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Thursday, February 16th

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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike to own up. Yeah I am. How IL great RU I am. All right let's say that's better than I was trying to I. Worries me and don't do anybody. What's wrong not a life that I expect us and we'll expect. Never been better right now really you know I didn't. Read your I don't always have to do that you know you don't always have to be on sometimes I just am not de Ferran absolutely within nine counts so. Worry fine and one of the system we can do to make it better. Well I'm sure. And gotten. I've got to have good days before so far so delighted. It's nice. Beautiful. If the windows down most of replacing its only once again and I don't apply as I never room plus personally trying to Missouri. Just turned around. But not in a nonetheless. Any single social posts you may agree administration start I got turned around. And here I am not for the Midland yeah. What would you do to your shopping. Just drive through and she loves Starbucks so until the Apple Store whenever this. We had a new Apple Store then you have to check out. Oh. Sounds like drizzle Thursday it had no money. They know I still outgunned. Mike's just in time. Tell you about your day really good legitimate when the weather gets nice. I walked the dog. From. Came here to coax. What are you talking about. Well. Today is a big day's big protest day binge a you know hey unless coffee in the orchestra and community. I'm gonna learn English. Circumstances should. Is he the orange. That's Notre Dame I don't think is anything crazy like a monster line straight as tired as they do get viewing strength in 9 yards and I am doing some sort of weird drugs is sometimes it isn't straight at some monster orange sensing danger that stuff. Around yet today is up big protest today. Supposed to be day without immigrants. Day without immigrants. So you know the idea is. I guess you don't have to working don't shop. Friends and non immigrants alike are being encouraged to skip work skipped school and not go shopping. So the movement has been spreading through social media with supporters like some celebrity chef Alexander is. The plan to close down three of his DC hotels today hundreds pulled out of trans DC hotel during the campaign after then candidate trump made his controversial comments. About Mexicans. Though organizers say the goal is to show that without immigrants there is no America. Okay. So I guess and I like the ideal addition they should just being edged into the immigrants are cousins weird about a rumored. I get. Solidarity. And but it would be I think it might be less effective. If they set out there on immigrants and their Brothers and sisters right. Yet but I do think I saw someone specified. Who's not supposed to go to work well together resolute yes I gotta go right it's letting you can be legal you can near residential community is supposed to be like first generation. Immigrants. And addresses the lower number of course. The what do we com. Immigrant racists on it's social media. Conceded tweets about it but there's so really today. Still business which I have to admit when I first heard they were doing this I thought there's going to be some of that right of course. Has anything close cheers and then I did not eat I saw all these like videos this morning from Chicago and Elaine are big. You know marches and rallies stuff I haven't seen anything about a casino in the women's march. What was happening Kansas City had a good turnout and I haven't heard anything about it here. Apparently that guided they mentioned in the story. Who owns these restaurants hotels in DC clothes and everything that was a big Spanish I guess her and you know. So that's what's going on today the guys trying not to. Mentioning them I mean it's right because there was a lot of new status he got a big press conference then. He didn't listen he says Tom the media's. I dishonest. Violent and he said you know he talked about what he's accomplished all the jobs that are coming in and companies are staying here. And he said that he inherited a mess. Huge Mets season to make sure everyone knows that you inherited this huge mess when they were asking him about. You know putting his cabinet together he complained it was you know taking too long to get these people confirmed him. Just what he just finally who's really on sun mountain Leach. You know bush was weird because. I feel like there's some talk about how really tour. And I mean Marmol. But I don't. Right during the campaign was saying WikiLeaks is spraying innocent treasure trove and thank god for particularly certain amount on any. And then there was leaps of many resides and we should potentially tellem. Yeah but she's also been Disney also say something there that misread does that lead so we don't tell and then I was really nice you. Hey thanks man. Because I thought he was trying to save leaks have been happening for you guys are accusing me of all these leaks but. It's part of Washington's who has been a problem Dan is complaining. Let's see he said to he inherited a mess and he said to. His administration is quote running like a fine tuned machine open. To be honest I inherited a mess it's a mess at home and abroad a mess jobs are pouring out of the country. I turn on the TV open the newspapers and I see stories of chaos. Chaos. And yet it is the exact opposite this administration is running like a fine tuned machine despite the fact that I can't get my cabinet approves. Persist about Flint you know months. Well I mean I'm sure Assurant. In hand the mass bothers administration should. God cleared out just fine no problems and they're gonna fix a little problems Angel administration. I stood Tricia. So did you see the serious shade and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boasted about congress know he's been very. Political since he election. And he's obviously had some back and fourths. With you shall not be named but. EBay this video just specifically going after congress. And he was comparing. Congress. A comparing their popularity to other things. And to. Or just just some of the things that the more popular than congress hemorrhoids you can back I think James cock roaches root canals colonoscopy is. Through this in the movies they couldn't be true because in the polls. Okay that's not good right rhino congress' less popular than herpes. He says there's certainly like some people's that I wish I did get her do I really generalize early next question right this is how much do you hate. Our big east was you had to Regina trust Turkey's black which would you rather have. Herpes or congress I'm with congress I don't know. EC tweeting when congress is less popular than herpes and nickel back caddie night horizontally into I have read does that make sense unknown. I could see like to nickel back left at his TV satellite congress of people's enlightening. And Google and I'm human like you can. I would think so they still do big shows that they had things are coming to our song commercial and they're coming to we're where they claimed maybe a starlight or something. Yes that's one of those things that you can make fun of might want in somebody like when I was resisted this for sure. Somebody cares about what's on your resume their startling. Let us. Nickel back yeah actors even if you are like all right I got it and you know I'm it's. It's not find any I'm guessing there's a lot of things that would make does not get along but. If you just said man I have like a guilty pleasure. I'm just kinda like nickel back. Right like I got it like you know it's not cool I understand it. My other favorite bands are father John missing in the exact spot for some reason men he says what's on joys and I'm like yeah I doubt it. I like it reminds me of something right. Okay you know there's a part of me that doesn't make Iraq as much as everybody else to lose from my hometown right Coca sure I mean I'm not my. Now. Do you buy a ticket tonight show up were like that's another thing right that's all the symbolic win Nassau I remember women rock played Kemper arena. Doctor M and ten years ago right. I went. And all I hear from the back of the line was and why Islam and I know. And I China's. Whoever was known artist versioning and signed. I won't tell anybody you know you have you don't tell him I'm here and we just walked forward and ever read I timed and other high. Fair enough. I told you about via rock past couple years ago and their guy comes up without a sure he's got mothers facing just. Now McCain is. And I could tell he was angry but I haven't and I don't think using your news and a good time. Does come back so Arnold Schwarzenegger compares you know the popularity of congress with nickel back and Nissan that we. Sadly congress is less popular than herpes in nickel back had in 97% of them. Get reelected gerrymandering and the video was about my area he wants to fix anything we'll nickel back responded to. Is that at Schwarzenegger big six yeah living since approval rate this bad man rob. Please leave us out of your future wisdom drops Don concern here governor here. So then Arnold responded. And he said that's ice cold. I hope we can agree that we need to a freeze on gerrymandering guys thanks for the reply and they respondents said well played sir hash tag respect. I like it. All the material themselves or someone. So when the self deprecating tone Ryan I mean I think yeah. I mean I feel like I don't know Chad Kroger and all my feelings he knows where it is and what he's doing now he knows that. His audience right in knows that. People I don't donate so. But he knows that he still has fans even gone into arrived they need to make money. As opposed to the dudes in creed is just lost it arrives at least Chad Schroeder's trying to have fun and it and you can talk about it right. All right that. You know Wednesday at one point as opposed to like I said what are they guys it was standing at the stage I get a lot of anymore I'll tell you stops down right yes. Didn't nickel back had three songs three different songs released at the same time five or six years ago that run three different format and Maryland I'm never found a lot of first you'll ever doing so they did in like a country song it was countries on a metal song on top indoors triple layers of top foreign object and they released on civilians are different stations and every player did you doesn't that and the metal song was like. It was an it was a pretty big hit I think that until you a better when you may want us sums as a must strippers or something but it is really good remaining amount of things is something like that. And then they had a straight up country song and then they had this top forty so. So there you go to your average departure via. When that sun cannot and it's wonderful as always reference photographed what's on Joey send us. That was probably 2003. At some point now where can I mean we were at the old building. And I read you earlier you read the lyrics and I was dying laughing you know Eminem now. Now I still tell people that story and it's funny because we had blisters when they're late twenties or whatever now mentally Tony Stewart like I was a little kid when you guys and at that I don't know that song. It's still just as funny today. How did our eyes get some red. Also I'm always not wait what she he doesn't know I don't know I don't know that you saw and heard the lives are phenomenal read millers to your ankle and so he says look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh and how did our eyes get so red. And what the hell is on Jolie's head. If it's against Andre there's always got something else that is likely gonna around laughing right here. It is juveniles and police. And this is where I grew up. I think the president owner fixed it up there. I never knew we'd ever win without them the second floor. Is hard for sneaking out. And this is where I went to school. Most of the time had better things to do. Criminal records as I've broken twice. I must've done a half a dozen times why was he breaking into school and that's what why. It was a great this looks you in the basketball's engineers and why are you breaking into school breaks and Barry I wonder if it's too late. Should I go back and try to graduate. Life's better now than it was bad then. If I was them I wouldn't let me end. 000. God. All very it sounds like country psychics on doesn't it you have remember him looking out the back door. I had the photo album sprout out in my bedroom floor. It's hard to say it time to say. Goodbye. Goodbye. And remember him walking out the front door. I found the photo is a friend that I was looking for. It's hard to say it time to say. Goodbye goodbye and these are countries such as we Rex remember the old arcade. He blew every dollar we government. The cops hated us hanging out. They say some new and burned it down. We use solicit other radio. And sing along and every song we know. We said some day we find out how fields. To sing to more than just our steering real. Can't lose the first girl I kissed. I was so nervous and nearly missed. She had a couple of kids Simpson. I haven't seen her sense. And god knows win. But to oh. Oh wow okay hot shot. Oh god oh god every memory of looking back out look until the back door I had the photo albums broad in my bedroom floor it's hard to say. Time to say. Time to say goodbye. I miss that town I missed a faces you can't erase you can't replace and I miss it now I can't believe it. So hard to say. Too hard to leave it. If I can relive those days I know one thing that would never change. Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh. Every time I do it makes me it's. All right man now when Mac came out with a total water that was a watershed moment and I remember you know. There I was friend's house on time and there is as strong as like my boyfriend likes and whatever so it uses big tough guy you know we're like the affliction shirts as nice as pretty quiet. To sing what do you like to photograph songs and I don't know. So I played a form and we were all laughing and I did he wasn't laughing and I could tell he was a little bit authentic Jesus like his favorite thing right that's good once word gets out this is kind of the past they've chosen and they have a song that. Jacqueline corrections says a thousand Joey said that's the moment the becomes incredibly difficult to buy ticket to that show my unless you are. I'd like at fourteen year old female country paying what you mean a moron. Right and you wouldn't be anymore and do you when you go to the show I'm just asking rank as I understand what he's doing marriage front you know he's talked about his life and is drawing on his heart strings and you know you're supposed to go there and think about your friends that you drove will know in times you've broken school. And your boyfriend you. Had a friend who put weird stuff stand. I understand the point what god damn is that over right so when you goes she nickel back when they're coming to town. That's starlight theater that do you grab your loved them. Do you single out what else Joseph is tonight's is not a motive for you I don't know man. I don't know not a lot of new wants. And those records. And then right after that it does he turn to you your boyfriend or husband now does he turned you guys both saying. Look better in your mouth to each other is I think why aren't we I've never seen the lives of busy dope from photograph into Barack. It's I guess that's parliament but whatever equipment but. They have songs like that they still got you here let me sailing your pants around your ankle that led region and that might be nickle back that they. I had similar lyrics I didn't puddle of mud set I liked the way he smacked my ass that's huddle area. And it wasn't like your pants around here I was a chair now. But cherry was. Yeah. It's a guy like your pants around your feet let's nickel back figured you out. Told done. Got to meet up. Hollywood a million dollar body. They say it's over budget but you pay or just to touch it which runs this needs to hit two big screen in shoot a little love seen. If Hollywood and Calder she'd be gone this far you hollered. The dirty little lady was a pretty pink phones. Every sugar daddy hit another all night long. Doesn't care about the money she could be really anybody. Ain't it funny how the honey want you all along. You're ripping up the dance floor honey. You shake your ass around for everyone. I love the day the way you dance and anybody. And teased them all by sucking on your thumb. There's so much cooler when you never pull out. Because you look so much curator was something in your mouth. Lip a black so that's a different song. Something your mouth is a different song but it's something I don't the other one was figured you know that's one I like your pants around your feet I like the dirt that's on your knees. And I like the way you still say please we you're looking out that means you're like my favorite damn disease. And I love the places that we don't love the people you know I love the way you can't say no too many long lines in a row I love the powder on your nose. Oh. And I know who you are wasn't that are distributed out now did you wonder why. Yes as a separate songs and who's that one that's nickel back again yes. And I think the one last assaying from first which is something your mouth I think that was kind of club. Like a heavy rock song. Isn't it. This. This might have been the song that was. When they release those three songs that wants right. You listen. So that's got to be. Well there's more man that is good ones I see a nickel back headlines in our future and look like another Bob Marley day hidden from a long legged diesel train. And I'm down one hanging out this afternoon we've got weeds in the backyard four feet tall Chichi Chung all smoke tomorrow. Beer bottles laying on the kitchen floor for take a while back we combine some more. So I doubt we'll go out I doubt we'll go without this afternoon. You better hang on if you tag along usually doing this to 6 in the morning. Nothing wrong was going all night long tough to put the brakes on it doesn't matter when you rather get up and go out. Me you know my friends we drink up we fall down. It's good jump or fall down man image do it all again just sitting around that's handed out this afternoon that's nickel back. Charles until the section for college with. A. It's a dream come with Paul now man we drank up we fall down the Disco boys yeah a lot of it. You. Know go back to be here. And checked him out and got into it really is. The Governor Schwarzenegger. OK so puddle of mud some of Texas in the Puddle of Mudd song is control. And I don't think they say anything about France I like the way you look at male of the ways smacked Massa of your things you do I have control of you. So I confuse those does that thought after he set up like the way you smacked Massachusetts and the like her hands. But on my nightstand and but starlets not a small place in and some people like it so it's time enjoy other ample attention to and yet and what other bands of that ilk from that. Ever Communist he's looking when he years older I mean. You you can make the argument moved. That there are people of Jaycee take that crowd that will be at nickel back right say 78000 people right yet. What twenty years on them and those who will be a Steve Miller. Yeah that's the same thing right same thing right. Nickel back is Steve Miller yeah. Which puts them on different. Are higher pedestal than those other plan I don't want the same time you gotta make you know stupid they stuck threat made it. So good for left to guess I would have thought three would have been the one and president. Nickel back deuce nickel bag eagle Steve Miller. LaMont Eagles out of money. And so parliament will be doing old sir I decided check back soon saying. In my allowed to like Puddle of Mudd more for the same reasons you like Iraq or because she's from here of course. Does he made references to the city though. So when next I like launching a bad when I was a Kid Rock I feel like I'm watching a bad movie that was filmed around my neighborhood. So I'm looking for sites and right so I'm looking for Kid Rock to drop us Steve Eisen and restaurants are. Right that's somewhat violent to sign in my nosy essentially I know. It is that's why I listened to right so the first whatever that first couple of months I'm was Fred Durst is he was right producing your record order. Did something and I think united Internet video. When that happened when they got signed the picture that they put out that was in Rolling Stone and everything was in sitting behind their their tour van or wherever. And it's you know and there's a Missouri license scenario a little homage gadget guy yet entirely done. I do have a more should we talk about it later. Stood next it's CNET review of all. Okay. And then there was some islands on zoom out and. I forgot to do rent and I told Siri to remind you mean he did yeah I bachelor remind me on Monday but he does your Medina. I must've given the wrong day I don't know what happened. But it was. Offender is the Tea Party right great time had by all okay. Great show put on by her and thought quite. The hostess I see everybody having fun that she does a good party yes everybody doing cool things. Everybody excited. And I'm standing outside and and right after. The girl walks I mean says my god what if you don't their head or shake your head right after that write another girl walks up to me. OK okay how does is still saying cigarette. There for a little. As other walks of an Iron Man she's a we describe her but. No no always risking making someone angry or do this. But she was sure murder short and right I don't look I'm short so Ireland there's like your. If I'm taller than you and by a fair amount then you're shorter right fair enough because I'm. Always normally the shortest guy in the room and a lot of girls are taught me. So she's shorter she's with a another guy she has. Brown hair like Libby shoulder length because straight back says Shelly got maybe. All white T shirt does this ring a bell to anybody not me okay. Because she says domain pay. June remember talking about. You know being quiet during sacks. In an apartment and I'm like. No. And she says now you know like. You know like do you know. Snow cones house like you know how you got really why did you have a Zacks writes how do you like guy does so I don't really remember that mud. OK and his idol let me tell you something. We were not quiet and and I said I LeRoy way we've we what are you talking about I'd still does strike me Ryan yeah well what do what do you mean when we were quiet and she's like what. And then hurt the Dodgers would goes what do you mean what you mean I'm like I know what you're saying like what he's saying NGOs. When minced no don't have sex in his house we're not quiet. And I said no I'm OK. Okay. So I like to know that story if I could you because I don't follow it up followed with a another story that and I haven't I didn't talk about it I don't know did you know they don't turnaround so many girls home since you call it now let's. And you know that's right you know it's good Zia you do and you and your loudly your roommates are home. So to you love me. No I don't think I'm many louder than normal. But I guess I. I hope they grow out no return pusher show you guys are not worried certainly not worried about me a lot of I don't think that. So as of frontiers not and they are an hour. She may yet here she's there's people there. And while both allied Irish need. Seems like a nice girl out there now who is aboard die issue and knows that I had no idea. He's with a guy Julie Guy but he doesn't want dating because you miss said that you know on a mile or so with his recent. Few weeks ago. Ancient history there. Over a month ago and remember she had text me after you said that on there. You know does that knows soccer long time ago and she said what we were not quiet summer like that you know who. Nice. So we're gonna talk about on this. Well and so when I'm home. I go up to the VIP area up there yeah you're up there with your girlfriend right you guys seem to be in deep discussion via sought out. Ottawa and Toronto was going on. And so I stand at a different table and it's our friends old and Bryant. Kara. And this other girl amount lose other girl is right on Lucius. And dumb Jolo don't take just a long way. Joseph all I love you love to I think you're awesome when my most favorite people the world. But Joseph will talk to you. Right here I just talked to you Ryan that's fine I enjoy talking to him do so it's not a big deal. But these two other girls to the side of us Joel's not paying attention they're talking about. So come and all I can they got the other side of Nigerians. Mountain how can I year earned what's going. Yet still talk to jolt right. So it's a girl standing there out of our name. I don't know what they're talking about and I know that I say to her. I don't remember exactly what she says but I know that I say to her like. That's a good look right move and her outfit yeah angelic black sweater I don't know. Mullen did wrong and black sweater black skirt. Black nylon is black shoes right now all black thing and I saw the girl you can choose to yeah I'm sure I'd say that's a good look denied semi hitting on you but I'm wearing you know you're way too overly. Bench and so I'm wagered an original formulating its open. Anyway as so that's it and we've kind of had our conversation and I'm talking to Kara endless endless individual and I hear this lady say. She's talking to her friends she saw Caroline. Talking about. Snow cone some countries that want to talk about me cringing and that they had sex. And now. Now. He texted her. And said it like Don I know I had sex review. Through. And I know I had sex from this other person okay. Don I'm telling you this is what I heard okay that is not and he texted her purse and sad com. Now I'm confused. Because I don't no mood to pick. And I thought to myself like what kind of world I thought that. Now what my you'll like I had sex with a unit had sex lives other Garland I don't know now I don't know would have picked like two gators so I'm like what kind of world does this Dodd and I live in wearing it just taxpayer will be like look at. It's actually several people and I'm just confused right now about who to pick so I need to give me some time just to think about it like that's never did. And where inside of my we will houses in Rome. Of possibility is not true I can't say that now right now I'm gonna say that I never. Don't have dated a girl and had sexual another room right. Know adored him and what doesn't and doesn't have a dog Bob Bob ball to test and say there is such as several people Arnold are going to be my girlfriend or not. Once you relax a little bit I got some Clinton to do that's like not I was like Arthur bonds are rallied track right. Like blood pretext is that if you tax I still all doctors from quicken Willits to defend yourself but if you did Texas girls say. Booms in Jerusalem but I I don't think I there was a good description of the tech site says there must have been a few of us there and I'll Blackmon blackening out just there was side I named about. 30% of the women there but I know what I knew that I gave that description to. So don't you would know. But if you text of that tour I. Believe again that you also Texan the other person and said the same thing. Decisions other girl in a melanoma return choosing him is that how you. Get out of commitment I guess someone's interest in a relationship SL checksum on older that's how it happened so she just made that up completely. That's sort of aha. OK so I was we were talking for a little this is the girl has a soft this is the one allowed to talk to we're talking for a little bit. We hung out a few times after we hung out she Texans have him early. Wanting to get her relationship right now she just got out of a long one doesn't wanna would be committed okay sounds good no problem so. I keep talking of the people not in the committed relationship. You know looking for one welcome your tender profile says like is looking for good time or something like doing that and and whatever. I mean someone who actually I really kind of like we started and often we hang out a few times and seems like things are going pretty well so now the realize loads all poses the goalie came to the TV show. The other really came to be shocking. Look at geez some of the of the girl to be so but there was another girl to be sure that you indeed for a little while. I don't wanna give too much of description everybody was gone to see like a movie with him before work one day. I'll OK okay okay yeah that was later choose somebody got. That's that's the go there yet that's the one that I. Yes yes and yes it is I swear to god you just shadow was it all right finally we're talking about OK so I need someone else. What had been off for getting along now the guerrilla muzzled talk to. Text and say hey I kind of changed her mind I kind of grew like you I wanna be your relationship. And source the law I mean. I don't want to do or because I kind of met someone else who I haven't had sex what haven't. Disclosed that haven't said that to anyone. And so she sets him back why don't wanna make you pay for my I'm not trying to pick I'm just I'm not Charles was to do right now because so she said she's not trying to make you peck. Yeah. Yeah I never once said like I can't decide who I wanna Pickering. That would basically did and now she's gonna be a relationship and juniors and on start to see somebody else you know I don't know what to do. Tuesday after it. Chill out and give me some time when I played. I mean you know orgy Jane did you learn I still don't know we have to impress you know go and I'm loving man. Of course change your mind is longer I mezzaluna on an agreement talking to and I like turn things are going well and that's kind of on C. What other voter. I don't know she's. Which literally what you saw no. Arizona is so confused so are you still talking to the girl the UN's all the movie with before work on I guess that's the one film actually kind of talking to and actually. What about a girl that I saw. Not talking to him. Much what does that mean I mean every now and then we'll text but we have we have analyzed. Everything yes we have all or otherwise I'll side mini bar. Alabama talked you know and there. Good weeks. A week's order. So weak so and so so it loses a two weeks ago you had sex with a girl but I met outside any bar. Who said you guys were well I was I was more than death more than two freeways. About a month pick pick pick a timeline and a political thing a month but had so month there when did you section the other room. Won't be happy not. Couple weeks ago two weeks ago chart but I met this other girl mountain when. We don't only met a few weeks ago RC met before you married okay now Saito are we gonna hang out and tell like. Susan Collins didn't want to not let you create an overlap but I know I don't do the very minute when I'm telling you don't. Is that I let you create your timeline in most cases a detective would ask you more pledges or get an accurate timeline. Ideology to create it you don't went back two months but we decided only go back a month. And now you've got overlapping dialogue I don't really make sense because the two who wanted to communal and actually see and now. Have overlap I said that that they kind of overlapped. But so you met the other girl first the go to Baltimore no VIP first and had sexual there before you met the other girl yes. And then she said I don't wanna live and I was two weeks ago so you met his new role are Richard. A recession question senator now they are trying to figure out overlapped mom I'm okay I'm so did you amazing new girl is always not actually. Did you meet the new girl that you like them and start talking to her before you had sexually grown VIP. I than a meter I had been even detect these irrelevant yeah but it wasn't anything serious about point group. How long Rosen. I told a few weeks ago Arnold wrote and said a week ago it was amendment that wasn't a week ago was that. A few weeks ago was an Oregon texting back and forth a little bit was in a month ago. I don't I don't remember it was a three weeks while I was Tomlin matter this is the matter is trying to figure out when you're having sex resume. I told you I'm seeing one person now by that I mean I'm from find that hard to believe the way of these timeline no don't add up I told to do is okay. I wrong here. I don't. And you know what's happening aren't ER do journalism and kind of the since I'm right and eyes as you the same question and you would make the same mistakes from the sidelines right now. Yeah I know I let a let down hurricane right on Thursday I'm like oh really move OK some excitement and I'll write about it. Try to enjoy my job god and then she would crumble after. And walked out you are still here so I'm trying to find out. Is the girl outside the union and US such a month ago work. Right yeah three weeks ago you started talking into the girlie you're seeing now but only section pretty much yeah. Two weeks ago you had sex with a girl VIP. Mood I'm in a long way to go you started seeing the actual girl. That tell you protect that sounds more along the lines of that's sounds like more along lines of what you might. True don't know America I now know that is. Under so I don't have all the dates in my head you know after a disaster for round out donors that is about his club is yet not the girl but you're talking to know if close re serious about it she was listening. Do you think she's surprised. That you just started actually seeing a public week ago. Newman got. Yah I'm am dumb because as pirate Poehler in here with some of those dating now path of Guevara caller here do you think her time I would match reveres is not. Because senator I got a question. I don't believe it well but if you say well then don't find that you know Lowell is on line I don't think is gonna match up. I don't think a timeline of the girl VoIP is adamant jump I think the time or another girl wasn't the only bars and a match up. I don't think any of these time lines are gonna mention of money and you know what. I'm heroes in your side of the story. Now if there's anything you'd like to change and those sidelines of the grand. But does that to this we're gonna call Holland originally and. I love I think he's done my littlest things that is what happened. Like none of the time and I imagine none. Really suited it well I don't know that the fact that. A month ago was the girl outside a new bar bright. A month ago three weeks ago I started talking to the girl on currently dating now through text message. Two weeks ago. I hung out with the girl on that date. And now all I'm kind of series about the other girl when. I was a parallel to your touch edition. She find a shooting fish is she aware Eliezer girl that I am talking to now we've had the conversation that we don't wanna talk to anyone else. When did you like erosion should join a few days ago moved. While that's a reason. He slept with the VAP girl one when he started talking right the other girl she views suddenly VIP bureau. Maritime link that's sent the other you're and so since you've met the way again now I wasn't really a serious thing with anyone come stone. Mr. Obama opens July. Honestly I just sent you guys had a conversation had a little. I'm about it openly dating anyone else like a week hasn't it's not like Ruben did you know quite a lot of second is the way he cannot we're the only real way Johnson and when and how residual arrow now. We had a conversation whether or she aware that it was yes draws and somebody else move. As the one and only wish it was valiant and was heard you think no I think she's featured on the series and the same boat as in oh. Oslo all right we're slow but I sing everybody else renouncing yes that's literally slow consumer and just started singer last week this come. Want to tell you started actually see her little slim. Yeah. The Bruins are easy it was somebody else and then in a week's time you say. I'm not gonna see anybody else will you not see anybody else and do you know the it and her right and as usual is a zinger a week ago. Seriously. And foreign car my whole Lotta time in that seven days you have since then so I hadn't. Let's take things slow and simulate us. I find that fast but you know what I'm not a millennial. I don't everything what I think. Dating someone for six days and say you know what let's stolen car off anything else. Don't wanna see anybody don't talk differently today you're my guy. Ford is seems press. We've been talking. With that a little bit longer go oh yeah man relaxing elements are. Everything and at that time lines such huge discrete back a little bit doesn't know what you can start over again. I would say valuable when you don't have actually go outside the Indy bar if are you I'd say six zeroes somewhere different yeah. Actress Delaware's gonna work on raw. You need to write some some of the stuff down. I have to remarks only talking to one person anomaly and everything is easy said that you know Jersey but it did not and yeah when I'm your gay for years you. You whose side you're not seeing anybody else then followed up with a shrug my hand signal like. But Arab you're supposed to follow latter. I always tell me now so I have no real rules aren't not are not seeing anyone else and instead there could be potential prospects that are. Exactly and I'm Smart enough all right Natalie Natalie what it was do you still. We've also tonight is anybody else but you know what that means sooner everyone I know I all of that's about one. Yeah I misspoke officials say him. We're not anyone else does you know just me and are seriously doesn't inject bumble. I deleted the problem. It's a really limited in front of area. He Ashland just now the eighty notion not asked me to Julie in front I live in front RS I want to because I want us that would be why. Serious than a minute shoot from what I did a. I lose wanna show you must she think you have a lot of promise rings in the cobra your putting go what's this I'm doing well you're not committed I don't know if I'm deleting the death. My profile but yeah. From all of the Phillies a profile yeah. Don't know my Augusta leading yeah it is nothing to delete the profile to deduce that ball. Hi I. Are you I'm good you. Good ally the story. This is a great story and it's a sad story well. It's fascinating it's fascinating it's a fascinating story I'm sorry. It's also kind of a great story but here's a story. We've both. Taken numerous pharmaceutical mood enhancer is right mood stabilizers. SSI. Just heard your location for Ben's nose the anxiety me whatever the case may be depression my doctors thrown a lot of thing at the walls over the years. I've taken a lot of stuff this particular drug that Irish saw on the news today is not on and I've ever tried a guy I've definitely seen the commercials for it. And that the commercials I think it's one of those were they say you know try this whiff. You're just let alone future I think so I think that's the commercials listeners like you are added to vilify. Right to whatever and so okay. Remember a few years ago there was a drug they came out and I don't remember if for some reason I wanna say it was a restless legs syndrome drug but I might speak as far as I got so much hype. But one of those drugs is commission antics that are memorable one of them said. You know as this listing off that laundry list of side effects it said increased gambling and we've never heard that before right and we thought it was hilarious that is ready to carry on an English can heart palpitations all bought increased standards increased Campbell we know that happened not while trying to actor story is an apparent. We'll share. Yeah because I don't remember what struggle as we first talked of how that happened Marley I. When I first started going on antidepressants. I talked my doctor about it and it was also. As I ass or what is you know increase to gambling thing now this is what he told me. And I'd suitably army said. I've sadness. Ryan anxiety and depression are there for a reason not let that happen too often for you for no reason. But all of your emotions are there for a reason right there. Just like being scared is good right now range run from danger. He said. Anxiety. Or sadness. That's usually what stops people. From losing more money in and they can afford the casino. Which makes sense right COC lost 500 bucks five bucks 5000 bucks 500000 bars whenever. Your number is right now and like knock him on Washington you know I'm just an all right yeah. Well when you take some of these medications. Right. The anxiety the depression the saddest goes when lounge 500 bucks who cares running is fun of them or box. What social lose five of the robots because. You no longer have the anxiety incentives of an impression. So we actually serve and I know you like to gamble so seriously watch that if you go which. Isn't that hard to understand or maybe she just because I heard him say it on TV about that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard I've ever heard when I talk to know about an island. Absolutely make sense try and there are drugs and I'd take. That want to think alcohol or wherever the drive is Georgia I might take a certain drug and I think. The smoke horse and they certainly and one of the world isn't an alcoholic but is still a free for a reason right there's like a final remarks are finished Medina like the cigarette thing. If I'm not Ari drugs they Diego I've had enough cigarette and but if I'm feeling good does it take is and I say who cares right exactly the same. I guess hypothesis spots. This particular article from a cage DVR dot com which is fox 31 news in Denver. They don't get ended why it happens they're just talking about this drug a bill of five and an interview this woman now she apparently lived. And the Vegas area for awhile and never had they say she never had the desire to gamble. And then she went on to vilify don't go flying. It is mum. Used for. Schizophrenia. And bipolar disorder you know so as. Probably not would you get if you ornaments on it I'm depressed liken it to the color entice like Kos anti psychotic or something from. I think I feel like that's what new ethical and certainly this woman she starts taking it calm her down atypical anti psychotic. So our doctor prescribed it to her and she says once she started taking it all the sudden she had this. Never before known desire to gamble and she gambled a lot. And she gambled so much that she even sort of gambling at the airport Las Vegas one time. She missed a flight because she was gambling so she went and booked another later flight and they continue to gamble and missed the second flight and she says it's because she was taking this drug. Apparently I was asked to leave my parents problems. Spoke cannot start kill blu Barbara as well called this woman had already lost your own house injured two kids to a gambling habit she says began in 2008. After she was prescribed to dull fight for depression she told the problem solvers are being notable fight into gambling at a Las Vegas airport. Once there missed two flights they had to reschedule the first woman I've missed them watchers bouncer and so they've they've had no identity of all why not sure okay I really don't know who she's embarrassed solution. Reading from the second for you here and I ended up losing their purpose well. I lost 100000 dollars in the week in total Barbara believed gambling habit cost 2122 million dollars billowing acts of French de. So yeah first volume a lot of money to spend again I don't think Eric I don't have two million dollars to lose I just don't know you know I would at first maybe I'm wrong. But childhood. At first wonder. Is she misdiagnosed. I don't know a lot of people would schizophrenia who have millions of dollars hang around now maybe I'm wrong you know. I saw those Harvard guys say trump is insane so we're gonna maybe she does how is just kind of things schizophrenic people are. Living on the edge ride like on the outskirts a little bit what is you don't millions of dollars yes but see what they do with these drugs from that trip I was on a few years ago and it turns that I wasn't supposed to be on. If a drug I drug may be treated for one purpose so in this must say it psychosis share. Then they say but we've also proven they can treat within this listen on the sides some major depression and bipolar disorder severe so when it comes and he says I Majorly depressing well this is approved for vessel's owners approved for that it's not off label prescription. Now the news gets into a little bit about how a bill by one million dollars bill fight acts on the brains dupe me interceptors which crave pleasure so much is gambling. But shopping group over eating and hyper sexuality. Slinking into all seventy cartons. And who lost and subsequently improved. Stopping the car OK so she loses a million to two million dollars gambling because she she claims because of the strike. He says are also meter heat uncontrollably she you know gained and lost seventy pounds because of the drug they gets worse bug Barbara says the worst thing she did. Was prostitute herself why you shouldn't go into. No greater spot and so this woman says that a vilified it caused her to gamble uncontrollably. Eat way too much food and gain weight in it. Are like figures just now. I'm blonde is no object maybe she's like no I don't care how much saying Brian and I used to I would feel guilty selling my money but now there's no built I don't know I don't know. I've never heard of antidepressant that causes hyper sexuality usually there's side effects are you know decreased libido and T priests and ability to perform all those things as. Almost always sexual side effects this one apparently. Makes fuel. Craving even more or if this is true. This is the sounds like the greatest drug ever because what we're really talking about is someone who was depressed potentially. So depressed I know I'm just. You know hypothesize in here that she was up. Breast vision wanna do anything she takes a drug she feels good she does do all the things also in your gambling you're eating my character a great. You've had such a Montessori you know what all just become older. Like did this national loan to me. That sounds like a drug that really really really works well while that march I mean really really really works too much. Or her. But I do you honestly think. That and obviously not obviously not every person who takes his drug. Loses about trying to casino gains a bunch of weight and becomes a prostitute I'm just gonna gas. But that doesn't happen of loans for now everything has sudden and none of them so many to sharpen your war final. I've seen Tim mead if you look if you're trying to not be depressed it sounds to me like during that time she was not depressed. Russian depressed now out of the red zone he's got a lot of guys but at the time you take the drug and says who Horry. But I don't know million dollars and Dell what we're really saying is that the drug works too well. And no less we're saying it worked so well that. JR and sexy whatever you want and gentlemen and I have worked really well too well worked really really well. Well you make good points on how to my doctors not listening yes it does. It's the exact opposite of being depressed. You know your pressure alana were you do well they know ranking airlines was an intern made her depressed or it was back when does say prominent okay chance. Okay. Makes you happy. If what if you do it enough there's a wrecking your life which makes you depressed what to do it in and have a so cocaine in and of itself. Works too well. Imagine you're so anxious and depressed all the time that you worry about everything you'd. Gambling sounds like she says she never had a desire to gamble some gambling. Makes you too anxious it's easy you don't wanna blues money it sounds too risky. He too much you want you know you're reading the side of the box is to make sure the labels her adds up to what you're trying to do their nutrition this week. You're worried about all that stuff sacks. You have no libido because you're depressed she took a drug that clearly flip if this is true. Made her completely opposite. Like she's going to the casino should debates she's going to be tomatoes you like him during that time she was having the battle outside a village sounds like it she say now hide my did because I think there are like she's got to know she had a problem didn't care. She didn't care I didn't. I imagine if you miss stuff like if I miss a flight a Democrat Pozen knows me. Right it did it yeah yeah I had a problem politically what they give you drugging and missile flight. Let's book another one gonna miss them like we missed him a flight well Lisa you've got until about who's going through tough time with the I don't know man it sounds like she was enjoying herself she went all my. Doctor told me today for an unlimited so soon seems to being different I mean you didn't but I give me this drug. A bill file is an Enron it. So but this won't miss such as. Which is different than what he says he said the drug that he gave me. Could it. Stop me from being worried about losing money or getting in trouble are those citizens of careful about it right and now I'm more as a little about a notify it says a strong desire to gamble. Binge eat shop and have sex may occur movies may actually cause it. So that's old every game or talk about what I was singing is like she won that sexual armed overeat and she wanted to gamble and that is known her. Her. Her anxiety or whatever was stopping her from doing it. This does it may actually be actually causing it. She may have never want to gambles he took until now she wants to gamble so that's different than letting you do it. Sharp and let's say the sounds like she's never gambled for whatever. And I am I thought was nearly out again my thought she was scared of it okay she takes a pill but till removes the fear OK it doesn't cause a desire to cut so she wanted to be a hooker. Or she wanted to have sex a lot or you want to have sex for money whatever the case may be but she wouldn't let herself do it because of fear riot. Our society or whatever the case may be a and then. She took this pill and those fears remove sushi acted in a way. That's she's unhappy red now because fear does stop us from doing things that we shouldn't do Brighton. But this is saying well actually do like. I'd never gambled before commentators tell them also and I'm like hey yeah because they're like crashing forks for whatever reason super light to do it might use when did you ever I don't how to play groups and that's super reference I know all the rules from taking this pill that's a different ball game which I still find hard to believe I think about alcohol when when people drink don't smoke right that's how I think and in this stop smoking commercials there say stay with Malcolm is Misha so but. People who never smoked a cigarette before don't catch a buzz and say boy do I wanna cigarette exactly so right identity alcohol is other casinos because there once you catch a buzzing gamble a bit more money and you're comfortable went. That's why is there but nobody. I can't imagine anybody who's been at home was never gambled before nodded and it all right so now a couple Beers some malware casino and New Orleans golf. Which is why I'm the ability I think a little hard to believe why maybe you didn't do before. But you knew about it you understand how works and no sudden it sounds like a lot of fun but you never smoked a cigarette in your you've got a buzz you crave a cigarette. You could have gone twenty years without a cigarette he'd get Abbas and a man I want a cigarette that's different than. But it's not creating something that never existed even before the bottom line here is if this does what she says it does. We need to strut before they take up the market and now the lawsuit what they're trying to do is they're trying to get. Manufacture. To be more up. And about the side effects. And I guess blood doctors be aware of it because his lawyers said that if it's not on the bottle and talk about the doctors are more likely to prescribe it. So it doesn't sound like they're trying to get ready to. Odd they're just trying to get them to be more up front about the possible side effects. But. I don't know I just if if you're depressing goma Bernanke said in the dark and watch. American Dad! reruns and also and someone gives you don't like let's go out. I wanna go gambling. I wanna go to the ball fake. I wanna go find some loose women. Sounds really good press or to love the craziness out in a pill for all of a I don't go to stop it before but are they wow was born when vamp for whatever reason I'm like man let's go to buffeting. For a place of cards started to Boris lighter fair enough I mean. And of itself I believe that 80% of the people in the world are born. But what what that drug meant when you when you're depressed and you were really going through your bad summer there and you lost the desire to do most of those things everything seem pointless to you all right and and so it was time zones is going to bring him back to it right right yes and you miss it all those things doesn't struggle over the years I finally get tired I'm. As nice item pop a pill and get right back in NASA and the only place this lady straight up she stopped taking this announcer the blue blue moon euros horrible maybe she was on the drug she didn't care she was happy. You are hole so I don't know how far that goes missing your broke you got to live in this crappy studio maybe says I don't care I should improve revenue figure. All of us are so gorgeous just the play devil's advocate William Macy's employees if you're taking credit him every day reviewed all the liberal heart to let other guys in a lot. Where I'm Susan Rice those same same concept art fair in your taken drugs and drink Ambrose Alito actually stumbled through your life a little bit. We have tendencies and all those and is using music immigrant or anti an iron up. So she doesn't know and said you know what I'd brought about a million dollars in debt and Ryan are all closet CNN the I'm so I mean you know took everybody's got their own problems run these.