Thursday, 11.09.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, November 9th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Tax reform
    • Authorities are having problems unlocking the Texas shooter's phone
    • New movie chooses to reshoot Kevin Spacey scenes
    • Biden regrets not running for President
  • 24:20 - More details on Rand Paul's ass kicking
  • 40:07 - The morning show apparently called Snowcone a dumbass for some reason...
  • 49:28 - It's becoming more and more obvious that Slimfast is an 80-year-old
  • 1:01:48 - On This Day in 2016

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The righteous man. No side. The selfish. And the siren you'll mend. Well leave dark. Was strident tone of the. How are you a good analogy edge rusher on your links. 1% thanks and welcome. Summer like Europe's. Work on an insult no sound like that's solid and I knew I don't know where the collar turned up earlier I think about it thanks. Lou good. You too I like the way Hillary pitcher Dallas could turn. Election this is just your regular shirt maintains. Slash thanks. I you don't. Send why do understand fronts against that. You don't get sad and hard to sound out he's getting our study yeah. I'm rocks that he doesn't think you know your table polygamy one of those things I think you're renegade rock steady and drug study man yeah rock study. Whenever anybody's rock steady plumber actually. What do you think nobody and I'm think I'm not rock study was the bad guys and there's been internal progress Bebop and rock steady about the yeah. Plus a we think we see snow come. Basket catch a basket case as you can watch the I think I am I hearing right now that's right he's he's ever since his penis is attentive to any show. It's just like three years ago yeah Mario and neither has changed a lot since you know every morning now that he is a big mouth. He's grown. These are big boys make you feel better blood manage your weight and you have closings until butter. Having those Marley and he would make me feel worse it's a very limited but I was more ways than a lot of people with the but probably most my feelings on every. I just I heard didn't bring it up you always lobbying them I said I cash or sometimes I said I'm rock steady group went out of your Hannity. He called you a basket case. Well he's not far and I just keep going going and doing it's funny it's unclear it's fun. We usually knock our problems like education was kind of nice strike the aidid's endured complete debacle. Do you think about like. Like what I just think of the doing you know clearly clearly what is your interest in one. It's an interest in the interest it's only normal it was enjoy seeing in that moment I was the first for quick. I think in the locker room whenever I remember anyone. Get ready for the shower and some alone I'll look at Jesse. It's a corkscrew that goes don't you mean it's a she can sell big sellers and of course and houses have been. I don't know any it was such a waste being announcer had built it up in my mind and I'm amazed at the wrong button I'm a little and I need to get another look I'm good. Com. Everyone else I'm march 30 rock steady feeling good on this rock garden. It's not Thursday. Yeah in my youth mortar rounds you know yourself scenery and I sing. Aging poorly written and poorly usually harassing that I think. This is what I look like and I think back to what I ate looked like when I was little kid. And I think. When you when did everything to Iran Sudan and this happened rushing yeah aging poorly. I just the only really gives you a lie designed like I look in the mirror really god damn son. But an enzyme like mammal and those who. So that's the thing. I'm gonna everybody that I know is younger than me am I want you didn't call me eight years ten years with the child fifteen Beers know grown like Jesus. What do I thought because I won't be around them. Why does want you to send me a picture of yourself and twelve years in a letter goes until they do is remove I'm like man. So we won't be around. When I enter into bedrock study you're right yeah we are iiroc study I don't think we'll make it I snow cone might ease into the kind of guy who lived to be ninety's. You know what I mean oh complaining about whether I feel like I'm gonna I'm gonna go early. I gonna make it. We'll be right when I finally start to feel. And I nations I feel like snow cone probably knows them on our government has helped the drug addiction start doing your products. A lot of people don't live denying you're being addicted to drugs or. That's our thing. But I mean you're right he has the build install and has now weighed on his you know and it isn't a game may be. He could live with. But the drug addiction is a problem and then I just don't know that he has the initiative or the wherewithal to live fifty more here and I'm really can figure out I don't even know that he wants to live for fifty more years and that's why he will say injustice just to survive you need a little bit of something inside you know me I don't think he's asked why easily pistol shaped the drug thing he's in is simply as a retirement you. Any motivation or drive and I feel you need that to survive he might be the kind of guy who turns thirty in says or I gotta put the drugs down and unsuccessfully drowning so I'm hoping for right I think that could happen to them how long until Thursday. Your normal year in a month. And I've read some major life you notice how an arm for ally to us. Earlier in the month I'll be fine figure they'll Jack the initial. I think you might they might do a DG your car fixed. Down here to discuss the don't really. Words you look not a day under. You I you don't look at all do you just look mature for your yeah you look mature trees like. Nonetheless he doesn't look like he's in his youth when you look at the guys don't go out of our is a nice guy must be in his twenties I think I don't. Looks. I'm just saying if I was behind me if I think if you commit a crime the police that dollars in assets. I was so young dude in his twenties that's not a good thing if that's is not logo on them. I'm not good god damn I don't know man I agree I notice I don't think it's in a bad way I did I think you look mature for your age that's all you guys. Really good strong facial hair you know I think you tell me if if you can't the jury is out there and see if this is if so if I'm sort of snow don't commit a crime. And you didn't know him right. Business nominees Sandra the crime and the police came here and they said. Just drive the general manager how dollars and all right and now look fires again. All right and how old losing. It unless they're doing all right because I thought there's no way I sit mountains and eat lunch with yeah I was doesn't come I'm not with the usually I mean that's perfect anywhere like yeah I'm zooming and see how little all of them like I don't. Men know late thirties maybe. Utility you look they're using it to be thirty congress vetoed is 34 right now to a million and and started buying decision. But I'm so he's he's too young resorted. It's amazing you can go buy it either way. Well it's not ridiculous like I get 34. But if you said third 28 that's not an easy 38. Yeah I'd say it's good for 38 the problem is we have a bunch of people who work here we get interns and stuff that are in their mid to late twenties and they look really young and I don't think that that necessarily means you look bad it just means for some raising your outlook for. The switch and Dallas usually tour yeah I'm I'm all right yeah I'll back really good look like nearly two and you winds. Finally you feel like you're really doing is now my guidance they mid thirties. I also think though do you look like kind of guy who knows and he's not as a junior a million. No volume no no no no I. Yeah I am real it's a wow. That's tough. Harris. Yeah. I would think and how would help me. But yeah once and he just a barrel you don't think they do now purses. If you saw the yeah they're down. That does not look when he chooses this had is enormous it's only human failures. I don't look. It was so brief that was so long as. How can look I think she's ready to go play catching my dad yeah I'm. That's good and I got my glove holds no other missing seeing over my years. This you're backwards. Let's see you back Theres nothing gets fitted so work Burton Group. Yeah works. Basra. You'd like a guy who's your pick up tickets via you may not tune. I mean you're back. Any other. I think so I don't get it done as early forties is medical documentaries actually look like to me that's Smart you really relate that is a forty minute documentary on. Sure we'll. Gas runs underneath the yeah. Really not and he looks like the kind of guy who works on his own car. Three models is a closet but I know that you don't do this are like me but I you look like the kind of guy who would do that hasn't I saw him I would think. I can't probably has a good tool center on knows how to fix stuff. Don't you think he has a love not usually a guy who directs documentaries I think that's what he's doing for your own. Those those are fundamental. Handyman or write and make documentaries and move their. And I just see you more as a Applebee's guy and a sushi guys premiere looks nine no use so you know but if I. We're sizing up as I look smooth. Goosen the man. A Manhattan. Yeah. That keeps you have just ahead pat yeah cool have pat. You guys when I'm Neal Huntington and I'm heroin addiction to meet now hiding that it's. Probably ninety more conspicuous. I mean I would say talk about it on the radio is just too late for that yeah. News. Tax reform Republicans trying to get chilly. We're sorry we got to see that video of the ladies who are detached former shooters like OK so d'souza. Many screen did you guys in Seattle Sarah Huckabee when she written read now was one time and as an elected official last universally so. Can. Cannot fire men. And a fireman in my district. Can may get 101000 dollars back on our houses and you know I mean you know I know all taken a large companies that. Yes is. My constituent is a whatever construction worker and they have to move. Because their job can they write off the moving cost. No. If a company wants to move to another country or different part of the a country in the US around the US China or Mexico. And they write off a moving costs. Yes and she just goes through all of the incidents that it's amazing to walk. I didn't see them but I know they obviously they wanna get this. Dawn because they need something big something to happen they just had this vote that happened this week it didn't look so as a Democrat writers are Republicans winning is something done. But they're having problems what this tax plan. And apparently one of the problems is in the headline today said that this new study says that the GOP bill would hike taxes on 31%. A middle class by 227. So they wanna try and figure some of that stuff out before they sign that Republicans counting on tax reform. To gain back momentum before the mid terms and tonight a new analysis of the house Republican tax plan. It finds the new plan is already over budget. Independent Congressional Budget Office finds that it would add one point seven trillion dollars to the deficit in the next decade. That's 200 billion more. And Republicans have accounted for scoops so little bit of an accounting errors there also this study says that 9% of middle class tax filers. People earning between 40600. An 86100. Year. Would pay more in taxes next year. According to this analysis by the nonpartisan tax policy sooner. And that was released yesterday so much 127 of 31 purse her sorry my three point 731% of middle class filers with C tax hikes. I don't know no classes but it seems like 48000. To 86000 do you consider those people on their leisure world class you don't wanna raise their taxes. So there are still working on that the shooter in Texas there's a big. Controversy about his iPhone are well we don't know exactly the kind of phony had a reason they weren't sane but the FBI says it is always encrypted they couldn't get into it. And every once it is going to be another showdown between. People kept saying apple because someone must know it has and I thought they were assuming that he did. But early showdown between apple and the feds about whether or not they are going to help them. Did and this guy's phone. This morning the FBI facing a major roadblock. They can't over the killers encrypted Smartphone which could hold key evidence. I can assure you that we're working. Very hard to get into the phone. And that will continue until we find an answer that encrypted phone content contained critical clues in cases like this. Time is of the essence with potential evidence sitting right there. OK I know you're shaking your head to I wanted to ask the same thing waters and lose then yeah are they right. I'm not a Smart man types reading this story is going now this story is apple now says that it immediately contacted the FBI. About unlocking the Texas shooters I've sung. So they were they were trying to get ahead of this show down this encryption showdown. With the FBI and it's. This whole battle about privacy in you know. Police and trying to get into that when they're trying to in December Ngo and this round. There was a big debate. I think it's a tough one you've got this guy who was it looks like he was mentally ill he had a history of violence. A lot of people a lot of kids tough to get sympathy. It's yours to companies and we wanted to protect his rights they're saying it they never. But the FBI and that they are going to help. Unlocked the song but I'm with you what what would be in the us on the they're trying to find these same time is of the essence we have to get in there to find him on the potential goes right was he. Anymore is that we have some are now says evidence at all and instead of writing are they the trials and I think he's someone helped them. Playing in medicine they were the only thing bigger as more attacks are rare and right it's all right now I don't know but anyway apple says that they're gonna help although the store all these responses they don't know. But a phony has but I guess. So when I delete the other night harmless assuming that he did and Joseph Biden did an interview with Oprah is going to be on this weekend and they played some clips of it this morning. He says that. He. Regrets that he is not the president of the united strong. I have a regret. That I am not president. Because I think there's so much opportunity who I think America is so incredibly well this shouldn't Oprah. No woman being. Should move some money for press who has taken into two questions. One do they truly need it the most qualified person for that moment. I believe there was. But was I prepared to be able to me my whole heart par hole so it only intention to you never. And I knew. I wasn't. OK so he's assumed he was the most qualified he thinks bonds. His son beau and I don't mean that in any. Hit it gives killer as a whole ruse clearly qualified to do about any new vice president millions getting more qualified than being president. And Obama Enron and so he says you know there is. People don't remember his son Bo died of brain cancer. Back in 2015. Range 646 years old and that was ultimately the reason Joseph Biden said he wanted to. Focus on his family and he didn't think he can give wrong running for president so that whole interviews and on air this weekend. And Kevin Spacey remember him to another sometimes Sri shoot something this is crazy signing of this I never heard this movie before it's called all the money in the world as a Ridley Scott movie. And it's about Jay Paul Danny. Whose founder and Getty oil and I guess he was named by fortune magazine is the richest Libyan American at the time in. 1966 Guinness book of records named him the world's richest private citizen to either make in this movie about him and Kevin Spacey plays. Grandson sons and I this is part of the trailer for. We just run. All right so that the movie was supposed to come out next month in December. Kevin Spacey was playing. This guy says he's got arms cut all the scenes with Kevin Spacey and refill them with Christopher Plummer and Christopher Plummer will play his part. Aaron when it's gonna come out there's no way can they get that done by December way. But if you've got a movie that's coming out that soon a big budget Sony movie with Mark Wahlberg. There's gonna cut you out of the film this guy's done not carrying it not that we really had any does seem like used not only done. No come back and ten years now is done you go on Netflix now is images are just gone it's always here's a very Robin Wright and I don't know if you saw us up yesterday and criminals should talk about the terror we mention that there have been allegations by an honest people on the Internet as a result that a lot of people didn't take seriously. About Kevin Spacey and one of these guys made an accusation against Kevin Spacey. About seeing him in and wasn't in Thailand's. Wins under age. Men always something that and this person and I'm doing and AMA yesterday because. People are now seeing this person. He's and I just an error. It's like someone who isn't me that it's do you think Alan Ball and Kevin Spacey and in Thailand. Whose employees. Ready user warned over here and I'm so does this happen. But the effect Kevin Spacey was a pedophile legend at the actor had been acting inappropriately with young boys and a nightclub in Bangkok. The forum user who went under the pseudonym Ole. I was dinosaurs and I didn't read it effect that the I don't sing and yeah finally. I saw Smith. Plus an OJ thing that's. Schmidt the she mind that so since. I was a back in May 2016 that he personally witnessed Spacey. I'm being entertained by the boys quote I songs. Pubescent boys in his lap DNC four and massaging him in center in a VIP room at a nightclub and Asian country. And developed country I have broken his face thing called the cops in that country so do you then a bottle it's not his last night. In debt is an airline rant. Foreign country do. Whatever happens here stays here he says enact country. I notches and walked away in Kansas and kill him but the equipment and why was he in the nightclub that doesn't sound like you're done you know the chili's where if this is happening any. Boys are being abused I was a lot of really Spacey. I know you are right and didn't do anything here. I could do a better days I've sort of gotten right I can take a picture I don't expose you a million things I can do to stop this from happening right now. There's an element. Amusing turn. This guy says they've done a very doesn't. He claims that. He claims his bases lawyers were. Not having any claims about his sexual misconduct removed from the from the inner eyes quotas. He has an army of lawyers that com the Internet reports of his sick predilections but if you blew him specifically. Well you'll find a few things that have survived like I said don't be surprised when the news breaks wide open it's inevitable. Wrote the users so this is I guess those stuff that's something said before. The news that broke all the and then another post eight months ago the user spelled out his accusation in plain language writing Kevin Spacey is a pad out. Had the misfortune discussed are seen enough with my own eyes and a foreign country to rumors are out there and it's a matter of time. So. And guys variant. Just online I'm looking for at all. Could she know it today on Elton. Music she I don't know you what's your name your name's mark go West Bend really should know how to pronounce this guys name. Let me ask don't speak Spanish right now a lot of well that's what she Notre Dame and even this. If it means. Bills in past the hole. The English translation. Well pink translate to English pay hog swine work. The takes. When I say it. You are there. May come on you know I wouldn't you're the one who calls people out talks about lemon parties and all that you've got it's over there. Not me you go on vacation with me. I keep a secret you also wrote. Interest in places show recession down as metal point. I'm traveling. Seen this okay so you know things that are related to make your point. I'm not inviting you again that's for sure not we have a party when this whole play in the U I we're gonna eventually go to Thailand together. So I went after three years and we were gonna finally do it. But not now before I lose anything in the community. All this is the guy. That's what is so I don't know that some are not let you know people are saying that's. That's the Redick guy I don't know. Looks like me yeah he was just like him he got the same body yeah same Harris back there yesterday minus Susan. Do think that language. And I saw another picture looks like oh this is him. I don't know what I see you are that is but I thought at the I've seen like that before he grabbed that when we share hotel rooms that's how we sleep next to each other. I am very did you have the same underwear actually you can could be Venus I think it could all. A lot of so you saw a story about Rand Paul and but keep thinking that we're gonna talk about a little more news that as leaks it seems like each day about why his neighbor beat the crap out of them. What kind and originally. People. We know that you know how badly he beat the crap about album. And then we didn't know what they were fighting about but the more that comes out sounds like more employ actually treated that he has some broken ribs he was injured pretty bad this guy beat him up pretty bad. And a dime minimum so we know now that it was some sort of neighborly dispute that they don't think had anything to do. With politics this is a Fox News. Coverage yesterday fully. You say this neighbor about your tackled senator Paul. While he was cutting the grass outside his home on Friday afternoon and the New York Times reports other neighbors say it may have started when some sort of landscaping dispute. But the friend tells the times that the senator knows he doesn't know what the attack was about. Suspect's attorney said the two men had a trivial dispute that had absolutely nothing do with politics. So I heard someone say they add something to do with slight yard waste. Way I don't know DR Roy Somalia are. Or maybe he was storing up too much yard waste and it is front yard all of those as a high source. I'm guessing Rand Paul since he was the one who was out there moan is on a guy like they're the guys or lose your long ignored everyone over the right. I'm not that's on a joke on a libertarian downright mean it would be weird for this day part I'm telling you to clean up your hard to write its. Up always mowing his lawn in his gated community and Bowling Green, Kentucky last Friday. He was wearing headphones and that's when this grenade out shirt guy. Debian Baidu name or an angle 59 year old Doctor Who lives next door doll or better yet or that they've they've yet are like gold co workers and they've been neighbors for seventeen years according does NBC story. He ran over there tackle him beat him up and broken ribs and Paul's been out of work the motive for the the attack is still unclear member of the Kentucky wrote him party executive committee who lives in the neighborhood surgeon Skaggs. That they were long there's been a long time disagreement between these two neighbors. And it may have started as political and then turn into something Teddy. Possibly influenced by trash or leaves being blown onto about true as lawn. So hey keep your. Grass clippings off my lawn when he beat the problem and that I went to court this morning I think he pled not guilty and I didn't do it. There is self defense unit and so there's a an update from our go it just says a from scene in the says the Rand Paul straight he's getting weirder and weirder and weirder. The story ran policy being attacked my neighbor and breaking six ribs in the process runs and as. Strangest times I have tried to press the initial law explanation offered by neighbors that the president held a tough. Doctor and Internet safety net 59 year old do right now right wasserman does Rand Paul's own smaller doesn't look like. I mean beat Graham Paul senseless and. Unnamed suit there mimic it remains a little. It's earlier. What's your thoughts gaffes she's been sir. The stories of Lance even disappointed sponsors are you may deserve all are erroneous and unfounded all of the stories of a landscaping dispute or disputed any sort between Rand Paul. And Renee Powell sure are erroneously and unfounded. That's according to another neighbor named Travis treaty to the Washington examiner the reason for mr. bout is bizarre attack is known only to him. Statements to the contrary are irresponsible on unnecessary. So there you go out and then that has brought up. All these articles. People talking about how neighbors get along. Depends a lot on what type of neighborhood they live in so these two live and a nice gated community right and that those type of neighbors tend to have. More longstanding disagreements they might have some rivalries some disagree. You know if you live in apartment complex you may have to talk your neighbors more blemish on gives you see each other I'm hallway right you're tired that your apartment I was Salt Lake Indian food or. Maybe small smoke I don't know right and so based on your income level and they were you living Camelot to do with how I don't you let you're neighbors. Do you get along with your name is yet. No well I shouldn't say that I get along with a lot of my neighbors might. I'm not you know me man I'm not like I'll come over months hang out type guy but. I certainly wave and say hi and like most when there's a there's one there and hate that. Honestly this just a symptom and this is on. FaceBook one of my neighbors wrote. Okay you're you're just on their FaceBook they like rove made opposed it wasn't to me like it wasn't addressed don't know I also responded to me right there. As I think you're gonna like some sort church group or something broker. But as as our outrages most monogamy is not a guy who defines as god can bring something good out of everything and it talks about. Me and offend drug being neighbors who this person right OK as as Lazio has talked about me and my dog to get ratings for his show. As soon as I have never heard them but two people that do listen to a show shared written me. I then went in and read the transcript. It really wasn't flattering the transcript so it was slated for an extra job on the web again all right I don't know. As as the dog that no doubt I had went out and as says it goes on say he moved and or call the sack and a cul-de-sac. And he is scared of dogs. My dog was the biggest. Hit aside there wasn't it wasn't dogs he just like you bought their owners. That would be me. Since he has lived here I keep my dog on a leash when I walk him. As Lazio drives by I have always waits for years he never does he just turns his head and ignores me. I believe that as as I heard they are getting a divorce and suddenly I was overnight she would get the house off. Oh yeah well today. Right there always move but right now yeah sentences later don't guy loses suddenly I drove by and waved on a Monday and maybe you wrote. We'll never be friends amended a bill down like. You are religious woman you try to jog and I would lose my couple I don't. By the way dog into the early Jeanne that this. Ali and I don't think I'm your dog this all stems from an incident where your dog was dated giant maslin crap in my yard. And then it ran to the side in my car and almost doc. Not now my child remember that story just imagine you're got to put your dog on a leash like you have to. And we got into it about her dog being only doesn't would usually slows your dog. Big it's not a Chihuahua is not an old decrepit dog is a big dog yeah and it's margin bigger than my child this time and every time my ball and it runs to my door and jumps and gets a car. I don't hate the dog I don't hate you it's friendly enough. But it's a massive dog and it's bigger than my children. And I don't think the way they get my children used to big dogs as bush right. I'd be mad who's jumping on my carper also crapping in the yard that's up 50% of neighborly disputes. Dan rice is ever your lawn but this whole thing like and this is a dozen very godly thing like man. So how. What was the beginning of the post again. She started off by saying god work on Jim brings something going on and everything so what was the something good out of this I'm Joyce last Friday this is a while ago but says sun also in his last right about where those posts are like man or something. Muzzle flash photos walking and dog. Laszlo a body past me in his car now. I can't believe bastards and never have friends my car right buzz as. He deliberately going slow. Like I did it on purpose. Looked at me and gave me the biggest smile and wave. Once right and don't and I don't I'm charges waved. As you said so what do you think I did I smiled and waved. I think we're going to be friends not best friends. Just friends someday. Our understands and I'm waiting. I ours she just said this is the same morning said that every time you drive by you'd never wave she always ways she's never mind all this happened here and finally I just slow down I'm way and maybe it was god you know and she says she wished that you hadn't solved before we asked about it. Artist who thinks the door for ratings that you bring up her dog for ratings I know why I mean I guess I'm Jim Martin I a lot of it's a regular on our hands relentlessly these dog is anything that we do now Reinemund judges should I live so I guess that being an out or Malaysia I don't care that's sooner she sent someone to accident I didn't know this thread is looked it up there right this and this is new. Developments in the Rand Paul nearly dispute. Apparently this is for an aid Fowler as soon as representatives that poser there's a little bit disturbing it's only the fact that I'm sure. That happens. But I hate you now know that there's a church group somewhere are praying for. Formally until he divorced it just me and my financial demise if it had yeah good beat that. About god lawyer when she sent you when you wrote your name as she tagged you in the post out so you didn't see all of thought incentives imaginative and then I. Happened to be had to show. Us that slowed I've the other night. And how confident. Somewhat related to her was there is how low do you mind so well no solace though. You know wrote this man. This person is not of the right mind right that's okay enough well so somebody in Texas and said that it's. There was more to this story about Rand Paul that the neighbor in hand may have been fighting about politics after I looked it up looks like. They're right apparently he has imposed on his FaceBook that people took some screen grabs of and it says sound the Bowling Green, Kentucky neighborhood allegedly attacked senator Rand Paul last week in 2006 broken ribs. Was aggressively anti trumpet and anti GOP in a social media. Calling for the impeachment of the president. And urging Russia investigator Robert Mueller to quote fri eight trumps it don't adds so much simpler collateral might not have been about. Yard waste my neighbors and I like my neighbors come over wash my house while I'm gone I want their house and they're gone I feel bad because one time. I got home and my neighbor's recycling Ben. Was still on that curb. And so is my indeed been picked up already they are empty. And so I went down to get my recycling bin. I grabbed my neighbors and I walked in up. And put it back he keeps his recycling bin outside by his back that great run so I carried it back there imported back just is a nice runs daily between India was blowing around. So that became a thing now where he feels. I think obligated. To grab my recycling any key and he almost always gets home before me so now my recycling event is all I. Is it the story I said this is not like my next order does this person was down the street from requiring written. Bomb my next door neighbors like all of my all the people around me like where then now. A couple houses yeah I like all of my don't have any problem any government and there are super nice mice immunized to make. I of them may dislike me but I think that's just pom. You guys don't financial swam my guy pulled my drive winds are outside like hey how are you. And I just don't win on May not even not even think about it just walked in because. I'm congress standoffish you're not gonna stop and so yeah. And lets you know like my one neighbor I know launches. Big Ten football I like I got quite of a civilian. How this team do right there and talk about sports a little bit and then the other guy name. Men Mozilla I mean make small talk with the Atlanta. I see a reason and right but if there is no reason I'm just gonna go to my house like from. And right after much talk about Mir underscore my house I think people sit at a standoff version maybe it is religious Mormon producer. They've all men public that would. Stabilize those kind of addict or he's not I know you like here's kind of a socially awkward I don't know how I gonna. Hi how are you always want to know social he doesn't want this OJ yeah it's not courses is not his thing there's no small talk. And I feel bad because I've got a neighbor on the other side I and he's kind of he's the new neighbor I know he sees me in my other neighbors. Talking we get together all over and stand on their deck where we hang out. And he's tried to Seattle we several times and the other night I went out backs slowed the dog out and I have like a little partial privacy fence in my backyard. It was late at night and I hear his door open he must make her up back to smoke a cigarette or something and I hear this voice go pay. It isn't innocent 1 o'clock in the morning is housing starts talking to me and they city and a buddy how aria I set up a they are you talking me as duck. I was like oh hey Simon thought maybe he's been drinking so if he's worked up the current financing on a like they had doing good values into Andre when he updated nine I was like. And I just quietly opened my door and I like you know motion for the dog to come inside Nickels and normally I get an idea. There responded I know he was I was is still positive he was talking to me I couldn't see him. We've never met on the war doctrine did you like what if he's on the phone and every year going yeah good I mean he's got some of Boehner he's talking to somebody is inside the house. I just felt this is that the whole Mars where all ma'am. Blocked off. Well I'm Louie CK has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women according to a report callers from New York Times on to ours are two women told the paper community expose themselves lemon 2002 and masturbating. We're paralyzed Dana amend Goodman told the newspaper ruse. Of the time she said CK. And invited her and her comment partner Julie wall of look to hang out in his Aspen hotel room before asking if he could take out his penis. A desktop client I know what have they are even accused oh yeah. And Arizona's name mavens they're always. Had to take all his whole solvent it completely negatives started masturbating. Another woman Abby shame her told load times she gonna here's CK masturbating during a phone calling and 2003. I definitely wasn't encouraging and you probably was not happening Lewis Kay the comedian's publicist did not respond to requests for comment on the times story from Mosley knows. However he told time the CK is not going to answer any questions and pass CK is dismissed gossip soma is so large and allegations reported by the times does just rumors. Rumors of the times in Oregon sort of seeing received Kaye has been widely shared media circles for weeks. The scheduled Thursday night premiere and New York City for. I love you daddy depth was abruptly canceled at first I was a little your publish. Has scuttled parents always show Stephen Comair is also actually image may soon take his place serves tonight. Ever while going around yeah I thought I do realize owners thousands well but I don't sodas and it's nothing that was not a rumor that the times are put up a story that's going on around like I do know they never said his name before. I just because every time I watch his show I. OK that's that sound bad that I think about him mass may I think I removed I remind myself like Ali I forget the fact I was accused of June. Hey why you walking away but you guys don't look at them and Andrew and think like oh yeah that's the guy they said that he thought I made people event. You don't outside I asked you you don't think that you have a good all right thank you ballooned his story. And he. You don't look at me and think about. They wanted to go to dumb ass this morning some interest is to go to Damascus as it is and what you do I don't know he knows I'd I have no idea something I literally have no idea just a general statement. I just the general reminder that all snow dawns and I Lance united a reminder that daily. I saw maybe it has something pure tax and sang with goaded mourn shall call you don't mess but I know I. Don't care than anything. And I feel like he knows and he won't tell and I am telling you I don't know Minnesota is part of being a dumb ass is not knowing what you did as a dumb ass is and so they're crazy is not knowing that you're crazy that's true. If you knew the voices in your head and we were make believe and you earlier when me crazy right if I do like paranoia right. If there was just like opulent all I'm just feeling paranoid he would be crazy industry feeling kind of paranoid fence when you believe. That everybody's out to get you when they're not they're not that could be but it isn't easy believe that everybody audited and or not. Then that some sort of developmental problems I asked him to look into Arizona one who's been known not only to listen to be attended events. Well I was just Jersey you know what happened next no idea on saying in so Gomes. Defense which had outages it's a weird way to defend your as he wouldn't know he's being a dumb ass. Because of renewing was being a dumb ass and you wouldn't really be a dumb ass I believe he's a doormat so and his defense right and his defense there's no way for him now. Bang. I have a guess I got you my guess was he's got that car park sitting in there. Because I didn't hear it so my guess was maybe someone so what does this. Car part doing in the in the studio. Home and someone said Alba it's for that dumb asses car. That's my desk as he did leave a big car parts in them there. I mean I have no shot in the dark because I didn't hear what you did leave a car park I says steel and maybe that's. Maybe someone asked what that was all about. There are talking about how nobody would know how to use to fit view others. All cash as we have defibrillators work. And I would not use them okay. You've probably never to take the class did you come to sort of fighting MT. The other point. Learn. You have to take a class Yuri did it did you work on an ambulance. Odds that the right wrongs. But you took the classes. As you were you wanted to work on an ambulance yeah. I can see that. And injured referenced. Him being the only one who knows CPR or if their lives depended on him they were all. I. That. That could be it because I remember. I think previous producers of had to go take like classes on how to save us if you were I have a heart attack Oslo. Wasn't anymore room physician. You slackening in 2002 I was learning art and doctor sometime. I think I'm guessing their time out in the afternoon if someone got sick we'd all be depending on its outcome Germany. She's usually here right. OK so it's as someone needed CPR or something and who in the path they think I would be in charge I'd kill everyone because I'm dumb ass I guess. Aren't. Good one. Oh man you got me. I failed health class in high school so I'm not your guys are looking for somebody on your guy you just had a health class CIA editors CPR and stuff I failed it twice I don't think we did that. I he so if you're looking for somebody to save you and Amy. I had to take it to work at a daycare. But I don't remember taking any set health class in school. Simply feel confident that you could administer CPR fives. Raspberry what if I was so shell game. Did you do dime I would try and I know I still know how to do has been so long that and that's. Could jewel. When you go into Jane did you learn how to like. Do IVs. Does it go that far like you know audits. Stick Madison in vain knob MTV. Which you don't get into the so what does that mean he Jules. Baseline and in the face and ask him the way out basically processes. Are all on nitroglycerin and. Well you know what he. Here's the good news and I don't know what would happen if somebody had a heart attack during a morning show on shirt anymore to figure out reason doctor I think about a remark seems like a Smart young man I'm sure everybody would be fine. Is someone that if if if you find me lying on the floor hair long you guys are both under strict orders. To leave for a and come back a half hour later and say what happened because obviously release of dusting my thing and I don't need you guys trying to save me got it. So I'm asking you politely if you if I am can also and on the floor over here. Just tell I didn't see that walked out Gladys cigarettes says that have been tabled and come back later I'd rather be done. And defended the use even say that to me I can't even really think it's our second that I would trying to help someone if they were in here having a heart attack you know I would say I didn't see anything thanked him. I'd be over their company kitchen getting paid ruffles some would say what what's going on there is. Commotion at the buzzer zone. I walked up to get chips everything was finally left. Mean. I can't I can't be apart and I can't get a person. Who fielding giving you CPR or. The Heimlich or something but not known him. And so funny when he's a defibrillator you're in charge of that. I figured out. Is it still in the studio you kept it in the studio for awhile Gaza undeterred China's ever seen them. It's an instance in the break room our you were supposed to take a class and I using Islam as a as a heart attack well you. Recordable media and on something so. Dominance. It. And short. Story fire it got me good. God should. It's it's. Just appears to print out these communities CPR. It's David dumb ass. Why did you. Why did you stop being dream team when when it went to this happened was as you've got a job of the buzz here like aren't these the empty things. What happened I became an empty. First Allen back to school. Her advertising a plea dropped ice lima bean addict I didn't drop as rough and high school. So here's a between. I took it was. A four month class at AMR to peca slowly please or get a job will be a private company won a lot of cities use fire departments for the ENT. I can get on the analysts yelling fire one experience fired to experience so it was hard to find a job on back to school for advertising. Got internship here. Centrum Cinderella story yeah but yeah really is. He went to school to meaning they lose interest payments. I'm just and it all worked out for you in the end. Via. It's great not call and I guess. I heard from are you sure you had your eye on the phone yeah. They got used for a dip asked about the bad but at the system seeking to see that's flashed in front of equipment. So stupid I can turn out lighten that we all saw him such a stupid though this is. Typical but look at what. Parents is an ugly stupid government is worthless. Or man. Professor you want snow cone to save you. Wrong. I don't think either one he I don't know not really I don't know if I'm scared I don't want to hurt. That's going to be coming your start really banging on my chest for breaking red zone non don't know don't do that. As opposed to buying. Yeah let me die a community that it's gonna hurt or something I just the angels earlier findings going to be OK I have very little hard to tell and a third Israel is with and he is scream let me die because of money doesn't mean that's. The line. He's. I can adjust seasonings are on what things. He says that was is that resist rent that and from routed. Although. They were toward the old people as yeah yeah it was it was on right it was an early on they were talking about. Things that you do that old people do Michael people it's is pretty depressing. I'm by U duels and I do a lot of tolerable people's stuff. Yeah my you have madam Leo so every morning. Actually had Metamucil this morning a Metamucil every morning I actually at a you do things and they usually I usually have a tonight but I had a this morning you do things in phases that's an old person thing. But it you talk to him like are scrambled eggs every morning and he'll go for like six months and answer translated like I eat oatmeal every morning your like wait. You told me UH travel days are long gone I was last year you know like what you do everything in life yearly commitments ya. It's a it's really right out about a year it's weird because my girlfriend does anything with lunch when she Mexico had this weird things like eight the same thing for lunch every day. Like six months to a year and I get sick of it matches like I do the same thing with like everything in life I ate the same thing for breakfast every morning that. And these habits to what are you reading now for breakfast. Oatmeal. On the old male. I'd I'd buy a bagels and sometimes only. Sometimes I'll splurge and half the battle at mines. Oatmeal but yeah I mean you know all right now we'll come on now I also switch from just regular oatmeal with effort and it. But I also switched. My coffee because I'm now wanna have it for the last and three or four months I've been drinking iced coffee everywhere I've been making nice coffee. I watching Anthony Weiner special or documentary and I sign making nice popular at the same. Espresso maker apple I don't know what I really some Anthony Weiner is retired that the Alam model myself after this guy. Right yeah but no outside that's been part of my routine not you it will change you also. Sleep in and share. Does on the list that was on the redolent someone talked must you always have an interest I bought it shares to sleep then at my neck is really bother me. I like to sleep actually finish there. It's good for all your doesn't do a little bit older Americans on the list. Every time you move somewhere you make them make us sound like it hurts. That's I let you get some rock and also heels. Yeah I. Don't know if that. This little. Starts walking NASA. Strangers got their thing but this person was dogma sitting down and they said they make dad sounds you know as normal that matter where you go we know that right so you're gonna let you answer is it like. Like what after nine neck. And act. Lol you guys don't know it's like to be me. Now here's one on the list that I do. Watch TV with the captions on which is always. I have to do that because I can't hear what the hell they're saying and in these like me if it's a comedy or something it doesn't matter but aren't you mine hunter or something like that. I need to deal these. Understand what they're saying and I can't ever here and they mumble. They don't know they I tore up way on the Miami only a little token they mumble and it's also easier I noticed that I pay closer attention to win. Closed captions are on because you know it. I'm reading an advantage by it's hundred Euro people do but I gradually helps me a house I thought UT is also a guy who probably any lights on. German heart goes out there's no lights on anyway there's one light on a misalignment. Back here next to I had an if he walks to the other returns that went off in terms of bottom line is Jesus and I disabled people leave bedrooms and leave lights on you always gave me crap for that but it isn't knowingly why is that all the lights on in the bedroom when no ones back there. Why are only allowed only one line on where we are why are always have a line on in the kitchen in case I'd like to walk into the kitchen and YRD why are the lights on in the kitchen it's distracting me constantly and figures someone in the kitchen. What's all in all eyes are kitchen. Wired or lights on and there's someone in there I don't like the lights mean on and nobody's in there and it's costing up there's nobody in the kitchen. The lights are just on and you can walked in there and see it without having to turn them on because it's on. And everywhere you go when your house that looks like you are being. Interviewed by detectives. Are one line but what are you wanna watch like oil and act. Like it is wrong. One swinging light and that's I don't like bright I don't like a lot of lights mean on. What else was on the actual list I don't know him analyze. I'm one of those old time in lights little things undervotes. The local bonds diagonally and I'm a little bit little thing. That little bit and I put up. That was a Melissa what if my girlfriend is and bad you know line she wants alike so of course but I usually read on the agenda now enemy. And so tuchman at an uphill battle or that next Chia. At a high don't have a little counter these lights off. Am Somoza they love jeopardy and only jeopardy so that's there's people talk about Washington at the captions on so I do that. Going to vote early I don't do that. Going to. In the morning answers right now Erica now I'm not come on doesn't even though my channels and get up. Standup keeping hard candy in their back I do keep candy let me in oh yeah I'd like to butterscotch house I do not part of the a let's he would also mention enough launches and I like that this about this carry around I don't know where I don't do that stand up. Cross stitch I don't do that stand. I'm not gonna stand up and making noises for you okay don't just try not to make any noise takes three days to recover from hangover I'd definitely do mine about just stand on accident a week you just enough. I'm not. You know. I was quiet yet. I can't help you go on to pass. Drinking she drink iced tea act that's Arnold person thing I just telling you aren't too hot to you I was soon might throw her hepatitis sore throat was number as you fertility and he just made it probably should there's always a feeling good alternative but just overcoming you know don't it's not something that I do regularly. I did yesterday. We like either way you arm them. I'll watch TV shows just for the company to feel like you have someone around. Who I leave the TV on everybody does that right. When your home you turn the TV on so it sounds like there's everybody doesn't assign Albers and thing. Listen to jazz and if we don't do that. Me yelling young people I don't do that watch crime shows on TV I don't do that Darrell watched lawn mower that stuff. There's some of these things Imus listened I don't do credit they're the bottom of the list. But dozens upon us let's say don't do and I definitely don't do crossword it's a duke who's in Matt stuffing. I. An idea. Gray hair I do color my hair or you don't want color my beard there what do ya know you don't yeah. Yeah now and all you guys don't know this. Yes I color my beard there. I just for men. Well yes I do it. You just due mix well you've you've you mix the stuff together as little brush he put an ending you wait like half an hour and you go rinsed out it makes your beard look thicker I ripped my beard out and I was looking for stuff that's supposed to you know like help you appeared when he really said just color your hair cells attack killed two birds upon solid agreement. Yeah it works and it it makes your beard looked thicker because I don't have a victory when I rip my hair out all the time so weird also that. OW. 35 god there are some. Nazi complainant bouts. Since as they complain about how bad hip hop as these its amendment that's due. You. Public record electorate convert users merits of our children yeah. And it bounced. Post article is a matter is it good rhythm when I was twenty years or a short and I wanted to run actors are sent back down like him and they do send me AARP's brightest semester because somebody. You still live there. That it doesn't have my name on any public opinion yes and my name on I think they just send those out as a unity should be an old lady Eleanor. We're still only news this person says go to the pharmacy bi weekly is that Arnold personally I go to the pharmacy all the time don't you guys go to the pharmacy all the time now. What's where you shop you ought to pharmacy to get stuff. Gently lighting up to par I don't know the pharmacy at night to get candy in Madison. Buys groceries at CBS I'm not mindful groceries but I'll go there by shaving cream and I've by kaine Indiana my dog treats. I checked declared saying at the end of I don't see what's in there. You don't you don't go to this is balls really saying yes more no less you have to get. Prescription and you live in the city I feel like he you don't have a lot of options I'm surprised you don't go to the wheel drive starts he has a drop us a professional sport. Now I go to the I knowledgeable person thing I go there all the time to get stuff. Metamucil. I do have a heating pad damned. I don't use it all the time I usually use my dead body. Which is technically on the list like what is that. My bet nobody uses you might have been the underdog has been by. That the Sox don't go thought you calling somebody else bent on in his eyes filled. Up all wrong. Ward. All welled up loving tones your blood body ending loving talk radio is an old person thing to note that. We are Kamal we all like talk greater if it's something we'll be with a runner Hollywood and we all listened. Every single one of this year will get our current listen to conservative talk radio is up and also on right would you know yes you do I know I thought about it. I never listen if you heard people talking on her. You hear people talk on the dollars this food sports talk radio I due to an uneven in my well as a conservative talk radio the new podcast Alice talk radio. Moon is that's what that's not a young third us general percent thing I'm not turn on Sean Hannity just to check out what he's got a shot at these. And I'm listening. Among its but he's about if you have been. This isn't the bureau doctor I don't know and I am radio it. I don't all the Athens and then I go to the games and I scheme you'll with the sixth and then known as in the sixth and I don't know I meant. Acxiom Ali you are looking a lot of analysts and all the sports talk about the use of we talked you know stern or sports talk let's two I go to all of tonight withdrawal. Or to hear what Hannity just a battle map. And our man. You know something you'll make a funny courtesy of the day in this is on the list is that I didn't think this is an old person thing now I don't have a debit card. Oh yeah I have a regular ATM card that's very strange. I don't now a lot. I don't put a better in I don't know apple let those things on the lists over and over and I don't do those things I don't do everything on the list. And I don't nick and I don't cross stitch I don't deuce at duke grew. And I don't complain to the kids. I don't bother me I want the kids and do whatever it is they wanna do it. Have fun kids that I'm not making fun of their styles that are. The clothes. That's their thing. I have no problems with that I have no problems were there to and a main thing. The manual search. Just down there and it is called and every time it gets called my answered her. It's not so cold it's a change of pressure. You know that such an old person willingness but it's true you know it's true. Yeah. Let me. Church or less let's say they. 26. Well I don't hold your good and I've never been better god I just wanna let you know one thing. It's very important look at me. We're all on the joke. It's a joke rent. Lightning and do so well you know right now and Rollins and. I feel great about trust me when I woke up this morning it was if I ever had in any shred. I'm questioned last demand. Any uncertainty. This morning federal government sent yeah. That this this is clearly you guys got. It's a good one we took just fired Willie Don as you know you know that point in a dream when you have those dreams you remembering you realize. The only way this could really be happening right it's very easy if I'm making this up my course I'm Judy. And since that's the case were you sleeping in the and then you wake up or. So that's that's a relief. As for awhile there I was getting anxious. So other knack. Strength everything's great and good. Man I hate to. I had to tell you that I'm bad I tried to warn you guys. I'd try New Orleans try to warriors don't know I get it right and try to tell you. They made me nervous at filling. Men you can never underestimate the power of hatred and racism. What are you just can't underestimate the power of anger ride I mean anger is always Schmidt powerful love. And the fear is always more powerful thing. Always. That was certainly. An M. Night Shyamalan ending June elections and it was on display last night man. Fear and anger. I'm much more powerful emotion on us and embed them they obviously are destructive emotions but they're much more powerful emotions. Let alone and things. I ask you who do you love. Right. Not evokes a certain type of emotion ride and I ask you who do you hate each. You can feel right and that's it man. Never underestimate them since. Yeah you know me. Mr. positive ID. I'm always positive you have it's my case yeah. It's gonna look at the bright side got to look at the president Lundgren. Actually this last night but. Think of all the things could come from the CD cheap house. You get cash for clunkers. Make it 300 dollar check in the mail telling. Alec Baldwin as steady work for four years Lola Lola travellers shut down remember that there are checks have gone I'm guessing that sounds has been. Mom my decision he. Peru I drilled smooth. Beginning everytime I look at that grow I think thanks Debian. On the gas only used it twice. Don't care taxpayers before. Can't wait to you don't have cash for clunkers deal. And lasso next time we won't make the same mistake we did last time. But those stocks get down under. Pennies on the dollar. We've I just am I won't tell you high blood lust it's doctors and a this was the first election since I've been old enough to. Wish Doug gore was the first presidential election on voted him down and I remember being really really distraught because I thought George Bush you know you really incompetent and I qualified and I didn't think that you win. And I remember sitting in the kitchen I've told you this for the first indication Clarence House and enhancing. What is happening. My dad's company puts in a facts and read we just going through I've gone through every single time Republicans will house. An happen again. You just move on the people who voted. And I thought you know what last night that wasn't as comforting is it was still stands on this time it felt a little direct kept trying to think in my old man and I thought you know I'm. And George Bush now but I'm no fan. And his dad even. Thought I had. I never yeah. I don't think I believed in my hard and George Bush who has raised this term. I don't think. I believed in my heart I. You know I'm I'm I didn't agree among a lot of things that in the uses smartest guy in the world but he was probably qualified. Let Ronnie was certainly qualify McCain is qualified his dad is qualified or unqualified. It's like when those kind of guy to means it's not as much it hurts. That's fine. To me. It's more embarrassing. Gaffe like man as a country last night. We eat as a country. Voted for a racist. Misogynist. Erica. Pitch. All of those things being one part of it right. But the last part that really makes an embarrassing is reality TV star. We voted for reality TV star if you remember the arguments that we used to have is a country where that. Barack Obama was not qualified because he had only been a senator for so much time. Sarah Palin. Was not qualified producers only may have a small city and governor of a small state right. These people are unqualified because they hadn't held. Office. And understood how it works. For enough time to be qualified. Told the officer. And president of the United States. No matter arguments off the table from here on out who we. Vote and then a reality television star. And it actually didn't commit all politics now we've only devote demagogues and we could vote races and that's all one thing I get back. Right but we've voted in a reality TV star man. I don't know if you guys saw Bill Maher over the weekend but I think what he's saying is talking to. From teams from me said I know liberals made a big mistake. Because we attacked your boy George W. Bush like using into the world. He wasn't. And Mitt Romney we attacked that way I gave Obama a million dollars I was so afraid of Mitt Romney Mitt Romney. Wouldn't have changed my life that much or yours or John McCain they were honorable man who we disagree with. And we should have kept it that way so we cried wolf and that was drunk. And I agree because. You know every election night remember Hussein this is the most important election this is the biggest election this is it's never the stakes have never been higher. But we try to look. We did. And I like to think that Republicans cried wolf finesse and the stakes couldn't be higher when Obama got elected comrade Obama would bring down the into the republic so. You know maybe you were crying wolf this time. Well I mean look there is one thing. There's one thing that we can hope right. By the way blood and I uses example. And some of Sam. Right volley sun sand and eat eat dog his dog talked to Bryant and his dog told him to kill people might yet. And and any in his so he so he killed people because his dog told him to write because you believe that is I was actually talking to now were all. People of sound mind right and we can say a your shepherd over there. It isn't talking in June is not telling you to kill people right there were some might so. But you could tell him that. Correct correct because he was crazy yeah it was easy. Because there's crazy M part of being crazy. Is not realizing your crazy. If son of Sam who would have been sitting in his living room and the dog talk to him and said you should go till hooker. And he said half. That's weird dogs talking to me not cool not listening to it. Maybe I'll see a doctor many really wouldn't be crazy what he or if he just said I hear weird voices in my head and some others say stupid things and then turned on Monday Night Football. Really wouldn't be crazy riding because you would understand it you guys following me alone so the one thing that we can hope for him is that word crazy. After that we as liberals Ryan. Are absolutely out of our god damn minds. We have no idea. And Donald Trump. And the Republicans. And the people who voted for him have been trying to tell us that we are crazy for an extended period of time but we cannot believe them because the a good dog keeps telling us. That they're wrong. So what I'm saying is there is your chance. Now we are all wrong. And that Donald Trump well actually made America great again. That he will. Called China a currency manipulator and say hey it's a 55% tariff and shuttle. And he will say Mexico I'll start treatment dogs talking to me. And Mexico this is what you're gonna do on immigration and you're gonna pay for it. Got it and they do. And he says to us they don't look we're gonna pull out analysts all of you guys pony up between two and 5% a year GDP. And they say Lauren Donald of course you can't believe nobody asked before. They've all that happens. Did what else. Right of course so does it hats on what we have to hang Exxon is that were wrong. Now all of that stuff to me sounds like none of that word and is a very very very crazy. And up. Apocalyptic idea and maybe but maybe giving Japan and to whatever country you want nukes. Maybe even if everybody has a nobody uses them and there is no threat to use them right. And maybe you bring him in broad million friends brings some sort of peace around the world in my life and. I have to admit that on I'm not sad clown and you got exhaust Iranian moves. I get. So maybe eat world's shown. May be. Where were shown. Just showdown Sunni. Right we don't have any other choice. What does this shrewd. One of the Border Patrol where make America great again ads or December due to get. Thanks Megan great. Okay well there is some encouraging. Signs I think. Is again trying to look at the bright side here. When trump gave his speech sustenance is a couple different ways sec ago it could have been a nanny nanny boo boo seeger and do do I win you lose. You nasty woman. But he didn't take that route I didn't wanna watch it I was physically ill because I talked to my dog my dog tells me that Donald Trump is crazy thoughts. I did watch it and luckily he didn't he didn't. Take that path I just received. A call. From Secretary Clinton. It. Keeps you graduated. Honest it's about us. Victory. And I congratulated. Her and her family on a very very hard for the campaign means she. Fought very hard. Hillary is work. Very long and very hard over a long period of time. And we all. Any major debt of gratitude for your service. To our country. Now it's time. For America did bind the wounds of division have to get together. Fellow Republicans. And Democrats and independents across this nation. I say it is time for us. To come together as one united people. I. Can. Okay. I pledge. To every citizen about land. That I will be president for all Americans. And this is so important to me. I love. And he lamented some. Is important to him he is going to be a president I'm not one of those people I'm not gonna sit here say snub the president you see this and elections have consequences. For whatever reason I don't know looted so crucial and maybe everybody has really likes the guy whatever the case may be he is going to be my president in yours. I love how he's his own hype and he's reading the teleprompter. Time to find the bones. Come together. So again there's even got to throw it and they're like. Sean comes in the background yeah. Hillary and I did not give a speech last night because I her campaign sent everyone home in tears literally and said no speech. No party obviously this. This thing going so well but we are still counting those who wait until tomorrow so she gave her speech to. To all the women and especially the young women. Who put their faith in this campaign and in me. I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder. Than to be your champion. I I know. I know we have still not shattered. That highest and hardest glass ceiling but someday. Someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right. And draw the little girls who are watching this. Never doubt. That you are valuable. And powerful. And deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world. To pursue and achieve your own dreams. Yup so a lot of people lots that sheds where are social media is saying that you brought to tears I was sure she brought to tears because features a moving. Or because you realize. Really set in nationalist. She met at our time watching both. I don't know which was harder to watch and his victory speech her concession speech. You guys watch resell those things and obviously if you're someone intelligent you realize that most of them were good hint of sarcasm and a wink in my eye. Some people don't get that. About the speed wrong. Yeah. But that's okay. The solo touched on people are angry and me about what I said that's okay. You don't have to maybe it's too soon for sarcasm. You know I just saw so many snaps trees up today from people saying I need distraction. By. Please it's OK to laugh about but I will say one thing that I do it here today announcing mrs. you know interesting. Two things. Just so we know that these things seen on the news election is UN ramifications may have personal ramifications on people. Real individual people. Tom. I went to a gas station that I normally go to right and I stopped in a measure. I don't know as a gentleman as a Muslim learning and new world don't know I didn't could be Chris Chandler I have no idea. But it appears to me. That he may be Middle Eastern of some sort. And there is a an African American guy and talking to him. He's buying cigarettes he says amen. What do you think about that election last night and the guy says you know. No matter to me I've been here for fifteen years president's dumb presidents go doesn't change anything. And the African American guys as rarely. Exhibited import your ass. And a guy says deport my ass. Now another is gonna happen a link and he says. And I geysers. May elevated did you have you coming ashes presidents are all the same he says all right man. Is I got around and guys like I have kids here to have kids are born in Missouri. And the guys like yeah. He doesn't care liar that he said he wants to get rid of anchor babies and guys like lots. It is like I man I don't know later Dylan. But. You might wanna pay attention of that stuff. And and and I walked up to a guy believes and I walked up and I'm by any. An energy drink and I'm not gonna say anything and guys is and you doesn't know what he's taught him and I'm like now. And all he does kind of like he did say a word anger may be any did say that he. One deport people need to say to you and I don't know if you're Muslim and conservatives suited to travel ban on. Muslim people until I figure it out everything was going on he's like he's like but I. A fifteen year old and I said yeah. I'm not sure he cares man. Anyway how much is his mom did you decide got a room. Managed to work brown is on the block and whatever ago thank you. And then I went into. My kids' school and you guys saw one. Those. Teachers your administrators. And listen how are you emotional time. And I am launching my kid. Says how are you relations been a tough day today the sublime solution but don't. A few Hispanic children who have come in and tears today. Who says the term they're scared that it may have to leave their dad nationally and her grandmother asked to leave him. As a family they're preparing for enemy don't know what to do and. There is not Israel man that's suing you talk about things in the abstract of how you're going to deport eleven point five million people are. How you're gonna put a travel ban on a certain group of people. Bomb those things need abstract sound good when you about third grader comes to school means you can tell that is in tears they don't know what's gonna happen to bad. All the sudden puts a little bit of weight on it and so loved them. Do I believe as a country will survive sure. Absolutely. But I think. We should probably talk about those things about how they have real life implications to your neighbors. And any abstracted probably sounds OK I mean when you send in and deport eleven point of time for. Million. Hispanic people in the abstract that doesn't affect me write what I don't know who that is I don't know where they are they talk about in the shadow whose. Oh that is. But what I realize that its use of third grade child my kids' elementary school or his grandmother or his dad or his mother whom or whatever the case may be all the sudden whether you agree that are not everything's good get rid of them. If you're that type of person nestled finals and that's a real world implications. And it's something we should drop would probably have to discuss and I believe those things will happen I'm Donald Trump does work. So you know. I think my kid's words a little upset this morning and I saw Van Jones last night so what do we say to our kids are told not to be the bully. And then this happens I have that it rumors Van Jones from last night. And you have this outcome and you have people putting children to bed tonight. And they they're afraid of breakfast they're afraid how do I explain this to my children I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight. Saying should I leave the country. I have. The dailies and immigrants. There are terrified snipe this was many things I I think this was a rebellion against the elites. True it was a complete reinvention of a lot of politics and polls it's true but it was also something else we've talked about race. We'll talk about everything but race tonight we talk about income we talk about class taught by region we haven't talked about race this was a white flash. This was a white slash against a changing country. It was a white slash against a black president in part. And that's the part where the pain comes and Donald Trump has a responsibility and I. To come out and reassure people. That he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended. And and and brushed aside yeah when you say if you want to take your country back. You got a lot of people who feel that we're not represented well either. But we don't want to feel. That someone has been elected. Why throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply now. There's saluted this is a deeply painful moments like I know it's not just about race there's more going on and that. But races here too we got talked about. That was Van Jones us I know I thought of that myself what do I say to my kids. In the morning and Merrill where they are seeing Don somebody saw makes fun of handicap people and what days. What he's done anything that moved people motives or. Yeah. So what do you say to your kids. If that's not your style. Of parenting Ryan. If if your style of parenting isn't too and well we could just call it trump is right if that's not how you want them to be had. What do you say your kids I thought about that last night when man Jones so that's so this morning when my kids haven't spent too much time on this a new one and I said Donald Trump one. And durables. And then burst out in tears urge some packaged. We're very sad about that I don't know. Like his interest in the election I don't know if there were fully invested but they certainly understood it really understood this implications to some degree. And I said there's something you can do. About us and they said watch and I said be nice. Be content. Being good. Give educated. And then go change yet you moved. Pass or we can say to our kids running and smooth it's already passed me. I do take a census. And out of dispersants trolling us through what this is on the tax. Did you see this luck you're talking. Sampras Sampras he responded to I'm a member of the LG BT community. Do you think he actually means that suvs that they're talking about you're trump. To says straight white Jews have no place speaking you are not effectively clears and people of color speak are not all through these serious or not but. I do take offense of that I have a feeling numbers I have. We have transgendered friends. I live in this country. When I travel abroad I understand my life is going to be affected differently but that doesn't mean that I don't care and then I empathy and and I want to live in a country where. People are being marginalized because of their sexual orientation and that. Attitude color and I am but I've I don't. But is that most people than me Shelby GT. Community. Feel that way. What if you feel that way it's signed up my friend in order for you. To give were you want. You're gonna need some people on your side baby. And I'm that guy who'll walk would you Martin Luther King needed people on his side. He needed white people. He needed Hispanic people he needed Asian people in need it straight people and he needed gay people and the more you've become. Exclusive. And the more the other sides become exclusive. That's how we get where we are right now. This doesn't work if we just keep slicing ourselves up in these categories. And again I'm not seeing now be affected this thing. We talk first Hispanic kids who come into school crying today. That hurts me because I have empathy. Better team because we know people who were taxing us and treat us today who said who we've known for years work. Who our listeners who are you know called concern themselves plus Jimmy who are worried about their family members. This is our country we want to march with few life or on your side. I'm not seen all sister white men are and trust me looking at those numbers I don't break down my people suck I get it right. I. I understand where your frustration comes from but. I guess it loses one person and are saying and then I assume that are probably controlling interest on. I. Sorry you feel better as a member of me LG BT community. I love you guys. Well lawyers say this radio stations a beacon of hope. Outside touch to tune you've been a huge advocate for our community. And we've made mistakes. I'd be the first to admit sure we have said things out of ignorance. Things or offensive things or people's feelings sure I like to think that when. People come to a decision you know what because this just happened you know let me say this this in this. And can come off as offensive and a lot of people use this term or that term and Mike. And there's really no way to kind of make that funny Anderson because we have that conversation allows a lie in the past might have been willing Dallas comes easily. Who really haven't but it's important that we realize that because as you start to. Segregate ourselves more you cause your cells. More issues. Can you say these problems are lying. Because I'm not black. That's an issue. These problems Miley I'm not black family game. These problems are monies I'm like damn only black. These problems are my because I'm only a woman I'm not Muslim. Is browse or Monica and another woman I'm a man. I'm a black man. These problems because I'm a white man when you start doing that that's how you end up with president trump. That's why you end up with a society that lacks empathy. And that's how you and over the society that thinks it's okay in the abstract to take eleven point five million people and move them out of a country regardless. Of how they Kelly Gardner feels when he goes to school that day that's why you wind up with the and magically painfully obvious. Not only to me as a white man. But do you as a member of whatever community you're. And when it's not. Not that obvious to you as not only a problem for me. But it's a problem for you. I. Right now is this person chilling as few white people don't suck to push. But I'm trying to make a point and I feel bad drivers and others realize what's happening. Q just talk I understand why people can look at those numbers last night and say you know what white men I'm done with you. But that doesn't help. I always seem to mean Republicans always moonlight on every Reagan split level ever want Republicans always among white men yeah. That white woman number we're shocking to me. I don't want when white women. You know when they were China sea last night that oh well what happened was we had a lot of voters who were elderly voters who were first time voters not unfamiliar young first time voters. Well into their adult years would never voted before never felt the need to come out vote and they are motivated to go vote for trump and I thought that does not. Explain. This map. What happened was a lot of people we know we said. I'm not voting from a Republican I'm not voting for trump may state they did they pulled the trigger cleaners. And so here you know. Your body is at a bar let's say you're gonna vote for you look around you lean and mean over this comes to. Stay automobiles to but you lean any sense I don't know what happened did happen. And women I understand lawyers care. You know see these stories about how women are now trying to see if they can get peace. You know what it would they called me and played to contraceptives he. I'm stadium relish whatever they call Lucent's IUDs sir. Wallace still covered because we don't know are these things can be covered in my economic and he'll be my birth control. By the way I would ask you this gentleman from. The community members so anger those are some of the didn't say white men. Shouldn't have a voice. Because they're not women were not subject to somebody sings well if the answer is if you want me to roll in hand. Put my feet Obama's desk and smoke a cigar and be like. President Trump's presidential maiming. I don't see how. That moves any of us forward. Because to be honest review that's the easy way out for a guy like me right. I want my kids live in that world. That's easy way out for my dad that's easy way out for some venture. President trump has president trump jump on the trump trying to get a bag laying Protestant and I don't care. Why care. So we don't like Jews hello June sort of like gays like gays are like blacks were black. So like yeah I'm a woman. I. But there are people. In the history of the world. Who have fought just like that. What do I care is not come for me. And and the history of the world. When people allow that to happen what do I care is not come informing. I chance at least is just. Mama took I think any time I've never ended up good. We are all. Part of something. ERG. Then the box that you put yourself in. And then larger thing. There's a human rights. And whether you are black and white male female Latino. Gays straight trans whatever box you put yourself in our people decided they need to put UN. White sister mail whatever that is. Whatever box you decide to put yourself red or whatever box people put UN. I think it's only right. That we stand together and try our best to make you happy. And tried to afford you the life. But you would like to live. And give you the opportunity to pursue your own happiness. A you don't want to help for me that's fine. But unfortunately you're still gonna get. We don't ha. What are you doing over the IA. In giving money. The Planned Parenthood. That person made me angry. Rather than just be angry about it. And saying Ethier understanding of the money. Yeah. It's one thing to say yeah. I'm trying to help. You know. I like to think that you and I mean. We're on the same team these people who are trying to fight with us. And that's an easy way to do it. And there are a lot and I understand you know my growth unless I should send stared. I don't know what's gonna happen in my going to do to get my birth control what's going to happen to. My rights I don't know it. It's certainly isn't the guy would have picked. But I'm not gonna sit there and say not my problem. Doesn't affect me it's not my problem is does absolutely affect me like you should we live in a society. From. Obama spoke today. About the results but of the young people. Who got into politics for the first time. And maybe disappointed by the results are just. I'm in my audio there. Well thanks trump. Let go. I know I did see last night that mom taught you were given money around him I knew that. And so it's like Montoya my text. New tax breaks here. I attach great. Yet you didn't you could yet its charitable. I got and that's one of the Scottish scientists is just so angry I'm good insurance. But I have been insurance. That's a season he's suing her and I know people talk about it. And how many women and men. Go to plan parent every day for wellness checks that are going there to get health care provided them because they may not have access to any other way. And that health care is provided to them at Planned Parenthood it's men and women go in the and it's things like that it's things like Planned Parenthood that are going to be marginalized or we're gonna say. Real labeled them. All over on this side against us as Republicans. And they're gonna suffer wrong and aside. That's a lot of people and get your joke that you voted for drunk. That well we can't really. Describe sarcasm over and over and over again unity unity you know. Do you get it played out. I. You're not. And I moved right. Bloom where all these people who say they're moving penalties. Well as I remember those variances god damn red as Kansas I mean out of the country owes people trying to move out of the country. It's not like doom tonight new radio there where went awhile ago you could go to Canada and do radiation can. And as an interesting choice because I was gonna say you can't I mean you got brags and he got France right no I mean that's gone through the same goddamn thing has a lot of new jingoistic nationalist. Stuff going on our own little world it's just not here initial incidents we'll see what happens. Well when you start talking about global politics. Held Germany's got its own issues now running. Yes. There are at a trump yet but they've you know. Cal lost her majority. Because she lied in Syria are trying to stray. I mean that's really drags it all I did was talk about how mental image. Brown people coming here you know London doesn't look like he used to. Was grounded incoming and that's our problem I thought the Canadian immigration and same thing last night was a joke but it was re. Somebody else's crash the Canadian immigration website this is not quite some. Joke it actually is crashed. From apparently people's interest there. Look I know you're upset but I'm still a big proponent. What are Obama Hussein is some reason I do get cut off but. Fixing. Changing. Make it better and don't run. She's taken here last little war. Yeah it's for the first time. And now. Instead of. I hate those offered a decent. Jonathan in Germany. So because when ago I think we need jobs don't pay very well. It's my job and us. Three Canadian passport ego which you get that. Craig's list. It's trending but shackles thing and other pockets. It was a surreal day it was an Atlanta today it was real I have I feel weird I had a guy come over to work on my house I'm trying to get my daughter's replacing him over. OK Dillon. You know I've been better is like yeah. Is that to be honest with you almost calls intelligent could make us again that last thing it was a rough night and sleep well since for speaking openly yes. They can I I I really just thought about calling united chilling. It's in the air now of course again we live in a bubble island and a pretty little liberal. Spot. Every time I look at a map I really is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. But is totally surreal. I see one more Bernie would've won. Shouldn't Bernie testimony. I'm not saying he wouldn't I don't know but doesn't matter now he's got a new president elect's. James Donald Trump. And I hope it is a follow through on. Most. Possibly any of his promises. Both find out. The question is. You get to the point researchers who solo. Basic and it's over some fixable and I agree with what you said earlier I don't think it's a fix. I think we'll get through this now it does scare me this is different does feel different. I think it's important to remind everyone that Mitt Romney. Was a plot I thought they qualified. Individuals and I mentioned John McCain a million sleep qualified individuals. Last night I was actually nervous. Falling asleep this morning I woke up feeling. This sense of uncertainty had never felt before when George Bush won I am I was sad about it. But I wasn't. Scared. I was bombed. Neither question half mile so we can talk about the slips of the tongue forever but. When we go from here what happens to the Democrats are bogus you Republicans are in now looks like Paul Ryan says. Trump is unified that you know what we're unified behind sharpen. Plus I think both parties change as a today both parties are changed. Aligned and say that but I had a your party's own truck right. Is the leader of the Republican Party and don't facto leader of the Republican Party and even if he loses in four years. You will be the last a lack did. President. Of the Republican Party you're Republican Party looks like Donald Trump there's no other way around. And I think to move Bruno I mean Bernie Sanders can't run again he's too old but I think each. I think. The future of Zulu is a Democratic Party probably looks closer to. Bernie Sanders and does. Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton and I. And I think am. I think those to be good finish. Them but I also think did. Wounds are countries. We view synch word. Divided now. One of the things I thought about as I watched that is the thought. Certainly crossed my mind is futile so this is such a divided country I thought to my so if you think we're divided now. You may not. Have seen anything yet really. I'm medium and half full. I was hoping that maybe if things to split up a little bit that we can find more common ground with each other set of justice read verses blue. Forget about the issues tribal missed all right Leslie Leslie and Paul Ryan your and villagers say here's some good compared to loomed ahead of democratic until the Republican Party is somewhat moderate right now. Not anymore. The last thing Paul Ryan needs is Donald Trump Berlin in his home state which we saw what happened yesterday. Tell everybody says this guy's a piece does resign. That is until all right. A fall under. Donald Trump's rule. If you already. Republican elected official right now because certainly he had no problem calling you out. On the campaign trail I think you have less of a problem as the president. I think is that SARS happen and you know there's always mean on the differs from say a shocker but there's always an equal and opposite reaction. I think that equal and opposite reaction will be exactly what you think it is. So many young.