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Thursday, June 14th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Homeland. Lovely dark. Strike down upon the okay are you gray area I've never been about in my friend. Never been battered. Doing good today thanks and feels a lot what's wrong I don't know. I was really scared me blind because something Bibby and miles then immediately thought it was a check out. I'm looking for hand trying to figure out where it's apartment and it was nothing wrong doing things and like you know just trying to remember what you send. Republicans are releasing. No no I think there's anything. That's fine yeah. You its own soon. 106 degrees your finger to almost anything out there thinks. That seems. What's wrong snow cone. Every time. You're seeing there. And strong running knowing that those days and it's like you just think something is always on the design is signed it's New Orleans. Is a new day I know he's really tired I was facing off funds. So tired of being told that it doesn't get up and the kid. You get told that and every man's dilemma man never and who knows. And because this is really just don't know the us. There is not an agreement and MS. No the only no I don't get told no not directly to. After I U meadowlands. Sometimes. I can do better. Alex he's laid like I EC today announced it pretty announced he's pretty good to see. What do you knew you know I can do better. But she's not sleep. It's more a kind. Facing big man. Yeah this series like this and now. I can do better. She. I guess I could help them. Of course are cheesy if she can just LeRoy yeah when she could really everything's been good. Definitely. Isn't. It. What is it may be old enough that you can. You know applicants seeming ever come over really help this right now. Are you allowed to do them closer you are like my tennis feeling to someone's mom come over and take care of the baby yellow mountains it's. Yeah. I guess I mean once they are. Speed is something. It's only. It's only men and Nina. Not even sing and they do you know what I'm saying men need help women need a break yes. Find women never get generated Tuesday. Demanded the man himself and there's a catch when general Jim you're saying I got this they don't need not so much so then. Just stay asleep you have locally answer. It's an honor thing you look forward to going to work. I'm being honest I like being over their guru due man like the fourth day you're here at 1130 young men at 1135. Years difficult. But they'll wonder spinning out and that's why can't stay on Sunday morning when the good days are good man yes Dana bash yet. If you work on Friday and Saturday nights DG do you look forward to that. No because she's. It's not like you're going on you're working you're not sane and his time often go out friends and I'm going to work in an area but I I'd rather be your own little. I'm being honest accounting issues and and then I'll see you none. I do those residents. I'm sick of talking about trump does not unlucky in the news except trying. The big thing. All the big single blog introducing him but yesterday he mussina interviewing friends here isn't there. Bears harris' name Arum iron there. And Brett was asked him about. Jim John right now he's kind of the bad guy he's you talked about that people just hours and he mankind trump says and other people do bad things to. Takeover kind. Here we normally do or how much of an advantage you have you can do that is 27 years old. One in 101000. So he's a very Smart guys renegotiate OK. I think we have just. On the show a lot of my. There's a lot of nations. Where a lot of bad things. I was Sadat when he was sent it went into some of those nations improvements as a living and a billion yeah I'm glad you got it if I do feel like I did do a fairly decent job of five. Everything given do you have good guys and they told me today you're the president. And yeah and the entire military or disposal and I. And you can go crazy rules like others aren't normal checks and balances you've got this. Guy. Commission change around here. Some of danger and change rooms where the mean. It seems like every lesson one in 101000 and ran an adjunct to weigh on site and anybody unlike react until I'm sure yeah well. She might be a pretty easy did then let's go and make a list boys and. Us or what about your eighteen Wheeler. And dogs yeah. Her husband to live like that thing let's start with family and branch or way out. Well the truth to me that you are tough Smart grid negotiator to the right. But the big companies today. New York soon bunch of crazy Democrats and you start. Suing trump. Well they're suing the Trump Organization. They said that president Donald Trump's charitable foundation along with its directors. President and his sons American Donald junior and daughter Yvonne. Com they allegedly violated. State and federal shared east. The New York attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Donald JJ trump rather foundation and its board of directors. Alleging quote -- stay fit and persistent violations of state and federal law the president is responding on Twitter. Of course as President Bush on something every season. I'm humbled I think he said Upton. Consult with my lawyers its presence of their contradiction and the sleazy New York Democrats. And they're now just. Disgraced Enron out of town and each year Schneider men are doing everything they can't as soon need a foundation that took an eighteen point eight million. Indeed now to charity more money and it took in nineteen point two million. I won't settle this case exclamation point Don Don Don. Yeah. Must have been more to come and I'll care solution management. Anything else they view us in the long last night gasoline as long house. Lydia and went viral looming face little or something I disasters I lost they were disputing the charges on their bill specifically and in the church. For orange shoes in the price of insurance pricing is that video that went viral. It's a couple little woman lose. Filming. So while the house calls nine months as they got senator finally. Customers. Early show ma apparently if you watch solidly to begin to videos and decides they're talking couples clearly upset. I must constant orange juice and they don't want to it is filled they're trying to works out you know so we went out staring. Yeah same talk tonight commandments are Simon's comment sounds somebody else on he says let's just you know. Talk about this outside these kind of companies are sustained. He says I think his reasons silent Amanda talk to me like a man is Australia that's what his. What is the beginning says something about talked like man. Let's go outside so they go outside at this point that customers think that I guess they think this instantly sucks ass and go outside the front I have to. Pay their bills right. They never got their stuff. Instead the police officers say no he needed your little thing you can. So. Back video went viral the police department has now released the full body can. Footage. Which is toward this audio comes from inside the whole thing at this hour right after they go out front and. I don't know how to build you pay your Bill Burton and if you don't. So you built in my. He says you charge me 254 orange juice now I've read through the it's almost immediately so that apparently there is there must have been censored or do you keep going just for a dollar which is what they want all I see let this deal is according to Waffle House you have to buy another beverage the only how to walk around saying boy that doesn't count as others have so confusing so we're fighting over a dollar fifteen. They get their food and they didn't get the food. Because I guess they must have been arguing about the orange juice for neighbor around the food. He can upset a lot. Blizzard of food as you walk out before you got to pay for the eating right and I don't know I just societal I'm still not. Clear as to whether or not they wanted to pay for the orange juice. Or this truth to remember as I say they don't want them to pay for the orange juice but. The top keeps saying hey bill payers on the submitting different junior food and and it's fine but. They yelled back and forth through the cops finally puts the guy comes puts him in a car. More cops show up they start talking you can hear the cops say something along the lines to get counseling and if you wanna take and take him out of there I'm. Taken to jail right assuming. Paraphrasing you let you know and yet and they end up not taking into jail and you know takes the top songs as I'm doing in each state are now the police sent them both sides still have handled the situation differently. Waffle House and the customers and the police. So always does sound like it was OK they're saying hello. People are very upset about this okay same reason I might find in trouble right but the video that they saw didn't have the entire incident. The other clip that I saw that went viral is a shorter clips but I think people are so why are you putting people in costs. In the back to vote. Police car over and orange juice charger builders view to walk us. I would say. I was pretty upset you screaming he's yelling yeah. Listen I believe I do feel like in the fact that they didn't arrest him I do feel like I am confident option to look back at a car and I feel like diners. Maybe you can do that maybe cam but this feels like that just uses as a driver pretty calm down right. Let me see what's going on here and you don't like bridge down a car and go home right designer to me like that thing totem. Spiral out of control quickly with a guy says why did you put me cops. And cops as a lot bigger than. And then again I says will you lobby me you got a bigger guns so I've. All he did point I've this is important he did point taser him at one point he never uses that I somebody did point to taser rad before it definitely take on down. I'm gonna cost you. And any arrest him if he tells it the girlfriend lightning stroke for an. I know your filming neat it's okay to sell me have a right well let's just this should be an incidence. I again definitely paraphrasing but let's just figure this out. Waffle House call the police. Over a dollar fifty if that's what it looks. This whole thing is about Rory shapes. The Jews only costs a dollar they were charged to fifteen. If you worked at a Waffle House. And had some arguments over a dollar fifty. Maybe you don't bring in their food. Or maybe just don't charge in the 250 religious music thought it was a dollar. I saw a lot of people say it is now officially time for the black community that we cannot won't watch us as onerous. I call the police. Whatever the woman got and get my opinion he's sued. We have I've still got shamefully some of those handle a situation like that a lot worse. And history of police officers handling things right guys saying hey. Tell me it's fine mission being incidentally I'm Whitney unit custard on him back and then waiting everybody calming down and it's only guy. Down here on. Batch so when they went becomes a false situation such. Given to me and if that happens and I'm angry and there's police and their shelling of all the things that happen. I take. New. I'm talking about an employee's car and told to calm down before. Taken out of a situation. Amendment no later. I am. Ask your probably some very very polite and at least I don't kids. Yes sir yes ma'am I'm sorry so sorry an idea sorry and I apologize the police officers said after. It's pretty clear that and I can take into jail. He says that a man and you're never going to come back to this Waffle House again to remember the signing. The guy says he won't. So then they're taken out of the police cars and hands her move from concert using Tutsi tenacity officer's badge number and tells them close. You know I'm doing you a favor by not taking in jail now. It's obvious con me continues to try to understand why he was constant that's an hazards are not your big guy sits there and he's got a big guns. Finally out of couple walks away any officers received another call. Yeah. Feel like. Someone is gonna tell us it's we should be more upset about this. I think there's a lot of things we have some of the things I just don't know that. Does and doesn't necessarily. Enraged me could jump on you enraged. Could that come and gone into Waffle House is against them. I'll tell you drive right arguments honest talk like I know outside like figure out and the guy who kept yelling my. I mean if you went back inside well there are signs as pain and we just leave and I think it's the lever we good. Instead of saints at a point in the tastes are putting in a consulate little thing over orange orange juice can you just sent to the Wallace. And I'm just asking you Arrington was. There will be done. Waffle House also said that the couple came back to the restaurant the next day you were given full refund the company CEO called the woman. Two college. To witness this orange juice is a lot of upset about that to visit I it's always expensive that's not even high. When you're a large orange juice is only this big you do these things. Reasonable thing and if you go out but I feel like you know when you order orange juice and I'm not gonna do a jury's eyes a bit but I. I'm feeling you know when you order orange juices as for whatever reason is way more expensive. And there's no resells and just it's more they talk. Can go to the store and get you know a lot more so impressed and I'm the only reason it's a remarkable things for. Then resolution whenever there's no we want. It's anything price fix and it only preakness. I know that normally the largest dealer and does not the same size lets all get together make a large orange juice much much smaller. It is much at all of course and I remember ray were monitoring that as it's not like if you orders Molly just bring Iraq that's been so episode or two storms in the amount. And he has on a mission this this is good news this positive news and and is on a mission to mow lawns and all fifty states. For free. He's an Alabama man he's traveling to all fifty states does lawn more he wants to cut grass or people in need there is movement is now spreading. Kids across the country are offering to help. This story says proving that the grass is greener. When you help other. Something as simple as pushing going to make someone think. How many Enron moves them trundle through these days Montreal for the elderly and disabled single grandmothers and veterans we have a 130. Plus kids taking part in this challenge including one in Canada and seven in the because just had a really rough here are pleased to work on the guards do things to get out. Our neon I don't have my partner did back in the handed hitting overgrown in our control is difficult to see in this makes. A big impact but I'm making their name and thinking makes me continue to do well it just is so inspirational it gives you hope for the future. Rodney Smith junior's. I have a question. I feel bad for the wind can't I just feel like Canadian ones are huge. I had like a Canadian flag they don't like right now I'm houses like in Pittsburgh New Zealand and down a mountain. So they're a real big spacious and insurance. Large backyards. Help getting out he says Sandra reindeer make sure it's. My neighbor. Ask me last night. It is my panel on more than you can or you I had to. I'm an old gas mower and Houston are really long time there and it was one of those deals are every year change spark plug on it. The pain in the ass he serves like auto electric mower right right. Assassin now works last summer using utilize an easy nine at some point in the long. So he tells me he threw his back out and he had been able to Milan for awhile and he's gonna work and so. Each sale and notice. I did notice it's just a little yeah. So he asked this morning and say let me I only buys a mower from this and no I'm not. And taken 91 and having said I have to do something for us no because it doesn't work or something goes wrong and just take us. That was in office so I said just take it. Does not push the lawn mowers over there electric when his daddy needs to be charged in the gas powered one. Except when he used it in years. And he comes out in east you know as Clinton on issues is that he's gonna start trying to work on merit to the minors act as banner. Was supposed to offer to mow his lawn and just wind down. I don't know that's what you wanted to cause actual at a good neighbors should do and also is. Should I am not taken it to. Broken one night and I know that the broken I mean. They haven't been used in years and just sell like I did that whole thing wrong I left he's got back in the heat trying to figure out how to start these. I think times have changed I know you talk to your neighbors and I talked to some mine and I'm certainly others but I feel like when I was drawn above everybody talked to their neighbors and they were losing. Just doesn't happen anymore why do talk to this mineral block he gets my recycling farming takes an up. Don't feel like it's it's really globally known. Mow your lawn and I'm in the world doesn't work like that anymore. I don't think anybody is expecting a neighbor in a moment on I only use expecting it and I just. You batted in the right thing to do. I'm not about texting again almost on last night. How loud I do. A few chance yeah neighbors' lawns were brought here when. Itanium. I would pale and doing a little surprised I shouldn't neighbors are expecting it professional guy comes over Melissa long. Still that castle like I was giving my old garbage. But he asked the national right. Docent and ever more long I was going to work I said he wanted today or tonight he's headlights I noted this evening having heatstroke. I. Is that like to tries to push it over there as I was leaving. Told them how to. Charge electric on. Just two months and right here on John shortly. Regular tour so. I had to bring in position on an additional once congressman. Then leave the house emotion dragging Taking Back Sunday over there I like to go to my room watching videos like come on man. I know your parents got divorced for beer okay we can go outside agency decided to be okay I thought everybody like to go to the pool. This song like the first two I don't know the first two days summaries sign in his. And he's being used in Washington and emotional. Sounds less like chickens and it's too hot it's too hot to do anything else I am with him. You guys like you and all of them. That's really a yeah because my ideals day off summer day right now would be everybody leave me alone I'm gonna watch TV. Now so give new computers and insight and do you too was awful to watch TV it was a million toys and video games that he still. The troops there. All of under. After came hours c'mon Dashboard Confessional was done but do you understand me. You can see. And anyone who says this. Zanardi saying his opponent in this. Nothing they can be done. They can't be better enjoy it on television special extra visits and even watch. Don't want to look at those women have winds are much caddie shack yeah. Oh I Zach. Does not equal a little bit. Going to be okay. John Joseph you're okay. OK numbers that are you. You've got us. I've talked to Michelle. Okay we easy don't Judas but. You know every year at the Oxford dictionary and much they have words the dictionary right and they had a bunch of bomb most of armor. Technical things or dispose of the episode that makes it in the news is usually pop culture stuff as always they're just brand new words are similar they weren't in every four yes so it and it's like terms that maybe somebody made up but people be using them a lot. Phrases I'm just I think a step and I. I don't know PCs and like jump the shark stuff like that sort of phrase as soon on sometimes or phrases I feel like they could add some of those things in their true self. I wanna see if you know all these because I think I'd I've heard of all these by I don't know that I knew all these definitions are so the first one. I only heard about in the last year was from a listener I think Mary Kaye examines something but you know out of the back stealth test is the line. Nextel all I guess as I say to to beat EC HD EL know. It's. This is the method. Where you you watch a movie and television shows and like that and you watch the female characters. And the idea is to see if the female characters. In this work of fiction have a purpose or role other than discussing a man. Now you would think that it would not be that difficult to find movies television shows and fireworks are realized. When I was told about this crystalline about her possible. I think men or women only talk while men on the royals they do okay. Well other point is certainly they're portrayed that way in interest that movie they don't envision judge ordered usually talk about Clinton. And we're gonna make a lot of friends here. Shot shows and talk about cooking and definitely in movies. If it's as if you go back and watch movies from eighties I recently that watch anytime to women are alone in a scene because tonight. Like you said when he told me about this I never heard of it is maybe a year year and a half ago. If you watch every time almost without fail. Either the entire discussion or the majority of the discussion they are talking about. The man on guys someone they're in love with what ever so I think if it passes. The back dealt test and that would mean that date that they do it. I don't know if you pass if that means it you who. Have those conversations are you don't but that's what the back dealt testers is a method which was introduced. It was first mentioned at comic strip in 1985. And it's to evaluate how women are portrayed in fiction okay. Lot. This is named after the American cartoonist Allison buck down. Which I guess was this comic strip. That she was doing also known as the backed out Walsh us. I'm on Centre right people make Texas say that I have not pronouncing it right. But I never bet it is and to let less than a couple years ago my wrists. It's pretty crazy how often people don't pass attend stored do. Passes families to women who talk to each other about something besides a man down and that's it. Do you think I'd be pretty easy read I say go find moved from the ninety's right now find a scene where there's two women talking. About something other than a man you think that he pretty easy there it's not easy really it's not easy auspreys. I the next one is a phrase spoiler alert we all know that they actually added that to the Then so that's we know what that is any free puzzles me use your Roma and are okay and sexual so dumb. You know Monday came hours and sexual. I don't know couple months ago a month ago something like that OK I think more people talk I'm pretty sure Miley Cyrus. Is heterosexual first serves and I heard talking about it. You know what has socialism I know he's sausage on I think with Miley but you remember now. So as this bridge you can. And be romantically or sexually. Involved with someone who regardless. Of their gender or how they identify rights of the was still isn't that bisexual no because it's not limited to biological. Sex or gender roles right Yates. And again people are probably gonna say that I'm getting this wrong but I think he can be. It people who don't maybe they identify as generalists maybe they identify and maybe their trans whatever. You just like people is that fair tax line. I'm sure Tommy that it's not. I'm trying to be understand I'm Leona. I think that's the difference right between by sex campaigns are supposed to mantra I'm gonna have to be attracted to assist gender transgender intersection Rogers people whatever the case may be. I need to look at some of those two air sacs is that mean each that you're both are you change your. And it's there's not been edited dictionary right now so hole that what about impostor said syndrome you know what that is. Leno. Imposter syndrome is wing you rule. Think that or you feel like you are not qualified to be doing whatever it is you're doing okay and BL somehow you've tricked people into Italy set so I think about it like you're a fraud. Especially at work that. I don't think your views that as having imposter syndrome you can get impostors Cedric syndrome may yeah. No I'm way over qualified to be proud when you guys write these. Not necessarily your dad has it ice but a lot of millennial have a surprise surprise a lot of people have it route. But yet that's a psychological pattern which people doubt their accomplishments and having persistent often internalized fears being exposed as fraud you have badly run badly and just assume there's an opposite she. It's somewhat broad way overconfident whatever that is. Yeah I don't know what the whatever that is Russ I don't know we're just confident. It's so Colin are you do you have an imposter syndrome Mike do you feel like at some point. So yeah an opponent you're out so well. Because you're not qualified for something or you're not. It's usually work but it could also be that maybe people think you're a good person and a saving you know he's a really good guys it's a great guy inside you think. They're gonna find out and I am not a good person oh yeah sir do you do think that you have that sometimes the Julia. Odd time I saw somewhere how many people of one in three Mullen deals say that they have imposter syndrome. And a debilitating lack of confidence. How do you. Differentiate. Impostor. Syndrome and actually is being under qualified you don't I don't know the difference I assume that I'm just under qualified but if someone says that you work all this person has good reasons I know I have impostor cinema maybe you're just really not go to all my years ago and actually will find out only you know like that's possible right sure but maybe so you can still be. What I'm saying as you can still being. You can be under qualifies for your job. And self diagnose yourself as having imposter syndrome can be wrong and yes I think that a lot of people would try and tell people who. Have imposter syndrome knowing you are qualified you're gonna but then other people might just not be qualified. I heard Diablo Cody the woman who wrote Juno and I interview onetime describe it really well. She said because I totally can relate to this. If someone says something nice about you can have a hundred people say something nice about you what's on 12100 different people say something really nice about you one person says something negative. In my mind that one person has me figured out that one person. Knows the real you they've really got you figured out they're smarter than the people who are complementing you shall we hear a lot of jobs at. But hundreds of thousands of people. Whose surname im one person's like ally coming from you that's enough revenue. Two dead and I will take the water and join in Manila on a glad to see if there's somebody Smart out there against Maine I actually don't yeah there's probably a name for that to I don't know what that. Werder phrases that the Crowley is on for that from okay did not know this one. Ship is shark shoot got. Should should shut shock Schuch at you don't that is how content I think it's food. Look up Shaq shoot got an offer to show is that addition of eggs coach in a sauce of tomatoes chili peppers and onions often spiced with acumen. I had if it's some sort of popular initiatives I assume all I hear a few years. SH AK a pass HO UK and serve that I cast iron scope looks like gap. Oh sure sure it doesn't go to kind of looks like come way those rancher or yeah like that yeah Shaq should go was fed up. I'm sure it'll be popular aren't as hundreds of nasal. Them. Looks like there can be some days off I've never heard of a long trail it's good it's good to you do know what it is resulting in a post website looks me tonight ran into Marca. The rest of your US. I'll make some sure you can the rest of my I think you probably know funerals are binge watching guy it added up skirting got added kept pop culture. Got added content the dictionary. What is hip hop. Cultures or something I should know there lake is that definition that I. Can pop culture is a sub culture and art movement developed in the Bronx in New York City during the seven easy horse of the were often disputed. It's also argued as to whether hip hop started sound cam look into what BP is along with the same every boy thing man this is just a definite drive a positive step up. Yes so I'm home I just assumed hip hop culture could be. If someone says I you know I blame hip hop culture on this trend or whatever I say OK it's said they think that now and someone and have pop astounded. And not put pants up I don't know whatever is that they wanna blame on music or attributed his part hip hop culture right. Without work I think it's a mix of the of the music and then these. Celebrity can offend on that people you know follow certain rappers and yet you can be individuals how many girls love hip hop culture yeah attract. What else is on here. Cash on I didn't know I think that means. Like to kiss to make out where you are cash on TA SH. And then just on. Never heard of that and the at the last minute never heard of was. Mark SARS they have it is one word I looked it up it's two words. And or it's I guess is hyphenated it's a personal relishes and expressing his her discomfort vocal lead. I never heard. I think it might be British. Because heard that there's a hash tag hash tag mark harsh I don't know what. Zero Gordy shore and you guys know this corniche reality TV show based in Newcastle England. It's a rip off of the Jersey I'll learn is how bullying and Alan vasser those centuries. Not yeah where did I just see I didn't know I was a single into a news click on it. It was recently and those of video of live must have been ready for a shore as noted earlier some but I saw about it Fiat and they have the same logo on everything they just change your name singers and how are similar the whole deal that's it that's all rumor assume you know. I can't believe it I I wish that there wasn't sure there isn't a term for the opposite of imposter syndrome there needs to be. They're adult one positive thing. So much I want whenever and definitely. I think I Zain is Marshall schism. Churchill who has loan. As real as Oreo broadcasting live from the sporting KC studios. Which I'm excited about com Bobby sedan first place. I don't you don't follicles I knew about first place I get the updates and then. Who do you root for I root for England funerals for me you guys Rupp charge or here or here. You referred Greece and the United States matter Lauren Graham right no they're out. I roof for a Mexico. Lincecum and his election now just like we now our post their neighbors for Lowe's death. Mexico and Germany so if either one of them play hour of reliable bullpen. Right you're good to go so well at night get a chance Washington games or will you want a real quick. Services are. This is. Hang over fruit they'll refer to this whole thing about. Apparently we even make sure 800 calories after having had a drinking. It's 790 for men's and earn 594 amount they get that exact number. So here are the top choices for. I don't know if this is. I I assume that this is supposed to be dropped dining like as you're on your way home from the bar and ask him don't you ask the right I don't that's not hang or food yes the bartender. So they did us a list but I wanted to broken down so I found the breakdown here because I think there's a big difference between what you wanna eat in the morning. Live and why you wanted to eat on the way home so these are the most common stops. On the way home after dark. But that they said most common food shops. After heavy drinking is a lot I assume this has to be on your way home right this is your right. So I'll start the bottom here checkers we don't have those anymore did you have those and Erin yeah burger king and in N out burger or parent Wendy's. I hop. Denny's is I Han. We are right now outside out I forgot. Denny's and Waffle House and then while plus 13% which is like a pretty big leap between the Ressa need McDonald's. It's 25% which is usually but the number one by far 40% well yeah. Over 40% of people so that they want. Of course she's no joy on the Lam. Death Yale title also delay. And I know like any that I get a ton of food for seven dollars. I like more than I can do stingy. I like Taco Bell. At all times but you know only lived in Seattle they had those dress chargers to move on thirteen points but nobody airport there's one downtown. It's like a 24 hour restaurant. Where the servers wore the veterans in the size and age was like a giant calamity down yet even thirty boxer's statement yet and there are fifty dollar played tonight at all. You can go in there at 3 o'clock in the morning hammered. Hammered in order. Awful stick a loaded baked potato the whole deal. That was kind of awesome but I understand that most most time that's not an option so. You know you're you're not gonna do that I guess but people like Taco Bell the best. McDonald's is that you know it's huge to its second was breakfast on thing. May think he's Australia makes like one of those giant orange juices and some sausage and muffins I like. I like burgers when I'm drunk only. Big Macs he's a couple of big Macs for sure I feel like we're doing sounds and good morning. So in the morning I need want breakfast food like diner breakfast hung over gap that's what I want what are you want I want all hop. Matter all we take that first yeah I'm not a hundred. Yeah. If I have that that's a mr. beat Gotti something. Should unless I'm I don't know I don't you gotta be fine no you needy something. Where you go if you want breakfast on a Saturday morning. It depends I do I have these two guys are laying. Let's just I know I just say I never drink and it was just me and is in them and I wasn't drinking the night before. And so long we don't like where you know we are like me can judge for breakfast sums lined up right. They'd risk it may mean. If if let's say your loan and you. And I wanted to area and I we're more yeah. Mort I don't yeah. There's only one answer here in the morning yeah thank you are lawful house no why it was not around me. There's my waffle houses and Johnson counting until drama where malaria and those are the only one I know love. And that's would you want to write do. No I go to my sugar veils probably just Huff Nagle. Yeah I'm a big day and I do that a lot we do that a lot together. Yes but you're supposed to Baghdad time you're sweating your hung all over your tired you wanna feel better that's what you don't realize there are no large coffee. We get some assured of bagels and bar on illicit. I didn't make the list no no I wasn't analysts and most people. Most people want. Waffle House do it that it's different what guys and girls get when they go to while plus what do you get if you go to your breakfast when you order a prayer breakfast restaurant. At Waffle House or you have to show Wasilla while plus us that this one was I get my mind I get hash browns would Chilean cheese and onions on and that's a number one thing that men ordered that the number one thing was hash browns as what they want the most women won't waffles. But while waffles and eggs hash browns big murder. I guys like hash browns eggs and waffles or they're on this big thing of past front right with cheese. Yeah I don't know it yet and onions yeah and I know that I meant yeah aching. You can get pregnant you're very unfamiliar whatever you can wherever you want we'll try to night we'll try tomorrow night. Let go tomorrow morning it's only Thursday. Or had 250 corn or not just a picnic I take it easy for an instant. One question is what are what did you steal. Yesterday. I ensuing thank you take on your backpack our boss some incidence and then really big and haven't Amir. I took some beer. Why I took dear because. He's somebody there from here does come I've company bosses like I song. Some fans want and really didn't we went through this from the Mountain Dew samba moves like a week ago I know this was not. I went home so I didn't need alcohol and so is instruments and cases of beverage that are in this building that was 1 I'm and I am many many and I took it I sawed in you know last time. Yeah Emma and throw it. Yeah and so now what well okay you admitted it and it was no big deal. Why did you know how much what they case. I think it might have been like want it seemed to big cement like eighteen Kansas something like that aging cans of beer you put a new backpack. Yeah I'm just carried out. Because seems to me like if your like are the state has bears score like you just carrier bias and all yes as opposed trying to stuffing your backpack. And so that when I come into work the boss is like Tom. That god Mo what was sometimes taken on his back or do you see him. That I see him react genuine demand he said hi yeah and what was it like behind Jewish woman he was walking by I didn't know he's behind me and tell. I got my car and is like. Sir as that sort of turned to go towards my car he. Said have a good night slim fast I said hello how are you losing your dad eighteen Beers stuffed in the McEnroe backpack. Yet him in the box. Was in the box so they are both large I'd yeses boulevard we I don't know whose beer was so high eighty. So watch what mull alternate loyalists are not meant OK but so that if you don't know anyone here it is Jim teel who knows that inside you're I didn't want to be beginning might be I'm not sure you don't. Watch the sunset I don't know who's portion that is I'm not sure but I'm not sure who's lets people don't leave their portion near my office. She's known him on the part of our own. Yes I understand there was a lot of you know that's different I don't know why this was on here's atonement you don't have to steal beer from there. I know that and we'll just let it get as boulevard beer. Ya right yes. I responses studios a drop off beer. I'm not allowed to go down bar is coming up I'm not allowed to go down in the basement anymore because of all among your profit you made a big deal about the pop no because you. Carried out don't know what we're coming up hours give an example. Have hero and Joshua would make at they have men here in quite some time as we were coming up to grow the elevator. Just what charges doesn't mean you guys can attest and essentially he looks over to the room and goes all the last time I was here that whole room was Phillip mount doom. Yeah and I want to tell him that while less because uncle some fashion darted come face no that's not true I didn't take did you get all that right you have to mount a little. I'm sure there's. Is I'm there is funny of Mountain Dew I Saddam is still remain. Only the items pride and the American cry out I apologize to that was. That was not entirely different yeah I got up and I get it and so they took away my privileges. I'm not allowed to have the key to get down in the basement right okay which by the way. I still think he's kind of absurd because they did tell me to take us opener after rehash all that but I'm. And families pictures all that and you'll want to say there's only are starting in my youth part of by your own beer organizers usually don't say you're not second off his boulevard and affirms our state now. And Kerry by the handle but it's the I man. Walk with a purpose I think that's why didn't know you didn't you and it's crunch and the back of your backpack like you are smuggling it. That beer out of the station just grab it and if anybody says anything to say yeah in the both our guys dropping off. I've got some for an iPhone as a lot of people are we were gonna drink and and then walk out that that's dogs. You stuffed it in your backpack. You don't stuffed things in your backpack that you're all right with people seeing you walk out with. No one puts eighteen Beers and their backpack. Analysts say don't want people to see. And at the OK boys yes OK okay okay I guess right because you don't want anyone to see it. Same thing. Yes. There was one case. I didn't know whose it was for sure I didn't want this to be a big deal so put in the back and I will drop after this and I'm sorry. But just I think they're the only reason he says anything I don't think he actually sought. I started to feel I got nervous about it last night. And I was afraid that it that it was you know maybe it was for something I don't know so I said something to my apologized earlier today and I said if he knew me by a case of beer on a bike he severe. So I don't. I don't think he was actually upset I don't think anybody's upset. Nobody is of I think even to buy another case of Normandy by another reason to sing take to be a walk around when that OK don't take ten cases but if you wanna tricky case undertake his and they are more well when I'm not allowed to have the key to get home in this thing it seems like I do act I'm just saying if I walk out qualification. Have to steal it then don't take it well I feel like I should be allowed that's I think that's a fair. If you feel like you have to steal it then don't. I feel like. People are gonna say something if they see me walking out with anything right now because of the Mountain View Internet. Of eighteen and that's gonna take awhile and tell the Mountain Dew fiasco yes. It just had to bear. OK about my own stuff and in your bathroom no. What happens is as people now because of the Mountain Dew fiasco. Now people see you walking with a backpack that looks like it's thirty pounds spent struggling to get into your car and I think 1000 stealing now. They had given more than thirty pounds but if you just take. The beer. Then just had to be here OK I get that and I thought about it it's always like our billionaires who were still makes a joke may go. Our social best walking out of here with a k's fearless he's got a good otherwise Muslim Basilan backpack I. Packed so what things OK but it is struggling to get an elevator where they can barely Kerry and I wonder what it is OK a computer. Now I'd bring my own computer okay. I'm sorry I'll return the beer you don't have to return did I go through again it seems like Eddie all replace it. Always plays the beer just take to be a next time okay don't hide it don't steal it. I was this hot I am I look at OK okay. There are a spiritual. On ABC.