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Courageous man. On all sides. Touring yeah your homeland. Well leave dark. Was strident tone of the. So page section. Are this good are you all right I'm feeling good today. William maybe a little under the weather. Okay before you bring some 600 Josh this accident can use and what does your office. What about your model I don't think answers as you notice. Absolutely my neighbor right about a will not be home on Election Day holidays or something inside. There are a lot of variety and it's bad this sweet spot we've all sharing site. I'm sort of my body so it's I heard Jerry Boehner knows earlier. Master's hands sanitized or near miss. That's hers. I was sick in the summer like him. Howard. You're cowards. God I hate summer polls it's the stupidest thing right then you're you're immune systems should you should be feeling better you're immune systems good YouTube getting Morse yes your own society and well what happens with me is I get the cold. And I mean system is skirt up. So then my college search bother me too so it's both because idea full body makes the whole deal. I'm telling you man. There's no one travesty no no no one cares nobody cares I care know no one calls assumed to know and tax. No one brings me soup. Well you don't worry you've brought this upon yourself power over the years our protection you just never return time. Return attacked never always never text merry little. Turn that texting like three minutes you were in the room next to me and you ask are you here which is he didn't know where I knew where you are just twelve cents a nice it's come get me and I responded. Yeah so that other products and items I read Wheeler is far west siders and are you here. Which made you don't get me. Right and I do respond. And less and and that I response is yes they do I respond euros low responds. I'm famous slow responder hi our average. Including eBay usually not and you get responses faster than just about anybody in my life. Because we worked together. Dash say we work together we work together. And you're my bosses snow cone he can text same day and I'm not as I don't see tech terminal all. Oh dear and I got to hurry to responded I don't think you know. I really long years so vague with the tax that you allow little depot Basel sinden Texas says. You got to manage some something along those lines sending that to an anxious person like me. Or a lot of people I suppose of my generation to generation I know you guys say young you know let's sometimes it is. It is something along the lines of what are you doing. Something like that when you mess and I see it because they do leave my phones and much coffee table on all see it could be tenacity to before museum I respond nothing. And then he doesn't response I say why what's going on in the no response. And then a lot of times it's nothing until the next day and then I say hey. You text me assays are I know they don't know. I is high you. And I know you have returns again revealing join Texans forty minutes and I feel like I'm gonna let you sleep each one and off throughout the night well I believe you but you know that I'm familiar shoes I wouldn't choose huge shoes and I know that no I don't I just I don't see it until I choose to ignore your back. So then I come in and out and you. Everything okay what happened I didn't hear me because sometimes they'll text you in the morning to me like hey sorry about Las Vegas I mean you went to school. Like we're dating like Jay sorry maybe you went to sleep there. I guess who this is everything OK after an hour winds you touched America did you know integral maps aren't and they might get to work laws just like oh yeah I was gonna ask you tell me about that Morgan spur contact McEnroe who is on Amazon Netflix I found that that's why didn't respond you know with colds. Great. I thought maybe your responded earlier. I don't know if I'd seen the text and Canada that is true look at me. That's true. I don't is always in your pocket or next and when I networking usually is the idea home series C eight I've gotten better or worse how real look at that the worst about having my phone better for me I think. A well leaving my phone's all right don't see it. And I. Suggestions. And wolf because we can use of any solid attacks are so worried about you do learn about it and you keep afloat next here. You'll be trailing text in my mind. Friend best friend for me you know elementary school we tax Latin teacher actually is always very specific it'll say like. Hey I found. Song on the new Eminem album I think you'll like and then if I don't know if I respond and say what is it. And he doesn't respond no reason that I'm not anxious about it I know. What he wants I know that he went to bed. But you won't see you could just say what's. What's the name of that documentary but it's really just like hey you go you gotta sign and something like that and then I don't know what's going on. I get anxious I think you do it. Partially. As an intentional thing to. Slipping a little bit I could be wrong maybe this is how you are I feel like you. You know that it's making me a little bit anxious. I'm just looking at times have you ever texted me. Late at night. And Tyrus Thomas invitational respond and you see that I respond and you choose not to. Tell me what it is that you wanted to have you ever done that be honest and we have your wrist and ever responded via ten minutes twice as they are amazing moment. That's big so you looked at any you don't responding you leave me hanging out. All night job that is the line judge and usually I'm that you waited too that's enhanced after your loans are. Not just in response what was this what this weekend Annan is sort of an all our attention is once before his eyes and Yahoo!. And I get I want to really know an honest and respondent. From. Mr. moment. What at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. This is an AM. I don't clock and take you back and say you know. She translator. Noninterest. Well. I don't know I don't know how we got here we did here. Who was talking about tax whose. I love because I said that no one cares immensely and I wish this on yourself through today thanks to you and and you don't tax them and nobody convenient for you whatever you like go once merchandise and so when I see it rising star attraction. Q now on to. Well. That's fine. So no nobody owes me anything I've pushed everyone away that's fine yeah I know you're and your phone when you when I say hi pain. It got legislation when I texture and say hi. It's like you stare right at me no response from confinement except that I didn't see it delta and administrator or I would have responded and said hi Ken. Sometimes I leave my phone now many times. I have to ask my girlfriend to call my phone and it's on silently into. Shut everything down in the house here is everything so I can hopefully your vibrating and couch cushion or something because I will go hours without looking. I do I use my laptop I watch TV. I I sit around and. You don't fall asleep. I'm not always what it does not Johns sing I sing as good or bad undersea because you're not an attempt to protect our people tend to stop texting yeah. Yes and don't complain when a guy wasn't complaining birdies and no one cares running knowing it's not just taxi miss that that it's it's only your kids you know your mom takes Carey's ring soothing name on the project editors from our. Sure my bags. We've now gone down a road I don't wanna go out. Let's talk about something else to try it tells us Jewish history to record our restaurant. She doesn't say and that where she's more passive aggressive move you know. A whole movie is old hey there's stranger and intense like baton only some I can even do what how she does her PC sync your mom can you same thing right now yeah. Yeah I don't know how my mom does it even though I've I've watched you do my whole life I can't pinpoint exactly what is this. Eight strangers that's true direct. It's a little more are. It's what a surprise this really yeah all time almost and recognize your own stuff it's it's not quite I urge our idols live. Right but it's it's something a little less obvious a little more passive but it still hurts real. Has been a while and that moment you realized. How long has it been since I've talked to her mother who lives right down the street alone. And I think oh god it's been it's been over a week somehow that makes me more. I'm anxious to text or call her. Because now I feel guilty now I really feel it's. Yes and then he gets built up this big thing you basically have to have like an excuse like mother's days Sears why no margin. That's about it and do the same thing with everybody plus as a way. And so we just feeling different the I you know you're incapable loves. I think that so I pushed when he people away but I also think that's. I want to feel sorry for myself sometimes. I don't choose to be this way. I love I'm a victim of my own environment and a product of my own circumstances. I didn't really progress from yesterday agency we don't choose students specialist. All yeah you know I got an email or not only I got did you see that treat the Grotrian she said that she does the same thing. And I know you said you had a few people on the text line and you went from ten to maybe two but I went back and looked I think it was. Seven. But Samantha. Sending a very nice email. The same. Avenue that Ronald penis used witches live web site that's the contact us. We can tell I don't know why they don't come directly to our team that way it tells us like this is from the website. Bush isn't as you listen to show for really long time she appreciates that we both talk about anxiety. Jesus thanks so there's a people who experience similar things sit you know what what she's raises. And she's decided matter discussion yesterday talking about. I talked to myself. A lot of people talked to some how I do it I guess a more unique way that I thought although some people's inducing thing. She says she's dealing with anxiety it's feels like I'm being paraded by things such as quote. You need to do the laundry which isn't and I kept using as an example I guess. On an unnecessary levels she says her anxiety makes her feel even more select the voices saying hey you need to do this. She says the anxieties voice is much louder than her own. So what works for her is due time just yourself no. I don't remember doing it if I didn't if I did it damn I should traces back there's a phone number everything. Because and yet you're you're out Maxtor it really doesn't matter responded to zero yesterday were asking about disassociate him or whatever I see about a half of that my doctors mention you don't have all symptoms but I wasn't mother after work. The symptoms like. Do you have Berry's attorney don't remember I said no matter how how would I know if I don't remember I don't remember I was thinking no I don't. And you're always tell me how bad my memory is always known what. We talked about it too because I'll say. Well I know that name from music they've literally were in here for an hour and a half yesterday alone Ryan Ryan Ryan. My doctor says that's attention deficit. But it could just be this is different person and general Bernard personality the other person and resonant. Also meant they gave me a lot of tips how to deal that so I assume the mantle as a business and some may have done OK sorry guys the onus back from the ground. Tom. This type ventures so. I should land from slim and none of this. Peace friends and ran and ran down. Did you watch the video of the guy screaming. About people speaking Spanish she's threatening to call ice. Sorry hello what the hell is wrong with people. I'm sorry I got the first thing I thought was I noticed I think I saw on rather. First of divorcing man he's dressed so nice Lily white collar earlier sometimes. Oh yes and like literally white collar people are saying well now this is the new kind of we called all right and I isn't what Nazis or call themselves out that's all right hold saying it knows she you gotta be present a Malia looked nice at which I think there was. Kinda ridiculous but I guess I understood this mean they sold the weird thing with their hair or less my remarks in a day they shaved the sides like it's 1996 Q you're now. But I get it they they they are addressed pretend to be a pretty good shape they Wear the button up shirts now of the rallies. It turns out the disguise a lawyer. And it's not like this happened in. Mississippi or something this is in Manhattan and Manhattan restaurant. Threading it called immigration officers. After hearing. Still customers. Speaking to the staff I guess that's what really pissed in my office and only were they speaking Spanish rule to each other Agassi if you thinking. Mean you're a man and you hear people speaking German or French or Spanish Italian. Mobile you're freaking out about somebody speaking Spanish I mean there's. Puerto Ricans. All right my own team right now I gotta think you've heard people he's finished I guess he must have been pissed but specifically the fact that they were speaking Spanish to people who work there. And then it's hard to hear a place on the audio if you. Haven't seen. They said my guess is they're not documents in my next calls ice have agent kicked out of my country. The least they can do so I pay for their welfare papers in the lived here less they could do speak English. I want did you have for breakfast what is wrong with you. Losing and his. So. Make sure. Be careful man was caught on video in Manhattan restaurant during the call immigration officers industry in the video and some Tuesday at fresh kitchen restaurant midtown. The man threatens to call immigration and on that. Com. In the leaves Serrano is one who shot the video she told ABC news she regularly knows the restaurant and noses staff. Sheila co worker were chatting with the staff and Spanish. Now before she's her recording video the man was already screaming at them according to strike out I paper wealth for a girl that. This according she threatened to call police and the man through his sandwich and water on account are saying he didn't want to give the restaurant is money. When he walked out everyone cern the clout. The view was posted by her coworkers husband. So this one doesn't saying. O years I saw last night that they had found out who was and they he was. A lawyer. And many lives in Manhattan medicine meltdown okay by attorney hears is name shows say it. This is according to the New York Daily News. A few words of Spanish unleash a torrent of hate speech from a racist rating Manhattan lawyer and Madison avenue meltdown by attorney Aaron Schlossberg. Yeah for I like his name Smith and included a threat. Not to six federal immigration immigration officials and workers at a midtown restaurant because they feel to speak English. The main men. And New York. Do you think he's traces that are. Think he's not yet but. What about this is America speak English. That seems like midwest or south thing. I don't wanna get on my I'm sure juicy high horse person like that when I can blow that I've received. We are but yeah. He's around people who are speaking different languages all the time. Ends. You know if you go to Europe everyone speak in different languages and I think those countries have an official languages right. Do we even have an official language someone was asking that last signing on a message board there is no I don't think the United States I've heard people talk about as president and anyway so we're gonna cut funding for previous and after. So man zealous and sooner runner. But the for you get a set about. I am careful I say this. I would be less surprised. If this guy says something like that to someone may be speaking Arabic or something because. He was. Racist against its middle easterners I don't know. Whatever the us so we surprise today he lives in Manhattan and maybe fifteen years ago. But there's speaking Spanish. I mean you people speak Spanish all across United States you don't have to go. To a certain part of the United States steers people speaks Spanish carriage. I mean like cars on the U right now. But he's upset because there's between the ears and differently or are you understand because he hears a customer speaking to someone who works there aren't. What is wrong with the cougars beat your head examined and I mean I considered dozens and yeah. Like they're taken over designed. It's music music doesn't. Just I guess I can see myself being frustrated and I was trying to order a sandwich know and understand. Right I am but I'm doing here talking and our rights. I don't. Don't care. What he had the same reaction if you went into a bakery and there was an old German woman who happened to speak German deluded Baker's that we care. Probably answers now is easy I think part of the reason the story about jewel songs because he is a lawyer we just kind of accepted the fact. That occasionally. I frequently you're going to racism in this country especially. Among people who have nothing better to do people who are angry and either underemployed or unemployed they wanna blame someone were. As a lawyer in Manhattan. He's angry that people are speaking Spanish. Looks like a land video just dying to. Oh really. Fresh can shoot run and may not be the first such hours from man Willie Morris thirty rural consulting advisors and their companies that he recognized general. From a similar kind town on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in October 2006 season. Yes it is one down the street the man in the opposite direction made eye contact Williams sped up and made a beeline formal. He immediately start showing those races Susie and sober stuff Morse and I was so shocked a little nurseries for five years never had anything understand. Announcement as chairman Joseph Barton springs dot show. He throws really. Iron Man. And it looks like Jimenez a picture aluminum and your crossovers like him like. People in the field as guys streaming has some decorum people. Some it is a man. And racist and maybe just opposed other Hillary lost. And being. Nominee got snow. And everyone says all the races have been emboldened now because as I see everyone. Some people on the last. Do you think that that's the case or do you think that a story like this now the media ounces on because I'm on my resume racism and homes for sure. I teach you and I just make sure I don't kickoff tonight I'll man come on guys it's not some small. This on his faults. He exploited something I learned are now from over B Hussein yeah but that is and I voted to seal immigrants are animals usually a string. What you said that Trump Ice ice sleet one day with the summer he and Thomas all immigrants AM. Does that Elian begins what he's saying so he's trying to backtracking now but he have. He said he was referring to that MS thirteen gang. All all but the labels and it it was straight up flag either animals. Others think environments you gotta look I can't think I didn't even see Dennis. Man. MS thirteen Sara Sanders doesn't seem gang members are absolutely animals are okay. We have people telling the country are trying to come and Sosa newly lament these people are these are people there animals. So that was yesterday. In real time and now they're kind of walking back. I. Oh we know he was. That day spa that exploded. Day before yesterday tell stories you see clergy that someone died. I think around us and we got to work it happened I don't know what the last hours in his life solution they were saying depicting. In other definitely injuries. One person did die and they were saying at the time this looks like it could have been intentional. How long do woman who died. Her I think it's her ex boyfriend I don't think they were dating. You know recently right now but. Her ex boyfriend has been arrested they found a much as of this house are very specific to say he is not currently a suspects. In this at least my reticent saying he is not currently a suspect in this explosion the shoulder with. I can't link him. But. We do believe that the explosion was intentional. We have reason to believe that someone was targeted. And this guy had remnants of us an explosive device come and explosive devices in his home we're looking at these victims as close associates and a number of avenues in order to make sure we identified the right parties responsible for this. Family always came first freely how. She did great I mean in finding beauty in every life. So this one of them said it was excellent print this article here in the LA times calls him the boyfriend authorities arrest her boyfriend and business partner. A woman killed in days bomb blasts. They arrest of the boyfriend in business associate who was killed Alice Stephen -- 59 of Long Beach was arrested on suspicion of possessing. An unregistered destructive destructive device. According to the FBI investigators found a device while serving a search warrant at his residence. He has not been charged in connection with Tuesday's explosion. The spa owners 48 was killed in the blast in addition the couple's business partnership law enforcement source said the appeal was the woman's boyfriend. You know that whole thing that you will you say you don't know a hit man. I would think that you could easily. Parlay that into you don't know how to make an explosive device. Topped off some someone. When I'm getting caught without getting content Vietnam. You think you can do educate the fact you did it and didn't kill anybody else. Is. I gotta be careful and I imagine there about Sarah so yeah I was. You know I mean yeah. But you know I can get away with you know you just not. You're not and what could have been I mean I don't know did you think you're gonna get insurance claims business I. Enjoy your girlfriend or your wife for its life they are only look in you for the honest unless you know I'd like whoa all right even if I had one yeah. You could be I mean we all saw the movie right. It is a danger room when one I'm. When I go I just put you in jail anyway and I don't tell. And if they kill him it's your job now. To prove us that it wasn't you light and I watch a lot of my relationship aside you can go to any relationship. And realize hall so. Bjorn. Significant other. Was murdered no idea no they weren't going to need to see from your like well son imagine saying good. I'm just trying to go and terrorism and rhythms like you guys don't get along that well right here I go around. You think you can make all that's just and then I looked and all the other. People you can actually looks like you maybe do some bands of homicide concern here like around. I was no where around okay well. I'll just take ten years straight up the. One of the articles I read said that they thousand based Busan where rockets. Miss us like and didn't even Bob music fans chanting U. What does she do I don't know if what's confronting you do remind you how to deserve back on my question is. He is not crazy man I'm angry real angry I mean she's a both volatile and Tunisia Iraq is out of. He is not being charged today in let's remember now he got arrested for possessing a south illegally right now along the assistant director. The Afghans don't office says that we do not only just. So I think there are no they they they were saying that Tuesday and I thought. A lot of weird now we got this new random act of violence on the set of match shooting resumes her blowing up buildings. I was a little bit curious like what kind of person goes and blows up isn't like unabomber it's ideal there's a boyfriend. Apparently. We don't know if that was the boyfriend the boyfriend has been arrested for having its closest it would seem they he has a lot of explaining to do. You guys know we're not pull arbor is. You know Parcells the youngest one room. She's got that one I'd say alleged so she's got a new single out sounds great. It's not gonna happen in her pocket and tune you're way off a you're not totally off YouTube stars you today sir yeah she's YouTube starts really. I just adds that she's Canadian she's YouTube stars they're two years old. Her name sounds familiar and like maybe we read about when I was looking for this black man loves her there was a picture of her. And Toronto you can only eaten about her for something else she did that. I don't know we watched a you to be her she decided that she was gonna. Dual cover song a little feminists. Take on a very popular songs and she would obviously she's a YouTube star she go ahead and make a video now. If you wanted to make of video right now. Do you think we'll get a lot of attention because everyone's seen in everyone's aware of it. One video comes to mind everyone's been watching this last show us some color scanner. Close very close it's called this is women. She decided to do. Her version of childish Gambino is this America. She's a white woman imagine. Makes sure that we're clear on that too so. Looks like some money was spent Wednesday allows luggage decisions are white minority sensors Canadian and I know it's pretty much chose the outside. So this is an Imus show you a little bit as zoning that your. Reaction on. Eileen I. By the way in case you haven't caught on some feminists song yeah. This and this is America women's that it uses blue feminist so. You climate no. America you don't really need choose. Let's pretend like it was an offensive based on the contents. His message here and then her spent. Just her. Wrapping up whatever she's doing is offensive on its own. People are not happy and there Qaeda I saw several people say that it's important to make that distinction it's not just. A feminist or woman's and it it's a white woman's and it. On the song of course that's not probe for doors to starring comedian of coal Harbour. Has been heavily criticized after releasing her own version of childish Gambino is powerful video for his songs America arbor dubbed her version of the woman's edit. And promptly was slammed for co op in a work which examined the black experience in America with many calling her video all white woman's that it. Just don't do that you saw that video what do you think everyone was thinking when they're watching you think they thought. There's so much fun this is Yoni your game merely moral create your whatever this is. If you wanna do that that's fine. She used took up a bunch of money and time to put this in you had a lot of time. Want to realize to yourself this doesn't feel right for someone else to point out you this doesn't feel right yeah that's circles and all this is great. 500 billion people dance around it. Good idea no one ever mentioned hurricane of coal is so tone Daryl white Canadian woman. Nine this feels right. Especially. That video has even now a full week as it but it didn't come on Saturday when he was on us and I'll tell us press members are we. So so it's ten days Max al-Qaeda. I mean it's so. I just vanished into pretend like. Well it's okay because. It's a it's a feminist. Spin on notice. Says I thought it best to respond to the miss interpretation in my video here to clarify openly the purpose of my rendition was to honor the spirit of the video. I watched thirty seconds of that and I'm bleeding. Str the video which absolutely moves mean by adding mine and many women's life experiences and truths to the grave in brutal truths expressed in the original. You look like you're having fun and you're joking around. I mean it yeah I'm I'm wearing a nevertheless he persisted serve. I'm I'm more of the cost. But this like new Ainge suburban white six feminism isn't. Just read I am sick of it when you can be a suburban white woman feminists but I'm when I'm at night but I had is like your context and and don't use a childish Gambino video abound no I'm talking in general like this whole new waves move on you isn't it's just. Trash. It's all listen to me. Knew what they call it my girlfriend says it's called the break through his car it's called second stage feminist. Zack and your dad termed the first second wave. Okay there's first wave feminism secondly are we on third new ways and I don't want to see little. Feminism and I think she says its second wave feminist. I have to look that up. I feel like your weight to lose a lot of thinking six OK so that's something eighty moron so the navy's run I've heard discussed. Really loosen them. You know she starts to honor on amount. Right singing I am doing it's the fourth way. This is fortunately Stewart fourth waves as with its start around the sleeps sleeps well yeah I mean she's now with anything I'm happy to have. Help out. But I went black women that Wear loads like the native American six where's. And a and a sexual themes on this just. I don't mean this I help you don't it's it is. Coachella them in his announcement. That is absolutely yeah. Is even Coachella nomination matters at target that hard so I don't know if I Massey to I don't know I don't know what you guys are donors just got it. So is this specifically it's this non inclusive. Feminist. Perspective. Of just blow man like. And I'm being. To criticize in the word plays slow that demand so yeah nice and I know you are not acknowledging app because I wanted to make an acknowledgment for any other type of minority type of segment is deemed that. Give mad. Black women. Chinese any act and it's it's just a super specific because there are burning may think that their struggle is the same as everyone else's or because they actually need to be impressed it's like we're driving each other a casino got beat up more. And we all lose. Well I'm gonna stand. I let me tell you don't want to deny hanging. I'm gonna go ahead and do pay homage to a QNA. And I wanna tell you what it's like to be. A female. Singer. Right yeah and age do business. That's run my white men do you like. You're 01 shoots them. And valley. Like it's not just saying don't try and that's what and that's really saying this Canadians don't like don't try to turn their experience and childish Gambino is experienced. I'm just saying yes that I that's important I don't drink I. I might I am a black man which is its own. So there probably isn't everything but I would be remiss if I didn't think I'm also being made and which could mean higher like my and I'm also have an entitlement and privilege or. Here even just you know me you can't beat up. You can't be. Anything without owning your own privilege. It is being driven it my all right Tamara voice and Tom Tom always right DLC. And 86. Hi hey aria I am great how are you guys wonderful wonderful. So. I don't know maybe last fall sometime we talked about a survey by the way I see anything bad about women touched on our Lola black student at. I sit out then what arrow where it affects only. Back I don't wanna say anything he really wanted to say yea right let me. Let me bro. We did this I wanna make sure because we had that conversation earlier today headlines. And Tex I got a little excited spicy so be careful how we end up how we approach us and we did do this. Surveyed. Last fall that was and the engineers were reversed and asked women or warning signs. About a guy that they're dating okay what's on Monica Erika yes I did and this is that this person barrels this person uses the term creepy. Like what are some signs that a nominee is and a woman has to be swearing in to get to this is for will now women can be creeping. I think they're sane. What is that us a warning sign right out totals red flags for women yes that's right right black and red flag so. Our fusion here and some of the top ones here or purity have won like what your go to thing as. My red flags for yeah excellent yeah one man have more guy friends and I do girl that is on the list that is unless it's. I'm sure I know my friend Steve someone. State and that we. And he's going around there but it will also why it has a long ago around the patent my blood and I could just stop us now before I even like Q yeah I know I at all while trying to draw my friend Stephen saw them going out of my friend Paul. And Mac no I don't care. Okay. You know assure get into Grasso this little snippet that yeah that's further unless something to be the topping answer on here. Says if she doesn't ask questions or seem interested in your life but still manages to be clinging. So. No. That must be something that people struggle less like. Maybe a selfish person who'll once around for selfish reasons but doesn't want to rule. Iran isn't your I don't do that when I was trying to think like I think I can handle that because when I when someone asked me how my day was. I usually say fine. Sure good fight no matter what I just say if it was fun. It's everyone I've dated at some point or married at some point has said. Poll see every day same thing when you tell me I tell you all about my day why don't shoot and I say why don't fund it's over like I don't know. I'm I don't think its interest in so then they inevitably say right so you don't think my days interest in. And Ina Lewis knows yeah you know but I rarely but I understand and then I thought your career is an interesting I'd do it. I understand that our yourself. For YouTube. Get some therapy by talking about today talking models. May be wants maybe needs someone to tell you that it is you've got to. Got news and politics of world events and get your insights on all those things and I feel about things and you know your personal life and those types of things are less interest and I'm really need to hear about what you did. Pat no workplace today the ninth inning out of there with a point. Well because they need someone to as it did talk to your friends and people who work with the motto your coworkers like I. I don't do the job right so you've all my god it's so stressful and you know I'll listen for a little bit but in the end I'm like I'll. Don't really know what that is. I've actually never been there it sounds. Okay. Ryan that's our job to get too much into what we do here right like and I went there and why might I had to do promotions being applied right. There are fairly young Tehran and and at some point does nodding and smiling on you Megan I'm using terms or you don't know right. You do the same thing to me I wanna know why your personal life collateral your feelings I wanna know about you know the things your interest in all those things but the I work. I says I'll work see my dad. Come home and talked I'm all about work and she told me. Listen yeah it drives me crazy. How long your father we'll talk about work every day when he comes out but he needs that. And he needs someone to talk to about it and to be honest there's no one else that he felt comfortable enough sit talk about us up with so I've just. I remember my mom saying that I don't wanna talk about work but everyone I've been let's seems to wanna talk about work it's more about sentiment about work like I got this project on its more about. This person did this to me and I don't think that's right so I told the meant so don't you think I did the right thing. Yes I think to the right thing but it and then once a wild person once July you gotta say well you know maybe next time. Give her a few minutes and and you know tried it because that we are not always just a yes man. You got out yet remember these names of people that their work away thinner and I. I'm not saying I guess it. I'm just saying if we're all speaking on some don't wanna hear it. Now and you only hear from me now they don't I don't know they don't there's something fascinating that happens at work and there's something like yeah and gossip and that's fine or you know something cooler heads like I'll remember Sonny loved this event. Three months later this happened how awesome is that crawl. What he has done after every day let go let me tell you about my day. The second. Blue response on this next is top number two but someone talking about. A girl tracking him with a GPS device will yes OK Shia to GPS yeah why is that in your car agree that's a she's not even trying to be discreet about I mean maybe I guess she hit it on your spare tires as he is means you got that well couldn't she just say you don't taxi out where are you I'd like to know what's going on something I don't know. This one says my ex would actually I don't understand attracting wears only owe you an enormous. I really do that I've never actually now known someone that that's done that I guess if you think they're cheating or not so why. Right. You're not James Bond is what are you doing tracking iPhone. They're really even know where we each other are at all times. I don't let him walk why would you ignore him and all the time. IE. Have always been you I've talked about this I don't want to. Do with anyone I'm dating is their phone is laying astronomy and they're in the bathroom or something and I see attacks come through I don't look. I don't know I'm certainly not I hear about these couples who get on each other's phones and look through the phone now. Yeah if you have talked about that if you if you look hard not you're gonna finds an apology if you're not worried about are already. Then ye it's already probably. Ruined via right and then what do you do when. This person says might actually it's a free gum throws things at me she would forget about it. And then act like it never happened the next day will that is a mental health issue with I'm that is that is that actually they forgot about it. Still a little more into like there's no loud and now I'm social. Our car through that you or Iva in a black eyed threat you're good you're Nassau like the just ended at one and she went to bed. And I watch Netflix mind like whenever that happens. To also have to talk about on the morning. The someone brings up saying I love you within the first couple days that's a world class my go to little could be a W I I I I'll tonight that's right and I forgot the that was you'll. So console without surreal day someone like uranium on tender and then what you Tanya love them this. Have you watched the Dow Steve. Now I used and they will now watch that you might need to watch so I really yeah it's worth that worth while I mean everyone should watch should men and women but feel like I dies you're watching you should definitely watch it. My thing IC might. My thing on which I agree with the guy friends think what about if you go out with someone and we talked about this it's the same for guys it is for girls worth their roots are of like. Service industry people live there yeah like they're they're just days you know complaining you know in their rude and yet you normally without the rest your life you wanna be nervous or go to dinner with us vs the rest your life. That's my top thing in some top thing that's one thing that I didn't see pile molest. I think if someone's. Tracking a GPS it's a problem someone tells you they love you in the first couple of days that's a problem. Someone is throwing things out he loves so it was not a problem as long as you not to talk about it again the next day but I can understand why some people would think that it's a problem. They carry every day them insinuate. I really feel a thing I know you do wrong. But maybe should just. You know hold off its passion someone to make a good point that this kind of goes back to the work thing if you're if you're dating someone and this again goes for either gender. But if your daily summary has met someone and their constantly talking and out every one. Else is out to get them ever wanna work does it everyone network is terrible whenever there ought to get them. Maybe. Maybe you're the problem you could work with a bunch of people who are just out to get you randomly and are all bad people or. I think people who think everybody's out to get them I I think you're right it is but I think a bigger issue is for me. You are really self important. And because the truth of the matter is yeah. Most people whatever job their attitudes here or if it's cerner Bryant there's a bunch of people when you leave. You rarely think about those people right I would hope that is don't have time to be out to get you because I get home. Have to be I. Out to get my kids' food like I got stuff going on you know and I mean like yeah the idea of everybody's planning something against you that there's this big conspiracy right. Is I just ended it involves too much and people don't care that much. Right by the problem is I think that one person thinks everybody cares that much about that. I don't really anyone's out to get him something they care. And I always what do M and I mean that honestly does Roger is resilience these guys stay don't care. And right now. I am act. I'm employed. But when they get a chance to finally able to answer my great don't give them. All conspiring mountain climbing bozos they say we should fire on the other guys like that's a good idea and women. Happens it won't happen right now Laviolette. How is it that Dick you know what right now they're not in the office like. You aren't. Six months. Yeah and then I'll do this and then you'll do this and then you know nobody's doing that and it's that scene from. I'm mad men were Don Draper says you know dial numbers name the people who are familiar with that. Yeah he's upset with down however dollars and is I don't think about you at all yeah right and just keep in mind if your super upset with someone at work or whatever. Only one of you is thinking about it yet in that relationship the other person's not thinking about it at all. I know you guys Ellis I'm when I'm one when you're not around you don't exist right here. I was assuming disappear that's I do about work it's like school we were kids that's why you come in and totally got a problem like heart shaped amendment and I told my glasses on there's trying to. Roslyn and I did not know you're alive outside of your depth. You're trying to end today at all O'Reilly OK in my office he started crying. And sought to a lot of her sunglasses so. I mean that's that's exactly that's exactly what happened literally the judges unless I do so as you have them note. There is an on your desk oblivious to pass the mantra is I I can't look at you like that on the number revised dialogue I would pair shades. That's a nice I was there is the alternative 96. You promised you an avalanche I didn't find I found an. Article that claims to have found the secret to happiness is the same thing is a New York Post don't pull up here but I'm more and you it's all one thing. If it comes down to one basic thing. And now one thing should be pretty easy but it's probably not something we are gonna wanna DO. I'm transformer or this or who has done I think it was announced councilman. According to end soon won't do OK so Gemini gas is here got her open the study was done in the all lancet psychiatry. Com which I don't know must be of magazine or something in researchers. We're trying to Ferrell the secret to happiness was more makes people happier. According to the paper the latest research is the first large scale attempt to measure this type of thing and the secret asked to do with something. You do it night. So that you do it night or don't do it night but it's something that happens at night. Any guesses. No sleep. As sort of they say the secret is to turn your phone off at 10 PM. No Smartphone use after 10 PM that's it that's the whole secret to happiness true happiness is found when you turn off your phone. At that exact minute 10 PM using mobile phones after 10 PM triggers depression and loneliness according to the stony. People who spend the night checking social media watching television or roaming around their homes are more likely to suffer from mood problems. Tom they can have bipolar. Tom that are more likely to refrigerate themselves is unhappy and more lonely okay but even know her secret to happiness. Being able to pay your bills and that's a stark. Shut up and about your problems. Has been proven over over at a shot up a bottom. Like swallow let's go deep. Put that in put your head up and go about your goddamn day. Quit talking about how you don't have enough money for theirs or are you no one loves you were no one of my age you are. You're depressed Shia op. And yet we're all just shut up about it put on blinders a move forward quit talking about a dollar goddamn time big kid saying. People are more depressed nowadays are never were right. Yeah also I think clearly correlates to people talk about the problems only god damned I'm not nobody talked about the problems. Wolf didn't shoot on the economy grow good man. I don't know if you largely an. And never happened showed up. That goes right back towards my earlier with your network may maybe that's the problem. They beat you need to. Maybe maybe he can write some stuff down maybe maybe I would there was a reason why they're talking about your day at work iGoogle as though because I know that when I get home. Even if I had a bad day does it matter it was a work day a weekend whatever someone says how you doing the answer is. Fine the players are a lot of you don't know what you want your and a lot of stuff you don't long. I'm the same as people here if can easily talk to. You have a conversation. Didn't even talk to another person to tell you how we don't drop your ideas he had to sit around letting your son my mental health issues now know what this ball seemed like you really fired up about I he needs I feel like he's really jazzed on this and maybe it's is years and years of buildup. Well I think part of it is a fact a once a week there's some. Paying on some blog this is did you guys see that uses eager to happiness in his study here it is. And now it's anyone's own one you Molineaux for my office crying like sharp. Put on your big boy pants or go to work Jesus Christ we're doing the best we can't. It is hard out here as fragile little flowers nowadays. I'm gonna try and be somewhere in the middle here. I think it's okay to shut up and not wanna talk about it I I would at least like. Tool. I don't know are we plead the fifth year I don't wanna talk about my day and I don't want you getting upset that I don't wanna talk about my day. If you wanna talk about it. Go right on I had fun but I'm telling you but that's why are depressed. Because you're talking about the present and that.