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How are you glad book form oh kronor how it everyone at ease rates how are you. I'm doing well on one thing before we get to sports wire or you wouldn't voyage of the board game family. She now. Really I remember he used to play monopoly you know I monopoly and so all things. Oh my god that's so funny because we're big enough we can't wait a little battery if you really enjoy the ticket to ride. Boards are great game by the way up but have you seen this new monopoly cheater prediction. Okay well we bought yesterday I'm playing with the kids right now on your way home you need to buy it but boy is in there which you date. So we monopoly with slightly retool for the it also would any given time five different words all the boards that are Alexio from the bank take part you're not supposed to take. All you do something bigger change card doesn't blow you to do. And it you do what you get away with it you get the ball it did you do is quite catches you go to jail and a cup and all. The love. Yeah I think your boy boy quite a bit. I have never played again a monopoly and Elton I think I've participated. I don't think your fans like it I will never finish an entire board game must account like or something like scrabble. Never played scrabble and actually never tried to play at number. Apple can be a year. Our real eagle shot Saddam's realize how limited your vocabulary may or may not be. Yeah and that's it de ice it seemed like these keep rooms and I know I have friends who love in my FEMA who loves doing that stuff but I don't like people. I don't like to my lack of intelligence to be on display it's already on display here every day right but you know especially as a kid I didn't need others. Remember to watch me try and fail at things anymore temerity were YE set up. This this this game as they called somebody is supposed to be fun and sit in the all the wrong minutes they were missing here for a couple of hours. And we're gonna figure out how big of a moron you are going to owner puzzle right I'll know puzzles disposals. That it with a monopoly is very well and if ever wanted to and it is playing and it it'll in the same way blank. My extremely attempted to play a game of monopoly with my sisters are then. And I mean so my you know my kids were playing. And that it and he was in fifth and you had to be able to do deal weren't all open equity state but we're taking hold hold. And Libby per screen passes all the board and I just slightly but no this kid like. They are so frustrated he quit the game and then only attempted to come back and slipped aboard over and I don't like Bobby blocker. So you have to make sure that the level like edited yet. Bet you're all on an equal playing field they're buying into it up. The malls are fascinating part of that story is that I would love to see your brother in law because the fact you were able to body block them. As I'm saying is he Simon. Well or Arnold wise and you mislead the audience in his thinking and some Oriole small player. And hit C 135. Pounds all Lockhart had. Been dead up here on the TV. That isn't odd thing by the way that happens with me everywhere I go. People say. I shouldn't say it oracle but beat anyone at any one that I'd found their carton looked Kippur war is that the one thing it all the time. You worked caller that I thought. It won't think I'm 57. Really I don't know why I don't think you look short on the show I guess is tonight has already know you're in you know yeah like I guess yourself extra Cris Carter amendment doesn't help. More recruitment issue should. You are mean and we're sitting I don't know it carted. The Miami Dolphins announced today that. The players don't intervene at some they're calling it Kabul. Conduct a little routine look what that code will hold it up to 84. Game suspension. Okay and what kinds of dolphins players spoken out. What did it just happened like Ortiz thought it's okay but are you know nothings from many players. So you would light yeah I mean I don't know why. Schemes or the league continue to try to pry that that all of this shot off of belt. Right it feels like every time it starts to die down. Someone's got to do something. Everything you have to make a policy where people will justifiably say OK so theoretically. Oh lead where Jamie went and got suspended three games for grabbing who were drivers generals against her will allegedly by a kind of admittedly. There won't repeat now four games for protesting police brutality. Here and what not helping is the Arizona Cardinals all of our last week put all of that he web site concluded team PR department. An endorsement upper capital. But that's not sticking to sports but by keeping your politics out of sport. All sovereign debt and then certain things we'll best you texted me about if you just wanna talk about. You know we kind of talked about earlier in this is. Josh haters story that's his name right. So yes he's a he's a pitcher for Milwaukee. And during the middle of the all star game. At least the way that that initial article right it sounded like it or you're all right and then people start her whole week OK so is that that's why they start searching old twice. That would be hard wired so he sees in this game and then as he gives done much to gain he walks back down the locker room and there's people waiting form including thing remembers what this thing made it sound like. As saying hey I'm we knew we need to talk because this person on Twitter had found these old tweets of his from when he was seventeen in 2011. That said some racist and homophobic things. And what were treated used to be in order for routine use out or does anyone have screen shots of the actual tweets yeah I mean I heard that they were jet pack. OK be a lot of articles we looked better earlier just makes references to these multiple tweets with uses the N word. And then a tweet about I hate gay people and then something along the lines of white power with I modes you know looks like a fast. And one that was shut kkk. OEMs are about the state kkk tweets. And. And prepared. And what. In within one of the uses of the tweet with. Watered. Wrapped we. But the other two were not the other team was clearly a need just a mutual fight to play and using that word in. OK so remember of awhile back I was and I couldn't remember who was but I was somewhat as we had a similar story out awhile back with like him a perspective FL player firm. College football I think he was maybe going to be drafted as a quarterback and there's some tweets we found out that he was saying they were rap lyrics you member who was. I don't remember who that was but that is within that didn't the data in different than what we have rights rights. Ended. I don't think you change. All that much from seventeen to 24. Eight years and I mean you do when you don't singer and everything it then it. Seems. What do you remember right there about O'Dell what a joke that photograph to net womb with what looked like OK yes and the point that I made was. The only way your console war last. So what cocaine to have a video taken that you all know about it is that arranger first I don't know what cocaine right there that makes sense yeah. Only way. As you make the majors. Sort of having a great even make it all starts in all of these sick that it doesn't occur to you OKM. I used to fire off the end word in two weeks. And call it and say I hate gay people it it didn't register you lose a big deal. Right his Twitter account was still public and these tweets were still bare to their county hadn't deleted them. That might point like that they don't got hired by fox you know what I did. I get it circled Twitter for my name and at the name of every one network to fox. If I don't work for six years who notified that some bad about curry did they didn't search for Twitter and my name. And like you know George carlin's seven words jobs to see what are you knew I didn't have to search for the Indian work I would like Dick. He's got on the board like. I called someone and that indeed like the eighty idol. Well known and had to resolve about there's certainly. Let me go check the only thing I could do was troubled church alive or blood vessel that's just sort of publicly saying Oprah make a bunch of one. Did board some of what the marketplace from more. So doesn't really sorry yeah that's a really really really Smart and I made it to owed it to all of its bid for the tough guys who are. I don't fool like. I can. And here is quotes can you if you have the articles or go to Q a lot but all she shut him up now. I was seventeen years old up part and it child I was immature have we see said some things that were inexcusable. That doesn't reflect who I am as a person today and that's just what it is. Yet there were also like. You like it was a quote very and I don't want young Serb Gartner product. Where he wanted his things was like I was I should've known what I shouldn't shouldn't tweak. That's not elected mayor. Right now improvement and right like I should know to keep that stuff to myself. I should say he's been punished right they're gonna the all the headlines now sensitivity training yes sensitivity training. I can pump out about it that I just don't like I also like get don't know what the media supposed to do. Yeah I don't think it's fair that Lorenzo Cain all of a sudden have to answer questions about the. Well that he just have to answer questions are these yeah owed him this is a quote I think you're looking for because I think it's even more damning them what you're saying. He said obviously when I key when your kid you just tweet what's on the line. Yes and that's what's on Twitter you're living I learned the mistakes won't happen again OK you know all of us that the right just. I thought I was thinking yes and that's why snow cone I ask you because no gonna had a discussion I said look we all go through phases. Yes when you're seventeen. You're you know immature you do dumb things you do things that you regret. But it doesn't mean you go through a racist phase it doesn't want to add that at some point. You have to keep these racist and homophobic thoughts to yourself for your parents have to make sure that you learn how to keep them to yourself. IA didn't know anyone and I'm from Lee's summit none of my friends. Talk like that no we didn't have Twitter Mariah didn't talk like that with me. So the fact that this guy win on tour and I know he's he doesn't fully understand the repercussions of putting something out there are social media thinks maybe only his 65 followers are gonna see it. But still to think that you wanted people to see that even if it is just 45. I don't wanna know why you changed. What changed sprite what I know what change and why you changed and what can keep that you got one team may. I forgot who who is Hispanic or black Hispanic and hate that he made appears to have all under the media. And that's indeed. What do you feel when torrential tank. First tolerant open on 18% slump second hole he's outfielder Eric got relief pitcher right now that you know each other very much but it shouldn't be an impossible position. You are going to run McCain is doing is saying please. You know forgiveness and and kids and given how true that white guy as a black eye on the team could want or don't he's curious. Angry at no relationship with this guy and it is all she's been an impossible position. If it weren't on Kate and our rules says you tweet it what. Outrageous a sensitive and just didn't didn't want to get to bed and read a Lorenzo came job. So yeah letting the dial but what. I agree that did you read that the first article I read about it. I swear it says some and I can't find it now they like his family members were down there with wearing his Jersey. Yet sick and they try some of the talk a mop and the resident turned their jerseys inside Al. Before they like I can you imagine that moment your friends and family are seeing we're gonna go ahead and turn this Jersey inside out with our own name on the back in my life. Because we don't want people to know if that's that's bad. I also thought I saw Lorenzen can say that you know I think we know that's what you say. If someone asks you about it Butte and a teammate in the locker room it may not mean. And may not be what you're actually thinking what you believe right. But. I also thought you know. And I looked it up but I in my head. Who baritone a half games back collide that's the kind of thing that can destroy a team. I think good dialogue Lorenzo Cain whose broad and had to be a team leaders got World Series experience like. I think. But I think he understands that it's been if that's club house needs him right now. Right but the thing is dated it's not a horn if we want it in making. Where on the order of black people so figure out how they're going to accept. What people were into the like you eat eat sure. Let's hear that saying look I've World War II blows or you know ward what my W Williams all the you would be very bothered by these it would have to be black that feel like attacking me and the article or it. But I'm not eight maybe I missed it I'd I'd like that people little quote you some of his white teammates they feel about some of the other pictures right. Mad because as soon as I read that article I looked at I'd never seen this guy before I look at them and I go well. What do I do wish like and yes I understand he was seventeen but just doesn't feel like 2011 doesn't feel like long enough ago oral. Did it go through that and less he says C had some sort of serious life changing event in a pitiful man. The thing is I wanna if you feel that way as a junior high school. What are the odds. That use fuel to plastic we get art seven years later I would say there would be serious like changing of are you got eyes slowly at all. It not yet like I don't. You need to to publicly say and by the way I'd have to look it up. But I EP Geithner all star pitcher points or at seventeen. I bet you that jail prominent white school prospect. Let these. And I understand Twitter welcome a platform being that it is now what you had to feel. Comfortable. Fannie and and I just. And it's seventeen. I had Al Gore sticker on my geo tracker like. Yeah I'd just rest your friends but I kind of stood and started to decide what my world views were how I don't know. We didn't just what we think. Josh hater is as a person now and what he was then. Bought. I don't really even need to guess when his response. To this is I send it to you say it's undermined. I was telling your mom why you ride I mean to me like well that's it man like that that's. Like you guys don't give me a hard time because I always work are so we became friends and twelve years ago. I was what I would call I would call it slightly mobile phobic and legitimately transpose it right. And so what I was you know being here and forests in the air jurors white Greek and I had a local radio show. Why would you be and I had a common sense not should we do things right. Let someone did pull up. Podcast that you book which I knew what I had thought they had an outlet and the destruction. Of Al. How is being being are equally weird and out. I transgender people did not quite a bit further the same as what people were said about racial relationships. And a long called the moment. I did and I think a very credible. And varied furnished like what's up today. Along lines of what I was I was well. I didn't understand it. I would you know like I each one of the things I'm embarrassed about this day. There are people in my life such as wind blow it kind of just walked me down the logical path. And I organize all that and if you don't believe me. And so be it but I think I have a pretty stellar track record over the last decade demonstrated that month and it felt like you know what I mean like I would. I would be able to explain how I got from Bayer which Peter. And it's not like I was out by the way public beat smarty. That you tweet now you don't the F word is you're anything like that but it was. I was just open about why don't always like. And it didn't. Why did he tweet kkk. Let's blow that I don't know I think you got three strikeouts and it and I think we may okay that's what I wonder how many of these things can be taken out of context. So so the one where he says could you said some of these may be rap lyrics Lamond Murray says. You know at whoever this person is wow hah ha no who in my eight. Did you know I guess these sources say Kane I was a little and then uses the inward twice. Buddy is says ER at the end of each of our informally this screen shot is that song lyric in my you know seen some out there are okay. This woman know enters its just that I asked him if somebody's or in contacts not a contact Suzanne. There might be some song where Serrano. His base tonight I'm if you found some grad tonight. I was just saying what a lot of Allison again and who was his manager that is manager never went back and looked at this we got to leave just immediately Heidi. Oh I don't understand. How these people. Don't. How much value do you put on your Twitter followers. Tend are ignored are certain. That your government hackable track record just the lonely you become prominent start a new look at all. Deactivate and start fresh you'll get the followers back. Yeah agreed. You know it's probably not a bad idea for everyone to do that every three years or so. Just like fourth debate coming back is five years later that look ridiculous. Like Nolan got a fine I mean I don't know I get. Why are. No adults are challenging people were good yeah I was gonna say our towns and people of start looking past reads from anybody in his conversation. Open the report solid a start here at scenic.