Toto Covers

Tuesday, May 29th


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You think that morning guys names invented tee and it yeah. Back back markets here aren't. And mark has a little something for. Little thought aside and suck some he said you might get. We are now. Or maybe sell you down if you don't now now you now that Danny. You know they're coming this summer yes across her marks. You should be there yes. We either just dead aside and just released a new stuff and yes and they're covering toda yes are you ready to hear this. I am ready Merck says that the debt and let's say I've got it right here are you ready gas here is Louise there. Their latest release covering Canada. This is Africa. Round and round. I loved. Can that sounds exactly they joke if it doesn't sound like Weezer at all yeah. Pica. Obviously you don't dog does this includes some of the best of -- were you with its do you started it was a little. Only good for me but do you know what they'll lose baby way to start at all make you know the countries involved. At the end idea that I got to says that no for me to. Really that's an overly dogs out and out like if you're gonna do it's and you're gonna do Toto like. You're gonna like I uses candy tell us how to bet you have did you turn out as terror because it's that good I would've loved to have heard more guitar is playing the parts you know who doesn't income. In lab but I'm down relying can I about it I bet alert. It's don't think that's gasoline they didn't pop punk version. I just quit Danny I think that would be awful idea what I want them to do the same Casey I just wanna hear like the guitar is due to an incident. Did you like play now that everybody knows that. It's such a great track it's that I'd love for sure I love that song to see Weezer do that lies they've got to do it examined him. Wow yeah I'm a soccer for cover as. Now some covers I like because they sound nothing like. And sound you just have to pay homage. Tiptoed out I had this image is saying I'm not disagree that you know what I'm saying is like that song is so bad. One ear they're relying K okay just for kicks again and I feel like I'm gonna hate but are lying came version Africa. I just feel like I'm gonna hit their should not be a pop punk version of Africa. I I I okay and I don't even know who the lead singer is for John mountain. Rivers Cuomo sounds Miramax like capture very very very much like nuts not know denial about it and I just thought there was it has been like five years and that pulls. Sorry this is. Relying pays version. Of Africans I got him anyway yeah. I remained out. I'm very I'm I'm. You know it on the Holloway there. Storyline Cain surge in Hamburg I was snow much better same goddamn now winning Qaeda did what nail. We're again. Yeah I mean this is no. The same got campaign. That I missed the jump here. Yeah before bad. Cali now that the labor and Weezer are okay that's fine Weezer didn't Roseanne. Let's hear it. We Weezer did some Toto Rosanna I wanna hear Weezer euros and it's still out. Wal-Mart I'm not quite ordinary. Yeah. Let's get over it. She. Songs through that there can. I'm not gonna make business. From a careful about it. I three don't. I went on LO UI blog AOL has ruled seal on Iran and Al. The Weezer Dowayne. Photo I getting in man that's I'm Rosanna and I was reading about it and apparently. That whole Rosanna antenna thing as a joke is a joke. As someone else wrote it. But at that time she was dating the keyboardist. Toda from Chatham and it seemed like the overlap with there so they display Lance it's Rosanna Arquette and she apparently along with sad joke ally. Passage out to help sell great records yeah I don't know that. That's sure that anyway there's your cover segment I ever. It this morning heavier breezes cesium Byron now under that is the delegate is now apparently was Suzanne and and other matters is that song called she's in now and Brad are wherever I Africa and Rosanne now. How is good for me a creature GAAP Garrick a lock away our our.