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Thursday, August 2nd

0:00 - Headlines
Energy company in trouble over temporary password
Aeromexico plane crash
Superhero birthday party
Man smashes window to save dog
33:02 - Blake Griffin was ordered to pay $285k in child support and Slimfast has some questions
48:10 - Another round of Jackson or Johnson
57:25 - Sometimes a smell or sound can take you back to a better time. But was it really a better time?

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So righteous man. On all sides. Well leave dark. Will strike down note on the. You know a volume. And grade are you now perfect good. Can't get the singer work but no intention. But time. You know more than a month. What happens is a senior last. To me it was how's life which do listen. I took the boys to do. And then and replace Linear inch pizza and beer dinner with. Pictures of the Romanian. I can download their but it wasn't today. You know those of pleasure and enjoying Coca. I went homemade dinner and then watched sex drive. It's unknown. As slick and not achieve teen comedy from ten years ago. Text messages are. Okay and I guess this kind of sanction. Tommy. Another working maybe not. So there's room. There we go. Clown Fisher Jesus in his head that. So must seize attention yesterday afternoon. They're working. Doesn't matter who. Was going moral Lynn. College. You're seeing some instantly. Are you looking at tax time. Making me anxious and you can change. Should he worry you that look on your face is making me really nervous. Mean it's pushing through. Things should worry Duma. She. Jolie mr. and uses pretty quiet there was. People thought there was an active shooter. But it wasn't nice there was a training exercise running at a hospital in so. Trump says he wants to roll back the mileage standards for cars that Obama implement and of course. Accents. That Aeromexico flight that went in did you watch the footage from inside them not playing. I didn't know we were allowed to talk about her not because it was not in the United States but. I think 65. Of the 103 passengers were Americans is majority American. Passengers. But they're now saying that it's. That may have been pilot error state by pilot and we'll survive though some. But that generation voted juices and thank you journey horrible. Not an auction. Most treasured it doesn't scare you really badly and I didn't much of for a long time and I side kept seeing in the news and I saw their time at the pilot that was pilot there at that OK so. But the wrong with the plane over and take a look at this. The footage. From inside the plane is. It's cell phone voters are looking out the window. And it's I guess there's a lot of bad weather hail rain all night kind of stuff. But when it starts. Just win the I'm really bad turbulence starts to head. Many of the people screening. That's not that I shouldn't be watching us grind. On the bright side there's driveways are finding fresh homelands. New Zealanders there's footage. It doesn't matter. Yeah I think he's going to spend. Someone says Jesus. Membrane. That's sound. Okay. The plane crashing sliding along the ground. I know it was you you just beat you know it's great for them exciting and get off. Really in my Rolling Stone magazine. But I don't exactly done. But everybody survived that makes you think you maybe. If god forbid you ever find yourself in the situation we think something's wrong. I think maybe some trash into the field. We'll survive. They definitely didn't think they're gonna survive. Exxon says contrast to four more years and jerking off in drinking Beers. During our boys are no guarantees. I don't know Sarah's four wheelers are jumping on my restaurant and this is does because flunk him well one bit since when can I want here to stay informed in the moon. So that. That's what. Does that mean. And so dig into my desk I do you know it's. And can make it's I do actually I do. Puget Sound you're familiar with pages I am used and I used to limit further. They have just like we have KCP and now they have the Puget Sound energy content and it paid their electric bills you so this woman. She forgot her pastor I know that happens she loved. All the time these puzzles say come on opinions on a C gonna go unless you've got past releases. Number but I don't know email either and like okay well which you know they think it is only this land and minerals like. You guys are going to be known he's behind Indian. Yeah. She's got to manage your way well Vince I would hope that Syria or whoever the assistant mrs. For people like you specifically to lose a lot of past success I got us no need to download an app that saves on your passwords for you. Do you also need to pass pretty contentious. I'll recognize your face eyes on Iowa remember well that's for use during this woman didn't have a little thing we see our and I need a new pastor I forgot here's an email. And you know the chain email you a temporary password if you temporary password and now you can go change your password. She was not happy about the temporary password that they center. I forgot password and got mad at temporary password from PSE. And stick it where is capital in IG GA. And Herman. I was quite shocked. She's black. How does that work. She isn't just random. That's the question. She thinks it it must have been intentional. It also said a couple of letters after that. I guess it's like what she said there were shown repeated mrs. HHJ. Did you suffer words it was all combined but it was capital and and in lower case for the rest of that word and then that HH zero capital but they were together. She says it was an emotional roller coaster shocked disbelief disgust angry. I was just yet even now I'm just kind of like I can't believe this this cannot. I cannot believe it says she is a long time volunteer at the Seattle chapter of the NAACP. It's random I mean what are the chances. She says that Saddam. She thinks that maybe. It's not so random. But PSE PS he wishes Puget Sound energy were today say. That slur was computer generated mistake its system random computer generated mistake no one. It's not like when you see these are just random letters like guns and you know. As we've seen the receipts from just banging random letters or call the sentence and yeah eventually at a work site. Says these past as a generator automatically so they go straight from the system straight to the customers. It's not able to be accessed by any employee. So she wants. Ourselves and the Seattle NAACP who won a meeting with the energy company to discuss the incident. Once they can do to keep that from happening this. I never seen this happen before I've seen weird things people share sometimes online on FaceBook or rhetoric much like look at my captures something that's right kind of funny. But I've never seen a racial slur. It's not choose central words. Not. I mean I believe that it could be. Random letters bleacher thrown together because there are these other letters at the end at least in that screen shot that's Alicia screen shot more than once she only mentions that part where it. There is an ass burn HS and they say they've taken immediate steps to make sure the temporary passwords are scrambled mix of letters and numbers. And next month they're gonna begin using a new system that has heard of temporary passwords altogether. She says 2018. Yeah we're still dealing with issues like this it's pretty sad site experience. I agree with her if she doesn't believe that someone within. I was so randomly generators I don't know how it works but I feel like they can't hide from now. PSE and. And they don't even know right away who diminished human being on and you. Don't know how or system march. And when you get your receipts. From a pizza place after they deliver pizza TN at the bottom this season as angry bitch or whatever we've seen some of those. Intentional Dench and those people usually get fired. The fact that it wasn't just that word. Right if it was just that. I'd be a little more skeptical going along why is that worse news why would that even be in there here's my phone. Says hey this is a bad word surely you meant to duck. Right right in this is a bad word. Do you think that they would say animation that we use that sort of system so that it isn't that were simply offensive and then when I'm not triggered the system as they do have an actor and I never download the aft words for a captured or when a trigger system right. Dance. It was the letters are gone into the in no way. Am I saying that we're iris country. That's arm puncher race oh it's racist things or they would surprise me if someone did intentionally do that it would not. Right people have the audacity to write this kind of thing on a cup at the coffee shop rams running and just handed to you. So run and I don't think it's unheard of in years but this sounds made him like it might just be. Random. So the story and thought about aside. What can we do something in this class of mind to something like this. They make us feel good and maybe would help our image. That's. I don't think we can pull it off. A showing Houston radio show in Houston. Rob Ryan and shown the I don't know. They haven't they had a listener who emails them just now made national news imminent and in a listener who emailed the name's CC they were talking about. I guess like RS be keen for kids birthday parties OK I think we've kind of talked about adjustment you're doing birthday parties. And that her son Max wanted to friends only party. And this trampoline place the kind indoor trampoline place. And so it was a little bit out of a budget but she she goes toward anyways she invites thirty kids to the party. Guys of the thirty only one kid and his sister showed up. Okay. So she sends this email into the radio station. So there's some company down there called licks Houston costly chair in years and he's too costly for charity and they heard the story on the and they wanted to help. So. The radio station got them together with Susie. The mom and surprised them with another birthday party they still displays swift superheroes it's at this trampoline place. And it's they even spike set up the party for them and everything in. I mean I was going through pictures of the event accuse the kids. Right now it's happy he's happy right. Look at there's dead pool underwater analyst and a look at all the stuff. Nick through this huge party in a bunch of people showed. That's a pretty cool birthday card yeah. And and I thought well Don Don Ryan yet but it which it is something like that no one would show. I would be scared it would be the same thing disease say you know what I'm mechanics and there's no insurance my birthday party either. Last those on the list that said we show mind speech you were referring the only do you we hate you in the fourth grade so are we trying to organize the successful party. A birthday party of all things for someone who had a bomber birthday party ID so worried that we get there and we can save. This was worse than the last and we are now fighting mommy alone no I think this is a great thing and Olusegun turned out well let. There's always some unintended consequence right. We're going to do did show up. Right your kinda bad. Thanks for showing up but not enough for my birthday priority donating get more people in here. I'm sure you got in my meeting came over the sister was cool but. Maybe there should I don't know it's a good thing and I'm happy about it but I do think like maybe is is maybe is a lesson like hey man. We invite thirty kids an ultimatum showed up in the Sudan. And that's you know what. That's your guy yet if she didn't say that only one kid RE CT she said one showed up. And the sister showed up so. I am guessing they went ahead and had that party with the three kids. And she was just letting the radio station Nolan Ryan RCDs and don't tell you something I'm starting only three kids showed a Brennaman displaces out of my budget Monday night thirty kids. And it again not a parent but as a parent isn't there some sort of unspoken rule that if your kids get invited to birthday party. You try your hardest to get the damn thing arteries running into and it's not even just about the kids about the other parents it's like an agreement amongst parents say I'm trying to those parties. I'm saying the right. Yes and Jack yeah. Absolutely yeah. And you your kids had parties and hand out invitations. Usually send them out through email contact or you know lows each night or something. So scared that's one of those things all the things and a snow comes in new dad now and talk about things you worry about how those. These birds and carnage and third parties just in general. Seen your kids feel like. Cheers he doesn't have any friends write them. And stuff you would you do if you keep your mama said I don't have any friends nobody likes. Do you say go back can keep trying to analyze yourself. It shouldn't be that tough like father like son writes but you don't wish that upon them no portion. I'm sure you'd like trying to avoid that. If there's any way possible of course. I remember telling nozzle that this was like a friend of the friend. Was throwing a party for she's single mom she's throwing a party for June is not the same is less spin. And this was in Columbia Missouri nice saves and I feel bad similar conversation we were outside smoking ads. No one's gonna show up to this sub party she's worried about a nice thing. And that sounds terrible I don't know what you do you must said oh god I get to Colombia where it was on my digging up. A man that's really nice feeling pretty seriously double god he's got to give me directions we'll what I'm remembered and even know the kid what turns out it misty into a camera that night so. I thought that was nice is you. And I don't know mom and I were there when it does go well known political presence and figured out. A guy in Ohio got in trouble for a criminal damage. For breaking car windows but the reason he drove the car windows because he saw. Dog. In a car and was left out in the heat. So the question is if EC dog. Where child and I'm sure it's different for you this from me. But if he saw a dog on the team you might. The announcer just around them if you want to do a gas station it's a hundred degrees outside and see this dog out there and all the windows are you come back out and the dog's still and it's. You know at least probably like his new unknowns on the system when I am being Denon was you do as a person who's never owned a dog. Hours and probably doing I don't know China. I know that sounds horrible I'm just saying it. I'm trying to be as honest as I can it may not strike like I don't know man can dogs stink I don't know. My cat sits outside. In a 120 degree heat all the time. But not trapped in a greenhouse effects of a vehicle right holidays this car was my feeling my cat would survive that and I don't know. This car was N com. Yeah I'm wouldn't I mean you didn't I don't know the survives longer than childless and but it and that cat I have now level. Unhealthy looking one it's always looked and mountainous there was someone left turner car should really high and shoes and an event like nine months. But. He was a Wal-Mart someone ran inside. One bystander calls 911 another one runs inside and ask. The employees of Wal-Mart don't come over the loudspeakers say if you look at dogs in the car. Come outside of the windows are cracked alumina and shine. I think that's a yes that's better Q that's right get confused and and I feel like if I did bring to win now. I feel like dog owners are doing what. Our history is should I say you like your eightieth. Dog's fine. So the windows were up they say you're always supposed to leave and cracked I think they see shouldn't leave him in the car anyway. Oh what happened was he has no idea how long the dogs have been in the windows are up. Someone calls I'm once someone else goes in the store I guess he feels like it's taking too long so he breaks the windows. It's the dogs out. Cops show up say. Now we're gonna have to go ahead and should that would be my feet criminal damage because we looked at the security footage. And the dogs had only been in the car for eight minutes. See that would be my fear. 82 maybe three month old Dalmatian did not know how long who's gonna take time to get there. And I really felt bad that helping me get I mean is see if that puppy that was okay. Officer told me and there's. I should've waited two days I had no right to. Straight down wind down this situation right here is what deters people. I'm actually stepping out. Exactly the guys right but that's why wouldn't know it. And I would feel the same way like if I saw I think I saw a kid in their car I would think OK this is sergeant in my car than you know what whenever I'm I know that animal lovers of this on the same never lead in the car people do leave their dogs government Ali my dog the car rented a gas station at night or something. The windows are cracked but I lever and there. I don't think you're ever supposed to lead to get in the car I think you're supposed to leave the kid unattended period. So it's some baby in the backseat of the car windows up and yelling arouses is anybody's skin known response and I guess you rate the windows. But I'm kinda with you on the dog thing like. Anyone know how long this cars and here I I I think I would trying to do something I'd probably be the bystander who goes inside and says. There's a car outside with dogs and I can you hate someone to see us there. Car. I know you're guys are huge dog lovers are tennis I don't know and I want dogs to die in cars that's not what I'm saying. Officials don't know some power Felix I saw a dog and a comment really rule. It's not all right and just really look up. Champ and then go get my Connolly lied and Donald. I don't know how you finally easing about your your dark. This guy got their like 4 o'clock and he said when he pulled up he noted the reason you notice is dogs and there's because other people that are gathered around the card. So there's already other people going to let their dogs in the car he sees it. He decides to be the one I'll be the ones someone's gonna come on come on someone's gonna go inside. The wanted to break the windows brand and enacting. It's like when that car crash early this kid is different in the dark. Yes but I just wait for someone else's and a roadside you're gonna break the windows and it was just me and I saw a kid there was a hot car and I guess the next leg of manic quick trip then okay I'll make you stand and watch the currency easy don't understand us. Good okay maybe in persons are in town and you know okay. Don't tell anybody honorees are kids but it's like a giant. Corporate office building like that and there's a baby in a car I'm I'm right I'm probably break and when program and maybe an enemy whatever you want. Yell at me are the police want charger and breaking a window or whatever fine touch. GM I would hope the worst case scenarios that I got to pay for them and maybe they would drop the charges it was all right final plea to the window the luck in the car. I wait for someone else. I am. I just make Somalia a semi break the window like a fun to windows so arrogant so many believe. For the dogs for the day laborer average on behalf tonight doesn't get some windows man everybody is going to be okay. Right. Alex trying to find someone to damsel in distress. Somebody clicked when that car crash Simon house in this car flipped over like three times like in your mobile phones and I ran out there on the first one there. First thing I did I start running around looking for someone to help their have to deal lawn crew they ran up. These guys are busting out the windows are pulling this guy out of the car and stood their watch now. My hands of amounts miles long runs but that's all I did I just ran out there and try to find someone who's willing to take action. You leave the dog and a car windows open. There's a sign depends on who you ask it depends on how long they're in the but that window should definitely be cracked the windows open is that like is that a legit like OK the dog's son track you about it yeah I usually say OK it's fine in less than dog looks like. Like I've been in yearlong tenure it's really honor belongs on Miss America cracked window the other windows should be cracked. I know they should be cracked but I'm saying if they are masters at Simon just along and I did a lot of people do that might okay cool windows drive come out I do that I'm sure people taxing game but I cracked the windows and runners cyclists. Like I was about to do how long it can it. Baby stay not cards. Wins now an open window but now I'm not don't do that now but I'm Jerry is science. I am curious but I can't Google lands just in case something awful happens. So I'll never know in advance of the list of things that are just seeing New Orleans tonight I just won't ever know the answer right. Following I don't know is no one should ever Google whatever. Ride. So no one should know that answer if they know they instruct the town there had really quickly. But now you want to know don't usually when unknown like them how long Jana I human beings in a car a car with a window crack right. Is it five minutes ten minutes to hours five hours how long can a dog stand I caught a hot car with a window crack. There's lots of things and manage I have no idea I can't Google. Can I use a journal tool to destroy the time release function of my pain pills I'd like to know but I'm not gonna do little. This is not worth it. I guess if you wanted to you could probably Google that from one of those generic computers in the back and worthy some things I shouldn't said that in the sense that. Are all on looked shocked police say you should not only McConnell car. Immune to Windows Phone did you say current numbers on it. Type on some projects talk if it's hot I'll leave dogs on three cents. Mota threw only. And yes somebody yesterday just have to get us Assisi where it is and start going here's your daughters yeah anecdotally. Usually my girlfriends in the Carmen and running but there are times I had to run out. But it's quick. I am doing it. Actually. Okay no man all right. Really kid she's brightness analysts think this is what fifteen minutes and hot car does zero to honor video. I don't see a video and let's not like lively sure you know Sony does say we know the windows open this is like a cafe in mom blogger and is open. An alarming numbers of these town residents are so let's see. And so ordinary responsible middle class sponsor makes one bad choice and people who notice her baby. Back of the car so they can take just fifteen minutes. First child a hot car which I would assume these dogs are probably somewhat I don't know hundred I'm physically I don't know much richer and they can't sweat it's hard for them to cool off. So it takes fifteen minutes per child and not cars suffered life threatening brain. Kidney injuries fifteen minutes is about how long you can take to run into the gerchas sort of picked up some milk. Of course you probably know plenty people who left babies in the Carter missed a few minutes nothing bad happened and that's kind of white kids keep dying. Children won't die every time. So somehow parents who think it's a safety able to make but it's not. Stuffed animals masterpiece yeah. So if there's in as little as fifteen minutes. And no one knows not known it looks like with the windows but I'm looking for when the windows track. I'm not on feel comfortable feeling any further. When the scratch your telling me if I want my carnal window's cracked. And there's dogs and letting down hot vehicles are the primary nine crash vehicle or leading killer of children under fourteen. According to media NH TS under fourteen yeah. And Sergio again now that kind of wondered the same thing. So Olivia because there's so many two to three year old senate just skews the numbers on the fourteenth. Once you get over fourteen and it becomes car crash there's now you're driving that makes sense impact. Right children under the age of one of the most common victims. Only a few weeks in the summer of this year's I don't know what you're instrument cluster this year's count of sixteen hot card debts. Is currently the lowest the lowest in recent history according to department of Earth's climate science San Francisco. Since 1998 the annual average of juvenile that's in cars has been 3838. A year. 38. That seems like did you preventable. Thing and does so alone doesn't seem like there's not a lot of people but the sense of preventable thing department of earth conscious and who's 44 deaths last year so this from appears to have compared to 342012. Since 1998 there have been more than 600 juvenile that's triggered by hypothermia or heat stroke and that doesn't saying it's. Specifically because of the cars. NHTSA estimates heatstroke is set cause of sixty different usually really can't John I don't remember I don't think so my new all time. All the time when I got a little bit older they leave the car running and I can listen to radio so the air conditioners. They would do that lousy little. So they may have just left it running with the AC on that's a line demy damn doing all the time I totally gas station I really got to be right back can be in the back yeah I think did an a and the car running important part and put on the news seeing yet and I mean. All the time yet they did that I think the car is running. And I'm like don't touch edition yeah and I just didn't. But I don't remember my mom or dad ever taking its I don't know that I could have gone there are on the thing you know I mean yeah. We're able to turn it halfway up three cores when German air on. I think you can do that. Right thanks to our spirits compressor but I do know that they did lead to the season I don't think you ever worried about me trying to steal a car it was just an exemption. Radio on me it was an honor and country weighs in. On the windows and Mike Dennis and I always convinced there aren't going into the casinos percent and hours but you know. Three formats they would remain a college on all the time. Yet I haven't. Make your background my boys in the car now I'm percent with the car running. Yeah I mean where are usually rent and gas station yeah yeah yeah I. Wal-Mart girls destroy him and run aground and down and out any ice cream forest bomb hunters run inning ground. The ball on their cell phones. And there's ACL. What do you do get him out of the car every time I hear arguments in Munich. It. The seat belts again and get back channel deal. Let me I mean just not news I think a lot of parents do. A leading Davies in the back of cars not running all that I never heard of that until a couple of years ago I had no idea was this comment. And the fact that car companies now have these built in warnings to let you know that hey there could be in the backseat. I didn't know I was an issue. I see people yell about someone leaving a dog in the car silence. What are you doing this this time you know the window's cracked well law currently. And I. But you try to break the windows and I'm certainly can be that first down I notice there are no longer hours and resume. Yeah. Drinking water. Until the nothing if they got hot thing you know them going and now. AAC salary and got so hopping out of a car. And insight. Parallels there Miguel icon grander scale when you go to tools write checks to make nice hot really look forward. To get no time with the hard. It's actually really just hot here right. Wow. You really are looking okay. Bid and down memory I'll let you because. I'm divorce and I don't want you to imagine me a little things different. Yeah. So we'll see you married you have kids now does anyone say like this state. Or the county or someone say all right you make as much money. So you should be spending this much money on your kids Sean does that right now I don't check to see if you're Bynum close or Xbox loser I don't know. Anything. Nothing no Demi get divorced they say okay you've got to give this much money. Because you make a lot of my ex is reading his article about Blake Griffin she's child support but I don't know if they go and check to see like what you spend much ounce pour money on they don't know. Beat but but but there's only right. As alimony and sure I got lucky I didn't have to and that goes so I you know like of the white makes more than my husband and that you know if she pays alimony due to Losman on Gaza makes one life to mountain Amylin and child support that's most goes straight to the kids. But I don't think anybody ever checks and sees like oh what do you spend that money on. As you see this thing about the lakers I think part of it too is like child support there also be about like. Then on I guess I'm guessing I don't know much electricity bills being known. All I know not so sure sure sure okay I'm not saying like you have to go on by ten issues would secession now headed this is a monitor so that does. Lifestyle stay similar between the two homes OK I get it is I guess there was not a column as I have on how to manage this is ally of you know let me tell you guys had a business and in. Now you owe this much money right or like if if mom dad stayed home because Mamas of big shot attorney had to work a ton hours and he's I like Iowa you got a great job. Also home and help with the kids and they get divorced she says I stay home all the time because I wanted to support your career so you you gotta help me out now exactly that's how I think of alma. Does it to know how exact count is okay but the child support is a separate thing I guess and also child support they would say I don't say so. You know you make this amount of money and your action makes this amount of money. And so that the kids swing if you know you have like 5050 custody or whatever to kids go to 1000 of the other house. It's a similar lifestyle Oca. The quicker simply for you guys now is keeping them out. Right yeah I think. I hope he is anymore but he was right there but for sure so I guess that's my traders Andre I don't watch basketball. So I don't be so story I've misery and now Sports Illustrated but. I don't know maybe this happens a lot but they were saying that he was ordered to pay. 258000. Dollars a month. In child support them. I guess radar online is that one cannot address. They said they obtained a court documents from this civil suit and he's 29 years old. Com. He has to give his ax over three million dollars a year for the two children sit in two kids a five year old two year old. And they said the three million dollars equates to around 9%. Of the 35 million dollars the court declared to be Griffin's annual income after investments in endorsements. Contracts or the amount that comes out of the paychecks won't necessarily be you know all that massive and really right makes but. They were saying both sides were ordered in July mutually agree on school expenses then you know I guess you you do that sort of stuff right. And then he would be responsible for extra curricular activities Tata may be. When you got divorced they had someone who came in that said I know someone from the court comes as is our right. You're supposed to be in charge. Divide extracurricular activities and to make sure it's all covered and no yes it's all covered in its own. I'm trying to think Blake bonanno because they made some sort of stipulation there and I think they can change whatever that compensate. He had to get hurt it whatever the number was to earn 50000 dollars or Maya right to 58 I think so. Who wins that then she supposed to cover everything. For other kids on a play basketball arms they need new shoes or pants or whatever. That's he gives her the money in this situation he's giving her the money. Then she takes care of the kids necessities hockey's Fatah the bookkeeper. She's almost like the account like right all the money for the kids. What I've seen is I guess there's sane. You're gonna spend 208000 dollars a month on your kids guess whether that's keeping the lights. It's just been announced Johnson but it she's going to be the one response they wanna play baseball and all the sudden and I'm playing baseball now and I think you can be like hey. Want you know they wanted to plan baseball that you read that. The article says they'll cover extra curriculars that's socialism oh aren't so yeah there and I think they can write that and other stuff so. And sometimes like I benching his kids go to might be extracurricular britches kids go to some sort of really private school that may cost on 2000 obviously got to cover that there. I did any of it as a lot of money she's gonna take and it gives an and you gotta take bigger and extra curriculars Georgia's. I'm guessing him Blake Griffin's place you know ski club and mass spending right whatever other Bruno pointed toward these schools is kids go to he's got to cover that it does this. Expenses eight according to this thing it radar like a date they said that they had to mutually agree on school expenses I guess that means usually do agree on what's cool looks and rock. And then Blake is going to be you are responsible for the extracurricular activities. I mean I have no idea what he pays her alimony but. Or I mean I guess they don't even know if they were married. I didn't think about that maybe they weren't married I don't know but two of 50000 dollars a month in child support me. And I can't tell you how many friends I had growing up who their parents were divorced and I would say I guess you know where's your dad. I don't see my dad anymore ECB once a week that was over the weekend and I MCM and a couple years and obviously they shells were known I know my mom complains about the notes on me right so I know is is it to some of them with you but then dad and usually doesn't get in trouble if you can go to jail for that right. For not paying soleil but the mom has to like what press charges otherwise. They just know what's keeping track of whether or not dad pays child support except. No you don't pay directly to the mom oh you paid into an account and you pay it soon. I'm introducing Kansas you page of the state of Kansas City, Kansas disperse as that man oh man. 250000. Out of me Mike my best thing grabbed his data that was it that was the exact scenario like. Okay I'll see you every weekend and it was every other weekend and it was more or less frequent and then it was I haven't seen them a long time and then it was. Yeah how he as a pay child support here isn't. Part of the reason my mom didn't get upset about him not seen me is because she didn't really want him to see any because he had been paying any child support so she was madam. But I thought won't go to jail and yet another family he had other kids and other wife and about his knee Geiger joins a I don't think so I think she'd have to complain. I just thought you'd. Go to jail sometime I think you probably can. I know you can't I've seen movies rust or someone got picked on her hand out support. Palm to my dad never did Obama never I think similar situation now I think sometimes people say anti embargo about destiny is gonna come back I want I don't mind zones like right. So just let them not paying I won't sign any thing in and don't come around here anymore I think I think that's a very common thing. Chile's museum. Even though I know it was and while also well I'll also say I think and I'm sure those lawyers survived you've got to be kidding me but I also think not paying child support. Is not. A legal reason. For you not to see your children oh. So you can't they can't say oh you didn't pay child support you can't see your kids you can still see your kids. Get in trouble for not paying child support but you can still go see your kids on the days that you're allowed to go see them a candidate they're behind in child support they don't use like you can if you don't pay you can't see your kids is a punishment or. Right they can do. Okay. I yeah I think in my friends. Situation I got the feeling that his mom was saying I want is set to add to your dad. Your dad's not going to be a good dad step that's trying to be good dad. Plus we got divorced from Europe eighty so I just like step deadbeat dad and since this guy doesn't wanna be around I'm just not gonna say anything about even though he doesn't Charles for the last run out and have a loss. And that was that. But well I was streets 28000. Doesn't like a lot. But it's I don't know what it measures your licked at the right left and I said 35535. Million dollars a year and so they break that down they said yeah. Sometime much see Michael bloom. My wife handles that and three million dollars percent which is this is mainly through million dollars equates to around 9% of the 35 million that the court says he makes. Annually after investments in endorsements. So the that the amount that comes out of his paycheck. Won't even seem like I mean we probably. You know we have taken out taxes every month now 40% 35 to some runs like that once also and done. So now that it's cut from the team which you know well they retain while they change that I assume. Image he's donating 35 million dollars a year they wouldn't say he's still a two and 50000 dollars a month or what day. Now now I'm me commission states say yeah he's unemployed. Then they would say in yeah monitor to 8000 dollars a month. Who slot although maybe they can also look at what you total value is that the court could say it really worth two billion dollars buddy man out of work but. I just did not they had someone who comes in to see Christina and I thought about the idea if your parents are married. No one comes and deceive your your parents to be rich men have to spend a dime on you know. And no one's guess anything I guess safety Jew. Because dragon mart someone's gonna call. Social services but otherwise they don't have just been through anything very important in my I know like hey you make this much of 9% and I should go to those kids now for new school clothes like that they don't do that. Well as those saying. It's the same child support essentially yes this is supposed to be. This is the money because what what is god loses says okay so again much saying right exactly what I said so the mom has to pay. The dad right. Say a thousand dollars a month in child support more than a mama's not to pay for anything else that money you're paying that goes for the kids. I think it would be a problem then if two kids. Were then. Not getting close or playing sports sore right on I mean. Having something they should have out of that money then I think maybe the court read that the court look into it but it seems like that would be huge screaming at salmon. Now I feel I can understand like on the backside of that too like the other way of trying to figure out of like of getting someone to pay when they don't wanna pay. Is a pain in the ass right yeah I think getting. Getting someone to spend money. On the kids. Is just as big of a pain and then tried an answer to that is a wanna play basket exact and it's argued right proved them right. OK because I'm looking at this list now what do I said to 58 month right oblique reference that must see why this is making news because I'm looking analysts have no idea how accurate desist but supposed to be the most expensive slow every child support payments okay. Charlie Sheen a 1101000 dollars a month. Plus less than past. See losses almost Brendan Frazier 75000 dollars a month to hear that Sean Combs 55000 dollars a month wasn't. Puff Daddy on the left there may have one of the richest people 55000 dollars a month so just and a again I don't know how many kid he's an analyst with her billionaire. And right are wrong. So just that if that helps put in perspective Puff Daddy paid according to the same 55000 dollars a month like Griffin discovered to pay to. Thousand I would be curious what state yeah because they're like different was at an issue that's California. Yet and Puff Daddy. They only have one kid must and it's for their son. So. Now as pays 51000. Among the cornice. Eddie Murphy 50000. The Blake Griffin's. By far troll I'm far and I'm not only in his emotions about 200000 dollars in new video Tom Cruise 33000 dollars a month. Until Saturday afternoon he conquers married Katie Holmes and she also may be gas money. A dash of weight here's another is yes that is true. OK but she couldn't so these celebrities were married other celebrities. Ride if there may an ankle violated both Megan to a million dollars and that weird. You know that number becomes us a cell like out Brittany probably has to pay charity came back and ask for more. I feel like I salsa sauce on some insiders like I am not the same guy I was on a more money among Kevin Fedor yeah there are spears so that would make sense right because obviously she makes infinitely more money than he does I would assume so he would be the one sanity more child support. Yeah here it is he's asking for more tryouts for support is just from like a month ago. And she makes sense tankers. And I both make a lot of my initially and now yeah. But it does put in a respectful to you if you may think a person outside the center makes as much money but. Looking at those celebrities. Well holder is it's not think this at five and two or something so they're getting what you say. 258 a month. So they're getting a million dollars every two months those kids. Well again I don't know it yeah I mean I meant to say a million dollars a quarter. Yeah actually getting three million a year any year three million a year is what they said he's. That's a lot of on loses ex wife earned disarmament is saying is that her name and I don't know if they were married or there was she does it mean it's insane and the sand is read this is Sports Illustrated says. Area. It just says. Star for bleaker in order to pay Los Angeles Superior Court some 20000 dollars a month in child support a celebrity gossip like radar online. Says obtain a court documents from as you can Griffin's ex fiance was his ex fiance of I think username showing nine years old I have no idea what she does. Currently Jackson Johnson I'd love to you call. The phone number. So come on that phone number is 5767965767965. You'll help Laszlo. I will give you five headlines from local stories local news headlines and then I will give fuel. A brief bit about the story and I believe out where the story took place your job is to guess whether or not the story took place Jackson counting. Well Johnson got so there's no wind up there's no Clay County it's Jackson or Johnson hence the name. Lazio has said that he can tell whether or not a strict as far as context clues just try to context clues. But I think this week. Without doing I did not. Overly doctor these I did not remove a bunch of pertinent information the only thing I removed was the name of the city or the address right but I think some of these. It's a tough time when Jackson just went out class of 6765. Churchill who has low. Hi I'm Melissa long. And Jackson Johnson yeah let's do it he says he's got some arm holder but I have no idea who it is so. I use us. Taylor all right tell you ought to play the game. My gut sort of flag over there's Hillary is some news stories. And we're gonna say whether that happened in Jackson County or Johnson County I have never been wrong before so that's not definitely not sharp. He's pretty good but he's definitely been wrong before so I. Let's go our right here is your first Taylor headline boy brings Gundy can't accidentally discharges in backpack. Police that the county parks and recreation district are investigating after eighteen year old boy brought a gun to camp and it accidentally discharge in his backpack. There were no injuries the child was attending a date camp at a field house. Parents were immediately notified and were asked to come pick up their children who were also attending the camp. There were nine attending the camp. That's not allowed to work with low last what are you gonna do with that. And this. I actually you know works for a date cannot. And now. Acting county bear a lot of big camp over here are. You know the best field how about that but not that into the did not sit there. I took the name now but it said you know blank field house. Okay I'm they're. Feel how business that they can't frequent. Our. Your dad and I like the whispering area I wanna thank. Oh. Oh that sounds good. You can say whatever you want but I'll tell you right now the center in Johnson County. I'm just telling you right now because it's a Jake and and there's only nine kids there. I'm nine kid day camp is like some sort of drama school day camp. Well it's not where people drop off their kids because I have to go to work. And I didn't know what it was doing that Donna just fired out of his backpack for no reason to assist. It is not go to with a tool this is just screams job raising our kids in Jackson County would be better than I do better handling of firearm. Are flying public Taylor up to you want to daycare employee. As I did any but the if that they can't wait. From the like steel output bulk of those would have smaller numbers whereas Ed aching upset coming like that unlike. I don't. Yeah yeah Jackson just we don't yapping Johnson injection. A good. Job like god. Johnson County genes it was it was a mad science camp in new century field how it's science such soldiers and I'm kids would have been John Jackson County knows finally got to do is there. Yeah because it was luck or design a lot more desirable place for the moment and I mean I'm mad science today can't. It can only be funded by people thrown a couple hundred bucks out. Yeah. Yeah. I think population density was whether or more kids in my camp that's signs next story. Make sure I do these bright main shot in face during an argument with twin brother. And is recovering after being shot in the face are you with his twin brother on Tuesday. The shooting happened around 7 PM police were called to the scene and found a 32 year old man with an apparent gunshot wound to the face. The man was taken to an area hospital and is in stable condition officers continued their investigation discovered. That the man and his twin brother were arguing while both were armed with handguns. One of the Brothers was shot the other has been arrested. Police have not said what the Brothers were arguing about when the shooting happened Jackson or Johnson. We were on. Thanks so I'm rather. What they're up about their president yep 7 PM or. Yeah. Are you gonna go it Jack. 32 year old twin Brothers who live together and or if pointing guns at each other and arguing and and one shot the other one in the face. Yeah I'm certain call me crazy I think you might be right Taylor. Capped. Well you know is don't you think they'd be better with their firearms they join him a little better I was murdered when I'm wasn't an accident. Don't view all right that one down with Jackson that was Jackson thought you might get Allen who is an actual. Alleged murderer is white supremacist family says. Those who knew Ronald kimbo or not surprised to learn he was charged with the murder of a black woman of her body was discovered in the home where he lived. Quote this was a hate crime says neighbor Kathleen 100% I hate crime. They would he would drape himself in the confederate flags said his daughter crystal. He would send her photos of the swastika tattoo on his left arm he bragged to her about his membership in the Ku Klux Klan. And told Kathleen about the Aryan Nations white supremacist group. He once threatened to kill his daughter and her three children quote if I ever spoke to a person of color crystal said. He's been a monster his whole life she said he's the true definition of evil. As charged with second degree murder in the slaying of this woman was 43. Who had been missing for a week and tell her body was sounds like fourteenth in the home where he lived joint investigation by multiple police departments led investigators to that house. So alleged murderer is white supremacist. According to show his own family. Jackson or Johnson. Where you guys think. I bird does it affect. I've heard about. Don't look at Al. I didn't look it up I heard on the news like a few days ago. Lance Johnson. As a white supremacy Johnson County. Not a big song and now of course you would. Why why why would you say Johnson. Still won races people. But it sounds like our fine it was Johnson thought that was my that was my ringer Shawnee. Well aside and I are why I racist guy. Murder is a black woman what is your ringer got back was not going to be Johnson Downey you know I thought you'd think that does some sort of like him. I know that I would not take an answering a question. I hear anymore and a first sentence I was out. Next headline teen charged with murder in road rage after fender Bender. I'd joke I'm just using their nicknames or junior had a peace offering of cash in his hand when. And angered nineteen year old. Instead turned a minor car crash into a case of road rage murder according to state charges filed Tuesday nine shell cases casings were littered. Around the pavement and junior 57. Lay dead is an eighteen year old woman drove the teenage shooter away in their white SUV according to court documents. Prosecutors have charged. This guy with second degree murder armed criminal action and tampering with evidence. The girl is charged with tampering with evidence she's a getaway driver I assume. So fender Bender com. They tried to exchange money and it's. Fifty elderly 57 year old guy says you know. Let me take and let me paper the damages here ya here's my peace offering and who was has been suffering. I don't know lose money said that they had these are free of cash in his hand so here's some cash Na'Shan and they shot him. What do you think. Can't get me. How would cap then. Or the people's names who committed them. Well I was trying to do junior was one of amen I'd trade non Muslim government Murphy shows one of them though those are the people involved in the story. I in an intense the first time here I didn't say oh. I'm. Jack via just so yes. Okay fine Kansas City last story I I did five accuse you to tie breakers sounds like we don't need one analyst at. Man shoots himself on bass pro. A man shot himself ambassadors yesterday. And bass for up Tuesday the shooting lakers 7:30 PM bass pro shop as a retail chain based out of Springfield muscles selection of hunting camping items including firearms has always listen why. But then again it's another why. For no reason there's over Kansas so they could carry a walk around by embarrassed for our shot he shot himself we bass pro and Jackson's rep but again you guys are better with the guns. It was a late Johnson counting you got lucky this time no final five I think you're saying and exhaustion as. Taylor hold on mortgage or something real nice okay I think you'll. I'm just saying that. It doesn't even I don't know what triggers it just now it was whatever that. Food was that we smelled outside Iran is probably a combination of whatever that food was it that were smelling and then the fact that it's summer. It's sunny out there and in that also that memory is mine. I have several you know I like to think that several but that's definitely might go to. Our what do you call a happy place. You know when you try when you say you know I needed my usual our soldiers starting to feel bad you think of light. Think if I'm getting really anxious this and haven't really bad panic attacks and am trying to force myself to think about these things to calm down. Or sometimes it might just be in the car and here's song arsenals on reminded those things active sellers just smile on my face thinking about it sure but also kind of bums me out because. Might go to memory. Even those very visited an all those things it's it's right there it's from a very long time ago when I was sixteen years old share. And so it's it's kind of a bummer because. I think life. Will never be that great again. Thanks so I want to smell of chlorine and like suntan lotion right like I like that's matter and so. I go to the pool in the summertime and it's all around and I feel like OK everything's going to be okay it's comfortable these are smells that I like there's some sort of I don't know if it smells like. Relaxation of freed are more vertebrae reminds me I I don't necessarily think of that women even if it takes you back to being. You know 22 years old and a bartender on the beach right at all and I had that smelter and and I enjoyed it right some people I hear a lot of people say they're on fourth of July they love the small to firework. Right to remind them of their heroes right smaller I think if you actually think about it like it's I mean what you're talking about. I'm saying that it's a bummer because for however many years now you know twenty years I've been looking back. At this saying he's trying to back up that morning instant in that moment. Like I look back at the moment of our young man there are things that are great when I was 22 in tending bar in South Florida and panic girlfriend and booze flowed and everything was fine and there's really no repercussions from my actions. But there were repercussions from my actions. The relationship never worked out I ended up moving away so my point is. You're remembering like a specific instance of happiness. And then saying but I've been yearning for that amount of happiness. For twenty years and the truth is. We probably weren't unhappy. You're happy at that moment but at that entire adventure you are happy that morning. On our member I'd write you woke up that morning I mentioned when he or friends called in sick and you had to go to work and you might have gotten idea bunnies are at a party in your girlfriend. Blues some other dude who you woke up home blow to the mayor and an act and AM. All that stuff was happening. You just don't remember it. Bottle like enjoyed what you have now too because in twenty years you're gonna look back on today MB like armed men. That was awesome seeing you always have to look back it was cool but it was never that cool. But in twenty years we'll look back I mean look back and say this was awesome I agree with that but but I'm afraid and twenty years they say you get a chance to go back to one it's still going to be. Sixteen and and outside that restaurant the best response cigarettes somehow when his car was going to be finished so these are driving around and what we're gonna do that night. We we we had no high hills no real responsibility yes we had. No no one cared what you did for a living because you're turning a greater things about getting into Asia and you're right you take it for granted when you're there but maybe you should take us for granite. I thought about that too maybe I would have enjoyed it I told myself I knew that it was a blessing to be young and he's just have fun in that. I felt like I could smoke cigarettes because I was a kid now and run and I'll do a lot of things without consequence for sure I was young. And not have to worry about where I was gonna be going to school the next semester all those things are great. But ice could never truly understand. The amends city. Of watt or odds of just in a sea of change that happens from when you're an adult who's responsible for yourself you start losing loved ones you start losing friends. And all of a sudden it is important that you know they're made it to our job right that you may or stay in that. That's life gets. Harder as we go home but it's also had some points or more rewarding all I'm saying is you're looking at it like gonna and I never played a sport but I always used him. Views this as a reference point for me where and people organism you played football in high school right now. At the beginning before school started. And everybody else was still enjoying summer vacation you all a sudden we're doing two days. You have to be there at 6 AM you practice for like two hours and took a break and any came back at 6 PM practice for two more hours right now. He had to do that and it sucked it sucked it was how. And did stunt can. Everybody else was still out drinking and hanging out and you are dead these stupid football practices for no reason. Any night I wanna do this anymore the that you're finished it. And then you've played a football season that was overdue and I don't know that was cool. I had fun those two days or coolers are bonding moments you look back anything that you've passed through. You only look back at the good part you don't look back into bad parts. It's rose colored glasses on of course you look back in his and I remember hang on my buddies and having no cares no world what you probably did have huge cares in the world. Maybe just maybe I like to think. I agree with you and I understand all that is logical. I probably woke up that morning anxious about something went to bed that morning or that night into spouse something lord knows I was medicated all those things bots. Maybe the reason that memory sticks around is because in that moment I really did feel really really really good. And I think it's Izod it was really you don't have like a specific as I have several. Memories. And it's just interesting to me that you have more of and overall. I like the smell of this I don't know why but I do it makes me feel happy for me it's. This reminds me of this exact moment this song reminds me of driving in the car that morning at 8 o'clock. And listen to remind me of periods or times of my allies but I still like them and I still enjoying today so doesn't make me. I guess it doesn't make me nostalgic. When you what you're saying is an agent installed or not only this audit firm Ara. Missed object for an exact place and time and all I'm saying is. It's nice that you artist out there for that exact place some time behind the restaurant. With a neighbor on smoking cigarettes are not cars. Or whatever Alba isn't it I just. A matter what is your greatest moment. At any point in your life. All I'm saying is the situation surrounding that a week before a week after. You don't remember that because they were hard times whether there is hard as they are now you didn't know they were your problems. And you had to deal wed them. And you don't remember them. Because you came out the other side and the problems. Are never nearly. As bad. As you think they are at the time. When you back on the time and your ex wife is in desperate to go right. Yeah for the most part like for the most part you know focus on. Why you ended up getting a divorce right we don't look at it like I don't focus on. Having to run three miles that football practice you don't vote on the things with focus on we focus on the good moments are brain probably does that sort of we don't just jump off a cliff and complete as some sort of evolutionary trait our brain kicks in and goes. Don't think about all the battles are done anything macho man. An EU not gonna make it thirty you'll make it to the next thing I like I was talking to my best friend the other day original Bellini was like hey man. Just from a note times are tough right now I know you're gone through a lot and there's a lot of stress and a lot of pressure only sings. We're just remember like man you get out of this. It's gonna be awesome like you're gonna have all these things I was like no no no right. I'm at least old enough now to realize like when I get out of these. They won't be nearly. They don't seem nearly as dire as they do today this very moment. But they'll be a whole new set to stop life doesn't just land up. Because. Your age your fifteen. Your authority your sanity then doesn't it just keeps kicking their acts. And the reason wire brain only remembers the good stuff. Is because of the actually really think about the Red Sox essentially saying. Because yeah make it. You see what you don't wanna do is come to the conclusion that there's a good it's gonna come. Well that's. That's gonna turn. And that that President Obama his own series of problems right so your brain says there are lots of good times which would mean there could be more good times exactly instead of saying it was a girl done good bully in the odds of anything else undergo them at this point I think we've been enough time to figure out and in the right so that makes sense my ex speaking avert always said that was wage tunis styles which I resented for Summers has only just. Those are like the best times of life and when I was a little care so little chilly junior high accuracy and haven't really bad panic attacks at night. I would get out of betting going a batsman look at a yearbook to try and look at something else trying to focus on something else read look at it through pictures and trying to focus on something else. And as I got more cousins knowing what these things work. And what was happening I would try and focus on something that made me feel happy when it was. The first time that you know my friend told me that that girl likes me we've talked on the phone all might or you know being outside that restaurant talking my best friend about what we're gonna do that summer. Those things the problem is all those memories all seemed to come from like a four year window. And then that that's that's sick. This is true I know you're right I guess I wish I was also your friend your window is our driver I've heard you talk about how much you love. In my heat in slalom gold bond powder remind you vans warped tour that's true it's true I do miss those days it up and I think about the so I'm so what I'm saying is I was there review and while the smell of gold bond powder. And they heat. May be okay. The fans weren't great and my balls really hurt out there license so I'm glad I look back economic well that was a fun time. I think I went home that day and shadows like I'm never doing that again. But go back I'm like man they cancel that thing. I would go every year if I haven't been in fifteen years don't run there. No you're right. So you don't have like a specific if you're feeling anxious or low or whatever you don't have likened let me go to this memory because this makes me feel better. So when you have one. This telephone look at its. I was sitting in the car and looking at adores Sana said 21 room are only now if you have a gambling problem if come on I'm a puzzling all think back too tough I wanna look more insulin a house of like three other guys like. We partied all the time and blink crazy tells a lot of fun but I think about a long enough I remember. Why in my bed being depressed and Ryan and ended miserable it is something Ramirez can afford rent like those were fun times. But I just there's also so much around but I can't run. I don't know but I mean it's it's back on and if our sense fond but if you give those back a year of your life. I didn't go oh I really think about that a deep reflection and tourism really. Yeah crappy things that went on them by there's yet there's tons of time looking back on and Brent Barry and my girlfriend I've been my friend girls and older all our time actually in a properly you know all those things yeah. There's definitely time to think back college I was lost and those grade and of course I talk about college and it's coming up girlfriend whether it's right. As soon as it's time to put on like a sweatshirt and like man this is girlfriend mother I just wanna. Buick you know weighing down markets I wanna be. Connected to another hemisphere in the trees in the following all Latvia too perfect to make you feel perfect. But I also think I've never lasted that you know every girlfriend whether the same go. Managed just make a conscious effort to try and focus on so it doesn't. Does make me sad I do I do back at a funneling it just I'm not. In our others rose colored glasses but I but I'm not when I'm impressed about it you're not a mean. I still think of them fondly and Internet and finally in and you can apply them to delay casual relocated right. Slow Red Bull. Reminds recent. Rise may have yeah earlier today. It's funny cynic czar slot as it pulls mellow gold bond and Red Bull it's like a mix of energy drinks and gold bond and keep that I think about or tour and now we're sure. And and people watching and I knew that every year we were gonna go I was always right around my Burkina that I don't look don't look mean and discourages. And also business as I just excellence. It I think because people use it negatively. I think being a little bit more pragmatic about it can help you today my. Let just loans as I was happy pretty much. All of my childhood. Now Mac. My thought two years I could be wrong I don't know you weird texture I thought Q is that a viewer really went back to heal that time machine. If you do to be go back and just be you and your childhood are probably a lot more math. Don't you remember. Part I'll agree with all of that. Because I know logically. It makes sense. But but I think they'll one read maybe this is the reason that so many people go back to those teen years or wherever. I think it's a valid argument to say. Then at least at the time you're more optimistic. That level of optimism sure about what the possibilities there are a team yet the possibilities of life what could happen what might happen what. That anything could happen in the next day in the next year and you absolutely. I don't know and that's gone I don't know now it's a god I hope. That in the next year. I sold. And able to make you guys are still right I still have government you guys are a little bit more optimistic. I don't know that at sixteen and I'm sure there's some sixteen year old who listens program. I think it's sixteen there's a lot of pessimism to like crap. I got to see Imus saying non never gonna get into college and college and I want. I don't know what the whole world was filled with optimism. I don't know that the whole world I thought. I don't know the entire time I thought I can change the world. That's true in some people are very anxious about that stuff from that drain on the test I guess is that such terrible student and my parents. More too strict about it I wasn't too worried about that stuff. But on people said where you know go to college ready and Dupuis who hole figured out. Because in my mind as I go through your round it'll all happen when he's also just happen. But when he's down you're getting announcing that it line and Obama families deep down I didn't. Sugar resorted to do we have failed all these classes and I don't worry about I got above and deep down I was asleep when just me. I went with what manner. The hmm man I gotta get those together somehow same thing is now. People say oh I know I got to handle all listen are you okay what are you gonna do so long lawman and I don't worry about it and I go to sleep the last several and he urged. As I'm saying it never really know what's up. I I feel like this is a time doesn't get back since it stays the same and it's okay. That seems like if you have a good moment enjoy it and people I think people tend to think of happiness as like this long form state of. Mind. I think rich moment by moment. This kind of goes back. To something that we talked about a couple weeks ago when they did a study about Americans that say they have you know fifteen perfect days or forty perfect days you are what is perfect that. But. I guess that's kind of what I'm talking about if you could. Have. What eight in your mind. An idea. Of what. No stress optimism happiness just sure this is life at its finest. Do you have one. You don't know how cold day in just like a place today we're really what you're doing that day where you are I mean maybe some people say I'm at the beach or whatever but. But just there this is what it would be. No. And if you had a time machine you could go to war one place in life. 21 day and go re live one day just just yeah. Not yes what I hear he is a lot. I think to maybe see beyond have to look at a calendar in my life and try to put that together right but when I my point being is that when I went back to that day. Right when you went back to that game. Out by the dumpster where anybody's smoking cigarettes. When you went back to that day. I think when that day started at midnight and you woke up that morning that day is not as perfect as you think it is. You wake up and used to slam in particular door on accident Munich stub your toe in. You know you've got call from somebody in your mind do you forgot that you didn't do your homework but yet. That moment when you get to that moment you like this is also not does look informants stuff around it. Had to be some crappy southern avenue and I was like mountain region was awesome all day if I got there really won't god dammit I'd forgotten that you know. I overreacted to this right had to carry all this crap around when you whatever it is right. Yeah I guess it just feels like from some at some point my left I went from if you could have one thing what would be and probably change on a daily basis from. Just want that girl like me or you know I just want to it's to be able to go buy that car wherever it is. That it it changed at some point is stayed the same too if he said what would make you happy and safe and falling into a large sum of money. The cause sudden that's what it becomes a bow. Did your stressed. The you're responsible for yourself in the only way. Where alongside him. Even at sixteen. You were there probably wanted money. Exactly even at sixteen. If you're like managers want fender unlike me. You know you're out there playing basketball players over violate threesome actually wrote yes ate me up right. Right now we're all that I missed a two man and so much fun like you make them so talk to you tomorrow but given the options if somebody came down and said what are you want right now. You'd probably is that I mean maybe you're young consumers are going to want a girl like me. Paul really if you gave yourself some time you find on just like a lot of money probably. Yeah thank Churchill. 186.