Thursday, 5-14-20

Thursday, May 14th

*We had a breakthrough today! We've spent weeks debating and trying to understand the whole mask thing. Today, a real life doctor texted in explained everything. We feel smarter now and can't wait to share this new knowledge with anyone who will listen. *Headlines! The FBI took a republican senator's phone and we're freaking out FOR him. Trump thinks Fauci gives bad advice. Pfizer thinks they could be close to a vaccine. Would you volunteer to test a vaccine even if it could kill you? It was only a matter of time, Virtual Summer Camp is a thing and we don't love it. Matthew McConaughey has a message for America. *Grae Drake is on the phone and we chat about our shared reverence for Adam Sandler and Grae tells us everything we should be streaming this week. *If the FBI took your phone, what would you be worried about them finding? Slimfast admits something really embarrassing about himself and Lazlo gets so uncomfortable that he leaves. *Have a great day! Same time tomorrow?