Thursday, 03.22.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, March 22nd

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump vs Biden
    • Zuckerberg is sorry
    • Austin bomber left confession video
  • 20:32 - Yvette d’Entremont from calls in to talk about pseudoscience
  • 45:54 - Viral video shows adult man confronting his childhood bully
  • 55:03 - On This Day

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From the righteous man specifics on all sides by the end. The selfish and the two renewed evil men and lessons you. Shepherds the weak yeah. The value of dark. Fun who lost chief. And I would strike to own up along the U with the great vengeance and marine science and earth those who attempt to. Yeah. Sorry I'm great how are you great man and a good runner good good good enough feel and any better note. You are those so let's OK I told I was dying you're not I'm sorry I mean I would didn't know. Not I assume you're feeling that if I'd known you warm feeling better I don't know I was assuming it was somewhat sooner. Yeah but I didn't know I tell you how do you not know I told you you ask me first are you still sick I said not all right. And and if I'd known as he knows that and you're like I'll use I'll say it again I just told him still Cigna to bring up again sorry what I'm saying is if I had known that you were still sick. I would have said that I still wasn't feels so great zone make you anxious but I'm sure you're fine anyway. Sure about probably just got on touches something. It's a touch of it's going around out of I don't know I don't know anybody else losers don't deserve the three weeks. As someone on sat chat after we had a conversation yesterday someone a century said he delivers parts to a guy at a dealership whose wife is having same symptoms. She didn't and likes to us sick for a week. Which I have said that she had you know. Stomach problems she's opened a lot OK I'm not doing Imus a racist church aisle are facing UC LQ had no idea I telegraphed a few college and I don't have anything else are they had diarrhea no that was you. Well I'm sure your fine you see his Felix get to Q call time but you don't puke I must tell it hurts like on a scale of one attendance about three isn't bad enough that your friend asked the doctor divides us another I think I should go. OK but I'm an action OPEC. That's Obama. I'm sure your fine. You should go decision had the peace of mind you the truth is many times Italy claiming get an ABC on fine anyway until struggled through a joke yeah. Praising your friend doc you play golf with your doctor right just do my call. Do you text him and say hey before. As I've always been really jealous of your relationship with your doctor would be awesome if I get text when I was a hate. I need you to promise me that you're not going to tell me who that sounds bad even I think your head you're thinking ooh that sounds bad here's my symptoms and then tellem. And then wait for his response. Excellent I'm okay I'm just gonna do delay I'm not gonna say with the results are that something bad this year with a known and just. And besides OK so you have nausea right China's long term non. They can be accompanied live by other symptoms such as constipation diarrhea stomach pain. Most common cause irritable bowel syndrome you have motion sickness emotional stress. That's the third most common cause right there ice gets pregnancy the look. Emotional stress your doctor bill I don't know emotional stress there's nothing series on this list and emotional. Motion sickness emotional stress indigestion food poisoning viruses exposure to chemical toxins Jim and Russia lately have you. Maybe your fine except gallstones. Citizen I think through its own thing not sure is strange spell level three. Now still under way. Need to see your now question the perfect headlines now let's talk about Joseph Biden. Vs trump still unknown Biden's gonna run for president Tony Tony I don't think he said but. He was giving a speech in Miami he says that you disaster there is yeah woods so he talked that he eat breakfast and he said he would he reference trumps. Access Hollywood tape and you know he said this is a guy says he can grab a woman where every once you get away with android and say that. He didn't say. He's an ending I'd like to specifically that he was specific about one place because I think light is beginning of that audio. You know he said that he can grab him anywhere say back tears as zionist 5050 this. And true. Slightly misleading and. Passion they ask me what I like to debate this challenge. I should know I have learned I was going to take you behind Jim did that a lot of them. Lock Cruz my whole life in pretty damn good athlete. Any guy who talked that way was using the fattest ugly SOB in a room. OK so he says he would take him behind the gym Michelle once before they wanted to kick and kick his ass but anyway he said. That he didn't want to debate him. Wanted to fire. I mean July leave them on my life any guy talk I got a locker room is usually the status and is as soon be in the room. Donald Trump responded of course is not cannot. Let this go. It's only treated today. Crazy Joseph Biden is trying to add to get tough guy actually he's weak both mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with the physical assault. He doesn't know me but he did go down faster Hodges crying all the way don't threaten people Joseph. Crying all the way. Now this is opened the floodgates to people debating online who would win in a fight between Joseph Biden. And it's. Donald Trump Donald Washington Post actually printed. This side by side comparison. That someone put together so here's the stats Donald Trump he's 71 he's 63. He weighs 239 pounds his athletic history includes based on high school. Golfer van and sense Joseph Biden he's 75 height six vote weight 215 pounds. Athletic history baseball and football in high school. You guys. Got a favorite I I know so consider there on Joseph Biden would kick his ass I'm not so sure I would still lives of four years and you know the last thing I need to seize 275. Year old man slug it out behind in Germany and elementary school. But I just don't think it works well I don't think it's an exciting fight in them I think they both know who's. Their energy tricky quick someone's got to land someone's going down okay trump utilization wealthy. Guys grow up in New York. Then privileges entire lives I don't I looked at all the stats you know Washington Post even printed off stat sheet shows a shows the side by side. Another agent wait on us up like you said Joseph Biden's got a few years. On non trump Trump's also got a few pounds on Biden. But they're both in their seventies. I just when I see Trump's trump does seem to have a lot of energy I don't I'm not just saying that because he said on the campaign Timothy guide. Does seem to have a lie energy Joseph Biden when I think of Joseph Biden I think of an older guy. Then when I think of trump don't you I guess I'm proud rolling. I'm looking animals now it looks like he's a better show well I mean refusal and yet you're just looking at at room. I'm looking at pictures of Moe I think trump looks like he can take that take your head more so than nine you don't think so why. Biden looks like an old man to me these government privileges whole government close to a final total it was much too so I I think I want him shocks them. And he drops to three innings you're implying that Biden's somehow. And has a lot of experiences street fighting it out. When's the last time you think he got a fight Linspire a little while I imagine you price that is digital thing he wasn't. As a kid as a teenager he probably got some bugs me and Iger that it really comes. Scranton. Trump was born to those don't business. Here's my issue we were talking about these two fighting in high school I would have all my money on Biden no question about search from summer meant in fun I'm really. No you probably Adam and lines were okay and I'm not a good shots on one that he would be so. Shocked to look at team. No one although there's a chance that trump can take a punch just because that is dead Droid BP S on time you take Biden and hammer on him I imaging it's close I think Trump's got a question that I look at and easy. I don't think Biden does that's what scared me I'm wondering by my don't buy long strong face. I'm afraid some gets in there he fights dirty right he's almost breaking the rules it's not grammar police are struggling by Syrian air does something and know. But does annually DNA you look at them play golf doesn't look like he's taken it. Some pounds I'll tell you guys are all over again all right though it looks like his make up would run a all right and they did is ask this Taylor all browsers I feel you can rip his weight off there's a lot of things Biden to do. She has a vote taken Biden yeah trump I I don't I'm not you're how your mind. Out of my mind knowing you are on your mind you think cuisine you just a few minutes ago was finally oldest zeros the first thing it hit it was deja loses four years amid Biden 75 yeah but the more I look at it. The more hunting down and I'll take field and I'm sure I'd be rooting for Biden don't get me wrong I just. Put money on it wrong I don't wanna. I think they should run a simulation. They probably won't have to hear it I mean isn't that hard to imagine is it better do match the next couple years will read a story. That trump and Biden encountered each other and started throwing punches. No I guess not when fighter flight case and I think trump does apply and I think he's running away gonna fight and now this is stupid. And their balls to drink for sailors fighting each other's pretty stupid John Daly former vice president I am president now ordered back to duels and I know I'm doing outside I'm glad your camera and now I know I wish Biden didn't have to play the trump game one's giving speeches I don't. I don't mind now. If he's gonna run for president king is apparatus and his sons of bitches and not like come on guys. Unified tomorrow I thought I do feel like we've diluted politics and pointing her to say yeah I'd say got a small deck and a punch. Today so we need someone who's who's willing to cinematic way you know what I say that and it sounds like I'm upset about what really nice. But another important when much better than lightened glory but there's far begin. I'm gonna punch in your small Dicks facing allied back now about there's a reason he won and there's a reason let's be honest when he first started running we were all laughing. This is fun because this is pretty fundamental apparently he's volunteer eleven a good time I mean I never win but this is awesome right. Mark Zuckerberg was on CNN he apologized very sorry if you can't trust me group's interest not everybody isn't something like. But this was a major richer for it and I'm really sorry that this happened. You know we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and that we can do that and then we don't deserve to have an opportunity to serve people. So our responsibility now is to make sure this doesn't happen again and then there are few basic things that I think we need to do to ensure that one is. Making sure that developers. Mike Alexander Hogan to. Got access to a lot of information and then improperly used to just don't get access to as much information going forward. Maybe I'm the only one again here I know I was an Olympic trump I'm not trying to be contrary and does anyone else feel like when you sign up for a FaceBook account or anything else that you just handed over all information to the Internet and that any. But he basically in that millionaire thing I type anything anything onto the Internet right people that information and the only thing that gives me any comfort is deal. Kind of the school of fish mentality I think William they've got blamed fully also got a billion other people's impose a hopefully when someone goes to grab. An identity they just don't grab mine it's a numbers game and got everybody is. So I guess I totally understand can't even think about what what do you mean I'm in Miami and think all the school of fish mentality and I think I. I just sign up for FaceBook and I'm buying new avenue says log in three of space program like us we've got to be so it's usually easier. I don't mind I don't make fake email accounts in this house we as a layman on down. Radio and what kind byline room all can I use apple pay or whatever okay I'll do that boom boom boom like. I'm all about convenience and you think guys for that convenience high risk privacy. OK did you did you think if you got you're injured Kennedy was stone became this huge headache because it director Craig Craig I can and we're obviously I would think about it again. Now in the future just like you used to not being used to drink and drive right and you got Indio high ceiling I should think about that regular and Wheeling and say right. Of course and then the only thing I'll ask some guy Ryan out I got arrested for a crime right now I didn't commit no I'm not service found decided it with him like an all mom and I've never. Don't golf course and I'll promise that our. My bank account was down. Those seven dollars and has left and it brought whatever the case may be of course that has happened yet. When I ask you designing you know in the sings askew saying he says you can sign in using your FaceBook account. Or your Amazon account. Or there's there's a few of them used to I think face that was the first time ever solve that implement it where you can use and other counts and yeah is there one do you have like some sort of loyalty Rio I think that you'll save for using this one does for whatever use reason I use my Amazon account whenever I can whenever says login with your Amazon. Or your face I just or is FaceBook okay uses FaceBook. I don't ever really go to FaceBook I don't you know that's the other thing where I'm like I'll. Just log in through FaceBook and and unload their anyway so right that's always an easy one for me is to login to things. And everyone's clash talking about how much money Zuckerberg losses week because you know. I guess investors scared of the draw some people to leave their FaceBook accounts I saw a story this morning. In the Washington Post about it is how hard it is to delete your account haven't I thought about it I don't use my count. I was close. I would any of you have a hard time if you don't really. I have because obviously those games a mount Sinai god that's through FaceBook does cheesy player you're also interface where you buy those third party that's right and it says logging on his face all your history of how many times you played the soccer right on this golf game whatever it is I have all those points I'll catch you later OK gotcha. Yeah I didn't realize that you're logging in with FaceBook for those that makes sense you do love those the soccer games I'll Obama that's the thing keeping him play video games might play more leader in my own living out the biggest scares me the most is how watch porn. In my phone yeah. Play video games on my phone checking email. Check email occasionally cannot write and I read. Some news articles. President I rarely text or call him. The biggest kid me about not having to FaceBook account is if which I feel like in the last ten years I searched for just about everybody I've ever been curious to see that look like now. Not feeling we get excited Rio we have. Remember and thank you nice to play with when I was not I wanna look him opposes lesson I've run out of people look up on FaceBook I'm afraid as soon as I deleted. Think of someone but I think did you use someone else is usually there aren't you really don't shoot I mean I yeah. I usually musicals I don't think it but I don't care what her and she that Shannon Stewart ran the same thing right but owns and so and I am I just like you can't just delete everything. Got to say I'm no longer doing social media that's why I bring in about your identity being strong and yes yes I have used don't likes. Based organizing mass market thing and you're worried about like oh my god. This is a wake up call me at all this information from Madonna got me wrong hands on either delete my FaceBook and Willie raised Clinton's lead everything. That's does Twitter and do some of these apps have less information when you sign in with FaceBook you do give much time information right like your. I think your all and your address sir and thanks god I'll ask from you anyway mattress industry and and then at one point healing your Twitter don't post on your FaceBook got Twitter has done all your information on. Other huge what are those where you are right now and what you wait for dinner yesterday. Yeah I and I really honestly haven't even thought about it because like I said I assume everyone has that information right but I guess I'm just trying to play devil's advocate someone might say won't Twitter you just need an email address and screen name. Like FaceBook going to use your real name they want information I don't its missile wants a sign up and remember. Everything you. Have to put where you are may soon have to put you in the right place but they drop notes where you are. But FaceBook and you weather and hamster and you allow them in jail you know meaning those. We definitely everything. If he knows who you really Orioles earlier treason you have done it where probably where you live. Certainly where you live. They can Trace that back just threw a good college because someone's. It's almost we did it a thousand times their live image and tell you a lot of things amount of talent just give me no one week. Yeah and if you're worried about that I mean you don't even need social media that plane to roll a Microsoft all of them know you are yeah. You we've already decided that we are all right was surveillance company. We descended toward what sucks about this about magical thing about FaceBook is that they knew about this and 20:15 and so am apologizing now. Yes but he time I get away with that those women he's apologized because you can't lol yeah. You should just give me a little bit work more business partners here in disaster is that how you operate. You don't apologize for something unless you get in trouble for George criticized him for any other point would be and are you trying to tell me that Twitter doesn't know of some sort of violation. Or at least some sort of breach of trust between you and it. And another party of some sort and his Donna just knots and I think I have no idea I would hope that both my testicles. That all of our social media apps are used in ways that we buy other companies used in ways that you not allow for that. And when my app asks me allowed Twitter to track their location and I say no I used to sooner says amounts to bad also track your location but I just don't think it shows a little error on the top of my phone letting me know that something is tracking my location. I don't allow any of those things check my location. And I just assume they're all tracking my location of course there are. Then the Austin bomber. I'm mark Condit a suspect in the dostum bombing did you years doing his contract your location as me right now I don't care care now fair you know. The Austin bomber obviously. I killed himself when the police and former name brand off the road they they got his phone there's a video on his phone. And I think they said that video list I think deep mindset how long it was only five minute I saw was twenty some minutes. They won't tell us everything is simply won't release he had because it's still evidence. He does not at all mentioned. Anything about terrorism. Nor does he mention anything about hate Austin interim police chief Brian Manley says the 25 minute video doesn't show motive. But does offer a glimpse into the mind of bombing suspect mark Condit or also indications. Of actions he was willing to take in the future. I also heard that in the video he described. Like how he made the bombs where he got materials or what matures he used and how I figured out how to make. These bombs and that he described on video and I guess he recorded that video just a few hours. Before. He killed himself for his busted so and also I don't know we news yesterday but we talked yesterday about how day in you know. Under retailers that they aren't any purchases have been made him we date we saw a picture from FedEx history now there's been a few more pictures released from surveillance footage. But him dropping off packages. But they said what they did to catch him when when he dropped off a package. He was wearing like gloves and that way you look a little suspicious they were able to zoom in on a security camera get his license plate. Once he had his license plate that's how they got a cell phone was it a cellphone that's how they located in. So if you ever wondered can they triangulate your position what the cell phone and who knows maybe they didn't even triangulate his position use insult our mandate its use FaceBook or something. Maybe he had. A pizza delivery. Apple on his bonus track his location and were able the use of but somehow once they knew what number his cellphone was they were able to figure out where it was a mass only tracked down and gone. Again I just assume that someone has my cell phone number right I presume they can turn now. Once you ultimately his arms through FaceBook. Oh yeah. Image is so much easier to send this package over. Hi this is a C vat Daon trauma. Tonight there right. Now. I'm here if I don't I say it. Ultramar died Visio I am lines over Kansas City and you are. A graduate glycol used side neighbors are decided dot com. Private duck aren't you got okay just about south I met thank you for taking the time to talk to us our producer. Is a huge fan of your work has been telling us about it and supporting us oh. Emails and you know there is written articles and we have to ever auntie smarty and funny and all the things that were not so I thought well aren't even par but I. Thank thank thank him for that would. Well like I. I'm I'm fascinated by some of the stuff that I read and I guess I'm fascinated in a certain sense because. You hit the nail on the had and we have talked about it in here and I remember one time at least three years ago. That we are absolutely debated some thing and then both of us ran to the Internet and found I had lines. That told us exactly what we had read and then we just believe it is facts and that was salt. There was one that I read has said you need salt it's good for you quit listening to people tell you know more salt in my body over his slim was like back. So it's normal Florida kill you gotta get an idea diet or any other knowledge packages and saying this is not so much I. Ten days of the sodium and I'm like but we're supposed to have that it is like so. I just gave up and say whatever I want and I did doesn't matter anymore. All of not true and here are some of my life than your own now. I look at it. Good good to know before it Eric you know taking the pop shops where people lump of clay. I would be the end of the kind of individual thing is we're not our not a monolith tactic I carried. Analytical thought one of the big things that we get out of it is I got to keep you have that you know that's wonderful I I thought she. And you do need I Italian diet or generally are hurt her. First irate. Regulation size depending on who you are now your exercise level is one of the pay up fault is it is a out of luck to light. And keep you need that third it looked so if you let it control a lot of different functions in your body felt like I eat it marathon and I would let out a Hummer off the court in particular are. A regular here aren't we. And you're sweating a lot moment when all your diet more so than people who are in active as saying you don't see any salt it's horrible for you I met I did based on them a little bit outdated information that well picture blood pressure cooker they're group secure if you don't have any blood pressure issues with your radar athlete if you're healthy weight salt really isn't that doubles at least to think that what. Budget not just salts is in Havana we were kind of joke right about that but even you can't eat you seem to focus on all of these pseudo science health claims. There we hear I'm really you can't go a day without seen a headline somewhere that says study says dark chocolate may she live longer study says drinking black coffee extend your life by 40%. And I know I Albert did something a few weeks ago Horry said we have that we have to do something about all these. News outlets posting articles there's there. Purposely misleading insane study says this will kill your study says this while you achieve immortality. The truth sometimes lies somewhere in the middle but it seems like more oftentimes or not. Re at least the blogs I read up on your website side they've dot com. The claims are not even there in the first place is not just misleading. A lot of times you would look through these different studies and that there's no there's no evidence anywhere in the study that says what the headlines are saying. I had no what you know sometimes you didn't do you might say you know don't just treat to have why don't article. Because sometimes don't take a kind of a small coal or. Read the funded study and really you extrapolate out to make it much more I catchy headlines. Or to make it sound like it at them and that that won't really get your attention and here you could how are we put out there on the web site. Another time when one at why did you really legitimate body that could be that something later. I don't you know all of that information out there who it's big it is crap on the and compare it will get out you know there'll be critical to open up. And they were a lot of stress free CNN unbearable get out it and it isn't it a greater media. To be a very quick made article. Like a while ago there was one of my eighth grade it is the information I got the same bet and if you remember that once people heard that. That o'clock supplied with equal to an hour of exercise per day if you you're up. I want you to us I did and I true because I drink a bottle night. I'm not that I. I'm never marathon the couple a couple of years ago back when I was little it was cute does it motivate you to the next few years younger. Every everything felt book. Both Oklahoma O butter out as well it would look at you you're trained I don't know fun. If if I could do you know trying to cross the line from our people. So. That's why the headline that's why people wanna print these headlines because they sound great shot it makes you live longer makes a little longer whiners like exercise. I think how do you what you want your take how do you like your weight here I'd strong broad scale it like when I don't have a welcome a different that is that it is the the bottom of my life. But you know that you're living what I bought into you. Other studies there was a researcher who was put into a component of all I expect to get used some of the benefits of exercise. If you couldn't get back if it turned out he needed during the equivalent of a hundred to a thousand bottles of why you. In order to get that tiny hole that I that I promise you. Here's Erik there's enough and you didn't want and settle it without quite you might not know a little bit of a hangover. It. Hello the second. Now how many bottles of wine to I have to drink it. A 100000. Or you get hot at that I didn't total and I like a week. At at and bigger. Some of those not a lot has really it's hard for what. You think you know this is over the course of the week I can start breaking dawn hundreds I'm gonna be a little bit lower but no more than getting on the treadmill so let's go. All mad that you don't like it it all up and I don't want the belt and that big diet but the next eight. Being in business that help then because you know at this point we Chertoff would really insecure thing we cured. And and some heart that your bank they've gotten hurt at all our they've gotten creative. You know at least gotten rid of all the beauty. Horrible big rootkit on humanity don't beat people in polio free walking around America anymore and now. We're trying to shape all the things that people are aired we're trying to keep up like is the thing that hurt you later and later lied to people it's our deputy. They're chasing all these other big they're they're looking couple laps. Fashion a help so where we're selling. You know they opened that this article that people are our hunting or. And it's getting a little particulate and people don't know how to other difference between I think that's the topic at all. Now the opposite could be true right you talk about if you drank a 100000 bottles of wine at once maybe you get some of this chemical or and it's also released when you exercise. What about when something like saccharin they found out whenever they found out in the seventies early eighties that sweet and low this week as we I was saccharine. Gave lab rats cancer ever but they said. Yep you have to if you were gonna do this you happy like a hundred pounds at one time or something odd then that gets translated into. The next artificial sweetener which isn't NutraSweet aspartame and all the sudden all our officials leaders are bad. And you wrote on your blog about I heard you talk about this did this movement to get away from aspartame which is sweet and low. And how I was it Diet Pepsi that decided to get rid of that and you're upset because you're saying they are reacting to. These people who are scared of pseudoscience they're reacting to what this ignorance but I don't outlets and ports are literally like you know here's the thing now is. If every currency if you're like man I don't have enough money to try to change people's minds out of switch. It's like eight other because they they did react to kind of an Oakland put eight after the study it kept people are. It is people are here because Pratt got you know you treat it then I think it was water cancer end you know I'm. I'm would you put out of of an artificial sweetener in you know that it would not do as you know I'm good under the yeah but I I think it was. I accurate but you know it's a fortnight there are. Their people are still scared about that came to that they've gone back and I I do want it both I do work out professionally lit up one that was you know take. Our and that makes people look and it if you need that help you chose to take. Who wrote getting rid of our aspartame altogether but nobody thought that you'd think I'd like you work with because but I look at it until people like the one earth. Other but happy formulation. Without looking at I'm curious what they caught it at the formulation with aspartame. I'm about out of the fear driven that wasn't the pledged Obama one that may be off but some customers because customers might have formulation that would we be safe. Isn't the same reason that we're getting rid of gluten now because people aren't really certain and and you know we talked about this earlier as well but silly -- he's as a real thing. But certainly one thing that does it did. Require all of these gluten free products that we see younger store shelves on there are the ones final list. I didn't like you guys how do you react to be so I mean I have to avoid gluten I hope he Heather. But like needing to look like flipping doesn't mean the world needs to avoid it likely to enjoy your break all the wheat farmers need your kids who are. I I would still over there that they felt if I had it it. Beyond me like people wait to put employee. Good piece just because somebody else. How does how autoimmune conditions to get it like saying other people peanut allergies go I'm not gonna eat it up there's no. I can do it did not bat or every one of the few people. Are you know how good a condition for it but you know people they are. They're they're a big error there was. Again up for the conduct the study. That I get what bilingual and that that yacht which 5% of the population might have a gluten problems they get they conducted that same group conducted a better study. That showing you know what was going wrong. It you know by affect up to 5% of the population not twenty but it is dealt with a little bit further but that you know the one that out of that bag it. Everyone you know it's hard yeah our debt it if you think back into that back into the tube set it big. I have a question for you because I do think and and I. I think you're explaining in why it happens I feel like people are at least in certain situations have to err on the side of caution. Well when I was a kid. Who what when I went when I was a kid now went to school all. Nobody ever said you can't bring a peanut butter and jelly Sims I think they would have told my parents or any of the kids. In this polish neighborhoods and I grew up wind then you cannot bring you butter and jelly to school all. They would of Burma goddamn place to the ground like that was not okay and now my kids like last side helping of laryngitis just got to be sunflower I'm like. You know are wearing panties about a giant home anymore because. I will be good days send it anywhere it's at its if my kid brings the school apparently toward Priscilla children pass out. It right I could be on the go ahead and back at me I'm I'm over the fact checking I have. Read that there are increased that the that this. Of allergy and he'll hurt you react are are it works now as he's there you're the Nick's theory about why that things. Odd series there has been that I while a lot of double check on the one. One of the theory that ideology but a little more extreme has been. That there is. A little bit of a link antibiotic use. I'll give you been able to me is the day as Alex is it. From changing their got for. And then. Reality afterwards why I might be due to incorrect or if they're out it's about real thing I think I got via the incorrect term. But they they've been able to kind of pick the other he afterwards by changing its got the brat got bacteria. Back to normal normally budget got or afterwards. Note there. There is some evidence to suggest that even though about it had been Beatty really could keep it up the lives you know a lot of different. Up bacteria that aren't all it could also happened is I. Independent and enjoys those obsolete yup. So it I mean I wasn't aware that not come out right wasn't words that now we get a bit of butter and jelly. Oh yeah are accusing you can't just you know you have to be careful look at the bit I don't like. It broke up had some back seem perfect and it kind of like you know there's. They are people worse here that the vaccine you know what you're gonna have to get over that fear because those back into those violent at the first protect its well. Both Byron good look I don't gonna affect everyone around here. So those guys hit it even if you don't let it get somebody doesn't like the act yet. Back it up they'd get over it for the public if you don't get the read something that people for the people around yourself. Even though we think of we we did it act or eat something. Is that something that the basic you read that just ignore. Who built up area around go to you on your way. Yeah not. I have molecule but it that it that hadn't is that better. That better sort true you know street in a happy note can really get someone allergic reaction. I we're talking to you that dodger Montel I say it right that time to dunk remark yet eat it but I babe dot com is the website I think I think the easiest way to describe his you're a warrior against pseudoscience. And wagged his much if like Google pseudoscience which I did before this interview because I want to try and get examples of our what are some of these things just are not the name that comes up over and over and over again. Is Gwyneth Paltrow. When a pal chuck as a matter that it looks like a friend Michael Shermer skeptic magazine that they awarded her. They called the rusty razor award Ford. You know basically being bullet crap and we see it all the time deep these stories specifically about her company what is it is it duke Purdue were yeah. I didn't hit it. So actually mean could you don't pick and think that shut up yeah and now needs yeah I. I I think if you think gateway at our V or something I don't know I like it that they thought wait a kite. But she actually marketing copy at a much now I don't know why. Don't I don't get a lot what you. She did not sound of it got quiet she got up slightly there go our belated. They not heard that somebody. Look at it but there is what happened there opinion it isn't she repeatedly getting beat me or hurt therapy. I saw a woman died this week. Yeah I just don't and I am I. Yeah I'd never heard that you've heard as well as now they're doing that acupuncture would be stings the bees. And someone that way. Don't. I am I thought that was something that we we try to move Kuwait when we we're. Smarter I I know. These people are trying to go hey at the thought didn't it didn't come out of a lap they feel she era they basically if if it made by science that they try to avoid it. Which yeah does it might never had a name Gerald. And all the kids we all play tag up and down and we yell Gerald you've got a bigger pants and then he would freak out he Baltimore ever done. Take his fans saw a run homer was the vast. It got things that. MP I don't what you gotta have a natural human reaction would be I got into Augusta. Most of the hates LA our table and have someone sting you repeatedly with these also look good Paltrow does though my point was I think that's just how. I think that's ethnic that's only overcame his career path but put it Alger does is is somewhat easy to spot. And lets you just desperate for a cure I mean you talk about you know being sick. A few years back in the and you want answers he wanted to try and find remedies for people who are being told by their doctors this is the best medicine we've got. I understand people are eternity RNC if there's something they're missing but. I feel like if you see someone making claims on a wet like when a pallets or whoever it might be saying hey if you do this crazy thing. It will help you live longer feel better. And be healthier yeah did investing doing that cases say is anyone else sameness is there any science to back this up but it's a little tougher when you see. Study says drinking black coffee. Increases your lifespan. The hard part but with the but that is what it outrage she has a handful of people who have MV neck your name. Back you know up and no matter what you can always find. Some doctors some and be done nurse practitioners somewhere who will say oh yeah I don't even get stuck there won't somebody. Who are without Eric they decided they didn't read it is the establishment a lot of back Iranian. And left main stream out of there at a rate that it but the opinion you don't hunt for the out liar you can't her worst scientific it and that says. And like what I do when I'm when I'm Brady would try to figure out what real. Not is a book or I try to find people who physically but you know well he started the the Allen is evident almost get freaked surges. And if you if you keep water two point. That this decree the view that not a like that not only to find this is beaten I mean I have a hundred people. In the scientific establishment think something's got wearing a size probably it. And quoted in there it is people out of spite or no such heat so why not out of the hundreds if not an actor what. Well let's be honest to ever scientist comes on TV. And says navies of the factual and you got to look at that guy or girl rice import of Paltrow comes on the says. Drinking coffee and coffee M I'll make you look like me because really that's or buying and Jillian like well. Whenever I'm gonna all of Paltrow because whatever she's way don't whatever she's doing give me too. The parent people that model but what a culture at the pilot flight haven't felt that it doesn't follow what my theory that people would go with what they want to look like not with the person you're going outfitted by so I think we could mean he. As you get a bunch of really liked it doctored. It's a good idea that that would help and unfortunately we got you know someone who people would affect you got your and it would stop Iran. We got doctor drew I think he's pretty good looking but I saw him. Selling something on daytime TV the other day two of I don't remember what it was that's nothing I see a doctor and it's on one of those commercials you said it you can always find a doctor questions some of them are an entomologist this company does make any money being professors is like Albert put on a smock and don't be able despite his stuff on had to get Ericsson. Thank you doctor saying mission that they are community is so hot and how. Leo it's the last censor what I want that well. You might help so I was looking into some of the popular pseudoscience is the day exist right now raw water was a big one with in the last year but I haven't heard that on a couple months so maybe that's kind of going away. There's something like whenever the raw water people talk might not want to drink on purified water that was. I mean I live like in it in the effort. The Bay Area as like their well water thing like it. It can bury the Silicon Valley were so modern that we're going comes up I killed us 500 years ago it ain't like I yeah. Even and I. It up and make me go you have it. It's getting I I did I don't get it I don't get why were there I don't know why that's become saying I guess we have we get noticed how are impatient really. Us something. Also I have some people have there's a minute never heard about called the razor in his Emerson said that this is where you don't eat you just. Sustain life slide breathing techniques owe this to be real. As though and it. The people who are hurt like you know people would ever be tried again and public acting like. They're people who claim that they've done it and they haven't really. Gotten like Jarrett. You never thought you know you're curious all of his that they sustain them propped up on white horse energy appeared in the areas and it always been found out they've been you know they ate didn't. Quick thought about this this because obviously they. Right place but here there's no way you can think yourself on some light and happy thought that that. Not a fake I I don't I don't. I guess man always pass dragging people to her she's just a total now. Hey you know you've hit it you did you think your belt on but quite happy thought. Bad like that would have been really hit it right it sought her out like I helped bloody up Barack merit I'm just it's sitting right. More likely sunlight is it gonna get you up. Our. No one that made me laugh though. Because these are still around you still see him on TV are that the copper bracelets you know aren't our clothing copper bracelets. As I just did a quick search to see what scientists say about it and this does doctor was saying you know this whole thing changes on the idea that your blood is magnetic he's like which. As as the way that we all understand magnetism it's not that type of magnetic he said if your blood was magnetic the way that they. Describe it in those Merle and then what when you go into an MRI machine your head would explode he's like the manga sounds and I think that would be awesome it's. But what are people are more even that stuff sale of that I don't know are. Right but people still believe in this they still say I know I think it works there's there's because they can they can find the answers somewhat original placebo effect and are absolutely. And here is a measure Bebop fact that some people experience I mean I don't wanna completely. Disregard the fact look it up a good thing but I also ball I don't like the fact that there are people that. You know are are charging extra that they both would put them back get in the big east have more can the healing here so. You know of course they'd they'd braid beat back a marketing of these things very carefully though they don't say it out where where you guys like. Yet if they don't make any medical claim was very carefully. But they're innovative they're like will put that back then it so it dried blood city area it yes we know what level of improvement. How outfit like if you think that contribute app and don't what do I get the book what bank. But it's not. Good not how it. It has ever been south. We'll work. These statements are now and evaluated by the FDA and we don't want them to be. Ever. So that's exactly like if you I am I mean I I would think for all the supplement maker the planet. It's safe thought the bears or they would want. There I could know how important it does put you know that is it a bit evaluated at the CA. They wanted. They don't want that to go away keep in they ought to be regulated. And there are people would love. Other public art it says should become regulated it not a couple of acres because it won federal regulators keep things all at. It. So it wouldn't happen but you're tapping approval and there I believe it's both good and I got I have a daughter that. But if I. One but I didn't think I'd be. Like everything under par at it at its triple bogey eight at the active. And in order to make its market. And that he. Suddenly had to be. True then hit both be safe and effective and this is something purse certainly percent of the population that you know it secure thing that. It is needed to prevent it'd be. Their way to do it so many things that are on your shelves right now would be bought. Of course you as you wouldn't have figured it there'll be companies out of business tomorrow because there is being ridership up foot note. All our you know being with was irked but I just did nothing. Right yes and we could talk about supplements all day but if it says sorry I just you know it'd be good dubious about their claims. Comfort assigned to stay for the dirty jokes website is side they've got comes out right. Yeah yeah Monica and thus. What did did you did you enjoy your time here. All right what are I got midget or nice effect. You bet Don jamaat side they dot com thank you so much you appreciate it thank you grabbing eight. Churchill saw. Six fire. Hi this is audio on supposed to hear yeah I guess I'm like this because I spoke on our music familiarity heard that I just saw earlier today we're on the air by. It's taxes it's outside Houston I guessed right and there's a school board meeting that this is earlier this week at a school board meeting. So this guy. Goes to talking who walks at the dais where Reese talking to the school board. And he starts off by saying hey you know I actually went to school here I graduated. With the superintendent the guiding names here's the soup and or they risk. Greg Bear's. Graduated from KSD in 1983. I started in 1975. With mr. lines of my legal name is Craig Jay I was bullied. On the. His name's Greg did all right you know what I saw outside and watch it but I side OK I saw what was happening yet named Greg de an says he is pulling its. Lou people police believed in and I had teachers and believe me I had kids that believe me. Even those coaches I had nobody to turn to. One day at lunch. I had my red shirt in the Euro invested mullah. Ahead laid on the ground in a field position as the kids kicked me I got up arranged my face all. I walked out of little lunch room. Walk straight to the principal's office and he told me these kids won't grow up someday. They won't always be like us and they certainly don't. Win hope. And I got the 45. Out of my father's drawer and put it in my math because at this point I had no god. Nobody in the school system to help me is that didn't raise this is going to be. Let's you with the one that should not live in the general. Thank you. But. It is is that where they're where. So what he says he said at the end their lay answered you're the one shy of my head in the Urals fighting as superintendent. And then you can hear assuming it's a southerner in the background he says this is this is unbelievable. So then Barrett says. You want to debate it because I have witnesses who watched the whole thing happened to the video cuts off there right and alas I've found there was no word as to whether or not you know. They had say anything else after that but this superintendent. Released a statement that he said it was difficult for me to listen to a gentleman. I recount a bullying incident he said occurred more than 35 years ago. As superintendent in three school districts in Texas I've always tried to create an environment where every student is safe physically and emotionally. But when an individual impugn my character and reputation. As the investigator of those actions I am disappointed because it simply is not true. So easily yesterday saying he didn't do it. Do you think it's possible that. He did do it in and honestly doesn't remember doing it you don't know you don't think it's possible to bully someone and block it out because it's. Now I think you know like you made like yeah now if here's what I know I don't practice. If you what the high school together right now or elementary school when. And I'm sitting up there and on the superintendent. Of the school or alma vice president of the United States doesn't matter right yeah but I'm about to talk right. And you say had. Laszlo. My name. Is slim fast. And then you start Thomas or as soon as you say your name I'm lights and I look at right there's no like I may be like wow. God damn it or if you say like and then you show my head in the toilet I'd make it myself like. That could have been snow karma you know what all that happened is not clear about. There's clearly ahead in the toilet and you know what if it wasn't exactly immune shoved his head in the toilet at that moment. I did something close he may be mixing up who beat his ass that day but I'm one of them. Do they sell it or you don't. It sucks that you and I both have that same. Thought process because surely not every one. Would have that reaction if they count or someone in a bar in their hometown. Twenty years places we remember you utilize I wanna say no let me clear this same because my name you're going. If I say my name's attacked Hillary discussing and I believe in your thinking that you probably didn't write. I'm thinking I know the name of I don't forget that oh you're just saying I thought years in his energy here than named. Well let's say not guilty as charged of anything probably Jones I'm feeling as I know the game like I had those things don't you don't forget right like I know. Who got bullied. In elementary school I know the things I did wrong I don't forget those things CI know that and I may not have thought of them for awhile but you go down. You know Q you picked on now I write and I do that but I also think if the kid came up to me and said hey. But I don't remember and said you picked on me you know my name's whatever and you did this is in this to me. Even if I had no recollection not and I've only go on now this guy I don't want to I JR experiments and I'm stoked on and you picked I mean I'm like man. Our memory on number appeared Tonya yeah popular doubt feel pretty confident about that I would know and I certainly wouldn't know. Now US and use a Laszlo you went on interest when you picked me out like land I remember you are remembered different but whatever sorry. Right yeah that's fine remember like that would okay it was a long time ago I take heat for it. What do you said you took my head and jammed it in Europe all that's I remember that did not really have Russ pick I remember that. There's no doubt about that I remember that it is your setup allows you call me stupid math class and and related technology math class were OK sorry right now I don't once twice I was decked up I apologize would you say slow. You gave me a swirling in the Euro little I would remember that have been left all day yeah I also don't remember that stuff happening you see movies and and you hear about I mean I feel like if you saw someone in school. Getting their heads stuck in a year and all. Another outdoor Q what kind of Outkast is person was someone would stop it wouldn't take. Mentally I was delusional world England bullying and a seven and I think everything's bullying and I saw the Chris Rock special and I do think you know the world can be marble is. It lets you you know. But I think what the difference is what Chris Rock was talking madam and you know me and Emma post the same agent. The bullying that I got in the bullying that probably he gotten a lot of people dot. To me it was more like. You know you caught hell one day for weren't stupid shoes. When it didn't continue on the next and didn't continue on the day and that it was Pellicano ribbing like I don't know all the world's over but ended in a week or so let's find it wasn't something that. Now it seems like it's like you know this guy says every now he says he went to school you know before I did. But he says every day they picked on him he also had unfortunate name. Yeah and you know and that's as stupid and it makes no sense for we Elmo that is true. Yeah right so whether we like it or not attend a tend to believe in my attentively to stop happen we have Suzie said my name is Barry Dan went well son of a bitch there. And I went to school here I went. Sorry man gimmick and disorderly. Yeah and then now. We we we went to Scott went to school what I can think of two kids who did get picked on from what I can tell every time I saw them they seem to be running from someone or. And then I mean they got made fun of a lot it was a guy and a girl so I'm sure there's some of the people who listen now say hey. You guys may not have gotten it right now no I don't I cannot talk about kids pick dominated the last brawl at a live on main thing in Atlanta writes I'll certainly for other kids like I was saying like Barrett clearly happened every today. So it's harder for someone like who knows just what hasn't walked in the shoes realize how bad it can get. Day in and day out. And again we say it all the time and is it a lot. Your high school you were a middle school kid you're an elementary school infrastructure not that cool second off. You may think you're cool now because as the fourth grade and ninth grade or eleventh grade which are always going to be. And you're gonna wish that one day in the future so it was nice deal or someone would be nice to you because you're going to be in an odd situation PA. Two you know in your girlfriend's friend's wedding war. A new day at work all our you know recently divorced and having to eat lunch alone right like all these things are gonna happen you know life. And they're gonna think to yourself and by the way I don't believe in karma just because you do something good doesn't mean that goes gonna compact use sometimes just doesn't come back. And that's okay. When you're gonna look back on that moments and you know what I probably could have been nicer person. Just a nicer person if you see somebody eating alone launch fails to town next what do you care. You're not that cool and if you can't do that if it's just impossible to do that. Because of social circumstances at least don't put our head and toilet how about that. Sure you left please save me. 2017. Tell me the story I'm interest and well Tom. Make sure I get the city earlier sand dust he Ohio and answers your point is man. And that's okay CU I was gonna ask my first course usually bring up on news stories has a muzzle lived there. Ireland and I've been there was several times just not too far from a three hour drive and enjoy our you drive to go to. Parker or if so this does story takes place at a retirement home care home okay Tom. And to. Involves a hundred year old president. Guy. Who what's her name. This is a guy's zone merely. I was never one of the real world and I don't know if they actually give his name they may not give his name because he's the victim and the story. So. It also involves a 26. Year old. Former employee. And they do give her name and Kelly arrived I've still there's a video of what happened to at this nursing home. And it's grainy video but apparently one of her co workers took the video. I'm so it's a procedural girl yeah and a hundred year old guy from north usually herself she's a nurse. I'll just played is for yeah so. You can hear the same I heard it from this local news report. I can show you things. I'm saying things. The fox eight I team obtained this cell phone video showing former comments at Providence worker Britney Foltz inside the room of an elderly man. Okay. I'm a girl. A. He says your boy and she says I'm a girl now they say that he had eased so many so what's your name yes sounds like and he's they said that he's got so. Not schizophrenic dementia right he's got dementia is in his mind is going. Yeah I mean yeah. And the video was take what life. OK so he's laying down on right and he says I think your barges Obama Girl says you know he says what's your name she says I'm a girl you know exactly I don't know says whoop whoop I don't know if anyone since you mentioned endless into it again because they don't they put subtitles and they'll put that up there so it sounds like he says your voice as I'm a girl and she says you know what that means they got voice you might be someone else and there. The video was taken by another former worker a couple of months ago but was just recently given to officials. Just tell me that as soon as officials here at the facility found out about the incidents they contacted police didn't. Send ASCII police say the victim is 100 years old and has dementia. Soon after receiving the video they started an investigation and last week arrested Foltz don't know. All happened so she's she'll throw Marshall doesn't. This guy's lane on his back on the bad. And it looks like is. Like his knees are gonna hang out that it's hard to seek is a video is grainy and it's taken from a bad angle or final spot. Looks like he's basically laying on of Edwards is knees bent and after that she. Serves you a lot yes OK and she's. Grinding against him according to this story OK and it's hard to see exactly what she's doing is they've blurred out while she's doing that but I did see at one point she gets in front of them down and she pulls her pants down okay. And shows him. Herb. Box Regina bare buttocks. I don't know if you can see that or not. But there was baron Von charged. The suspect we'll cross excellent position which is most final of position yeah. Tells us who knows I mean really you know sort of dream. The reason why I mean I'll assume that what does that mean total sexual or emotional for someone astronaut imposition means that I don't I don't know but I don't mean imposition. Brian. I mean I got on you know. Gross sexual imposition can you tell us his own imposition of resolution as the actual process of imposing something. Or of being imposed so it's son I got on impose on Iran is an item but it's if it's gross sexual doesn't say on wanted to gross sexual imposition. It says gross sexual position like. Big sexual. Imposition striped light dusting bush. I don't know I do as I love I was happy good thing or bad thing. Because if I win and if I want to ship obese and how is like me and the amount of growth sexual imposition on America. Might look like all right so it's worth the cover of like kids. And also released from the Erie county jail on bond hearing was held Tuesday in sandusky municipal court we haven't caretaker whose. Oh I wish her rants in our resident Blake home and Schmidt and sexual acts towards own on ship one point touches on my friends of mine is is this I area. Hong I don't points fascism is her buttocks tourism. Detectives say additional charges could be filed. One. Nor does singer she steals firmer heard or B don't. She just gave a lap dance 26 year old former nursing home employee in Ohio was arrested after she reportedly danced provocatively. For a hundred year old resident. Send us keep police said Brittany faults gave something like a lap dance to the man what the guys say they added she also flashed her breasts. And our barks. Britney was busted after a fellow police who recorded the dance on a cell phone later showed it to a supervisor. False his face seen a charger gross sexual imposition. Which is a fourth degree felony. Sandusky police said it was disturbing to see a hundred year old man treated that way. Faults pleaded not guilty Tuesday. Her attorney says faults should be exonerated because it was a prank intended to make the man feel good. Now the attorney alleges that even though the resident has dementia. He had the capacity to say no and didn't there's also as good message to feel pleasure. Quote the man knew exactly what was going on and had no problem with it whatsoever. That's according to her defense attorney Jeffrey Oglesby. So the second caretakers tell me it wasn't charged. You kids say wat. You say knows it's going around we also looked at this you know. Blonde 26 year old girl's arms at your voice and he doesn't know but he is able to communicate he's able to speak and bomb. I've seen a lot of horse stories about. Nursing homes. Although or my grandmother lived and wanton look man and they filled hot you know the tub up with collars and oh she did that herself in a shed dimension there's so much could you talk on the everytime I see like there's something new and they said she'd done it to herself and was horrible horrible. I felt sorry very person and there. I never thought. That behind closed doors. A girl I mean I do this Brittany. Might be. Giving leptin not your father's passion my father's allotted some point I may have to do what every child hopes they'll have to do the panther do so mentor right now. Yelled and ran as one man man. If he's there. I hope that happens to him. Can't I was gonna ask you that question I hope that happens so. I would not be met my eight. Father did not make it 200 but he made it to eighty and you saw him at the bachelor party just. If he seemed happy. Until that are made him leave right from which I was not a part of but he says this is no place for you they said this is no place why is he seen this is an old man he's religious. But all I saw eyes that I don't know why I think I need kept looking every. As is guard he was cracked you know I is laughing the whole time and my my don't wanna make you look I didn't make it seem like he was. You know overdoing it he was having a good time yeah I thought it was funny and is having good time and my mother told me later I think this is an exact quote now the other guy that was there was. You have to go to time we'll leave anonymous. My mother later told me I think this is exactly what she said read I don't know what happened at that bachelor party. But your dad won't stop talking about it is that if you had so much fun that you should take him out to do stuff like that more often. That's gotten a filly does Tommy your dad bonded. I felt like I bonded with them to know your thought it was inappropriate to have now what do invite him because you know we can get our house a lot hand I thought well look there's this is there's a bunch of guys here are gonna say this guy won't enjoy it why because he's in his late early I still on I'm glad they allegedly did you need to see you doing what you do them prostitute you know. She's approach to what you paid her and she had sexually persona makes draws him that's a very. 1990s. Republican asks definition of sex I don't know what you're saying is what you're saying you know there are 1990s. Bill Clinton liberal kind of definition of what is not sex Jeff I go with that I'm for I'm pretty liberal guy there without a sex. That was absolutely sacked it was fun and games. Grab this and you're still married. And in love or snow can only be here with this girl with knowledge you decided less frequent serious. I'm gonna go ahead and say that what some fascinated with the prostitute. Is not somebody you could come back and tell people. But I guess I did tonight when there was a woman repaid for legend Vista or right. I don't think that that person do it I'll Coolidge had fun. I feel like they were being. There really you do it why. Explain Morton. It was awful as far as I've heard a thousand that a vote. I thought I could totally see the girl your day now down doing that. And restated that. But it does make him angrily eloquence that dates from. So back to the story a hundred year old guy who as they say has dementia he's living in a retirement home was. The victim. Of gross what was it. Sexual imposition gross sexual imposition by a 27 year old staff member who. Might say it was. Terry good looking. When she gave him some guys are fired or something like a lot of picture the mug shot is not you're just as you can tell I mean cumulative effect but if I showed you the video. There. I'm so I get if you can't give consent you can't give consent I understand that I understand now. I don't think he's suffered sexual assault I understand all these things and no I mean answered crime what happens to women and college campuses and all of these things from our tournament a hundred year old dude is gonna die at any moment. In a nursing home and he gets one last chance to have a little bit of 126 year old boring girl right. A main. I look I don't know why she did it she'd probably means student. I have some sort of psychiatric care and probably shouldn't work in this nursing home anymore. Why don't think she needs to go to jail I really I mean Jesus Christ maybe you're just like I Sammy is always nice to mean. We don't know Sammy B saline has dementia right but maybe once or regulate and vernacular alliance over here like hour to nursing home and. Irish man. Play guys all guys who hit on the nurses. And an old women who would hit on you know I got to solely issued always totally hold my hand. Shoots say. All. And I should be sued always get dressed up to go to a grand to go out of her room Tony feverish she'd always get dressed up. And then she grabbed my hand. And she pulled it down low volume she holed it and she's saying on this is for you. Always so nice to me I take my hand away and every opinion there like I Dow was a big deal of our bigamy and panic fighters are testicles got six. As the thought of a fight not soul I mean maybe you know shoot that guy and talk to this girl she was like you know I don't know how long I wrote a good time. But her lawyers saying pretty much that. Should he says. You know the men knew exactly what was going on had no problem whatsoever with it. And he says that this was something that was meant to be. Fun for him. Good for him. Not scary or bad so I take a hypothetical from earlier just to step further. Would you pay an extra 1020 bucks a month if your dad could consent he had to put him at home it's open ever happens don't wish that on anyone. What you eat you're dead it's two point where it has to be in a facility. And they say facility a is your normal you know run of the mill senior home journal all the proper accommodations. Facility being. The girls here if the guys who should they like to give all Latin dances and sometimes they've got to caretaker scrubs off a petulant right. Imagine. If I could I want to hear about it don't tell him it's my debt. Nobody it's good to know that he's in a place where it's. It could happen happen right right. And it a felony. I don't know I get what you're saying it's you gotta be able to consent to can't consent but. Hunter. It's I mean that's not ages and he's a hundred. He's a hundred. That's twenty years older than them like this I think not only announcing about yourself if let's. What are the chances. That we can cut back twenty years from this guy in his 82 assailants as procedural girl that I do know Latin dance. On you know kiss and act and show your boobs I think he's like yeah of course of course of course yes. And I don't wanna own. Sound like Milo whatever his name is or some sort of cold or did you listen when there was a woman at an 800 year old woman like no guys can't do that they'll work it just. Doesn't work the same as it's all understand women but they don't remain. Men's bodies aren't as. Now. Static and pleasing and I just you know not second that's second woman happy now one annoying and I think that's.