Thursday, 05.24.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, May 24th

0:00 - Headlines
Morgan Freeman accused of sexual misconduct
Relations with N Korea take nose dive
Treasure ship found off the coast of Columbia
Senior prank gets student in trouble
18:03 - How often would you say your happy during the week?
33:50 - Slimfast is freaked out robots are taking over the world or something

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The righteous man. From all sides. The siren. Homeland. The value dark. Will strike to own up. I hate. Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman down I saw last. Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman who has thought. Sitting CNN was the one who did the investigation has sounded like I was watching the coverage I guess on CNN ace made it sound like it was there investigations. And or in some maybe someone came forward. Originally. Two reporters from CNN and that's I think any messier and irrational records shouldn't allow okay 'cause I wondered if news outlets now we're like right let's start going after the big wigs siblings find any dirt on these. Guys after a months long investigation. Sixteen people. Agreed to share their stories with CNN several of them said that Freeman made constant comments about their bodies including Tway says. Eight said that they were victims of harassment or inappropriate behavior to have those eight said that they were actually subjected to. Unwanted touching. I Freeman. Aides say that they were harassed to say that they were subject to the touch inappropriate touching and then what someone was pregnant. Right yeah he said I wish I was there or she says. He says man I wish I was there when he can tell us that is is CNN reporter saw that she was pregnant in a little bush I was ending caller said the issue is right. Right right. Okay he asked someone didn't they he just Matt I'm guessing how do you feel about sexual harassment. He said how do you feel about sexual harassment and and she says and she says she said sarcastically. A lot and indecency boys I cited doing. And she claims obviously she set I love or did you just trying to euros and I'm in this situation and again today so whenever you gonna movies that is most powerful person. I'm really damage and we think. He's doing right now I tell you think he's handling this when this stuff came out about these other guys kind of imagine aren't damage control part of me wonders if Morgan Freeman original offer visa range. So I wonder but do you think that he's on damage control or do you think he's just setting you know lot. I guess sex like Brokaw right he came out and sought allegations and this is ridiculous you a Daytona. On broke on now will she wrote I'm not paying. Or whatever Steve college she wrote an article for I think the Washington Post talking about why she came forward but that was after he had said. A museum of fine and then he denied that he had had a grudge and and he apologized for the way that he would kind of attacked her but then a bunch of co workers came to his defense I think. Rachel mad I don't know and there are several people that came to his defense but she went and rode them. Opinion piece saying this is why I. You know decided to come forward she stands by it I guess Lucinda that's kind of the end of it does she still doing in recent years he's been retired for awhile so I don't. But he did guest appearances you do like little guest appearances on the present that I know of I don't know hasn't gone away when you can imagine how old is he's probably about the same age as Morgan Freeman say a god brokaw's seven Yates Nicholas. As Morgan Freeman set anything beyond just serious statement from him how he did make a save yeah only use like from his people or you know through his people and just and. Let you need. Mean never meant to make anybody feel uncomfortable he started thinking okay I'm paraphrasing right so now like to Brokaw this is ridiculous number. Anyone who knows mirrors were truly knows I'm not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespect and that was never my intent Morris yeah. Eighty years old your beloved actor may be one of the most well liked ranked in the United States and and suddenly you wake up and you got all his allegations now you have to defend yourself now the thing now I mean if he did and B did you do they did it. He got up to the stone or I gallery could just say I didn't do it and but I don't really feel like. Fighting and all that you know like well not so what's his grandson. Which ones. That's like blue house companion guess the NPR guy yeah here's my dad now I'm Donald managers whoever owns us. Go away go away and like people are talking about all these blood this with people like Louie CK. Saying you know he could. After enough time has passed he has the ability in these big hunting he could sell tickets directly to. His fans and sell out he could buy up of a feeder rent out at Peter. And he can sell tickets directly to his fans and some people are speculating that he might trying to do something like that I don't think. I think there's probably some people we've heard the last of I don't think we've heard the last of UCK that's great and I think used we all kind of wandered into her some slack and any kind of did it in to some degree. And I think when he does is next comedy special is now don't. And just see how people react whether or not people are willing to forgive and forget her people are still. Or is that they didn't tunes such a far extreme and he's done before you don't mean to read about Israel will HBO Netflix showtime will they be willing to. There's nothing else on their network Germany now or don't do it on the Internet or beyond the figure I think he doesn't go into Gaza now Morgan Freeman might say. More reluctant to movies coming out I got this little nutcracker in the four rounds yeah. And Angel has spawned. He's got two movies coming out in 2008 these accusations don't seem like that. Similar enough to what happened to Kevin Spacey where you and feel like they need them and they him out of these movies right or are they at that level do you think this sounds like. Brit named Duncan from these yeah that's quick yeah let's let's fast so you never know. Say it new does doesn't bring him anything and none of the things I've found in Houston resident managers now. Who they talk to him when they are doing imminence there was like a lot I'm in 1984. Right I'll seems fairly recent you know I mean I was 75% and the president doesn't pass by. I would have thought you know let this basic thing and Ali outside and and may easy and there's none out. This all seems to release this story may be more will come out seems to me like you know it's fairly recent stuff. Special someone of that age if you we see a headline for the first time you know this beloved eighty year old actor's been accused. I didn't I immediately thought of this is probably something that happened back in the sixties or seventies or eighties. Everything you read happened I mean losing recently going in style which rose 2017. Yet there was like that no less special or whatever role that science specialist on a dying whatever and North Korea. The deal is off so we are supposed to just peace summit. The United States has pulled out the peace summit. Both sides are angry. North Korea got really angry about the Libya comments that Mike Pence made. And then tell Bolten made it you know I guess the idea of ending up like Qaddafi. It is not something Kim Jong wants to think about why it was Mike Pence on my Moammar Qaddafi because I think Bolden said something about Libya first. And then Penn said something about. Look they won't end up like Libya and asked her about he's a little end up like Libya. And lest they failed to make a deal or something along those lines as of the north Koreans agreeing I don't yeah. Now theaters house for the kids while they. So yesterday or day forever that was then wait to trump in the Oval Office and asked him about the Libya comments. And he says something like you know I don't think anyone thinks this is going to. Resemble. Libya but meanwhile. What's his name was stand right behind him. What the hell I just sent us an emboldened these ensemble he says something about it Donald yet. It is a John Bolton might say Michael Bolton. He says something about Qaddafi he was dating in the room when troubles like a no win I don't think anyone thinks this is anything like that. Point is the deal's off. All those commemorative coins with trumping Kim Jung space on their useless now although I would liked to have won a summary of all the money can be collector's items they still. Went through it their big. The destruction. Of the nuclear test facility they were doing for the trash today where they're blowing up that test site so the press was still there and they were there when they found out. That this summit had been called off. That the north Koreans have said that they're not going to think the dialogue and they worry jury it I comment made by the vice president Mike Hampton before that at present such national security advisor John Roberts. Talking about North Korea saying that North Korea could follow the Libya model of course. Gadhafi in Libya gave up its nuclear weapons and was overthrown by US backed rebels. He's called John Harris but I think you meant John Bolton John Roberts is the Chief Justice I don't think you see justice. Injected himself and his conversation it was bulky and Penn State made those comments. I really thought that this North Korea thing was gonna work out I don't know why just thought it was just crazy enough. That trump would send these tweets about my nuclear button being bigger than yours and somehow resolved in the morning our cal they had this whole summit planned. And I thought man they're gonna come to some sort of an agreement. Did you see the treasure ship that they found. Art I think this is cool. It's called the San Jose and they say this ship has been called the holy Grail. Of all shipwrecks Tucson this me and had Nicolas Cage and except this is real life so they found the ship. Was stuck on you know I was in two years ago 32015 to three years ago. They found a ship. But they don't tell anyone about it right because they find it off the coast of Columbia but it's an old Spanish ship right so they don't know. You know who's gonna try and claim this. Booty but the guy who discovered it it sounded like it was some sort of like an autonomous. There was a resurgence submarine data that is sobering that had found something else to slip down shipper or no I found a missing plane appears YouTube of cats like this really great submarine they can. Go deep deeper than any other submarine and I don't know what did you see the guy who founded this yet but he's sitting alone in a routier's I'm Sophia too he's all by himself and also here watching that video screen you go. Wait there it is. That's the San Jose this is indeed. Treasure. She definitely the biggest treasure in the world sought about forever is the biggest treasury could possibly find and we just found it yet I just sat there for about ten minutes smiled. I'm not a marine archaeologist but. You know I channel my note cannon looks like. So it in in that moment I was. I guess the only person in the world news we found a shipwreck plaza and guess how much money's worth the stuff in today's money. Gold silver. Guess how much it's worth in today's money they think. Seven point five million dollars way higher 217. Million dollars no way higher still. Five billion dollars still higher seventeen billion dollars worth of stuff malicious stuff on the ship they think and lazy Sunday and treasure ship I guess I don't. I'm really followed her finders keepers losers realtors is. An international marriage only if it doesn't then miles from people go out there and search warrant I don't know even if some government said we get a piece of that don't they it is going to treasure hunt galvanize some of the Colombian government to. Mainly a fair and equitable deal than the people who found the steamboat Arabia don't they get some of the riches of that. Tonight when necessary just keep their own quiet they sell the pickles resigned. There are treasures pickle jars other's plates and sole burden. Lot of historical stuff on there and that's nothing compared to this this ship went missing north many years ago seventeen billion dollars route to treasure. Oh man. Colombia and Spain both save them money is there's. Why they kept this secret from Columbia I think and the researchers at Woods Hole all the people who founded. They say there explorer's not treasure hunters and are not involved in the ownership disputes. Look I don't get me remind they're gonna keep someone that I wouldn't think. About the direction of the Titanic James Cameron has that his name when you turn down didn't he find it with this submarines is up doesn't he get him out Titanic they'd need go to on the same channel and then. I think you find it. I don't. True OK now you say I don't know that either but it seems like he had something to do with the players around you and James Cameron found the Titanic I feel like he had he got something from that does any Disney is making moves me at least get to keep something from mast camera I think you lose money from the move he's intent. And moved it to. So Ozarks. That's a whole separate thing he's done nothing to dinner theater show. My decision and Bono and that's not totally vote it's not even just. Now it is only like half of the voting. A that does say how well a lot of second. Benjamin brawl that polls John if you like his arm as Titanic was discovered two miles below the surface. Is gonna say his name here. God dammit where's James Cameron found in. Explorer Robert Ballard and others blame ultimately you know merged group move. It's. I'll trust you know I'll say James Cameron Amy documentarian he acted like. If he if he wasn't don't want who found he certainly acted like he played a very significant role. And finding the Titanic I just last story has made national news but it. Is local it's from independence. Senior at Truman high school is not going to be allowed to walk in his graduation because of a senior prank. But he pulled out they said it is skating he's a really good student like maybe three point 73 point eight GPA something like that. He says there are other kids wanted to do much more devious senior pranks he thought he would do something innocent so he listed at his school Truman high school. On Craig's list as being forced sale is says Truman high school 121000 dollars to 1125. Dollars independence mouth he says. As huge Tony plus room facility. Newly built football field baseball field the southeast newly added four modern day eighty rooms has centralized care he plumbing you get the idea this is his senior friends. Same way he apologized he tried to make things right I think they're overreacting. The other people are gonna do like releasing life nice glory you know billion beach in the trial like to lobby area why not. What's is under more laid back. So seems like an innocent enough rank right any guesses as to why he got so much trouble. You know he said the reason for the sale is due to loss of students coming up that's the sentence that got him in trouble. Reason for sale is due to loss of students coming up he says that's because we graduating senior classes graduating Bryan school says hmm that sounds like a threat. Moon my mission. So even though the police investigated and said yeah okay there's no. Legitimate threat here he's still not allowed to walk with his class. Did you do senior frank are you drop that Africa like you don't want to underclassmen feels like. May twenty manager Omar I mean is graduating you get the diplomacy is get to go to school Lou the last few days of his friends. They'll be fine. That's important to a lot of kids what's his name Thailand. Thailand Thailand KYLA in. I don't. Pairs of demand. Is high school. You less than six months you're gonna be and proud. Unclear moving far far away. And then you're never gonna have to worry about these people again not the principle not the teachers. You really never gonna have to deal even in college or more compelling never gonna have to deal. When this type of lunacy. Baggage you where people. Where you work for four years to bust your ass. To graduate. As a last minute. They're gonna go and take that reward aways from me because it makes them feel better. It makes no sense of course it makes no sense but the truth of the matter is. Think about it this way. They are probably twice to three times your range. And they are getting satisfaction. From stopping you. From walking across a stage. That's their thrill. Go outlived them. Go be happier than them. Go take on bigger problems than Craigslist ads on her high schools for sale tell them to take their diploma. And stick it up their independence that's. Bingo changed the world dolby awesome man. I. Yeah. How often would you say throughout the week. Here happy. Funny funny. So so the navy and week is too much for you maybe over the course of a day you say you really happy. And a fifteen time Powell attended fifteen times a day you're out and then ten to 15 times and am side. Or cynical. Well this this study don't you or your happy if someone makes you laugh right. Sure IA I think laughter should guys that are playing of course sore you know somebody does something many allied. The problem on whatever share ten to 15:20 times a day am happy. Ten to 1520 times a day and sent all right we'll just a moving target. This may be this is different because they are seeing pure joy. How often people experienced pure joy what is pure joy I want analysis study is that the average person. As 432. Moments of pure. Joy or happiness. A year a year which is eight a week. And on one of the can't think about it when some sort of a time when I NASA. I don't know they said. How often do you truly relax and forget about all the stressful stuff going on in your life this. Study found out that the average presents for injury to moments of true enjoy career a year that's eight a week. And they ask people to name the situations where their most likely to feel happy. And relaxed so these are the top ten times that people are most likely to feel happy and relaxed. Number ten singing along to the radio. Oh look at that we bring people happiness and no pure joy yeah. Or they might say some too much will they could also be singing along to my. IPod do whatever that's a lot of sense that says radio ominous and I'm through mesa were not sing along right now as you're ruining our pure joy and that's our guy and there's not arguing natter off. I doubt anyone would say and I announced last moment appear Joseph Adams and they were talking about. Pure joy on the radio from playing video games number nine. Okay yeah sometimes. I can be sure that I mean I was that's all we do appease Fuzzy funds. Sometimes his eggs very stressful for me sometimes aren't waiting around I get anxious I do throw things. If so what do watch me playing video games not the end they might not think I'm happy OK but I take probably it must do something. Out shopping with friends is number eight. OK I do like that. And you like to go look at choose or something with friends or I don't know does go clothes shopping. You don't like to do that potential my new. I like to do I mean I don't do it. All everybody Lila pension yeah and Taylor his fans will go shopping or go to the mall or some and walk around and look at this. I mean like an outlet Mara you know like zone a rose served our legends or something we just go look around at close awesome. You know I do not get a pretzel. At lunch and shopping don't do that I enjoyed that movie night with your kids is number seven like that he says that's her joy and number six meeting friends out for drinks slash watching sports with friends and a bar on that. This poster for like an extended period of time relied. You forget all your problems not just quit moments. Always look at happiness and sadness as very quick moment this right. It's the right things and take like an hour hour and a half two hours these are extended periods of happiness. Because when you so laughter I thought the same thing if but if someone makes me laugh I. And joy joy yeah it may only last for recession right that's it. When you're outside walking your dog is number five I'm a dog. I aid. I would not count that as a moment of pure joy that's in with something that's. Traditionally good shore kind of there is better than a lot of shores as a as an and I'd feel like I need to do I don't get excited about it I don't feel great about it. Been a friend's barbecue picnic or house party yeah. Let me ask you serious question why have you ever Ben. I shouldn't say ever what percentage is times when you've been at a friend's house for hours at a party the other night. And the person was trial images of prisoners who was trying to set I invited some fast neutron are gonna come and I was like yeah. Oh yeah no I'm not gonna these types of things how many of these things have you bench you Wear. You weren't thinking when you got there and be honest with me right now. How long do I need to stay here. Every time you you're thinking that every time rank that you're thinking how launched I need to stay and then you look at your watch and you say haven't been here long enough. Now things may get better and finally our to have more fun so I don't really think about about every time I arrive at any place I think knowing when to stay there. I even did this thing so we might somehow work I think assimilated or. Owner of and I got to stay here. I mean every right every time I have to leave the house and go anywhere. My immediate reaction once I arrive at that places how long do I think I have to stay gaps and fill out a bit about like when you're out all you think about is I need to begin back home. And when your own like I guess I should maybe should be get ready go out there but. We will win some more on Saturday night. Arm. Micro for a ride to her friends I was like how stormy type of thing. And even when we pulled up like we knew that we were and his we had committed to doing this and we pulled up in front of the house we still look to each other and I said are you sure you wanna do this. She's an I don't know. What do you think. I said well I think you you want to I think if we don't do it you're gonna be upset with yourself that you didn't do it. But I just make sure if you're really feeling right now like you don't want a good talker and a non government. I'm really not because if I don't know trust me because if I could easily have said I'm new shoes she say good let's go but don't what happened is leadership that cat we are such. Losers we can't get on a carded a one of the house was off. So I think it was a right thing but I still have to ask like if you are feeling right now this overwhelming sense of I should not be here. Tell me because I'm not gonna be upset with you have that's Richard feel like you be just feel like you can't do this but once I got in there. It's like all right this is I make a note this is what time does and I like these people. I'm gonna really do and I was excited it's nice out you TO set out back people are seeing people are drinking and people are smoking it's nice. But at a certain point 020 Washington thought. Okay get anything after that we can leave starting now doesn't mean we have to leave right now but don't you guys think now's been long enough and she look at me when I finally said. You can. We'll just only kitchen like we're gonna get something to drink will dispel them and she said. We have been here long enough we've only been here like half hours and within an hour 45 minutes Jews no way. Dear Iran actually here's what time is now here's a time measures let's get out of here that was it Linda. But I I do wish that I can really enjoy that but I feel. Uncomfortable sometimes in those. Settings such try to work. A sudden I have known her for around 45 minutes and an envelope. Run especially if you've been here for a half hour I'm like now I don't think he feels like so long they get here really early. I woke up this morning and there was no reason my street and I looked up front and they were doing some sort of work on the sewers or something. And I saw this guy got a back in his truck and he looked like he was probably as early sixties like. Our man that sucks is guy. Passing get up this early you know still doing his Jersey and get this really trying to do is my girl was like it's it's Uma chooses 10 o'clock in the morning well. I was like well feels it's still feels to really got their joined Marriott doesn't it but that's how most people. Do they do that they work for a living there maybe don't we're trying to maybe that's why they're also a source familiar slept over hot microphone that's sure. And they that's why they're better. My dog and pony show trying to make people happy trying to Legends Field pure joy. Apparently if you feel American barbecue picnic kraus write top three on a date. But only if you're already in a relationship because first dates too stressful to peoples after on a date with someone that they are alike. But that's. Apparently a moment of happiness of pure joy pleasure on and it was so we're like yeah knowledge on. Leo I've done. Yeah I I mean sir I like it it also feels kind of like a maintenance things have been that we need to do. So that we don't become her I honestly don't feel like okay. Being on vacation or on your way to a destination I knew I guess the second part of that is my favorite part of life on my way to something good not a my way homer on my way to a destination if you're on a road trip you're going on vacation you're on the airplane on your way there. That's the best feeling in the world right got everything to look forward to nothing's gone wrong yet. I don't know man. I'm a little different. Why is where's Obama on a day or dinner or their girlfriend right. Was my girlfriend I enjoyed those times like all right we don't we can be ourselves and as a person and I enjoy being around right. What is going on vacation. I always feel like man. I had a drive to the airport. I got a parched. I gotta get my bad you know I gotta go through security why did I do this is why the book this I could just be at home. It's just a pain in the ash but it out to me it always sounds good when you're planning a long weekend. You know 1 o'clock in the morning and it just balking on Orbitz but the actual follow through all of that is. Almost I sometimes I'm like well just keep my trip someone else trying to Transocean royals player. As I really don't wanna go to the airport. You know you're right. You're absolutely right every time I go on vacation I do have that thought of I could've stayed home stay home I wouldn't have so do you does any of this what I am and I know there is a moment maybe it's just like driving to the lake or something but I know there's a mobile I'm on my way maybe his once you're already on the plane and you're on your way there where I start to get. Excited maybe now like a big vacation we go to Vegas for the weekend and that feeling when your on the plane on your way there that's a good. Feeling now. I feel like I'm over extended myself more time OK I think. Spread to fend being number one moment of happiness to people's hanging out on the couch. Or in bed but their significant other it's the most common answer that people gave by far. Is just relaxing home news with someone they like there are a group out there let's let's it and then that's all I do. There but it's also good thing. It's a good thing. What is hard for me to say man I really I treasure that's because. It's about all I do down to Marshal sitting down. Anything missing from that list of what makes you happy is during the week. I ask no car earlier and he said something about holding his baby and violence many eyes. These are all happiness that's pure happiness or love pure happiness. We have feels good. He does good you'll never notice feels like it. Those same that I know I'm kidding I just about what's really awesome to hold your son your child and ultimately it's it's a golfing with a moment of pure happiness Syria and a as good what is soon. Well you know instances I'm sorry adopt this. The size hail with Canada's have a nice thing. I understand you think like I'm sorry man like no no I don't think this is awesome I it's all good you guys immediately know how good. For us I'm just saying now when I went down. And I love my kids are listening it's all good for us know sometimes I look at my kids and I'm like man no you've got to go to college. From Renton. Find out what an alternate areas to was gonna die on you heard the most inappropriate time I don't feel like there's no light goes a lot of stuff like that it just so much coming up. And as a part of and it's like man. Sorry. Sorry I never thought about that. Well like I know like it's going to be a hundred injured degrees at some point in your life and air conditioners gonna go laden. God dammit I'm sorry I'm sorry. You guys always find a way to make stuff there you go of me and I did say dang ideas Joseph trowel I'll invest stopping your name on both he got. Finally make everything main talking about you are still around me. Candace have a nice thing he just ask what you save your kid animator Joseph and if you everything like manned flight in life is tough sorry about that Null. Well you don't know I won't see that's thing you have to now turns you're never going to be like I'm sorry man no okay. Because that's I mean. A day that's around like yeah I think about that and I your mind Aaron had kids are taught you about that my fear is that. A little toddler Khatami says that I'm scared to die and I say may do as a little might you have NASA. I don't know I did I only had a period of months now I'm just saying like you know man I'm sorry an artist he's on dressed in their life. When you're in school and you're writing a paper amounts felt tip pen explodes everywhere all over your answer your shirt and saw on your hands like. Sorry about that table I happened to you did you blame your parents I don't blame my momma post rule wild bull I'm not saying they're gonna blame me I'm saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're like my life and stuff can be very very hard sometimes send. I brought you into this and yeah I'm I love you when you love me and I hope you have a great life I hope you take everything I've done that's fun. And take everything out that's bad and then eleven even better life and make what he saw my own own sound and I do know that at some point. The airlines don't lose your mortgages can be really convenient and I'm sorry about that man like I'm sorry. He's not going to protect his kids from all the problems in the ears I don't know if Graham and hand man you know that they're gonna government so we don't live. If you would've done out there and got them. Now you wouldn't another would've gotten all the great joys of life brings in a and I understand that but that's not the part that makes me sad. Okay market legs we sad. Is that you know. Some girls and rivers are down a man I'm sorry that Sox. My NAFTA knock on the neighbor's door and tell me you live in the neighborhood because you're on the list at some point allergies and I are college kids hobble. I know I guess you're media up. You at some point they're gonna be walking in a large crowd they're gonna trip. That sounds like. Wanting to protect your child from all the terrible things in life that's normal that's what you're saying. That's what he's saying it's now because so negative don't you wanna protect your kids from all the terrible things in life as Cheryl and I was a baby or you look good that I experienced pure joy right. And you wanna protect him from all lived. I think about Penn exploding and seven years it's gonna (%expletive) them off or something well. The prime unanimous on Bosnia. Ice. I'm experience you know I'm living in the moment not experiencing the happiness that. I have right now. I don't need at some point today I don't try to start a car and Lewis of the starter on the go bad and I don't know what that sound is. But when he figures out what the sound of starting an old piece of crap car let his dad bottom almost and a starter is out. That's good that's a depressing thing exerted so horrible sound and it is the sound of most of your life. The soundtrack to your life there's a car a bad start are my friend how do you guys get through your days. I'm watching your experience you're Joseph I live vicariously through your happiness brings me happiness. Churchill who has low. I don't even know you're talking mountain. Because you all watch the whole video is so boring it's not that long it's like seven minutes and fifty seconds if you so bored and Oregon history went lives and timeline of the I think it's fine Wednesday outlined an organism lives on the entry I don't know why this stuff works blown away. Do you where bunch LME's shoot me. I should know senate I'm sorry why do you senate to him. I just I know we like star ai you watch I don't know I lost like two minutes and I was born to but I know he likes. You know ghoul a guy's stuff in the future technologies like this Google ai in the future unless the senate don't listen to snow come. We just talked to play on in the future I don't know what hit me in the article they talked about that member of what was a last week and the week before. We talked about a new Google technology LSU. Can help conversation. Yeah. They were talking on the cell in my day I hop you wanted to call your mother. I just said what if in the future right now it's going to make dinner reservations what they can call your mom and if you should have a whole conversation whether or something you know some. So much has gotten scared that some guy that you didn't watch a video all did you. Bob I don't know I saw all pointed that they're seeing this was supposed to be an internal video. Right it wasn't supposed to get leaks someone got a hole that is well that's that's why has also that's why sends a bad that I watch Soyuz opposing his internal video and their talk about what they're gonna do with all his data that they have of ours right and this concept are humiliated and organism lives on maturity. Do I feel I can tell you only watched the first thirty seconds Y one moron like you and so the whole point is those every a cool place to work. Yeah that's the main mirror I sound good. I put it. They know everything about us and when you are you know when you go online and says hey you might want to look at these shoes. You know I can do all of it to the issues you how to hold it no that. Because it's going up like yours or Hillary reform will sometimes is something that maybe you have a specific research was close to something better showing is similar product. And maybe you think that's convenient maybe think it's creepy I don't know but this video was saying. That it will eventually get to the point. If I understood this correctly that it won't to suggest she know you need let's just give me a chance until sunset the phone says you know you need both mom says to me. Yeah like you know you should buy you need a new scale he knew digital scale. Right this really help you get into shape and he's using is an example OK why is digital scale and they get on the scale and the real reason. That it what did you buy that skill is because I want to know how much you weigh because it's it's it's got information it is little gaps and one in its knowledge about you and it needs more not because all knows right now us every single thing you've ever search we're taxed to to a friend or sat on the ball if it knows. You need to scale and I'm probably knows the size Japan's two jamaat pants online so I'm probably knows your hide because it has the length and how. Holloway knows your shirt size some doesn't import side and there was little Google machine and figure out how much your way. I'm just give. An example of the way down example on the upper right here Lowell says there's but it would then ledger actively seeks to fill gaps in its knowledge. Even selecting data harvesting products to body that it thinks may appeal to the user the example given in the video is the bathroom scale because the ledger doesn't know how much the user weigh all the doing stuff with you wait they're just doing in the little gaps about what it knows about you and then eventually you know. They get to a point where. Worldwide. I don't know well why it's there it's it's creating a fake do you walked into the bathroom and suddenly there's another snow can't. That was made our three friends are always and I'm immoral because you've been exterminated there's no well pretty analyses I don't know dog always a video either all right. There is about how the chair trying to read along. So Google also has made if say you don't want. They would when they want me to buy a global scale. That when I. I step on a Google's scale it automatically sends my way back via Wi-Fi you'll owe a lot of this jails are already using Wi-Fi and they're doing these beyond I imagine you is that what it is yes exactly and you know let's look at this makes life easier all he's foreign they were not flown him. He would probably explain what that send iPhone to work every day and pick up as kids. And a you're preaching to the wrong person in my office. I understand what you're saying this kind of creepy but with every piece they know every single thing about us. You go on the radio every day talking my leg. Trans pay any houses schtick from me president. You don't want your credit issues are and not you're no remorse and why you got a divorce or what kind of car you drive you spew everywhere isn't that a little different than sitting down Harley road opposite of William and Obama brings with an eight judge says appears every website you looked at. Here's every counters Costello all those ledger looked a little different than some Diana sue who's actually have a robot sitting down and explain I was Souter was a robot or whatever it. Like an. A sinister zionist Sudanese a robot. And knees why what is he doing is listening to the buzz he's gonna have. Can you pod cast it for you to always following you on line he's got all my information because he sees. I got access all my Internet search histories every single thing in my home as some sort of Smart devices connected to the web and knows every single thing about me. That's sick. So alive so they say that's scary scary. To move every one they are gas lines in that headline says. This is why we should all be wary of an impending it to still be in society I looked up to still be in and that's bad it's not good thing it's actually translated to not good. Yeah so why so why are we worried but the winds are not good. You really want. Some machines some some guy in a building somewhere I would love you. To be able to log home and say to rule quarterly pants and it knows exactly what size really can already do now but you sought to put it ends is you want the same size and a mile Lex and other we're doing the same size. I were just real like Rome and a losers. The aluminum plants eventually your phone's going to be wearing uses skin suit that's what's gonna aren't. Yeah why Nancy go too far I'm sure they have valid means an exaggeration but they can make a 3-D printing of you they talked about it the thing. So what they can. With reprinting on me so I'm once you don't even need your existing Moriarty knows everything about you you're gone you're toast the why why why a bigger hard and you all. Want you. Okay you're an object to master this. And who wants a term endurance. Afridi printing image of myself yeah what good it. Does a 3-D printed version of myself do them. Because now it'll do anything they ask you to do it. I don't see any out of resists is that you had left of free will you had left it's over like a rush saw this thing has gone clone me. Yeah until late yeah. Up I don't know that's what I thought well don't make any sense this makes sense doesn't want to just make bodies yeah I like their own bodies make him go to get jobs and managed. Then they have all of us plus all the group of people because of the whole idea is that they wanna fix society and say we are societies ratings are usually follow us we can bring peace stability all us open final this eagerly the only reason I bring these disabilities yeah. I'm a close. And they might even real people. What we're not real people. I don't know are you you lost your thought we'd like. A lesson will cost you less fully behind you this also look somewhere west's world stands there and it's sounds like black meaner and you would know that. If you ever took any my Netflix recommendations seriously you know that it's straight out of black mere episode except now it's real life. What's real I don't understand. You know aside some of this is Smart men to understand I guess we'll. And maybe that's maybe that's why don't you don't want two of them probably are probably great that you get what does a guy you don't want to let you live do I can't notice. This blissful ignorance. Just buying pants. If only I didn't have to click confirm to apply those pants how we are some new equipment with the a couple of that would be awesome and the future is not so just doping for you my friend. It's it's going to be bright alone. Being able to not put confirm resides this phobia about. That says some world you can't let them forget it doesn't get it done don't know. Job. If my computer knows what I'm looking for and helps me find dead what shall I do. Haven't heard read but I was looking for brands and I was like hey. Last time you bought these fancy new life dumb you want v.s in the same size. Maybe you get a size bigger every digit gain some weight. I noticed on your scale an airline. Smart move for a Smart move about a blood lead off. Yet myself. There are thirty fives instead. New laugh when you're thinking is dangerously old fashioned and it's gonna cause a lot of problems for society and less you're looking for your own if they do is dangerously old fashion. Sounds like my doubt on and I am robots and Elena robots come. Dad who cares that's not what I meant that for yourself yeah I like it. And they're gonna take our jobs and end all okay. Shot it. Charlotte then you take in his I don't Simmons videos no car suddenly you're right since you live by you find an interest in not that you'd freak out. Am not freaking out I'm just saying I. I think if you have a computer pictured teachers they fit better OK okay. Both sleeves when these I'll write this please let me social all right it would find its and I had hurt I nobody would find a brand Costco did would find out Brandon went longer sleeves. It would say I have a I know you have longer arms in the average dude. Because I saw you in my camera thing value put in your house and if so you should buy these shares will no longer sleeves the issue I'm saying. That would be awesome. If it like ski annually walked in the house and said okay here here are actually you know this whole day it's going to sealing them. Doesn't sound and one half duet it's he'll be a 3-D printed version of yourself so little. Born a story about any of that. The assurance from Costco it's an undershirt I don't. I don't have I wouldn't. I make any fashion statement I'm not saying I'm just saying and maybe that's I was given an example. Maybe veal I'm hanging in don't try to issues maybe you well know made you like issues maybe you off. May be even better do it had a girlfriend. Was looking at this kind of borrow the other day there's little inside tip but once you try the button. That would be a good drive well and play your girlfriend was at the store looking at these items. Her birthday is right around the corner maybe you go and pick one of those up and also what you're like moon. Just rupiah with a couple of queens city is just can't tell you that they'll learn it's gonna fail to make all your own sponsor credentials lawn mowers are gonna try to kill us. But we're always Steven king and there goes your dangerously old fashioned film but the.