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Monday, May 21st


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My man nick right. Thought whoa what are you guys good how are you. Half past 1 every morning you can see it nick right in Chris Carter. First things first. Yet serve 53813. Can't city's parks where he has. Well are you Yankee you're from what I explained last week was huge sense of your in my relationship. Listen listen the podcast is updated man I know she's talking about. Oh don't want it or it was an over the weekend Siegel who was. The Wi-Fi you're. If you remember coming to work on front. Well and I mean it wasn't the blog want to impose it I have nothing against the good people but more show. I I I win the pot get an important what may be iTunes thing sort go to what web site. I got vote vote for and so my aunt but nothing from this show I go to a lot of old original paycheck go to I go to the app I do at all. And not what I find myself and affiliated. Marshall I is still hungry all right John so wait did you not post good verb podcast from Thursday on Thursday was posts I hit submit I now know. It all next console nick what's Nixon man. And important people let fans all over the country. Every nook and cranny of this great nation why apple o'clock makes you work you won didn't North London so let's take it internationally portion of people in Seattle who amazingly never Whitman in a radio show this market. Open now expect Jim to anybody. You mean. And obviously cosa cosa international trap or. What we need be it. I'm on it. It will it will not take this responsibility Lila how long how long I clearly have been dropped the ball thank you nick. What order that said I think I don't show sports sports outlets we. Although however I have we talked about the gambling thing. And I think that day that happened we mentioned it and then that was that we mentioned headlines he says something about believing in entities else. So here's the thing. It what is this New York State legalize this Fort Campbell was okay yes I don't think. If. A site from the ability it's like they're terrorists they're open to sports book which would be dull like that it took on place to watch games. If you're already gambling on sports. I don't know why you would do it legally. As opposed to what you've been doing it do you follow me. I do except for our largest Jason is sort of risk that you may have had out of it. And I don't have to know a guy who knows a guy I can design a website and doing a lot of good competent and there's gonna pay me now than the other people wouldn't but it just you know just. Just like yeah I can probably buys small black market cigarettes and moonshine but. It just makes a little bit easier to go to restore my bottle maker. It's here the port side though they get these days you know I ate my bookie doesn't tax. And that report need for the government. Now that's only a problem I suppose if you win over the course of the year and most people will not. But I need the tax part of it is an enormous part right nobody came what you legal. These were courting those Wayne if there are when I ignore what that would be like to actually win over the course be sure. But I did I would like to think it would be it will skirt the tax is very. Sure I go she says only goes back to alas those saying though which is just. It makes it easier for her you know the layperson to be able to ban on a game that you know also I mean does have other ways other side of that nick his gambling losses are tax deductible. Pilot. Oh you get insured wind. What about there. Yes only to the extent of your winnings. Right that's good right but UK Alec you can say hey I. I'd lost eighteen grain gambling this year suitor or my overall tax but we can't speak here what were your non GM went tax bill a problem. So you're also I think that anger that was somewhat relevant or not they are. All what do you think a state like Missouri or Kansas will do do you think. Obviously they've already said that New Jersey and listen to these days a battle be the first to legalize it do you think there's a chance that states like was hearing cancels say. Are you can do it but you have to do it a brick and mortar establishment like a casino. But and that just a just a citizen Hillary's rhinos is because of growing up my dad's best friend. In Detroit ran a a horse track in size to skip school. And go. Bet on the horses and he would always be there and he would always say like my here's my dad's business partner. And here we always say don't tell your dad that I'm here and I want Tom you're here. And and we were bad on horses and other but the other thing that he would do is just go and walk through. What will bring it all those and it doesn't put him in a shoe box and that would be 100000. Dollars in that a 100000 dollar brutal losses so. If you win a 100000 dollars gambling you can. Deduct a 100000 dollars in losses. If you have 5000 you can deduct 5000 but you can't deduct. If you won 5000 you can deduct 101000 miles or so I don't think and mean to me it's huge rally and jump 55 there is gonna do the same time. All but it they know it's a good point that theaters on that question I think my guess these. We're informed that do you know like the forward lapels eat you might well be you think and feel like a whole story of the cute to see riverboats. The chronology of it if I get this sport and when will go on a similar route which is the shark nets beat brick and mortar in the will be slow creep like level you know. The full story about the river boats. When I just assume that after the hour Revver. Because they waste have been used to have to movement and may well. To stuff when they work when they first legalize it. It was. He's he it would be true power crews. Audible. Actually went out into the Missouri were run like you could only get on at a certain time it was two hours. Every two hours it was an actual we're hopeful that moved. And then a couple years later there were like man never ever started a. Like do we really need the Pope to move. I don't know I don't know why we can dark it but it's gonna be all the water in you can only border two outs and a couple of years later they're like I needed it doc. Like do we really need to restrict when you can get on and get off. They're like girl a good point it can be on the water but you you can go on and off whenever I walk and then you're like. A couple of years later well if you know if we're even making it accrued anymore. That's to be on the river and like water seawater around so they would still be shiny casinos. And they have basically truck or small canal built us around them yeah. Even if you will read this I know you're reliable could you weren't in Q what happened. And then for a long time you can only body. I've reached even wants all credit change they so that if you can only get 500 dollars every two outright and carton yeah. They bail law limits and an error like article that resolved and so of. Yet these people going into the bathroom and buying chips from one another in the bathroom. Correct absolutely follower doing other things for ships from the rest so I. He is so what do I think gonna happen. I think it'll start where it is only Berkett mortar locations. And then eventually will be you can do affirmative act right. That is similar locations will be the casinos that are already on the river. I think I think that will be the key is well I do wonder if like here felt was the one lead that was against this salvaged the chance that might not happen but I do your twelve NBA teams. What the ball really. Embraces. And allowed like that that when you walk into the arena. When they can you explain to people why designer friend asking me over the weekend why sports groups didn't want legalized sports gambling and I said I think it has nothing to do with them being afraid that. The players will be on the takers summon people think that the games are legitimate mean. I don't know I really don't know OK so they're they're the only plausible reason assuming you have old acting rationally. Is that debate wore it should be opposed to rich at the negotiating. Stance so force. They've up bigger caught once it's a eventually legalize. Silva rationale I can think of because personable. Croats. Being on the take it then nonexistent there. It's nearly impossible. To bet more than 60000. Dollars on a single. If you are a bit more than 50000 dollars on single game you have to hire people to go to multiple casinos or you don't often can get what I. It's very typical now they're Caribbean. More than once and a lot of times a casinos just say it anymore demonic. Exactly right within. Don't let Floyd Mayweather he's a bad gambler you know that a few 100000 or what or who walk in about a 100000 ought to walk all. But it they think you were shot yeah they are monitoring correction and it is very art that more than forty or 50000. On any giving game. Would the money in pro sports now. The Portland particularly when it think about it cool course to throw a baseball but starting pitcher to all those guys. All shall go where authorities or eight if burnish. Right yeah. That's the issue the issue isn't as a god gonna shave points off and rebounds not want to slam career wise I think it's very easy for an armed who's calling balls and strikes. The guy well that's wrong. Or as we saw with the NBA rectum Donna yeah it was doing it she would it be involved in over bunkers. And just call a pond off but I. Would you call a lot of fouls the game is staying as he can also serves more points. But here the thing and that is quite you know vocal opposition could ever make that. The worst pain for some more but with no reason for example. Corruption and hand it has been uncovered. It because the European betting markets are legalized. And you can see all my god. Right before. A 198. Ranked player in the world beat that 25. You're at the disproportionate amount of action all 198. Board wire you can only see the edit it if it legalize it the markets are open. And a black market you can't see when their shady action. So it we think legalizing it who want to hold the potential for corruption. Awarded. It is. It we've been doubted he was fixing games or we're expecting over under does people would've been if there was. It is the market was clearer people who legal you would see why all of a sudden. It are people hammering the over offering more about money in this one guy. Look I know I know that the NFL. To me this is very simple the NFL is not really against it. They've never been against it I agree they want a bigger cut in the way you can tell is when they said hey we're gonna move an NFL team to Vegas. I think the NFL's could've easily said well you're gonna do that. Then at the raiders are off the board you can bet the raiders like the NCAA did to me you know the rebels you can't let the rebels invade us. They would have easily said well why you do this bought the raiders have to be off the board in Vegas you can't back there and ask because people furlong times said that that was the reason. Vegas didn't pass our team's talent got to a mom and middle level all the war. All right and by the way that is totally separate sort at a hockey season's Stanley Cup final yes and they were being where. From I didn't hundred. True true open to walk yeah. To win her the title before this year like thereupon to people out there in bay. With that airtalk partner this would be one of the biggest losses. Per basic keynote never heard a lot of people say it was a 501 which is below wind or they were ordered the. With sixty dollar tickets walked in outgrow it he bought them both take 25000. Dollar. I didn't lose a lot of money because as yours you know it's just like anything else you can gamble and no like I wanna get enough hockey but never really add a hockey team. I'll throw fifty bucks an Osama bartender waiter just are not a gambler. And you're going because you wanna once again and how did you reason why jumps make him lose a ton of money because people just kind of want to watch hockey game a reason to watch. You're in the no one thought so Las Vegas night should be discouraged and I don't know anything about hockey lightly you know form more than. I would hope or you. If you would be very embarrassing for the NHL if that he knows put together this year when the title. Peter because it speaks to the randomness of illegal or maybe worse. It like it speaks to how horribly wrong but aren't these other teams that you could perk. Well what are you wanted to I read this whole story I don't know anything about hockey either but I did read this whole story that would names form this team they've they changed the expansion team rules but they changed the way did these teams were an I don't know anything about hockey so I read the story understanding very little bit but it sounded like. A lot of teens felt like it was a totally unfair advantage in Vegas got because they were allowed to pick more good players. Then an expansion team is generally allowed to pick and be more pest. These are the types of things that you would think someone who also three hour national television sports show with no but I didn't know that suspect there. I it's been like they hit it know it either. And and could break it down under real layman's terms and people are going to text and give us all as there are reasons a goalie. And the National Hockey League. Playing on net on his head is what they would say like this guy is can change everything there is that is a game. So why I liked it a bit like I know. What's that you played it like it Dominic toxic level exactly his I got one point. 08 goals against average in the playoffs is on fire. And so you know that can carry a team we know when when a lot of the games are 21. Even ever an average goalie play. There's views you can be people want nothing to one you know you can pick up some of those games and so I would say the reason I'm going to be more reasons to be we'll talk about it. But if you can get if you give your team can catch a goalie on fire that did you can make a pretty good run from Abdullah about any position in the NHL. Well and money at it different question that's not about hockey but just some balls they art. If you're. If you decide this is my eighteen or you're like a young person big issues like I got a sport in first or near I love between. I make an argument the worst thing that could happen to you winning championships. Lugar first you're watching them. That it doesn't maybe a long time until that happens again. Here who were of course. And like your golf game I truly believe you don't get the amount of static like it doesn't it was good of a typical championship does because they. Well I was aware of the lines on the Super Bowl finally under like you've got to be tournament. That she's won a Super Bowl right. Of course you didn't suffer with below the royals salute which state when the World Series after thirty bureau the owners of disaster are and how great an amazing that felt. And then I mean now if they turn into a direct feed and it's great I suppose but like you win you championship and very first they. I could this I got offer right when I got in New York City. In yellow I got offered tickets to Hammel then. And I never been to a Broadway Show. And I turned them down I would like it could everything everyone said it's going to be I wanna enjoy what all the way right. Like is he the greatest player ever at the first one I ever see I don't think they're setting me up. Oh we saw it moving forward I think it. I think it's somewhat but I get similar to that rely. For both performed that first greatest sexual church to be a bit kindergartners with the legs in the speech like this. Everything downhill. Right yeah mess nipple baton Alberto corporate. Notes met grammar I talk to my I think everything I see on social media seems like everybody is on sensible videos looks cute and seems like everything's great. The time being I'll be nice so I I think you have when you get to talk. The within the tweet today he'll never know how much I love listening in and dialed back. Drama just about everybody I I didn't miss any of your time I honestly but I thought the same thing like him. Looked a little bit closer all of us remember in the air mainly I am totally Brian finds out he's got his son and and also and he can't watch the news about my. All Garland coming out I was talking to Brooke and I said I'm really worried this snow cone. Is our certain kind of sound like Brian T oh yeah thumbnail. He told he absolutely did I hit it every like. Lapels you get it as well right that's what you do hold your trial in your arms of course under de changer like it is the courage billable well all of that's true. But here's the thing. Everyone who's had a kid. Knows exactly the feeling you're talking about and to partly in there at bill like that's great but like that you're not special. I've never order that Medicaid but he's a concert like shut up its assaults. Like I I'm yeah I can look at chart on Wednesday night what can you please no win models. It should it debate but long gone at. At C not on what he would be preeminent Kanye what conspiracy count. Yeah responsibility but that account now say they can't just be baby bump up at eighteen our goal every six let. Bibles. Nobody having him and I'll appointment are good markets and a cynic. And nice yeah.