Thursday, 02.15.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, February 15th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Valentines Day recap
    • Relationship stories
    • Shooting in Florida
  • 32:53 - An amputee model was featured in Sports Illustrated
  • 40:07 - Last song you listened to
    • Lazlo: The Smashing Pumpkins - I Am One
    • Lazlo: Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless
    • Slimfast: Spoon - Do I Have To Talk You Into It
    • Snowcone: Hop Along - How Simple

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The righteous man is sent on all sides. Valued dark. Will strike down upon the. I'm very. We know. Nothing Dario I'm fine how are you good yardage so out of breath. Because you guys have you gone announcers just focus on our Amaechi down there. Now please don't hang out I ran down there to see guys. And you guys are gone already is that the shorter smoke break ever Sadat on the other side thought if I run back up the steps. Catch the top. And third for the doors open. No seeming. My as a matter and that is because I was I wanted to ask Blake hit what and why you guys I thought maybe you were just you know they've like mosque plus side for a few moments. And I got to the tops floor realizing the elevators closers nobody NN not welcome the cornea is hurting yourself. So matter breath strip and here. I should know you guys shortens your brakes so much. As train down not by you know media outlets I'm tremendous hang out until we learn. No way. In have you been really quick. So that's why not a breath. Summers ago. You guys are using your own narrow channel coverage stories on kid goes seventeen horses wait I know that China had done I was just trying to catch up whatever you do don't go to the you guys yeah I wanted to catch up going down easy easy is coming back up that's a tough Bartolo again in this is easy is really running up this summer's I think it was an army is usually seen is running up steps trying to catch you guys. She slows a letter in the world tour and I know but I it turns out it wasn't you guys on the elevators and someone else got on the elevator at you that's how far behind you I know I wasn't couldn't believe it. Thought for sure loves remedying. US. Especially here on abrupt and tell you I mean the story ended on now on the size and run down as I resigned frontrunner as you guys and there's reason to. Gun running trying to catch us. So no I was somehow we would have ended up with all the details that I just gave you so I think this is probably quickest way and hundreds human. When. Would you lesson. I was bouncing as it was today urging him to grind them Taylor Price I'd never been before. There was good and it's nice spun. Would you do. That was reality show pitches that's right I knew that. Watch wrestling where large sheet pieces from government pizza and you know a lot of them doing coming on silent pizza I can see just how Murphy's commercials. Such an industry got a well no no. I don't. I don't take you does it take you make kind of guy take a anyway I just don't really understand the contest so get a brother loves it is really good he makes sometimes I never thought of myself. But. Invited including yourself via. Young people like it reminds me and this is the old Tommy Kramer told that I do on science old twin doctors embassy was crazy you know take your make your pizza take your own cook it. Zawahri joint cook your own pizza love. I have my brother swears by so I'm sure we're just lazy on the surround him. To need when I want pizzas because I'm beyond super lazy I want something. Delivered to my door and ready those some guy who's worked in the pizza industry before. Those you know loses what little little roller machine angels are all time turf that's a good yeah I can't I can't I can't really add up and poetry piano in my world fools not gonna. And deal with that. And I lives liked across the street from a dominoes. And so it takes like if I do carry out its two minutes. Against our revenue and I know I understand you kind of take that he's always come closest to your house don't you. Yeah. Idea. As a whole lot going on okay I'm sorry can I like to brunch and don't have at a Bronx. I don't have a Bronx and the Bronx the Bronx to Brock don't have one. I have a domino savage Domino's as good now I can just find so you guys hang out he's had Valentine's Day should deduce their Rahm. I questions they have to because I got excited route I was a kid I guess within the shoe box with the cards and something young and Dylan didn't. What's I don't know why he's an Illinois she knows when but Cleveland is great did it right so you okay. Deceased on when she's what they had all the way through a tornado is tonight in Philly dude I should have picked over to slash. Knowing him just. And Tomlin and I kind of liked the Valentine's Day shoe box. Deal is he can be announced you get the card and it has a name signed to it and he's find out if they write something extra. Eight you you're able to avoid all outward face that he's so you know just someone can drop and no right here and you may be able to work up the courage. Tried a little something extra on Lindsey's. Ballantine I didn't. I tried every year and he was never interested now. Never ever ever there was a girl turn you know an ancient civilization girls now did that was that was junior high I was there for a Lindsay was my. Elementary school crush you know like. Third grade fourth grade fifth grade sixth grade we had we were in class every year together. Never. She's never interest and more about who's auditioning. The junior high girl that dude did the dancer girl wasn't someone that I like got a huge crush and I think she's happy to be my PE class and like I told you yesterday I was kind of I was trying not to into high low can we had to ask someone advance of this and I just one I wanted to. I don't know trying to pick someone I thought would not be too sure I get crazy for me. And she had a what she said now so did you have someone an ailment usually light for multiple years. OK I don't know if everybody had one of those are yeah tonight. A room and of course Graham. Us you got her. Yeah I think I did or else fourth grade. And I'm like Reno should plug broke open being over some stupid and didn't Davies forever and them. I remember. I was back home in my twenty's. And RN a hearty. She was there. House call in my mid twenties and why why Michigan and now I'm just I'm jealous I haven't seen my high school crush sense don't look at my elementary school DAS aren't elementary school crush since I was meant assailants who press sense of ice clear as Arnold party and then she. And I remember I said because I had her phone number written in my basement walls. Us and I bet you we were drained us a bad choice to remember your phone number and she says when I was drawn up and listen of course just hang out. And I I remembered it and end because I can picture it was written in big black markers are for years right yet. And so I thought I doubt been impressive trick because she didn't. She wouldn't know that was written in black marker and their right mind how could you forget it was written and he's like my from a lot of my friends can probably remember X it was written about a phone yeah. And then. I remembered it. And then she. The Marines ran into like later in the evening she's like I think I remember your number two. And I said no you don't and then she remembered it. And she sent it to me. And then it. A buddy of mine came over. Like you know still hanging around is a long you know long evening of drinking hang out right yeah nobody might move came over and does him and I think you can sleep with her. And I said well maybe I'm working this thing I'm exactly sure he doesn't she just came up and asked him when your home phone number was when you're a kid counseling. Damn Smart little spam. Posse. Syria did you come June same Bartoli she knew it yeah. Solutions are social and I got to go to the bathroom as my body and what was puzzles home phone number when he was a kid he told her than she came back as like I remember your number. The gel around the that a little bit there's no doubt sending you know you don't have to worry. Yeah I can't find it's my she's not on social media she's disappeared. Dawn gone forever from Simon yeah. I just checked against. Verisign I don't really literally looking right here I thought I had something and I saw mutual friend I freaked out but no. Not not her bus Sox well look you don't have to use FaceBook but at least have one. It's messed up just have won the right. I had LO OK you can be above it you can but do that by having one never using it to rush does not exist on the there he can't do that you're you're not old enough Jim Jones is married and your loser and you're punishing him kids now. So is like you know fourth grade the shoe broke openly in their twenties and then you know violent in town anyways and after days after that yeah. And about our business now. Choke on German elementary school you just how come we forget this because no known is blazing in now. Since those beautiful women and girls love them he's photogenic key Bibi looks good in person to hold my aren't really. And what he deserves any room Foley was a little kid he says he had a Lisp and he was overweight and I've seen pictures media I wouldn't recognize him he says he got made fun of lots hard to believe and that this guy who now he's a lot of really reviewed groom who grew in yourself down. I had a girlfriend. Our name's Alex. And then you really good soccer pastor says we've had a fair few weeks and that I thought that was like fourth or fifth grade I remember. Her friends tell me one minute she cheated on me. Valued she'd grown for the defense Perry Smith we'll tell you how someone else's hand or something so what happened was she was at home babysitting her brother's. And another kid from Marc Klaas and Adam who lived on the street who was kind of a good looking popular cable. I came over and Sheehan left out like bras and panties. Like around the house I guess. And I don't degrade the kind entice them I don't know. But I guess that's so that was should not originally up eight bronze pennies heard that there aren't here since early in the fourth drink yeah it is that was. Or like for you with the my yes and so. Death I was searching you know initially broke out. I was devastated your generation mom. Guys move faster yeah I'm Carlos seventh grade I went to a party and I laid out with a girl like in bad and we are in the bad. And we were kissing I don't really know exactly what all you do well just like I had some great kissing and now and even sent heavy panting like. Moderate patting me and me and that was like on out Friday night Amanda. I went to school on Monday and the guy who had a locker next to me just look to many said. She's my girlfriend I hope you know that an outside. Who and I still I know I didn't like the fifth guy I was making I was name is Karen I was like rip. I want political he's like you know week. We hung out on Saturday night we decided to me are gone study now and I was like inside I was like not call the things. But it wasn't ever I well there was like mountain it is made out of that chicken on Friday night right that's right a day earlier limelight I was like look at. But he was going to be like Mount Juliet you do everything I thought my only course of reaction that close you don't realize. And I was not interested in dating Cameron okay it was a Friday night. Thing please OK guys have a wonderful life together and I turnaround was just devastated right. Yeah hurts instead I just play back in and I still goes dancing a little. But I'm really really don't care right it's no different than no matter. Yeah well okay so are you gonna leave her my gonna leave to someone's leaving this out we're always open about this what else would I be an up front would also like be let yes I was using junkie I do crying about it is you wanted to get if you wanted to correct me I needed to me a lot earlier they don't die and Christie in the fourth grade and can in the seventh grade whenever you're gonna do to me after that zone or become mommy time. And sorry for his vice seventh grade them did you your girlfriends my girlfriend now I am so hot he's. All right this my car. Stretch. It isn't just beat the deceleration driven did you ever day anyone in elementary school slashing I may be a high school. That you weren't really into what you stated MB 'cause. Maybe so when you thought it was really cool our friend of yours that you look up to date even before you and so you thought all this cool person dated her and it. She. Is willing to date mean soul. Music played date this girl because. I do not like three different times. And then they'll just terminated it was a product of low self esteem being awkward and not popular whatever. So if someone I thought was clearly more popular than your guy more popular cooler whatever I dated someone and it broke up I thought I think accruals in mind lead. I'm not into a but I think she's in Miami say I would ask no that never and it worked like three different times I I don't really care what other people thought. The house I mean to certain degree I never really I mean courses you know. If they were the outcast of the century or when it right I mean then you're just you know I don't put yourself in that situation part for the most part. I never care remedy. I think care who they dated disorderly indeed I wasn't so worried now I remember dating a girl on the sixth grade everyone. She just moved there he should establish yourself yet. And everyone thought it was weird that I'd set I liked her hand thinking like may now in a while it may you know rooms and you're crazy I go out with search we break up. And then next thing I know every guy in school all right miss okay M day date and how much you guys all make fun of me for doing this. So I don't I didn't care in that regard but because my options were limited if someone. I also like approved this I don't kill anyone comes and you may find Agassi looks Stephen dated her. Both David are we talking about you know awareness. He saw I mean even from fourth straight on to move today that if you. Are you are nice enough to want to kiss me I know that that can't be the most pleasant choices are right thank you ended up went up until this point in your life so. And I would certainly not be one to turn your way. Right I'm. Gentleman's job. I feel like that is of youth bureau bestowing upon me a gift that and I probably do not deserves a thank you very much a tender group. And I'm just looking up but now. If you want more than match the match around kind of thing. If you like I've made all the girl I thought she was very pretty and nice and Renault was the tenth graders some thing and it was again on Friday or Saturday night and then she showed up in my locker Monday morning it was like here and chairman looks just like hey. Lunch and talk to you my guy no one night that's not. I'm not doing that would probably can be traced only reckless and great thing that happened right justices are known among them self love and us. Very nice in the initial phases of follow periods that I have little problem. As I know so does not. I still has been known I I see you mean you are similar in that sense that mean you. Over the course of our history and perhaps had. Commitment problems or mentally challenged all slim fast jump right to listen guys jump right then. I tried to but sometimes. I can be commitment championship. Yup it's a long and I'm good right yeah but I can you know in those periods. I think there's probably I guess I'm saying is there's there's women are devastated and crushed my heart is also women probably out there who think that we were boys and girls and and I don't. Remember. Yeah whose whose joke was I don't know it was an Ashenberg. I don't have a girlfriend but I have someone who demand their music that was you know I know I can happen. It out how what a great relationships when I'm working on trying to get back fairly similar. Thinking. On my part with someone like you said someone kisses me whatever I think if someone says they like me. And I and I believe in my dog is precisely like he's very hard for me not just do our relationship to that person because I think who else. Regularly it's like why would I say no business right on. It's it's hard for me to just say people say like well you know you got divorced he really gotten to another list of budget that. Because someone's ability to him and I like them so well I don't. Residents say I don't know what to do and I like yeah right I like them so well established line like spending time of the night and I will admit. Judgment I like relationships that I don't feel I feel better until. Better when I'm when someone yeah I'm good I'm glad to be good at them I'm saying that. That phase remission when he title I don't you don't really item that I can be just a real orchestra that's weird. Yes but when you're right about me you feel comfortable then you can talk to them where you can be together he'd you can cancel plans the other things. I like that dimension I really like that. And I think that's what's so cars might do is not an army to belt reopening wounds here but. Com you know like really dating last year I think snow cone said. I think I think I want that I think guys are guys are talking about any kind of trying to force it. Alex is saying about it much it was just yards and a friend of ours that I think you you are not trying to be mean at all I've done like I've tried to force. Definitely like OK I want this is where I'm. No that is not right for you it's what you want so you important not pressure on the other person. To make yeah. Exactly perfect when that person probably isn't the same. Had space as you are saying okay this is I want this to you and you convince yourself that things that. You know probably archer I mean look out the differences I was being told us personally I've actually won as well yes I get that but OK I'll just say it. My ex wife fly zone you know me since before I met a match like we live we live together for ten years. Wouldn't you say that she and by the way I love my slash great person wouldn't you say that from. When we started dating and men and and and we moved in together and bought a house the other that there were probably like you thinking. Lying. Aligning your willingness like today and I think it was because both of us just kind of wanted to. Try that real relations sure thing you know like I want that we see other people having it I wanna try it never really had before I want you don't let's move ending analyst too also lets try it. He's doing that which I mean that's what everybody does I don't know what it's like that was just that was a big motivated for both of us. I think there's also point hours talking too much right about there is also part rethink it maybe you thought the show I don't know and ends up being wrong most of the time. It's got other person maybe it's not there that's not exactly what I want is good form and yes and so you can get into that where have we waited so this while I had these relationships in my past. You know my ex girlfriends and you know I'm not to talk about my ex wife likes. Girlfriends before or where that stuff that was not good for me right that was not good but it was fun and you know all the things and kind of looks more and how's your relationship right but he finds opponents to view and so you think most of you but it does have not being as good fusion thought that it was perhaps this new. And really to my knowledge your own speed because. Don't know maybe just you know everybody wants to be say introduced only receive right now. Young cameras do sooners this news Sunday news because nobody absolutely now. And rightly so I was so many ways like I need you to save me just don't say it may now amend agreements. There's so anyways that's even I mean I know you're saying you can be with someone who'll. You party too much see you drink too mushy about whatever but you but it is fun and online auctioning the complexities of their country their bottom last. But it clicks but you also think menace to get out of whack a little men and in the future and try to figure that out even. There's other people where that doesn't happen and it's just kind of like of this site witnesses. I think this is healthy men and ends up not being healthy at all for anybody involved in probably less healthy now and anything you're involved in before. And you and I could be because we've been both those extremes I think we've been both those extremes. You can be with someone or your party in everything you do policies like we're doing together and it feels good save to have someone get hot partner to help me through this is a prime time dangerous what I'm doing the opposite end that is I'm with someone who we're gonna isolate ourselves and never leave the house and where. But hey we're not party and injuries I'm going crazy in all those things save I need this right. Anyway yeah what would you say oh news yeah. The news we tried we we we really deciding yesterday we were gonna talk about the school shooting. Because everyone talked a school shooting in which I would eat only minutes old. Why nobody we got the news right as we were trying to do and headlines it was started trickle lands and the updates and we just decided not suck but there's been so many school shootings. And we know all right is this going to be I hate to say it but there's a lot of them that don't even make front page down so. Only two people died so that's gonna get buried on the third I just talk about yeah I'm gonna I'm going to doing the show strong timing of feels like once we got to go off on gun control and and whatever whenever ludicrous singing NRA is gonna say next and how many children and I have to get action Jews say what is executed. I terrorist acts messages that some of those kids sent their parents are old all of those are horrible. Those are horrible I thought you're gonna talk about the true test they're not texting your parents like there's a shooter and can you get out. No I'm gonna come don't come it's dangerous. One of them quoted. I love you and thank you for everything you've done for me yeah are you kidding me right. The last time charter schools are still don't just argue this is so important just staged this tonight. The last time I talked about a school shooting in headlines. What will we talked about that girl who her mom's trying to color in the she finally got a hold of the real good talking (%expletive) to hear all that's one kid Texas and I don't call me yeah because I have to be silent yet. One kid was texting is ten year old sister. And his fourteen year old sister returns stay there are trying to sell where where where. Who sure was closest to. And telling children they love each other are you kidding me yeah. So the shooters name is Nicholas cruise. I'm sure at this point everyone's heard it it's all over the radio solar televisions all over the Internet. Com he bought the gun legally. Clearly we don't know where he bought it yet or at least last I read they said they were saying they didn't know where you buy it but they are saying this community got kicked out of school. And when you watch those witnesses on TV a lot of rumors in the same thing. When the shooting started we all knew it was people even joked around before this happens this is gonna be and again issues of the school. If like someone would you initially expected to meet this this kid after the shooting students described cruise as a loner who struggled in school. You're rumored on the CNET with candy and some without me asking weed through our history sometime back saying that isn't this the ones that the school but it turns out you don't. And one predicted it. So of course. Everyone's curious were wolf what's trump gonna say other than prayers and condolences well because a lot of people say oh we. We saw this kid was. Suspicious or we thought he might be a kind of person who would do something like this. Trump's response was basically if you see something say something and a lot of people are assessing why would you put this blame on to kids yourself I tweet that says hey you need to tell people and keep telling you Tom. Luck again you say in almost every day I don't say that often but don't be in trouble apologist I do think that that tweet in and of itself. Was mentioning the problem is is is who is coming from. Because. You know today he gives a statement. And I tears. Any more people that now. Are so many more people we can lay the blame on then people. Who did each. I don't know what you call the FBI and report this guy that he was awkward answer we're gonna go after all your Teddy Sears back exerts come on man I'm whenever background checks right now by these guns legally. Did you buy booze re combining our right it doesn't make sense and and your responses reporter reporter reporter are you kidding me do something. Adults. The children he saw that student that tweet that got retreated a million times she's she called them and acting piece of ass. And said you know what she's it will need to bring adults as she said. Tom no child teacher anyone else should never feel unsafe in an American school which introduces this is. Beyond an epidemic it's a disgrace it is is indigenous to this race is embarrassing. And the fact that there were gonna say well the answer is maybe one was more good guys and guns I think they've finally realize they got us out saying that navy and people aren't going to be bias. What's next are gonna say lol just militarized school who pulled a metal detectors at every entrance objective TSA that's organ you. Because it's so important you there and then an 80 Google by an AR mud and keep this in mind. We've had guns have been legal. Since the founders put your name right but these laws were you can just go to a gun Shelley 18 am buying an unnamed army refuses widget. It wasn't like this tomorrow when I was in high school people thought it was crazy guy who. Participated sport where we shot guns right but I couldn't just. Do love I'm gonna show and am buying handguns eighteenth you know and I couldn't go buy one from somebody off of Craig's list it is exactly and people didn't think it was crazy to regulate. Deadly weapons Porsche but what trump said today I can't again I go back to the sweet I just we won't. I can't believe the rule making any changes I look I don't know. Beat them boys but again. When they executed. Kindergartners. And nothing change. Not only to none chain oh I'll say that in most are getting texts about don't take away my rights we'll talk about killing children. Killing children. And it's more important for you don't want. You haven't done any house the other thing is you've got not to see any hope you had a huge. Media voice some only Donald Trump likes and his friend was saying it didn't happen my kids are shot. The parents sitting there listening to us again I'm just didn't happen. Good rhythm wasn't yourself doesn't mean initial. Talk about Princeton and and then I do think going to be more good guys with guns and it was. Teachers need to be armed and I mean yeah. Well trumps gave his responses and I I just could not believe. That I Imus and his right this he's reading it. I can't believe that even write it does especially listen to the end of this clip for a stop. I want to speak out directly to America's children. Especially those who feel lost alone confuse. Or even scared. I want you to know. That you are never alone and you never will be. You have people. Who care about you who love you. And who will do anything at all to protect him. If you need help turn to a teacher. A family member. A local police officer. Or a faith leader. Answer hate with love dancer cruelty with kindness. Can you believe the nerve sure answer he would love and so this is a guy who Toby ballplayer legal fees don't knock on how life. Kick his ass you're gonna get on TV inside edges out the other person that this debate packing heat answer cruelty with kindness. Notice how I'm the only one during a gun right now. Imagine doing more headlines I don't wanna talk about anymore man I feel like we do it all the time and unfortunately I feel like we're gonna have to update one is too often by. Obvious or NASA update to sergeant Lawson. Here the church who was love are devastated to hear about the shooting in or act particle in Florida that took place yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the big dumps this senseless tragedy comes only one days after the shooting end. New Orleans. Which took the lives of two people and wounded. Three others. Nightmares like this happen too often in our country so far this year we have had thirty mass shootings and 58. Think dumps we sincerely hope that what happened in the article in Florida will finally be enough to bring you change in this country and that seventeen. Lives taken will not be in vain. President trump and congress must take action to prevent events like this from happening again. Around neon familiarity. Craziness. Why now. Sayings and Brian. JC RA Zune is totally unknown. Am no man. Chairs are. And I. Now banks. No aches rash okay. And I'm going to drown my. So god only knows it's. Noon zoom. James then when she and I. Hard to tell you the financial hardship to. Even when I'm concerned citizens there if you and me who. More. Playing okay. Being there. Read shy. They're meeting sir. And. Only two months my. Man is. Right. Cried. Prove me. Or. Okay. It's hard to tell you. It's. Soon very afternoon people who. I pay. Well to say something really sexist here and I apologize in advance. Of a. Could it. I was just watching the Olympics I come in I was outside smoking had to run a couple aaron's. And I came up and I looked at them some watching hockey and it just as you're savers can depth and I know the pros are playing and I assumption around like god damn those kids are slow like. Bet that's we're gonna have a psychology is not much. That's so women's hockey. I didn't realize it is and the Massa and everything sounds like Jesus Christ a puck went right between someone's Leslie this tube sock and and I finally cuddly inside the maslin if a consignment. Defined am I don't don't get on tiger. Hockey's not very popular sport with girl Adelaide Israel united so it's at least that's safe to say. I don't think it is. I mean I don't know and to. I apologize was an observation. Mean did you hear from Detroit did you have a girls' hockey team and those girls who played hockey F for sure it's cool yeah I'm pretty sure I mean at a school team from. Mark up on is our good W who in nature yeah. I don't know them from them. And or her one. I'll be honest when I came in here is also in Los defense is a very small TV is smaller than the monitor your probably look okay here as well known computer monitor. And when I liked and they happen Abbott closeup of this girl. With how props and I. Honestly thought oh yeah I forgot there's rules not yes all the learning. South Korean women's team wherever I had to attend an air defense I happen to come in when they passed it to our and it went right underneath our legs and she kind of fell down on the not followed Jesus but the we ought to let the pros play well the guys Austin who Slovenia are probably not any matters what are not in an up Rosie you're so lost in overtime I'm partners out. So that means. Mean they can't win gold right they lost of was over any of solo on hero and someone like that. I lost in Transylvania. Yeah let's see they lost in overtime nights millions and there are like three nothing. Yet I think in many cat they tied it I'm interest and I don't know I like any time musically is Canada's hockey media. McNamee. Over time. They started their tournament with an overtime loss. To Pennsylvania. Charlemagne Pennsylvania. So long nanny. I don't know he's out of us I don't know that I get rid of it. But here's shoes mark. I know how silicone feels about when may put women who aren't anorexic on the cover of magazines all the beautiful and he freaks out since when and where he's at that. So I'm curious what slow things about Sports Illustrated. Putting amputees. In the swimsuit edition fashion. And to. Answer and usher. Maryland. And yeah his beautiful. Married to the hockey thing like I can't we want Samantha but the fact that. I didn't want to get drug on the streets you know run homer I don't know I mean that I could you shot will province town square Rockefeller family and I saw this not a vacation reminds statement one more comment that I can't wait man I am and so donor didn't slap Biden. Goes on I don't need that I thought maybe this would be something you normally him and he'd say you know what. I'm off for inclusion. I'm all for you know putting women on the cover of magazines that are also Wichita because you know whether she's I don't know you know that I have a problem and hasn't listened to bust I just think at some point where do we. John it's good emotionalism on the cover I think we should be all inclusive and there's no reason why she shouldn't in my own personal items for whatever reason they are. The also reason why can't look at holes or whatever that disease is whatever it is and it's my own personal it's not just women. That's you you carried out on the matter what right. Straighten me out makes you feel like I don't have it wrong I don't know what that diseases Kolb and it's not I do not tell us I don't think she's on the cover. Okay. Canada just school or. Are you telling me version. That if who's a really like to Kate Upton right is talking on her London playing her if she had up a fake leg a prosthetic leg marsh that was here the thing. Was here when our problem I started here on visit here. As a studio and I had to return to earth and mean no one else was here there is no messenger like you have to return leg. I bring intern she's just hopping around I'm being so much an LA guy except guys isn't it funny uses in the polls are any UTZ hey guys is is a funny yes as I started off hypothetical out Kate -- missing a leg when I have such learn how to protect guys you know assert his topic is so it is time really odd girl whenever legs and judge secular I want and some risks are very erupting. I want to know. If she told you is your relationship as you might yeah I'm guessing that means if she had the fake leg you'd still. Like Paul McCartney's ex wife Eunice you know one thing that kind of looked like a leg not actually for you for your sake I want to be one of these. Ramallah and legs at the swimsuit model that doesn't she's got. But we you. Get home at night she says I have seizing up and hurt so bad I hate wearing this thing so it night. It's off. And your biggest fear in life. Even though it's attached to Kate Upton is there. The stop. Could I overcome it could you achieve a dash for finish. Could you. Rub lotion on the logically and that's my thing glass with the currency needs help yes she says hey you come over here and it's like when you clean up I don't I don't privileges home. If I Robin Oakley had to I get three wedges 100. Yeah an announced candidate you can do it after you change. Of course your way in there the year and then he hits like a fear of flying I'm not afraid of flying to Europe for employees still get on the plane you know. For the rights. Yes there's a real war which is where you are dead and of course I could. But I feel the pride and reward I'm anxious on the plane I would be a little anxious to put to bring you good achievement I can't imagine any time. The lambs and optimism that the fact that if you mess right now. While Matt machine. I've drawn. A middle name's Matt like seeing the inclusion. I like that. You know that put this draw on their recent news story now she's Kirby and she's beautiful and they've got the girl. With. Prosthetic leg I think it's cool though and I think it means that eventually guys like us to get the government's health. I don't think that's occasional and those guys and this is the man art which excludes you and health which excludes me okay. The line. Bad news man yeah don't Brenda Lawrence Wilson is unexplainable but. And I hate to especially on daylight today talk about too many of shutting things familiar. And do something and help so. Yeah I don't even know how to approach this Booth for people who knew Billy F like if you hung now. In Westport a lot of fewer fill local music he certainly knew who he was calm. You know. We have we met in my strength. Back when we first started bush doing this. Course he's had a lot of stuff that right room back when I was hurricane and am we see him up there are a lot of course he did a lot of stuff with local bands and you know. Drummer for Reggie in a full of facts in you know had his own bands and it was just one of those guys that we would still always run into owns always super nice his wife a super nice and I know journey obviously newly weld through homegrown buzz and everything and had. John I wake up this morning I can hear about your show woke up this morning I saw social media. This post I didn't really understand. Like I wasn't certain what it meant so and asserted Texan he once said he into something happened to billing is a guy passed away. So I don't know what happened. You know it done this is not places it is speculator talk about that I guess but I did notice that they set up. A go funding. A memorial fund I think I can tell you what it says here are sold short thing Amy since it posted on the go farming. Billy meant so much as so many around him friend co worker band may family member Joseph tiller coin collector father son brother husband one thing Billy love more than anything was his family. We started this fund to help alleviate some of the financial stress a loss in the family can be to their loved ones we hope. His wife Leah and their family can use this to help pay for some hospital costs as well as funeral expenses. So it's one less thing for them to worry about in their difficult time anything else thanks so much so. You know if you don't mines will shared our trip. FaceBook page I'm on I tweeted a link out to it as well if genome can you know home country probably or heard about this some. Just like we should say some let's talk about it share GAAP and we just saw not to long ago yet. So weird thing again I don't know I'm not super close to them so I don't know if he was. Tickets are that was surprising to me like I said when I saw post. I was confused since account one what does this mean and then I talked to Gerri and she Syria he he passed away so. But another trillion or do I saw you messenger they listen music that are right. I've also I was drive truce into it because shoot we're I was house I was so coney said hey you know Smashing Pumpkins are coming your impugn Smashing Pumpkins and a cement you know. A gasoline I don't listen to Milan but I you know I used to all the time and then. And then I thought well known you know and I do like no you're a big fan yeah I like them and then I told him I said manners spot I mean. Song one is that you trauma writers saw one side one. Of any record the first song on any record I think it's nothing starts better than this and I was telling him that any kind of looked at me I'm telling you believe me. So I don't play a forum. And then of course I was right right well I'm right move right. Now knew it's. I also listen there's view as soon corn environmentalists Lewis and all I saw matriarch and I didn't listen Syria is good I love it. Some stand listen directly from Smashing Pumpkins. I'll do like that I think that we would listen that tomorrow for mail for now new cornyn. I like that OK my turn them. I can't believe this I think this. Its blessing I listen to again last time I played one of their sons he said lawyer gets like appear panel that I mean I like a massage my favorite band. So I can listen to all the time they're good you guys like him to like no you really. I think you really like the Michael a lot more than than I do as a power Oakmont is a good album blues and stuff same spoon record. Smelled like death and he appeared at a. Yeah. That of course is what some specialists and to last for a national goes Alessio us in June to outrageous and I'll go to your phone to see it. As the song I just plain view that pop along oh yes treated you like mr. Beckel hop along the song is called Al assemble. And movies. Own this.