Thursday, 06.07.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, June 7th

0:00 - Headlines
The White House released new anti-opioid ads
Samantha Bee apologizes for her salty language
Man catches baby falling from burning building
29:38 - An unusual obituary, and a disturbing nursery rhyme
39:50 - A confusing question about what guys like and what girl think guys like...or something like that

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The races and it's on all sides. Selfish. And the siren you'll mend. Valued dark. Will strike down one of the and and then. I. Do you. Come on man. No. Change. A religion understand you know. I don't know anybody else can you know you. Hey. It's. Michael. Yeah. So sorry you. I didn't know it's me. Felt like it is. Weird angle. Well you know I don't know. Thank you and she's in the back yeah she's in my office. A lot of snaps and another. People like mother and and then I. Mean Alex's. I was laughing last night again. And Christmas story. Those guys and I got a clearly had sergeant had that microphone over here couldn't understand lying when my phone wasn't working it was a wrong mine's on it's. You sorry. Thank you alone and things. Don't go too far away. I like her she denies she. 'cause everyone's. You are all great man good. Well why not what do you do she got a gift or something yeah or pac ten. I tried to order a bank you learned a backpack that you can put tigers and is. It's like. Where Nicholas diaper bag right for guys and backpack on from ring and one answer states are constantly sold out so. It's. Just think yeah. I'm sure you can put diapers and the skirt that was the dirty ones never even when timers in this perfect thing Lucy. That's not gonna work well and she's. Hormone. I want to want to have the to me is not violence terrible it's not Cha and Jessica Edwards thing this ideal user for Israeli yes sixth graders backpack what does that. And I think the real deal and it's for your head phones and stuff that's for phones and doesn't mean battling and changing diapers he and senate looked at my musical Lou's new bloom it's this. You specifically said you like now and it was elegant I don't think we'll figure. And I. I think it's supposed to play new causing your opponent in the back I don't know. Citadel. And then. Real life did this gallery in New England this blossoming. Now and Yahoo! you mean luck. And dreamer. It's. And yeah. Children now in the on the strength or not dishonest and not honestly. So we're. Twice now section no I want an airplane and she's a pilot. She's my pilot. He's got a speaker idea on the Jonas like our it's like mother. Yeah. Everything can eat the speaker now on trial. And what does that mean. She's a pilot in a lot about dreams. And our tour. It's. Santa. You dreams about co workers. And not sex dreams dreams. Do you. I looked it up I. Keep meaning to. We were. Flying. Overseas we had to make an emergency leaning in I remember should I went in the cockpit I was nervous and she was up there alone and she sent. You know she's screaming and were actually my turn signals don't work as an airplane said turn signals. Choosing silence and and we just dove down and this airport in the mountains and she lead it never want flooded. Thank you saved me. Sing your song moon sounds like it's a dream. When you looked up. Being negative word trees drug coworkers if Eugene someone else is a pilot. It indicates. The discount dream of a pilot varies in mean depending on the person or people involved in a symbol to other symbols surrounding the symbol of the pilot and the emotion surrounding. You dream of someone else beat them at this indicates someone you look up to as a guiding her life. And who you trust to keep you safe and help you achieve your goals I barely know work and I'm always look at certain times had no idea. Beyond a lot of mentors. If you dream and being a parent yourself indicates a great amount of confidence in your Billy club never had that dream so that that is this is about your coworker. Beer ask his social equality they are present and our work or create your son to be around. Their subconscious thing you wanna become more and I've. We'll be more like her we weren't at work may be. The decision about coworker Johnson. You've had you've had a had a dream. Yeah. Yeah where were somewhere together has shown little par. Sing at the house. I don't believe we're around each other every day. For fifteen years it's something you and you had a dream about. I mean you know don't take advantage and bonus centrist I can't control my dreams and I'm not an agreement. Simply needed James about a straight. Yeah. And in just that you're. He presents he was the same people right and finally you weren't a table but is so it was like a word dream but yeah it was a work during. As mullah. Mother wasn't there yet. Officials start to work there. Can you bring mothering him. I'm reminds. And and say we should stick that his bag before he goes through TSA but even replies yeah. I'm pretty great. Aunts and what's this. Tell me I didn't have to check your. I refuse to vote mother and they care in the storage. Some good news good days and have I don't know elections beyond the White House that's released there. And still fight all billion views yeah remember this is your brain is your brain on drugs unless it's kind of feels like that a little bit. Announced Friday yourself and yeah. These are stories yeah. Amy's story. People are saying to my love and we're very much you know about some women's now that was true life. News about them aluminum plastic pants on Israel. Gonna Celanese as you have steeple street and Amy story. But Kyle's story if Chris strata watchdog. These gas is supposed to be true stories about people who got hooked. On some sort of a feeling. And it's a links that they went to try to get now to trying to get more drugs. Now Chris and name means they are both hooked on site in the story and yeah and you know they got it. From a doctor in the name came addicted I think Chris said that he got from his mom newsletter on the house stimulus and to tell us. But in the end everyone ends up hurting themselves to trying get more drugs. Tyler Houston docs I tried out CNN Kabul RTC when. I thought I had it under control. I didn't know. So just to set the scene Harold Vick trial was walking in tool like his garage like his work bench and Claire how addictive the says he's put his hand up on a table in our car and go to get more. Whom he breaks his own hand with a hammer why. Taurasi. All. Yesterday's anymore these pills ultimate break and it's no more oxygen. Not a matter is serious. Any Chris had similar and deals which I got a coach and some. Again. I think he's on his number do I comment on Iran and so you don't like Chris wrote his own army unit used construction worker put his arm and a doorway and slammed the arm on his spur slam the door on his arm to break it. We get more biking and there and any rector own car. She drove into a dumpster. Sir I didn't like it. Anyway I'm sure this will be effective and time. Should be got a lot of really don't know like when you send when I when I send my resume and you look to me like you're totally aware Lucent results on Google. She fashion brands through and goes to get drugs. Okay yeah Paris when you know soon doesn't it's I've ever known anybody who's hurt themselves. To trying to show happens and who pretended to be in more pain than they were returning it feels. I know Obama's. No one. I know he I've heard stories I guess I don't know him personally Obama. I know stories. About people's team. You lie about. Their situation to China did. Serious notice totally honest here I don't anyone trying to pass the word yeah I don't you know there. I don't know who he took a swim. Yeah. Swim has tried this. And soon six as soon as someone who isn't it. Yeah swim is very successful businessmen had no idea this was the same when swim was told about this storm surge side and swim didn't leave it loans he said no way. I can't be true you just walk in. You know doing right now is very counter. Unproductive to the White House just exactly that's why not give out any information and it is anyone's gonna watch these ads which I did. For tips and tricks and how to get over Felix you're going to be disappointed when you find out they don't all self mutilation. As no. There's nobody here. Tuchman how they. Print off a fake prescriptions or something and our own smashing themselves. Sarah PSAs are released by the White House. Trying to shoot kids are grown dealers. Looks like it was they were part of the truth the people who hate cigarettes. They just say trim right. You going to be and it's you know you feel as soon. Let them real mild version can. I'm being Asante not to mention yeah you guys who wouldn't last thing I read the last edited this and works on. True of this interceptors and it doesn't attached to all of the opinions on so I got some. But that's supposedly it's. I rarely take care. Samantha because it Amman. And nursed my Tommy yeah it's. How you wish Tom Thompson I wish I was so. I had that. And iron stomach like snow cone and you. There's dozens drink about a gallon but I tonight a little bit online. And I feel bad for a week. I like guilty and I feel like I'm gonna do for a week. There's an upset stomach. Other than Lincoln either. You need. So mean to be apologized for using the C word on her show. Send. A lot and people were offended and angry that I used an epithet to describe the president's daughter an advisor last week. It is a word I have used on this show many times hoping to reclaim it this time is it as an insult to cross the line ever credit and I do apologize for that. The problem is that many women have heard that word and told me. Worst moments of their lives a lot of them don't want that word reclaimed their wanted to honor. And I don't blame them. I don't want to inflict more pain on mount I want this showed to be challenging and they want it to be honest but I never intended it to hurt anyone. Except Ted Cruz. She wants a re claim the word you know jealous women do and and determine claim now. Selig to college in London so TU horizontally is constantly seems like such a weird thing for me here. Why can't he says just a word. They act like it has similar. It's so natural to me because I just have grown to Munich. Similar impact. It's like rage races. Right does not what I'm just so ironic thing is a tall people will match them. She says she's trying to reclaim the life I mean more do we just have to reclaim diction. Let down replanted and and I'm tired of another time someone calls and it's always like the worst moment in my life and now when you say about it. Right who perished. That was outdoors I realize your financial life one's own whatever move on and so war. After reclaim ought everything every insult word ever. You know it's a college during your time. I wish she had views senators. Or whatever but she already apologized on socially I wish. No one would have ever mention god crash isn't perusing thank you touched on just should exactly what I say Samantha bee explaining why Democrats lose an election rally since. Don't apologize. Send everything to do with Jersey and nothing to do with you the right was looking for. Someone to crucify it's what about autism. And insurance eyes when he went after Bill Maher and then people reminding them an hour from ABC years' time out. I also this Wilson Antonin. Did you see the video of the this streaming catching up DV their willingness thrown out of a burning building. It's pretty insane as I'll man my lives as your white male privileges showing. I'm hoping that's away yeah. I assume machine. Watch this video of this guy's catching this baby's. This Tiki news he's right there. Look at that that's a good time. Oh losing good catch really good. Incredible video coming out of South Carolina killing a man catching a baby from the second floor of a burning apartment buildings. A mom tossed her eleven month old baby boy eight. Down to a good samaritan she tuned jumped out of that window we're told both suffered minor injuries and they're expected to be okay. We'll tell you Aysu and I see that. I see that guys white male privilege to join his father clearly played judgment how many is a kid yeah. Talk about a potential client and spend time of them. Well this guy was that is why amount privilege tension maybe not a windows. You can do that. You can't catch it and he got no male privilege. Beat dad left to. You can Susan hill's. There you can catch an inning. This guy was an an a mystery hero no one knew we was split time now. The saying he's a former marine. I was seeing him now just being in the outfield and actually kick ball and the ball comes. I'm just thinking it's fine you know not only did was rain this whole time and ask us to belong displaying how nervous again. And even if it landed right my arms some of whom we just got to strike out sometimes. If you stand there you the only person down there incident was just tossing kinky can't sing no. The key you. I I can see now. I know my hunch man there's a dry cleaners on snapped gently bring that person over here whoever that is time to catch. It's crunch time catcher. I don't know if you're responsible. Fumble. Did it's it's awesome and that's why some people are possible. I'm glad people like can exist not only is he capable Leahy is some perfectly confident. In his own ability. He ran up there and said try me again. I don't mean. Ideally you you were there you see don't don't OJ. Mammals don't I know you're scared right now don't. Don't throw it stimulate issues almost on the view for some reason you know this for 6000 that's just not gonna toss and again I think ABC now. How fine is exactly how many alliances or anyone else around just like they're back it's burning up the holes is time now. Act. Scream for some long long long and one more time someone showing. And I would say don't drop the child to him. Throwing at him as hard as you candidate robredo Bridget Sloan. You see on Twitter and a guy in Texas would you judge mother Donna Clemens and yes I would I would I sent out a little. Man she weighs about as much time there are great yeah. Like his mother looks a dirty snow machine. What happened in the back but it yeah. Guy in Texas. Found a stake in his yard decapitated him. You went down to pick up the head of the snake. It tends to face visits ahead mind it now had this Big Ten but had to put him into a coma. It almost died. And I case because there's nobody release all of the venom into him at that point hit a lot of them. But once they got to him they took him to halo and they play halo fly to an end to the hospital a normal person gets there's gonna get from. Anywhere from two to four doses of anti venom he had had 26 doses. There's about six or 8000 snake bites per year in the country in ten or twelve people died. You just wanna keep to the victim com. Keep them there in the area above the level of hard slightly. And get the patient to the nearest emergency room. Aren't you also supposed to take the seat with you that that you so they know what an anti venom to give you heard a if you were killed listening to New York react copper had much and we. Did the same thing is getting used to shovel that Condit had our largest. Runway sooners don't. Are scared of snakes I don't yeah. I don't know I'm scale items they bite me. I'll die and that to me is like the scared are valid data around and ice cream we now. Most of them in our bunches see this area is not a Assad Phil must match. Most of them are venomous around here yeah writes Alex fighters like I was in Australia be scared of every animal. Assume anything can killing. Don't worry mother. I'll keep you safe. I was always get my sea snakes in the river. And you ever been swimming sick this nation. The water moccasins yep uninstall again this is what you once said I'm never I don't ever reform allies. I think this is that you never been did you attend. It's just an hour and talked about the tick bite. Last week I swimmer ever basically never been outside. And speaking manner he's ever event. I mean like a couple times you know like in college itself we go to our campsite and you know we're grateful that her president of the implant I went into it as an invite. Never tell ideology goes sort of an error like new I don't know why one of the first conversations I remember I. Amanda you make any sense to me when we first met. I'm reference something about a float trip. Music. Announced on anomalies on the floor try my new Ronald slowdowns and round forever I don't doing music he's a float trip twice what is close what Hu's trip as a complete everything well what's float trip we what does that mean. So we get to Knuble on everything I've never heard that yeah I think you've heard of float trips no. So we had to look it up there there was actually a story about Brad Pitt is she's from Missouri right you said they weren't things he learned is that. Troops are kind of good. Regional thing down. A lot of us how lutherans and on you early was talking boot. Number we looked up and Brad Pitt as an interview talking off float trips and send you learn that no one knows what that is outside of certain parts of the country. You should go on a flood should be loving you don't have to get McKinney has rented to be sitting there and you have a floating cooler with beer and Joseph just I was bunch of people pay and and drink and it's relied soon. Not my thing man do you have to do anything to strong that current just carries you down everything you get there is no straight through T. Slacks. Its earlier. But it does bundled up together at all to choose your stock and I just. Wet themselves and uninteresting and you've never bend they're gonna want this yeah. Distinct and younger yeah you just I did an honor related. Don't have all but certain things are funded you know when you're drinking a certain things you have to do drunken ornament a bottle that's going down rarely does the way the red. Don't have to do with us. I understand why you drink to do that I'm missing and you don't have to go there. I know once tell you have to go there you can just do again I can't go. I'm doing it if you're making in almost all through. I think peer pressure mentioned on the slow slow driven many osu is actually. I don't think he does I wouldn't think so yeah. Lots of troops and police from posters and awhile we should do and are definitely. Mostly inexperienced. Walk onto. It's a young man's game. A lot of sun that drives home his brutal hung over burned to a pressed. Retired U fight with everyone around here on gets cranky inserts arguing about. How to paddle a canoe. I know I can't. I can't even think about it. I think I wouldn't like the people that I'm Liz. And then I can only imagine the other people. Like the people I don't know all I can't imagine. That is something I'm not gonna do. Is there any outdoor things. A baseball. But like it's in the wilderness yelling in the line height and a very wild and an area that Raja doesn't beach stadium arsenic okay the beach and accounts. Do you hear the jelly fish bite people just she's heard of Chile for instance but like to go you don't mind. To the beach. But very close like a hotel. With a tool in my district budget Tiki bars you know on stuff like that. I know they hire people in the morning you know it's become talk jelly fish and stuff. What do Jesse's on Tuesday and I like that kind of generate lay your time not only and it's certainly not designed on the middle notions Morales now. Mock trial. I'm trying to do Latin. You like someone. To walk of your town. Can lawlessness and he drinks or death and you saying. Yeah and in it he says Margarita. In use today. Nieces. Okay and then Tuesday senator comes back. It's Margarito makes you an accident that it is your outdoor experience you have of course that's what I like it's still it's still got some. I think that counts more than a baseball game yet. Cotton mouth. Semi aquatic that's that we had here look at nines area. Else catch that mistake after they get that they take it to the hospitals as when I got bit by. Think this particular issue has he has a bullseye as Lyme Disease and you see that's about this guy knows all about it you'll see giant and not tax. She's Dutch. He's an engineer down on us a chunk if you are these are aware of the results of Lyme Disease outlook series do you believe serious. Loss or yeah. Other serious yet it set us Lyme Disease Ryan. It's that's an infection and that's yeah yeah San and that's why you didn't you can advantage most of Duval and then like it makes the bullseye on video Lyme Disease which is crazy because the effects of Lyme Disease and just like Dallas. Which is what I. Get scared about all the time for no apparent reason I have a phobia of NN and so and then you're gonna get it. Now I LS like I'm alone I know what does the same symptoms. That's crazy that's gotten really bad yes you know I'm going to the doctor Marty did in products. I haven't appointments to see that right there's my mom I'm gonna float trip. It's going to be you know if you don't debt when a guy brings you Margarito you lane in a chair and act. No it. Worst that you did is kicked out of form. Hi how are your pay. Between originally came from random balls Stew room. But. His wife sings on turn arrows talked about it. But Kathleen demo this is the obituary erratic ya Kathleen demo was born on March 19 1930 agent Joseph and Gertrude wish dunk. A walk bonds so she married Dennis demo insane and some Abbas so in 1957. And had two children Gina and today. In 1962. She became pregnant by her husband's brother Lyle demo. And moved to California. She abandoned her children Gina in jail word then raised by her parents. And Clemens mr. and mrs. Joseph shows shock. She passed away on May 31 2018 Springfield in my mouth face judgment should not be missed by junior and. That's the obituary but yeah. I I I just don't. Think it's that phony so I saw people argued about whether or not. It's okay to do that of course it's OK I don't terrorism and breaking any rules but why wait till. And maybe didn't wait until the oh bit I don't know. And it's different when I've seen these before aware that the person. Rodeo bit before they died and he said China self deprecating things about themselves and I really self deprecating things. Let's just like settle a score. With the obituary. Feels. Dirty to me. I wondered if that was you know we saw that was the only obituary. For her yeah because here's some things like this is what I'm finally we're only going to get deep into a but I did think like well okay. And beyond 1960 whatever version she made the mistake in I'm you know. I don't why know what happened GI net alum I have to go home a little information is an an obituary about. What did the other child right what did what else did she do in our lives were there any redeeming quality is. I don't know. Thanks now you never know right but things happen man and people's lives and I don't know that's fine but just to think that. That's it that's what you get. The world be a better players allow him. Yet you've talked about legacy. And that's never concerned me an Aussie I'll be dead or not. Worried about it at all like whether or not people or remember meal war. Statues will be built and yes we know we do know about bad in the world right all of us who everyone's done enough bad in the world. Betty I hope you're just do enough god that you know maybe there's somebody out there heard some pretty savvy you talk to them where you did something. And therefore their lights became a little bit better because of it. And I think in most cases and and every case and I'd be willing to bet even when this lady she did just sort of go to someone's life is a little bit better because of that. And because of that. Man even if those people hate her and she did terrible thing before that it's probably. At worst. A net gain of zero right. Yeah. Did you see this. Nursery rhyme and it snow count was talking earlier US can gardeners this is obviously from some. Web site overseas but US kindergartners now teaching nursery rhymes to prep kids for school shooters. I'm so that a mom. Of one of the kids at the school shared this image. Phone now. I think on our Twitter. And so this is that. It's UG journalists like a teacher wrote it meant taped it up to the truck or write in practice the lyrics of this are the words I guess of the snow sure I'm ready when. Locked down lockdown lock the door shut the lights off saying no more. Go behind that desk and hide wait until it's safe inside. Locked down locked down it's all done now it's time to have some fun on man. Yes spent around three times you say that fashion. I know you guys did how the sudden what usher appears don't say it three times. You guys were afraid of nuclear war so you had to do those we didn't do those reunited though like drills reader on the desk right. Death right now I don't know red alerts and I got it under a little asked by them seem like they're. There's a way then migrated here ray said even if it did and and I was the only one who got under. The desk and survives and what I'd first like holy crap that does is awesome and second. Well now one Iowa. Gross now's lockdown locked out locked the door run the lights up saying oh man that. Why does does some understood Marie I guess why you're doing bloody Mary like I mean unfortunately we're NA. In a world where it needs to be done and I and that's an easy way for kids remembers things and an order go on what to do right. I doubt that by. It should be eye opening to all of us. Well obviously that's why it's been so much attention. And gossiping that's kind of thing I've kids in elementary school. Wouldn't you think that it's that her she round was hanging on the chalkboard your teacher would. Sent a letter home at least or maybe tell the parents say. You kids may tell you about this nursery rhyme we've been practicing and make sure you know about it I don't know I don't think it tells about everything. No ma'am lockdown drills. I donate tells exactly how they work. Yeah. We are not doing that. We weren't scared of China says that he says and just the right place or women do lockdown drills who can actually beat everyone to this area and and hide under his eye because I'm fastener and close. As I can actually hide and then I'd get to this little area you can actually crawl inside this thing in laid down. Like I'm always the first one that I might all right man. Keep your first step strong proud and I'm hopeful. Didn't want us to protect what problems look it's. Did the man good man dying worry about you know lose. But that might actually be helpful unlike Doug. You and your desk because of nuclear wind Giuliani and I don't know I don't know if you can get the door closed and locked and rhino hide. I would encourage you to do that right so I guess how do you want kids to do it it just sucks. If we can do they have to lockdown drills we do any of it. So ninety's man and we were swinging Bill Clinton was president doc. John was making everybody rich gas was like 98 cents a gallon Russert driving was awesome we were scared of anything. We're just getting getting new Blu-ray line doesn't pose as some sort of star were soon shoot down any missile anyways or I don't corps wasn't any you know using the Russians any series and you know have such who had soft as only days and it's pure light sweet. I remember that speech from at all in Iraq does item averaged just haven't had sex and I imminent demise are now. You guys it is having sex with girls right idea of course man is editor drugs don't worry about I don't know and then. A lot of massage yes so that didn't work out as we planned on I guess not a dominant now. I guess we were scared of aids when I was at a Miami McKenna of them learn I would say and I didn't hear every little it was our fault safer yet you can help them. It could have been probably taking care of sooner and we can now sooner. Sorting of we didn't you have I mean you didn't because you know like you said. Re intelligent you know the worry about but somebody know. Brown. Is saying you know what. Certainly allows look at I was kind of sex anyway so as awkward about this your work. Can we not do this right now but let's not let's not tie this into the same break we put this stuff like that and then everyone knows not true. I was like this I want that is such a little kid you work I wasn't happy means you're making sex Knoll now now I don't know what you're. Germaine you're putting your arena Regina I'm okay. This wasn't something that was how I know but that's a million active I wasn't sexually active. Did this happen. Okay did that happen to them woven not sexually active there's no other way to say it didn't happen again from a long long time. Okay. Bombed a sign that more time obviously you shouldn't be saying I was having sex positive because you work. Duly noted. I guess maybe I should have been worried about it by that time I learned. About safe sex I wasn't worried about because a woman having sex. Anymore. So. Not. Ponson. When you have section trial yes I had sex as a child okay I guess that's how you wanna put it. I think that's I don't you're not doing hello Kevin. But you keep brushing. And a different way well because most people would you urge Reilly I just sound like I was Colin up the neighbor you are six. You said you promote world saw you and I. Yeah biting her own annual I'd like you to get her new drug I got wounded animal you'd teller to get away from the other kids. No I didn't take her upstairs way older than me I don't it is sort of like one million useless by inviting my great airline ever felt Damon have playtime such as the image other kids play the other girl when you play whether you know those times last. And let's not talk about this part NEA was sure sure sure sure sure oh yeah I would like that to mean some calls something. Churchill who has low. Okay I'm very confused I know you try to Thailand set themselves from any trying did it. Last time we did this we talked about so so this list is girls. Asking guys what things. Girls think. Guys are into but they're not. I think last time it was guys. Asking girls what things we think girls are looking for that they are not. Official was so so much so this is the first one this is girls are asking hey. What guys what are things that'll get we do to try and impress you because we think you'll like. They you're not interested in you don't care about religions don't like girls doom that men don't like you out my girls are doing a doorman I guess this sounds like these are things. That's a way to question is where it what do we do for you that today here at united interest in were wasted our time some of the responses I thought well there aren't doing that. And for us but OK so. I just kind of went through this is on wrestling is now I don't took the top eight responses very controversial. Lot of people bitching on merit but these are the top eight teams that some people talking about when I just like so number eight. Is a guy says he doesn't need. Girls to hide their bodily functions from bossier have to pit pretend like you don't go to bat there Mike you don't part. I mom I thought we all hire our bottlers are naturally don't we at least for awhile now measured at all times you know one on. Want to hide it hide about and you know if at all possible. I think it was sell part someone did a bit about when you first start dating someone. And you'd you hide all that stuff and as you get more comfortable. I say why not just tired all the time I'm just hide it. You know you can get a little more comfortable maybe when your differ from the tooth but let's not talk about it. If you feel like you guys are crazy I'm married we talk about all the time we have party contest not a good feeling that's fine but I don't think it's very about it. This is your temple lot very controversial. And it was there was said different ways but. Oops breast size lot of guys say we don't care about. Lewd acts or press size you have to get fake boobs are trying to present their okay that's a matter of preference that's more personal preference right I've got a friend I won't name them but I mean that's. That's what he looks up first when he falls in love with. With a woman Torre knows or because that he likes. Boy or press look I'm not a blue guy you know that about me but plenty of guys are like that's just personal preference. Number six. I know your autumn and boom guy is monitored and have unchecked. Mom is not going to be spoken out of all she's done in the room to defend herself percent in the room right now so I wanna hear. Number six this is an example of something that girls. I certainly don't think due to trying to process this guy said. That they don't need to talk bad about other girls put other girls down talked trash on the on around us to try and make themselves look better. I don't that everybody talks trash that's just have some people like to gossips we like to talk trash is as simple as only trait number five. Bomb. Again this can have several different ways but this guy said just let me know if your interest it. Don't do this thing where you think that if you tell me that your interest and I'm not gonna like Q. I get what he's saying the whole hard to get thing there is a lying but I was just out if I could meet this guy I'd like to ask him. If you not a girl. Dodgers Q you're kind to whatever she came up to you let's say you counter let's say he went after her and you introduce yourself and she said. Something along the lines of oh my god and so acidity Torre talked to me I'm really knew I would love to go out with you I think we should date whatever. Brian I think you go well rule though why is that there that pump the brakes it doesn't have to pay how to channel where I was saying hey how are you you say hey how are you back and I'm you know. I feel like you can there's a letter come November like yes it but also guys do the same thing with the way this many days attacks clever okay. I think you you may say to yourself what he heard that for me. But if she if you meet in the she just text you nonstop media does change. Your perception of firm and you think why does she like me so much is. I don't for me I don't like me that much so how could see why would someone else be disinterested and meet them is something wrong with this person that there this interest to me. We all play the Dow was adjourned to some extent right. Number four. Again controversial. This guy say girls are needed I'm more shocked you know when women don't actually like. Right like when you did you lose my number you must be clearly he must be insane person number four. Being stupid or pertaining to be stupid joke unilateral sell this time. Guys like dumb girls are not me. I'm sure there are simply a matter of preference right now again a matter prefer I would agree with this guy. I don't wanna hang out announces. For candidates and on the whole idea is that you're gonna be really good friends and then hopefully best friends you gonna spend more time to disburse anybody else follow or do you think that kind of thing you zoom and a misnomer what. I don't think it has to be your best friend I think that we put to. Much pressure around. I think he's that good it's a different type of friendship. Yeah I thought I think when we always selling my is not going to be my best friend right and I think down. I think as I get older I'm like now it doesn't have to be my best friend as just. It has to be a different friend like I like this person as much my enemy gets a money then. Like no more than my best friend but. Kind of feel like we should keep telling you should know a best friend man up yeah right there's a lot of us from Thursday's near gonna talk about your best friend who lived in Arkansas and vice Versa and this is still have about strategy if you put all those eggs in one basket like. This is mind. My confidant the person that I have sex with the person I love and there are also my best friend. I think at some point like man I need it. At some point dive masters and Giuliani's about serenity someone that's right yes it's spread that out a little bit more. But yeah I agree I think there's all this pressure now is similar we best friend right exactly like an idea I. We're restaurant menus in the notebook and ever sought bots. We are best friends in the sense that we we spend more time together then. Anyone else amateurs and friends and I think because under strong result there. When you're a kid you spend more time limit of an imam you never considered her mom are best friends. It's a different relationship whether it's OK to say it was a different relationship with ID only artist offense. Play devil's advocate whatever. I still listen like my girl from a say well you're my best fassel you're my best and I think. No I mean I've heard her say. Oh well so I've herder talked to recesses are also and so is Reid's best friend who wrote that's that's his eyes right so I think she knows you compartmentalize it like you know OK friends friends and we say it's like a loving thing right I'm with you it's like it that's kind of a newer things like everything has to be all win. Yeah we have to be best friends with them all pertain to be stupid so he had to admit again maybe some guys are into that I don't know. I I would think if it if there's a guy who never ever ever wants to be wrong. Then he's gonna have to date someone who at least pretends to be kind of stupid if because you're gonna wrong so I can also see him here it's a dire I mean I don't know he just wants to be totally controlling and it's a lot easier for anyone. It's just important things exactly I don't know there's a you know army reserve room. Scientists. Fear out some sores and you know I'm just wanna come home him. Talk about. You know Jersey Shore hang out right to register yeah I don't need to days so maybe it's so like. I like a parallel line you know to me like I don't mean to date another. Rocket scientist. Yeah. Number three is the same thing where he talked about playing hard to get which is the same is just telling me that Tommy that you like me if you like me. Number two again I don't think girls do this to China impress you but. Being popular Ers and nor have been a big social media presence. Some being popular social media getting lots mr. Graham likes having off followers. You feel like Jay you're not as unattractive had a catch. I'm also 35 so that I was in my eyes closing and I think I still think it's weird that people on a puzzling hey guys. I'm out here right now get right to walk and that's. Hi V pointless and only do one spot. Pay well known that people do it's it's. It's. It is what it is is not going away but I don't need you to think. I certainly don't think any less have you if one you don't have any social media and I do you do I'm fine with that. Feeling as you say I don't have any social media who normally don't care we are doing all dropped about turn on her what she said though like. You know what I have a FaceBook never use it combined all my friends and there are you publishers or is that I had a Twitter user in the beginning but I have like seven followers and I use it. And I guess I I I guess have an answer ram but I haven't posted on there and over a year. That I know people like that where it's not that. I don't do it I don't believe in and out pro privacy person I can be a little annoyed I would be annoying but if you would just say yeah I just I don't know one follows me because. I don't I'm not when the thermostat but I still feel line. Has this marlin I feel like every known only glimmer of color TV came as Rudy I feel like I've been getting the persons that I want a car. I just want a horse that runs faster on my you know limelight has paralyzed just you know I'm not saying you have to embrace an MB. Tila Tequila and become famous about it right but. You have the apps on a far cry your name are going to click on my mind. World part of today I need you to be a part of today I'd identity I think the people who say I actually don't do it. Right it's just people trying to mind my data or whatever unpacked. You know what I don't think we're gonna go I'm not that well that's fine if that's what you do us we're not understanding on number one thing right now because the very top comic got deleted. Any time you go. In our on to a conversation. On red and you start looking good he's he'll be deleted things you feel like. You could you got there late in you missed out on whatever good some good was happening now what it was spots of the top answer right now is. You don't have to like. Everything and I'd like you don't have to like all the bands that did this guy's resume we talked about dating a girl. Who tried so hard to say that she was really into anything that he was into she would discover who is banned favorably as her favorite television shows that he was in the cars whatever. I'm really into that stuff too I'm going to be really into that with few if you. Feel like after awhile. You can't help but learn some things about. The music I'm into because you're close votes and the car you say I like this fan you know I heard you play not elect. That's normal. But you don't. Normally do not have to pretend like everything now like you can tell me that you don't like a lot of things that I like I agree with background that. Rambling you can also drew them. The elderly lady I can not like things have someone like some like okay embody them and you additional don't general. And I'll have fun doing it's fine yeah but it does doesn't like I don't think I've liked. Music and stuff like that all of this is my favorite band two I just love this thing like no it's not that's right you just. You're watching different TV shows and I got my own online alone at home if you weren't here. I would never turn the sound right but. Since you're here and I know you liked it. We can watch it together and I like it assigns you I don't interact whatever I that's I do and Osama Philly doesn't come and I know exercise might. But I also feel like you don't have to. You don't have to tell me how much you don't like everything I like all the time you learn refused to join will now be really anointed on any social calendar compromise. So anything missing not list that you add. There were people arguing about make up again as personal preference. Maybe like a girl on Emeka maybe you don't like me who cares that's commonplace for everything that's preference but there's nothing on it it that you thought it was going to be a Melissa was Obama. That they covered off. And who. Brought some penny knows we're goods should go there. In my right. Now. I really you know I agree with some of the stuff. The high in the bodily functions singer disagreed with I think you can go and hide that now I and IITN two that's not just girls not. Have to hide that. Because they're girls I've seen mommy just. There are no tiger in China do enough from each other like. Disaster Rwandan girls who have sons and that's yeah well they do judge you don't yet know and I'm like. That they don't need to Boller. Do. Need an offer made for other uses for another reform may like you know half sue might meet my parents. Have to get involved in mind salmon lives for us to be happy you don't have. Have to be a part of that I am worried about do you think your parents like me right yeah I you know how to an Izod signed a manner. I know a lot of people get involved and that might do but you know question and maybe they dated someone before who Orlando as you know and I learned to know their fan and a Tucson yeah I'm. I figure sometimes you gonna go on I got other things there's times you know in my personal letters social fine but I. Just so I don't run and that problem but as a whole light. In general you know when you do and run apparently you do like and I gonna order my mom's house whatever it is a you have to do right. You don't have to come with me and pretend like you like her casserole in his own right you don't agree I agree if you don't you're OK it's fine. What do you think your mom thinks of me I don't I don't own TY. I turned around Caroline. The most mornings on terrorism abolishes he's running I'm wrong when I think about exactly if it's negative view only as telling you know I think if I don't tell here's consumer Samuels is not a bearish this is not worry about it there's nothing don't restore I am a mile away I don't I'm not dead but don't worry about white guys moms and you. Right does mom think Sharon and it. That's a guy's mom thinks I'm just telling you right now may not be an idiot but she just doesn't figure you'll now turns out well enough to know what. Ladies you know why your significant other mother things of him. It's what your father thinks of him yeah let's say I think that's saying quote same thing they don't. Pace and art collection sick of them mothers probably listens and our minds we can be done.