Thursday, 01.11.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, January 11th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Gov Eric Greitens accused of affair and blackmail
    • Franco allegations continue
    • YouTube star accused of being a pedophile
  • 49:12 - Things our parents banned from us and a correction from the show yesterday
  • 1:03:01 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:21:12 - On This Day

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish and the siren you'll mend. Belliard starts. Will strike down number. Yeah I am a great never been better you look like Amanda who's seen. Life and lived it to its fullest. I'm not sure how to take them batters they complement of cup. You look good to bash knows life and try. Okay I don't know. Funny anecdotes some do it maybe happen you on your way to work Taylor wacky story about a run in with the plus guardian angels good alone B greats no time had no problems in the I good. I tried texting you last night in your apparently dizzy I saw that this women through years checking to see how I was doing their attention municipality exact same time. That's because I text you tell you that school had been canceled OK now I'm running away in his corner thought I was like oh companies because who was in right so than nine Texas snow cones and you can tell some and so and I listen wanna start when they schools can't write you know kind of I said hey I PRI. And he's like. What's wrong. Why what's wrong and I'm like cons of that I'm like man nothing dry I was just checking on him. And it's like no that's not something that you ask me why did you check what is going on ZZMOG. Would finger thinking I'm like. All out and so I didn't wanna say like man of course I would never touched him. But I have some pertinent information as to that went out we'll arrive at work so I just. They did before I did it I would say okay why did you do it because she. Because I figure busier here you know. You don't need to all I can hear. Should be able to liken her hair blonde. I'm gonna morning on the issues I had no idea and again. Can I just tell you got more people come up and asked me where you are on a daily basis didn't either of these guys can Djokovic edges and on. I liked at least being click OK yes I'll do another thing I just don't wanna bother you guys late at night if they got so many shiny thing. Maybe she's our other boyfriend just in awe that I can just tell this guy. So anyway eyes sage am I said look man I'm just I just can't say the schools. Close to him. I'll be late show. And he showed up like yeah I don't I can feel better. Like what you told them the school was cans instead when I made me feel worse because. You know if you're about to say hey man how are you all good here to really go animal gonna be like hey. Quick thing I think schools closed tomorrow I'll be running like that's I wanted to golf alone that's how I wanted to go. You know what you were doing. No don't you think your original purpose she was all polarized view another Texan me as that beautiful hey what's going on hey what's up hey how are here what you techs who is is everything okay. That just thoroughly tax he says hey already OK okay so don't death toll Texan but you. RL's texting instead is everything okay you immediately think. Yeah I was going home media but that's what lasso always tax. Thank you isn't everything all right and you and I say yeah and I go you and he goes yeah and that's it that's our tax every night okay. I don't tax them and I said you. Where he said what's up and I said you've done. That's the last I'll text and then say you know what you Maine and I said are you okay like aisles to put you good. And he said yeah why I should just shut it on anyway so like Rambo like anyway I gotta give it to the story that I need to tell you. Which is that I'm gonna really for working and it was like god damn it Laszlo don't do that you know what you're doing and I was like a side as she did. Boys' schools closed tomorrow also won't be until three. And he's like okay. Now what's wrong but I'm like nothing man I was letting you know Benny does the thinking in my OG and I was like. Relax. And he's like I don't usually something you usually let me know. Now there. Now I have to explain him that of course it isn't but I try to get in touch with some fast and he would respond to let's say nothing is wrong I tried to actually the first. He didn't respond and they responded he's probably murdered and I sent them. Well whatever wanna you know wanna I wanna you know. I need I go for days and days with tax I wasn't their positions you know. And then I say yo and a mother says you go to and I say good you and he says good and sick. Okay we'll know I don't remember is that. So negative that's at 9 o'clock at night that hey you OK I said you good. Well you know it's okay and I said yeah what's up and he said. Would you serve that are you okay what do you think he would practice you good with that we're losing our jobs he wouldn't. If somebody need to tell you know graduate you know she's been out there yeah tax period like Joe's cell number I'll. You don't have a job tomorrow anyway. This really matter because schools are closed just I was gonna be delayed anyway anyway. OK we'll now call for next time all right just give me that don't. Users of OG with the stuff that you. But I say down down down. But now I know for next time some. Skip all this just showing some video from planes trains and automobiles never talk to him there. If anyone season personas are hallows opens its view you definitely need to be on something for your nerves. Your fear of sunk. You know the other shoe dropping a guy I know I know. Do you what I did on medication excerpt from this guy I don't occasions since seventh grade here just why not it is still can. That's right I mean anything if must protect you go eight years first thought is oh my god we've large job I would say last night till I. I was already have an anxiety I was kind of anxious ones and so when you're texting that it was worse than it probably would have been mad island just trying to tell you Batman because it was a kind of when you said that housing OK no you aren't. No idea when you know when I said hey I just runs and even to kids as schools close I'll be running light you responded OK now what's wrong after you. Yeah who. Out of Iran after you set I try to take some adversity get an answer one or someone you know. That's all there OK I got. But I won't know for next time you good. You know good to me is just as simple checkers and fascination is not hanging in the closet. And that it says hopefully a fifteen minute like I feel like we've been together so I feel like sometimes I can catch him fifteen minutes before he makes that decision. It's like. Now he's fine. Plus with the possibilities and we haven't seen a lot of this video at night and I don't responded and they say don't show the work he goes to the house and Jillian are driving star as he. It's mean or anyone else signs I now hold the likely numbers by a reasonably good about my deep deep bottom. What's bad about it. I'm not worried about the gentleman nice clothes and video of Tom you do yeah. Oh guys chicken outs Leslie here live streaming it's with ethanol and designer sunglasses and play. Outside out of everybody did come here waiting to see nobody knew what I got out and I think especially I had think. Organized at the fountain as you take a look I want you to be aware mental illness it's. It's as a joke joke joke all right looking amounts are embarrassed when. Swing that. All local I. I'm more Megan finally I did YouTube. Oh man they're going to be banned me from home. Podesta says you fellas need to find girlfriends. She touched on social and. 100 some plus thousand looks good. I love watching it's your one you know maybe Obama. Or does that tax imply that she's not. Doing something very shocking I don't know. So doesn't know any given time of we're still together or if she's whisked me air show. What we're doing are there. So I'm saying now. You guys made some sort of Romeo and Juliette secret pact Brenton. I worry that you can do some on yourself I worry that someone to do something to snow come. Yeah. It means I just feel like you make mistakes when it comes to women Americans find somebody on your iPad or something and trying to kill him so when I'm driving sunshine Killian. I think you're doing yourself I think sometimes when your son and son and and you hear. If you do anything this. Other would be you know you drink too much you choking on vomit or something I know that I can always look at. So investors' gloom soldiers British. Plus you can you can get rid. That's never been part of I was never worried about that until now wants you cram yourself on clay in another citizen men's I don't wanna clear ideas of what I mean that is why I'm busy mom came over not just for his mom and holiness before she comes over well you let her and that's hard earned him. I can't put some bad and stuff it's just Leo wander around there and he goes you just paint eyeballs on my eyelids and just prop me up and make it look like everything we can advise you right exactly but. I'll be back Monday I had he's doing pretty all of close your eyes just before batters are tonight's returns. It would look nice recurrence and. They ended. Take care of all the electronics and they called the English so that the united church. I'm saving torn up. At any given time though I don't know what about what's in my history. I don't remember that I remember to delete that's the big ugly history yeah he quit the hard drive through distance because I could totally see my Brothers you might well. Read this computer behind who wants it. Amounts like well why you didn't hear your name like a on the way beyond cornea just. Bernard Berrian in the river throw Madani and reverend Barry the river. The problem is and I'll come over to do that legislation is conversations on tape. Because you're not gonna really won't amusements and used his computer something smells fresher and around dealer who's gonna learn an ability I guess unanimity killed. And oh yeah jealous homosexual. No consideration and those of you like Rhode Island. Come on man and one loves you. London June. And call for Amazon to make a list price for. Shut it down a total hormone. Got to listen. My body I think this is username account to your future clinical display was right actually he is asking him all of the primary compulsion or. When you click on the plus but it says watcher and a and a clueless I've never done that shortages that we get. Now I don't quite get me it's. Until it sounds like a watch later tonight. But I couldn't like posted to FaceBook yeah jealous video highlight unlike all those play in a close or far it's easy the depots like watch later this you know it's horrible people they edu click on the video and then there's a whole. Chapter the sign of all these other videos like you know look so good seat just like yeah save for later. Should the same thing you can do little room yeah. It's. I writes this good news Eric Wright is in trouble like that. I don't know how much trouble some people are saying that he needs to. Resign. I'm sure you saw the story you read smooth as the stories that nobody yesterday we want Obama there was a lot of rumors yesterday that was gonna happen it did happen. And it's made national news this is CNN earlier this. Missouri's governor denies allegations that he used a new photo of a black male woman that he had an affair went before I signed his governor. Air crichton's admitted the affair from three years ago they said that he and his wife of work through it. But his lawyer says there was never any blackmail the allegation. Came from the woman's ex husband. He's recorded a conversation he had with her without our knowledge affiliate came OD says that in that recording. The woman says and grains to the picture ever watched was blindfolded it. And also claimed that brightens told hurt never mentioned his anymore keep released those photos of her. She also said he later apologized and told her he lead the picture again though the governor has denied. This you remember when I blindfold you took that picture and it's a never speak of this. Or else sorry about that I deleted them picture that was wrong of me I consider myself a compassionate conservative. A man of strong moral collateral payment values. Simon and deleted a picture I apologize for saying that now he denies that he says he wasn't faithful in his marriage. But he denies as well. You know housing house a lady's husband now. So they're divorce and she should tell them I don't know because they're still anonymous right so that's husband of that. As a primary I don't know man when you're governor senator whatever it is more of I told you from the beginning of time. Anything you if you want your dues should run on the cover you should become with a B don't cover the newspaper and never ever ever. She each. Was someone. Who has less to lose than you right. Never commit a crime would anyone who has less to lose and you. Never do anything wrong with someone who has less to lose then you. Subtle. Words this statement here this is from NBC remember a lesson a colossal life lesson don't join the littlest. Never. So because that's good that's a power struggle and that's the power there you go Ali just given them complete end. If you're gonna if you're married and you're gonna have an affair also you have enough Arizona single girl. Boone has nothing to lose and doesn't care. And Devin affair. When I'm not condone terrorism is so you have an affair with a woman whose name perhaps with three kids and husband makes a lot of money and she's happy her she has all the sudden. More equal leverage chances go way down if she's gonna send an email to your wife who write women same way they he's just an email. To your husband. The governor's life's. And a few years ago before aired was elected governor there was a time when he was unfaithful and our marriage. This is deeply personal mistake air took responsibility we dealt with this together honestly and privately while we would never have wished for this pain in our marriage or the pain. This has caused others with God's mercy. She now has forgiven for change. And we have emerged stronger. God has for new. We understand that there will be some people who cannot forgive but for those who can finding your heart Eric ask your forgiveness and we are grateful for your love your compassion in your prayers. There was no blackmail and that claim is false. Nose and a separate statement. Sure and the amount well. I've seen some local. A sorry state. Senators and representatives say hey. I'm Peter resigned and apparent. For the black male running of the black rallies that have been right but came OC I think his name we know that it happened I don't know if they know it happened and I haven't because it wants to talk to the ex husband came to them right now like museum through personal Louisiana they say it was a months long investigation. And as soon as blackmail uncovered all the stuff about the sexual encounter with the hair Dresser and all this. Info about the pictures I don't know. Now I did see a state senator from Saint Louis she made it sound like hey you ran on family values holier than now. There was a time when you know people Missouri's to get in trouble soared to Eckstein interns wherever you had an affair and lied about it you should just go ahead resigned since you're mr. Finley values. I saw there's a there's a state senator I think from saint Joe's Republican who said. I think history lesson he says that before going to be. T think I'll Republican. Is saying stick a fork in him but he got remember crichton's no one likes greatness even Republicans in the state don't really like crichton's because he's been such a Dick to everyone right. And it's. So I don't know that that means and this guy had a history with crichton's side I've I feel like they already didn't like each other. You would normally think if you see Republicans saying that out well maybe this is a big deal maybe he is gonna have to resign but. I think it's could be wishful thinking I. I haven't heard anyone say whether or not you like anissina printed opinions and where this is this is why we think brightens will probably. The resigned or probably resign anissina and just seem tweets from. You have to know what's new and improved from crying yeah yeah yeah announced. In a recording. Came over the TV reported the woman says that brightens told her that if she were to speak about the counter you distribute a photo of her. On the recording the moment also says the dregs apologized. And said he deleted the photograph of her according to stations missing she is sadness. So think about what happens in Hollywood the other accusers say hey this person did this to me. I mean that ends careers great. And user personal. We'll see main engine then Alabama guys to rewrite I mean raided all the way back you didn't and Bill Clinton in Houston just never been used in this celebrity's career this is kind of a new. Environment right where they send time's up like we're gonna start all these people accountable right we had rumors about a lot of these people for years politics is different because you can still you know lots. The thing flawless information he could still win an election. Right now that's right changes he is. Some proof what a nice thing I knew what I'm saying man in his mind he has the ability to what he wants to be president or at least vice president. I mean he's got money coming in from all over the place is all these rumors about him setting up these different organizations trying to funnel money in from outside of the state because he's got big ambitions he. He wants to do more than that may end. Done exactly so I you can see why if this is something because I don't know maybe this is the kind of thing where everyone is telling him. This is her and her but because he has such huge asterisk is like we're gonna try our hardest deceiving us or don't suddenly we would say. But. This is earlier in your career joining if he was a 79. Year old governor who knew how long and storied political cremated they are and I'm done. I don't know. Senator Doug who. Live look a Republican who represents. Southeastern Missouri and an open letter to Missouri attorney general Josh tally. It was also a Republican asking did you open a formal investigation into the black male allegations against grace and they wanna invest. The seriousness of this allegation in the implications it will have on the integrity of our state government are deeply disturbing. Adding that the pro must be thorough and completed an expedited manner. It's not good it's good. I'm not so sure that he's done after I saw Roy Moore. Barely get beaten Alabama Mike Lowell and well you know I'll man like so like Netflix can say look for the betterment of the company. And the future. Of what we do we're gonna go ahead and tell Spacey are out right now. But you can't really do that in politics because it can be like Matt Niall I'm not going anywhere in our run again and Missouri are pretty good chance and I'll win. Charlie is telling you resigned in socket right. Linux on trump don't run don't run don't run easily people are crazy yeah. So we don't do you say grab by the policy in here Don you know let somebody else run in blood and emails Rondo went. That's them either you can either look at it like. That's the good part of politics and a bad part of politics that you can be a scumbag and went. As long as you have broken the law which maybe this would be breaking Lotto players. Stanley one of the guys and he was another Republican. And I don't know Murray's from a wasn't Saint Louis or Kansas City area somewhere in the middle staying. He told NBC news he signed a letter saying it frightens. Should resign if we find out that the black delegation's trip we do an investigation and we think the black auditions are true he needs to resign that's Republicans singer so it took. That's the thing cheat on your life. They've apologized she's forgiven him whenever there's you know that's not against the law. I'm sure blindfolded. There's a Selanne sax man that there's this whole thing from the stranger and stranger in Seattle they wrote this big long thing about. Brightens and you know you didn't want. Just about the the blindfold and you know I don't know what I don't see anything that gets us into the one everybody's got DBS simmer some sort of you know. She's like a light DSL amassed an NFL you can Bob console myself sometimes. What do they call we find this article dig holes and not meet governor bondage and blackmail. That's there and and this is mainly values conservative Erick brings. Dan Savage wrote that article. He said shortly before running on Finley values assault rifles and his record on as a husband and father of the Republican who would be elected governor Missouri had an affair with a woman he met and a hair salon. Because of course he did that a fair led to the break up of the other woman's marriage governor frightens affair. Partner shared the details of the fair phone conversation with her then husband who cherish our season. Without his then wife's consent lesser man. I forgot about that on. It never matters and I know you know what Ozzie didn't and because they know they walk around June she only roaming and she Schumer. I forgot the Cadillac she knows she's been recorded the husband recorder without her knowing dishonest nine completely. Forgot that was producers tied up to work out equipment and I don't think that's gone home. She sees she agreed to go to his house to talk. It's unclear where Greg is life for children were at the time the woman seminarians how to begin Saturday I'll be always lessons. This is her clothes according to other this. Supposed to be from the record she's sense he said I'll make you feel better I'll make you feel good come downstairs I wanna show you how to do a proper cola. And I knew he he's been sexual and I still like him and he used some sort of tape I don't know what it once and take my hands to these rings and then put a blindfold on. The issue goes on to say these are scare he says I didn't even know I feel like I didn't even know I was just numb. I just stood there and didn't bleep scene no. Age gender and all right she says at the beginning she was consensual and she got scared. And she says he's stepped back I saw flash in the blindfold and he said you're never going to mention my name otherwise the will be pictures and view everywhere. Let SX after. Because that's not a higher than it was at the end right torturer. You know I mean I just and they have a consensual affair after that. It says it. This is according to the streets. Vonage without prior negotiation non consensual sex acts threats revenge armed. That maybe what passes for mainly namely values in Missouri but that kind of national junior so to come down to BD SM community of San Francisco. Hey give us that John Legend. Certain. I signed gunfire fifty JJ brightens. Governor Kit Bond issue though. Last month and. Spicer you have better things to do baseball stories about. Governor. Duke Nukem which is now governor. When they come like that kept radical about digital hundreds. One of the things they are talking about last month and think this is an agency star was that he and his staff. There's a story go it kept going around he and his staff communicate with this. Did your text messages disappear or oh they're snap each other business dealings he turns out they were using confined. Now that you can't even take a screen shot you have to links selector and used it tonight I looked nothing you have to like swipe your hand over to read and it goes away and there's no way to save it unless you someone posting on your shoulder videotaping my own against. And they wanted to investigate back. Yeah this whole he ran missile campaign about. Corruption and lobbyists and special interest to be more transparent and all this you know I'm always working across party lines to. Treasury says OK I get all this but what about Hillary's emails sympathize. Don't worry they've reopened that investigation right ours something we need. What about James Franco. Talked about him yesterday now it's gotten worse. Whatever the size limit. Have accused him now. We may trigger the settlement right five women accuse actor James Franco and inappropriate were sexually. Actually behavior. He was on what Seth Myers shows only. Naive us again late night sleep lately when I've set my show last night. And set asked him about the same stuff that Kobe did the night before you know yeah she's doesn't like that. What do you think the asinine I was inch like Dodd-Frank does responses and she seemed busy essentially denied everything and then. Seth Myers city have you question and these allegations made you question. Your past behavior. And this is his response and. I mean I think what I really learned and and down being here in in this weekend and that show that we are you know the reason I mean and so powerful and there we heard some amazing things from sermons weren't. Like I said you know on there are. Stories that need to get out there are around people that need to be heard. I have. My own side of the of this story but on. I believe in you know. These people that have been under represented getting their stories out enough that I will. He'll hold back. Things that I could say just because I believe it that much if I. Have to taken knock because I'm not gonna you know trying you know. Actually were few things that I well because I believe it that much what is that. I mean so he says he believes in this whole. So he's saying look much that even though there's things I was magazine even though there's things you like to refute things you'd like to say he's not hold back. That's how much she believes in this club movement yeah. And it just makes you wonder what is it that you wanna send an unless there's a and that's not true what he has kind of said that but I wonder how does that mean something else would you like to say I'll tell you the truth. Guess I'm just noticed I think he's alluding to his luck I like to tell you the truth but you know a lot. I'm not gonna get another spy kids whatever it is an inch. I'm not saying that he died that's not this is that too if he did do stuff doesn't have and unique defense and it seems to be working in his favor so. You know. That's when it also could be true. You know maybe he's just like analog and this is true they don't untrue I know it's not true but society. Evolves and I get done. Seth Meyers and start telling you everything and everything is true of many stops other people from coming on telling their true and so you know luck I'll take to hit. Any cost menace once the accusers. Are they saying. LA times she wrote books coming out. So she said I got it in my head pretty quickly that OK you don't say no to this guy. I'll cherish and she's quoting this other girl took their Kaplan which I guess this Sarah tip their Kaplan. You heard from James Franco yeah answer to their capital was when I saw in the LA times I she alleged this whole story so Amy Kaufman wasn't she just covering the story of Sarah tip their Kaplan. Who told this story about an orgy scene that was films and wanted these. Franco classes you know there's all these. Film classes and stuff guys. What school did you go to was me just requiring Yale or something you'd like NYU and Stanford or something. So she alleges that in a nude orgy scene she filmed with Franco a few years ago he remove these plastic cards. That we're supposed to be covering. Genital area and was and they were on the other actresses while they were simulating. Sex simulating sex acts she says that. Hers was removed. Tom. She said I gotta make it pretty quick and it OK you don't say no to this guy. And they said to that video. Was using one of his classes and was later uploaded and Danielle and ended up on porn service. Into other student actresses say Franklin became angry when in the midst of a film shoot no one would agree to do. What nobody agreed to his request. If they go topless. The spurs as a tell like I was selected for something based on my hard work and my marriage and when I realized it was based. To be on the fact that I have nice grass. It was pretty clear that was not the case I don't think he started teaching went bad intentions but he went down a bad Papademos a lot of people in the process. From one the other. Supposed to be an Oscar favorite. On the Golden Globe there's still doing press for us. Seth was on moonlight and a couple nights I mean James Franco these appearances were. Schedules for allegations so I said he decided to begin any interview last I Am Legend cancel. And then. Shame Dawson. You guys are pushing Dawson is I didn't need an email you do now. I've never heard from there I did I've forgotten she's Dawson is another YouTube star apparently he's. Extremely popular. And the story came out. I guess in the last night or this morning it's accusing shame. Of being a pedophile. Making inappropriate had a file jokes on an old podcast and he's done a few years ago. If you look at the comments are pretty bad even when you hear them. And contacts. Are great. But whoever posted them. Clearly did leave a few things out in the post the comments are posted the quotes from his podcasts. So he. Posted a response on his YouTube channel. So called regarding the rumors about media day and he starts off. By holding the phone up and to the camera and plane back to that segment from the podcasts. In its entirety with contacts. I've got to see you. And rested I know when it's all part I just wonder if you're like OK. Let me just pretend. And pretend like a look at a offers a get by the way just for the record police I had nothing to do those that didn't notice if you can literally get arrested for I don't know. Each side Titanic. First ball. I don't understand why anybody to be turned doubt about it. Okay that. Sentence was removed from the set that I saw they don't tell him saying I don't understand why anyone would be turned on by us. But that's the first good thing is that by that. Respects. I get it but it does today mr. grant. So he says I'm getting right that aren't also removed from the allegation it just shows him talking about I looked at these babies and they were sexy and there's no mention the other and I want to play that clip info I mean I'm them especially painful. Just her context. Because that seems to be missing her. Nowadays. So he went on to San auto apologize. I'm sorry that used to make really. So he used expletives and jokes back and today. I love this feeling and making somebody shocked and laughed because they couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. I don't probably should do. No I mean you hear in context. I understand why some people go I don't listen it's not my thing but I guess and it's something nice and about a violent shock. Humorous fun did you hear about the rest of the story so the rest of the story now I guess this is are these his allegations he alleges he says he doesn't think that's OK and so Larry rumors. There may be some other YouTube star including. The YouTube star had a hand in this exact same story you heard stump now. And Sheryl that originally put out those comments. Accusing chain doesn't. I think later said they were paid to do it and they showed that. A screen show he's he's tweet industry jennies blacked out a lot of the info but it says son. This one okay so this one mostly streams and what debuted PayPal payment. From a Jeffrey Levin who apparently is Logan Paul's manager. As her 6500 dollars notre knows that sure about right who know what is so there's anything that Logan Paul's manager. Hey this other YouTube channel to make a video accusing. Shame Gaza are just allegations get all the attention to your local doctors minister but we're I don't know that's deserving no come concrete evidence. Yes so he treated change we did with him and others feature on the says of course and now the channel that made that awful videos claiming that someone in Hollywood many didn't make a slander video about change Dawson. To get revenge on me for talking about kind of files in Hollywood I can't make this past. I thought that implied he was saying. Hollywood. There's some you know to like according would have us the right and then there's this. You've got to mile how and I am getting keep this stuff unrest in the when he talked about. Data files in Hollywood they wanted to smear rush. I think all these things and there's winners rumors are right no. He's saying is ever seen any new sellers say we looked into all that's interesting but none of that really matters when I'm here what they're upset about there's nothing there. Yeah right I mean life and I just breaking down to race day now and June. Its initial thing to lose what is that is fine but those who actually took down the old channel that. Pop blaster whatever you to remove the chairman. Yes smearing people by taking quotes and context is already a fine alterations really really scary and if that's a lot of people here. A lot of people aren't fans out that I thought I saw strays much unknown what does this in the nights are looking into and applicant scratched my head in my CNN. Fill the rage right houses Tammy and sometimes these people end up apologizing and listen to dump used to money. No one has time to see anything nobody you know week or listen to a five seconds I might. So are they trying to actually explain themselves in the context of what was said fifteen years ago they're not getting the numbers visualizing I regret it I'm sorry my. Oh imagine this guy did tune. I mean he's sentenced this. Larry brown and I'm sorry you need to do that stuff doesn't have an original sex what are. So now someone else can take those original quotes out of context and Santa that he apologize. Apologized saying nice things. I apologize for not. Not to he also. I don't know the guy is the media had never heard of. Here's a weird candlelight. Care about you two drama. I I mean I mean millions are so they're injured just his biggest stars is an. I totally understand that says yes I did you weirdest idea I just feel old I don't know if anyone is at all to talk more about all these Q let's is kind of weird. I'm just being yeah I mean I guess. It's been coming and I'm. Just but it seems really odd to me. This seems really odd demeanor you can die you would take not. Misrepresenting. It. Cut out. Hearts. Of men and taken out of context no wing. That it exists in context. Is just hang up quite a lot of times you here's a we'll see how well he said this new now. But just as easily and I use those small things. People do all the time now. Television writing here's a note the quotes from this book will keep you can find out all they Jenna now people there and Hillary's emails yeah. What was an average American's average Americans I'm tired of average Americans. I saw how many subscribers is Luke and Paul I need to put this in perspective almost fifteen million OK we'll fishing guy has eleven million so their knees. And a local polls got to be. One of the biggest top three biggest yeah biggest race guaranteed. Do you watch any like shows on YouTube like. You to read or something warrior you know watching content are there any YouTube. Channels that you watch the videos. Without I know you've got kids and I can sing okay and videos of seniors and watch these other ones I've seen a Monday's comedy ones install down there. Some guys are actually pretty good feeling all right. But he knows he's got his schedule and when you checked out on a guy like Atlanta and. We'll check sizes say one great jump so there's a reason people are so sensitive about and that's fine. You can be sensitive about whatever you want you don't have communion the right to be offended about whatever you want when you don't have the right to do. Is take. Quotes out of context and then used them against someone that you don't have the right to do not accuse someone of intense that you know never existed exactly. You don't have that. Yeah just in the last six months I sort of watching this car got on YouTube is a first time ever really watched YouTube channel and his media savvy. You know couple million views per video and I posting about rescinding the scary. Still a lot of videos every video as you know one and a half to two and a half million views and slowing down. Celebrity if he goes out he's probably getting recognized from quite a bit even though it is this very specific interest you know right but that's then this. For whatever reason TV networks decided I'm non interest in and that my son again when it exactly so the Internet picked up the rest of it and I had these very. You know so there's there's six niche topics that are covered by new tombstone lawn cemetery like to announce all the way out there so that. You know I can make money on YouTube. Went one million viewers I can't make money on TV were one million viewers yeah. So we don't. I'm I'm one million people who are interested in an ounce cars running when I talk about a more than I gonna gonna gonna. Violent. TV program on. Comedy Central and it's a million viewers an item screw right that isn't good. A million viewers to Minnesota son and one time and how much their pain for the shin bruise on two years ago it depends not on our television. I want to hear on network television you do five million viewers in prime time scripted show your kidney acts most like I mean yeah. I'm really not necessarily but that's not great yet an emergency I ask you get 23 million viewers are so yeah so. It just depends shows that are cheap. Absolutely cable. A shock Comedy Central like workaholics I think they got I read somewhere that they would get like one point 2000001 point three million that was considered a success you know we'll sign you back out. Yeah shows are expensive to produce. If shows are on every day like The Daily Show that was on every day on cable do you average like a million viewers are as good. But if you're doing a show at 8 o'clock on CBS on a weeknight. Now you got to do more than a couple couple million viewers. When the birds on ABC had six. Six point one million writing you don't think of that as being one most popular shows on television allows on cable it would be huge huge. It's usually about YouTube as well as like those younger people they set out with a goal starting YouTube channel and being celebrities. Some of these other people. Electric Oregon and Washington so he works frustrated they say when she films and refusing to impose into the channel and suddenly got becomes huge and out of his mind is does he think of himself now is say. Television's celebrity games videos select you know receiving himself as a really popular guy works or magazine up close video said the Internet has now he's. Zero to modern day television stone tonight who still lives of thousands of stars a gambling scene is now the difference between YouTube and my television your first love watching most of it on my television a lot of it on my television. Everything also watch my television and streaming from some provider Hulu Netflix HBO now. What's the difference. Their old TV shows Earl TV stars right you're. We just can't you do stars as that was the first being to cite your people win and right be right it's I was in a streaming on national TV it's apples. Since I think. And I have tried an excellent selection. Bless you Amazon. And guarantee the new would you calls when we got. Famous for never show like some of the test stranger things have TVs and other TV stranger. Don't start right here TVs or is there a big TV shows stranger things TV and TV shows by the same thing. Just because I don't want anybody you can design and gotten nominated six million dollars just to between agent according. So aligned. The Golden Globes eighteen and nineteen million people. Big game in drones may have broke they got real close to breaking the cable record but now such as cable it's premium came. He can't links. Seventeen million foreigners and this doesn't like that his way up there but you'll see NC I guess our random nothing special. I know it is George Clooney guest starring just a regular episode. And you'll see some nights the ratings thanks we'll see you 21 million people or something. Senators. OK I posted I used to host a few things on YouTube from the show. Very gracious wishing to use them but yeah I don't that's not even on my channel or someone else from Seattle post of but I got close in an interview knew we didn't. It's not seen snow celebrity it's going a 100000. Views of this place is audio over a 100000 people listen to that. There's some of those videos and teachers. Is available mull over the world's business and SXSW we've put out I think it's sore and my children were on the buzz kill. Already you know implications of people class online someone commented on the only 000 exactly yeah. Any update on greatness he checked on more time no nothing. You guys watched it once you're right yeah we lodged in his soul amazing. Second guy. The guy that was Winston that or the guy was yelling now. The guy's locker room I don't know if somebody beavers at the restaurant was any flags Jefferson donors alerts Arizona. Dusan Arizona and we'll. Using waiter poster boy there are some who think you use them drunk by and there are some describe to us. And the guy was witnesses sober coach. That specialness. Industries and preserve once he got into an altercation with a man at Paradise Valley restaurant Tuesday night self funding entertainment. Team Nancy give it my seem to back Eunice also a solo one. Can slap you gonna be disclosed according to TM ZOK in all started when Weinstein was an elements. The sanctuary Camelback Mountain resort eating dinner with a sober coach when a man approached him asking for a picture. Once he's currently in Arizona for sex rehab after dozens of swimming before I thought if you Lexus actually had he stayed down on the like in a compound in the building. Doctor drew I was surprised who's on public yeah. On the mantle teams either Weinstein was belligerent and told him to go away the restaurant managers in the opposite you know when she was calm and very sweet. Telling and demanding he did not want to take a picture. Managers said they shook hands in the manly breakfast table. Around ninety MIC got up to leave and the man walked up to him and saying you're such a piece of ass for what you did to these women and hit him in the face twice. Was limited to those guys usually. Sounds like fusion Sturm. At the restaurant. I'm sure someone from YC's Campbell look into another enemy can't just assault someone. Origin they say you know we don't need any more publicity about this because of their own press charges they did say that authorities are not going to. It is and they haven't they haven't account police the police though there's some there's been no charges rooms. That was us. He's done is awesome game a little. Just they drummed out of him slap these are why you asked and they deserve to that case. Yeah. Here's a look at I mean if someone that he assaulted them he filed a commodity actually I'm from. Assaults and it was a quick little to back here is that there is this embarrassing alleyways and some others. Father or husband or something that was assault and I can say other angry it's you know but it's not for me you suffer some drunk guy at a restaurant and answer sir do you think he's. I'm a little you know mentioned on another pitchforks and only then. I don't there's no love lost for Weinstein. I don't feel bad form that is don't. I automatically during my son and I like to hear this guys story. Right it's legendary side arm on him it was particularly his history right I mean no. We're on a menacing. Okay. Your parents didn't. Banning things and banned some there was something you want allowed it suited. Who post this on Twitter Twitter moment. This guy says dust. What's the funniest time your parents band piece of pop culture from you my man let me listen truly does just one album remember. That she taught us and diarrhea of a madman as opposed to diary of a mad man. She grabbed as she looked at it and she said what is this dire Rea of a madman. It's like it's a diary of an event which is or what ever college English. Well long listener. But not anymore your bearings. Diarrhea from Larry and then of course destroy got to my mother son. I wasn't allowed to watching TV but my mom worked from home her office was upstairs and only television cables and living rooms so. This we've heard a tour office members channel 36 whom at 36 therapy coming down those steps to change it to I don't know something else. I watch so much in TV. You know real world all the shows and yet technically. MTV wasn't allowed in the house I remember. Guns 'N Roses November is it November Rainwater videos there's ladies make an out. Couple couple ladies couple gals know disarray nothing athleticism by campfire something and my aunt. I must have been flipping channels and my aunt was sitting in the room. And shoot. Was that please make an oh what was that age and my mom goes. Oh it was probably on MTV. And I said it was but it was Guns 'N Roses they all look like ladies they have long hair and able to follow all right it's okay so I got a patent attacks on pleases the ladies making now. In the video and here are very upset I guess I was too young to see you Leslie is an action I don't know as a different time that she's. Shoe is not my grandmother she is you know definitely rule enough to be my grandmother are rooted. Ruby and or at ruby and and though that's not her name floated them through me. Selanne group you know I pretty sure got an ever written. I just assume any that is safe and I always picture and aunt ruby for the she doesn't in my mind jazz a move on and real thick legs and slippers now my grandmother or removal up before she passed we liked in the Gramm. Anyway into our room. The movie and your family at all calls her ruby there was no ruby there's no room we all. Don't you see the room behind it are insurer I think you're right she's got a little red slippers and he just slipped the front part of your feet then. I don't know John I think wanna just as stick legs to me you said ruby before and I nightmarish got like you know. Or ankles are real dry real crunch it up for it also reported to I just let us live picture I had. I've got a real good look at her face some kind of get like a side view here but you don't miss our hitters short Tom Brown hair curly in my you know legs. Used to put curler senator just stock that's ruby that Sandra really close. Our feet up because are up because a swollen right here on Zelda. Now. Youkilis in her eyes swollen whenever there her ankles swollen sauce and different Tony Blair effect collection on a big Mormon you are relational growth economic showed. The swore I would get czar ruby so mad that I am asking you wasn't Rudy there's another movie I'm not telling. Ruth and no there's no roof or ruby it threw me oh he's line I would tell you remain there kids are listening. They're here and they don't want you speaking ill of her. And community has speak ill of her I think we did why I think we did we said she has swollen ankle is not dry air planes kiss and yeah let's overall swollen ankle I think there's something a little prejudiced about knowledge and ladies Cassini Nicholas 1991. She should have been a little more open minded. Certainly wasn't average time. I wouldn't hold that against root issues from a different die while that's what I that's excuse I'm going with but. Amy that's what I was from. I was so mad about trying to get my my Brothers who are banned from and nails said filling TV was different when we were kids actually showed videos. And they would throw a fit because I was libelous or rap music in my room my Brothers like I can't believe you just listen that's stuff. Blaring out of the bedroom and mom and dad don't say anything every day is Tucker I don't know mistake mom and dad checked out doesn't like they don't think they. Got back. All got some that they tried to do it's like when you get rid of her choosing Frankie and clean and eventually give up and not new anymore you don't try anymore for this the same things I assumed. I was the dirty pair of shoes again and we try to keep in the shoes clean and doesn't do any good anyways is Islam that's how does the longest title in arrears and MTV wasn't allowed here. So what are you bet what you didn't you live with it was like use your father's sister right to follow revenge yes father my father was spared from Bosnia and a there was life wherever. We're told place the order fans from seeing a solid they'll there was ever. They're from what I can watch any movie year TV show or. Lebanese TV early. But on there remember being banned from was so. They don't want to Price Chopper one day and they had a free ICP ticket sorry no way I remember what I got three ICP ticket somehow I wondered ortho granderson and OK I don't know. Are we there were but I want to go to concerts last full sister to take me. Amounts that it does find you can take you my sisters said Ali can't but I see these two young and they appear on the crowd and they. Stab people and stuff yeah so I crimes that are out there I don't let's see only those drew ever. We sat there yeah I was upset. And that probably if your interest whose is being in the p.s instead hey your sister slept. And my sisters do -- guys like 2007 years older than me so I'm like hey dad you know because my dad was old school so like. But using government the only version of mad men almost fried you know Morrison to work and I was noticing some really death after the dance. In seventh grade we're gonna walk to this restaurant and then I'll walk home all right usually ga area okay. And then you know devices like. Watch. Let's celebrate dance I want to go UN levies landed along came and picked me government out trying to muscle them my dad. Unfortunately so I guess different he's a boy. All and that's from I'm almost like Harry had his timing hang. And then but I mean I'm my dad's still side. It's different he's a boy and I walked and Russian vessels like today is different reason why he just aboard for for a under she did girl. He girl that's a lot I mean my Brothers to live in the house those they weren't that offended the Israelis say is I've out of touch with a torrent but. Maybe it was a judge of the time. There's like hey I gotta get early sexual assaults are going on right now. That was the thing right it does sound like come on my guy you know owns my daughter I know Hollywood script should it catch you off the streets. Why wasn't a sexual assault my sister how does yeah freak. But but but but the you have to worry about me who's the one Q&A story about. Not saying that you would have which sister aunts and you know just doesn't matter forget. I think it was only worry about my sister met. Is it on the you can take care result because she's just rapport lol how the shooters sexually assaulted. Meanwhile. Tony didn't care that choice that I can walk. By the way. I realizes because unite both of us had a tax line turned off last thing. When we heard it's we downside we came I can act like that I guess I was the last thing that we sent last night was we were talking about the robots from on. From the Jetsons soon. So I kept saying. You know we were talking about these are robots and they're showing off that the Consumer Electronics Show and they go grabbed Beers is up like that we're talking about it they'd. If they come out these robots at Polly wanna make them you know bone attractive or sex or huge insurance run single purpose and assembly which I think he does whatever. I can ask caddie he's there because that we should focus on that I can't make a note that you said you want because the broke yup I kept getting the name wrong. Well Russia saying Judy is off the that was a robot's name. From the Jetsons yeah probably another. Larger reusable launch that's the daughter apparently there I don't know why I thought that that I knew that I've got to tell you everything except. I don't know your doubters. You know that entire time like I'm assuming this seems like Judy I just how big box of tools. What's her name Rosie Rosie knew damn minutes. So I. I needed to correct that I was referring to I was thinking of Rosie last so we're both thinking policy and you don't know yeah I don't own isn't pretty sure you said some things about Judy. Thinking that it was Rosey definitely no iso nose and a majority. I think you said I would do it. Then wife Judy sugar levels. Having stroke like why. I think you should go ahead and just admit that we both we think you know Garros I was singing little blond wood over the balsam bonds and importantly the robot know she's not a plus you don't absolutely is that she's metal as well have sex toolbox. Because you just said you have sex with anything gays exactly where one points you're not listening on the ball on them there. What's the problem why does cover your Irish. I don't know how old she was on the show but I don't either I was thinking of the robot the robots Rosie. So as well make that correction I didn't watch a lot of Jetsons as a journalist and laden. Are you guys. Really soon and I say now and have sex when Judy. That that makes me some sort of pervert because it's a cartoon it's Mike for us first off let's start with a fact as a cartoon with a government that Microsoft that doesn't really have an age. And it's not alive. And. Well I'm just saying there's okay cartoons but I would hope that you know when I. If you're watching rug rats he you know you've meant Anjelica. You know I'm saying I'm never seen anybody that it I don't think that it would be considered. Perverted descent have sex with whatever on. Trying to send Stewart Fergie as generous to Iraq story. Do we drysdale says look I'm all the time right. Here's the problem but the social drugs and doesn't know Brian and Brian Blair drives just it's Brian is right Stuart tries a sexual dog. Listen man. But that's okay because a cartoon you have this. He's out of there doesn't have joys and then is not real. Do you. He's a cartel has always think university. We were both think you know Rosie and Rosie are right husband and aloe what's causing an hour Roy finally we did an all right Renny think about it just like story. Some get our. Now Roy and student must be like they've finally. Hooked up. I don't know. Much about the Jetsons it's been a very long time so I watched the Jetsons I forgot their names I was thinking of the robot. When I said Judy and so was Laszlo. We both of us but let her know I was little we both misspoke and we apologize and don't let anyone take anything out of contact was the most name. It was a mom's name was George Jetsons. And my wife Jane was a name that sounds good. What's a little boy's name. Ellroy or is that dog me. Is it is. Was there or the dog. Is boy Ellroy. Maybe you roses and large and think about Ellroy. Shooting is the daughter why would you say that. I'm thinking about insider's look this thing but now that may be to sign. The rest was thinking of the dog. Well I'm OK I don't know there's let's imagine Georgia and he actually sums and it was a dog. Ever been a dog in the little Boy George Jetsons forty. Jane Jetsons thirty theory. Who should be sixteen. Ellroy was blunt and Jeanne Ellis did you consider them important. Everything is so earth goddess on earth just in the future future. Ellroy is six and a half. Rosie is the robot Astro is the dog as Sharaud. Or Betty is an alien was spring like legs who's is that I've never seen I don't know it sounds like cosmos space really don't know that it does a boss at work. Oh yes yes answer are. So there all Royce on the dog's name is Astro. We were we were referring to has learned faster earlier not Ellroy. Or Judy or Judy yesterday. We were yesterday were free to Rosie I apologize Liza apologizes or revise our lawyer talking about it we apologized. We misspoke which one won't have sexual. She followed him. You are. Did the highest. If you have given how. Forty year old. Sure I would not bench. True worse. Cool until we want. Nick a ride how I am. Don't you guys first made that girl it was the mock me now sounds genius. Here a few weeks when Brady go on yeah we and every what they've got heard about Schmidt. When I wouldn't drink I wouldn't drink I wouldn't bench who birdies through breezes in the Super Bowl so I think it you got the it is wouldn't that you know I had from the very beginning of the bigger and winning the super all the Panthers were the Hamptons. Now the Pittsburgh Steelers. And they're and they're going to so there and that. Good to talk you fellow I don't know what we're gonna talk about anymore. Strickland wants Brady kids smile grew up here in about either two days or ten days towards testing as. Or fifteen days it would be to weaken the book Pro Bowl type a plus. All you could play in the course I'm a long time. Nick junior and I know now why don't you definitely hear you loud and clear enough I heard it all before. The mom. You know the last time the New England Patriots. Or not in that the AFC championship game. No. Two without follow that if you worker acted by the New England Patriots in 2011. Every single year your career you've had a first round bye and you played at least yea keep subtle. It's crazy. That in saint upgrade I expect. What you're saying despite that all that's Brady guy. Or muted you feel coming up that they would they'd consider we'd go over your storm on my side and now. While I was zero last year it was just good old this year. Or it looked edgy guy is cured me and drove it looked very old this round of the playoffs last year route eighteen of 32 touchdowns to pick. In what was that very close game and have savvy the second and then famously in the Super Bowl she was just dreadful and who was. I'm now. That's a we're waiting for we're waiting for the until we want part of our careers. It's come and I can feel it that he's got a signal that luckily our bosses seem to have that same mentality hey NIC what's gone almost forces as you talk about. Well I mean UW we want our local. Four games this week and you guys you guys don't like NBA so this is where. See story today at a restaurant today that a sports strategist in me a little bit and I think there's Jay Wright somebody they were talking about warning. Raiders players about gruden like hey you know good coach but basically pick guys the scary dude I didn't. Played. Sports did lose and I didn't I say this I did I find it hard to believe looking at your high school trap shooter I've played. Recreational old roller blade hockey. Spells parks and rec by the ways I consider myself you know quite the athlete and an amateur athletes share at least. I don't recall having any and a trap shooting angry coaches my track coach is very level headed need to be. You know a situation like that I'm guessing you at some point you two guys US yeah you must have played Ferrer played a sport in his life Nichols all America. I played forward. I guarantee you later in life that you did. But what are you know there are not stop no exception. Absolutely and did you play out. I've played against college is on traveled traveling baseball team when I was seventeen. Okay so like that later in life are black you played it gave up. Competition but I respect what. And I also play soccer in my forty's Newton Newton what are you don't lately. Well I'm not yeah sure come on next did outlets so it wasn't easy you play later in your life tonight and I don't know I play soccer team play. Organized or I'd wait might not lacked your blog organized sports that they're not count. I'm talking about it. Well doesn't want doesn't count. I guarantee you the competition and the soccer league that we play and is actually more difficult than any sport you've ever played your life. Okay I'm well what I was sick I believe most people consider these. Windy pure forms you fill wing in the winter athletic career stop that. Presume you are well inside your after the fact I get I didn't. If you plates fortress finger you're quite school. Oh yes of course. Why aren't any better prepare your place or why drop down my senior year I played sports or play baseball that summer I played football. Okay he played Opel but the first semester here sport I played I played. I wouldn't say all our tracks seconds reps are you calling you might ask you. What do you mean Nolan and these yes. And he kind of basketball you range jump through he ran he jumped him. Let's take all that all there was and it got me all all all. Hughes now there's some I don't gonna ask you guys about water there could do it or talk about to be adorable closer in feel like the NBA there was something. Trunk room yes okay. I heard you Percival out what have you thought Jon Gruden with a good broadcast. I loved them all HO I loved them. For someone like me who doesn't know audience announce our body was good it at explained. You know big game. As they say Apple's I thought it was interesting is really no way that. Man I felt like he just thought your dad one foot in in coaching and so it was never critical. Of any quarterback never personal when he coaches. Hosea well okay maybe not critical of I don't know specifically court but I did think he was he never really wanted to told outline for the NFL when he came to. You a lot of those guys they'll say I you know was a passenger fares I can see why they know you don't political rant he was critical need is more than an end. Donna. I've partnered in the general quote critical breath and the only blood like he Jon Gruden coached up until 2009. You know the last year you want no playoff it. Now. We this super boy won in 2002. Old storied old now Q1 zero playoff game. It was under five under. The idea that Jon Gruden. Is a good hire for Oakland this in years won a million dollars. It's unbelievable to me like it achieve sure and I think we're open where. Are you are okay. You're not. You know wishing that the chief SATA. No not at all I just don't. I'm not eat it I don't know what though. Dire fracturing is and. I think it mattered but he hasn't coached since 2009 Dick firm yield the only guy. To be out of coaching that law and come back and have that type that Blake. That quote joke if those unbelievable coach. Do you look for a long time came back and it didn't work out form like well people that's why when you mention bill tower the other day I'm like man I'm not. I'm not into the idea of guys going away going to a too much easier much less time consuming job that the nearly as lucrative. And then then coming back and performing at the same lot. I think we're just I think you understand that it's time to sort. Calls and coaches yeah. Great that you guys both think you guys are both fire on group nor you. Yeah I yeah I mean I don't know he started using a coach who seems like a good I think it is a very specific skill. I think as I look over his record. He took over the raiders emit 98 he went eight Nate the first year a name the second year twellman for the third year in ten and six. Clear out there. Yes and then look what app of the box he took over an absolutely. Backed off scene that Tony don't even coach in his first year there than on the suitable they go down or. He had two down years or seven and nine and a five and eleven. And anyone eleven and 597 months something. Right I thought it I think maybe your leaving your album maybe not like. I closed its I don't know I just saw the last 297 so maybe I am. I can look back governments and. Nutter and all that down that sound right does. So I hit it wasn't maybe help you all I also think. Committing to any more of what they guarantee what here's the deal. The raiders. Are one of the horror scenes in the league and by that I mean. They're older not old rich man by NFL older Spain Spain birthright like that wealth is entirely about the football. And he's coaching contracts or guarantee. So it it doesn't like doing your thing you're like oh my god this this is that her. They're gonna have to sit with them for a while because they're not hiding in the 870 million dollar check. To go away like. Jon Gruden is the raiders coach I would say. The next six years at any notable maybe it'll be great for the operator and though I've been our results and I'd be nervous about how. It is here RX. Slowey had a lovely clothes out of his or go but let me ask you this and you reconsider that. You believe Jon Gruden is a step up from Jack Del Rio right. I feel like I'm in solid team. Automatically gets better because gruden Watson or so for our sake it's these fans I hope he stinks and I hope he's there and stinks. For the next ten years but I do like again on TV and I will aromas and that's what I'm upset about. They beyond that you article on big it you know light thing. God they have given so much money. You mentioned what do you get when you work on my crude are you swat team to a otherwise watch this former seal yeah. European need that for Monday Night Football right now eighty and announce that are lost persecute became a cute girl. What can fix that there were normal there. How good role won't laws. Mail me and I feel like you'll be almost be worth it to just lay out. Well blank check for Payton man. Yeah out all AME immigrant have. Have we heard him and we were talking about just just to put the gruden thing in perspective real quick. While we're talking about how Nick Saban did pretty good it wears his quarterback Gus Frerotte these are gruden is quarterbacks mayor I think while he was an. I kept our eye that I could go through because god please look here. So it's it would have been Brad Garrett in the first year. He had Shaun king in there I think he will go on and oh by the turn Josh Freeman got there so who fill in the blanks on the pleases. Brad Johnson Brian Griese Chris Simms and Jeff Garcia. Luke McCown and Bruce Gradkowski those are his quarterbacks. Shaun king what a lot of oh yeah. Well this strong can must've been terrible or group. So I'm all of us to put into those guys. Not. A fair point is it's it's always our board that never had a quarterback and a one year he did have a quarterback that would that forward or you're Copeland were torched it. Right like the year that Rich Gannon. Well wait right Eric Ritchie played against rich in in the soup. Forward Brad Johnson BP saw earlier and Willis Arnold Brad Johnson. Yet now aren't so at the fair point that that we get Ferrer mark he used state. Then I'll bet. That he never as quarterback screen media go according. I know order. What would not cited as a wasn't Smart. Well I had I mean. I don't know Smartphone I think it's a fair point. Why did I really revolutionary here. You know Tampa Bay Bucs beat him by his feet and Wiki page which I've been cut by eight foot I mean. Eyes are we gonna talk about the games this weekend at that's what you want to discuss yes it let it work like taught her level can read more singletary called Smart. I had Tyson Smart I know who's playing this weekend. Okay we wanna do pick what to pick against the spread that I feel like we know what happened because otherwise. Just straight out to straight up Louis Brad what is this sport so we don't know what that means just straight up you can do about it that way I mean you do worse went. I mean that's fine work I have three of the same for. How do you know art. They're not all gonna all we're all gonna pick a favorite in the AFC. We're all gonna pick against the Eagles and the question is going to be do you have the same sort of like that's what it's gonna come down to. All right Eagles falcons you see everyone's gonna pick falcons for. I don't I don't think the Eagles and its announcement on so we've got the dollar is right here many guys for being out here of but I feel fine with that I'm okay with that policy about announcing the falcons and I was certainly thing about the Eagles should I put my iPod for money on the falcons must finally taken the Eagles site and pet. Passed patriots are irrelevant to the patriots. Feel hurt you're hurt jags then you go they go allows us coming in with a Jack I think just like the regular season with five interceptions. There's such as auto. Dealers the judge film does you're right. Yeah I get there Ronald that was cute offensive scorer and five interceptions yet word came to certain bad news in five years work less well when you said to. Beat someone that's on your shows I have vehement hey BM LB Adam on the moan was at the Jackson at the patriots are it's almost eight. Why is it was the we've somewhere in the you know. It was. He would. He ordered safety Mike Mitchell. Saying about the patriots. House they can beat the patriots anywhere all right well yeah plus got the job so take the Steelers but then you got the vikings in the saints and you say everybody's gonna take the saints. I know I didn't say that I said that the game that I think they'll be big disagreement. I'll just say it's up into a looser rule. I'd take the vikings just because I'm routing form on a normal thing. There are also the favorite in this game road map point favorite smile snow also value the air home they have a very user who are fighting the same journal. All right so level and I've won this agreement it the jags. Are viewers so I'm gonna win. How much money nickel angelenos are the top you had how much money could I win betting on the titans to win this weekend. It tightened their probably. Noted. What do budget the jags and the titans and we are less tasted exactly that's all I got cute in your area so yeah we community I think the jags titans followed. Art might yet see that that was a pumping light. 42 walks. I held under doc who paid 40000 but let me check. The two of them would pit that would pay 40000. It's almost like that over stated by me probably more like 31 won't look up excitement. If you bet a hundred dollars. You would win that you're under back what they 150 dollar. Line. That's great we got to the biggest Muslim but. It is seen on the iPod. I will admit I was miss doing the job all. She had tightened our way. Hey he's fallen for example of hundred dollar. Ole. 08 or wants stating I was under state you know armed. Oh wow that's quite an anger at the bright are you tighten our way of hundred dollars. Paid 171000. No way. We have to. Is that we're the Lynch's straight. Know that accord no we straight away right okay that's. The logic they did that old Guerrero I'd like you got it 70000 all right that's right a lot of money and talent back. Well all under our bet it made my column under our credit 83000 dollars. That's still a down wanna do us a thousand dollars down that former Knick a thousand dollars down we could retire. That's like tens of thousands of dollars us an easy birdie her and know our guide we could not use terror why do I just do that just on my launch. You only about a thousand dollars on that or use. Yeah and the U combat. A substantial amount of money for snow cause there's just as vital to do this. All because he's not gonna do so he's like Obama and I don't have to get a more watch and he's gonna watch the games this weekend and be like. I got there is no problem. And then they're going to catch it and figured out the writing a personal check with 30000 dollars from. I artist Chris Carter alone or from a mile. That won't bat like Tony Soprano. Hold the money go party. Or is probably won't be able AM just because you won't be needed to work out yeah. I'm not I'm not fallen down that put up your sleeves in next. Yeah it's. 27 T. I it's how I feel good talk to me about life. I'm alive body and everything okay yet it's a new year out sort of in China has set some goals when you're going to slaughter haven't yet. But I might and I stumbled on something Lou. But the you know the usual stuff the like I think we're all trying to do you news at least for a little while be a little bit healthier and below writer with money and I don't know. I really don't know. But I saw this news story and I but now maybe this is something. The mile Powell as little and I can do together to figure out how to do together. In Kansas City what are we got the stories I'm into Florida. And this is the headline Florida's notorious sausage castle. Burns down zero sausage council as cops probing links to foul play. A brutal fire left Florida sausage castle over cooked that's what the says firefighters. Just before 5 AM Wednesday responded to the former party spot located just outside Saint Cloud. To find fully swallowed by flames. That's kind of the deputy chief investigators do in the fires suspicious as the electric was not connected to in the early morning blaze occurred. Because no one was injured in the fire but the two story building appraiser a 1161900. Dollars was a total loss. Guy so it's not exactly. You know. Nick mention anything sure 60000 dollar home. Despite being vacant for several months. Beer cans and bullet shell casings were still mixed among the din of the botch res rubble sure Wednesday morning this morning. Well then I found out the owner is a guy named Mike Busey and apparently he is related to the Gary Busey. Nephew. And if the stories true to someone could just be saying that. But these sausage Cassel was known by locals as a place for people could join wild sex parties. And shoot guns in the front yard yeah hot spot went on to nab national attention after it was highlighted by MTV and vice magazine I didn't see either one of these and I never heard the sausage factory. Gas. The party palace also bowl boasted that Mike Busey traveling stage show. Which featured a rotating cast of dwarves trippers. 500 pound man in a diaper chocolate sounds aren't immune. This is what I'm thinking right now that the reason seventh and hardy doesn't get the national attention is because we're not shooting guns in the front yard. We don't have tore strippers and a 500 pound man and a diaper. These are just things one at a at a party planner. So I don't think these things but Busey debuts new claims to be the nephew of Gary Busey said in an interview with the newspaper. Just over a year ago that he intended to keep the fun times coming sausage council despite threats from the county. Apparently the reason this is suspicious also because. The owners of the property responsible for over one million dollars in unpaid fines or 40000 dollars which UCO directly. Flurry of fines is rooted in a series of code violations we got a Carl with the old code violations machine on an American unit gun thing that's dangerous. Well either us or that we should really get a small place. And open it up and have a five hometown guy and a diverse and majors run around and now what cheap booze or what else. Well it doesn't go into details about you know did the drugs I'm sure they had I know a guy. A jury get that taken care of but it about it like the playoff game this weekend reticent and all the washing playoffs or the 500 pound right now. Right and we probably have someone in diapers 500 pounds listening right now. At home on ledges and so hyper. And he's probably laughing guys march come on guys I can be your 500 pound I forgot. I had a five are bound ever got residuals for recognition isn't it powerless to hang out same reason we're in me. By final pleasure it is under your house I don't either miles a month now once a week now it's not as fond. You need to be able to separated OK I need a place where I can go or no this is the place we have bands. Right turn. We got the boos. But I don't know Bruce will disappoint you don't shoot guns from the yard that sound like fun. And those songs from our affiliate does from the fines commissioner can't start coming yeah. An exodus of to a minimum Mary for your final push the basement. Right we can find out and then to Gonzalez. Now. I don't know I'm just looking for something I need a need of goal. Oracle. Aaron most of political sausage party. It's called Vienna sausage castle slush cancel it was. Burned and around this morning. And we don't have to do this dog cannot you know say no I can't because I don't hat I need. I need something. Something to work towards. You can't just be we're gonna circle into the gym and all that and quit smoking assembled. Let downs every year that you are gorgeous colors like you know. Sausage for. The only sausage and name one thing sausages and forced her print on here. I was confused by the name because I thought that meant it was just dudes I finish ands I guess that is the point but they did it bring. Girls over the but I mean artists who were paid black professionals professionals. But again look we don't have to do is I would just like to do something I think it's a good idea what's thrown the sausage for. What do we what do we didn't have a house where have we got a place downtown. Like like I don't know like the sausage stronghold like an apartment or Condo or something. Sausages state we get a TV and there. Sausage Dallas. I don't tower. Sausage symposium. Yeah. Sausage chateau. Look I don't care what we call them if we had just start just start a new name I guess we needed named attaches drew in right. But if we could just slowly to whom we talk probably say yeah. How the plans come out. The city but such is Acropolis. Talent sausage city sausage suit and now. As nice ring to it and us. Like hot dog tower to a hot dogs are works I feel like you have the connections you've got friends in high places you can find this place maybe downtown or something. An empty building now what what do we just had a Condo or something. The supply and a dramatic new sausage Cassel will appear on the top floor. Sausage how dark tower doesn't happen in a Condo electron those are you grow earnings and nobody. Was just a place we go to watch games and Robin they don't get all these hookers and drugs and all that stuff. Below is too small space in a big building a big empty building. So we get a two bedroom now seen nine just wanna place a flop house and and that's finally went in Borneo don't flock to watch TV. I'm told Allen. I'd love to have back. I don't know I'm tool to pick up any more drug addictions. How do you need anymore just Q1 Jana notes on since I just need something from seventeenth. Right well. Hot dogs our. So if it's hot dog tower could be. On if we had a swimming pool when I don't employ it. The bands and bought forget if we get a Condo than we won't or can't do it as soon as I love no guns strippers. Yeah I know you don't want to guns anyway. But it doesn't basement that the guys are gonna get us in trouble someone's gonna get hurt but now this is just telling them to me new get accountable the other. Becoming roommates. Why just a device to device to your place or what happened. Or get strippers and drugs and aggressively deal and a diaper right. So what's a mass games. I don't know I guess just feels like it be nice at a place he can get away but I remind you come over that's fine talent and people over and line. Plus the dog likes having company saint sausage cathedral. It's paints such thank you whoever can overlap there it is now the name is so good now we have to follow through. And we need T shirts. I'd like you're like like amazed you know amazingly well patch are rightly so people know your part of what is relevant sauces cathedral and a Sissy room. We'd have a secret handshake. The fraternity this turn into old school. I like adult. Did I do. Born in a big building alone no big east bottoms or whatever. Yet that's not a bad idea flew into the west bottoms has got to be something down there and it's probably not a decode them pretty cheap. Are locked up to code write it's I'm saying what you walk in and really god damn right. My dad died here prize could write. Author anyone's interest and have. I just so for some else's and so what would you do. This is but I'm putting two and to together. What to do is get ourselves saint sausage procedural right and that's where anybody can come examine membership ride. And then the Tonto when you have. Leavitt called baby when in a manner. MMS for smaller parties. Oca. I bet. I like it. By the secret sauce to shake. Enjoy it. Additional through failure and fingers. That's too easy he really got to do it yeah our David yeah. You do salsa show. Here's the other thing on I want to be better with money this yourself we can keep this on the cheap. So while women's unit pricing react to supply booze drugs and processors for our own we can get the balance is not reasoning is not as does not achieve. That there for the professionals might wanna sharpest advertise their services at we invite them as they sauces to zero maybe I don't think self. And then. I feel like. You have friends that they cable companies on the you can get the TV set up president cable tell any friend you can welcome and I thought you. I don't know what you do commercials formula rather have my say and you go and hook up you know. So sixty zillion Internet and some HDTVs for sage sausage and the girl they became that I would DL. I think they would say we'll delivery keeper on the DL. I don't know but I don't I've done. I'd sooner have a lot to offer them. Blaming. I don't have a lot of money to spins. And I don't have a lot of connections can do is replace. I think we have access to booze and lots of crate him. That's it taught got Aaron any friends in the industry and diving. And any of those industry diaper. Industry professional girl's. Real state. Any gambling in there yes Mary like slot machines yes don't we salt my friend built half of craps table or impose their membership fees are human rights violent gun ensure those fees go to. Installs of people want right. Because they have the club in the west bottoms for using yours was for rich guys right now but the clothes not a first guys or something I don't know they auctioned off all that stuff. We can do the same type of thing but it you know it's not for rich guys were not rich. But kind of the same team cigars and like cigars he got cigars right. Now. Other furniture. And illegal gambling. I'll I get. But now it's time we know it looks different than a sausage factory. Now disorders like diamonds club and he lives where we're just snowball ideas here. They'll storming Shane sausage cathedrals seem a little bit shave your luminous gentlemen's club here in. Devin describe renowned I just see dies she voters in our Sherri coronary trying to get away from a wide circle black angels are the picture I'm realizing the sausage cathedral. Was a place for people tried to get away from allies for a couple days I agree I want to FaceBook page to look like a gentlemen's club you know we'll deliver your older guards we get an hour so look like sausage castle. Saint sauces to feed just clones lounge. People in diapers and a professional girl just Thursday house totally and I only know he's a DJ. So he can DJ for for him. Well all awkward. Well you get a piece of the door all right. And people content view. That I've since saucers cathedrals economic as far as as far as Syria do is find a place of places solo gonna slows as you go on there and hang out. As someone's got to have a place that they just haven't been able to rancher haven't been able to sell aren't just a building you know no I got. Until someone buys you know new guys can induce and sausage concede your honor yes and Morgan it we are gonna charge a little membership fee right. So if we that some of that money can go to the landlord. A. So we're asking for it mutually Prius got to give us some time to get our feet. We are talking in clowns and acrobats and the whole nine yards ping pong shows. Donkeys girls are winners. Lower than you know. Like all of us back page in one room. A and then gambling. And drugs. Yet that. The runners are you sure that's the newsroom via is not everybody wants a clone the leader right and I and everybody wants drugs was good to have all those thing Natalie and whatever your thing is you know. And I know a clown got some sounds labels or bitch. I guess we could just go there and now these.