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Thursday, April 12th

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Securing the homeland. Well you start. Will strike to own up. Mama and how are you I'm good how are you learn good yeah. Look having used a new lease on life my blood work came back. I'm dying. Now I can't fool me. Because if you were dying you wouldn't be here right now don't feel like you would not comment. I don't even know that you would texted honestly you just say he was an plus arson. Maybe the blood where. It's not so how do you feel I feel you know Russia would throw me but I think your blood well you know he's. I think clear you're still a bit notarized you feel a lot better I think I'd better when I go under the doctor's office and just lose you look Ximian Natalie my plan must be fine rightly would have noticed you don't let me leaves people who aren't hypochondriac six. Or do you sincerely ridden with anxiety will never really understand that feeling right I mean maybe they do but I don't know what it what did equivalent is for them. Best feeling in DD backed I guess would be like you're afraid of heights. Tuberville and that's how I feel when I feel sick yet maybe you think you're gonna have to fly any funny you don't have to I don't know what it is but I you got back that blood work. When most people would expect things to be pretty much OK now you're expecting. It to be terminal. Exactly and people think you're joking but you're not you expecting it to determine long. And then they say he had good. That's the only and then that feeling of governors also like OK and like you on the ascendancy and McGahee I just want. That's that I could even read it right and let you know I wanna let me ask us where Osama and the mean it was all these weeks and people telling me that I was fine answer no way Google will congratulate and thank you so we'll see what's wrong with me about rules tonight you know. You know enjoy the sunshine a little more yeah wash his son setter sues new lease on life buddy yup that's exciting should do something for yourself. I don't want I don't know go by yourself. Portion of our sons and that would be nice you know. Because you're sick and I say main issue myself a Porsche or something. So you and I guess you wouldn't be able to enjoy it so now you can enjoy it bigger human. You must try and I'm gonna look up something. Real nice here like I don't always do a series of links thank you knew you envision how much did you voter reg I did not get my local. They feel I really didn't yards my my place here anyway less than 24 hours you might have allowed on sites. I don't not my place is not panel lapin how many think their eyes take the blood mile and then I wait for a letter so I really think they'll get it today or tomorrow. And then I just look at it but I told you they don't they don't go away yeah I mean if they do I know I've never heard him bring it up and never once zone. I'll look over and she was gone I thought review today had to take my girlfriend the airport OK because she's gonna vacation in Florida and I pulled up to drop her off gas and you know where you I guess you're not supposed to. Guess apart but you can pull out there right everybody's fresh to drop top portion. So I pull up to drop her off I get a card hugger combined death and and and then I'm just getting her. Little carrying on the vision out of it and out of her car. I go to hunger and this guy closes there's nobody did CI by the way it's MCI on and what's today Thursday morning there's there's nobody there. This in his Spirit Airlines is really nobody there. And this guy pulls up behind you one of those little security things right he's probably. Late fifties early sixties white dude you guys that look on his face. And I didn't think anything of it as he pulls up people. Don't they go right look he looks at me and this is what he doesn't have. We'll look like this elusive egos. It's not always right and those in this. And Neil Whelan and get moving now way. Right and something inside she actually did you have it it's like me myself and I auriemma Jim Carrey right turning to Hank whatever I can hear that music playing. I don't know the last time I was thinking in. I vaguely recall. Was almost getting arrested at best and the circumstances started off similar to invest. And I got so angry. And I thought. Don't you are you don't you don't do it I see thousands and just fly she's like me says she's pretty stressed about flying right that if I start yelling at this guy and she's thirty stressed out. So I just hugged her and said hey you know what this guy was believed. Don't worry too much about it I think we are a little time before he pulls a gun right but. Now he doesn't immunity get out of here apparently it's just so angry at him I'd colonels and got a job to do I guess. I mean you can do a little bit of truth right you can even cleaned like OK and airports is stressful place for everybody for every someone's leaving someone staying. You know all people don't like to fly its busy in the lanes aren't that being like I get a you have a job your beat Dick about it. And maybe you don't like your job look at you like on alana beard and only gonna get a different one. It's it's like the parking enforcement people like get it no one likes you have to do that but somebody has to do that otherwise I'd never be able to find a place apart we have so downtown again. But there's nobody there so someone could explain to me may be in saying this is why you do and I don't think because they can. I think it's the end of don't need if there's nobody there wasn't there's nobody there and he rolls up. You know they see me just parked right minding your new look and then sure she's shooed me away. As I mean and the finger I wanted to I just jump event. I illegal about battling bone. I got to that to me it is like all right you take and I'm like please just ride it we're talking about it and I couldn't even remember exactly haven't been somebody else come in and say well let's just calm now so here is airport security guy what's his and then I got police officer came. Okay is like hey what's going on here Mike does ask all. You know I'm picking up my mother she's seventy years old takes a look at a time I got to get the thing and guys like hour is what I'm telling you I'll let you go the warning us I'm tired of listening to you. No more warning right to ticket. Right to ticket ass hole. Complex relief and relatively low label and then he took yeah I don't want the morning this is about us right now for how nice it. Yes. It. Yeah I don't know I'm never heard anybody tell me to write a ticket in my. Well there's a very very little money I've never anybody opened some legal even there's nobody around and be complete take about it. I don't get it but again I'm sure they're doing fine work out there and rarely seen her. I understand you know some people and I without you about that place to be a madhouse you're the reason there was so much room for me to take a look at what he's really gonna be gender and I didn't it would be a disaster for only imagine look all that traffic and MC IM Thursday. Trying to catch their spirit flight at 10 AM. I just I should be thanking him earlier I thank you for your service. I appreciate it. That's all I got on a bit let's talk about the news shirt. Avenues. Hey good. I tried to avoid everything is political so I try to do what I wanna Lloyd happened although Paul Ryan Sussman. Mike Pompeo and Bob Bob Bob blob blob like you if you care about that you're not getting that information from us I'm sure you've already read your guest host sure. Checked out the comments on Redick you don't run your commentary on that. I guess it is kind of a big deal that. We may be going to war with Syria in some sense and I didn't realize when trump said. We had these very Smart fancy missiles headed your way you new and smarter. Which they just keep repeating on the news last night still really find your news anchors. This is clearly poking fun and impressed but. There's all these other countries now they're over they're getting ready did you see that then don't like France. And Great Britain. And he's there sending warships over there and didn't airplanes race ovals like what are we doing sort of don't ask surely rattle resilient. I guess the idea is if and if trump says here's the thing like they're all waiting. On hand isn't it trump yes that's right he's all right they sit in this sales due earlier everyone's just waiting to see what comes plane is once they know. Then boom they can take action. Did you want or all of these people relief from student on chairman of the border roses show called. Do you think even now apprentice. I guess this is certainly had a great theatrical cricket and if not that's that this reality shows. No longer adequate by military options if they're appropriate. Had the president determined Assad was given a warning a year ago he didn't heed that warning and so the president's going to have to go back in with something that's gonna make Mormon impression on the stress. OK so all that stuff yesterday about. You know rush you should be supporting this. Gas loving monster where every culture and really go after Russia they're saying today they think at least at. Obviously if if if we attack the base where there's a bunch are Russians as battling back and start an actual war rapidly sent out. So don't kill any Russians don't shoot any missiles were theirs Russians or less what the Syrians are doing. Decided to really pressure clinched their high there's going to they're going to Wear the Russians are they're taking all their military tanks and I'm going to Wear the Russians are based shirt and dean. The Russians are basically telling if this is true the Russians are telling. The United States here's where we are. Don't hit any of these spots as we have Russians and all these spots in the US is saying okay. Almost as if like trumpeting what I'd like to do is busy talking and released potential places that the diocese can strike. Couldn't beat a a military facility I gotta be a really big deal I guess could it be an air fielding on what ever. They see this is what we want him and the Russians say okay we're not there. Go ahead so much posturing as there was on Twitter it's really like right you got. We're gonna Wear out of the way Coburn were ready except for our they were everywhere and Larry were you wanna be I don't know. They didn't say that no one mentioned that and that's all tournament things about it I thought the same thing but no one mentioned like that they were gonna. Use Russians to keep us from hitting the spots we wanted to hit a I would think if they really don't want us to and they know that we're not gonna shoot missiles were there aren't that that's a big deal but maybe they don't actually. Terrible blow the military base I don't understand and that's what they're doing. Our greatness. That's a national is not a saucy or something. Well. As the people on TV I don't be solving guy. Last I think it was on CBS news last night. They were talking to give a different people from Missouri different lights and officials. I'm one of these guys I think he's a Democrat he's an older guy. And he's like you know. This report. Is saying that he slapped a woman who slaps a law. Because in this story there's laughter there's anything because the way he says he's I mean he's very light of all the things in this story and world we're talking about. I'm sorry but I think we can all agree that sounded like grape tomatoes and vision and not consent and sustenance she's saying. Maybe in this one particular Mike incentive that you couldn't possibly thought I could do with everything just happened and I did very nice I just little it and get away right so that Jimmy if you say is true I agree that is not residents but this guy is just so apparently youngsters. Crichton says we did have an affair. But this stuff didn't happen and and anything we did was consensual wherever but she's she's seen it one point oh yeah he slapped her. And said you know don't tell anybody about this I'm right you're having sex with your husband so I can't believe you'd be having such as running nationally slapper right which is weird right. Did you see that. Brad Penny she's she says he said Indians actually oil sisters and my husband any soccer. Right moves but here's something like it was that they have more than one affair. Don't really they slept together again right after the first time passes and I didn't concerned she's been consulted again I'm sure I carried on a relationship right so. I. I don't know what to say about that other than yesterday were you I read this thing I didn't see that later on they were. Where I'm from families like easterly deliver us is endlessly from my husband. Right any slackers and he'll sue anyone else but me some thing GAAP and this guy was singing on that alone you if you don't loose calls himself a man and slaps a woman young American well. That's fair but both those of the true what about that. Political witch hunt now based on the testimony of someone who said under oath. That they may be remembering this through a dream. The report comes from a woman's graphic testimony the governor admits having an affair with her before he was elected. But denies any violence let me be very clear about this this is not a witch hunt. And the committee had no political agenda. That's one of the young Republicans are his Republican that was part of the committee that did this room. Cutbacks finding thing so again today and the thing that I saw this morning was everyone's saying he's resigning she resigned hoosiers and I'm always I'm gonna resign. Please send what one is a dream part like that is suspicious. A police store okay so she said you can if I recall correctly when I was reading an original thing have they released yesterday. Run when she specifically is referencing the camera which is how this whole thing started he took a picture of her and then said don't telling on them right because I've got this picture you. She's not seen the way I understood as she's not saying that she thinks that part it was a dream. Okay they're asking her about when she blindfolded. Did you hear him step back and take a picture with an iPhone to she's saying. Yeah I know that Matt had his wife LaMont is seem like he took a couple paces back and and I heard a sound. The sound like I can iPhone camera or something and an Asher about illegally so you heard him sing. I think I heard him take that picture but I can or maybe that's part of a dreamer something him immediately hear him take that picture. Now he's saying that she is you know obviously great to see this is all based on a dream. Now that's not the way manager for a better she's seen this one thing I like when I heard Urlacher actually hurt that's where are you committed to taking a picture right at least I heard. She's saying that later on he talked about raising our genre picture right I think he's saying that there is never picture I guess that was it just doesn't matter. Well that it that was part of if you took a picture that was gonna do the Internet without her consent that's breaking a law in another soft is that I a lot of stuff here to. That's what they originally destiny if they knew that he took a picture that's transmission others something because it was you know terror in the Internet and it. Could've been uploaded some wire whatever. That in and of itself is. Breaking the law. But yeah she goes on to say that look like when she came back to his house he's like look you know I had to take that picture right now she's after she say something along those lines I am a believer she seems. A bunch of friends or witnesses are saying has is a story that she told us and it all seems to coincide. But that's what I understood that whole dream part was she was specifically talking about M. When he took those steps that you know when you're the blindfold on what she remembers run and taking the picture. In all this talk about should we arm teachers. To them guns did you see what they're. What they're doing and one of these schools and I think baseball playing in yeah. School district in Pennsylvania passed out baseball bats all of its teachers to help them defend against mass shooters. The superintendent says the bats are supposed to be mainly symbolic. Which I guess is good because they're not when you think baseball bats like a bartender. Reaches behind the barn grabs a peacemaker. There this is now what they're giving them they're giving the muzzle novelty bats rush that you get you know with your ice cream sundae at the part of the little miniature baseball bats. A last resort it is the last resort but it is an option in and something we want people to be aware of we passed them out with the goal being that we wanted to every room says to have one of these unfortunately ran into an age where we may need do to use them. To protect ourselves from our kids this is a tool to have in the event that we have nothing else part of the formula now is to fight back. Will be provided for this. Staffer symbolic of that that we are expected to fight back if the need arises. If you people have their own opinions of things. And and we understand that and I as long as we're continuing to talk about it I still think it's good. I'm all right those given little baby bats well and make sure no I mean it is something as old as I Republicans are done of course is not but I like the idea like hey. If this happens. Bill we've got to fight back. Why not regular back two months. We're gonna keep it I don't know only the undergraduate debt woolly I mean Legos a room speaking of border at the kid grabs I don't know how I miss this. I'm sure you probably saw us commit happened in 2016 I just saw that it was back in the news maybe someone's importers something but. Of the T shirt. Lasts a loaded pistol on the bathroom. Where elementary school children found it of course already happened did you notice this is. 2016. Older I saw the September 13 2016. Says a teacher and a Pennsylvania Christian school. Accidentally left her loaded pencil and bathroom where elementary school children found it. That's Jeanne Dixon 63 quarter holster pistol on a toilet tank when she used the unisex one toilet or bathroom. And it tells you where does that things she said she forgot about it and left. Ford's children ages six to eight used the bathroom while the gun was on the toilet one child told his parents who then told the teacher. Yeah. So Ben I was like all right yeah did you know about that is I never heard about that so then I saw this and I thought okay this has to be amiss for. Someone is getting information are crossing wires here. Major eat Stoneman Douglas teacher is a major Stallman Douglas where the shooting was some early show. A major Stoneman Douglas teacher and shooting survivor. Was arrested and charged after he allegedly left his pistol. In a restaurant know where it was later fired now I don't think this is a school restroom. Sean Simpson who was at the Parkland Florida high school in February when seventeen people were shot and killed left is loaded firearm in a bathroom stall. At. The science teacher told police he went back to retrieve the gun and found in the hands of a homeless man who was intoxicated. And shot the gun into the wall. Fired a bullet in London this guy had a I was able to get my gun back. Just a reminder. These are the people. He's probably perfectly qualified to teach science right he does not seem qualified I've done to be carrying a pistol around. And I did that didn't happen to school. The other one in 2016 did avenue school apparently some six and eight year old sound which I never heard about this. But now this teacher who's a survivors carrying a gun at least in a bathroom almost guy finds it. Shoots in the law he has to go when they're trying to has gone back from. I isn't Geisel Simpson is one of the guys. Who told the Miami Herald actually shooting night. He was one of them would be willing to carry a gun in school of course thanks man we'll Goodell line. We're good you know we're good. I think you've proven yourself O word mean. Contender for arms teacher of the year with the and I don't see how we can get angry when he didn't leave it in the back from a school that's in the bathroom bar where everyone's drinking of course of course almost guy was drunk and took a shot of the law. Wednesday saying he's getting it to hold a gun that nice. You don't just find 78. And all those hairs that you just test and not any day in a vacuum he said he left and then there. After finished the bass man yeah he went to passively taking their guns out they're like you know kind of wash his hands he leaves leaves get slide. Like your cellphones. Even elect Obama. Son of a bitch eloquence. Is there was that nineteen they personality back like yourself a little definitely gonna wanna run because you know. But I need to walk pretty fast as Jews walk him enough space to get back in the bathroom. When he gets in there there's a drunk homeless guy wielding an Iraq would. Now shooting in flight log and a journalist I used to actually be the but just using your bone taking seller and where we've gotten up to the point with guns and it's just like Internet does little. Close to tears to her and like look a little more. And it happened to school he's got to go to the front desk and say anyone turning on behalf. Malaysia's king you describe it runs late it's coal Mozilla and founder Scott I'm Jerry Brown line. And some other stuff through the box lost and found in the car I know you described it that's that we found that she's in Benin on everyone the gun was playing time mr. richter was able to discredit her. Perfectly but it was his nice try by the way Jimmy Sanchez. Dad's gun. And I yeah. You know today is. National siblings their now it is national something now as a blow your putt I know. It's food related. Pete today nobody's getting close is something else that you say everybody loves top doughnuts no. Don't it's national grilled cheese day all you're the only girl series. The last time that we talked about little she's five years or right there was a lot of shall stoop attacks on my character error engines. Not believing me when I say or sort allegedly used thanks well that's the reason I bring this up because since it is national grilled cheese today. They did a little hole. Nationally the find out what people like on their grilled cheese what kind of cheese they want who likes it who doesn't and I would like you know. That's 13% of Americans say they don't like grilled cheese is just trying to be difficult okay. They are there that other lactose intolerant watch. What do you think does not like god doesn't think big six say how much it's probably the best so amateur Walter. It's just she's a rehab I don't recreate that entire thing that we did five years ago I know I've heard snow cone. Replay that segment were you guys yelled at me but this to me is proof you see this chart. That's they're showing they're showing now renting a losing their short lived right there to show you that 30% of people lie. And there aren't idiots they're showing you that the overwhelming majority airlines like I don't know he's just. What percentage of the population is lacked I don't out there including those people of course they are why are they including those people as well that is no fun did you got to see do you like. Kiki just say no I don't like you BZT well I don't that's like saying you know do you and I enjoy a drive them apart you say one now I can't because I can't walk. There are gonna ask those people that destroy jobs are hardly 65 pursuing human population yell at doesn't count we need America. Or there. Buick up lactose intolerant bitch. And they also if you break that down by race I think it's even more from because this says. Fifty fusion is 70% of African Americas 90% of Asian Americans 52% of Mexican American 74% of native Americans yell where's. Why I think white people are least likely to be lactose intolerant. And looking at this here 13%. Do you expect that up for the I do not seem 13% overall seven members of the world's population. Are 25% in the US. Secede they're not including those peach. I know they are very good yak and you don't allow president elect those Donnelly did a lot. I give it up for the girl she's anyway look that's why I don't like you and only because they don't like you and that known as an. It's a mobile that means there's other people who don't like it no. 13% of Americans said you know the only life and so to dig your group choose you do I know don't think he'll. I wouldn't think now who likes and I understand that most people like get it like you know what oddly enough not my thing don't like it not my thing are there has. Asked to be things that most people like that you don't and if I had any kind of memory it ought to be able to start ramming them off of the tap my head after fifty years of working if you but I know there's not. Odds are lying as universally loved and as grilled cheese yes there has to be fuel light pink Floyd's dark side of the moon now that can trade it Led Zeppelin. Come on. That's just being an addict you accuse me well on a sailor more people who don't like that then people who don't wide. Grilled cheese because they like Bruno Mars and Taylor Zach was never about money doing this like all right Joseph Bruno Mars can agree on god damn grilled cheese like there's a place we give me. And that's got a girl Jay's place. Thirteenth so don't. Americans do not light because I read some damage to themselves they do not like them basic I don't like it rough. I think Vegas and I love it makes me a little. You know. That super groovy but I'll I like him or love it wouldn't do these people I don't believe him. It's not only if you don't like. Maybe tomato. Now if you put simulate a chicken or something on narron were certainly gonna say what you do Bob bacon and tomato and I'm sure is pretty good. But just that she's. No I don't like just the cheese I like mozzarella sticks that's close if you fry it like that. Color just she's sure sure. I don't know why it is cheese and bread. When it's just a pop melted toast Jesse cheese sandwich that's not okay did Brad I don't like it. May be also Izod we'd run tomatoes are good for some years sticks maybe I associated with. Tomato soup or something. And at which to my mom always made that way I don't really like tomato soup which by the way corridor he's in north people on now issue. Grilled cheese is he shouldn't eat it would tomato soup line. I say grilled cheese and tomato soup to cheese in the ass in the super hard to digest the same time see you know puts on a pain plus the super has too much sugar and grilled cheese has too much rattle stepdaughter I insult. Chips and salsa and it's just fruit food pairings that people shouldn't. I don't know. And I'm sure it's just a girl she's. Not. All it did what kids are just not want it is totally Australia I think you can make me liking it. If you give me enough time that maybe act just like I've tried to like lots of things it like browser generally made us. I still afford penalty tomatoes I no longer disliked them I just don't love them being different I'm not I just don't want it. And the last time we had this conversation I don't believe I got emails from people saying amateur hour like grilled cheese. But sick. Luka. I don't know how else like it I'm literally opened up to say I. Hasn't watched a little tolerance brought you by the grilled cheese federation. So they want as many people don't like it is possible and there it is 13% no I do not want semi am I do not like. Gee I don't believe you. I mean honestly do not believe you. I don't you don't like Swiss cheese through your mother made you read it so I got some sort of the 9% of Americans said they like Swiss cheese on the go or isn't much. The thought of that. 'cause you know I mean flashbacks because in my stating well you know but I wasn't it seems I was a burrito into panera right now you wouldn't you could mean a girl she's. I want it doesn't sound good. I can eat it I am not a baby I can eat just about anything. But I don't want it it's not I sound good to me I don't like it. This funny. Ali I'm not a baby but I don't want it is good to me yeah it's not but it's taking. Calls later. Churchill who has slowed. The virus. What. What's your just like who's to confront these numbers okay. I'm 110 most bullets if you look at means you'll what sort of things and then I say our only vice it why are you prepared. Bullet goddamn thing happy new you're gonna talk about the way you're talking yourself blitzes it was cute I set myself a little email you have there. Had a little titles folder. As as you know show topics and I gotta go now Michael this is this hasn't been touched in years if someone makes sure they'll pull up a new job or 2011. Which is what I was about to deal. This is not from 2011. This is from April 12 which I believe today and us. 2018. That's a day. I don't know if that's in this game up but that's today. And they were talking to people about their jobs and whether or not they're actually working their childhood dream job. Right well I wanted to be when your kid. And they said that fewer than one in ten people. Landed a job that they dreamed of having as a child. It says they pulled 2000 adults about their long term aspirations. And they found that slightly more then one in ten have worked in their perfect job. But do not any longer. The parents of some of them got there. Ages and they want able to stick around another seven in ten. Believe you are never too old to like go your childhood dreams. I'm shocked about that. Like you're never too old like over well internationally dreams are there to play quarterback from an original loan that is my my a lot of these but managed you know I'm looking at the childhood dreams and I'm thinking yeah you're too old to you almost a long Johns and gas so the ten most common things that people dream about doing when they're kids. Police officer I'm pretty sure you have to sign up like the for a thirty. If he I know that's what it is for the fires are either go really security got the airport yeah fact guys happy he's relaxed he's lulls and also live in early childhood dream well maybe he was a may be called the question I get to shoot this guy went totally work. They give me left right thing you're trying to do is go in July. Ages that is you know I get Johnny outings and is that actually he saw me in this cars and security on and he's that I got to go when he was out here anger and so police officer doctor. I guess you could go back to med school and storm and doctor I guess you can go to score my doctor went maybe I'm sure they'll take yet. Later in life I won't take too long that's still seems like at some point someone should at least mention the trying to be a good idea. No one wants this call doctor's office and the doctors say hey you're my first patient you say oh Cheney says no ever he say how all of me and he says sixty. He say why are you just don't want that then people would love you. But gonna do it all of this guy super experience usually just got your degree. I think there'd be a lot of well I don't know this is time trial I figured this out of her full Lebanese are doubtful that. Doctors just pretend this amount let's be honest. You're too old to be a doctor at some point me. No in my tool to be a doctor these people who wanna be doctors told the doctor and middle schools like ten years yeah you and I could never been doctors know when we can sit down for ten years to get a doctorate doesn't seem Smart. On me for some people it works right but the idea being in college or ten years or. If you and I lived a million out people who talk about all these alternate universe is where we made different choices right there is now one of those were you were I went to school for ten years and got a piece of April and there's not now don't care if there's infinite universe is that never happened. So that's plus a police officer doctor dancer. In mutual aid to rid answer come on. You can it go be a backup dancer for Timberlake in your forties like I just started no yes maybe you could be like you know like a tap dancer or some confusion in agony on new theater where your mother takes you knew guys each of you yet those people are aspiration alone working to shut. I was older people there live another dream still. Soft shoe on the side venues every hour to do that I don't think maybe to be a dance instructor. Maybe you could dance late at night in west pork at this remark yeah and it was a wise guy dancing is I just always wanted to be a dance her. The actor. I guess you're never too old to be actors there are stories about people who earn a job later in life can't think of any but I'm sure I've heard them at some point that so fine actor pilot mutual. I can't go back in the pilot now. Although literally you could. I guess I don't know we weren't there when we're with a guy who you can do he's got a bunch of hours now he's a pilot and he started probably missed early thirties are guys that. Affiliated four I guess you could do that you can do that I am a mock commercial only Agassi could do that boom part is not the air force could have a military of Agassi you go vigorous private pilot. Our writer okay you're never too old to be a writer the turf fine. Although I have my doubts if you're in your fifties and you've never written so much is out. Really got a story to tell my dog he just got caught up relies but now I got a little bit of free time yeah set to I finally got that time. You've always wanted to area dedicate to your novel are so right of veterinarian. I think you're too old again but I'm sure locals say go back to school and treat him it's possible but it's never been done. Sure it's been don't think it's been done I'm sure there's somebody had a career that was like I was going to be a nightmare yes I'm positive and maybe in their twenties and all deserve thirties or forties and other killer authorities OK but not another. There are just these non. Happens some zone of full presidency don't always going to be a veterinarian and went back and edit I have I started calling schools even just diploma factories and say gallery would be a veterinarian and they looked at me and my age MI. School history aides say now. I'm sorry I can't take your mind and shut us down which are taken money from people want to geragos. Teacher you can be a teacher I guess there. We always go back again now if you're the principal or superintendent someone comes and apply for the job. Sanders who's going to be teacher you know like he never meant never topple or not just went back to college and beyond in my early childhood don't know. The toll at badges were married limited amendment I don't know like you know what I got caught up on life and I raised. Three kids I couldn't actually go back to school because I had this job doing this and doing this but I always wanted to be a teacher in three years ago I finish up my degree I became a certified to Charlotte to teach like him to talk like my guy I was trying to finish your guys sunlight and none of them might want. Doesn't mean he's any less dedicated. To the bigger he could've really wanna I wanna dog no don't say that the interview don't know. Well that's and I thought it brought back. I'm in top form I wanted to he generally wanted to has been my life's ambition I just got caught up with my motorcycle gang and a lot of different things and a little bit in time but they say you're never too although back to school early childhood development I really did teach their grade. I never ever tennis and now yeah I agree with a win of that interview went down and the reason is why says I don't like your voice. As if that and then the other all the other two are musician singer he can always do that. Sure but no one ever has that you could I guess some people have now some people have. If you've already been like singing in bars and you continue at least he's bouncing and then you'd. Deciding how many of us a finesse offense flowed harder a lot of but it does happen. Does this guy really a certain type of music and you know that's gonna nets they can be up back in the art every football might as well. What is right the bullet that's got to be that type of music yeah. But I don't know if you are fifty you're like man. Arnold does killer rock and roll record to Gordon Tom bass award mama bear she's been doing music for years an inch you know they get Scion she's on the row sure so we're gonna run. She did it I mean there's probably quite a few people don't know there's something going done that. I usually do to BMI that is it happens again maybe it does. Pro athlete you're too old I'm sorry that's not a it has happened before though it has happened now that picture and I get a whole Disney movie about it. Him what was. Doesn't matter at those are the things that kids wanted to be pro athlete musician or singer teacher veterinarian reiter pilot actor dancer doctor police officer. Boy I did going to be if police officer actually I didn't I do now I wish I'd known then what I know now. So don't be a Ryder. Where where was I 2000 adults that they polled said one antenna port to the perfect job. But don't any longer and another seven intend believe you're never too old to let go of your childhood dreams of but they do say that. Around eight and ten. Are still yet to achieve whatever their childhood dreams are that they've. I guess social hoping to achieve three in five think it's Rwanda. I've honestly I know it sounds loyal army is train conductor do do well now that's what I told teachers is I didn't know yet on that didn't know didn't know and I still didn't know the nice was it what he enjoys that I don't know I don't know I don't know. And about my brother and worked in radio for a little while and I'd always wanted to do that I just assumed everybody didn't rush. And I says and like you know I really wanna try that and of course you'll Somalia that doesn't work though he you know I can get a job doing that he said were well I wanna try and I said well. Go ahead and waste your time someone drop out of school and dry run as an I think this is really. Mean this is really what I wanted to do Rea. And when I was a kid I did radio stations in my name a badge of my friends I am sure that we have to sanitation can talk radio we'd have. You know introduced the song that was coming up manipulative so would record and I saw how those take somewhere. And I just always sauce and an element of our audio doesn't become worse if I if you go back and listen. That kid much more concise such it was focused he was bogus and also yet he was passionate but the truth that the right you're passionate this state to another thing I did see this like a Monday or Tuesday it was that. Another study about jobs and careers and it said no matter how great your job is. It doesn't matter what you do. Egypt Vorbis it's still work and and we didn't say barriers and I don't I never want to complain about my job because I know like when I hung drywall less of hard work and you may be listening like man I do it's what I still gonna come here it's still work hard work is still work and you're gonna love your job what is still got to go and for me now other people's I don't and I love getting up and going to work I get a both from my DNA. Just get nothing going somewhere really kind of messes we're in my day. Right and you've said it. Many meantime you both have it's still work guess it's better then what we were doing about it now we're going to be doing after this federally Kobe right now. But it is sort but I I like what they said about the truth is you just get you will get bored. Doesn't mean you so bored you don't want to do it just means we do come to the same place every day we see the same people every day on the board review. I appreciate that are you more remain I'm not bored with you but they're in there is something they Daniela people know I think you would now. I how I tell you tonight is from and I couldn't. Now. I think you would know is. Code for yes I am do you know you only now I'm here who might see you know I don't know can do we have time we are time museum drama rushing to a nice at how well Jim Zorn and hop manage a smaller market you would know. You hear me. I know I should change my voice on a single Joseph we're so there's about I'm not gonna say Joseph again I'm not getting attention. You know someone would say something. I'd like to think so but maybe not they would. While it's on me a lot of people some of those stations everybody plays me for a fool now that's not that's not happening I'm not cheating Nazi anyone else and I still like my job. But I am I just it was nice you're insane it's not about like your job it's that you go to same place every day. I think that's kind of what you're saying that it's no work you we drive the same place are same people and someone is telling you to do it. Right I mean let's yeah right so is it like you are expected to be here and do this and so you say I don't feel like it. Even though we do samples duplicate Cordova why expenses. Don't yell okay last night. This you may have seen as I saw it on my phone must have I only saw two names they did the world's most admired people. I guess they do every year Oka a fatwa oral sex is so most admired yeah but this is that if we international intersect. I'm maybe some of these might I'm not certain I don't know who walls on the sex is listen to go like well yeah actually want them for sure on the women's list definitely. And they said they expanded this year. To be. I think 35 countries or something date surveys a lot of people I think they said it was like almost 40000 people is something see who's the most admired people are. Internationally OK okay so he deserves Silverman knowledge Cecil and I admire. Yeah I think she was on the list no she's not on the list. But I'll give me the funny man chooses dirty as anybody I loves running shoes that brilliant eyes she's one of those that I just really like I admire a lot I wish it's hard for her it's got to be artist she's great at what she does I was sure France. Yeah she was going to be frenzy but I wish that was the kind of person German wanna be friends with and that. So here's the top ten guys she's not a lawyer should know I don't hear analysts. Not here number ten. Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo okay. I don't know who this person is she might have to look this up. I'm meet top but bock and do you know that is by how I should. I but these are international peoples so what he's telling themselves and wonderful and may be why don't doesn't know whatever it is like going to ensure that is usually is a million children all a lot of these Zorn looked like world leaders in this because people make my share all. You know. Yes we love this person so those people get a lot of votes. Is that that could be who he has Dolly Lama. Is this Indian film actor producer OK what about this month Google is reforming no Iran draw Modi in a ENTR. A and last name is MO IMO DI. Mode I Modi and Indian politician OK it was Washington and current prime minister of India a lot of people India also like him. There they're cooking the books at that. Huge population. Flatten your potent number six or scorched. I'd still go away or so no shirt I've heard mark that is say Tony people outside or Russia or even outside of former Soviet Union countries. Voted for him. Zero. Voters vote yeah so that they admired him 99%. Outside of the outside horse I've seen the election results of these. Whatever it is he wins by a landslide. Well. He did below them I mean it's down on they have huge population but he did well. The the next analysts his Jack Mon do you know who that is Gemma yeah I looked him up and when I saw pictures I'm pretty sure he's a guy that does the job. Ali Obama. You have to check a map he's a Big Easy Chinese businessman he's a philanthropist and Lysol space isn't that guy looked like they guy. That started Alley dollar remember when they talked about an olive bond he has this like the Amazon of China I think it might be bigger than Amazon internationally you go or were shot from all about a year. Some of the supper or comes from Alibaba. And I feel like that's the only days he is he's young Bob generally Alibaba Group. So old people like him apparently but he's a philanthropists and stuff I think you've got G. At number four again a lot of people I'm in China there and they like their leader number three. Jackie Chan. Jacqui shin yes he's number three on the list now back acted like he does get votes from. A lot of different countries right there's probably people in countries outside of China voted farm. Maybe not someone else do you most admire you say Jacki shin I know but I don't have to Thomas Swords and a black belt on my all maybe those people who have been there people who. Maybe they ask. Those fans come for movies and see Jackie Chan I like him. Then number two is Barack Obama. Is it number two most of my personal or yellow which finally Donald Trump was number seventeen OPEC on the list so that's got to give that's. Getting trounced crime not the same like when he's on the list there but you know it's. He has impressed but they pointed out that like the percentage of people it was like twice as many that lights Obama my whatever little usually I'm anomalous there's a lot of people immoral your seventeenth most admired person in the world pretty damn mind yeah. Number two Barack Obama number one. Bill Gates. Right from Amarillo I admire a man that guy I know people way to make a little. Explore a thing or government that does really tried to help a lot of people with a as well like he showed us how to do it because people hate them. Arrow beside documentary I did about I think it was man and machine was one of the apple documentaries may be no I think this on with Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates is thing I saw how geographic okay. And they talked about when he came out to say he was loaning the money to apple so they could stay afloat and the crowd booed you know they're all apple fans and they're doing his image on that screen. According to that document you know this is true they said that really hurt his feelings is like damn these people hate me run and he decided right then they're like. Who can like they say trumpeted the correspondents dinner our press that he decided and I got to do something and that's when he decided I'm minute. Start giving money away I miss her and go in the world and obviously does earn his wife to a lot of good here's the women. By the way Elizabeth worn number twenty knowledge means top twenty top ten Madonna at number ten. Taylor Swift at number nine. And Lamar cal number eight. Are more Lyle. Use south sea I know I should not to say I've seen the documentary as you're on TV and ram them through that I don't David Letterman your summer Letterman thing. Emma Watson number six Hillary Clinton number five with the Queen Elizabeth. The second Oprah Winfrey. She's number three Michelle Obama number two and number one most admired woman. In joint Jolie she's going had to be on the Angelina Jolie. She's the most admired she does adopt a lot of kids and a good shot from I don't know what you just think you have there of that. I don't know. That there's data that shows that maybe there's a lack of female leaders who would put all these doing right like as president is utterly different analysts yes no Taylor slash made. Amendola bailouts of Iran didn't really do that. I you Warren Buffett was on I mentioned David Beckham Ilan mosque. Are there actors Michael Jordan animals are talking about the actor of the basketball player about who I assume the basketball player. Pope Francis who do you admire the most I admire jewels and jewels and I read one of his book why you admire jewel is seen. Because he just came say no matter what and in the face of scientific proof that there is no god he just keeps saying there is. He gives selling you know he wants you to be rich and if you just give away your money you'll get more of it and then people give a damn. And then he is more more rich like he fulfills his own prophecy. And people just give money and then even sounds like I don't even know what's in the I don't know what's in the Bible it doesn't matter. Like he does live under rated scripture that's cheese like OK got to reunite stuff. Just noted that it doesn't do it now he doesn't tell you where to send your money people just find out wars and a money and Jason a money that's your jury doesn't he doesn't ask for money on the doesn't. However this undertone. Pedersen makes like snow. Like god wants you to be incredibly wealthy want you to give yourself away like Jim and my wherever do you admire him because you think he's clearly a non believer who's been able to just exploit this is yes she's awesome. OK I can see muzzle like a nah nah I like his gumption. And I like a little silly what about the sort of all this is like he's got it so good because other people. Have to go back and quote scripture are quote the Bible or make arguments he doesn't do that. Because a look at what about a little by Lori says this is visually though really arena. That's not the way I read it if I ran it. Actually please give back to talk about how awesome you're going to be. General idea I don't wanna read that either but I am going to be awesome. Yeah I should so imagine Somalia is like look at me I'm awesome. It's an amazing game plan. It's next level. Yeah I guess next level con man stuff. Other than when that stuff capital of the floods I don't know and I'm sure people start texting and I don't know too much of his like. Discrimination towards people I don't know how anti gay he is I'm not really sure but I don't hear about the us. Feel like he's kind of he would just love everybody yeah I don't think if indeed these forced into a corner I'm sure asses say some things are simply muscles and among yeah. A guy can see you liking him a one when I was sure I think of who I admire most I thought well I guess Bill Gates is actually a good one because I do. Just follow him on social media through a book he's reading as if I'm never gonna read one of them and run reads one a day. But I do like my I think he's awesome right here these trying to rid the world the malaria I think it's awesome but has to be honest. If I really think about like someone that I just wanna see my thing and I admire that person probably. An actor and it's probably. In you're gonna laugh at me but hear me out. Zach gaffe from. Hold on here's why I have a good reason for this I don't you think about the wasn't he's famous as a child okay High School Musical all that stuff there. He doesn't want the fame go to his had. He's humble. He's incredibly good looking right he's got this. Amazing work out regime and they say they. When they call cut on his set he just does pushups every time they're not doing something for you put that down. I don't need your notes. What did you share with the class a note it is held up a point I don't know yeah well. Share with everyone know plaza held up the song yes O the clown of a sign with exclamation points on it. Making fun of me. I had fun as a megaphone you have an even let me explain why all the people who also admire you I. I'm confronted W Jack ever does my disease causes of child actor and things handsome no. And he's looks great on a shirt on. Okay put that down I did I get why are doing now by just hear me out child actor he's humble laughter all that fame. He's he stays in very good shape so I admire is like I wish I could be his personal life so easy basic and then on top of all that he's good look Jeanne. He's got all this fame and money he's been famous and use occasions nice. He's funny have you seen it. Universe there and you or whatever that was called what does this charming actually. I hate to Sharon like Seth Rogen is friends with that guy he's like yeah I really liked this guy is really funny. So it's between him and Channing Tatum for the same exact same reasons. Like both of those guys I think I would like to be those guys I admire them I would like to be them. Also make your son AJ I feel like gene Tatum could build a deck we're in the sixth and Zach have primary voters up that you. Yes I do think we're not disintegrating you are holding it up that's what they're in front of me I am so you definitely would've I think it's a trade you review shouted anti gas into the principal's office. And if you did that now I'm being mores and accuse you of hate crime your day. Not day I know are we have them. Your data so my son says our road and read it and I think you buyer could be someone he'd like to be some something you'd like to be like that's what would you like to be where there's no do you like to be like a person I would like to beat. Like back. To have all that fame in the looks and everything and to be humble and funny which both those guys are. And on top of that I think legacy I think change him improbably. He seems he could do construction and stuff so now you add on top of that he's a man's man I admire that he's able to achieve all that at all. Her mother that that takes hard work you. Do you wish him I don't I would like you and I looked all it was a good look every one of us in this bar right now yeah and tell me. Everybody take a look at new resides. A guy you look at me and tell me you don't wanna beat. With Zach Africa. Now don't you look away don't you start to look up her get up and this sure is nice seven year old drives in the back mad tell you mean by the US. Sexually. I don't ask question may yet ask the question again do you want to be or would you be. Sexually active with Zack Ephron. Don't look at it could look at what faith in your. Technically what mentally can be friends right and recruited friends my dad you are you wanna be friends and lovers. Now when Zach after Ron. And Channing Tatum only if I have to be. I just wanna be friends I wanna beat them because I admire them so much what do you wanna have sex and now. Would you have such and yes. Well. Don't tell you wouldn't pardon what does it all of. Thanks so that's true. Yeah exact background was downstairs was not fit. It cleared these. Think dollars and there's the rub the back there's a lot of rock that wasn't what I don't bet I'm slowed not a whole local elected anyway but I just for fifteen years you are. I just want you. Attracting them burn my. I don't know I'm not that you made on day exact apple on shows up here and pat. Calls and as if there's someone here you kind of legal opposes federal without and they says. I fall allows on tour and thinks he's so funny I wanted to meet and you don't have he's got turned gaga has a crush on you. You're turning him down when he invites you to dinner and makes a pass that you yeah. It's turning into your. That's a tax okay I guess and I hate grilled cheese is the most absurd thing you've ever heard. What government. Churchill. I'm an ABC. Palestinian mob sometime last night when our hours. When did you actually under the giant document link no not yet I'm going to tonight it's gonna anonymous doesn't do that buzzing about a Zaza gone through my Xbox. I was trying to final leg HBO I had go Allen and it doesn't matter but fanatic go through Reno Google's fiber and it. A look at for all the different. Actually try to find it because I didn't think it would just be straight on demand right but it did end up going straight fundamental science and wanna watch you watch it because I was don't really sings I remembered thinking your. Bomb you got a new Xbox. BID Xbox acts or whatever yes but you've got bad weeks ago and it broke. Yes like partially draw like there's no video coming out of it and use Sox. I've tried multiple TVs that shade my house some I told you my house like haunted or something to write my electronics are being fried and then. We looked it up and instilled a warranty and you can take it suggests. Overall impart liked the mall that I know you saw general something very charming membrane in a minute look at and I guess that they can't. So if you'll enjoy it is give you one of what do you say you really wanna do that. At first I thought all he just I don't know maybe just those one I want kansas' and then I don't it's still works and all my private Windmills or. It turns only if I go on my phone I know it's on because my phone shows me AV Xbox Obama. Our church comes also in other words like this video out but but I know that like the computer is okay well that blundered in order sort of work you have real decide what I'm saying is on my information is still on that's like saying my car works because these stars but let's put it in drive it doesn't go anywhere doesn't want to bully computer works on my information is still on the air. So I don't what information like that Microsoft. All it doesn't work or whatever will get the job and later someone just plugs in happens to start working. Well then boom it's long. To my account that's why I think information is on there but what information the only information that you could be worried about it. And this is what I came up where does that it is it pork are you watching portal in your Xbox like that like to say it's great. And you're worried that the guy Microsoft is gonna see what kind of porn earlier launching. Because Microsoft already has all your information you plugged in all there when he signed up for an Xbox Live account or whatever like you do everything. Okay fasten your credit card you than I did that but that person working at the store. Doesn't necessarily have. They don't OK yeah I think if I might pass route they wanna too but they're not yet they're not they're not looking me up right now to see what I am. No exactly so why only matters you brought I don't want them looking on the Xbox and if it were just like porno. You don't want to not say that what I did not say that he didn't say that I guess every anything else on Xbox but you wouldn't want them to see me. Except for that. Like you're afraid and I don't really know why are afraid and are you afraid that you're gonna just clicked on it and it's just gonna like open up to trends pails or some children. You're gonna have to watch your wins them. By does that lie I'm being honest my dad I don't miss my you know there is a dominant take a look at it manager design goes all the out. Video out saying it needs to be cleared out a name RI blows and obviously must take a look at many fires it up and it's just let me ask you a humanitarian owes you got a computer your house now and I'm this is happening to a lot of people over the years okay at a computer laptop desktop whatever your house and stops working down. And you have to take it to like be attacker one of these computer people places and fix computer okay. When when you go in there. You're nervous some Lotta people are nervous I'm not the onus on law. Stop me knowing your computer firewall. So I think used to visit stepping you don't want that information private stuff that you don't have already given all allowed to Microsoft and the only thing you're going to be worried about Jose you're gonna go drop off the Xbox acts. And a guy who's supposed to be you fixing it at the Microsoft started genius solar Deke or whatever. Is going to be fired up and there's gonna be. Videos that you are embarrassed so he's gonna say that's the only thing that is to be no other information that you would come across it would be better. Yes. I could use mine app on my phone and turn it on access it and then delete my history but I can't I tried doing that. I tried so yeah who won't take your Xbox X brand new Xbox X. Do the Microsoft store to get it fixed. Because of the porno values recently searched on it and you're afraid that another human being will seaside par now. And men. Make a judgment about you based sun said porno perhaps tell people. And you can't have that information get out I guess that's your theory. That's but I remember right right I mean there have been no other reason on why else. Take it. Oh would you take your computer okay so when you've got to leave that computer right like you got a laptop or something right and I'll be OK yes he got that laptop from if I said right now if you set awesome front not Thomas what's on sunscreens are coming home I can hear the hard drives Warren its work in the lights on the keyboard. But I think it's going to come on I say I just give it to me I'll take you to the computer plays all stand there are watch and see they can get for you you've got we're gonna take into the computer and learning of new regime and they are just you know data computer store it is still these guys you think all the teams have been twelve sacks in his say I can't get on base thought well you know that that happens every day and it's happening right now and there are examples are there are people walking and whether things and Qaeda exists Jess and a lot of people. Choose not to make that trip to the store and just my hero dogs I. I don't normally look down unasked you've still got isn't it beautiful earlier legitimacy of his adult upon who has been so I'm asking you I started asked the question let me finish. If your computer did that and had to take Tony's computer places whether it's Apple Store or some mom and pop place from. Bush fuel. Beyond comfortable taking your computer in their insane can you figure out what's on this and say because this is what happens a lot of times they say. Here's your ticket will take a look at only get to that will call you which means now you're at home and they are on your computer. Looking at your computer potentially. Well you're not there and they call NAC we figured out it's working diet while a lot of tomorrow you look at your Xbox would you be comfortable doing that sunk on. I'm. Sure sure a bullet applause for. There's not great but if I Grunin to fix our computer is an exact rate I haven't said I'm not into it I'm probably gonna do they have to do I think it is clear my search history but you can't see it you can't see clears your history is a screen won't come on. Right now your screen won't come alive she's on you gotta be any computer do you bag right now I'm taking it. To the computer store he had met I'm dropping her off now by winning the surface during the Khmer. That's exactly what I'm saying that's infinite you can clear search histories and their rights because there's gonna sit there and look at all you're not there you understand where. I I don't know what kind of poorly you guys are look at Matt what's that I'm being honest. And us about pornography I. I'm so you don't take your Xbox egotistical that's what I originally asked you would always Victoria those Augusta and does that hasn't played out as part of that is all of its. You won't take your Xbox actually fix it I can't because of the total you're looking at but you understand technique like playlist of girls in office just as they would tell you I want us as an idea out there and the frequency you got some guy named Chad who. Who worked at the stores this man I turn on his Xbox. And this guy had 47 videos of girls and I on top vigilant about their nylon whenever it's. Or C also. Yeah there's inning drag but it's like go to the dot internal thing to talk about on the early on where else in our car looks and those guys we learned she got he's got herpes and I saw right after this guy is isn't doctor Israel. And Kimberly like I just feel like that guy. There's some uneasy for all the time right. But I don't have to look him in the I think you'll be dynamite porno aren't here this is what I would do for you you'll trade me Xbox as Sloan who alliger broken Xbox. But I'll take your Xbox and says look. I wouldn't bother me at all. Kind of like this idea if I'm going to problem is Russell's a bit of a local celebrity I feel like in words can really spread like man. While abroad is icebox in here. Duke looks at Daytona pantyhose yeah fine if anything was still not as beyond just slow your roll with a penny knows porn. Because that's not what we're scared of now I'm not I don't know I don't wanna speculate what we're scared of but maintain its tax rate. And he knows more about Basel because this is embarrassing pain as part. Trust me because it's dudes and Kenny knows no you know what let's is an advantage but even there not you know like this month if it was just girls masturbating in penny knows you would be like man I can't live without stigma and I'm sure it's up. And I drugs were delighted. So close to many looks at six of males like. All right so I get is more than that I understand and I'm not gonna Ford junior oil and all I'm not I stop I'm not gonna not be. Lot of talking about I don't want I want is a different no that's not subsites if not. I'm not taking your computer. Why. What suddenly change your mind a little light bulb went on and I realize you should just buy new Xbox. A gimme a break you guys going to accuse me of look at some sort of illegal for an hour if it's just you aren't but I can tell you right now that if you have the same playlist it's embarrassing everyone embarrassed of their own kink I'm sorry you just start maybe not if you're online in Europe bragging about the fact your dominatrix or something but for the most part. As a human being who lives in a society I occasionally get uncomfortable by other people in the society knowing a little too much about my private life. And it's one thing to joke around about it cable when I have to look a real person in the face and like asked so that's not a joke oh that's when I was out. Is it hypothetical would be different if you don't have to go back and get your computers or they drop them off somewhere you went and got it you nettles the person in the guy. You can zionist I was male and and I think I'd be OK with it which is only option after a ticket to the Microsoft store and I sound like please stick there's I don't look closer like no you do have closely linked. So doesn't he wouldn't let me take his laptop right now do you Doral particulate take your laptop right now without doing anything to drop rather computers or how to take a look at Seattle on the quick history but he can't do that you're not taken an end. And I'm not anymore and not because you don't know it's not you do is do that because you love them is what your MacBook that didn't work we don't you just toss it. Now of course not. That's a question yeah I mean events and I haven't got something there but it's what do you do it right now they're telling you what I'm supposed to do is take it to someone. At this store potentially. You don't could be a very attractive female. Who says I'm gonna help you today and I say unusual to let us and then she plugs into surge working and she's like well okay. He secretary sure everything. How her pantyhose. So yeah. Just my design where values assigned twice and whenever I heard he's struggling over there what happened to the old sign I thought I know I need it against those same building all over here with us. I cherish I'm Karen. Plus. OK we.