Thursday, 7.23.20 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Thursday, July 23rd

It’s Thursday, and we’re still quarantined. Slimfast got the Rona and is still broadcasting from his couch studio. *Headlines! Planets to discuss. We’re big planet guys on this show.  Seattle is great at coming up with pro sports team names,  and DC might be the worst ever. Trump can remember up to five different things, for up to ten minutes at a time! Doctors have never seen intellect like it! Colorado says bars are gonna have to start closing earlier than Grandma’s bed time. Canadian CDC says it’s time to embrace the glory-hole! You’d have to be Donald Trump to recall all the other things we discussed today. *Thanks for listening. Until next time, stay away from Slimfast,  and don’t be an anti-masker

Miss you! The boys are back tomorrow!

Xoxo - @hartzell965