Tuesday, July 10th


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Why I you. These are all fellows are you guys Dylan talked about sports. Well I think. I think you don't talk like that pat like it Philly sports old. Cliche debate because the only big sports news today is justice to crack it yesterday. What happened to us zooming in just couldn't have just been an eagle global machine what trauma or. And see these photographs. That. So an ex girlfriends arraigned and posted a picture. Of PX opened on Twitter. Beat tech held. And that there's now police report or nine or one call where the allegations are essentially that would shortly before you hire somebody. Do all home invasion although again the allegations are an ex girlfriend. She got pistol whipped they took back some property here were some property. And the allegation Turkey's already did whoever whoever it is whoever I did I mean it's back when this happens. It would appear in the last recently. Images posted to answer Graham Tuesday. Accordance close friend Meehan Michelle there's articles from today. So I mean that I'm not overstating the picture right like. I know it's bad she's our consumer on the that's what she looks like normal aunts and how bad GB badly should be made a little business. Beat I don't think there watching C hit it there I think they're alleging that he part. The people up to doing it and she also alleged that like. Being installed so that the dog wouldn't kidney failure that's what's. Yeah it's on her answer on the instead grand photo. She's done on a side by side with the picture of of her you know which normally looks like and in the picture there have been operating insurer yeah Yasser friends and Seagram and it says. At shady McCoy is the double U warrant animal we didn't say anything about how you beat your dog Henry Indy kidney failure. Let's not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from viciously beating your son for small things like peeing in the bad. We kept quiet about your drug usage all the illegal steroids in needles you're using. But we will not keep quiet about this I can't believe you did this to my best friend. Your karma is going to be so real the world needs to know what type of animal you really are. This was just sure yesterday on the last and now this morning this is her on the right hash tag woman beater hash tag animal abuser hash tag child abuser. And again this is from her friends. And mr. Graham I count as according to buzz feedback commissar order out put. They're now is also like I mean there's just something definitely happened in this much. I mean by police in the if there's a 901 dispatch like. Yeah woman in distress hole with the whole invasion should block in the bats per home. I mean she's one of I mean he's not so for strong player but he. Or is always an upstart if you. A casual you know slightly more than casual fan AFL you know home you know his name as I said for the record to totally baseless and offensive claims made against me are completely false. Does what he wrote on and surrounds furthermore I'm not an indirect contact and any of the empty people involved in months. Why you need to you know when you say you haven't seen her but she's not alleging that he did it. All. And all but what I do you agree to a that the police don't central historian but that it didn't look like it was targeted a home invasion outlook and I obviously maybe he had nothing to do that maybe it's just people knew she had something of value. Ali is she did she thinks that he had someone do this or is just a friend the only one right now let's alleging that. I'm not that. I hate the wait is in the way are ready it would appear that she thinks what she agrees with the foreign provide. I guess I don't think she has spoken publicly and it's just happen. So I mean. It was a terrible cup what are you better ideas are you guys our age but because it's the curtains Portugal or. I don't get well Bonnie please call fault. So I year. The front page of Yahoo! Sports today and where our affiliate Yahoo! at all from the age of Yahoo! Sports today. Like the after the big news article like the word but needs that was. On nick Wright explains why Celtics fans should be worried about carrier ring leaving. And I I think it was a well fought out a great welcome I was there reporting and in fact. I want that there wasn't any like breaking news I didn't have it wasn't like I had spoken to tie where you're someone who can't. Tiger gave rifle was he buried well on hot cakes. And it just in the middle of July with nothing going on qualified it like Yahoo! go off on their splash page. And now jobs I mean just inundated me keeping my Twitter mentions are typically bad. Just inundated with people there's nobody worsens also in sports fans. It never won but they're they're per avatars Tom Brady they've made bigger than they have socks sell its. All packed in her handle a lot of old saw I had. If you click on their cage there's a nice stat Mac though or pick Serb trump to go along ball this well. And these people are just sold. So furious that are brought up before because they'll the news this week was. That type 34. Years ago what books that we found out LeBron was coming back to cool you. And but like that he Watergate she wanted to be the face of the team even though they are into the playoffs. Since you've been there and that Obama I've seen it in the genders he didn't walk. To be on the team of LeBron and that you almost demanded a trade. Thought the white actually won the championship two years ago. And so the point that like the point that I made is that if you're felt. And that psych you out there and a great situation yet very coach or guide it didn't wanna play with LeBron and earnestly only purpose flat you can't. Applying logic to his decision at the end. There were also some other every guy who was very upset evidently. That would the media was paying giving look like paying attention to LeBron social activism while paying attention that he is flat earth stop. I'm asking that question that you read and heard KG up out who this person it's. Someone you guys clearly no one respectable but it looked flat earth. Yes and and more I mean he's yeah he's a lot of things but the guy is definitely a flatter it's and I say a lot of things meaning he's got. They'll tell you all kinds of things that he believes to be true and you go wow what I did you know that that was a thing right there are no mountains mountains okay he told me at dinnertime once that. Melons are old trees stumps from when giants from the you're originally from Olivier yes something like I think those like if you look at retreat when you cut down a tree and just the stump is left. That really looks like a miniature mounts over time it would something along those lines and there's a lot of different things like that we search and about Roswell all that of course there's. There's a story for every conspiracy theory that you've heard of and you're even more for once I don't know exist. Here's the thing up felt like even wanted to serve as the mountains right. At least that one is not. Eighties who will always faults but all we kind of you work still like trusting I guess geologists. You know what I mean to you think it's a legitimate but these possibilities. That carrier ring is being wealthiest. Person that believes your dislike. It got about a hundred million dollars so our goal believes we have blame on the moon right. If you had infinite resources. Would you not aiding and by the way and all season. Would you not this side. I'm going to spend some lobbyist money and that I won't get to be the one that crew it's one of the world's greatest conspiracy theory that there. Like if you and maybe you couldn't prove that once she got a rocket ship. What type record this commission a clue but failed. I recall that absolutely. Core long and hire people can marks for Antarctica. Keep it he's not finished diminished over in the comment section he could take a a very nice vote. So Antarctica. And marketer right. He he could you aren't fully earnestly believe. That there was in world wide centuries long conspiracy. And I had to re sources to open. And I would not. Intellectually. Curious or just industrious enough to do. That Alomar. Right well okay so we have an artist. Tom DeLong from blink 180 to a band that you know we play an alternative band. And he believes that. Aliens are really this is a known thing he's talked about this sort of furlong time but eventually ate it got to the point where he decided to jump I'm not gonna do. Tour the band you are gonna make new music with the band anymore. Because I need to work on this disclosures stuff and not another government once. She is helping getting our minds ready to accept wind full disclosure Arabs. But he started a whole academy that he funds is called I think it's like to do stars academy or something. And he is actively funding this stuff you know because he believes that any has the money to to follow through with this. Back to the extreme. And that will carry to retire. Take two weeks than not he like in body. Nobody believed. That there were the pyramids world. Still with solid gold and it's where about nation's latest. And I would and I could have the ability to go oh and who would probably can't. I'd rather hang out and top and now I'm about not good. Yeah and especially when you're arguing you're trying to get people. To see the light it's not like you say does a bottom may I mean yeah if you ask me but I keep it to myself I'm Caroline where the other. When you're actively trying to get people on your side to understand it they'd been duped. And I mean you're in a way you are you trying to prove it to me. Right like that's the thing and it was. IE it's amazing man that there are there are a lot of people. That believe. That they are entitled to an opinion on that specific back. That is why I take that flatter maybe I'm a weirdo. Slider thing it's a microcosm for bigger issue but he truly scares me. When did it become a war like we looked up flattered society when time has found out it's been around since the fifties but. Well I don't remember people talking about are arguing about is certainly not public figures. I tell you know recently the last ten more here and they don't yeah right. And yes fires are famous flood Arthurs Tila Tequila. They don't want deal being he's got eight million according to slug net worth Sherri shepherd. You know what have you had a nursing and she also being yeah for maybe she's still is on one problem. Your guys got the most money nick your right. See it. Like any dormant for oh yeah and a lot more guaranteed money coming to a. Well you Kerviel obedient like look you got eight. Probably never reaching peak earnings potential and liked it ain't gonna cost you two million I'd give India what it and all it would comment section on YouTube in light periscope the post right I I did. I don't I don't understand. That part of it and the people who. All on Twitter when I Tweeter belt carrier being being a flatter their. Saying that you should be embarrassed that he will not educate myself. I'm like man. We are you know we're in a weird spot. We're like no like no object if fact he's accepted ads and objectives back. Colonel fax anymore right what are fast it's mighty Flatbush now I have to tell you I'm the worst. I am the worst ever because some missing years lines some serious trauma Sinai wound care. Why doesn't my enemy as it costs in my god did it go down my cash to get home and it's fine whatever the mandate it really. I don't care. This apathetic about every oh really why does it affect me what do what do I care. Do you really care and I don't like in the end I feel like god dammit as the earth let's just say Alan Al sleazy. Side note to you to killing time earlier in Iraq. Oh well how doesn't doesn't affect you. The matter what. In less you have planes to launch a satellite or something you had to start up company you're raising money on cases are still a Jesus a matter who cares I still gonna go home. Yeah Jesus came here right now and I talk about it and he said it look. In order to save the world they're gonna have to sacrifice your body here some fast and like what may. If you are Jesus in the news came a long gone gone gone gone home Friday Osama but I missed. And nick why bothers you because now we live in a post facto world where you can say here's a fact and someone says. Now I don't believe that I don't like it it's I don't believe it and so where you go from there are well you have to go to where I've always been political debates like what we had lack you know 2016. And you have. News covers like we have now where half the people are gonna believe it now the people absolutely won't no matter what. And what comes of that. Did you guys I know at this point we have and tell me if you are kept guard. You certainly have a three hour show in years talk about a lot of things so it's impossible to tell us discuss all these instances of like people calling the cops on black people per existence. On what did you see it that both video from yesterday yeah our belt with of waiting we're in the Puerto Rico shirt yeah. I I don't get the best of people like it wasn't. I get the guy. In the device not taking Porter Goss part of United States and being an egg you're racist piece of crap I get old. The polish officer there. These. So what these people know he didn't call the cops he's just a spin this woman. He might be talking might not be what liberties that commander angrily and not quite violently but potentially probably crossing the woman. And a copy is there. And just like observing it and minding his own business to a degree. And then he's now he's been close some desk duty. Being the daddy is so. Such. Thing to see. Cut its fervor. Validate in one's opinion which is an understandably felt opinion would you bet. At least certain police are not there to serve the community to get their circle white junior. What can you. People don't know her shirt was just they just had a flag and race the Puerto Rican flag. Yeah and that man that should tell our record United States you're gonna change are you storing the woman and as a quick outs within 28. Yeah trip like chill. Mine it's all different and that what. And we obviously we know the world first got it wouldn't be like that but that he is the right do you bet. You more cool you were like at the cop you get to choose who you're protecting them Serb. These. Are terrified. Young man and what he's more these. Don't tell me that means that you want I'm biased Robocop forest is that terrifies me those things are scary. I've seem like Myra need to be run away from one of those things when he gets malware in fact there's something that's that's scary. Where is gonna have to deal with the fact that people are people in some Americans and former bad and of course an easy be accountability and of course we have clearer guidelines in that instance. I don't know exactly what the top might say liking at that point nothing illegal was happening I don't know what it's like. Brilliance but man I know let's hi to me. And I feel like cops step in book or something illegal happened if there in the area yeah both. Of course of course like Julie Allen nineteen. 85 NBA draft restrictions. The bad genuine draft is the one you're talking about Maria. Well I think that you. Did you. Seek all I know also as we can all find it conspirator in other 1985 conspiracies or demo now. So. The NBA that people say they rigged the draft. So that the New York Knicks would win and so in order to do that. They took the M below that would be the number one. And they reported in the freezer are made it calls are okay good people I remember this thing you know very good number one so that the knicks can get Patrick doing. Yeah I remember that story. Or that potentially some people think it was even more ham handed that they hit the corner. All of and you could just feel around until the debate corner that's not the most interesting NBA conspiracy. Call centers in India conspiracy involves if not doesn't involve the court threat can die McGee it involves Michael Jordan. Very got apt since mid career after nine years fly. And he got suspended for gambling. They're gambling problem we'll so wildly out of control. That belief told him listen man you gotta go. Get it together and come back. It because it was such a I'm not saying I believe that one but I would submit that on and there that won it. A little more. Work when you remember what happened around that time to his father you are now. Our and that one I mean. That's like big east. Very what we we don't look at it odd because it happened. Michael Jordan played nine years in the NBA was coming off his third consecutive championship. And abruptly quit the sport. Too cold play a different sport. Yup. And then by the way he came back. Shoppers abruptly. Or simply sending up facts but that our name back in the mid Eden and Europe app later. You just introducing New Coke. So they can get everybody taser in his new token and reintroduce the old Coke would cheaper ingredients and everyone liked more. Or whatever that while the version and I bridges that they would make people miss coax so much get all this free publicity mother's car. I presume there's also the other part of that is. Why are they gonna the other part of that is yet and K steel co premiers very similar but they're put in cheaper ingredients like to make more per bottle. I hadn't heard that version but I know I do believe that I think that was just on dat is just one. Untrue as many of these or if you are believed it yeah you have to do tomorrow because we are these run my way way way over at this point is entrails and it can trials totally and he can I just I don't find I don't mind. Well let's throughout your own they wouldn't do it more more birds are work are you as scenic.