Tuesday, 01.09.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, January 9th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Stan Lee accused of sexual assault
    • Jack and Lena split up
    • Trump does what Trump does
    • Teacher in LA arrested
    • Alabama wins National Championship
  • 38:43 - A representative from KS explained why pot was first made illegal
  • 49:59 - Snowcone found a questionnaire of things your partner should know about you, and put the guys to the test
  • 1:07:51 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:33:58 - On This Day

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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Well these dark. Strike down low numbers. Hello hey. How are you brain or you. I'm fantastic. Guy fantastic. Excellent. Oh good today thanks to thanks man. Uggla got to look every night. Which is great. Racially charged. We can't all look as good as snow cone. And try and make ourselves I presume the person. We look like going to be in the same room and saw. Pass on trying to do. Sky Jones is losing. And has been there was any resurrection. Do you see Stanley's been accused of sexual most families. Stan Lee. Want to know him well I think Sam Lee. I love Stanley when he knew according to the Daily Mail nurses working for the marvel icon repeatedly reportedly made unwanted sexual advances. Lee's lawyer has denied the allegations saying wait a possible winners. I don't know is nurses on. Jim I don't care she. I guess in the east. And 95. I know many and I can carry on Chinese in movies he seems nice and pretty good shape there. He was just at comic con seed business enterprise for less a story earlier I just saw Ali you know maybe goes in the hospital. It's. Dallas something I don't know I mean he's 95. But John surmised music sure. Bush thing. Maybe even though I don't know if these allegations are you start to wonder is this some old school like you know bush was accused put his hand too low on their backs or whatever right when he took the pictures like that. Did you guys see the picture then went viral yesterday count Reeves taking a picture of those two girls I saw the pictures or. Did you see where they certainly was hands when he's out yeah. Is eleven under girls owners take a picture than it would appear and on either side of them and he seen in opposing do with your arms randomly if you look closely someone pointed out. Both of his hands are. In the air they're not he's I he's got his hands like you know I have to put away from their backs who's not touching other one enemies posing like this no touching my mind not subject. No touchy touchy. And it's close to expose my record. The mail online claims it we allegedly groped and harassed a string of young female nurses who were hired to provide health care. 0%. Stay in the manner Lee yeah then yeah. It's a bit of your time and never found America and they revert don't I don't in the movie I don't know who began his career is a stealing Leber yeah. Before finding success in the sixties with the general comments this is accused of a multitude of sins by the company. Previously supplied him with a steady stream young nurses. His medical meets. So what we do. And I'm looking to see they give our old. Lee is saying do they ask for oral sex is according to crime online commentary six through friends learn. Reportedly Lee is said you have asked for oral sex while showering and asked to be pleasure. In the bedroom that is twenty million dollar Hollywood Hills home. Com he allegedly walks around his mansion naked. And is alleged to have groped and nurses and. She's Frank Sacks talk reportedly used expletives. That would make the Holcomb blush. It was talked about walking around naked as a guy. Never a little united the oil and whatever. Lead is a master fortunately six million dollars there's only. Rep from the nursing company whose name and floral socks candy can you ask for it. You just have to say you know how concerned parent who lean years I don't know how that works really you can ask. And they say no the news after respect you know but that's the rule right in my still. Like Stanley can ask me like hanging. Would you like to perform oral socks and they say no then and not sit right like usually for them to say yes before he takes it out right we agree on that but his house and walk around naked and espouse any. I don't know if you had employee if you hire someone over there like nurses do nurses there it's your house like you're. Both sides of that yeah it's your home and nurses are definitely a life has buttons them anyway. I think they have a right to complain. The saying I'm right not to go back yet. But it's your house should no longer under house Nagin game. I got an invite you over my house ma'am and you can come overnight and is being native land on the couch. Like Jesus man put on pads again I don't Wear pants in my house yeah I don't know I'm not coming back here ceiling down. That's OK I feel like that's okay it's my house. They're able volume reached a record there is you fight someone over and they show up in your neck. I'm accounts say your sorry yeah it's your house you mean they can be invited me over is currently president and does not anything illegal. It's weird or odd but I can BMI couch negative I want. Like my friend's dad running over there and houses answers underwear tiny white T shirt what's the matter really. Be dead doesn't sit around now's Nagin. Concern. It's matter Reid never seen a grown man had assured outperform. When you are yours Lisa knows our guests. Well you can sort of been rushed to a man he's better and. It's Metairie never oiled up your friends dead before. No sir. It was really funny looking back. If there were tape of that now the things he's said. We're just in bad taste but I think now that would be if you're Kim and over to someone's house. And you Canada dad sat in his underwear and center on boxers or Euro. He was in tiny white piece every time and he would say that stuff I'm not making ninety thought it was really funny to joke around about how to use naked. About how. Some of its gross but about. Be naked and about doesn't my down several walk around naked and I ever walk round mouse naked and where men we should be able to walk around the house or underwear and looking back parents kind of a little too reminiscent of the day we still detained dissident. Maybe aren't you don't think so you think it's okay. I mean I guess you would see I don't really like to hang out that kid is dead is a weirdo Barak as stake it but yeah. We don't need to call the police right into. I'm wraps for the nursing company whose name was not disclosed in the shocking report confirmed that its owner have received numerous complaints from nurses who attended totally. Yet today no police complaint has been made nor in any lawsuits have been filed. According to the report Lee's attorney. Message to cease and desist letter to the nursing company saying mr. Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed and more pain no money to anyone. Because he is. I sent. There's actually nothing wrong. She ordered this nursing company. Learn these like you know I don't think that they were complainants are right you know. And it's not miss other daytime dress like nurses I still think you should be don't be naked in your house of Zuma. I lobbied personally. Sir if you wanted to make and how she should be able to be admitted now. Since you asked for oral sexual showering. And asked to be pleasure in the bedroom. And as hard. Allegedly walks around naked in growth to nurses. There is usually I know but. That picture. Looks older in that picture. He's 95. Will you still support black panther and marvel movies. You. I think at some lawsuit by Brandon. I saw. The cowboy movie is that marvel. Clemson as a Captain America that Stephanie Martin Laura saw the first one. Her sentence. And now some saw last night but it. We couldn't find any. Confirmation that today they're seeing Lena Dunham and Jack answered us enough time your time here. Every time users around it felt like just one degree of separation from. Linux on but like her. She's so famous. Is pretty finish these three famous too. But they're like it's Sunday there was a shot. Millennial power couple hanging out with Taylor there. Sure let's let's write songs together right in the apartment ordeal friends didn't help right song or something and yet. Don't mind. Bill Nye the Science Guy. That is all kinds of millions of hemming and tell them to loan guarantees him. I worked for his uncle. The game and let them. A bloom. I asked him and I was in the shower but he said no yeah. When he left I don't think this I think this person hazing and I'm not sure whoever does that song that Sherlock. Twitter so is making fun of me but I. And it. She. Seed face Upton. Okay now look at that I know it's not the best Photoshop job to be the receivers are bad now you're telling me. You're still there it's not have a social woman with a sealer. Not. For people who were curious now sealed the singer but like a sea lions actual C right now seals that in there right now though those Lotta Lotta Lucas forever and I was. And no doubts about him exponentially some some an avenue implied bands like torture issue. I know I think he had lupus and talk about this it's horrifying you nobody got hit with boiling water or something right not to heroes. It's from lupus or something different so this week and I looked around like some something that enormous child Null and after I was on I tired these rumors. He's been rumors Susan is not the skin condition lupus. Who touch. When I was a kid will be there was this story was it like his mom had thrown boiling water on him that was one of the stories I heard iron on the street and fighting big cut up there are different rumors about. Lucas. Robert Mueller wants energy trumped. And you guys have heard by now. Trump has said about life. I don't know probably just about you know how does he stay so how calm cool under pressure what makes is such a great leader just sable GS. He just definable makes the guy tick and so they had asked trump last summer like in June. If trump. Would be willing to sit down a smaller smaller set ahead I'd like to talk to you personally would you be willing to answer questions. And trumpets said. Yes would you be willing to speak on girls to like give your version of 100%. Source Robert Mueller wanted to speak with the about that I would be glad to tell him exactly there are just so huge. All right so then they asked him again this weekend if he would still be willing to sit down a mile are out. Personally I use. To Tennessee and just you understand just understand. There's been no collusion will now his lawyers say Trump's lawyers are trying to. There's a way to maybe they can I write in his response is down. You know you ask us questions trumbull write it down and his words and hours we'll go ahead and faxes right over T able to write those answers them incentive Jia. Just as good as the real interview so he's trying to get out and around his. What are some. If it's your lawyer says you don't have to sit down since FBI person who wants to interview. Don't volunteer. A game. I'm dumb question. Could Muller who say that I know that Muller's investigating an exclusion the Russian ties Ellison's. If Mueller just discovered all the stuff about illegal business dealings. Wish you know there's been tons of rumors out there was another big story here rumor story yesterday about being in knowing about these illegal connections years ago. Romance that's something that yeah and sent down from buy right or that's like with the the last couple hours right now. If Muller found that stuff considered a look she broke these laws have nothing to do with the election. Is he allowed sit. Can you say hey so when you thugs conclusion anymore we're focusing on money laundering and illegal business practices and a lot of broke the law yeah I don't know how does that work ultimately yes I know I'm not turning. I just haven't really anyone is talking about that just came out on the men were. That's what they've been heard from right and they said that's a good way to get things started stress and pressure on travel my question is. Life in the end most is yeah we don't have. Only a true illusion that we do have a bunch of sheep business dealings are clearly illegal gonna get Jo Marie Nowak. Right whatever. So yep and stepped down because. Those comments he made in the fire's fury which. I just saw Lindsey Graham on TBS she's seen only in and he. I mean he denied ever saying that no he didn't deny he just said there don't pay any mind today and I still support Chung. So he's stepped down from right are. And they've been rumors that they wanted him out of the you know whoever else isn't right or. Did you ever heard CDM yeah when Andrew Wright first life. You know whatever it's just I don't. I know it's a Solis are yes they did an Indian. They they're claiming that Spain and was running guys who told something you should run not only should you run I think you can win. This isn't just going to. Further your brands. I think you can win and here's what you have to sing in the deep apparently ideologically. Agreed on so many things that he started giving him advice. I don't remember him for some I heard it's I mean it was it during the team's. Campaign. Silicon. Yeah whose names are. Was kidding the chairman. Yeah us and then anyways we heard of them before that though I heard of bright garden and Dana before like when they need to remember we were like I can't believe they're naming the study can't change it's very sleazy. Last night. There's a video surging go viral on non. Certainly I'm ready I don't know where else. People are cheering and I woke up this morning Angeles. It's gone from being on one sub brands like four different sub reds on the front page hubris and I hope that it. Press picks up the story well they have. The video is a Louisiana teacher. She is sandy school board meaning it's your last desires. She's a school board meeting and she's asking questions about why the superintendent is just be voting on whether or not the superintendent gives his new car. Is that what this famous around. And it. Apparently in this context you know it's it's a pay raise is opportunism if you watched only has like twelve minutes to see his teacher and she's an English teacher. She's asking questions about us. Maybe the teachers are getting raises in the cafeteria staff and everyone else is thinking he raises but we've got bigger classes were asked to do more and we're getting to the results that you want. Doesn't seem. Not bad taste to give a raise. Take. You know tam. And no one else is getting a race went on to say nobody gets race she's calm she's cool she's going to how much the rays won yeah. 30008000. Dollar was that. Was that the reason why he just made birdie was that they're raised because I just saw the thing that said. Delayed if not the one minute article I saw at the number talking. Is his total salary thirty euros and pesos 38000. Dollars blues sorry and he got downright amazing they got their race I believe. Plus she's calm just pulled the other teachers in the and then meaner nodding their heads like you know we agree with their. Suddenly. This police officer comes over and ask her to leave she's like I'm I'm I'm talking to the school board you know their their dress senior John. And now all but each time he starts telling you need to leave right now and tries to get Brothers or sisters trying to walk out of there. And then you see the cameras chased them out to the hallway by the time it's always she's on the floor screaming this guy's trying to drag on the building any sane stopped resisting. It's. Your ship. Okay. Okay now. Yeah of course that we have. So you can hear her tone urged calm and cool that's right before. The Marshal or whoever comes up and says you gotta go. Not this. Eight yeah. Which is I am I'm way smaller than you he's trying to she's short and he's trying to drag her there she's like I'm trying to keep up. I'm Wayne Shorter than you. Barely she was put in jail. But once they left there. So now. This is from. A list now is 33 minutes ago. Just says the latest update is at the school board is now under scrutiny. Yeah. The video was posted by KE TC TV shows a middle school English to service our braves. Compliant with the city marshals orders to leave Monday night's. Vermilion parish school board meeting. It's west of New Orleans. Next she's seen on the hallway floor screaming at the Marshall. Who has handcuffs you go to her hands behind your back stop resisting the Marcellus. While assures us I. You just push real Smart. Moon someone who losers and this is the most disgraceful. And disk tasteful thing I've ever seen. You need a little kiddie porn yes I sure Houston exploration and distasteful things lady. Or serve whatever. Sir yeah. That was ridiculous to me she was really calm why would you have to leave the first put this man understands me you know I saw someone else posted you an entertaining and it together one of the school board members see this going nodding and and I guess our planet he's trying to guard Marshal to go over there and undercover but there's no emotion in us meeting they're teachers are dreamers term. It remains unclear why she's handcuffed. In the full. String obnoxious. Clearly aggressive. Yeah. Some losses that largely remain lawful orders to leave and she says that's exactly what I was doing. She didn't walk out I thought she was luggage doesn't drag down she walked out she gets out of the doors and then we miss something so she could get in the moment and turn around. This someone else is in the room she's been arrested nationally ought to look. Everyone's got their phones at that point which is why did you walk down and apparently the super do salary was a 190 pounds. Even so 38000 dollar. Doesn't mean it's really. Liza ridiculous. And every penny I. I'm sure it works hard. 38000 dollar raise which is more than most teachers are we may actually she wanted percent against any twenty registers them. Junior so torn adversaries because. Or through them and not looking at the expense and all the other producers in the building of course I'm lightened me harassed and I'll aren't Marshall. Thought. It's I'm William Simmons and zeros tonight Douglas is mark's new didn't fit in real time. Come on man those are welcome real world that guy. The woman in the video lessons weight in the marshes why. Trim prominent. I just think it's a little these guys don't see Hillary's every dream like hey they're outraged I wonder how many people who were outraged. Have. I don't looks the other way. Or just saying did. Shortly. High strung. When they say. Whatever adversity they deserve a president Marshall. Is there and it looks like some sort of and I ocean but it. You know that I guess you know like the school boards. The superintendent's office seizures leveling the superintendent's office his words standalone building. Our school did so I guess they'll do. He was there and yes but it looks like a courtroom doesn't the winners yeah you got you know there City Council meeting yes is the big table. And everyone else and in the crowd ask a question. The question and answer time. You know here's our question and answer time actually they said that a lot. What superintendent did say though this isn't the time for comments were this isn't ready there was I'm not mentioning. And he said that a lot like we're gonna have common sentiment there when she was doing the right time are usually in America. One point he said receivers and when talking about humans and is in charge right yourself when she's our dog he's the same time sauces. Well there's no point in time. Jerry's body nose Wright's on because it started answering the and he said that that was an on the agenda of this contract is on the agenda not the right. She. Tag sizes you're pissing off every teacher that listens plaza acquitted him. When it. Yeah but I'm Megan every superintendent. I love America. Pick your battles people. And they make much of her mind she knew much nicer dinner at the. There was. Sporting event last night. No Asian games. Yeah. Some people were complaining that. But wasn't the it was a touchdown that got diminished over time and then there was that they were off sides did you regularly. An instant. Thing and I botulism that won't lose a great game and and Nick Saban. Has a giant balls. So I'm on your brilliant I'm not sure what happened so he has a quarterback right I don't know if not people who are there's fortunately. Well unusually stats from earth is categories and Jim her right. Jim that's like 25 and three in his career or something right then and there are losing in the first half. Make him on the second half. And his starting quarterback doesn't when he puts in a freshman who was that first set against images never played before. And is like you know what I think you give us a better chance to win the TV now was something yes a big accidents are now back some but just if you think about this and whatever your job is wherever. Whatever your job is whatever you do. Your end. Game. It for the national championship nor Super Bowl so whatever it is just you know. Whatever the big day is if you work at 7-Eleven or your librarian or whatever right. This guy is so confident not only in his job security about how much people who like him that they'll agree when him and he's so confident and so Smart. He's only down by thirteen points right but at halftime he says you know what I'm gonna bench my starting guy at the best guy. I'm. Who's led me to 25 wins and counting on winning this guy's never played before and let's just roll the dice and see what happens. I can't imagine. Any. Coach is doing. Right now. Mean and rude to me it was just. In an incredible balls move when I saw us name it dishonest headlines talk about how great he was it tonight. Know nothing about college but never seen that name before. In my life I didn't realize it was a freshman who include an I this says some. The Florida Atlantic total cash. And Nobel offensive coordinator Lincoln's a Tuesday morning that there's no doubt. Alabama quarterback do not see his name is it to look. Ireland Poland never would have transferred to another school if he hadn't played in Monday night's national title game. Well I don't transfer prone place for Lincoln's. I guess he appeared in seven games. And sooner. Were you rooting for. Are you injured and can't. The game and lonely you know like southern people. I'll just south in general in Georgia did you watch ZI and how much of it was televise us all the clips online last night. Trump walking into the stadium and he was booed did you see there is video from outside the stadium when his motorcade pulls up and people start doing when they see them. You know the suburban with the lights on Alabama running back in the he said after round. So that the players stay in the locker room during the National Anthem but the way they did. And I'm assuming that they do this on purpose. Trump walked out with the military they walked out side by side my side and you do that because it's. People aren't going to be in the military unit Russian through the military and people don't need the military generally sell it safer for him to balance them. Boone. And then it. You know it. Now in the words and yet that was the other. Scandal he does in other words of the nationally the mood does. The president Randy. Why. That makes him qualified yes every country singer in the world knows that it's. At a Jerusalem too busy kneeling. I can't hear my worries that. Do you know the pledge allegiance up on this was pleasantly. And you know and I'm a military man I ask you before you told me. News. And and public demand public relations than Islam is yeah. Unlike TV it's really not the president and John. Bloom your American son bench. You heard this story. Does and says I'm a teacher in Europe and in southern. Damaged and people. See this story about. Supposedly. Innocent people whales including president trump who want to. Start a little more of our greatest little. The idea would be launched a missile or sending it to test another rocket. In the United States would target a facility or a couple of facilities and just take and where there are some people who ours. Supporting it and all four including trump and the rumor is. A lot of other people in my house are trying their hardest. To keep him from new arena why. Because. Islam I'm. Tired here and amount. Are you hear them. Iron read about it Tyrus CNN. It was just now. Like human bond I think was it madness this soon more North Korea would lead to our. Yeah I'm talking about what was a couple months ago how many people would die influences are at war with North Korea. She said not only like people on the Korean Peninsula and you can sell Americans and Americans. I. Such is wow way actually to do share. Don't mean Hampshire. I'm not alone talk you like. Plus a goddamn cloaked man okay if we have to duties talking about military. We expect to make it the worst in North Korea's lifeline to sing on every doors and analyze this to be sunk in every shift he's got. Is to be sentenced to present SP 1000 dollar amount. And not worth North Korea north Koreans have submarines. Dennis. And today. Punishable by one of old Chinese submarine and everyone NASA recently it's already so. It's always say I've said recently there was Taylor eyes. This is the worst soon. Delicious time. Here we go war with North Korea would be catastrophic it was. To manage the secretary of defense blew. My mission my responsibilities and military options ready. Dumb. If North Korea alliance donations are serious sanctions or just say mom how. I'm not its latest video. 35 seconds and he's got its. You know. I love the wind was OK who's the secretary of defense Charles and I wanna. A right there right move render your van or reviews I've known him. But it does would you rather characterization. Understood but on the fact that it would really rather be running them. Right now we need to diplomatic track out in front Obama having the O line you know a lot of allies to you know on board people who dog off Sharia on the issue. I worked the room bench. Shot. I'll man. Allows those you're going to end erupted shout over everyone could you please do something other than NA NA ignorant drivel. You know. Now seventeen minutes ago. You got beyond relief a lot of fun. Very well you know I did whatever let's show she had Donald Trump is people follow his friend last week. And she had done something my family is very so I like Oakland. I don't think she's gonna. Okay I don't these veterans. Mail. He says it'll be a lot of fun to face and run. You know let. I saw over us. Let's investments and Gail yeah. Those scales well she's she claims it Oprah said she was intrigued or something by the idea of running for president Tony Tony. Kelly. Who votes for Oprah. I'm I gave her. Ready throw. The bloody nose strategy as the name of the sun. Military strategy. North Korea. To demonstrate the potential consequences of further destabilizing behavior. Here. It's the same strategy views around this station attendant present bloody nose red zone on. I love you us. Resources and thank you. Kansas in the news talk about the snow on the sooners and it's all yeah. This is really the senator from Kansas a lot of stuff yeah. Like bullying and I'll play a financial leaving Kansas that's the media was supposed to be about it. It took when south turn yeah it's pretty dead and also. She didn't HM story I was need to ask you guys are letting us erase all this morning and now celebrities and until we can discern something. That's wild guy LeBron James should add the nation and had running for awhile but it also we'll talk about that too. Aren't. I. Aria I'm too I don't see it as Kansas saying and now. I feel like I can look it up but I wanna. All I hear from you on a real news reporter sure to tell why spoil it pat what happened. What's happening finish. The good news is this guy resigned I'm reading now can see stars says that way to start the store and a punch line man he has resigned. His chairmanship of that means he resigned completely. But I'm assuming it does a Kansas lawmaker. Guy he had made some statements over the weekend he's now apologize for those statements this guy and he's now resign his leadership positions in the legislature. He is Steve Alford. Your problem Basque restaurant player. I don't know technical Ulysses Republican US siege and a judge asserting tangential to Milan. There's not any type Republicans Republicans like eternity or around people that are. Ulysses S. Grant Republican writers that notre management easy by Ohio or Arizona city Ulysses. The pony lived them. It was Susan's plan can looming challenges warrants and it's got to be OK so it's gotta be there's a Ulysses and Kansas okay. He said in a statement that he was resigned from the chairmanship and vice chair of the child welfare task force and his chairmanship of the house children seniors committee Coca. Children and seniors get a threat that would everything that we are when he's an expert on children children and seniors. His announcement came after his remarks were made any legislative. Coffee event on Saturday. They have plus continents. Copy of and say yes they were supposed to be discussed scene. Marijuana. Marijuana and I guess Kansas is where the only states that hasn't legalize any type of medical marijuana even. Medical marijuana won't get you high you know they've my remove the TC whatever. So. This was some sort of him. Polls a coffee event legislative confident to discuss. Marijuana marijuana and its long I'd I'd. Watch some video of the full video that I salt. On YouTube and there's clearly a guy there who seems to be pro marijuana and airmen are up the guy at one point this guy Alfred rivers or offer was talking about. Driving down the street in the sun yup I'm Wacom silent as it was driving down the street may pull up and their smoke and none marijuana cigarette after smaller marijuana that's not fair to me. Because you know smokers have given up smoking till we get have cleaner they've made sacrifices not smoking a work wash I have to put up with marijuana smoke something along those lines. As he discovers he's a cages to clarify and it would also be illegal in Colorado so sound like there was must have been somebody there who's pro. Let's get some medical marijuana. Then things took a turn when he started to talk about why marijuana was outlawed. In the first place okay. My lawyer. My wife as a judge. Okay Merrill is entry drug and hot harder drugs for as Palin run. Okay here army says go back to that there is an outlawed everything what was the reason that they did that. You guys know. Why they outlawed marijuana yeah. Tell me. I don't know. Okay plaza here comes this is it. This is a statement heard round the world one of the reasons why they outlawed drugs he hates to say. And I wasn't so I was scared to make up than it was genetics. So one of the reasons why start well why drugs were outlawed. I hate to say it. The African Americans they are basically users and they basically responded the worst off those drugs just because. Of there. Character make up there for their genetics. And that. So you stay responded the worst data marijuana they got all crazy and it got all black and crazy. You know what happens when black he smokes weed he gets all crazy that's what he said. And that's why we've got our laws not because he white folk and Ulysses or you can handle aluminum marijuana we all know and I'm below against a greater gun right. March panhandle America I don't watch out for the African American flags can handle marijuana just don't aliens can kind of handled the fire water. Right thigh or talking latter. Yeah okay. I sought on Twitter last night. People were you know Shane retreating and I saw Matt tiny before Rolling Stone treated so we've just we've done what's wrong with Kansas finally found a Smart with Kansas. In everyone's just talking about this Kansas. State wrapped. Saying something that sounds. I don't even like I understand that it's outdated in the sense that there was never a time or place for now it just so happens that yes people talked a lot more like dollars in time and he was warrants today and good stimulus is doing. It's an opening for John envoys were money. He's saying it now I think I read the use 75. I sold some people from the end of the NAACP had responded then. They weren't too happy but. Before on the air today confide anything about whether or not I knew he'd apologized and newly issued a statement. I couldn't find anything that said if he was still. They just don't resign from his committees so he's just stepped down from almost a he's still representative Maria Coca. Is there is something we can do to urge him to maybe just go ahead and retire. Early this is just retire he's 75 real Republican. He's from the southwestern corner of Kansas. He's apologized for his remarks that he made during the poll why apologize and single in Garden City. I know I don't but not really news doesn't need a lot on saying wide disease say he may be what he wasn't misquoted. He didn't say it wrong he said what he meant riding in a written apology he released. He said he views substance abuse as a blight in anything's legalizing marijuana would open the door to harder drugs. As an aside I also remarked that one of the original reasons behind the commercialization. Of the drug in the 1930s. Was its negative effects on society and more specifically the on the African American community. I was wrong I regret my comments and I sincerely apologize to anyone who might have hurt. He's saying like he thought that was EY name outlawed it but then after he. Told the story that he had been told. As a young man. Then someone told on that's not to case so glad you said that because when I read that earlier. I saw that he set I was wrong right and I my first thought was that. He laughs as it was like why would you say that music no what is right look company looks up as like unknown. It was an accident that is not an exact go to college today and I was wrong and it's. He's apologizing for that it that apology doesn't sound like peace. Apologizing. For being. Hurtful. And saying some things I don't I'm just saying that he got I got to store and got his facts wrong kind sir you said. Because of their character and their genetics. You may need. Take a few. Classes. Share. Or maybe he's seen I shouldn't say any that I misspoke but doesn't say that no let's say why aren't I had a migraine. Right and the word character in genetics just flew out of my mouth. He just says I'm sorry and I thought the same thing I read that as if to say. I looked it. Brought turns out that's not it right there are there no stood stone still stood before the top of the event but I didn't so my bad. Apparently African Americans characters aren't. But he doesn't say that snuck it looking there and he doesn't say that I was wrong bush. We've set it a million times before but. You have no idea how racist white people are as as. Much as you know their races and as much as you say there's no I know they're racist or we were seeing you thank us and when you get them alone in a room. Things like this are sad. This guy I can only imagine what he says. At home when you seize up like that is ordinary player he's good at all. All of his wife and Georgian LeBron Mariah right and his boy you know he just can't say that because you know Summers are again always got their phone I'll let you should you spoke your truth. Jimmy. All right we know it right at surgeon and people are ready for it. Okay that was why should judge. Think about that. They sit at home and have conversations like this. My wife told me my wife told me that it's an entry drug. Leads to harder drugs. And that's you know I think he says Alexei whatever you want. My wife's a judge and she told me. Ryan this is not preschool and propriety you know more mud dad told me exactly what you need someone real Smart to gonna debate is right pace what we want. My wife's a judge. She says it's an entry drug you can argue that the judge from Kansas. And she's enmeshed. In a magistrate that she knows stuff about drugs and them. Kansas. You know this is one of those laws of the could've gone either way. Mr. justice he's he could have been a story from Missouri on them but I just there's guys in jail you live in Missouri you know it's can you store like that you go. Pulled I don't let them have that for well they weren't the only right now. They'll just be a couple months before somebody Missouri says you know women demanded if they want. Ya well I think you we got our bad thing you lasso was unaware of the trump basketball jerseys it. People are aware in the middle of Missouri I had no idea Susan thanks a lot I also think maybe you think Kansas is in the lead and I am glad you think that. I'm not so sure. I pay. All right so do we get it. I'm curious to find out what the answers were those are buddies don't come again experienced in them. You know whenever Wednesday in a new set not that there's anything wrong with that but it's. It was like the third. A web so yes I was like a gay pride web yeah. Now nonchalant not try donation and we knew our mourned commonly day got a isolate I saw a sign or else I thought. You guys know more than I think any game very horrible yeah. Many fashion says this of the Newlywed Game just so an email we cleared his twelve questions twelve questions your partner should be able to answer. Your my partner is from out dot com. Jerry liked him in my partner. She loves it. All right so are we into. I've Leon you're Reuters downright writes all I ask the question and you guys will answer. Where you can go person answered that makes sense I think we went. OK and you wrote down your answers are I think I just yeah I got wealthier OK god what mine are. I didn't I etc. I think yours in Libya we're doing right now dads are doing that I don't know all the little cool here's the first question. Am I allergic to any thing so slim fast or is there anything. Slumps. Last allergic to. All you know I've known him and hot near no he's not but he thinks he's allergic to dock. Uma. Don't think our talent doc what is ducking her element when we currency Alley is seat. Pat Day you and all good but do you look. Dead duck root for a dog circular to sixty's I'm like man god does does your dad is allergic to sign as a lead yards. I needed so why you want yeah doc. I knew you as he also put down packaged small things. That all right yeah why. You fresher much better it varies there's only one type very specific as you keep package must and we are look pretty baked goods but there's one kind of makes it through a slumping economy lots I thought maybe you remember that but. I broke don't Duff first saw OK so embarrassing questions landlords are coming thing. So the only thing I can think of and you got to Laszlo urge you as I remember at one point he had some by. This is over probably over a decade ago. It might have been before we even want to news channel but you kept getting some sort of hives or rash or something and then you finally decided that it was your laundry detergent you needed says there's demo right now as you. And as a hundred CI. I'm alerted us I knew I can I'm. Is that because I've thought for sure he's aiming to remember he's allergic to a lot of the I cannot devise certain kinds I don't have time in my house so much on the yellow bottle thing. Because. The other stuff matters incidents Paris Hilton if OK look innocent to. What do likened bad sort of slump that's like and that. Dudes. Catholic method. That is because well your. He likes penny knows he doesn't like dance actually demand estimate on the planet you know. That's that now owns these are down my loans now loans loans right. What does allows alike boy. Seems like a multi part question I would say if I just sum up Laszlo. Likes. It's who. Ottawa put this. Laszlo. Likes. To get it arm. Mom. Again this this environment. I'm gonna sue Laszlo likes to be. The aggressor. Then he likes to rule. You know he likes. He likes it he's dirty dirty man. He likes a wildlife. Let you know he likes to get crazy he likes and he likes to be job. Call the shot is based on TV let people down like a rough I didn't do it my opponent right intimidate. The opponent yeah. I don't I don't know that is OK you also like to put your face some putts. And taste it. Freaky weird stuff that's a good to do that you already got your question right. Up stuff that you actually were up about him when you do like that I forgot and I feel like I wanted to drive covered without a good at all. And the Maxwell is kind of how's my relationship with my family you I don't to save your religious finally you both could find and you both put this thing. I was the next question what's my favorite movie. Punch from financial management movie. Okay. I know what he's gonna answer right and I know the truth about what if the knew that he was at the answer what are you what are answer when he answered the barbs. What's true is big fish the I said the firms or pulp fiction horror of his talk or or pull their I would take any does get to some what I've said all those are my favorite he says the version of the things in school while all big fish. Milosevic finished I do like big affection also edged days of thunder. So this is why we like together. Lessons favorite movie. You know this'll I do yes. So consumers don't allow them so you say and thinking like a Brian's song or root your heart don't I love finally canceled for the whole lot of external. Our next question puzzle how do I like to receive affection. How to live on its own bass like to receive an anxiety and he's you know he's like one of those players additional Pannemon blood do your job little guy a good job buddy that I did hold both you guys who get this exactly race on Castro down. Needs to be told that I'm good enough area venues like not an unknown he gives me a hard time for that we've talked about this I know we know United's other recently so that's in question. How has lands electorate sees what is a question again how does he like to receive affection action. Italy. And know. You're not that far off. He just couldn't he just wrote down orally and I'm from a purely. There was no explanation and they just Orly. I don't really know what that question means. How does he like to receive a faction yeah you touchy Feely you like word like large orally you're like kids are too busy Megan artifact that I need. You know. Affirmation yeah I don't really know what do you like I like bureau's New Orleans. After the all right the next question what am I afraid of so little slump that's afraid of he is afraid to match. This is all a joke and not real and he's not anonymous he's afraid of the end of the world. He is afraid he has cancer he's afraid. And. That. Oh he's afraid that when he goes to sleep he'll wake up and nobody nobody on the planet wins him. He is she. Afraid of going to a president. He's afraid of female pilots. On he's afraid of everything you he's afraid of everything you pretty much hero down pancreatic cancer. Floating through space and months. Lots Marciano at mosques I thought I was is that it allows always produces all of my fears and anxieties. To floating through space. I heard him say to them and that's not scared upload through space yeah that's not exactly yes well you're right I'll Laszlo is scared of mail us write. You put down to build fitting disease would just fail us. There's I don't know desert thing. Our next question long we're like at a 100%. Base here in essence you are. What's my ideal vacation or some less ideal vacation. Europe do like to put on a backpack and a Canadian flag different challenges from. A contractual. The year I'm seeing friends and Germany. Europe I'm Canadian plaza is a tough one for its ideal vacation because. Do we keep there's two things I think he might have sent. You know he's. Well I don't I don't know because they could be two things I can seem sane like. Just going our wild spender to Vegas which is going to Vegas on vacation in its Capital One Bowl week. If it's the other one minutes like Florida said that the ocean across The Beatles Ringo. There was a far for the Vegas after I am wrong but I can see an answer either wanted to get people would be. I next question what's my drink of choice. Well Russell investment of choice. She and some strength is foolish. I assume you lie it's a non I assume that this meant alcohol all right answered both just in casing. Know some of us likes. He likes. All the brand sparkling water. The PLO's all the brands sparkling water. Young. Who likes Sam's Club cola. The new lie X if it's alcohol assassin thing. Then I guess a virus some drained an image but keystone light he likes keystone light beer me that people naturalized. And he lights on ice cold glass of refreshing Credo. The first American all the time I have enjoyed that Tennessee put down that your drink of choice. He put on black coffee light beer and Jen and cranberry juice. Okay Jenna encourages I had no immediate suspension choice men Metamucil. Contain no drink of choice smell like a liquor or like a mixed drink because the picture there was a picture like a guy drinking coffee unit serving understood. Cited known. That went. Like cranberry issues such as you know on your period a hip. Last those drink of choice would be. Orange monster energy. Tom. Whiskey neat at certain whisking me that's enough that's it okay. I'm number nine MI more red vines or it was Oilers so I was so impressed like. Red barns it was awards. Well he's sure. Homeland. He's you talk on I don't even know if you like slippers to be honest would you but if you were to get them he would probably. Enjoy. Twit is lures more. But he would say read that I am because it faces you know hipster cool to say read on and as a teacher Solana says Fred Barnes. You're going to feature them. Blue collar made those shirts and whenever that sketch came out fifteen years ago about. Blazers. Sunday member personal specially Sunday. You know we're now I think Andy Samberg and not well anyway it was mr. period plus red vines equals crazy delicious from. I've actually never had a red lines I don't know that his lawyers shirt I don't think we have them here we put down leaving Weisel said I don't I don't like likes like this so that. Let's just watch and light up you haven't been on. Yeah and say need curtain neither never try to read gadgets of the you know is an active picked on via Iceland that's. I assume each whistler just because it's got to be better when more popular resorts limit. Question were penalized less or biggest pet peeve. The question in Spanish and we use head Peta wants us romance that's what's tough. All. His thing his pet peeve is you. He hates yeah I'll call him oh yeah actually let's say you're wrong and though so I guarantee you once wanted plight. What are you put describes you. Coming into his workspace looking over his shoulder reading everything is looking into it and I don't do good Jew hate that I did I don't do it as much I don't let that you not hate that Basel I don't understand why you get if if you're on your computer or really don't read books and if someone came over your shoulder and understanding to start reading back. Is it someone that he's OK with that did you write the Arizona all right guys can answer that should have been what I wrote down that much anymore. You used to do it so much you still come in and go and what's who's always has the know the about the Kansas over years. You are and so really over the Charlotte oh god I got us right no matter what you wrote down I gotta drive he flood down I necessary emails. On my drew females you know yes industry does yours you sought so was it doesn't believe it. You're right no my chandeliers in the popular play about an important match to that's a luncheon. Something I should I guess that 'cause I'm trying to think what laws those that he does. Com. Is Muslim hate. You know we're not journey of the biggest pet peeve. And there's a sign filled episode kind of about it and it's painful episode. Something I don't watch Rumsfeld or his his biggest pet peeve I feel like. Armed. And these things are good pet peeves. I know we don't like it win win people cry in public all yeah I forgot so like if some crisis and work cries and public you don't comes users trying 900 better than brand MySpace. I feel the same way by the way about the looking on the shoulder you do know me better Imus is ridiculous that with a shot of the day is definitely worse. Us I would say crying in public or. I know you've really cheer when. Now I don't know I the only thing I can really think of that would that would constitute a pet peeve. Would be decrying a public thing he put down personal space plus. Hold close so much standing outside the close talker gives real close of one god don't I don't want to try get it now bill. Judgment yeah there there's a few people. That will we see them like if I would last when I see in my go. Because they are like the close talker from Santonio please don't let this person come up and talked a lot. And I can see I mean I also like he gets tense and he will physically start to back up you know time. The person walked up in this particular person's really bad about it. And Russell actually sort of backing out stoke on to tell his back was against that brick pillars. It's a little cars just I'm gonna persecute the minerals and I don't know I don't think I started trying to interrupt and they were just ignore Communist China. You know hit the person to turn around and it was bad I was so uncomfortable for Liza because I know much about autism. Question. Number eleven. What's my go to karaoke song. Muslim singing karaoke in my entry for you. Well so masters got the right answer maybe Liza doesn't do carry don't I'm I don't know I don't know karaoke. Under that. Are some classes down right now. Who pays good I don't really do karaoke to so I wrote it down what were right I was actually gas seen. I wonder what plaza would say I do for karaoke is generally do karaoke so I said. Any collegial sign in Canada or even know editors karaoke collegial site I. There are really saying that a view doing down or the job jail bird yes Izturis I mean that's a pretty obvious answer yeah I forgot are wrong about yourself I know you're right. There's an actual video. Game put down village jolt other than piano man. Okay. And then our landlord and armaments then I can say is oh Tucson is a village don't know why I saw you coming I don't view this table and I'll answer the sunny I know you're gonna is that I glance I thought you would say Billy joins a kid I loved to sit around singing the enemy and I said. Did you analyze it and might have been writing and I don't sing that song that. But I'm singing big shot from singing and in the. I will ask questions when my birthday. Sure as well I don't know Diaz actually knows about it says. You're on now on his birthday is June 23. Close and few days close within four days. What nudged June 19 I think. Yours is a role. And it's like within a couple days of my Brothers that's our memory managers call euros also don't answer those others I don't know what it's either that. There is no answer here. So happened. Close 66. It was my Brothers must be a seventh name. I hope he's not listening sank might not be right and we got like almost a hires you guys and exactly as good as I firing OK you guys. No we each other better than anyone else in this there's only one thing left to do love so we got 99%. On this how well do you know your boyfriend who is no right out the outcome I think your own thing left for us to do is. And watch that show each other some affection the way that we like to receive it. You tell you are trying to pretend like we haven't talked to each other and being as well a little while and I love that. With the driver telling us there has never happened. If you. Haven't made love to you I said a faction of anything left to do how to show each and affection in no way in which we want to resign I would need to intimidated by a bone and you in the way that I. I am I did it manually didn't just an item that is hot. I just for you and I. I always love getting your tab on the essence that you're go to rumored on yes very you know very content. He and. I. Forty year old. He sure I would not binge. Troopers. Horn blew up. My man named Brian how are you. Those are you there but it's great do you go watch your shows lands are is fantastic. Thank you very much I appreciate that on board or we've discussed. The college football national champion the element Crimson Tide. And we just one final hole on our Alex looked discussions. And we do have are you not Jews told us that we should talk about every day. For the rest of the year. Can you disregard bing search tactic her through that candidate would is well I think. I'm right I like it. If I don't I cannot get enough of this did all right what I wanna look on you know my knowledge list. I that's what I was thinking I was looking back on our exchange yesterday. And I really had to report back on our changing didn't steal the only way I get through talks of mark reliable he those southern very important repeated chalked up for a month now is food during the during these segments although it doesn't return my calls or checks so I was thinking back on the discussion. And it just dawned on me. You were a member of the two point conversion not. Now that the two point conversion but that's why he didn't get it. Where it referees correctly. Ruled forward progress had been stopped where base heated up fumbling it kicked open returned. Not the ridiculous put forward progress call where they got to feel Bobby. All right after the titans had taken the lead after. Okay. You realize space so what you would yesterday. At the workers who were terrible like it would say they hadn't fool forward progress down or let's just say that at the very end of the game when you Texans need bleak you know when you grow impugn. We're looked like it she had a different fumble return touchdown. You know one of those calls to go on the cheek sort. So what you said yesterday you would be advocating. That they keep Alex served as the quarterback. Over your well yeah I told shirt that is like lunch you have 24 to think back on that. I'm I'm. Advocating that they keep him now he's a day yesterday and Ryan. He said that he said he's advocating keep nobody knows that they're not going to zones are not going to burn the whole thing down like I do all surprised too well but. I I promise you he said verbatim somewhere in in your discussion yesterday between the two of you. It was quick and maybe you didn't hear because you guys were to but he said. I don't wanna get rid of them but I'm saying if you're gonna get rid of bomb. Then you'll remember the whole thing down and I guess we're gonna fire the guitar player in the band and just start a new brand and he would explain that to me during headlines so I I thought maybe you weren't clear that that was it I did. That's so right now. That you. Do you think they should keep ballots that. Yeah I mean yeah what does southern Michigan ballot to live and our aid. Lessons are not really give Alex Smith then go and fired. Really do OK but let the mud flats are very angry I just swallowed this I won't look better opinion just always wash over us that's washed all. The let's watch over me that it is or bathe in it for a moment. Just just take it all connect the good stuff on good strays lightly like he's like yeah I think that you bet that's a good first round pick. On a quarterback. And citizen a single course terms and. Don't tell us and causing pausing. Well. When I describe as I said I knew that they couldn't keep Alex Smith because they had made that pitch and he thought he would know what I'm saying I would of picked him. Our storm Alex Smith and Andy Reid so these are all all these things are predicated on the fact that. I'm aware. Of the situation there and and that they have to put my homes then. And what will that then I think you have to move on the whole team. OK but saw Hawes says they'll be hurt that you should they would you wouldn't restricted group right now trying to. I warned the powerball. And I installed you. The general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs president and Jia. Knowing what you know knowing what the roster. And look who pitched to a jail keep Alex let I'm Dominic I get a check. In addition more now. All of us are. Because I have. Have to move I. I have to make a move because I have I've I've spent depict how moms are what all the general manager before they get I've got I've got everything wrapped up Menem. So I gotta make the most of are you say. Today you're in charge the chase and make the move announcement limit to move on Andy Reid maybe I'll wait a little bit because a minute coated on to see what the what coach I did get. That's sad I'm certainly on the phone to build our uncertainly on I'm certainly talking too you know. Little power Karbala wanted to spying gruden does in your hundred million dollars you. You or I understand the bed and I empathize the 2017. Is not be used here and you're in your mind frame. But I didn't think it sure keeps such your core that you wanted to change or almost on the bill cower you got to explain that to me. Single parent coaching eighteen years. Holland Tunnel that was wrong with bill cower or twelve years. But you want to. My take yeah look look look I know. I'm saying I would certainly make that phone call I would make that phone call to Jim Harbaugh I would make dev phone call to the patriots offensive coordinator I would be talking to people that are and see if they're interested. Our one last one last question your bridging the chiefs today and her team offers you that. What do you gable for more hole it's a mid first round pick this year and won there. In the future were true in the future formal holds and that allows you just stayed just perch in the Wall Street never happen you get those fixed back. It do you any injury insular culture would you do that you could sick ballots that. Yellows and that's. They traded the penetrated. Late first and blacks here and their first this year so troop first rounder and that's what it's. And what they treat. They do this similar type of thing if we were not trying to think of that she would be. That would be drafting in that spot this year but you know if the Jacksonville Jaguars. Alford junior who their first rounder this year. And their first around her neck sure you expect in the windy you don't expect to be a cup by taking the check in the win their division again so with the same thing you've been able to perk numbers and it will audience. More homes and it would allow you to keep Alex Smith and you get your trap compensation back what you do that yeah. I think it should all lets talk. About it I run Eminem look I mean I contended that they may be done now. Some some players like Intel has overtaken I don't know maybe maybe. Maybe a quarterback. Previous quarter actually get your chance not to blow an eighteen point halftime lead for the second time in four years that hurdle and none to dungy called him all the. Man you know I remember when they took my homes you relied won't lose it more homes. Now all of a sudden you're like why do and I love her more than LeBron. No that's not accurate I would I'd love him so much like man we haven't seen employee. Maybe all daddy got through it all the way down or maybe for all those picks I'd take I don't know what I'd take Gibril Pampers. I can get him and it's one thing is I'd take Zhu Zhu's Smith counted him announce a second rounder Simon got to take that anyway. So giving yeah are two more first rounder Jacques let him go. I'll take TJ watt. I'll take TJ watt Gibril robbers. And a Trojan. You're doing that's very weird thing which again makes me worried that your brain about oh I'd slightly which is we're talking about Fisher's tractor truck while orders last year's draft. And what more do we use you more. You why I have to give I'm glad I don't I. If I if you give me the draft picks from homes I don't get him for next year I got underneath I gotta take some instead among homes reach that amount away from me. And our Irish I don't think so because as I do plan is never complete blood. What do or what you're doing it and you are kicking guys and you were not a Choo Choo description Serbian coming out of school. You're not a JJ watt they're coming out of school scored huge thing. Certain knowledge of what they did in the 2017. Feet and activate GM wow labs low. Would have book foresight to take these super high value picks which you wouldn't because cheer lab I don't know a bunch of bombs from mission. Bob always you don't know that I said Jim Brown type person plays safety after aggregate use of safety. I think everybody nude TJ watt was because he's got a brother named JJ did pretty goddamn good. He didn't object heartless or what college football's national championship in a no decision on his. Yeah absolutely. I do you as a second baseman for the royals in the eighties you had that. Less than that no someone. So someone else all the what are you also don't want to say thank you know what appreciate you Watson thank you both. All burden that. These. Our Lipton that that can do you know Walsh can joke and you'll lose it even accept the lord knows you get big bowl of initials in the upper legs all the stuff that now. Oh lead in your. Thoughts. On what this does it mean may be counseled more national championship it. Are you look at Nick Saban made incredible ball you'd call which quarterback the past what do you think that. I wish I talked about earlier I thought I was the most balls and call I've never seen by any coach at any time any. Any situation. Yeah I mean it Serb I don't know what this would be. Light note Tom Osborne going for too so when national championship you remember that like 2530 years ago. That all the way to like. Yeah even then like that's a called out if you go back. If you go back home people like it's all right Tommy tried to win ride if it doesn't work. And this one man you're down two touchdowns in your benching your starting quarterback I can't. I can't think of any thing more balls they run out the saints onside kick. Yeah was a giant balls a call. In Detroit history Marty you morning when deciding to kick in overtime was very good calls they didn't turn out that Newton's favor but I do remember that being like Wallace now matzo balls a thing to do. Art but let me ask you questions about to get our respect mcsame and I agree with you on the call. I Alabama as well believe. Is this can I turn into an Alice Smith. Crest again what I'd trade now say even for Alex missed by the UROU when nicks rice change. Why don't you like it when he be advantageous quarterbacks. Well you know I mean yeah now that you say that it is it's. LNR suspending a seat the offensive player of the year off. 45 and she was a starter. And has gotten you bear but if they'd just get can't get neither do what happens and what we go to Ron Wellman rookie. Egos more open in Hawaii jitter true freshman in the biggest quality life of the biggest a lot of disputed. And look what happened they went flat out but. All what last wolves in what shall inconsistency. There and all the older but I do pollution oriented doubtful about. And the sports and talk. A from the game you and here's this freshman quarterback. So are about into commencing the New York. Now I know when. We're in the locker room you know close close but put back together and the statement that it's who you're gonna start up thing happen. No we're gonna rotated quarterbacks don't see how things. It's a great team effort. Knowing this very. Really good it's just taken a play at a time and that's what happened you know this moment mean to me. I mean although our go to guy you know I can't I can't describe travelling he's done for me in my down. Was he great I didn't see Jack whose graduates. Very unbelievable. On. He was speaking to himself in columns on the sidelines and so all. On all of O'Donnell I'm what do you mean like he's that religious or you media you. Which are so that Jesus on the sidelines. Yet in talking I don't totally understand it he's also. All all like why am Samoa and I don't I I'm gonna sound buried here I don't know a lot about. Murano an entertainer of the game plan does cover is slid to day management and. I don't know what's fun about his culture and religion but he was speaking in on the street that in talking. Champions on these two charter all the calm himself down. Well poor winner. And rated sort. That worked. Yeah are largely might accumulate just a million man march you know are not unarmed knocked in the middle any guns and honestly I mean Ashley grills whenever Amanda Woodward would you go there worked. Networked. So so all they're the question I wanted to ask you about. Saw about knicks stayed in the end though the quarterback situation that prompted now it was so I ask you that question. That. Do you like Alabama is college football you like what they've done. The. I guess I mean I like him in the same way. I hated the balls. You know it's like and a it gives me someone to root against no matter what so if it's a game where I don't really care about the teams which I don't. I have a rooting interest to rules for Georgia and it is Georgia loses. There's like you know one more for the bad guys hate those guys that can't wait to someone gets some. Think some here that then you get that you Burnham Jordan's holes underneath some diner in. And I is what you say the first. He name that comes tomorrow. So per sample but poll in the night the first name is Jordan. Okay oh lakers in the early 2000 magic terrain. Don't bet that would have been the creative and the knowledge you still got your check yet that show. All of it might change what the Yankees in the late night. I don't know. Was there plus a reliever. Who's a reliever Mariano Rivera symptoms and I think a lot of people say Derek Jeter the patriots right now. Brady. Okay now I'm gonna do not that they will put an anime college football national champion only the first name that comes alive all over seven years ago. Tim him. Florida State if you're in the few years ago supported date that. When great job all the Central Bank cornerback numbers yesterday Jane this arrangement that OK. So here I didn't even though they did one of vital organ a few years ago when they got there and they were right there. Was that Chip Kelly a markets Mary go to market where it was Chip Kelly they're the time you know what. I think of tally there. And so every champion team organ did every champion team that I listed. You may multiplayer. Alabama if I think this year or last year fortunately your ballot or wanted to what more Clemson last year would you pick. They don't want that segment now know what you're doing so but I did think you're not gonna show on earth I do think day by all you know I think dilemma. Terribly short while you're right I think comes into a bomb you know I mean I got single day well and to show on an even when there is not thought of Marcus Larry Odom chipped Alex. I don't think of anybody and Alabama and not. I'll bring goal slider you like this dynasty took. Not one like the real Joan I won a title but no one cares and remind no one at tidal surge Andrea don't wanna. But it it was all you'd think it'd make state like new would you say Alabama back. People I don't make you don't like attitude I don't like I don't love dynasty. In college or two dated ones because it's impossible for to be about a player like I didn't mind. When USC did under Pete Cheryl because it was a short a period of time it's like oh it's Matt liner. And Reggie Bush you know what I mean or Miami in the early two thousands what dole may. Like they they just unbelievable player all over the place. What Alabama the he only constant in stated. There is no war like shown to restore tree in the player that comes to mind when you think it it. Think that it them and that's not quite what little sport like I don't well. The coaching can't slip up I loved the act. And he said that that's one of the Reeve I just don't love even do like when they were on the unbelievable what in the early two thousands like. Oh that or you're wrong that fortunately you're important until Bobby Hurley. You don't have that would Alabama huge job then head coach. That's fascinating when you say it too because I mean all those kids got to be five star recruits and how many armor in the NFL you know bunch deride their. Real with the exception of maybe dared him in Julio Jones no explosives. You know us open this employer. A bunch of good defensive players Normandy but like not a guy to you're like oh geez what went almost won the title why they went. They had the best player in the sport wind blew in Clemson won the title statement let's play in this or we'll border state one they've met irons or. All the guys who number water to show what these initial. And Alabama went to what they want it to the knicks saying. Well as good as the next saving and into the giants job. Injured certain I. I eat you know she wouldn't make as much money. I was gonna ask you that so what does that I just looked at the salary is only eleven million dollars a year or something. Nick Saban the highest paid heal or ballot circle the highest paid football coaches in the world Coca. Boehner and you know that they're saying is in bed when you go with crowds in the crow's. These each saving to the number one pick every year. Again the throne that on how that works. Yeah right. Well I mean that Clemens has been in the frozen was not very successful. Well you know I think it got quiet thinking. Either like people up one year in Miami. If the Pope would shut cool his quarterback was driving was someone that. And they either went 79 or nine in seventh and then he used chatted for Alabama in large part it is quite literally wanted to. Like eight is now accused of abject failure problems. You know I mean like you can you can look YouTube war they innately US government and that we can build it or. In Seoul. David what is an interesting idea that Bill Belichick goes the giant as of all CEO nick Satan bad. I can't find the cornerback was a see these stories about Nixon Hussein that he might still have the job there if you got true greens but. Ordinarily it was there in 2005 and 2006. And soon. Are they argue and I try to do what list is hurting unknowns involved. What snow there is anyone listening don't pass this ha. Jason Campbell. Boyd school there really to their quarterback. You've got 2001 was fielder. This is on the wrong way. Their quarterback or do we go 2000 what you're did you say an MRI here five to tell us something Culpepper Pedro Pinto. Who coached to downtown Auburn. No not don't buy it on looking a sex at that he said OK gotcha 050. Knows a lot. What does this how to guard us free or just. It's for is that yes it is just a lot made and I was able. That is that's a power couple right there. And you know I heard that name oh poor record boot whose gusts. Food. For a rock the record was born twelfth. Now. 00 man so going into the 2006. Season. That's a season where the dolphins. Thought about taking Drew Brees took Daunte Culpepper instead and that's as sirens went. Everybody that men. Nine they were nine and seven next year and then they were all accords set of reasons I saw I think they win it became a name you doubts. Adapt well to act. So why OK why other than pride. What is the potential benefit of taking a job in the NFL when you know there's a chance that. Doesn't work it's your team I think because your leg I elected competition it's just and now there's one thing. But you're let's say even if you're good at Concord college football. You are the greatest college football coaches ever to be conquered. Stands salaries right but the one thing they haven't done. Is one against the NFL guys. You got a losing record. I haven't younger I. You know what I got a little bit more left him in a legal when this thing I think some guys are built like that I and the other random not breath that some people are now members are both. Dark black last point on this statement saying and then I notes or what waits longer look it up yell at each other. I know it's a super luxury sports thank and even bill but I ask you. Forget college coaches forget what more coaches just coaches. It statement on Matt Light we shake mount Rushmore of just sports oh she. Lets. Me. Quality and I mean that means there will be excluded only or spots form so light. You're not like you can't have Belichick in warden and they've been GM bill Jack and yet you know what I mean the UK and right are back like. You've got to what you say bite bite bite there that's. Like that he was on television series law and I'm Doug and other people. Hello to develop the blue collar ballad. It's who's been on the light liable for the letter which NATO Charl talked to own the word got. So Fauria with this second time you've called then due to sports you know we're live on the and you call and someone says hello do you in the back and I'm guessing that someone who recognize you on a team. In New York how often do you do people come up to you as saying that their fans of yours. I. Mean at the weird though it's turning into a drop. For next year owns I am you're wildly and adds an open all. I regret every day. The New York. That's impressive yet and I mean I don't know if you look in the that both liked first of all if you just read. All more or that you maggot regal wanna be pitched. I don't tell people what we're really of their eleven years desk all the sergeant spoke that it would fit in. Oh yeah I mean the thing is that I don't. I think there are a bit even if people. A lot of people are watching your show the children battery life. I do you really really well you. I'm error in Berry are distinct smoke because it might know owns them by air and some dew and some you're dashing. Thank you I appreciate that so light because of my nose and my Eric. Thoughts. But when people recognize either they say oh I see you on the show our missiles I'm losing your podcaster I see you on the Internet. Are you happy that people. Would say and think where I'm right now. If you per cent of the people walk up to me. Say I love this show you encourage its eye watching in the morning something like that. 40% of people that walk up to me. Say no bailout while LeBron true. Eight and 40% of people walk up here like they did. Yes you can hear it again and I'm like close enough nice the beach so like no I think. Watch the show or where the show. And the other half under somewhere in the brain that they've watched a clip will be only the court won't hurt some people have no idea abuse or. Just saw light national income video. He had those people occasionally like you'll see me walking the streets of our long and global distribution. My mom yeah I definitely thought she could avoid initially I Xena. Your your left please save me. 26. Like today you get a choice. Kill myself do you want a that one of three to do a survey. From time magazine and sixty minutes. About the afterlife. Or you're doing a survey about the top ten things that make dad's anger. The afterlife. Oh. Okay afterlife. I axis has got to intercede because I can't believe it I just can't believe some of these answers and ask several questions one is which type of immortality would you most like to have. I mean a lot of descendants. Created and admire the work of art. Actually living forever or being remembered in history. I'm used this bothers you talked you wish you could leave something behind you'll remember sure. It does bother me at all but get. And all of the this is valid live forever right. I would think that would be the number one answer was. You care know which ones who brought mirrored in Australia history that. Why you have. You dead men under some Greg Norman you know which would you like to be now this is an Shimon what would you like to have named after you when you die. A rest stop at a highway a like that idea a national holiday. A pew in your church. On a street in your hometown or grandchild. Street yes street that's the one right all right tests like every street you drive Alex of that cemetery one time and Lisa and like all these are tuned to head stones or there and you they're all names of streets in the town they're the first people right or is that that's cool about national holiday would be cool. National realize who they are slumber I am yesterday misery here. Plus thousand people got up or there was a federal holiday month if you want that most people said a grandchild named they want a grandchild and now. That you do realistic it's Canada to eventually die and no one grandchild. Yeah and maybe a name in a field near. Who would be most surprised at how they are remembered. Millen Monroe William Shakespeare Vincent bingo single atoms Cleopatra hormle Dick Dickinson Samuel Adams on ways and means. Whose New Orleans. What can you be surprised at his number or bottled apparatus and run because I want people think same crimes now merit no grudges like linebackers correct we just think about Bear Bryant he be surprised like comment always and good decision if you told me. Anyone famous single items quote. I would say that always have to bounce a signal out of Missouri always a good decision. Which movie to be a call classic and a hundred years. Rocky horror picture show my iPod the only girl pop action the princess bride to about ski the room or. He was big adventure who make up the least on votes feel like I could see people. Go to the movie theater right in tricycle and doing. Like an old Chaplin movie or something Iran the storms dumbed a mix between nine. Rocky or shouting lines are legendary star of that somewhere I think article classics. Yet they sit in a hundred years I'll. Never seen rocky or egg by the way at one mile mark or purchase orders. CNET of course. Are you better prepared for death the retirement. Went and emotionally or. Which Americans better from prepared for 43% chose death and 42% chose retirement scary to think how many Americans feel on prepare for retirement. How you have to prepare for death I don't know I thought at first at them like life insurance that that I thought oh maybe they just mean like I'm not ready to die. Are you we're going to look at who is dying right now we're trying to figure out your retirement demos and say just kill me but because I'm not going to be able forgot my retirement was that. Which would you rather know the answer to what is the meaning of life what happens after you die. There well I'm what happens after Dyson they're really dumb question why. There's a Jesse Jackson is saying nothing happens after you dog okay I thought Beirut violence on and it. If someone says nothing of guys like nothing ever touched the same answer divot then you know L hey dumb dumb as a series of what's the meaning of life. Both answer there is to those there's nothing nothing not saying there is no mean alive another Evans and and I. Thing about that is drive home in the dark it's five choice three afternoon. There is no afterlife. There is no meaning to what you're doing right now. This is the main question this is the big one. Which would you choose to be reincarnated ads. When you die your own grandchild. A healthy dog with loving owners Jesus. Up prince or princess of a small peaceful country or brilliant recluse who becomes famous only after death prints. Does both said prince you know that's when our. I'm disaster and it got 20% of the vote number one was a grandchild was at 34% of I go with the help Donald Lebanon or 25%. You don't live for like eight years there will be a dog then you have to look curveball Columbia person I can lick my own balls that you don't want to my dog doesn't sit around and worry about retirement plans or death shores about how long has got a hole as Peru until you're going to get out as nausea worry about. I story about how long I'm gonna hold my. How long held his clue before comes out. Want their plan and do owners are here are coming home the prince of a small countries obviously right now you get everything or Clemson. I got third place that lost a healthy dog went. Hillary it's healthy dog loving owners people or rather why don't you wrote while I was the temporary linoleum peddling on going to bring a small. But the might just be happy. It might resent the owner feeds you with or it could just feel like I'm his dog should be outside and stuff adds a citizen I was finally pat me. I'd rather be outside earlier dog field can't tell you all appeals. All dogs might be Majorly depressed. OK maybe. OB a prints. Julia prince or princess. Thank America's either and princess and prince might have so I don't know sword fight sellers on right. I think the princess it's everyone's jobs take care of our men and women live longer and healthier. Plus I get to feel. To feel what it's like to have a winner and me but abolish it period just a a. Did. It in yeah. But you don't have a you don't have to wait. And tell your old news that you know their right actually get. The ball you don't mind with the booklet but you can find out Iraq could sabotage. Those who told clubs again after. After what I want him to feel like a woman who wanted to know what it feels good to be a woman. Man I feel likable and presented on topic its debts and look at the number one. We believe in the lights on around the house OK I know I thought about also that this guy thought none of this because as you ought to do I don't know what are the kids arguing is number ten and it does because they off I don't shop right. I thought that would be your number one if I was doing his listeners like I think the number treasury are as I never use George shut up and a lot of time like man you guys just quit our argument. Stop it. Trying to join you later brought a lot more time and actually play video games. How much Finley activities costs. Not. Reality TV talent shows. And no. Not getting to spend time with the family because of work. While I really don't I covered him to talk about. Your football team losing. Where a prisoner of ten that I didn't like his elder relatives off limits himself wasn't going to be a dad allegedly attacked a person's right top to things make you angry. Telemarketers calling during dinner. That's I've been years. Bad manners. Bad drivers traffic jams. All that stuff as we get to the kids are there kids are you know or measurement. But Kevin is ever permanent break your parents even if you're not a day you know is Richard Edmonton. And I think you know all the kids don't listen to parents are you owed on them time so. Right thank you put our brilliant Charlotte we do that it does constant. Yes public enemies and haven't but you. Are if she's so bad at first she said you know. Your dad was annoyed when you're young and anonymous extra pennies sitting Europe anointing your parents are argument. It was I assume all the good news took off. And argue. No arguing redone and I wonder what you did not listen to some also bad to tell you that you were adopted that's so amazing by the way. I mean I've heard people like Joseph gratifying that I don't believe he acts. We did that that is a bad practice and what maybe he is adopted. It's toxic how do you know if your dad told me you're adopted the better than average and if you did did you question like nick is what happened through them his debt to come home. Get a fight with his mom Zain tell. And I I feel your I was a kid he may want to golf I would think it was I a dot I asked about it in Asia he said. But she's our sister that looks like you know she's flying look like a mom. Your mom is lying. Her mom's line no she's not we had apparently done a lot of things that people get angry and say. I know I've that's what you're really trying to hurt somebody when. With the truth is I'd tell them these are adopted I know I'm close I'm too much likens them I don't know knock off here not that. Like him. Thank you you don't look like him. Nearly as ambitious as he has a couple of both times I just started his own car got his own company I'll say my brother who looks just like me who is as fun as well. We decide and I thought the brutal just like you simply due to outpace the globe to South Carolina he looks like my baton. Your adopted. Not adopted on your dad that guide you called dad isn't really your dad. That's why he didn't care about leaving you because he's not true it is true. Why he never came back that's why when he did come MacKey said Callahan and he stopped dead in golf one story you don't know how to go blahs on this is just not someone somebody says he does have no for a I was so shocked when your whole story. Mean there's a lot of things you can tell a kid to hurt his feelings. But that one you voted and true and right and that's that's what we tell a joke but there's some truth he was saying that. You knew he knows the rigorous in my life on prime bother my mom and Osama is gonna last a while it does it with uterus and let the truth I know it's not true. Well the reason why it's Dixon you for the rest your life is gonna you know it is true except now is that true well okay well if you said something else observed like. How we had red hair you'd like to guy's crazy it's not the right on the right there that doesn't stick review. I only got one arm and dozens dozens stick when you probably adopted god damn that's sticks movement you know why. It's it's. Makes you think about it I know I asked my mom she won't lie to me it's not Marlon why do you know I would your mom I have a brother who looks just like me I'll show you his picture. And he came for my dad as well. Your brother might not be the same orphanage right that's the final there won back the same family the same orphanages are going to get later orphanage are probably Russian I don't know that it studies is dead. We have bureau it and I hate you all will tell you pick your good Bubba use what you look like your arm is in your mom's. So until I kind of look what is our moms until now so you listen I think you've you've so you don't look like owning all of us I think Arnold loves it and it makes no sense. Usually you look exactly like your mom and exactly like your brother but this guy is a no relation to your mother so this stranger. Looks exactly like your mother but to be impossible for you to look exactly like I have nor adopted idiot no shot at the reason I'm kind of Jason it's no wonder he ran half.