Wednesday, September 14th


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We're making new friends and family excited tractor social mr. and how our guys so good today. She began. I we're already like best for its IL AQ I think we've known each other for years at this point I know I mean maybe ten minutes will we do. Love you from the deck don't you give us we get decent boulevard we. Yeah they eagle eye Braly did not got coffee he gave me peanut butter I mean cheneys well. And you Marty talk Star Wars with heart all high clay school. It's on it's on we're we're doing FaceBook live as well slithering on conceit is for doing on the buzz page and you got to dig on your. So to me are black double this thing is he double twisting when an iPad and iPhone. Whole lot of tech now don't have an escalation. So I have to I don't know nothing about you guys I don't know that. Bit of a resurgent but downloading Kansas knows anything about it have you ever played here and here places does it. We have. Not been here before now it's your first time. You think I think so I already know. Aside I think you are purposely not mentioning that he says we did here where. Our sound guy and the highly and he added and we are unsure when I was OK you know. Great sound guys and great bartenders are you happy but I love the city del. That killer records still are and I had some amazing by the sliced pizza idly we'd like a couple minutes talk around. Some I guess you went to mills record company which is on my shirt today and Joes those are those are gonna be the two things I think it was Jose del has done little windows you're in Westport welcome. You've you've officially made it in Kansas City good. We Nutten memory who loot that they include the summit. Reminding the behest the summit yeah and that was bull. It was his dad came up onstage without harmonic and just nine shredded on one in my socks that we have gates and I remember that nice yeah. It all runs together after a while yeah they're. Yeah form that many memories. On tour how have you guys been together gimme back story OK so man I met in college. In 2008. We started the band at a school end of 2011 were coming up on five years that we've been a ban. But. You know we've been growing in changed shape taking on new members. Lou we like three years ago patching. Two nephews go Ben. Is it's still Ben is our brand new line. Well I mean I. You think you stand like you're still on trial period them I didn't really run out any of this. Back that's all the social media accounts right now so I could just take this thing down the. A big scare a guy. I need and it's only in the band and yes you know just appear basically yank on average I'd say down there. And now all are we on illegally working with a label but. Independence. Ericsson and you know do it on things is trying to make it work. We have put out cuddly peas and as of about a month ago we got our first full length now bloom thanks we've been touring for a couple years and just started. Doing solar powered touring. Which is like our. Kind of like. You know the thing we geek out on is sustainability. And and clean energy and and we got this solar trailer that powers our own sound system and our own lights and we can throw solar powered shows like anywhere we we won a senate Frankie and a dash it's been a blast him into any country be doing solar powered shows and you know meeting us and people like you guys and we're just having a blast. And that's what I have been researching a little bit about how you guys tank came to be this sustainable. End I mean you're only one that I've ever heard of that tourism we you're owned solar powered everything. You did this setup I think you could set up right now in finishing our. Way that's right we know we can have a shot only limiting factor eight is getting the cops called on us hey I'm I'm we normally satellite asked people Ferguson now. Just to avoid that but and started that you guys go to school for a minute and I were doing environmental analysis in college yeah. And and we met basically through our classes studying sustainability and and you know the environmental problems our generation is gonna have to deal with in the solutions. That we can use and and those have been things since basically day one when we formed the band that we agree on. We wanted to use. Iron armies he can our our energy to do right is to. Support and promote sustainability. Q I work. Oh yeah we've done a couple we got a few things with it. We actually through a whole solar power festival in LA. And this year and that thousands of blast and you know now I've whoever go where we get into diesel car shows and meet other you know kind of meet. People everywhere we go who are and stood back and I think yeah China check out the movement strengthen and encourage people there to keep learning about that. That's awesome I I mean I never a lot of unhappy and they've Manning and feel bad now and you're. Look at me they are helping us. I'm daily news yeah I didn't feel that I that I have my own eyes you. That we is elegant again I feel like I need to run home and turn off all the lights if I didn't go far left do you let illegal like I. Don't ask me about now now now. You cannot highlight item. I bar hey no big you know. We just gonna become conscious. You know eyes generation and and just keep fighting one thing at a time men. You know do the best weekend night he also that we found. You guys this. Yeah isn't clear attacking detractors social not playing anywhere in town to I just passing through but we have to be back at Zamboni dec. We're gonna make that happen we're gonna get more than just the sound guy and a bartender I guess I'm at least two other people have hard on myself will be back. We go again. Yeah she got right now but I have a feeling. More English and I. We have the solar array now sell doing insulin our show here would be amazing and you say you're gonna talk to boulevard about goodness and Mimi the first solidarity over there we hear NAS and solar panel. I think now would be awesome yeah I didn't realize turtles coming to they have some solar panels on the boulevard bring. Companies like actually on the building and we had to be in our friend Jimmy dinner. Brother isn't solar hated it let's listen rock and roll guys with a good car. They anyone else listening to in Kansas City if you got a place. You know where you think he could rock show outside without. You know bothering anybody. You should let us know because we'll come back in we'll be looking for someone to set up and throw little festival dying in car that's awesome yeah. We give them a little bit of a snippet and a little treat asked who or what you guys sound like OK you got some instruments which I free to play for a well let's do. Fun in my own which is after she released from this falling thousand. We do anything to sit here today nice. You know. Is not equipped album sounds like but it's it's the I mean version it is what we can feed in the room merely. Is this video with a jello. Is this the end Nvidia which when is that so that is sunshine OK we're to talk about than a minute you. When something forming after watching. There about a but I am saying I wanna hear what she got forming Miller is this I got. We have the video for this song with a high school marching band and we actually recorded with bandit we met in Colorado Springs on tour and he a couple of years ago we met him in and written a song in. Became an ass this idea of two recording the band in doing this collaboration is absolute blast playing these kids think it later this on this song and if you look at a fun in my match after socialist is the idea. And that how B drive he would seek easy version. Check her social life and sporting KCC has try to rebel my bring company on the bus. Lying if it is done in. Are alone. But I know that I can Mayhew the frying. Kind month about them please hold. Is no one's gonna save me this time no god is saying. Am I alone. This is no way. Is fine. RAM fine on my diet. Whom. I need this fuel me up on Sundays ten did you know. Start showed anger we have gone on this I can Mike comes lose my only love. No world game anyway and I'm gone. Every. This. Aviation wow. I. And as Amy. I. Alone. I want you know. I was England. Then walk. I'm from when I. These. It lets you know Bob. Because miss. Amy went about him I'm vision goes crazy if it. I changed my shoulders slump dating okay. You know. Additional is an amazing. Okay. He. Any time. But I know they're actually making if I am crying moved out of the game slow. Is Null on gonna save me design and know god is his name in ma. I know Honolulu. This is galway is fun. Am time none. And. Do you. Okay. He. Okay. Okay yeah yeah. They gown that is trapped our social lives in the sporting KC CEO of the bride to Bible I bring companies everyone picks up third all of our takes a big drink yeah. I love at the bottom up video during your. Ever think this is the first radio season and ever Oliver his beard during a performance though like free special prize and yeah I. Radio edit everything you do your leg and get anyone able aren't that bad idea that. How you make friends since its legs yeah. Yes. That's how we are still being gay also because we have a great day on yes that's so we're going. And yes we do. That and many more do you need all our our our yeah I guess that I that I. How did that and it. Really have a Brittany and mail it is and is saying you know the years. You know that is all day and I guess darn thing I'll love it goes into. We're very proud of him he's continued existed yeah. It cracked congratulations. On another huge key volleys navy and we got the driver social they are playing down and I just passing through but according to our text line that we have here people are ready for you come back and this'll show. All year. And the greenback neat so what's up Ben and Rachel who I hear it and listening. I got I know coupled evil like. He'd ever being here now I mean like OK yeah elected then he's yeah I mean LA in America general. Welcome back today go into Missouri wants so what's next what happens when she get back to LA. He's gonna tour records out well yeah like this are touring mode. Immediately so as soon as you leave here today we're basically driving back to Los Angeles and from my voice is brutal but because we got. A solar powered show it are on the moderate coming up in a few days Pomona College reviewed a solar mini festival there. And then we're going up and down the west country knowing how we're playing a show in Vancouver so this is actually in north American international toy they got a guy even. That unit they look at Ireland and I go to that end and and and so we got another month of on the West Coast and then basically we're just done. Gonna likely love for the holidays and and and come back out next year. So you can expect us in in the new year hopefully. Now you know early. We'd love to come back Kansas City news on Russia have we will be back. So we'll hear about being banned how it's always just a lot of work. Is it twice is much work being in a solar powered AM. How you're lugging your opponent here but you're also lugging this solar. Howard we we get. Jose is not here I can't learn as far as south as acrobatic act. There's so much well this means we ultimately our Qaeda and and and like we we did a solid shot who basically are building a venue you lose you know we set up and tune in the PA. We set out that. All of the sixteen LED lights show and and we set up all of our ga it's so funny now when we play at club at the and we just rolling in like plug in our stuff it's like this is so easy. I've got to remember that used to be just didn't feel like a whole days word back yet is about five hours to set up the solid stage another forty Terry down. But it's worth it yeah. I really am so. Such as thrilled to like just eat and break in the mall in some little way. And a soul. And so late intrigued by this whole thing because mainly touring bands they make money by selling merchant. And getting things like that do you have to sell twice as much are you spending more money because of they touring and solar stage well that's a question out of many health. Did this couple factors there like. It's harder to sell tickets to an outdoor show us just like in a field like how are you gonna rank you know do that. You know but I. And is concerned that you're not eating well like I feel like I need more money anyway you know we look paella yeah. Not a very big damn I know it's not NRA I like guns we calories. It is not a lot of among cal and how do you figure her out like you need to wash clothing quite created a boiler what's going on earlier they get everything. Did things that school psychologist in universities have been great venue in Seattle and and they usually pay us a little money ice. And it's it is they have all the permits and stuff and so it's got a tiger by the cops being called it. I think you have to deal with play at look. Campuses there are set up for that and they liked the fact that we just have everything set and then grant died rep position Alba. The gear themselves the PA this is a full time job aren't you guys have jobs at home. And here's. Yeah this the solar trailer only if we're not using it yes it's a waste it's just sitting there. Zell. Mean and and sound guy aim and everybody in the band you know we we basically we tried to use as responsible as were not easy for one of our shows. We will set it up and run another show I'm trying to need to see you know how far we can dealt with this thing now. I I'd love to its are doing solar powered weddings I love you. Descended out in at a at parties and deal outside video game tournaments dislike it. The it's endless the possibility I really is bringing power. You know anywhere regardless of of whether it is an outlet nearby there's some it's cool stuff you can do. So eight ER gaullist unit to promote this technology. And there's so many other ways we can use it and you know earn a living thing and this is just make it making music that's wrong roads. Our favorite thing to do them. That's really cool off yet they think a lot of musicians don't realize you know the work that they have to do make it a business and now you've got this whole other side of things on and as well South Africa job question had to sweat and. On the gas and I did tell mom and dad Brad and I graduated school play. Glassman yeah Evan and enjoy a bands and credits aren't put it used to Internet games Coca. I hear it's nasty. And there are you very much and there could if I'm Linda. Did you ever socially and this as a group we will get him back into Ballmer some forms for the Indianapolis. In some listening yet I love the background music by going into windows and I think Colin thanks very inspirational and I didn't sound like it's. And he's like yeah and Regis tomorrow. And then a guy is Jack. There are social yeah let's do another check off of the album here. And this culinary establishing. And as this is one their this is it this is one that is a little bit comes from my experiences like an activist and as someone who. Must make a difference because so often we knew. Mean you know the papers you'd see like just bad knees you know it can be really hard to. Taking what's happening in the world around you and feel. Thank for really encouraged or like everything's coming your way around. And and so there's definitely a can marriage to just ignore it and shouted out and this song is about singing gays because that's I ways that you can now how to make a difference and and staying in the fight and I'm trying to make different scenery can't. We. I. You. Way to go. Use. At 6 AM. Just die he needs to me it's. No way he knows an old friend. Fly around noon. John McCain totally. That I could mean. Then I'll move coach seeing an. More and told him. Oh about her eyes so. We. Then no one stop lives being more than just 12 since pain. Oh only leave. V. Being. All that she'll dances singing. Trying to run as thin ties down. Then they may never stopped listening name her. I was in high paying. Yeah it's yeah he is okay. Okay yeah. He's the I was out of this in the. So let's face it. Gone ahead. That we may change those. And bad days and hey yeah we create you know almost peed yeah. Then there's no reason he's so. So you may June. Then I. Movie slows. You. Back to sleep. World filled. I have to fight. Swim upstream or. The. Huge move. Have a son and then that's. That's not seeing an. That is chatter social live sporting KC studios Brad you Bible neighboring company holy cow eyes and the thoughts on the beautiful then beautiful song and so much and they Revere the I. Oh they're ranked. Yeah. On our grand opening. Isn't much guys for coming in May ask so nice to me here and hopefully we'll be back like Alex thank you and guarantee that. Thank you so much for having chosen for the support. There's already people on Tex I know one numbers and emails to set up solar show host yeah. We're gonna work on that Saturday so I don't know and they. Oh do you actually had been hello we are social media. Accept or social unease again face the twittered. Of course you can find a musical inspired by teens and then what have you. But all those social as we hear we get those messages smooth again so easy thing to do would be did engages us and so comedians we'd love to even slipped into our. And act well that's going to be tolerated as well and I bet like a real low and sex the end now and aren't good. Well agreement NAFTA. Etc. so I thank you so much they do hey Akamai and we will see guys I think I'm combining.