Tom Hanks Game

Tuesday, November 21st


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We down we. Good shout things are Gretchen Carlson. Good interview we should re airing that tomorrow Paula on a minute earlier anonymous it was on after 81 call on and it. I gotta read this text from the time I got he's so angry again you know it's it and it goes back to what we talked earlier about the text finding a window into your soul sometimes. When we talk about things in the show is there's a myself as a moron. And it's absurd and we say things are clearly obviously not true all the time for the effect of camera sometimes he'll also have a I don't know a opinions that may differ from Blair but the best thing is the tax fund reflects. Yourself more than anything and it's always interesting when you're talking about something I mean as were playing George Michael underneath and being completely innocuous and laughing about Ben applicants bad man. We get a text that says you guys talk about DC comics and movies like you guys actually know anything. Been Catholic is a great actor and director he's the closest to the Batman comic books we've had to go read a comic book before you start talking past. All while what's area code 901 of that Massachusetts I think that's been happily texting a sand. I. Area council and a Memphis Tennessee. Are very Memphis. You know about Memphis it. Janice. My friends from Minneapolis they're out. They were sequestered in Memphis oh hold steady holds any. You might as well throughout avenue Ben Napoli fans yeah organ what are Casey out Flickr widget grab what you are you're gonna Affleck brother for sheer. At last we have a few Alice Murton to disbursement are out Smart and playing. At the record our two nights if you would like to get 5767 lines are spot. And only then you dollar joint way ticket. But that such a weird thing to get defensive about yeah Napoli his DC you live DCU movies have been trash. Ben Affleck and you're thinking about sonics' owners are reading includes Weezer intelligence you. This makes me feel like baffling is even more trash because of your defense of him. Let's who designs the online movie like eight that's like it's like I think they're defending comic but if that it now there to have Jimenez like that is great at bat and he's a great director and a great actor secure a little both. Come out of the way visit and held her acts. Elated they did nightfall to neon green this is a man on the way to they brought Bain into the Batman series it's terrible. Let Owen because nightfall was a let our hair had men comic and like I feel why now cop if you if you are eager if you wanna talk about comic books again I it was a lonely teenager that's fine. I this is where you crazy person bad apple fan. And visit Ben Affleck come on in an act like DE SI. Sorry how does saying sorry we're using somebody who you liked as upon us as a punching bag we tend to punch up that parents. He sucks we don't punch down here can only only conjure up when we do to get to sit. While she wishes she definitely. Punched out of bounds well we're punch we punch up the benefits of their talk right. Hell he's hired Terry I feel like of ischemic fun event Africa Cameroon has ramped up who cares like as cranky that's like he taught you how Dan how am I I could talk about average for not for five minutes of your own music acts manifest. Come see me I had agreed chicken Memphis Memphis Nashville Nashville and amp Nashville. Who get a handle I heard that. Keyboard the end. You're gonna keyboard at the end. And now a lanky good keyword. Slide. Well at the target is mark what's the term. We Jana hand down ego or Blake. We call that. A rule that viral. You know and now this in the. Read and I think that was think editorial board that's electric piano going green arrow at the very end sound like they may have they get top know that's an elected kubert. That's a guitar. Right there in that the variants a keyboard. He says hi art happens. It's a guitar part of our that I was sorry I was against our eyes and you vote. Right there that me now. You're in that series like this is is that important. Territory there is hard now there are that are is that Saturday morning at the end I was a lot horns. It's always nice to see Amanda Lorenz. You know I like him. Needs to pierce takes out his horn yes committee put it agreed that is my favorite song idea is. When pierce plays as sex. That's hot. Anyway which are very attacks on both and a here at Saks signing bonus time in half. Iron and I have lightened. Yeah why you know you have a lion attacks on now I don't have a favorite title I have a favorite tax on I hinges on the house and I yeah I can't I just wanna play an apparent sex work. Some incidence and or again. It does sound like an Oregon Oregon Coast Guard organ and keyboard. It's same thing I urge to keyboard was up elect or piano and organ sound right now done in enabled them all right now. They are unfair attacks. Please can you name when he sacked songs now you manage any I can't step in depth and what you think units. And Kenny G and gas something that's an easy. Mark as a parent as a player he didn't pay some with. Come on guys. Carelessness for your right number one an exact science. Hey TNT I needed feel like Hillary they call ram ram ram random. And and and think my god and nick I'm just gonna see him as the George Michael for second George Michael. Boom. Me. There needs to be hold music again it's just far. George Michael's careless whisper. That's not it was pretty goddamn. I got careless whisper for some reason confusing baker street for so long ago he did and now I don't know why. I don't know I air. I. I'd Tom Hanks it but you I. I don't India now lives our timeouts acts. Hole as if any sacks isn't Tom prisoners I know piano I mean Tom Hanks series and over again on something's been. Okay and you were in India us and Pakistan and I have my timer to a new name too funny Tom Hanks movies in cnet's. Vowed to the I'll let you do it together into let me get. That Tom Hanks movies that. I'm gonna write it down. It is like in so right there no I don't blame them beforehand on an element of orbit during an REM outlook dot Dolan cannot be happy to announce that. As an homage electronics open. Yelling Tom Hanks. Now I like diamonds and this yeah like I ask all those winds are making a nugget of movies but I know several isn't bright anti added ten. They each and Dana as you writing down or you're Gino I'm writing once if you were Isaacson and aids. Nine you really need to number he enters a write it down or are are you guys ready yeah my timers starting. Out there road to perdition you've got mail you've done announced early adolescence Nancy was. Green mile green now via. To oversee the volcano. Okay. Big yeah fours yeah for more than gaga bachelor party hi my guy classic Tom Hanks force them. You're he did for us don't know I know is trained him twice seconds passed away castaway yet. Terminal or is it was at a terminal the term very good is that terminal area of terminal. There's the one about the bridge to nowhere despised bridge. You know talking about that he's the guy is the spy is a regular businessman. Kensington Bridgestone you know there. Believe that's that. Now the time Princeton or Orange County but now that the science is sound. You're a man and I've Iran very yes first is our leader and Harry and thanks. Is always going back about art art you know is it could turn our marriage are gay entertainers. And it's an and it's and it's. How high gas cot. You can do it. Canadian and appearances he's slumping Jerel and a well on her eyebrows last. What thing doesn't oasis famous toy Syria. Once you enter it yes. For. Toy Story houses like the record and it's Taylor I just did a video. And a president my first music the end. And Tom Hanks is the carriage. Ali there around there in the room. He Leonardo DiCaprio. Titanic deputy camp he has judgment he Tom Hanks and is that like that. I think no way to get a date with somebody really I had some racism Titanic are now did enter into an Arab and they say no it was a fair bit today and plunged the country or six and it's not. Nine. 101112. There's contingencies and seventeen. Eighteen if you are counting 12 and three it's a surge and I guess I am I know I think I can do that that's not fair to count it doesn't count rising why Danny leads in Larry. He didn't you say you're cheating that way now yes now you're just jealous jealous yeah. Yeah yeah. I'm not counting legendary Siri why he was Bridget spot is exactly your body mass. Captain Phillips. Volleying Saleh ally Toy Story that appeared different times on image he gets when he won that once you're entering an area here Ed so it's up here multiple times that's a tough one we're on the Charlie Wilson's war Charlie Wilson's war he now you're here now with the lady tailors the polar express how do you forget the other one JO I. Thanks to god. Aria what is bad hair that eventually found a way he did have banned there and that they're doing those. There are she didn't she come here and angels and demons and Vinci. Herbs. The birds gotta have I can't believe you pulled Joseph vs an intern marriage Larry Brown in bachelor party chair of he's been a lot of movies he has his prolific yeah. But I don't think that that's. What happened. Our big been a staple for it to bottle so that central Brooklyn mixed up on Monday. But they've lived thousands also lose bookings are talking it's a tough but I spend in any dog won't. Because it remains on every three months. I'm persons toward space rock called abdominal quasi. Second we should put. They got to ask too about the way. Money debt. Money has the money spent on anything that you guys do it to Israel wanted to remind its allies would do donuts unless you get plenty Brad Pitt movies. Okay two minutes. Why do I have to he has at saying no we're just negative thing visit Gaza we've had a Tom hangs on now we're gonna see the cascading effect. And so as the media of people doing this with different celebrities Omare Lowe get ahead of the curve I answer those I go ahead and put two minutes on the George Michael Clark line now. And go. Money ball fight clap. Are you writing these down yeah. The one where you're old mignon Benjamin button. Yes Thelma Emily is. Seven and mr. or mrs. black. Played that was Coppola. With Angelina Jolie and that's where he left his life. He. Sonim what so lying last name. Smith his services that what's the mine wins and I. Hollow crap what's his name Sundance. Robert Redford yes he's a spy. Alia or our expertise as Indy is the assets such a hot move me back. Am like I want to zero hour and hurt and Bradley have struggled in his late AT&T needs there opposed. He MI why is the name of that movie something about spies. You're helping me at all. Right wells is Brad Pitt and so they announce. That I'll you is in the crap. Money burning. Burned burned. Burn something burn it to burn notice reading burn an hour meeting. Glorious bastards. Tiny area. Ocean's eleven. Ocean's eleven I was well I was 38. Short days I mean. It's my game by game by game that movie itself. And the guys are interview vampire. And meet Joe Black. They testing mr. box. I'll answer it now that let us now with Clinton. True romance. You know. It's in danger Orlando is Floyd in your romance is still have the Mexican Indian. I don't know there's a market is games. And time. How maniac on Tuesday. That yeah 111213. 1415. And did you count all the hours since the last mounted audio lessons for I don't believe me I did I did what are we missing. And. Rewards sea world or Zaid. That's the house I think. Brad Pitt and if I could see the cover but I couldn't see the name of the moon. Sure I war machine Droid. That's when you money now you got ally. And injuries he's Benjamin snatch theory that was three Legends of the Fall. I know uses that same season I am happy feet burn after aiming at that I was in twelve here's a slave which is we're seven years to bat that ball. That's so I was not know battles and otherwise in the Mexican he has a full frontal did you give me the next night in New Mexico. Sleepers. Even sleepers that doubles now he's in your own hands mega mind cool sold five email ocean's twelve California artist. A River Runs Through It. He's in the department disown anointed. Okay is this surreal movie title. Two fisted tales this kid half starring Brad Pitt. Confessions of a dangerous mind. And so it's Susan easing can cast him. Right now we do Matt Damon. Or is that enough. I don't know how about ten Ben Affleck movies okay ten after ten minutes on the clock ten Ben Affleck movies now got bad man. It. It's the one where they. The wall worries dry he's you count and they haven't met the so bad that a big talent and. Dolan mandate ahead. Nor they have thereafter accomplished Heidi like them out both. Martin held meetings are not fed. Oh my god why can't they movies. People. Like to do with the dear Robert Williams. Robert Williams yeah. Are not brought her items went rocket science broccoli and what have you collected visit here. The town the town is good they are ridiculous and guerrilla what is that doing an excellent. There hot I'll get hunting and on Good Will Hunting and on. Pearl Harbor. And Pearl Harbor it's an open up an excellent for you right there. Is that was during the summer of Affleck and there was there was even more was in the NAJ lo many Al he was in dock amount dogma. James around the high. The half the paycheck it's. A daredevil. And daredevil daredevil also Armageddon would have counted I don't. Are we Pearl Harbor chasing any covers the Kevin Smith did you have basically any cancer and this is a fun game was to pay a lot of fine. To Jorge Blanco. Seeing that money do that was written. Erica Nancy amazing too obvious gap you must do his being an environment. Not Steve. What was the in his name in. And Hogan and Albanians. He's young player this is easily the worst bout me. Am can I say that officially and I've never seen is not banned anymore right or is he was that the Justice League Manny and it was a terrible action aids is give that man arrests terminate its it's facing you give like to DC universe arrest is an hour I disagree I hours lob. You know then you know you liked X-Men out so. New DC person should be slash the slash that they have is. Us. They need someone finally we need a break from comic book movies now I like Thor was fine. And I enjoyed it just easily made me. Because you know. He was also in a movie called glory days Jason and I've gone girl terrorizing her own Jersey are also comes did you ever see Floyd I didn't know using the word yeah and so was Matt Damon. That was the first movie Matt Damon was then financed by a Weinstein. Trying to inspire with friends I like dorm Daze he's dorm Daze Gloria. Is the one that was featuring. To hang yeah. I can't remember her ailment. I just know that it's you can target and something kind of is that we can't let him right now three weekends are about anything over George Michael careless whisper it doesn't matter what it is I released the trifecta worked yet another Houston. Feel very. The buildings Affleck. But he was an unfriendly and member of the cast as a fans in Fenway Park. He's a million times better including Chalmers disagree. Kilmer yeah I'm learning now. Kilmer was a better bat man as does George Clooney. Michael you need is Batman till now Clooney got a bad shape man he got Schumaker making those movies. And it was just so he's the worst that man slam it was like it who Clooney now how it yet is the worst. The terror make a funny voice. He does do funny nice try is even like the joke he came Boston joke that. These Greg just like that Catholics god damn much grade they should've made him more of a bad this likable character in the movies and it would have played the benefits straight. But being a do because it's a funny lines and I was like what's your superior you know what cheer. Superhero or straight whatever you think I'm rich. I would any like if Tony Stark said that that would be Larry O'Brien Robert manager or engineer Robert Downey junior makes that. God damn hilarious I'll meet a rich I'm rich yeah baffling ball ball ball ball ball well and that's going to be suddenly Ben Affleck because like. No Mike CO he's bizarre how bright he is bizarre row. What's McCaw. Who's the guy Tony Stark Robert Downey junior fight I'll whenever robber data used has been applicants same people it's been on him. Doesn't matter whether they're both tables bit. Doubt there's any junior's south signing. As like a ball down. But he's up there's nothing like a law about that AFLAC. He doesn't have that quality and I wish we worked in LA and New York so we can just trash these people on a 100000 watt steak and a get back to them. So they can just hear our inane babble. About how marriage act and I spit on your Catholic book and your brother to the that's not a big fan on your Brothers that that's.