Thursday, 10.12.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, October 12th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Today is the 15 year anniversary for Church of Lazlo
    • Trump signs health care executive order
    • Parents forget kid at corn maze
    • Ben Affleck accused of sexual assault
  • 31:38 - Snowcone came up with a new idea for a game: last thing you googled
  • 43:56 - The guys talk about how to approach women in today's world
  • 1:09:37 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:24:25 - On This Day in 2016

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The righteous man. From all sides. Cheering your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strive to own up on the hi OK you know I have great or you I'm never. Then worse what's not fine sometimes what happens nothing. Snow cone gave no information management. Marisa salary. Decision I made don't in my life until this morning. Don't tell math. His reaction losers. Not save you even more related to exact same thing. I got your music. Incredulous violence. Once. You don't usually anniversary. Of watts I'm divorced. Person. News don't you guys have been fifty users like our own minds shot and then. Is it what what's so it that's regionals again it's a great job I'm not saying it's not but come on no one likes. To think about. How old are getting. I mean look. I've been coming here every day five days a week for fifteen years Liu. I have been known you long. Told sustenance. The only relationship I've ever had his unsuccessful. Inside that's the cool thing. Fifteen years together money man you man fifteen years in grass there. Well thanks. But sanction. How long have you in. Order almighty god for years earlier really work that he. Really seems like just yesterday of cancer shorten your shoes had holes and amend. They still are probably wasn't as you can say. America stopped by yesterday. Remember I do. Did you like her. We've had a lot of them and leave us. And we've had a lot of women leave us I'm not on Wednesday. News. It. Dangers bro Steve just did you meet our Null and that is not what happened that is what I have turned into the story line did you make Alan. I think after she was RD one you charities and then every girl and around here you know trying to get a guide to some freshman Solomon's. I I pushed beyond cause it is just said forget it and try to make no snow don't. Look. My neck hurt and you know massage. I was RD in my robe. You know those things don't puke at noon and you'll Harvey Weinstein. Was quoted as saying that now. What no all of his stories all these women were accusing him movies they went to dinner and he's in a row music games. Back in the night and owner every night music right look at us. I'm sure loser winner. Michael that's an owner every neck moment to think given the show. Your old doctor Weinstein. Tomorrow maybe it's normal you know understand I do this all the time but. Did he say in that audio that we played yesterday was something like LA it's unknown values don't give me a good set I do downtown. It's normal he goes and I'll or something yeah it was the he wanted to content just like that. That's not a good. Respond to take lessons from whom we know. But what. I never Wear my room. I started to show that way your dinner out. It's very simple let me show you some points. Irony Saint Regis. You hear you what's that sound. Says the sound of marriage long winter during circles. That's. What do you think. And usually it's a but that away none of the dinner table. And you away. Well fifteen years man congratulations you've deserved. Fifteen more. And I don't lose fifteen more house. You got fifteen more netbooks. So this is really W I did do yeah. That can. I remember. You and I talking about. How we work together for almost five years. We both like almighty god can you believe we've been we've been doing this for almost five years. And it seemed like a really long time. And I also remember thinking about these guys and gals who done radio for years different cities in Kansas City when I was young solicit our young sons has been doing radio for ten years. One teen years I don't want years. Good grief. Man. Washed up man. Washed up I can't wait for that new kid on the block to coming kicked our pastor problem is radios so god damn broke again for hire anybody in any goddamn talent. So as souls like us get to stick around forever that's not an accomplishment. Wouldn't work and. Who had at least done something need to do something. I'm at a higher rate only young person somewhere talent. Just don't do that anymore. Could throw us a laundry list of snow comes out there. Just listening. Taken on him. The same. Or how about people next trying to do this you can pick on them like who I don't know who's on the radio stations and send. Dave Dave all right so he's been here for like fifteen years okay well it looks like he's just somebody that used to be somebody else. Used to be somebody different shall we now elasticity. Razors or Sean and William wade wasn't Kelly over there at some point oh yeah I didn't like weeds. The music kick our ass and NASA's outlasted them. We've outlast almost everything after that retirement party here that. Business office person yesterday I don't you move into an owner and Maine you're too. We continuously. Tommy John and it's Johnnie. Mom. There's I think there's other people. Well also say some months switched agents like well you know I just get eroded guy may have been around for a hundred years that's true Oliver's been around now. And slackers been doing it for a long Lilly's move around move around I'm saying right here in place he got a new John announcement. And Johnny's Tilda. At least. Ten years on us. Those centers spurious things. Guys go when it does your houses and transmission. Our accomplishments. This is the success meters there then you know with the did you look back I think when he celebrates anniversaries are like yeah. Not just all these things right and we celebrating go. That's right we're supposed to look for work. Yeah I think we can do something. You know what it is a sense of accomplishment. We've come here every day and yes that is crazy to me and I think about it yet. We never I never come out and any other job now we average four days a week or a half days a week suddenly asked. I think that's pretty good argument coming urban legend. She's only a couple months after us almost fifteen years almost since juniors but how long have you been doing mundane. Nine years eight years. Nine years son of Richmond NASA says he's might have been here for four. Just come and stand you now. A solid case imminently started every instance blues the last it's been loaded only if I loved to finally getting fired for not coming to work. Oh million and flying via. Just fine show up occasionally it's I don't. Really as I've. Illinois congratulations man you know look good day all of them a damn idea that's yeah. Same deal of thanks man. Too bad we have pictures. Let's remind us. Jenny looked so different I think you look better now she doesn't matter. But you look so different. When I military base a picture of straight off the farm. Turner another woman she is. But I mean you aware and liked our show our friends is us and the many blond hair gay answering. The Ontario and sorority girl applaud him yes she had blond hair like. Was in a sorority in global deal. Look at her now. Now when I think. Jenny I think. Some sort of black. Clothing using some sort of black but he really cool glasses he's in really good hair you usually dark. But that's your look. Like. Well just over the headlines congratulations man. Good pretty good Keebler. I feel like I was gonna put out the door. Both these guys. I don't delivering an obviously it's. But I feel like Lazarus you know. I know very little thing he won I don't know I've seen a lot of phone he talks to people tonight blast blows a mover and shaker yeah yes. Whereas someone but he always has. Retreat before work and when news this is why do that to the price of a well. When we're ma'am wherever we wherever I go watch that you would make. Tune Jennings. Quite an anchor. Family. New engine and excellence hurt by it. I got here you know that may take a little bit but the calls on the house. Excellence is that is so amazing accomplishment. To be able to start every show so late and always male and. Amazing. There's been arts I mean there's potential trade slightly harder than others. Now I really Enron of phone. I don't say is phoning and then my friends I say we just becoming incredibly comfortable when did you. Yes. Incredibly comfortable. And our lives and drastically. I think that's part of it to change it dawned on the crap resorts and some didn't find uninteresting and talk about that idea. I got my whole life ahead means. The amount these things don't wanna do yeah. I'm dead inside yeah. And I'm a couple things I wanna do. Still wanna make love to Gerri one more time. And parish Larry. One time. 6 o'clock in this is the. He's number one topic in the country right now and I who sleep with. Subordinate its. I'm just saying I like to do that Lamar Johnson dreamed. I'm slashes interest and goal. In the months and it's easier to things. You only remember twice on Steve I. Fair enough. I was soon two more times as it. I'm done. President trump signs order to eliminate. Affordable Care Act insurance rules meant try 82. Undermine the marketplaces. You know this great state news. Trump. Not a big fan of obamacare really Affordable Care Act and because congress couldn't repeal and replace or wouldn't repeal and replace it. He's trying to find ways to make sure that the law. Dies right plus screwed up as bad as sheriff. Note during nova Roma they take the website down for however many weeks say time for maintenance. Convenient. As an out as he's an executive order to eliminate some of the insurance rules and allow people to buy them. You know cheap crappy insurance. Loses. Promoting healthy. So at this animal sciences custody thing in the race that is and it is. Millions of people for a while I can bomb blah blah diluted Kamerion Wimbley dilution she wears eyeliner and golden. So the fire yeah. So obviously I was morning. President subsite an executive order intended to circumvent the Affordable Care Act by making it easier for individuals and small businesses to buy different types of health plans with lower prices are also fewer benefits and protections. So the White House and supporters of the White House or sane things you know you had them. Uses administrative powers to accomplish what congress couldn't. Are they have failed to achieve at least. It's gonna tear down walls marketplaces. Sri sleep very. Who needs health insurance. I'm Donna you've got to. Do for now you've got to. We've got to. It's not done. Can hear but I Sumi said. I think look like you've got it. This means yes yeah don't good. They did it. You say doesn't matter. I was island's ocean known all these young and healthy thing isn't it doesn't need another round. But the whole viewpoint of that I would you buy insurance run a sound shards. We didn't centrism is not gonna go wrong ever been here for fifteen years like Diller when you need to pay into that you're not even sick and so he's sick people abide. Sher and my parents from mama my gun and any doctors and that's embarrassing and her doctor that I. When you say. I got shingles last year. Okay does get shingles that was a second time here is how we met you right now I see those commercials for you know. One in ten people between the ages of 16100 we'll get shingles is showing yeah well snow come to get one to two times a year. Why do you get it as your doctor said he kind of stressed. But last who gets our ownership angels and lots of us had chicken pox and how do you do. They what they told me is that those whose day to free doctor. And you look corn mazes. Thank you for everything. You love song you guys are always take your kids the corn maze still stand out moment in my career and I apologize to foreign minister. Starting corners well corn mazes advised that us Germany and northern Illinois look it's a good. The only in my living. And that was a solid guy is a moment you all you want me that was the most shameful I was disgusted. The associated with Disney what I set my doorman season's worth buying I'd ask my parents ended. Ask me about it Sunday dinner I do it's trying to explain it away. Trying to justify your hate speech. And the like are you sure this is a guy you wanna associate with them like it's not so bad as is my. Professionals who do dog and stay may have to apologize sometimes right. Let you read to apologize to win it and general but at that. Don't apologize to the African American communities. Have to apologize. To Jewish people around the world. These are all people you bet the farm is that true the past no I'm saying we're. I don't have to do that view because I get stuck apologizing to corn lasers. Welcome a Minor League Baseball. Well a Stanley took their kids to the corn maze. Which I think is what you do right. Take kids there and they went to the corn maze and they got out of the corn maze and their kids. Didn't get out of corn maze and they went home. Browser kids. Didn't realize as a kid was still on the corn maze I know that's what you can do it until the next day that's a lot of kids. This is. Well at San dropping off this changes everything right. Suddenly wanted to my name email just went away down. Pretty steady. Just down right here and this area and they were just talking and trying to get his name trying to keep them calm they got to say is rather's name that that was about it. Well 7:42. This morning our officers should respond and on us missing child report they went to the army's last night. Returned home and didn't rise to this morning that the three year old was missing noticed there was both. Fair number of children in the home multi multifamily is the fact that it took so long for them to realize that child was missing was that purely an accidental. What were the circumstances. So I guess the mother arrived at the police station with ten children's zone OK that's a lot of kids but how do you. Not noticing your kids and a lot yeah and maybe it's just a numbers game and I mean honestly do we know write three you don't and Jenny assume those upstairs watching TV like yeah I can give an iron down. Think it's a good hotel holed existing. And I got to go and then tell me. What about a beds I didn't realize a nice morning to get back in the car I don't neighborhood killed I don't know man I know it's like gentlemen I feel like if I had ten kids I could lose one. I'm just being honest I imagine and so I wouldn't and I don't think. I had a lot of thoughts about Aaron and his. None of them need to be sent here but. I can see how haven't ten or eleven kids. One of them goes you'd think he's been signed now some more of course nobody is an acorn is. Multi car and he holds a lot of kids now centering you when those sprinters or something yet have a couple hours. But my daughter Hanna Montana and the same room business over the door and say good night. Tonight. We hear a bunch of kids the night that's all on the next morning again a resolution really done damn. But the winner Steve and stayed. Harvey Weinstein. The fallout continues so yesterday we talked. Ben Affleck. A statement condemning that type of behavior seeming to stand up for the sisters and daughters and mothers of the world and few people. Made some comments about his brother. And accuses on our house something. Fairly recent Allen goes out the last couple years. So now all of this morning. And you do a Google search for Ben Affleck. You're going to get several stories mostly about Ben Affleck apologizing for group mean woman named Hillary Burton. On camera now thing is this Clinton at this audio comes from so it happened. Gee he was on TRO like 2001. Or something like that right he reaches around. Grabs this girl. In TV does a show about Terrell later I don't know what those are linked Urals craziest moments something she's talking about Ben Affleck coming up and groping her. But now this is. News because. What's happened with Harvey Weinstein and back to Ben Affleck came out to condemn Harvey once this is the audio from. The MTV show though. I think that they don't. Yeah yeah. Like we did hear that. OK so I think Dallas the first thing that people were saying hey look at us as guys a hypocrite. Then I see this video from 2004. Where he was at a press junket for Jersey girl did you see this. I can't play the audio because he's he's got this girl on his lap. Our navy and marine Le seek their last name right. And she looks uncomfortable he's got her on his lap and I did anything come on baby usually show more cleavage and she's like remains historically beach in many says. Show your oops. I easy drunkenness clips these these looks drawn shirts. You usually have that Iraq on display. And so he says some. Did say I'm defending that someone did send the comments like that and viewers know being provocative like that shall do stuff like that like Don Zimmer. But there's a third upholstered and Maria whatever name is trying wilders to soda and and Marine One. New lung machine. He. She has ms. Davis said that it was just funny to watch that nothing improper happened and now known among millions of empire and it's so that's the Lucy girl whoever right now severe that I displayed a little bit of audio that I just. Hers and she read a statement that was just funny games so who is Anna Marie. Handler she's. There she said I would love an apology from an applicant grabbed my ass and a Golden Globes party she's the wife of comedian Jon mauling anything. And she treated right so and he is not counted towards each one is still the ladies says they were M fun nothing improper happened trying to the first video. Zotero thing he reaches around and grabs a room. He actually apologize he apologized for second one what last night about the third one this woman sent out these tweets saying. I would love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at Golden Globes parties when he fourteen he walked by me cut my butt and pressed his finger into my crack. Like walking in here every minute story about his rather. His Brothers accuse some really serious about who was. And she says I guess he tried to play it like he was politely moving me out of the way and oops touch my butt instead of my lower back. Like most women in these situations I didn't see anything but I thought a lot about. What I'd say if I ever saw him again. So then this other woman June stats. So there you go so that Hillary Burton is material girl and you got Lucy girl. From the Jersey girl junkie who you're saying is say hey it's all fun and games and then this other. Girl woman is in marine handler I don't. You just look truck and she said she's the wife of a comedian. Boy oh boy. Maybe this is one man team in so client number ones like wired viral these people whose support of licensed song wanted to say anything. Think as soon as that happens sent out that thing everyone starts. Trying to dig up stuff from his past that TRL video is from something that aired on MTV later where they're joking around about it and now. It's in the news. V Jersey Shore thing. Jersey Shore Jersey girl thing you're saying she says now. Our promise that we were having Dow's approach he said to resolve funny games for the camera got this other woman on tender same name she needs an hour here. Sorry on Twitter. I who knows just under looks like yeah. So it sounds like tender talking about touching cracks and tough to my butt and pressed his finger into my crack. And you press your finger in my tractors and as I just said it sounds like working here. But it's all funny games for us maybe. You're not going to. Tweet us something or three years now says I was junior Jeremy. Well I'm not gonna ask for an apology from her either. I think it's fine. I think it's a lot as gravity was known. A lot of master. Why does make a blanket apology now I'm sorry. A lot of things I've done in fifteen years here that on. I don't remember right. From pull my finger on but stood strong publishing trash cans I apologize strong. Well since those things have been done to me I don't know into the net donned others here's Wheldon. I was a victim of both of those crimes. Crimes. With their votes I was really crime and guess when you. Most times you gonna but we've been talking the trash can you you're probably a little trash can and yes. Yeah. I brought my puppy to last slows office. And said looking at his back to make combined he's in his desk and said look positive and and he grabbed the dog but and the tragedy. That's enough dogs are much. To arrange for. We've worked with some. Some. Not so funny games that's Travers and the passing through like. Two. Magazine names but there was one in particular who set a lot of things got a lot of Aston. I guess they girlfriends is his I don't know. But I always on me and you. When you don't want getting in trouble. People seem to like him. Hunter just reviewing. I'm not the kind of person who. Can grab ascended. Can someone be flattered. They're nickel and Letterman then you're going to it is. Mr. President my. It's a different world. Is growth and at the time period. It's okay for us to grab each other's asses. You would think so. So going you don't get offended line grab your ass news. If we had hr you wouldn't go to them. Not about that and you go to for a lot of other things a lot. And one of alleys the back in my hands so. You know what. Would you go to HR floor. I'll tell you what you don't form. Your last shot didn't slow me. Okay. Alia. Our rights have come. I got an idea out some kind of asking me for days. If he can tries and but he won't Tom what is I said you have to tell me. Just Tom knew what it is food or review any U Santo wrote it over I can't tell you it'll ruin. Which makes me a little nervous. But he's got something else to talk to start some idea I think it's a good idea now on to tell us because somehow that ruins not one isn't okay. We're gonna do it right. I don't know because I don't always OK put your phones down first things first you have to bring your phones down don't touch them right now but some best. Down okay I'm gonna come in there and get your phones from him I don't touch don't spend no. Why are you gonna come get my chance to go with that or I don't touch them. I don't want him taking the phones. But it wears is going. Iphones locked okay market. If it does not take it. You. What did you do and it's unlocked here tell me what that I just never mind whatever who cherish our own text if you've all right what's what's terrorism attack so. Hello automatic the other man. Whatever this is. An angry worth it. As soon occasionally like a tax or some part I don't remember my exercises. I was thinking about. How the little puzzles Google search was blood in stool. And the very next search was lots of blood in stool and senator Lindsey recovered at the summit you know I think got his laptop open I still crack about. And so I was thinking. And blood is a dual brackets are set lots of blowouts like that what others say I didn't see in my vendors took the desperation since. A long time ago it's are so I was thinking you know how we do last song was until. We should do and I'm glad assuming we searched all kind. Writing tonight you have an on our phones okay who's gonna start with the issues in our Google apps yet because both of Google and you know. Okay I'll start will. Slim fast. Routers on and off line and I'm trying to think if there's something on that I actually don't want and bring in opera at school. You're gonna Google. It. A lot of things some are in the first thing. Andrew Dice Clay singing. Why you want it when you can run under those places and because he was singing on his show up and Tom. I thought I didn't know that was really ham and I thought that sounds like Kansas charity out of that was him Sosa is slam images of him and you are suggesting that guys. I like to show. The second thing is grams to ounces off it's what that's about where where. I really don't remember all I'm positive I don't remember I don't remember gradually I Joseph I know that uses converge your yeah harder try to do a lot Google I don't remember it was a four hour. This third thing I really don't remember that all okay area are opium and I do you got to remember that drains houseful what was I searching him. You know I remember it as more incriminating yeah idea because I remember. I like I know that I use that recent minerals for our right third thing is why do people like chance the wrapper for a couple epic four. Well Google Talk about the good lord Google tell you I thought that there would be I don't know I thought thought maybe there would be Carrera explain it June. How he's in commercials and stuff I know everyone likes him and I fuel because they don't really. Understand. What he's a rapper who he. Most of us saw. I'm trying to figure out who he was announced IPO what white people love so much so I thought I gave it is suggested search you know. Why people love Celso then you get articles that say this is and there were there were articles have liked you know things that make him so great wherever and and so I looked I looked Adam and tried to listen to some the music it's. To familiarize yourself wrestled these courage and it is that's what Jennifer out of touch I don't know my goal was gonna come of some really don't we should've done months I'm excited to look I'm I'm. Holding back. That's just a case what's on mind is that's what is this iPhone turner weighs very nothing important and it goes to leotard vs you know it's hard for me. You know. There's really I know he's well I heard both of those terms in jarrah to what is the difference but let me finish one of them I think we were saying that. Lee it. We were saying you know I guard unit to unit chart has like legs and arms leotard is like but the gym is where usually where it's like silly. You ran and it's more like a swimsuit one of them is like us once you want to cause licensed one of them is like. Here's like his Chinese currency right cornea. Straight. And then of course your bumps skin cancer some kind of medical served. It is a higher bump the skin cancer don't talk about that it is that you can or but I assume those bulls beat cancer. Okay you never type anything wrong no armed assailants as soon as little entertainer. Lazio is looking up my views seem minor bump was Skinner or not. That a dear god please don't let it became an heir to oust this is still concerned about legitimacy it down. I had to sit. On the back my ear for a long time but as it usually lasts how long maybe a week you know it's of of that one. Is now here war. Over a month he's. Altima there's a ball right there on changing it up like god now yeah. It's it's and touch and bombs under here it's called the Borough police officer got skin cancer and they said something actress rises have been about a bump on his here's Saddam. By the way I Google that and yes. I'll resolute as cancer is do you expect that they'll. First thing is why does my leg hurt. You're like still hurts. And second thing is on non. So you'd that your. Google searches so it's all adult stuff that is just I don't know I wanna go well that's why does my leg the first ball I typed in why does my. The first thing that comes up and who is why does my butt hole it. That's a person so why does my want to take my leg hurts a page field snow that replies my legs hurt. On the DVDs typically form in the lower leg after a long periods of bad rest causing swelling in cramping pain arthritis is an infant. I'm guessing you already went through all this sort of like you my legs her eleven he always knew lower leg reaches deep vein thrombosis that's what you are airplane. Don't want that. Iraq so the second thing that I always says your takes some leave China. I've got some Salmons if you on them on loan. You cancer felt like as well because. Swim says that three is safe. The second thing is MI really sick. But I saw not specify this is so vague and or photos. Why does my leg hurt yeah boy am I really sick and I have to see what kind of results he's yields diesel. Test are you really sick. Mom. Why are you taking this test I'm bored I feel sick had to sell wanna go to school lassie don't even know I'm taking his good looks at the how sick MIA feeling sick uses web tool a self diagnosed you can actually take tests. Just for them to tell you can actually sick or just bored. I'm sick Erica. Sick but leg pain then we get to our all women extremely unstable. Africa I thought it was just a question. I didn't know I wanted to know what I was curious. If all women. Where obstinate so that's what they usually do accidents and bad weeks. That we look at was there are are all women extremely understandable. Extra. Just prove it's a question that the films that's the question. A psychiatrist has an answer to Tony reasons why modern murmurs on stable. Are all women are emotionally unstable snow wanna get I guess it so are all women emotionally unstable which is clearly the closest thing to what he was asking that's like the third fourth result. It's from bodybuilding dot com's those the kind of people I hope it. Get those are just clicked on that. Every link on their purple like the first sixteen and in particular yeah well. I the next thing you're back to a health problems with just testicle praying. All of says testicle or involves or sometimes. I done over this well I always say that it is never any thing but sometimes saying earlier assortment higher up is it a quick. Like sometimes it extra. Or is it a dull sometimes are related hits him with a hot poker tour. And sometimes it just extra like an hour I remember you and I having this conversation at some point in the last fifteen years. You see you said something you asked me. If I testicles ever hurt him and I said yes sometimes I get a sharp pain and you said and I got adult make. I said Oak Hill that's scary than ever had dull ache. Well smells like 20/20 one going ask me that at this point I've had lots of long periods of eight it's just some not so dull some. I'd like to check it. If you go back further of the missiles there was my thumb her. I don't know why encourage. Hurts well the next that we get to know of the jump from testicle thing to. How to be the best Disney dad ever. I think we are now what does that does that. You never heard that no one dizzy dad is like you know women will complain on I don't know urgency women because I don't I know but I you can be a gay couple in modern guys don't be complaining that he's just yet. Just means you've you've buying toys spend money on them to draw stuff but did you know you don't you're not really there for them all on any deeper level than just take us Dieter or dad or you're the dad who buys the most stuff they want soon tries to get them to love you because you take a good president. Got you. So you're just saying I'm gonna do that and if I'm gonna do and I'm going to be to bask. They go to Disney it has worm or worst to first counting down the twelve greatest Disney dance. On that's actual movies. And eyes and dads don't be Disney dad around. Skipper. To see. Julio definition. Someone who indulges their chat with gifts in good times during visitation and leaves most or all disciplinary response on that's the other big it's like encore you don't wanna discipline them that. Yeah. Rash occurs we go from how to be the best Disney got ever. To how to make small talk. How to make small talk what does that fits your why rescission that aren't perfect justice are you guys soon. Other people smoke cigarettes at a special board. So I just want there was like I wonder if there's like a list of things are clearing out the top one time now does those things like a guy lives I was like oh did you see this through what senators sought maybe. There's something I can talk to you guys who Susan I know you're taking that you clicked on one Lincoln and went back. So you either you found an open for you gave up ask why and how questions and as number one. Number two is channel Curious George and I can read into that. Ask for advice avoid your favorite topic. Why says it's counterintuitive but makes sense whether it's opera or your shin-soo. Because you'll probably end up talking too much and now a similar so Voyager favorite topics guys. And then obeyed the 22 rule. What are you got the 22 rule I'm guessing you can only talk from analysts say. In the first forty seconds of talking. Your light is green you're listener is liking neo as long as yours Sanchez Mary Tyler also destroyed produces points. And that's a torrid sexual. Foo Fighters. Why you guys so worried about us. I just enjoy your real mom separate commerce and jazz spotted begs the question. That's the thing it begs a question of course what the guy did was discussed and of course he's a jerk. Of course you don't approach where man and say what you rub my neck. And when they say no say here's my Boehner of course that's not the shtick. Of course. It's abusive of course it's an abuse of power. Of course is disgusting and it's. Indefensible. By the way why are we want engines Vander Beek said now that he also had his ass grab by older powerful men in the industry. It set I had mask grabbed by all the powerful men and the corner mean inappropriate sexual conversations I was much younger. I understanding unwarranted shame powerlessness and inability to blow the whistle there's a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome. So. Now you got guys coming forward to right which we've already had in the past from the very cordial and on the show saying that yeah. Mock look at. Art you guys are you guys a woman who says here's my question. And I feel like it's a dialogue that needs to happen and maybe you did are clearly separate conversations. But it begs the question. How do you women. Want to be approach. Now clearly don't wanna be approached like our new hi well normalizing probably should ask someone does exactly had no clue but obviously you don't wanna be drug like bill Cosby's right right I got it. All of these change. Non defensible all of these things horrible but my question is maybe if men. Again just regular guys. Who wouldn't do the Harvey Weinstein thing who wouldn't do the bill Crosby thing. Maybe if we just had dialogue with the limited to just send. And just said hey. If were out somewhere or rework review or whatever the case may being. And we think hat maybe we like to take you are on the day. Hot Luis what are we saying. There's a rule there's a first question is it ever. Appropriate. To try and date someone that you were equipped especially that personal more clearly a lot of people maybe don't work and they do I'm saying are we. Is it appropriate for a person. Who is their boss. To ask out someone who works under them 'cause I could easily see people saying that's never appropriate. And I don't know that I disagree with that. If you are. Working for someone that he shouldn't work I heard I wish you wouldn't ask your employees well that's fair. But what if you're in different departments are different divisions and your co workers yes right there's an easy answer of that. And it's just. Hey we judge to go on ground venison. Okay yes. My that was my question the first question was because obviously Harvey was in this. This. Is the hierarchy thing is when you get like that's powerful role or you could make or break where careers of these what should I mean he ruined her so. Zach. In and of itself is its own conversation. Right right. His widow Christina les. Rose McGowan is the ball on the people are confused yeah I didn't she just elect kicked off twitters something incentives they locked her Twitter and Charlie Black listed everywhere. Because of right so. But let me ask you this don't you guys ever feel like you're working in the dark. Longing when I was young I had no idea what I was supposed to all I knew was they told us us us being guys. That you're gonna ask. A girl to beard dance partner. Right for peak you're going to ask a girl to the end of summer camp. Party or whatever or to make sure it was there always the guy's job to ask the girl right. That's our new but I didn't know how to ask is horrifying. It's very very very uncomfortable. And if you. Look and act like I did you got to prepare yourself for a lot of rejection right getting used that or just say I'm not gonna do it now maybe. Harvey was the kindness that is the only thing that's acceptable is that the only. Shall we say shtick or game or whatever it is. Is the only American sailors like Hank would you like to get there are some now everyone uses tender FaceBook status I'm the only way is the only way to meet women I'm being honest is the only way tender. All our bumble ball holes so that there's some sort of mutual attraction you can. Talk from its Santander bumble Sayer was saying occult or person. Someone you know no right but what if you wanted to ask you could talk to someone that you work with on FaceBook or something to the same what's appropriate and what's not. Is inappropriate to ask us some money you work with in person is appropriate to ask me where I mean I think on FaceBook on snap chat on Twitter if you don't respectfully and they say no you respect that we Malone then that's fine right my wrong I don't think you should ask don't people who work for you. Went up for you I'm saying co workers I don't know. I don't know should you do have to ask. And okay and exhibit is it OK to say you know someone. And your friend Lenny. But. That's that's okay. He did not you're subordinate there you heard right co workers don't coworker or someone who worked where there's someone on the same field. As long as you're okay with the response of no noninterest. Right as long as you're not like gavel if you in this and that like. That's okay right tomorrow I don't know I think some women would say I don't wanna go to work and I earlier answers from John he's I don't care what guys stink I mean. I feel like we if we just the world would be a better place. If we were just able to have open discussions about it and not be scared. Of getting in trouble for are asking those questions right. Like when's the best time to talk about race. Any time. Like I wanna do let's let you know MI offensive it how does this work I don't know I'm telling you I'm pleading ignorance to you right now. Okay our word to getting this axle housing should clarify that. This is not about Harvey hornets can not you know of course you Dan was a Boren and what I'm saying is what Harvey Weinstein did is the the greatest example of what not to do. Right. Bill Cosby is her greatest example of what not to do these are predators and horrible people. We're just a regular guy who's lonely. And wants to ask a girl I'll tell you how to do it. Saying if you wanna ask a girl out do this how do you do it. Now the whole system sucks anyway the way it's set up. It sucks for both sucks for men. And for women because women I'm not a woman but you you know you hear what these women say and and it makes a lot of sense saying that they feel like. And where you know they going to work they feel like they're being hunted essentially right there's guys ask not they have to have. Yes OK it's awkward to go up to someone to work up the Kurz ask someone out. It's also probably uncomfortable to have to reject people they're asking you out the you have to see every day right you worried. What are these people saying about what these guys saying about me now because I wouldn't go out to drink so your hobbled so should work to be a play by now aren't as serious I don't know I just say. Anyone else off the table. The truth is a matter as many hours in the restaurant business forever I'm envisaged me mention. What happens though incestuous right. But I mean that's a fair answer if someone says if you ask the girl out and she says. Sorry don't take co workers are totally acceptable answer my buddy me I can't act it. It can't do anything but make her feel uncomfortable and me uncomfortable right now she's reject now it's out. Out to seal the hole every day right US drought she said no she's worried that like I said that you're talking trash with your buddies behind your back or something changed but me. Judge and I'm not saying that you shouldn't be allowed to ask people out of work I'm just saying if you made the argument that it should be off limits I can see that if women say hey I. Shouldn't have to worry about coming up of an excuse for why don't wanna go to dinner well I don't while I'm trying to work I shouldn't have to worry about using any taxing you when you get drinks right when your Mike co worker. Now think you see what how to how's my supposed to meet people I'm not in high school anymore where do you go and hang out if you're not are resisting and we're only gonna need online okay. I do which is saying but you you know there's there's still social places you are you can go to a bar you can. Take a night class I don't know there are other places outside of work but this is about if you like someone that you work. Do you think you have. I think were you asking just about people you work with or in general general I think he's saying in general how do you approach at all then yeah I mean does. Tender and Bobble in a bar and the stuff for ways to do that. Some auto workers a lot different. What about the old junior high I guess not junior high high school. Slash may be college tactic. The drunk guys use religious go around to say I'm just gonna ask every girl on this bar if they wanna make out they say no and move on to the next on. A eventually someone will say yes yes and that's I'm gonna do I'm just gonna go around and ask every single girl and as far now is that. Should we pass that is that an appropriate. Maybe the question. Don't worry about it before but. A friend of mine workers' party once they are and ask him about them. But again this conversation isn't about him it's just it's brought up. Right because all this talk on Twitter and now these accusations watching how Ben Affleck active which I think we can all agree was weird. Right and I'm comfortable and creepy. And it seemed we're all these glimmers sane. It's a girl that I went to high school with post something on FaceBook is that all right women raise your hand. If you were ever. Treated inappropriately if you had inappropriate advances. Directed towards you or in the workplace. And it was just comment after comment of these. These girls these women telling stories about things that happen to them at work about yes this guy came to me said this this and as I went to HR HR said. And just stay away from the guy. I mean sum this up I was reading on this is just someone I like to screw it just reading these comments on FaceBook this happens a lot I think these guys. Were oblivious to it rural triggered on. I DN discount. A girl. I know how do you ask Donna girl I know that what's. Bull markets don't like what you know I. How I met my current girlfriend from and I came in yeah. And ask both you guys I said. I've no idea. What do I do the right how I don't I have no idea what to do grind terrorists and terrorists. No options. Right there's nowhere to go from here that doesn't make me look like. And I don't understand what to do a good party desert. Teleglobe kind of what you're saying is you're afraid to put yourself out there mere objective and what you're you wanna go yes no not at all just seeing what. I mean you can say what comes our freedom what's not appropriate because I think a lot of things that people used to just say sure that's appropriate you can do that. Right it is clearly not appropriate and now we hear from or here for more more more women they're telling these stories that have been swept under the rug for so long now apparently human resource departments. At multiple. Institutions across the country for at least according know the stories which I had every reason to believe these voter telling the truth. Bet a lot of HR's. Response has been art will stay away from that guy. That would that way to deal with this constantly. And you any advantage whether you also understand that. You also understand that depends on. It depends on if they like you backtrack. Right. Here's two stores. Same story you rank. Dying girl worked together they get along everything's correct right. That's fine that's their friends. Let go out to a work functioned right. After the work function they go out they have a small. And the guy says I royal IQ and reaches in for a kiss right. She kisses him back they get married that's a story you tell your grandkids right they're married for fifty years sure yeah. Same guy and girl get along everything's good. They offer a smoke he reaches in for a kiss and she says you have to be kidding me that's disgusting. I hate you on turning UN HR. I know that's. Clearly I hypothetical situation almost rhetorical in many ways. But the point still being. He'll be back guy who'd try this or do you just say you know what man. I really like this girl and rang out all the time and yes or go outside for smokes and yes wring out a company functions was not gonna go any further them and less. And why she'd tax me and asked me out for drinks. I just can't do it. Right what what I'm telling you what you're saying yes rod I'm thirty I find the rejection. I'm not finally dug. Getting ready nothing going to show off but I think if you go to HR on this ahead you know she told us he made. Unwanted advances you could say well I'd you know I was asking us to wonder aloud not that easy. All the sudden that's a longer conversation and you wanna have it work trust me no lawyer right and it's and it's almost not worth it rot and especially when it apparently the flip side is true we're seeing on the tax line now I was talking mullah sings us on FaceBook this week. But we've already got women who were texting us talk about how it's happened to them at the war in the workplace. And Howell. They don't know. How to address it they're afraid to trying to address that they're afraid what will happen if they try to address and I'm sane when I was a kid. In school and was all I think you'll back me up. Our teachers. Our our our parents Sheila elders they told us as boys well this is how it works. Boys ask out girls boys ask girls of the dance right boys as close whatever and they may say yes they may say no you gonna HR broken a few times that's it. And that was always just excepted do you know you're gonna go up there you get asked sectoral out and she's got the right to say no and then windsors say hey you know what. I know is just always awaited its band we played real uncomfortable because everywhere we go. You think it's appropriate to come up and asked me out maybe I don't wanna have to. Deal that the work that hard at work at school whatever I'd maybe I shouldn't have to have an excuse for why I don't wanna go get drew. A lot of girls wanna go get drinks with their friends at a bar and not be bothered by tons of guys. Right and about the I want don't have entry into the for a nice enough to worry about. Fended off right guys and rightfully going to be a bunch of guys coming up and as you know before but I told you guys when I was. A barn west fourth my girlfriend we are walking out through crowded bar and as you walked out and got out she says. Choosing so when. Oil NASA watches dog two or three different guys as grab my hand us. Yes that happens all the time I was like what do you mean that address is likely just grabbed it and she was selling nonchalant about alike matches that's is normal salary goes. So what. What are what are you that's that's normal yes it happens constant I I wasn't aware of that. Well it happens constantly it's an attitude and work it happens it bars that. And now you're hearing about guy does that these people. More people and and and work I'm serious these horrible people of kind of put. You guys who are. I am reluctant. To ask people out to begin with us. I think a lot of people are. And even more so I lacked confidence and social skills and I'm not good around people. So now I think any thing that I do. You know what. I'm not go to this. Just forget. Right yeah but I think that paranoid this guy may seem to get along but I'm just gonna let that go I'm not gonna ask around on a date. That's just too much it's too much. Do you say too much because if she rejects to the dots on the presumption that. They'll know what we're not just that what he's saying is he might make her incredibly unkind. Under multiple what do I make aren't number one she's not as well friends and that's where everything's cool and then I Stroud and then she's like oh my god. That guy is creepy and maybe uncle while I do that. Where I am always so much easier for me just say you know I. Why don't ask around just go to tender. Right why does not total bum bull buddies you can just if you swipe left and I know you like me. Gun him down we can start from there but me actually just asking someone that I know. And it can happen. There's just not gonna happen. I don't make anybody uncomfortable don't make them feel and does not gonna go. There's a few other scenarios. You know maybe have a friend who introduces you to someone you know friend introduces you did a friend of his or whatever and those things still happen I think that's okay. You know I'll should Singleton's in which didn't use two and in your wife Nora darling I'm true and or you just happen to start talking and you know Darren law when those. Friends again I'm just me or you just start talking to each other somewhere you run into each other someone earn you start talking and it's not force him. You you know you it feels organic. Right just happens. But all those other scenarios that we just for so long accepted as. How things work. I just I gotta side with the women on this when you say no debt. I it's not hard to empathize with that and say now yet that doesn't sound like on. The thought of now locked down this hallway and through our guys are a time when we want trying to work if occurs as talent well at any album why do I have to deal with this at this place. I shouldn't have to do with that I think that's fair to Iceland and Norway and around you know used to just be norm you have such attacks linked. You have to ask me out I can't slight slight and I can't whatever I don't I'm knocked. I was never good at it before. And I'm not going out now and now I feeling I can make you uncomfortable and it can be Wear themselves just. I'm done. And people complain about. You know as I can hear everyone's meeting over via social media but maybe that's I mean that's the only way to doing now that's a good foot pounds on the can't that if you're friends with the girl working to get along any as affording. What do you kinda happy. Is what I perceive is flirting on issues like everything and doesn't that's true but what I am I kind of have a gala worked and I get along issued a seamless learning as he's an actor wins this guy has not asked me out OK for five years we've been saying you know his talent as well. And I'm like oh yeah be ready to ask a girl that I think you kinda have. A grasp on what this the fan turnout would this of setter. Tennis for what you would hope you would hope maybe more maybe you don't that's my point maybe you don't and once friends someone else just ask you like your friends are working Gil well he's as I mean I. I should judged her just said why does genuine kindness. Have to be perceived as entrance exactly well all right does it because I its take smoke breaks at the same time you don't have lapping just being nice and I like I did the same way all these other guys out here talking you I talked to you as well so now what that means that I like juniors and you gonna ask me out. No I'm just save for a long time that made perfect sense the only guy is tennis and that's how it goes. But seen these limits are to the border semen to talk about our social media and telling their stories about. School and the workplace and how guys approach and you go. Add facts. That's not okay earned. Now that it's kind of coming to light more and more. Mean it's one thing when you see the guy crap girls asked the party doesn't know we all knew that guy or generally what we knew that I was a Dick and Mac guys that are around. Says beginning of time and we see it constantly and they never want to go I girl bridge that happened three times and I imagine all everything separate guys back on the sky grabber that's right. It is about wagers as to the other all right viewers what I would do that all the time like. That's just acceptable. It just happens it's it's not there and she was told look O let's file unused to it what you mean you're used to it. So I say. Laszlo stick with. Just cannot stick with the internet's via Nam with the you're gonna have to tax write. I mean there are those situations looking or viewing your girlfriend how you match that's one million as one of the women unemployed and if that happens. There and by the way if there was no more power play Ryder would have never happened right. Would have never happened I would have never had the balls to talk to her right. I just don't think. If you ask for a date. And they say no and your spec inspire I don't think I don't think that's the worst thing in the world I'm not right I'm not implying that it's really short time you have never exist or is also a time to some sinister is also a time. Well now it's clearly not that time. But there's also a time or where. You would say. If you called and asked the woman Alfred later she said no she was supposed to say no three times. Right now I started the rule of thumb like you ride out. You guys would tell you like you gotta keep going god thank you bats he's got to ask like guidelines because they don't want to so why does the first time. They wanna know that you're really interest it's a try again don't give a man don't just check out for drinks. Don't ask on a Thursday saying hey we're going out for drinks it like to join us you don't ask on Monday for a Friday date. Don't oh well I don't itemize they would like to go up Friday like god I don't. What I am saying is I have not do it anymore. Saud. So I I know you say really but I mean just think about it on movies and you you've heard that like don't give up so she said know get her some flowers taser try hard. And once we want buyers and shot I would say that's the case by case basis of the girls says absolutely not not gonna happen and you drop what what lasso as sane as attaches used to be such writing. You know I knew I say thank you don't diverge on Saturday I really liked you would you like to go on and a date you know I'm just not that interest and thanks okay cool try harder and try good. And I always try again that was the rule of I'd say that rule of thumb wasn't being Ben Affleck aren't we wanna sign a Bill Cosby for a but there was a rule of thumb has said. It's for her to know that your really interest and you have to show some sort of initiative weren't. Right and now like them now well optics are Hamas could jazz really glared when he blocked a number are never once talked it and that was awkward please. I'm sorry that's the fight on H harassment and trying to win over the hero and I really final time yeah. So why not to think you end up with these dudes you're in a position of power who. Let's just presume that day. Tried to fall some of these rules when they were younger because they've. Weren't rich and famous ride and once they become Richard Perez say up are the following these rules anymore are Rudman act yeah owner of a neck. Will look at this right. I'm taken up our what you did is complete this guy's entire game was wearing a bathrobes with nobody else ought to answer the door this is I. Obviously he's a sexual Friday error and where did not correct rights completely different animal we're talking about. I'm just saying I. Holland normal guy asks out girl anymore. I'm home. That are out calls these ansari. Soothing interview with the we'll talk to go up all right easy at all bloody pillow book but I read it did since. Its interest in the LP they talk about how people of a certain age and they think of tender bumble they think hook up baskets for sex you know and then there's another danger they think our analysts is actually good way to neagle but I don't wanna tell people that this is where I'm Matt. My significant significant and it is another generation that says of course I would tell people I met the percent of us right tenders for a mugger from the mambo. That's crazy I'm not a lot of guys stick out. The line. I never nick. In the writer's ballot vote areas nick writes. So argot that I have the following news. Let me see you guys are waiting come on the air while having a slight disagreement is quite wonderful wife and I was terrified. What was gonna happen is you guys were gonna go to me I won't be good to know you have heard of them a lot that sucker rolls. I think. And everything worked out now. I agree but I mean is that just some wild domestic dispute. No that down terrible of Lyle marital argument. On speaking out about staying at. You're way Alice's stuff until I said hello and have her side. Okay well I'm are and I made my car and drive it. I think no you know thing before we get the sport's first the ball. All I had a really. Bit charming and disconcerting moment about nine minutes to go. When I first called to do sport that I. And it was a a bit of an array every decision I ever greater life blood it is this moment type of moment. You get one back into adverse side while others know Koreans in the home. Clearly anger. I think it's because yesterday I used to something you wanna talk on the air again then with a little I tried to get a lap out of the joke of potential child sexual abuse the mouse thing I've ever done compared he seemed angry. That is what made me you're you're like hello I'm like. Like how we're going nick. A lot that's all I've been so good when you're coming to Kansas City I'm like god knows quite well I'd like to meet jewel like yet meet cute but so I think it your belief that the and well well well for all of this wind affected it is in this fight for what they near realizes. I'm physically intimidated by Sunoco. Who thought that integrates well he had to know and now I it is some balancing type stuff that bars I mean needs is still if you guys are I just say meant. Don't talk personally I'm Heidi right now that's access. Yet and in my backpack earlier inserted taken my medicine. You don't want to look nick you know me I'm a fighter I like to fight right up. On the kind of guy that when I walked into a bar even though I wouldn't fight anymore I size of the room like Baghdad and take care of himself that guy can't write. You're alert that says you're either born or that or you want. Our. Now when I look just don't tell and I say that Diana where you retarded one time he can fight. You know units are now look what potential child sex on Tuesday I don't know what ever was you don't do that and not learn how to put up your dukes. All heard a lot of I compliment I was just gonna say you're kinda stuff kinda thing here had asked not like these two guys I'm trying to say. My boy may soon follow your boy any guitar man that is a got tough guy you don't wanna. I want I may look to you say he's got nothing. And the bars I size you up but I do know the whole seuss stories soon saying. Well I'll tell that that is what I'm saying I'm saying wouldn't. Slow going obviously. Like he hit it he needed so it we work Matt actually yet and we need to fight for everybody has. Like he lived and I got. I know they have it made me realize like you know what I justified not going to the gym or on 33 so it came years. Body I'm married and I'm not a pro athlete so why would I go to the general. All of the way things are going in the world and it might soon be mad Max I hope I might need to reevaluate some things because my previous. Why can't go work I was Cris Carter. Oh why oh why can't I go work out with Chris Carter. That sounds great I don't work out a fifteen year I did work out I look mediocre candidate city quite it's all flatly. Let's go let's go boys back into it quite loud well you haven't done cocaine in twenty years. Where where Keith Richards. Are there for a dollar you make a good about Philip keys I feel like keys keys to start me on a baby crack. We. All nick. What has been twenty years stock got a baby program and I feel like you take care. I think that but the other thing is that up until this discussion would solve I had no interest. Find the exact same side I was when my wife met me so I feel like I'm not doing her a disservice liked. I like guys maintain what I was. And I don't think she ever got what people like my amazing fact that it began with AM like I just don't have. Does I don't know like that energy I get to know worked out but. When I'm when I'm slap in the face the fact that a man made Sunoco a third one chamber to be had between if you will look. Would would be meted out for it it made me say well. As we included this so being universe maybe I need to reevaluate. The. SharePoint now let's talk about detached I send you today because Marshall arts guy does not like you. Know we're right. Manuel watched that show and he just looks at you like us. Let them for some worry there and this is something that happens quite a bit with these are. With Eric is people are no marks where you want a few Super Bowl with thought it was 12 with the Broncos all of Washington either offensive lineman. EST EU Giuliani at the end now it would you know it was a radio show in Denver. Eric Mangini. Who coached the jets know browns on lapels convincing black book I have a better career coaching win percentage defense. Well actually I drove the Louisiana I disaster beach towels if that's Smart oh yeah no sorry sorry I absolutely. Am I better head coach Bennett. Managing. OK let let go there but thought it of these guys so all of those things like this. So where how vivid example for tomorrow so the big deal Elliott is we came down today he is going to serve these six games. My does that as when does that happen. They had an hour happened now I saw how the wind they start to the suspension now Ford's going to start now. A loss I don't know what I would do one TV tomorrow is go through this six games. We like looking back probably win that definitely a law. What quite sure why Eric the near genie like. What they say is keep an eye on those are my true. Favorite cat that we cat and I'm certain no matter what level but as such where like me and I really didn't mean gay life. But they know what to do with utter it beta be like. That's not what their parking lot of a lot there aren't enough to do several. A library of double bag it. Well that's great for the opinion is that we're not doing that how you show. So football players like if we're gonna go do it so so regular people like I can guarantee you look into doing. They're going down the federal and saying that the wind got a lot. So that's what I'm gonna do look like love is like that is so sometimes they do look it would I'd say healthy it's Spain. But no different black wolf I feel like you when I need to come instantly know you don't look at me and help be just saying that he's built like me. I think in the mean anything humanity like you sure. I look I like you know a lot. What we now a lot but there was one time I will never forget it. Where you know what's funny. It was the day we argue about the coat that white people with a beach tell mark me and geno. And last well that's so bad he kicked me out of the studio yes I thought it was a bit. That one like the Mike small he was going to like Matt back in though being nice to meet. And the like well and what what what we get my face I would be a good week but ready and that's why don't. You still here I told you to leave and I talk alike awkwardly shuffle are a look at what buttons but about what do you attribute to new. How much you know big brown bought commerce club and I'm white. And I would big web blogs. You grade I was what one comparable I didn't we I just sat there. I opened about that that wanna know what you think back in your life or what awkward moment. I don't think back. Also odd is so maybe tilted so maybe me using users are examples of that one. And let me just finish real quick did you see this story so I. Good now right yeah what you ask why she's got a fake Twitter town to defending her husband. There will. It's doubled their debate we thought that is it's an like what my accountant handle that you created quite absolute truth for a while Biden. That's like Jane Smith or something and no I don't know I did town is to instruments like any for an argument or something wet yet yet pro argument. Yeah and then she's like somebody wrote an article about how the players have taken over the NFL now. And then just like you sound like it like you. Like a statement right from the players' union and you sound like Donald Trump and as fate I mean I'm like oh my god. Could you evidence do you insulted them. It is the players union. And the president. All in about eighteen words could have BA worst week from the man's way she said it was a silly thing to do and she did it out of love. So you know I understand though I do not understand the fake Twitter thing I could understand if I were Smart enough to come up with an algorithm that would create. Hundreds of fake Twitter accounts that would say nice things about the church allows those spread where I defended her closet. But to just take my time to create one Twitter account. This defending. You know the onslaught yeah recalls announced that I yeah. Time Warner chabot was fawning and that was on. Aren't so what everyone knew that wasn't because they're fallout from that does anybody care. I don't think it will fall out but but a couple things one is. Our I'd actually. And I'm no huge favorite Goodell. But I will defend his wife in this regard. If all. It's you know why are. And now I feel like I'm doing something that Laszlo accuse me during a closure show would you like aiming it directly at the people I'm talking to our promise I'm not. Well like if you're married and you're up prominent person that has a lot of people talk trash and and yourself is not so that I'm obviously not 1100 there's prominent they'll let a lot of people are we all day. And my wife read comments you read comments on paper that you wouldn't comment on insurance option read comments. She actually every day if she can most well. Now she doesn't wanna do it or not a solution won't do it adds her so I understand both those valves one agenda and not prominent semi permanent. I understand that spouses girlfriends mothers. Children are people who didn't sign up for this. And they love you and as you people obviously I'm even on a lower. Totem pole and do what we still get our share of you saw us. We weren't as well I think that what I don't hit it big and at the same thing with the Doria. I don't care for Wall Street Journal called you and says. Let it sit pick out only depend probably could now and it follows your kids or what Jim he jerked and sort of we will for your kids' school. It's got to be you read geotag did it in your neighborhood got do you. They can't write this story if you say I don't know to talk about it not me. You got denied it why she admitted to it and are how people not more involved than what it. Hope they get to your great you do need to stop cleaning fanatic now. But the soaring debate the Wall Street Journal. He's not writing this story with how well bat verification and she gave them the rare occasion I don't understand. Right and then Taylor primer and wrap it up real quick but the other part that is doing now have a new found respect for staff Curry's life for Tom Brady's wife. To come out let's say look I mean Tom Brady's wife son and I guess I'm Republican not on Twitter but he can't throw the ball and catch the ball. And stuff courage life's a and so she said I feel like OK you know what latest. Good for you deported out there and you took the hits Florida you wanted to go out there and you wanted to do defend your husband's hidden hide behind a Twitter account held changed man. Flights and what you say new found respect for them. We have to do bounce that hit for Kevin Durant because he evidently don't have any order like he cared enough about him to do so yet that you would have now. Seven current blood no doubt your affinity I got a doable before we go quick here. Ought to get started just you know grown are you guys aware of this new addition. To go to bed for the odd cap only here a bit of a live broadcast as well. Podcasts exclusive. These are just a pot yeah yeah podcast. Are you guys aware of the new addition to your podcast. Yeah he's all this. Okay now is now keep in mind I dated a little bit patient because. It appear that with the new addition as of Tuesday and what I checked Wednesday did not at this one it does say Wednesday does it. All it does I'll do my apologies. And in this day in church or why apple history teacher. It's no good. As such did the light like you even know does like they're subject to think that I heard before it made you realize you can't. Three years ago today that would really what made it won best talk about a seven instead of peace. Like in his own but it has some delightful you very much for vet repeatedly saying they look at my wife. I. What well I'm glad you enjoyed that was 100% snow guns idea indeed Goldman got production floor and the whole thing in my eyes and I both like. Any time so condoms take guy's gonna do what you think it's like all right. Well what she got but we both look at he's so like. That's awesome might and accidents are really good idea so I'm glad you like it I thought it was cool idea let's say I watch Tom and I says one. There's so we've got depth. Thank Churchill let's please save me. 26. Oh. I'm on our human beings who are you don't. And another. Look and feel probability of error of your salad. I don't know I feel good you know I mean like I'm. Yeah. Yeah that's a good answer because. Usually people. I know that me wouldn't question that they would do it are you sure are you sure you mean that I think that just to make way that ballots segue into whatever else are gonna talk about. Yeah I know what we're gonna talk about is because I think you're making a reference to my hypochondriac right. I am yeah because people who don't know me later under the program or whatever. Sawmills program for a long time and he knows the story I had a nervous breakdown on the air. A couple of years ago thought I had a debilitating disease that I don't like to talk about called LS and I. Has had to go to a doctor couldn't lift my arms. And there was anxiety and depression which caused me to be a hypochondriac end. I take medication now to. To keep that you know. At a minimum but numb to remove only prolong timely to bring it up. For some reason. Sometimes they even get tweets where there's just stay a license plate that says 34 email us and I think. Thank you ma'am I. Good god I was I was going to sleep but back Mac. That's been a little more time on WebMD it why not. And it takes a real friend to see your weaknesses. And the point amounts say that the ripping why you have that. And so forth things I emergency room nurses see that would gag a maggot. Yeah these are just basically a compilation of stories that we get personal experience hurt interviews with people who work in the yards and Senator Kerry at. And the things that they see on a daily basis that are I mean that you couldn't even dream up on yourself. I don't like hospitals like even on my sister in laws that had kids I just have to run in their say hello and and run out of there as quick as I can. I know that's. I'll community is. Besides there's that I've a weird thing with blood and only blood at all and especially in a clinical settings if somebody gets hurt out and nature or something I am I I can you make of a bone sticking out of a leg but the minute I watch a scalpel go into a body I will pass out. It's the mix of blood and and that smell of you know sit on around you I don't like the hospital because I feel like it's everybody's worst day. But yeah baby award is okay like people are usually pretty happy and less you have to go like my second child had to go to. NIC you. And that's like everybody's worst day here I mean like that's a bad one now. And still don't walk through the hospital to get there and there's an overall feeling in that hospital if they score anyway and have a database you can go to the baby for the like they take you to five. And then it's like you know it's all ping pop people laugh man again. President and send it now it's a ball and people partying right. Chile Ellis is there really like a hospital just don't get off on six or fourth to get up on six of Florence is a disaster. Apparently it's worse than we thought a number four on the list being an ER workers like running the special effects department for a horror flick. Yeah they're they're several cases where people comment like that a motorcycle full comment and they'll take anything and Indian people may go grab them they do enough to keep them alive but. They're checking or movie you know have to thank thank you may want to make ticket marceca Paula and basically it breeds as service build everywhere it was like taking him Scola. Okay I'll have a motorcycle this is all really. Thousands. And import shoe covers on you're stories today at a dot com and look down their shoe and had a piece of a guy's brain on their share of. Yeah they had investor act and they left any game left a hospital for the date realized they had sort of brain matter of an issue. Our number three almost doesn't surprise me at all that really matter I guess you throw away. Eight foot I feel like your big guilty right up to also respond to some polling manager Don might need those part of his buying. I don't know what part of it is but this can be a part of long term memory our happiness or whatever and it's just sitting down my shoe. Yeah it's not like all morning they're not saying it's taken back when I would feel like that like oh my god. If I would've noticed this earlier. Maybe they would have at least know what part of his brain is missing. Maybe I didn't get this to someone smarter than me a man's brain is on my shoe. What am I supposed to do I put it down the garbage disposals and off out front and the mulch I don't love that idea but the cat a man's brain. Number analyst or think about all the time the terrible things nurses see every day can cause PT SD I think about nurses and doctors are just when you get home how do you. You know unplug from that. I know you can't I think that was like being a cup basically that you see the worse. It the worst date certain levels of the worst David W light and you. Yet if they hit a hard thing seeing kids coming in knowing that indicated doesn't have because somebody else. Initials MM I am my oldest one time. The fell off his bike ride. And it is. Mueller called me. And said you know I were real warm brown rat children's mercy. You know Euro fell off is by agents bad not so remember I just Bolton not here and in your mind you're thinking already thought despite you know. How bad could it be up all of my my reform relate a broken arm or so right. And when I'd get there I open up the door and it looks like they've calmed him down ride but I mean he has serious road rash on his face. All over his arms it's bad. And he looks at me and I look at him and he just burst into tears. And it was that feeling like man I wasn't there to help you like I am so. So sorry. Like I should be around you 2.4 seven. And I should if you follow up your bite I should be able to catch you in. That was the first time and I feel like nurses and doctors not only do they have to see the person who's hurt. But to have to see that pain that the parents feel. When they come in yeah I can't imagine and I'm just could fall off is by. In the first trot out there but there's yet we re and I I didn't understand it until I had a kick it you'll feel Gerald Perritt utility child doesn't exactly mean is that. That feeling out. And how old guilty and horrible you feel that you didn't protect him in that moment. I can't imagine I can imagine they're sent to do that. By the way in twenty different rooms right in you right he Jones loses a hospital for children so everybody going and there's a child and which are not kids but even you know. I remember when my dad died in the hospital that you know the nurse came in he said looked they told me that this is it and so you know who's going to be here Allan was over I I. I hugged the guy I'm like in tears are like as far as say thank you you're the last person that you know was helping them out and it and you can just tell you. Not write you multiple times a day. Yeah I don't understand they do but thank god if you blow to the can do it right. Number two on the job really is pressing grad did let's go to number two unless it's not just death even the sexes horrifying. Yep so people come in there woman came in with a really bad bladder infection and delayed a day. Although they put catheter up in the Blatter it has Blake. Balloon that it places the cafe doesn't come out. And it can stay at it there and they put the balloon up and the whole thing just went right out fully inflated balloon and they found out that this woman had been having. I your your rituals sex. So to her hug its sleeve that. Stretching her Yury through its multiple witness first and so that's harder like yeah yeah they they wanted to try a new hole and that's. Millimeters millimeters and they and they can. I'll never know where I find that. No I don't know where it is either I'm going you know nearly I know I know what it is I really do we'll talk about it and I'm and I've never seen and I writes that it exists I. I thought it was hidden somewhere I don't know when it went. I know somehow some sort of secret thing night skull and cross bones put together I don't think I'm I'm sure it exists but I'm not where they do I'm no where does that you know that there are you know Denise. They don't even know where you can okay find it when you're down there hunt in Iraq or a it's picked. Was it doesn't go hunting down all careers just not reasonable it you know and ours is small enough and an Orioles who grabbed at your butt. That's that does not sound enjoyable at all I don't know where it is. I know that's we agree on how he's the vagina nick literate okay. Well yeah I think that's I don't know stands maybe I don't open vagina is I thought that whole thing was a vagina unaware of all. In that commercial route the firm erectile dysfunction drugs dictator if you. Attic. An erection lasting more than four hours is critical position yet the way that positions fixes that. Is it and you are they take a a really really its current eighteen gauge needle. It's a very big needle that it hasn't been the other side opened up the bill funnel basically. They give up link slides into the erection and just let them a lethal blood to blood should shoot sometime after aka much pressure. Yeah. I got him with his size similar happen. Gitmo. I can't believe that's by the way now I know that that ever happens I'm not gonna call the doctor. That's the last thing I wanted to you know I know how that ends. And that's that was just a little column on your well I'd I'd rather do that to have someone jamming lemmings I mean I got dynasty di onetime. And they did accomplish Robin arena. Doesn't hurt at all. I'm being honest. Guys on outlined you everybody says that hurts everybody talks about doesn't hurt. And our at all. I'll take you word. I had done a mile line you I'm telling you they put in that doesn't hurt. It here more scared of it you know it's like a show like the flu shots yeah they're more scared of how bad the shots gonna hurt the nice shot actually hurts all right but what about a you know my patio and I'm like whoa I've might be okay you're done that's it the Q did his running a catheter which have no I don't look and that's sounds much does not optimal. I'm just saying guys. If you get to some optional if you get to and STV. In all don't not go because you don't wanna get the cotton swabs thing its shouldn't it's not that bad. Number one on the list the one thing even ER nurses fear is it. He's dead bugs. And basically parasite that little people bodies because that's the only people coming through there that are in dire straits people all people. People heard this shack up in a crack at church for months. And they come in and they'll they'll find people where they cut away their genes they cut away. They're unsure. And you can see that bought scatter like cockroaches and in when China won't sound. A loss. And these things stick with you so would you let the world a better place so loud I shouldn't happen now we shouldn't allow that to happen human beings. You show don't let thank you can hear everything else and I hepatitis you can protect against second step away text. That's what we're prepared for a blood borne diseases but that they're not possible we're prepared for people coming in with bed bugs. And there's no real good way to get rid of it. And Turkey gets you can get Steve he's from these people are coming in every single day and basically just about the present your skin was there. So for nurses and doctors this is like a real issue they yell just call me their side to get. I think I had a books this year I just keep getting handles all the minor things and as a whole article on the Wall Street Journal. Every morning so I'm Meyers hall on my reasons everybody's got them. Well I'm like 300000. A bad day fall out of a tree. I got tetanus and uses story and altered your automobile mileage you guys know know though. You didn't I someone telling that I might have oak mice mice and I thought I had that we look at and I look at him bulldogs don't like and they all look like I it could be fleas it could be bad bugs it could be Oakmont notices oak might thing. If I get the camera now that I. I have every day I wake up with a new bites us there was no my sheets and everything and then I go to bed elegant nice morning and I'm talking about what I'm gonna tell you about a whole month. Yes they invisible image might well make you is on the Wall Street Journal. On the invisible his mind make you nostalgic for mosquitoes. And this is all about Kansas City. A mid western led metropolis is under attack from an unseen enemy it was victims pouring into the doctor's offices and pharmacies. With telltale loans. Right now I don't you wanna go outside to get the papers and 82 year old chuck times. A retired manufacturing manager whose upper torso is peppered would dozens of welts. Is that courts on the deal saying it makes me nervous but culprit is an eight play in this eight legged pastor causes intense inching in humans. Researchers believe the bogged native to Central Europe. Made its US debut in the 1990s in Kansas City and has since spread to many parts of the midwest. The outbreak happening every three to eight years nearly invisible he died there 11 hundreds of an inch there are out in full force now. It says. People are being told where passing cover mostly skin when they go out. And a jump of a shower as soon as they go out inside and to avoid walking under red oaks. I here's the problem. That's 3.5 million write notes in the greater Kansas City area perfect so. They say that this issue might. There entries in May eventually tumbled to the Earth's. 300000. A day per tree so do that math 3.5 million times 300000. That's a lot of oak might whatever you have on biting you is an Oakmont I got two new ones right here in my arm today and make it's really bad in their tiny. But they do make these little tiny bumps and it itches like hell. Are you getting them on your torso are you getting wonderland it get him on my neck and get him on my arms I give them my legs so much money is nice spreading also earned by you. The good news is that that probably not a bed bug condemned by the usually go for the torso itself like they'll. I saw lectures and the good it's like rashes the people because they they stay in an area. Yeah so yeah didn't like track basically and we had a once. My wife and I got a one trade before we move into our new house we got an. And now. If it's awful but you can find out if you haven't you can give people look at these dogs to sniff out bed bugs and that's like these which help you have America. Did you see them not been looking for them and they're big up the you can see with the dog and I ended up not feel my two dogs. Bed bugs you can see right. You can't but they're still really really hard to find you you know we cattle for a long time between Easter conceivable and marks. It looked like somebody like dad depend on some I'm faction that here she okay I'm by accident. That's regulate itself and the north you can find their shelves occasionally. Omaha smaller good news on the result might think ma'am ma'am is that nasty guy they said if you live in Kansas City asked a doctor is there a way to go by proof. And he said the only way to do it is if you put on a body suit you so he's selling everybody in the city is getting bitten by these things. There's nothing you can do about it much at the first frost they should die. And they're talking about frost tonight. They don't know good then kills fleas too which I can only scratching my arms and use him. I know I have them and match I'm actually happy that is so much. Because I thought it was to my opiate addiction and I thought that a and this is gone south I need to get help and I thought everything is towed to my over an addiction. No one's looking at me awkward anymore delighted to say oh mine's like ideally when I say apparently because I think criminals like math and I got does Maryland. There's always scratching his arms and stuff but not just gonna open mics and they're everywhere on a golf course of them oak trees up everywhere. Disarm brewery I'm sorry I give your bed bugs are a busy man never told me that. I don't territory about it I think she had about every four months and we haven't had him free years but. Yet everybody everybody thinks they have got their the worst thing in the world that look at death sentence basically. They had Eminem and one of the movie theaters here and they had to close down the entire movie Peter remove all the seats and replace all the seats with vinyl seats because they were living in the fact I'm only gonna name of the apartment complex because I don't remember exactly which one it is is not because. I what I say but I don't wanna sit along one but there's a very upscale apartment complex in town we have men's pretty pricey to live. And they had him throughout and had to get rid of everything sucks. The worst thing is that there are people who think I did letting getting bitter at all and it wasn't too that they weren't fighting me till. I just did not allergic to the bike at all so I don't know if it's a big bet so they're people like that of course single. You're living with bad bug to me to Teddy Puget gestation may have no idea. Yes I don't usually that's thing mosquitoes don't bother me. You know my friends get that I'm like does every hour until noon by yourself who care but whatever I've got now I can already do not always randomized invited them in a semi for a think my doggone it if I'm convinced is my dog. So and blew away the website is tracks dot com and done everything about hospitals for the rest of the day and now there's I'm different articles some buzzing is all right it. And the captain or not his dog got raised a doggie daycare and I think that is the story of particular interest and yeah absolutely how it happened underdogs I don't characterize. How you had those calm your dog after words. How to talk to the horizon when princess won't penetrate up and sent me are do it all right thank you so aren't article coming your way. All they're seeing these.