Monday, February 12th


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I meg we're known. Is looking at this. Story about the girl Outback Steakhouse did you see it now. So there's three questions and you worked in the service industry and share. I've I've whereas solace is Maureen. I always try to predict a current what what allows those take can be. I think we'll agree on this I'm curious OK so the whole thing starts with the volunteer from this Florida mega church it's called Christ fellowship. They calls Outback Steakhouse and they want to make this giant order 25 stakes 25 chickens and 25 potatoes. So back comes to seven iron 35 dollars. So the church volunteer. Goes to pick up its carry out. And it takes a long time to particular because it's a huge order. So old ten Amylin Yoder who was the outback employee who fulfilled the order chairs the one who brought out to decry how much wasn't. The total seven iron 35 dollar a lot. Tweet that sticks with such a strong point that it is. So she brings it out she said that it took a long time to. Ellis group trapped image she sure focused on Mac she was an able to go wait on other tables will shoes trying to get this or your morning. So she said that she's almost her entire shift trying to put together so. She goes out. Brings order to it is volunteer curbside curbside and they don't tip. So she gets angry attract and she posts on her personal FaceBook page. When she gets home. And she names as Christ fellowship church. Shares the same thing about outback specifically just as a job and Christ fellowship didn't temper okay. So then. Things spiraled for her because a friend of hers sees the post tells that she should take it down. Because the friend says having to get in trouble for this. Then the friend contacts and a white friend of this but the French contacts. Christ polish line would she do that I saw a friend no idea. And it was certainly different and the church called out back. They say they called outback because they wanted to correct things and give her technically and we're sorry that you can get a tip. We gonna make this right that's sorely stories sent okay. So. Outback more of the stories I read it said that she got a call from work and it holder and wanted to come into work and it was the next day. And she shows up and they fire. So a spokesperson for outback told the local news there that the company has a policy prohibiting employees from posting a social media about customers. Which I think makes sure that's the question is is it a fire bulls' offense she didn't name outback apparently by name in this in this post she did name the church. So. There's a couple questions here one do you tip for take out just to if you don't tip. Do you think you'll be okay for the person who waited on you to post on FaceBook about it and three Internet use post on FaceBook. And you don't. Or their employer doesn't like it. Should they get fired for these. Only if their employer doesn't like it. Yes yes yes. Yes he should you tip or take out yes and then. For people who say no if you say you don't tip for take out. First of all the employee isn't getting paid more because secure error soap. Presumably this personals and even making a charge. So whatever time they spent helping get the restaurant and order that bag right so that's the second thing is an order that they come on if you don't tip for carry out you would certainly tip I would hope. For seven Y and you may not tip on the old 1% you may sell Delano 0% even right. To carry out or they didn't have to come and re filtering right on our lot but. It's she spent time tri national authority says she spent her whole ships are primate and lord that now imaginative huge. And then. If you saw someone post on FaceBook. About you even a crappy tips and lessons and let the crap tipped them. Do you think has you fired four and you said only if their employer in the position where we have an I mean Howard in the service industry for so long that I know if you complain about tipping. Does judgment you're fired but some of these headlines it seems like Portland way to many people in too many restaurants from people lost a dollar million into more than me. The amendment is from umpire may launch true. Restaurants is substantially June passed a horrible offense right. Yes if you tell somebody where you just know that going in like you can't you can't complain about tips. Yeah I eighty unique I mean you can't blame you can't blame onto the people are well on FaceBook using their names. A lot of the headlines for the story made it sound like they thought it was an outrage that she got fired you know. I'm fired for V eighteen online you know fired for just making a post on FaceBook. 735 dollar gets no tips hasn't been our FaceBook and gets fired you know an NEC. Kind of how some of these different people have takes a listen to seems like they think it's ridiculous run as she got fired when she might do you think it's time. We'll such a fired okay I'm saying that I do know going and it doesn't fit edit. If you're gonna complain about tips there's a chance in any election but the policy about FaceBook is the thing that I feel like. FaceBook has been popular now long enough that people should understand. If you post something on FaceBook about being a ballgame when you called in sick if you post him up they spoke about how your boss is a deuce back. All those things I think you can get in trouble for absolutely why can't you let my question is why didn't they auto granite cuts and and 750. Dollar charge it and it would just on the ground right I do they don't have that policy outback but I'm sure they can make it no matter is Ontario I. I mean maybe she's not allowed to run it through the computer that way I don't know maybe. Obviously we don't know manager should've done that we don't do for carry on managers shouldn't say this is it's 750 dollar thing you're gonna. Spend your whole shift doing just there's an opinion of any tables legislature taking care we're gonna autograph and a 15%. Agreed. A manager should handle that. Solves a lot of those problems and a lot of people complain immeasurable amounts and Angela make up on who cares make it up. That any order over 600 dollars or right of 15%. And then and fellowship church of Christ only paid a 15% of deliberately do not eroded. We would have to Jewish 25 while you know was anomaly via. Maybe you would have a take my chances. Like buying insurance at the blackjack table you know I've moved. Amount and I'm annoyed me for fifteen right now. But that it deposed he counsels from media the fact that people still. I did don't get this is some people defending that you should be allowed to go online and think it's your private FaceBook page. What is it private look I probably see the school's policy and just guessing most people's Facebook's the majority of the Motley private I can go on their front look you're putting online. If an employee says something racist on their FaceBook can you fired them much. Yes I think you can and can't you know some people say no you can't it's free speech and didn't do their work and yes but the employer should have a right to say look this person has high risk this person is is is a racist on their FaceBook page a I don't wanna employ someone who might say something like that two other co worker or a customer of I don't wanna employ that person. I think he should have that right. Debt and if some were saying there is you cannot autograph and Kansas I don't know where this took his place Florida I think but. I know you can good well he should go to and I worked will our senator. I know you can do it there but even if you can't ads from whatever the case should be either you autograph that is 15% or. The manager and sewer. Almost Palm Beach Palm Beach Gardens the manager handles in order. Okay but for the people who there are some people who do carry out specifically so they don't have to tip. I would say you still need to tip but maybe you don't have to tip the full if it doesn't make sense that you would. Tip the same as someone who's bringing a good racetrack import it takes some I have to bring on your stuff I get that. But he's still got to take something because that person is it getting paid. Right there on wage but it's still all based on tips. Iso. But. Just the postings apostles of media I didn't know if you would say no now they should know you're saying that they probably shouldn't have fired her. It could've yeah I would know fired her. If I was a manager I wouldn't even broader. I may have brought it up amend my day. If corporate users are gonna make her lack you don't do that stuff right. But. I wouldn't fire if I was a manager. She's as I got upset posted a post on FaceBook about the church not leaving. A tip. Prom. Coming in TER take out you should automatically be wanting to tip 15% she said from their you either go up or go down based on service. Okay. Finally that. If they took 10%. Jump on with that too. I'm sort of five bucks but guys you if you start and finally if you have an order that they you have to tip on so many a lot of work yes. To just upon. You and your church you pay taxes that's true tale. But we're reworked don't call social media talk about customers. Should call this customer out by name essentially by saying it was you know from his church run. You can do it just know there may be repercussions. Yes like you can I've worked in places where beer again Primeau left a dollar and a waitress is dominated in his more than me taken really. And sometimes your manager thinks it's funny and sometimes it doesn't. She says she hardly know one time only Muster a two dollar bill. Own that he can shoot a surgeon I know she said you know I asked and a small loss for quite some time you know don't make use anymore the worst something don't spend them. And a draw a reflection data returned us. Once he took me in Eminem's I can't spend those lives and throwback better who is you get in trouble. Like come on man. But two dollar bill. Just take it. What good does it duties. Yeah Eleanor I take a two dollar bill.