Thursday, October 20th


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My name is Gerri broadcast live this morning Casey studios Brad you Bible my brain company and very excited to have the hunt and studio hi guys. Boy how they go out and they did rallying god you look you know rested kind of sort of a little bank in those funny is that the. Usually. Happens when you have a nice afternoon Kansas City and get some rest mud down. To. As a person yeah. We did. Well also happens to be that you have a driver that lives in your area that you weren't taking your thoughts. Anywhere you hit loser loses will decide the we had the right houses and in. Let zeman. I guess he manager I was. I was over the those I went to break out. How long it takes and they take you can break out if. The noses. Yes I think it's nice you haven't mentioned it that's a good mayor hero so if not he'd still be there and now begun and they want us to get. And then we weren't seeing it up down. One of our favorite places such. When you play what was your guns you get our crisis yeah I don't trust the got a massive I would have. Yeah literally during its it was really meant which is chemically engineer created. I was a little and a. Learn about your other queen had a pretty Eddie there but I heard he did it's like you have to be all lane that you know. Well yes and be ready to go out with him. It was Jones crazy that yeah most there's an awful amount of the ski bump and up down that's my game to game elites on play that ended. Things are looking just now when you can cause nothing opposing. And hero hello yeah yeah. Lot of it it took it. Have to come back in the day and I mean you know. Did play a shell thanks Andy and I continue to go hang out I'll say yeah. And that is definitely. Opening up ten nights for Jimmy Eat World bit on this tour for a little while how fat and. It is and as. There abundantly EU citizens the only grown up. You know and author of and so we found out that we all over the news that is crazy dream come true no less. Actually is being hit so yeah we just enjoy it minute of this thirty cool guys. All the that phone call like when they called you have to take hey you go to America which in the world we really we're on the UK tour bus. I have a table instead it yeah Ali but is this I know is that I continue. How is a good car outside downloads. We go things go pretty prison. I imagine them maybe majesty that mom Gloria like now now now this is how. I have the hobby you know that's what you now we think that would be like did Jim call you and say hey you're in comparative camp Lowe who is. Hire people sort of the UN can happen to like the first time you met the guys and Jimmy were. Iran. Is pretty cool we were a another. They did station. Then when we the first day. Coming com yeah yeah yeah. And and they re doing it as such as those who met them and the language to use them from the league does is millions of me. He left hand yeah music it is Amanda yeah oh yeah definitely I could see that so so it is hurting us and is there any Tilden and we've been hung them. As the day goes on through and go for most militant school geeks on muscle bound Dylan. Yes nine conceding your friends in France junior around him can't call again whenever they want I had unplugged I've known as Jimmy and. We. I got into the kind of playing tonight at it or not that beauty humanely Jimmy Eat World and you is are kind of taken already we still playing you and me for awhile one of our top songs PA lot. It gives the background about tapped your band and we can't pin came from. And so. We from just outside London and England. And I meant done well where college going we sixteen. And started and then and then. I can demand we've known for using his dazzling judgments assailant seven years old and so. Evan just like the above as a team you are helpful and the pound was ever anything and then. About three years ago a full came together as a common. Since then me is just a new boat ride in and against. God loves them. Banks it just felt and it mashed and yet there are thanking me think it's very Carlos Marmol mothers. And we've. You know liver and the love songs yeah who Lou preparing for whenever we think it is of Cheney needs them. And debut albums out 100 Karabakh an artist here that I feel to finally have it Alison see it on shelves Russo is probably Ruth yeah. We we have a case of these signings which is correct it's tolerant and and you can't be all and let's say awesome to parents who shot from just see a reputable firm look the finals the season and the. And when they. The same day is a first. Adequate sun and I'm Lou walking on the streets of London and then Chad Smith from the chili peppers and it won't cost when things that page Indy. And I know way and that's uncommon sight when it is it that it goes oh yeah and I met him which is amazing Amish woman running. Yen from imagine. I think we could Memphis in the they'll came out other sync pass ends or and attendance that was packets and designated. Trust my guitars. Imperialism is left of play reading instruction. Now I actually got a chance to go to reading last year on the eyes and that's all. UK on. Here you know like Coachella and maybe throughout the weekend give a 100000 people ready there's like 300000. People. His humor got its exit of the so messages. And that's something like you guys grow up knowing about Riley a big deal to go to reading only. I am I likes and Augusta is our customers. Aren't professional hands of decorum. Who I think I think. My own mind you I've noted looks overloaded and it was I should get this kid got and president's aliases. Pretty. Now we'll never says much of profanity and have laziness than it actually does have money the locker room. Go play video players posting here. We are talking to the Honda plane tonight to Granada. We Jimmy Eat World you were kind enough to grab a few instruments on your way in what do you play for us first. And this uncle won't be any doubt. This is enough time now live in the sporting KC studios bride she bibles are during company on the bus. We. We. I. Known only against. Sing songs and he knows the man. You always need need need. The amount will be a these high. And so they taught me son. Yeah did you Don going. You know. That's a lose lose you need me. And non rule mean. And. Millions. You see good sounding wrong. I mean I mean that's. No one. You think you know gone even though. Now mean that news. You know things done on and a non U. You lose. You name means things and they're now. Manning and and I know those nets. Lead and zinc pounds and is. You need me. In my. Finally I'm saying CNN news on the line I mean I mean that's okay. Real life and OK. Unmanned moon. And. In new you know. Yeah. We. I. We. Why. Are you kidding me really that was amazing new federal. Glad he's a guy like that's fantastic and I'm alive. It's funny Casey studios tried to buy boulevard during company playing tonight. With Jimmy Eat World had a banana there are some things available even get the details and 965 the bus dot com is gonna Charlie hustle content page by death. You guys decide that music was the thing that you wanted to deal did you realize that you had this voice that. This kind of awesome. Some. Men under a minute man now into Lehman College in new comes it's. And again the ice I don't know it you have a lot of it was ultimately absences. With whom. And it is specific and you know who act as Jesus in my room. And then. Yeah let's go to mean. He's acting alone and didn't unbalanced music music industry and the Condit and in addition. Clinton and. And sounds like you have to pass inbounds if do not believe it's a must just he's done his son's address food and sucks because I thought I ask is this Clinton event. I mean those guys candidate or better Brazil and Australia since. In and a fantastic passes. Absolutely. And none of well the in thing that has been we just gonna keep in that it even. That's perfect that's fantastic. I've Ellen you don't realize how much work goes into you starting a band yeah. And keeping it going to make news on farmers and stuff I mean you're inviting strippers tear she knows that. There'll. I. Hulu work on things. Exactly exactly. And my eyes of another cup because I've yeah. I think they wouldn't it is. And so he had to say these. I. Unless hello we are back again. Playing tonight at bigger not so with Jimmy Eat World you when you were sunk or less yes yeah we get there. Who do you know perfect. How live on the bus. Unseen. Since I didn't rally you. Eaten probably one so always does and paying them back and the and then I'm a show of him. Yeah EU. Is not you can't see it that you. And we have. When it. Do you and then as soon. And I need a lot of teens and parents. And this and seeing. Good now. Ain't no way for a means. I'm singing them and move. And then losing. Oh yeah. It's. When you Batman. I. He's saying yeah car. CNN. There are mad and so name. And. Games. For me then news. And I'm sure. And the. Wow cool wouldn't. And. None amp live. And the alternate many six by the buzz with this text and people are texting live as we go out better yeah. And I've got. Legacy. Lot with a whole lot of days and exclamation points my my loans so freaking amazing. Where does the name them hunt them come from someone wants to know. Thank you thank you songs. And then depend on hon. Comes from it originated from. Influence of hip. And focus 100. And moved on and yeah we kind of adopted duck NC just I realize and and in his speech it yourself and give a 100% of them thus how we. Let this thing that we live our lives and how we do 100%. And her and I kind of Terry that's both sons and and give them inspiration. Pick up something and it creates. Nice that's awesome so the honey tree is York. Three Brandon Jennings or any and that. They international jury it's like the street from and Lion King correct yeah there are closer than death is slightly is true because there. I know and smoked for instance. Lutherans. That says since America. Post ground within maulana President Obama. Yeah fast. Aides and he does stay quiet and a law the hotel the tree is actually. I thought the growth until. Take out a group. Packed fun fact from not a let's see a couple of more tax than we've got so dope all caps I love this band so pure they were coming in it was everything I wanted to to be. The play back. And I'm like a lot. Can you may need to exist or are you yourself will of butter in hi hello I am so little done. Done and done. See a couple more an indicator loved the song any more than they already do can I just married a whole bay can't. I mean none of plays they may. Maybe issued ask then come to the said tonight and hang out in the I've been given a hallway and play you know whatever if you're about to and I make sure you go to the Granada see this band get there early behind Jimmie world tonight. I guys think you so much for stopping by coming now with us an easy up and continued success the album 100 fantastic. And you can needed said and I can feel it yeah yeah ratings might get weird and are now. Well it's probably not a live on the bus thanks guys.