Monday, April 16th


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That's minus the bear with the invisible off avoid insect came out last year and I'm sure know Casey dates. So I think about that mean to me. Stink pot. Got to play these guys more I agree I thought the new album was really gets you were in the latest you know I do mural over here or doing anything. I am a big fan. Anyway my name's Patrick. And we haven't Imus and a probably not a concert tickets this week it's NASA we actually is next week as a mother so out. How about we trade Aga what do you say 5767965. Tuesday this is next week not this. This week is kind of not much going on Tuesday. Next week at Providence medical senators Jack why. Oh does is it Wednesday. At Providence medical center lured hero is at the Midland on a Wednesday between fans. Just how bad manners at the Madrid. Thursday that 26 and you got two shows going on Friday night. Vance stories at the Midland Miriam hills at the Truman. And Saturday Franz Ferdinand is also playing the term that's all next week it's a very very busy weeks out. You want tickets. What you want tickets to. I'll trade you. I thought this might be a good idea today. But. Maybe not I'm alone we are today and we'll find out. Pray you never does that hurt when. And I find it I've found. It'll bat yeah estimates are about a man and his story that made me smile. Aren't they great and we had a man appearing today. I think your gut and so. Care and it. It was a matter of faith. Went around their face. Nothing. Sometimes around her face alone in ten. I wasn't smiling all day. And then I saw a story about caring mark making entering this you her dad trimming now and go there. Now I can't say it makes me wanna puke. Q any other idea. Content area. Main goal line. You another artist is another. You know captain during that my drink like four things. Yeah trail savage radio and coming up some and I carry android's face his fifth day I like relates to mark what. She's more than that and that's what the Everest platinum hunt would last night her legs why legs. I want carries legs or something I don't know it's just nice place. Yeah I was asking is something afoot I think is carrion it's okay great and then and then. Very angry if you're heading and then in. RA blew the bad as. Hi. Yes we'll treaty of which tickets do you want. Why McCain and what you have to treat. Oh. Yeah. OK let me clarify. We don't really take anything of value we don't want life. Something important or they cost a lot rates we liked. Garbage trades I use them all the time for instance I got a rebounder that I love you mean it's basically somebody's trash. Tonight treasure and B nine treasure could be we like to find out what you have that is valuable to you that is not value a ball ray you know saying there's a pizza costs and Marco upon immediately transfer speeds are casting him in now. Mostly trees I traded for a boomerang I've been watching Atlanta they traded for our samurai sword. To a papal. Two will eventually went fights the in the money but they were trading up to its all about trades are. What you have to drain and also the style Durbin the paper clip guy. Yes he started with a one paper clip rate. He started trading up against Imani yeah I have a ton of money were not exactly looking for an hour and a half irony we're looking for something than usual probably. And nothing worth a lot of value in the way cheaper. To train and then to bock and survive that battle the point right yeah so we will be trading in those are some examples that we trade for. 576796. Rival of the badges. Roll and I used this. They didn't Michelle area that we're doing really good machine or yeah. I'm sure hey I'm about to go to class but cannot tell you about. I understand that there's now. I love I feel you why is it that you're looking for what tickets. That's why a Jack tackle OK woody at a trade show. I've got a couple that are not. Like options yes com that I had. I gave you heard from me before radio and mare I remembered. I had thunder and the last thunder. At. He's got themselves aren't a good cool drop it like Ngo but it's not currently inside instead it got light. They equally cool like cool colored it opt them all I hit the fact but if you don't wanna under which is really cool should. I'm Google imaging thunder are great now does it do some things a year nude is that lake at Kristall. I assault plan. But the idea yet it it it doesn't entirely get by without it it can't let it it would says. You can really get we'll get stuck. Oh I see it out and noticed under again as you do get yea you've seen at Google image. Does that have. Is the inside pretty. Yeah I actually picture and I expect the but it wet age from a while ago that malaria Abkhazia outlet. Here's my thunder race here here's what it's under. I miss and I don't know how I miss that this hour is in the thunder eighties he really is huge he pleases same item again I'd open where he said no to the thunder angry. Yeah and what of orbit it was. Hard. I'm don't ganged up on a light blue perfume at one point out there is. Rarely do you. Leg got got it. To do that to you. I actually bought it has played against them from that for a so. Obviously you can't. Woods a little tiny land locked yeah. What. About all right at the polls it's. Yeah Jesus would she be willing combo vote. What Carlyle knows he'll do the perfume and the thunder rag. Ricky in the under reg Kelly I bring yet did you Michelle Williams. You just got rid of the thunder and you miss. And marry my dad lives Iraq. Are you taking both of them. Mark singing the I want the I want to Iraq I don't want to purview violent Iraq Iran under I Leon Sullivan of my body givers and the you know I know ET and do that CB GM just saying nobody bats that we can pass them under your. Is it common see you. He we split the thunder rag. No it might all think I bring you guys are rock side. I. Aaron. Dale is the kind of bailout rocks I got under way we need a thunder and the warm point seven ounces of support dividend dolce and gabbana perfume right. Enron's. An extra rock of your choice yes pleased that they are all happy. All bringing out bomb at one all or is thank you Bruins own a thunder yeah. We won't be disappointed at. Already we're fighting over the thunder. I mean I'm telling I can't wait to receive the thunder rag once you bring the items we will trade you for the tickets. Are there are. Though fast on earth. Michelle is pretty awesome those she's really funny she's. Plus the bats. Our our current or are okay is this. Might have Sonia. And warn you repeat. Tanya with the T Tonya. Tower right. Tinier Chandler now. Aren't worried that there are whenever there are regulated their ears Tonya Tonya Tonya Tonya Harding we it's tickets would you like. Hillary. Danced. At the Midland Saturday and Saturday I tell you where Hatcher made. I can make you any value or any record anything. Any sticker MED shall we not do we get copies how many can we yet. I don't care radio are I have no idea what kind of stickers are am and. I haven't identity battle you know I can make seek out for the back your car right in late bumper stickers like it may get. Are your why call. Unlike a. Like instead I don't you know on doing it detailed that'll stick on the long you think and act BT now. Can you do that. Yeah I had a little here. Has announced that. That's their house making it sticker you like what you may be beside the earth how do you make of year old DJ. I science. As they aren't. I wouldn't. You know probably do it either their ranking. And our web site as I was looking for object or in the Iowa. You can do anything you are. I don't really know what I would do with a sticker I've always wanted to merchant have never gotten in the here so okay well comments are urged do you wanna. Yeah born here or me or other. I don't the Austrians. Or is that this right. We got to go to the lab with a pen and pad and. You can you let you know how many stickers Eugenia. Just detainees diggers a lot. Being I don't know what would ten record get a free and it's. Tends to enter its more sneakers and I've ever had. You're gay that you seniors. And me as you well I have an idea can I do pictures of Danny and I think the ten pictures of men. It's. He do a photo examining. Mind heart cut vital. Why aren't. My aunt honey I don't like a lot of stuff he can't do math media. Who. It's idea I don't want ten acres you can Hamptons figure how many Dolan has the irony. We're passing on his fingers sorry. We sack. I want more urgency. Can't that is. How well. We need. I'm not move more uncomfortable court is working and I'm yanking you know do you Monday and or at. I would let that they're part act. One network in the middle of the night. And I looked over. Well early ninety and it's really not easy to listen to us that preceded it off a lot of inherit. All were on were. I got all kinds of tickets next week's a busy week are you ready. In order of appearance Jack light O does lured here on Chicago man man bands joy. Or. I'll wait Miriam hill or Franz Ferdinand that's all next week. Why Jack play that's a good line Carey Jessica what do you have to trade. Okay so I don't I heard a peep out that I got in a butter and jelly out. Which in separate there one thing about her one jelly. OK we have did you that's. What's Isaac the dean of butter and jelly customs. One aren't at all. One's eyes of these old men to die die and I'm Jessica kidnapped and jaguar. Lipstick Ed in the off early feature that they're. Got app market out there. Okay the niceties first base any don't ask you if you want to your you had me at peanut butter and jelly Gaza are. Larger variety. Right are. Mark and captured more. You know take Tina matter jelly. Law. Which is how you run into just like red GM. Congratulations magnitude congratulations.