on your team and figure out a long term goal implants where these people try to win. Don't get a team together and then take them out to dinner and be like let why you guys trying to lose so we can just slipped by our way in of that number one draft pick. That's not a good strategy. Or a good strategy would be like hey while we make some moves into some players on this team trying to win some games. So what it did. It's not telling your guards Luke what it's what Philadelphia did so Philadelphia did the most. Lacked since taking strategy we've never seen really in any sport certainly in the NBA. Which gave. They were they knew they were bat. They were mediocre mediocre actually you know pat it being good saw what they get what they traded away their best player per graphics they ban it in the draft. The last seed in Europe got. I bet spell in the draft because they were hurts like no no well it big guy that day. Yes it's silly draft regardless stall and he can't is what are going to be. It would've been number one overall pick but he broke his body's gonna admit that your so they hate him because it actually bonds he's going to admit the year. Get up side and he's not gonna help them when they draft pick I want to stay in Europe for two years. They've been the other guy who's going to admit the year. They didn't so they are. And and in the process they're not citing any quality better. And if it's okay for an owner to rebuild. An answer to that is yes. It is absolutely okay to trade away your players and rebuild for the future it is not okay to tell the players that you have on your team. Do not play as hard as you can. And I don't know like I don't know if you would saying that urge you would say that the player so they are still so. I ABC may need to lose some games this sounds like you say why take the guys out to dinner and tell me not if you're saying. So I'm losing us our best option. The question may be getting them fired up better talent so they understand why the bass player are fine. The young players are fine. Why do rotation in the way it is because our goal is not necessarily to win games. So we may have well liked young guys we wanna get a look at it more Roddick even if we know you're better than. Iran's I do and then maybe. Maybe I'd get it he was like up being a players' owner and saying this is why where trade annoyed at people we are those of the things that's one thing. I got the feel from just reading this article by the way I'm totally blind and you told me about I'm reading it now as he speaks I got a feeling added to all the players like now. Don't try as hard as you could buy if you didn't say that in recent bomb plays RG dance but here's my plan for the future they just didn't feel like that's what it was saying. And by the way if you are doing. Trading away people letter go to those things you don't really have to take into amount of that aren't on line. Then no sure thing. Channel everybody else knows I'd still like that maybe a cover for Mark Cuban. I feel like that some you know a wink and a nudge if you take the players on me in my bag. Does well you guys know and his quote was losing is our best option. So what would quote and it also to me that the other question that tag days. For the coaching staff. You're in a game where it's you're down one with forty seconds left. And you know the owner believes moving into that option arguing that spot trying to draw an unsuccessful. Light. Exactly. I'm in Illinois and I don't like any element I think you get to play as a jam in you do batter you try to do better. There was no really interesting NBA game right before the break between the hole and the magic. Who are two of the teams that are in the running for the number one pick in the draft they potentially could be. And they are and thirteen was up warrant with fifteen seconds left eight was the magic work. And they threw the worst inbounds pass imaginable. That was stolen by Chicago in did get a dog. I'm in the so now they're down one an honor next possession late air balled a three point. I don't know that would incompetence and support that was planned. But at what I would just worked it won't play edited it is shameful food people wondered why is that what I guess that's why you heard bad that you are. But like the bulls you know watching that game. And bold print or both side themselves. Like get the band didn't want to know and again congress is required involved they wanna compete they want when the game so it says. It's an entry spot but the other you mentioned that courage. What ensures that current was not the number one pick in the draft. Like their merit a lot of things pat concept per LeBron it is. You know it's not always a clear cut LeBron James got a don't know why he's been generational player and even Mac nor active people remember. Those who we are a couple of LeBron at one Darko Milicic did she do. Yeah and it went Carmelo Anthony Dwyane Wade Chris ball much. So like not Detroit it's been a force was all drafted Darko in the. Well I remembered Joseph Dumars. We drafted a human victory cigar. Wouldn't it be only goes and when their up by ten with a one minute left. Right now what is surely a bat because he was so bad. They ended up betrayed Hershey wallet and it did it to a championship. In Abu. Working out but not the way. They've bought what. But they'll be my point try to do better if you're gonna trade away people that's fine. But certainly don't tell your team to take it allows a player regular what are you kidding me you're gonna miss a couple shots so you can trade me in a lower value. Right okay so our. Now why why go there and miss a couple dunks and you can trade me now get paid not interest him. Our arts and I if we have to go to its finite one other sports saying that spoke all related I'd like you're spot on what we're short on time into it tomorrow I have to go. Let's talk about tomorrow night Phillips it's not.