Tuesday, July 17th


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Panic at the discount. Apple news. And senator let. And is Saturday then Tuesday morning. Yeah that's on Saturday at them. So. Yes and it's something that I'm done on time. Out and you know came over and yeah I mean thinking about it a lot yeah yeah. And I've been grappling that I happen to think the human body is a very interesting thing. And it knows what she needed time and wants you to have an even if your brain doesn't that. You think so yeah. I had not valid that a long time. I I had definitely that won't rule out something came over me had a long desire. So I text DMI and meet grew. I now margins like that I had meets the road I am and had meat and I must seven years she says yes I couldn't help that I didn't I couldn't help I was longing for it. I am a fall off a lag and I think girl I am not talk to lagging kind of girl and then I say let me see it ECC -- it's got a unit. Now I got me into his dinner last thing I I was a hunger. Which is stupid as you just orders sending an app that later. Everything right as an idea Hungary announced thinks kind of interest in order something apply anyway I didn't. So as I was getting hungry as I go on John Denton this is how it. Or is or anything like this is delicious grow. And then I noticed that my son and half the year assailants using means. Yelling move think I'm so. I ain't. And I liquidity and yet he never put central angle but I was up there ask Israeli stuff out the jogging sent Selig waited they've put it where did he put it boots I look at pioneer Sam and anywhere in the sound. I opened. The moon. Underneath linkage and whom sink which is where I keep my garbage removed you keep your. Garbage. I garbage can remove. And there was Tunisia as euros sand wedge on top of everything. In the container. Clubs. And she says it is an intact let me watch she's giving us step by I realize I'm giving you replay by attacks. She I says she says neither do you need half a his and retrieved it from the garbage. And I say uh oh Palestinians. It's. And she says it was unharmed and was there was not a gift card up close Kerry container. Area container yet. And other against this is Seinfeld within declare. Ebenezer I mean this time publicly stated CE citi's delicious it was so bad I was the rat like I had not eaten anything like that. I get animal do you LA out of a trance you I did not eat out of the tree it's a lion coming across like targets under a rock you like you. He's okay. Dumpster Dudley and travel scavenger reduce. I'm something came over your body while I iron where is the heroes who represent. Whereas modern age or whether it normally does leave it somewhere and now led us to a very interesting discussion in the great I like Danny I just told Jay meets. And I'm like now you rate targets. In the he's insisting that I eight garment was so it village was close. Yes it was close a blow the lid little below the line I'll let's garbage and the ever had a guest Kerio container yes very any clothes and back out yes. Protecting it from anything. What goes in the camp it's refuse. You you had never done that you say you I doubt that everybody doubted at least once they'll either guy and everybody has done it I'm nearly one out of the trash. First I didn't eat out of the trash like that fascinating match. Cops say that is threat and someone like you DIA and if there's not a fly down and I don't think it's like if it's a big event. I like coffee grounds on it as no other. Do you put on minutes if nothing's been thrown on top of that I rag dust that before. Of course you've got to before everybody's going to be for transparency any apparently I'd stress that a shoe lace at the public bathroom floor that goes in the trash. This is a very. A very anti trash was something I I'm anti trash you key into that neighborhood occasion as he that I. Hi I'm become Pratt the implication is that I like trash and really trashed and you never. At one point. How about. At a restaurant have you ever gone to the table that left food and taken a frown. Know that I never and I you can sit in judgment on that and I. I didn't need scratch. Other half aren't I did needs. You find yourself in the kitchen when you see and declare it receptacle. And you think to myself. What the hell I'll just eat some track. Now now now now now. It was not trash it was a trench yes but then it was trash. Watching Hillary and it was sort of remote pump but it was in the cylinder are taught the rim. This is refuse it was a little. And it still did the really young I was city and one little break. Anyone to be Jerry tonight a seriously we see any I'm signed bell could not only did this man it's so we're we have become. That's what we are. Argue about whether or not so bigoted garbage. This stress. It was an turn CNET and this I guess is that's trash but it's not garbage. It can be wasn't Travis is Garza was leftovers that were missing legs that. Some people fall off the wagon a factor dives off base first. Ideally diamonds I know it's hello once my dad Jamie the time to mark as a kid. You do the heat on the toilet I have to think there's got to vent some thing at some point in your life. I don't think you understand how neurotic I am. This busy when it comes of bill you know I think okay easy six cents. We got sick we nearly torn up less cigarette ever yeah like you're really really really that you got a bad. Virus of some time RA. I owe it to your house is sec title awesome stuff. Am I used a Kleenex to open the door so trash is not ever coming dressed doesn't get recycled to under threat. I've become pretentious because I won't eat trash. Of your parents take isn't dating has become pretend that. I've always been contentious first I have to say second of all I want trash and that's okay it's obviously a turn skin color. It was a remark is right no harm is her year. He says here as we get to be our Vietnam wasn't our mean there was that would have been comical and that's when I. Look I dating back to business or you're fired about sire as are found mitigating mitigating except tyra found container whites. Just like a regular carry out container not that it. And you know the white lions who squeaky one of them in that was on top. And everything else. Which seem to varying. Clean clean. Some further garbage she Jeremy saying. Yeah I hear a lot of rationalizing going on here. That's not soon. Bedouins is that going to my dress and only then that it was clean. It was clean trash and is sitting on top is it tres still in that damn and ain't there. Yeah go in and take that can now can we examine the contents SE Gavin is same line dew and has fewer than there really I don't like digging through the trend. Eyes there and you Ali. We OK you know I take him back. It's okay. I'm proud of Avery needs. He didn't even bring up to me that's the other part that was nice gesture after my ass. As the story here you can chances and he is like me garbage. Listen. Mott the big employee of the matter the reason my text did you was because hate us all adds that meets. I got to meet your trenches to area and according to the text line OK fine amateurs interior. I was that was does solve delicious little that DTL over him I don't think I'll do it a lot and I think if I want away. I creation how them in order vs. My sons are now just less is Cummins since he broke. You know since he broke police continue to eat meat. When I want you sound I'm not gonna identify with any group G. Accent yeah not a vegetarian I'm not a carnivore. You really call my some Nigerian around and I. Here's somebody who is who would be like a really. Bad friend if you need it if you didn't need an enabler in your life right listen to this day section. By this person. Well technically it was in the trash. The container protected it. It was a compromise by the trend yes thereby it was not threat that some my auntie who lends some of them. So when somebody puts something in the trash can. Why was this somebody that isn't my son yak is why we here's why did it. Because he's child. I can't early strapped students health. Now he never throws anything away is the new mama. And what I thought he was gonna do is put dynamic pounder. Because. There wasn't any room in the trash bag and some DC and I edit your trash was so cool. They had to sit on toppling elk vote. OK I don't know why assured that I hear it's great I you know sometimes you shouldn't say things to people all of that is the perfect stuff to talk about though just like needing out of toilet. Brent flawed but harmless. In a garbage means there was socialists. Yeah. App and I'll do it again may mean little mr. Euro container. Full time to ask you this track here I'll. I don't know what came over me yeah. That's how much Iran and that era who I went out of the drafts. Of venture is so fluid setting need trends by not being identified 200 group. Could take. Curry's I feel bad but not that I'm a hand on Libor. Anything. Eliot anything and via the singer for me tell you may Annapolis sometimes on unconscionable he does that he's a vegetarian. But if somebody's wasting meet. He'll go and is now until he's attractive he's he's he's it doesn't he's got nothing year for me without you. I mean I'm not I don't say they got that would feel right to be will receive it and keep my that you can be its vegetarian. Like now I only Kimi when people are gonna waste it that's that's that thing now I don't think you I don't do that at all. Bring your leftover meat sandwiches. And the cost. Look if something's gonna carry out container placed on top of the trash out I'm compromise. It's not straps. I stick to that. It's not like I was digging out and get out of cigarette butts that anti west exemplary rating. Stuff out of this and ledges and enjoys any container. So. There is protected were at the border of the United States in Canada a guy. And I wrapped myself in a styrofoam container. I crossed the border to Canada. And and I crossed the quarterback. Does that mean I never crossed the border to. Him. No. It doesn't work so if Canada were trash. Which they're not a which there are really not I really enjoy Canadians and. I I'm just I'm glad you mean move. Past you feel good today. I feel fine I was a little more energy may be event. I didn't say that will get a bingo now on. Both gasoline tank hey you need the full thing that stands and GT was worth there is powered by thrash. I'm sure of Howard Bryant not really sure it's now someone well something that was in the address. It was on top of the attracts one man's stratex is another man's death thing yes.