Tuesday, 02.13.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, February 13th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Arugula
    • Dan Coats says we're under attack
    • Chloe Kim wins gold
    • Foreign accent syndrome
    • Racial profiling at Applebee's
  • 27:22 - KS has declared porn a public health crisis. Put it on the board.
  • 47:17 - Noah from the future tells us what life is like in 2030
  • 1:08:57 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:23:34 - On This Day

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The righteous man. On all sides. Tearing homeland. Well you've dark. Strike Dell and upon the and your. It's. Shrinks and yeah. Are there they're not doing strokes anymore and you got sick. They like restaurants rinsing about it I don't know. Yeah so lines. Plus over the you just through it and I'm clueless little. It's still the same thing right not remove its place. Just the six minute train and only slightly here. Surely there. Slightly there's any real. Right isn't witness likely means Sears and she's a kerosene answers. Yeah running the loyalists as a passing minute it symbolizes our guys rational judgment and Obama and the price of arugula and honestly girls. Giroux yeah. They're different and yes of course doesn't. A big day listeners. You can afford a room. In fact I swear it's huge and then. And all com. Tomorrow I will do well do you really important all yeah. Dude chill looks gross. In his current but it just superffoods. I like to. Darker greens. Starting yeah. Okay. Our roots are here are. You know I don't generalize and say you make sandwiches Turkey was fresh mozzarella through there was already a lot. There was no blood nice and artichokes I'll cherish and arch Duke's. Only. Actually myself to turn its. Like when. It's. Yeah. And Marie I usually love it. I'll defend our students it's a good thing and it. Fresh. Those losing get on the topless bar that like nine dollars a pound on the yeah not really an artichoke hearts yeah we had a little thing that you really juices and years. You would truly exist and Eisenhower. When you make the turn you grew up in the do well large chunks damage to. Yeah. I notice that I sounds delicious. It was not an anti. Seeing signs. What is Julie us. Check our team. And joining us. Slowed him down on risky need. And watched inch. I didn't think it was scary taught students how the new one yeah but I did. Tonight's arugula yeah. In the diet of most insecure man yeah. Just eating nothing but super hot afternoon hot hot resent scooters yeah and playing with skis yeah delicious. Did you actually watch it I did OK I never lots of resources we need did you actually think it was I really was scary. But beyond that did you that it wasn't even that good. Wrong. I held my attention for awhile but like stranger things that is way better things in my attention you know that's right yeah. It felt so much like stranger things than meets. Eighties. Well it's. Spin on the millions of dollars per week. Last movie came out 1990 is available to stream hold on. So don't just told me a lot of trash goodfellas I'm not tracks they hire you say break the news is available now I see I know it's on. That's a net flicks he's never seen him. Using a ruthless and it's steel magnolia is last night. It's like the soundtrack. Good opener though. Well it units under the news. To ask him. Yeah there's some news it's news lined up. It's not great news. Some terrible news. Just news. Today news that people are talking about today. The biggest Yancy is under attack that's biggest headlines. From June. Well. According to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. He says we are under attack. From there. Right yeah frankly. Dead states is under attack. Under attack. By entities that are using cyber to penetrate. Virtually race every hatred and major. Action that takes place in the United States from US businesses to the federal government to state and local governments. The United States is threatened by cyber attacks every day. Boy. I'm scared I don't certainly use it way too close of the night. It was a personal interviews and show them the benefit of that. I can tell him to step back. I kept some Aussie don't hang. You'll be able to pay attention to get scared a little thing this is scary scene under attack has fallen by. Kids in the basement. Tourist. NIC is under attack. That's a headline. 200 tacked on to. But. Conservatives like who. 2018 and moon conservatives like food and liberals like overreaching FBI investigations. Some new worlds new. Really no exercise is really under attack by ourselves. If so deep. That has been a good show deepest. You assume run. I. Emotional and open all night grocery store and talk about philosophy and whatever it took over professors teach it's fantastic. We're answering and runners start run and protect ourselves. There and here. Well. They set did it humble gluten views last. After the phone and as a win a successful. And there and keep doing. You lose and tuna well I didn't treat the election says here means anything protect ourselves. Watching Olympics we try to infiltrate their election seasons are any wins and I mean I know wants. Every time. You tradition like. I enough. And I'm glad you and a few yeah. Misleading FaceBook stories or whatever there. There are no no I'm dominance. Probably isn't gonna turn that movie just find a way to turn that time. Again 2% and is in the long run against them yeah yeah I saw her. That she's walks out in the street and people are following her and their own Mike looked through with boot basically. These guys a photo shoot like you know. Gentle slope fuel early in the mile threads are then they get back on the ground and then the next season. Saying they're on the phone with the goons can't like they're telling these guys what to do when I go out and you'll see as soon as I want winning on the phone she blocks away and surely get its feet by the colors look a little thing. And it is like here where there's not a Arab like whose mental gas so what do you think has its. The same relationship viewing snow don't have. We can't ever killed she comes out of power La Russa and response can never win. Okay. Did you watch the Olympics. She's gonna snowboarding the she. Swindled seventeen years. Loved them both Sunday night Liz I got bungled mission makes and we were down the ultimate snow more. Because snowboarding change. Tex signs those levels apathy towards a Russian news shows just how fast in this country is very. Don't call me apathetic. I changed the color of my Twitter profile at this morning. And protests. Hash tag resistance. I'm all in it what else I need to do. Is there anything else I can do. You guys got a shirt. I'm sure about it on the helps. Nowhere shirt. Welsh. About the sugar. And time and number sugar. Maybe she didn't like pro democracy is the McAfee antivirus stuff so this someone is an attack in new year and who attended one of account. Yeah. Hello all is gonna Russian foreign. I'm going to really Russian. These girls the Russian. Some some sort of I'm just say former Soviet Union. You know Khloe Kim. Dad. Moved here in 1982. South Korea Loge and think that's twice the yeah. Yeah. It's. Due. No. You can look him. A zoo that's first and and his accountant. We usually release spirit. John June and snow and it's just incomes and another. Woman in the United States. Tennis. Fallen ill list. Sunday foreign accent syndrome pain. And these stories. You do these stories do you think they existed all right pleasant fewer remember ever hearing someone say or maybe. There's no Internet Julie do you remember hearing some on the schoolyard or somewhere anywhere as seen in the seventies or eighties. Hey and you heard you know simulated hidden hands. And they suddenly start speaking of the foreign accent where they speak a foreign language a this is a new singer Aaron I'd never heard of until a few years ago. It's called foreign accent syndrome Michelle Meyers she went to sleep with a headache. And woke up sounding like Mary dollars. Per. Her accent goes from. English. Not Irish English as a few different Alex initial speech. It with her normal natives and American tong and then goes back into Irish. Or English. And she's never visited these countries. Today Allen and her team this is her Nolan when we start off quit listening to this stuff on the last. All the problems last week Paterno would you leave kids. Hall. Yesterday which is says September 17. 2011. I started having problems with my voice. As our medicine that I try to talk and say can I think my tongue fundamentalism Iraq. I would federation of course it. It's time recording into the didn't sound like your adrenaline downtown Tehran accidents don't really have a working brilliantly fast enough keep talking for a long time. I don't say some of the officers surrounded sounds perfect to me. Doctors don't know what triggers this rare chance. Which can occur after a head injury were strewn. She says I've been diagnosed with the he next collegiate migraines I mean my headaches are accompanied by temporary weakness on one side of the body and numbness. The doctors aren't sure how exactly might easily to foreign accent syndrome. Yeah. I was really struggling I've come to terms with the fact that I might sound like this forever. Fewer than a hundred people have been diagnosed the foreign accent syndrome in the past 100 years. I feel like all those have been in the past ten years. Doctor if you don't. She's working double us. This news article says the mom and dad or mom being miss her daughter is now turner. She's a former Texas beauty. 73 accent changes. Green they all served with extreme headaches and it was bizarre changes and speech. First Irish. And Australian. And British. I. I don't believe her. But even if I did who cares. So long. Big name I mean big name didn't think I can now seem to recall pass a lot yeah. Actually it's real thankful sudden accident. Sons born accent syndrome. The moment dominant an awards show moonless because she was switching religions it's something Lindsay Lohan still gets in trouble. She says speakers into drugs and once again you know. X now. Madonna and she just switched just that kind of me. In the rain. Awards here. Luge thing. You come true in. I hadn't quite adjusted to the tabloids. Mean yeah. As little bit purchase of Paris. She's certainly trying to. Definitely enjoy street man I don't care. I'm just too it was heard an interview. People are saying that Madonna is. A vault over timely she just kept becoming there's a whole thing you know it shows that evolution of tracks and becoming more more British. So I'm. And hugged me tight I mean I detail oriented person and and they and they like to have things my way that I can assure you that. I don't often have things my way. I don't often have as little bit it's not over the top. Until July starts talking like this is for the southern Pacific heading. I don't even know how to do accidents on my own. The kid you don't say the and the Dodgers in the donors gloomy moments. He's going to work. Sorry las we'll go to an accident but the publicity like you can hear the voice. The top five mile bus but not so she's a girl who fights or all thank you all huh. And a hundred years ago and we will be defeated the bet I know that laborers. I can't open. I. TG CD. Story from Kansas City about the Applebee's. The video. He has got a she discovered Troy would have million views. When some. Three employees. Have been fired and a restaurant closed down after Missouri woman posted video on FaceBook. If she says demonstrates a racial profiling of black people in America you. So they're at Applebee's and send them all it's two women who wears this. It's kind of innocent and he's been two women and it's I think a security guard comes up to them says hey. Server says that. There were a couple in here yesterday a couple of women who are reluctant to build and test. And same kind of look like. She's like look I'm doing here yesterday what what subscription music like. No I didn't say that I don't know exactly what I mean I can Mo Williams and thank cheap basically admitted that this that the description may have worked to black women and just the restaurant has now admitted that they were racially profile to close the restaurant down. And they're saying that they're going to regroup only try to figure out what happened. The women were saying we have not been here we have nothing here we have nothing I'm a student I live on campus I've not been year like I've been on duty Iraq first university. And her friend said we've been shopping and we're just trying to have a nice dinner can we just pay for our food we haven't done anything. Officer asked the woman to put themselves in his shoes explaining he needed to ask some questions confidence is a miniature called police believing they are the same women who died and dash. Boat we're doing you're your doing your job but the restaurant isn't doing its job. Because if she's positive that she's seen us we have been gaining here excellent news. No the wind is heard asking their cameras there that can prove that it wasn't then it's always check the same things missiles story. If they had a couple ladies who didn't hit it builds you think there's cameras there and can take a look at him. This is a point from there we'll now how. Well for Missouri now. Probably is some great calls for example blizzard shuts down the entire restaurant. That's not a blemish on him on Iraq I think it's a blemish brat but it's not a story about Missouri so much it's not like. This isn't a thing knowing Saint Louis is reading this carrying about this like it's not only use two million and a two million international Lou yeah. It's a big deal was all right look you guys he gets it was a very special that I had to make national yet NASA TV national news and ask to be embarrassing for the state I mean. Is this embarrassing for the state or embarrassing for the restaurant or. Not great for either. It's. I'd I would say yes it's embarrassing nationally people solve mystery guest in my state happen in a lot of people wouldn't even know what state happen. No just sailors and restaurant and Applebee's in the Midwest League in Charlotte Kansas an important thing you know we haven't done that we have decided and that should be points for Kansas. I think as we talk about that today weather not a morning should be put on the board. To put Applebee's up there yet costs horse man and it happens right here. In Missouri who racial profiling that shut down and Applebee's. At least sets out a very low we do not tolerate racism her. Bigotry of any nature we regret any incident like this because we want every guest experience because. Teams are working throughout the week and we'll continue to work to determine what happened. And what appropriate measures will be taken apparently have no indications that this race related diverse workforce. That is reflective of the community we serve all are welcome at our restaurant and will continue to do. Foreign consumers learn. And we had wet race the bottom I think it was true. Over Kansas racing them forward to reserve. Well we talk about the porn thing sure is easy day yet the public health crisis. Yeah I saw some op Eds for people in Kansas agreement. Saying I'm glad we're taking this stance once a problem porn now. You know makes guys think that type girls should. Mean I don't know under unrealistic expectations. All the saints Ethier always hear from those. Anti porn types. Well I'll I got the truth we can bring him to talk about it we can do. We can do an update on the race to the bottom yet. I was gonna use this story for Jackson Johnson but there really weren't enough stories out of Jackson everything was yeah. Kasey Kahne and there weren't really any Johnson tennis reason last week that would be worth. Do for the game. So really tragic stuff you don't talk about. Terribly depressing things. If you guys say it's a point at some point. I think at that point score some points. Some Basel loses any big. As a racially profile couple Barclays Saddam am amazed Dell's problem. I know as a story. Okay. I'll have an animal. I have told some play resigns and is Smyrna here yesterday and Isidore. Was description. But ladies behind and no no okay what their description of what we do you when he may what did you do you ran envelope and your middle. And I did after big double. Like being employed no. Well as close on the entire Applebee's Natalie said that in another story doesn't classes like math you know why. When people across the country that I don't think that's why Missouri. But to go there. Even Bailey's impression when I'm on it that's what his point was. I don't I don't resent leaves an impression win them I only saw a local news though that's my thing like. But I'm sure is someone Ashley to got two million views I just saw on fox forum please say star slows so OK I just like that's where I sought and I. If I see stories in Missouri Kansas on national. Outlets and I bring it out as a navy is a. Not gonna fight the point. I mean that money is facing Kansas. They've got dogs running for governor right now and trying to standpoint I think you guys will catch on a. It's on the criteria is that a prejudice and makes national news you nationals who I mean we do this guy this and we we renewed and I'm not gonna fight this morning. Finally that. And I think we can all we usually we've agreed on everything at this point we don't think it's a big enough story. Worst date story. Than an author of that. Scored. All right we'll reportedly talking to corn basically Keegan and appoint for Kansas and all of them. All right I'm looking at the. Scoreboard. Note. Itself going used you've kept a list of everything where we are now right I know we've got fifty shades of crichton's for Missouri this is. Observers Kansas race in the bottom of them we keep were we decided to keep. Track this year of all the national headlines and embarrass. Either state and see which state. Wins loses them. It's a race at the bottom shall say let's. Right now Missouri is up 42 we had. Sara Collins framing the tally sheet and we had really start to pull away fifty shades of great news in Missouri. Then the ad campaign are. You know what was it ten places not to visit from all right you know apparently the world's largest travel magazine. They only name one place and now is our country and it was the state of Missouri. The satanic church in Missouri. Went to the State Supreme Court I'm sure you argue for abortion rights. And then we need Missouri just got to the point today for the racial profiling at Applebee's. That was all over FaceBook and and all the news last couple days. So Kansas has two points currently for that state rep. Back in January that was. Marijuana nationwide single plays so caught on camera that you knew he's being filmed yet talking about. Medical marijuana and whether I should legalize this guy said no because his wife she's real Smart. Oh yeah I forgot but he said I'm and then how life. Brownback when he. Resigned to take over not around national head of what did Brownback take or spiritual something. I don't know anyway when he. Was done he. Gave this statement that said. Pray for Brownback mascara I asked the whole state to pray for Brownback has drummer was weird and that made national news so that's for Kansas got their two points but. Since Missouri is you know run away with this I do feel like it's worth mentioning several people sent the story we didn't get to it. Kansas senate votes to condemn form. Because this is a big national headline the Kansas and condemned pornography last Tuesday. Citing a host of problems including infidelity. Objective vacation of women and erectile dysfunction bomb man senators passed a resolution calls on me and it. In a 35 to four votes not nudge. Usually showed over the size he says that's not nice. 35 to four vote after little debate a resolution which has no legal effect. Comes a year after the house approved a similar measure quote. Pornography exploits and humiliate those being used and debate when they are all on the middle of that girl and a stroke or. It dehumanize is the user at the same old and a new one. Oh that's somewhat from Shawnee that's senator marry Belcher cook the room Republican from Shawnee you know our. I know other senators spoke in support or opposition though a number of senators cosponsored the resolution. And a handful voted against the measure. And this became a big deal on Twitter I mean this definitely knew that this was trending on Twitter last week that people can use arguing about whether or not pornography it's bad that there were you know people. They make adult films there were sex workers everyone debating whether or not porn is bad it was all because it is gazing and there was a New York Times op Ed. About pornography and act out everyone angry again I saw another op Ed today in the can't see star. And what do you think their opinion ones. Senator is wrong or right to condemn porn. Wrong. Can say it is writes what kids learn from porn isn't healthy is that headline today. Launch and this whole thing about. You know Kansas State Senate is being ridiculed for its recent resolution proclaiming part of public health hazard. Kansas uses fake science and Huffington Post headline which set has eternal circles pretty good to suggest that pornography promotes violence against women. And sexually deviant children among other societal harms. Com. Look this has got to be it up a point for Kansas is a mean. Also the resent resolution. Make some bold claims. Pornography is creating a public health crisis and perpetuates and sexually toxic environment. Pornography users linked to lust and desire and young men and women to marry. Dissatisfaction. In marriage and infidelity. Oh man is detrimental to the family unit. Exposure to pornography often serves as a child and eighteen sex education. And shapes their sexual understanding because pornography treats women and children as objects and commodities. For the viewers Jews. More ever pornography equates violence towards women and children was sex and equates pain with pleasure. Which increases child sexual abuse and child pornography in the demand for sex trafficking and prostitution. Now there were a bunch of people who. Posted I mean that Huffington Post article that was just mentioned as a bunch up the time about how well they don't talk about is that he's not a bad thing that people are ways. To get married young people are using. Condoms more and birth control more and it's. There's other. Arguments obviously. That maybe prior three isn't so bad this is an a new argument that hole a group of guys it. Anti masturbation. Groups that. Made national news because these guys have all said they're not gonna match a bit like a look at porn anymore and they were all addicted to porn it became this big topic and it does. Pornography. I don't know screw you up sexually does that cause. Well I wish I just seeing now because duo in whether you agree or not. They cite a study. For the us from 2016. And it's not actually a starting a low one more could call a stunning. But it's a series of our line survey it's. Funded. By the evangelical church right and and I read that they also. Referenced some sense studies. By people who came down said that was our study and this is what. This is not what we found you guys are totally misinterpreting most of the other stuff has been debunked so. Just for the record economic FaceBook page but the plans for a sponsor to race. We can post a score an article first of view can submit stuff all of that up. Us senator David Haley Democrat he voted against a decent creation of a hazard. Where one does not exist could funnel precious funding toward what is needed. Indeed not a health crisis. So is saying we're gonna give money to so that's not a health crisis when we really need those dollars for true health crisis I had to look at Martin Ortiz from them. Taking guests. The Democrat and florists. KCK well I guess I think I looked up the cities and Casey. Guy was a 35 to afford. Holes. Porn make sexual. Sexuality unrealistic so therefore people get divorced. Because men watch porn and and they want their wives to behave and look and act like that. Is true. Applied it is true. But it's also true that. Romance novels from the 1920s. And a harlequin books and romance movies have made women look at men he should and think that day and that men should act like that and they don't so they're dissatisfied with the man and that's. Look man. It's Hollywood they call it and then and we should be able to at some point be able to say block. Marriage. Is and always. Or never news. Like a Hollywood marriage Ryan. Right or relationships are the way they are and Hollywood. Prince charming isn't gonna come sweep you out of course. And right you love letters three times today. So this is. This is a Kansas story. We can't just gets a point for us right there of course okay. So we're very Kansas. I'm just gonna say Kansas condemns porn. On government its point across. And then. Snow gods what a FaceBook page and we're gonna. This FaceBook page and we'll have links to all the news stories because I know if you live in Kansas it was really really can't or shouldn't be a point and be able to live does to a yes. On this page. But the players here are a southern thing about it corners those videos of people on work. Washington bureau report. Maybe from now our picture sort of epic about but the. I didn't like being. You know having twice as many points as Kansas I know it's early in the race but still. So now Missouri for Kansas tree. Of all these stories. What do you think is the most embarrassing nationally. Getter crichton's yet don't lose Amal. You got the satanic church which we I can't argue don't know all of that to consumers don't visit Missouri there. Trade in name Brad yeah I mean they don't visit most think most people probably didn't see but. It is and at least a national television time international publication and the fact that. It was blitzing like Third World countries best places to stay away from like Myanmar something don't we are here are gonna ma'am are no problems are and don't go to Missouri. That was pretty bad. The greatest things pretty bad too. We will see how that turns out but. Always second. Are not OK you've got the app will be sooner. Applebee's sing knock her. Now do you think you're erect tile dysfunction from the because you Russia was forty George a lot of foreign. Tom. Did he got a Porsche billboard. Dot com. I'm guessing that my knee. Problems stem from a a lot of things that. They're watching for a Muslim I don't really now I think it's anxieties. It's argued because you know an ambulance for a lot of guys you see them do instant. I know you tell your little Xbox part almost make a wishing well he comes out later. It's like I'm enamored do advanced he's an exciting maybe anxiety is to not know the anxiety in general makes you not think about sex how hoarding out think and name but then when it's time to have sex and I do you have anxiety about. Not just not be able to perform are all I don't even know I'm thinking of I don't. I need to. You know perform like James what's his name I just need to. Perform. And I get worried what if I can't I'm not horny James Dean a pass sort of picture. I'll sing and James Baker. But of course now come and instant threw him as metal detector illusion. And believe me. Every time I look at your poetry of the formally changed name to me though my nightstand. No cone who co what do you think. I I've run I don't know I think Allen and he I don't know Colombo maybe might maybe they'll look I'm divorced so what I am I gonna tell you how to do measure and work. And might save marriages in some cases. Don't you think that I will say this I think that sometimes it makes. Masturbation selling more fun and sacks more often and it would have been an eighty's or you know when porn was just a magazine is thought lush. Stromberg solemn trust lawyer and labor intensive. All of those things would also. The rugrats when it was over her marriage more pleasant dialogue right I don't need to ask the look. When savings right at home if it needs of the pillow I don't exactly know what's happening and when it's over it's over. Leah and and no one knows what you just it with sacks there was someone that they just watch re listed. Abuse assassin to do some things. Mean yesterday some things I don't know but either way there's a witness. Earlier and so it's narrowly you have to maybe now have a conversation or watch something non. I don't know Netflix don't wanna watch but. You gotta think about persons person's going to tell your friends. What just happened porn. I mean yes I do you think about the fact whoever's working a form of has a list of every single thing I've ever searched. And they think yeah. As weird as you are there's weird people out there all I'd like you probably don't even trip there trigger no I think mine is just so old. Trick would Dick having that. That might. Grow red flag of some sort by day you know. We're running out of suggested videos from his guy because there just. Aren't that many women with penises. I'm not to be a problem as are scroll through a Rolodex trying to make you happy. But whether or not I don't think I think you're weird ideas and those injuries they should. And I also have a lot of form where there's there's not even really nudity. I think that's weird but at the end of the day they're gonna shout out all of your you know pornographic preferences run mountaintop. Ice my brother have mind chatter out I guess some people I'm sure a lot of people would look you've already talked about time I mean it's or even shot well. Yeah right but I mean I hear you're saying the boy. My walking through that whatever that is where they do shout out all your sends it you and they start shouting out the oil that you lost. I've I don't know that there's a lot of people. Hang America and lower than. I think it's sad I think it's attracting more people they're not gonna look vulnerable people they went to prison. Right or trying to catch them right and then there's you know I think it's more just confusion like why what what is I understand how is that. Now should you guys my playlist I almost like a 144 videos in my players as public you can take a look at and if you want. But. I did I just feel like it's immense public. It's a public playlist. You signed an apparent. I have premium of placing a premium Malone. Oh yeah I think that. Ten bucks a month course for ten bucks month for Spotify you gotta be ten bucks on support of course you know I mean what do I get more use from. Herman talked about science all he had ten bucks a month. I guess you get a deal be paid for by the year. What was when all the premium content that you're not allowed to see like all the good videos hot I call reveals the longer videos you get short clips when you're on their tolerate. You know you get that you get all the stuff all the things that the golden stars as premium only premium only all the new stuff. That's for. The three get. I just into short clips. You know me. I like to make. And events like just when you're when they are shutting issue LaMont mountaintop and will be less than mine because you watch everyone for an hour. Romano just be a million different eminent clinched. An audio to say hey I remain at clubs off the bat was like thirty seconds and like we know. Did you flash. Still afraid don't lie but did you see no romantic I don't doubt was did you guys see that thing last week or whatever was worth it I don't they don't just listen when they say. And would you like to share alike. Add to the porno I just want to share a link Maryland asks language here that. Don't rule my family like under twenty eventually I guess I'm Cheryl in June Agassi match. But they I think we should all do it to our from our Twitter now just one video you watch so if you go here when you go to their main pages as hot videos right and it tells in the country I've seen it so there are so suggestions for you are there and then there was a thing that said tonight is yours is that actually usual again I have yet what is what is like this one thing but this out as. Are distancing that came out said that. Al this is true or not. Did it the way they pick the hot videos. Is not by what people are watching right now it's by what they watched when they log off. Smart. Oust likely now. A home. Very. Clever so what does it so this just tells you what I guess people or watching a lot and they law that they they longtime nonetheless caught. Yeah there's a lot of sue slows me there's a lot of steps to injure her breasts asset that is really mom. Laura at all. No judgment. What else nobody hears ended up right or who cares just look at those pictures almost viewed. So I think this is different than hot because I think most users number views got. And then recommended since Nolan slugged and I think in addition there OK if creditors those team. And you are very there's no one hot sex tape and there's no history here. So they're recommending category four teams as. Well as a look at us. What do they get that are not passing. Yeah it now. So the 33 seconds at a project ten minutes. I don't meantime until. I know but had a lot of time to kill your home alone you know. I can do it can intrusion 567 orange 00. Yeah. Oh really at the age you're joking know a little bit you're joking around I don't know if I don't mean yeah. I do that trade more times that I wanted to but I might not know for a week or so we have a lot of injuries he threw for five surcharge. Do you smoke pot. Do you want. Doing blow or he's huge blow you can just do that let. The sit room. While do you have soak zone was set. Can you do you nationally multiple times and and in and night well now probably mean once that. But if you do you never say senator to a few more times in a night now. Can you that was sax. Yeah. But you can just say give me a second or out what is it even a set it up like is it just those days are long gone. Let us and he can do when there. So your dog and these and I really don't I mean well probably not like I mean when I was a younger man I can go right I got to go. Finish and not even slowdown. Like just keep going. Just keep moving forward. Now I probably need to you know. Get a glass of water lay down for a minute. And then that's it you're value not the real commit governments. You. Ought to take porno has not ruined even. Certainly whatever their eyes on Bruins are. Yeah. I got something I got to show you here please tell me. This is a little update team. But some we talked about yes remember the white people who. Wanted to sell everything maps and eggs by boat and sail around the world they are tired of corporate risk at all. Minutes sank Kennametal. Started off on Americans are stockpiling which is not risking it all at all as you're gonna get money from people. And wants to risk. I know it's racist I think I'm white so I'd say there's nothing more white than this everything about the story. I'm just tired of corporate America. Which means once we have good jobs here. I can we keep using what's we're gonna sell everything and by a sailboat which we've never had no experience sailing right none whatsoever. We're gonna see you around the world. Then they go out that it takes in two plus years to save the money they go out. And they get on the boat less than two days into their little trip experiment dream whatever. They think the vote. And then everyone responded then is sympathetic sense on so sorry and did you save the dock all the dog is okay to go right okay. Then of course. They they did exactly what you said they would do they set up golf and of course I don't know which was saying yesterday this is not a blah. You know. You make sure it right this is this is you're taking a risk. This is when you just say I'm gonna give up everything down about assailant. Part of why you do that. Is because of the risk. That's called risking at all that's what makes it risque. That something may go wrong I like your analogy about going to the casino on putting out 101000 dollars on regardless get off. So everything out on what should happen right. Nobody you'll start to go on behalf that would doesn't pan out maybe but it solution. Partners are both mission is dominating. As a matter of oral they've gone well past their goal. 151000 dollars yeah. That both costs and ten grand which took them two years to save up or something they said they. The whole thing was weird the boat was 101000 dollars they said they saved for for two years and sold everything I mean they set after the boat sank. There recorders like I have nothing we have to stay with his mom and you know. I don't I don't have anything just us in the dog. Usually put the finger at her okay fine. But. They got the money they leave the area 151131. Errors at 43 of their ten that 26. Enough just tired of being a slave to the grind writes. Yeah oh she's when he 40s20s eggs yeah. So. I get admiral they're gonna stop this when you have a goal on go find me deal. Can you two you get to keep the extra money right now I feel like you should just do it's kind of like make me a millionaire dot com in the ninety's or whatever you can write say I want to. Or just come over the sob story autumn I want you wanna go to the casino serious hurdles on the right now my they are so that is gonna quit my job I don't work anymore yeah I mean there's been people have tried that. It was a work. But I feel like if you did the thing about. Like you suggested that you lost for your money casino. Brendon rose element. But he but I can't if you could get some money to go lose. Why lose your money when you could lose someone else's. Ollie wanted there was about your dream of going to the casino advertisers and so I'll take every penny that I raised to the casino. And putter on long at all on black twelve okay Leo put out there on black. And just said if I win enough that a timeline anyhow I think what's so funny want snow cone worked so I think you're kind of like a minimum. Com. But I want to date you rule that you want you down you have to cheat I don't exactly know they're all different but I'm sure he can figure something out. So anyway those kids got their money day this is way more important. Are all white people are talking like you know Morgan junior monetarily to show I think because because your on the radio yes I think when the average person tries to do that. When they start those web sites I wanna go my job emotionally uplifting grand ring. Apparently people were. Feeling bad for an image you see Twitter all those people than cry now I feel so bad all that's terrible. They gave money I mean I can look and see how much money people were giving. You know this guy to fifty dollars twenty dollars a hundred dollars. Another hundred dollars fifty dollars twenty dollars 25 dollars short I'll take all of your money and I'll put it all on black that's. It's not a legal right I don't think there's something about some keep it or lose and we can Thelma. Some of these sites have rules about what you know what you can raise money for courage should monitor and I don't know. But I got to know there's got to be one summer and lets you rate wanted to gamble if nothing else will just start a PayPal. Go to my PayPal go PayPal me. Whatever what's element called. Because you travel penetrate my phone right like right then now whatever. It was called. I don't bemoan although singe. They started to take off from an apple was like no and and I don't know we're just go and put this little thing right there where your taxes and come up you won't even know what it is. And just say so and slammed twenty bucks. Yeah they were quickly that. They were quick to shut down everything else I have a question about that and is I think makes the old. I was asking snow companies I know he uses. I think then mountains called them on that not a I guess that sounds like the web isn't there VoS anyway. When you go on there it shows you snow cone gave slim fast toy five dollars for. You know. Whatever drugs and it shows all the Psycho social. Networking site. Why why why would anyone want I don't want. Why would you wanna go on and see what people are giving ceremony for. It's a weird thing and it's really weird that bush and just supposed to be okay with the fact that if you give me money we have to display it. And what does it is showing how much FaceBook friends who want Sony to. I mean his apple paid 200 I have you have doesn't work yeah it just says like OK here's the fifty bucks whatever it may take this long. Until it's your count you know does it charge I think some some sort of no use. And discuss stricter. It uses the card that you have connected to your of course payment that's and what does it goes straight to your card. Don't remember how that works I see I paid some lawn. And I don't know how to headed up I've never I guess haven't received my MI and no I have well yes because when I received my just went back into the car that I have on my phone. Subtler ones. Whereas with the Kimmel think as you can use bank accounts and suffer if you can do that with apple on the news when our cars are a lot but I'll nor does it goes like your card yet this went straight to my card because I paid some on. And they got paid back and the money went. Back on my card. It took like 24 hours something credited my card that much money back. Credit card your debit card I use my credit card for apple Davis wherever you have on your apple. Whatever your default apple plays at least that's how mine mortgages used what was being used from apple that. Listen. I got sidetracked and this one to give you an update on those kids who sank the boat people who sent their vote. But there's a time traveler who's here right now. From the year 2030. And he's passed a bunch of lie detector test it and he's real. When his Laszlo I see it two dollars following a guy he's he's been shut your mouth before. This thing gets an all time for me whenever you touch recently and I just ended a dollar back. Shot it. Noah. Risked his life to tell everyone living in 2018. What the future has in store for us intact including. What's gonna happen. With our current president Noah. Noah yes lasso Tuesday December Israel remain anonymous OK so I think he's using dissident thoughts. This is in and they hook him up to white. I just sector running right now and I'm really anxious to see the results of this but can you tell us. Probe all 100% fact if you're telling the truth. You just want Hobson start are you told the truth I no longer. Played a total control. And you see that flash dream true. Crash tells friends in the media lie detectors as true ominous announced who's. Muslim. It's inevitable that bigger a lot of feedback on this video a lot of people saying that you're not telling the truth again I don't wanna get my opinion because I don't influence anybody who's watching this opinion. But that's what he's got all the skeptics out there who don't believe what is. School or construed as harmful it is important to me he goes for points. Book won't. It was what people wouldn't be additional peaceful virtually no. Mean there's written. And I'm sure you'll probably just wish people shouldn't think we are softer the. Both says true again I sort of just gonna happen con now you wanted to violence and why do things on the mirror in America's. Is reputable right and one OC one. It's a little release from 2030 and the fact it would that we figured out you know in just a few years. Surprising to say released but he's got a list here things that he predicted so here's knows future predictions and say they gave this from prison again you know. Artificial intelligence now will be huge by 221. And a popular device which looks a lot like blue glasses. Will be can be huge but the processing power. Oh sorry it'll have the processing power of today's computers. But it'll be in these classes. And it'll be ai and it's gonna take over which I did you see didn't Intel just released new Google glasses and somebody did. Some diseases have been cured and point 30 o'clock including some forms of cancer and car. Electric cars now have a range look over 600 miles. And making the message when he starting this is enjoying thirty. Humans. Make it to Mars in 2028. And that is the same year that time travel is made public. Following a ten hours write an essay yeah you can travel time yeah they're out with Fiat time travel global warming what about. Love paradox problems. Doesn't matter what does this change all the futures for everybody now that's where he's remain anonymous I suppose Bowman and now I know this information. Well we're only wants talking about it. So I'm guessing that Elon Musk hasn't even heard of knowing yet he's just all I'm saying is if that's true then this could cause great societal problems. More than me and you discussing it right now yeah we'll see like who's gonna make those glasses some automated glasses and I could not be scrupulous and America make everyone go blind. I if they have been chasing euros warning for anyone I feel like whoever is gonna make those buses are sort of make it much now somebody just served us. And they're like oh god damn they got three you're saying three years ago in the market. Global warming issues increased. And North America has now hotter than ever but Europe is colder. Bitcoin. Power bitcoin is very common and being used much more but money including US pennies are still in use Boca. Robots that can run a home are slowly being introduced into the mainstream and 2030. Phones actually start getting bigger. As we get closer to 2030. And his prediction. That everyone's talking about. Everyone being the slow side of myself. Donald Trump will be. Reelected in the year 281. That's all he could tell us. Let's reset so far I don't know if they still haven't I don't even know who these people are that are interviewing him. They hooked up to this phony looking lie detector test but. From many have been skeptical of what he says he greeted tickets lie detector test. Who was this group forgotten where it's excellent word of oh apex TV I don't know that is you don't know. The wanted it Vegas. They asked him to really inspirations and asked to confirm whether he's truly in the future the interviewer starts of the simple question are you an actual time traveler from the white thirty responds yes. And the green light option this year at it and says he has hard evidence to back up his predictions but he isn't sure he can give them. Due to a paradox. The little true. Lights flashing and when he said right that he wasn't paused again then he reels off a series of things will happen in the future. Which once he's done the interview again asked if he signed the truth he says yes and the true thing pops up again. Among his predictions are that trouble be reelected phones are going to get bigger mutually thirty and assuring introduce robots can run your home he also says between thirty. The president is what's on the threw him. Awful dialogue. Hello detection and controls only possible forward. Okay. Lee thanks for is it Leo how do you say about your basement. And drug travelling forward this whole time. Just can't come back shut. It just text that from 2070. I hate you. He says the president's in 2030 years. A lawn are red Mickey. In that once again I'll I see if you search the same all comes up the stories about the time traveler. But he says the president is alana longer Hawkins is you can't travel backwards either. How Leno because he hosted a party. And he didn't tell anyone that dates right and then when the party was over Nolan showed up and he was inviting time travelers conduit between China until after it happened Mary they thought as solid and SE part of it rightly called racist arsenic and wheelchair. Hey guys wearing gold rose goes sky at all just push warm up that time he saw some. Says global warming is a bigger problem. We go to Mars in 20/20 eight that's here that time travels may public that your car's. On ball lower talked about that most people are skeptical latest interview though. On commentary says all of this station does which I guess that apex TV. The slash and answer comes screen with a Ding noise that doesn't truly validate a lie detector the lie detector did look more like a blood pressure monitor. It was just one thing around is by us up there were no wires running to on. Now you can see not fidgeting around the miners trapped around his fingers satellites of prison experience that we take a lie detector tests are supposed to sit back terming completely still during the whole complete lie detector test and so. You need to show the name lie detector and go through stages of setting up test also trying thirty's not far enough off. For the president's name the game if that's true you surge is person's name. In his first and that no one's heard this person you think if this first unit president ten years to hurt them. I believe. Why would you make it up. Whose name or. This person's going to be president is named. In honor ray Mickey. June look along and if you search on you get your stories about this time traveler. But whoever that is now not so people were saying. We should know is the name you give should be similar exists only twelve years away we should know who this person us. But what if the president twice thirty is it time traveler from the future for a witnessing you can only go backwards only go forwards. Match was. And Tony anywhere hold on now this is so dumb pledging people texting like move forward or backward physics like you can't oil. No you can't time travel. You can't do it. You can't but did they say that you can only go back for you can't go forward or backward unfortunately your stock here we go forward. While we're not time traveling. Technically no you're not you're not going for your escaping from one spot to another I didn't but I am traveling third time right now OK I say this. So let us say this yes OK I get it. You arsonist who were saying. Yes that's nice and you can be you can only go one way so which way was it if you can only go backwards you're traveling when it's time now. Not traveling forward in time. So why. Because it's always right now. Right now. Right now. And more ju co conversations as the afternoon and should've tried when you say I don't year old girl has now it was in the past. Yet but right now. Is right now. There's always right now you know what time is it as a right now. It's always changing man. I was flat circle. We should on this this could have been us blunt. Think this could have announced we could beat it only got time travel right there he's almost always are still encoded in the time travel so die when we have this guy for years he's right over here tells labs on the future. What happens next. This. Man what happens next time traveler what happens next now does that say something. And in some vessels as something. Wrong. That it. I said something first of. What would this could have announced a good guy huge press. I wanna believe. Normally what I would believe that knows time traveler. I mean the thing about the president and after thinking about president. That's compelling. To name no one's ever heard of the fact of this national. This time travel and peace asked. Comes to us from Tony authority and the only thing is to tell us is that where they get some Google glasses. He's only control over robot. Will slowly be introduced. That may clean our house for us. You're going to be able to buy something with a bit Corning and Trump's going to be president. That's what you that's and to bring back those important facts. Stay where you are what about the honor rim rim McKie thing. It's only twelve years way I'm with you some of the predictions are a little weak but. He's not from not far in the future and aren't you excited to know that now there's a very good chance we're gonna live to see time travel we don't have to live ten more years. And will make it we'll get to see it I didn't think I get to see it did you. I never really cared. All the lob. I know that you don't care about going to models of what if someone came announced that oh my god we figured out. Time travel tear yeah and it's becoming a formally Amazon's music to your house elect's old to have Korea coal. You'd be pretty excited of course of course. Of course of course that's it yeah. Our image silent I am Burnett legislative result ended now and although local women I know I'm gonna go back and launch you go back and you everywhere you do wind. And I don't know go back and watch Jesus did they do remodel one up because you Shays of future. You don't care. You know I'm sure they would have rules strict rules and guidelines to own forces type of nonsense. I couldn't go back and Gilliam. Okay. Well may. Okay well I guess I was stuck dash. Maybe they make it where you just view stopping ally dinner I have that already is called discovery History Channel and put on headphones and surrounded launching an all women usually in World War II time right now. I think it would be cool. If you could travel back in time as seasonal joyously. You to take one thing you can go back in time to see Olympia. Newton. Throughout all history I don't I don't I don't see the dinosaurs like Jurassic Park and you just can't is gonna look you don't get out of Iraq so that'll. We need to see one thing what do you doses aren't really elect four I was say say they give you an hour to go look at something you only get to go see one thing. And. Last of the magazine the Smiths or something in 1988 you barely gonna travel back in time champ car car on square club. 1963. I go back you said dinosaurs. Yeah you set a concert I go back I was I don't. Our children day where stone columns that should tell me is adopted and frustrating from a front on unloved decision I would loans they got it seems right. It's easy. Glad blows one back. Single white snow going. All right Clinton. And did you think that last night right after he got the phone usually get up this morning. Just moments ago like and rightly so don't let high. I would like today were actually and it talks sports I gotta get I dig them where they can I was thinking it. I also by the way will not the only if you guys from Europe the week and achingly brief trip out of the country so what I appealed to make my appearances so I gotta make every second count. Who is going to a Philadelphia on the TV show. I believe that we dugout. Love Doug Gottlieb. You know Doug Gottlieb is. You don't ya could Waltz for a long time it was not seen yet there's mark Madden cover. All. White guy eat when you beat him you'll recognize in front NCAA Turk a nice. Like Doug Doug extraordinary interest BP yesterday and a quarter or year or early athletic actually. All about. Doug got kicked out of Notre Dame had a college basketball player because he stole off. And you lose three people credit card that weren't hit it. Like yeah I get used all the credit card but like you democratic art bought something gave it back in that of the handful of times. And then in the ball in Oklahoma State. Where he's one of the all time leader in a bit here in double A history and he talked about that in Iraq burned actually silly and low ball. We teach kids to who. It's actually had on TV today lat oh which I don't you rejected it I would venture saying and I think we should talk about it Dierker cooled yeah course. So when you want to navy you watch the TV show this morning. So what are you you don't like that the template for what happened and what the discussion was what do clergy. Okay well I will not remember the specifics of what was said but apparently you know Alonso ball right and his dad. Lavar Burton and our ball movement and almost certain and his two sons right yeah and us three kiddies right. About let me let me let you know that all elbows but then nearly dangle from yesterday and then you can tell your observation that probably here so why. Need what did you realize that what you are positioned where you'd I I. This dynamic live where there's more where that. Well Bart ball he put back figured that allow wild saw. He darted through younger suddenly a global Palo overplay it Lithuania look Melo is sixteen maybe one date to be a pearl. We have all had no shot at being a pro he always loved oh in the pro was number two big regrets. Will art bad. In Chernomyrdin a lakers don't sign Lee and a low. Lot of those not gonna wait for them anymore you gotta at all sorted my boy do you can't have it my boy. Lot don't know it he got it they don't buy it brother you can't quite put him anymore. And so that's good news peg like point one and why what barred -- spoke out against Monfils pro coach you've now said there. It cyber alarmed total publicly that he saying man I love my dad but he doesn't speak for me now what I've blow. Mutate before I thought it was interesting because as I was watching it unfold. If you were talking about is it time for Alonso to tell his dad like Hank. Quit talking right. And the question came up and I don't know who was the the lady host review today. Anthony. She's black and purse are obviously also. Right so the light to black people talking about it. And that and they say why doesn't he just well and they both it was like it was it was just a give men. That you would never tell your father to be quiet. And I think at one point she even said well maybe he should you know talked Osama we although that's not how the world works and in my head I was like whoa. If I play for the lakers. And all of a sudden my dad. Is wrong and often they yap. Which is perhaps costing me millions and millions of dollars telling them that I won't sign with them and less I signed my sister to a multi year deal I'd be like dead. Shot edge. Before I bust your ass like what are you doing to stop it right. But that was just so easy for me to see as a grown man how to react to my father if he had stepped way out of line riding our and it. But as I watched this I was like oh man. And this is a very interesting thing about how you speak your parents but I also thought it was about how you speak to your parents when it also became very cultural for me. As I watched these two African American him bing site. Well maybe should doctors evidence underwear words you don't tell you that it doing all he's got to do is just you know he's just got to was as soon as vans and a similar to what. We'll play your essay why he's gonna say. So cornered and ebony. Both seem to agree that the best solution for alarms so why is gene pool I immediately go to the lakers. Can't just say it was the guys. I they're gonna keep talking but he does not speak for me when I solution was a log or the day conference. And caught but laid out from his father kind of the other extreme and all the world at. What I love again but wouldn't that have no effect on me whatsoever. In addition Jew. Work only debt wasn't what it should direct your dad get shut that a lot on the ball and I didn't realize it real time. But why close observation. In any inter state war and about the different obviously we're painting and a very broad but Brock would are called for more go. They're different level of disagreement discord or pro black attorney and jobs. Disagreement and discussion. Out loud in the black community amongst parents and children. And in the white giving it. Idiot that that book that what you were saying correct. Actually I was saying that it felt like commitment solid they were saying well you know he can't control father nor should he. And we all I know that. That you know and even if he did honestly easily too we all know that he can't. And I thought we all don't know that weekend. Right and so and you're white you're and it it it is like. It is and first thing and it's something that. And interesting perspective on because that's how I would break. Well also because of how light the Danielle. Who do raving outward shoulder and I mean the lung today is almost twenty. And to this day. Don't go Monday might or might it be upgraded gate. So while they might really be angry and the market might come to me actress back. And raise objections. Like DNL could be saying it can't say this guy is read what. And the market is not. Telling her she's wrong. And being idle. Days and respect all out of adults in general. And a diaper regular silly JR and never read any real trouble like happening at the wrong way to air. But it certainly differ in the way I was spared it would flood at age 1989. I felt totally comfortable telling Mike Eric I think you're wrong about this. But actually it and engaging in some sort of discussion. Iraq and I I you know I think they're a positive and negative to mobile I figured. Into encouraging your kids who are you know for lack littered some argue with you or engage I also stated that revolve. I don't dollars. OK in New York City Subway for example may end if you heard what you do not see on the New York City Subway. Young black kids acting the fool when their parents are there certainly seem all the final of the New York City Subway. We usually blow it. Well white parish leading and Borger and their children trying to do right then to get there and stop. Hanging upside down from the rail. You know I mean like that he's absolutely real. Dynamic and a get a wanna say well again you're a rare painting wood incredibly broad brushes they're not negate every instance but it it is why did. It would when you were up to me it was constructive. They get in real time I didn't even think about it by the way as a total side note. Utter a mute on purpose but it very night they knew that we your texting me about her. NFL hall bigger one of the fibers lighter spirit a bald I'm Chris Carter you prefer to ormat. All your cohost I. Thought they sell levels well. So I bet you're bitten yet and like I'm curious to intimate resonate with you at all. I guess I mean I do what you see it's definitely came up in the past we talked about corporal punishment and whether or not it's okay you know as Liza says use your size advantage is it to hit your kids in. And I became a big discussion about well things are just different the black market with a story that you broke the Adrian Peterson story right. And setup yet so that cultural rift and is it as a much smaller part of it was the same sort of idea behind it. So that plays a part of an item but also I notice it just you know in the fifteen years allows and I've known each other than what many times where I've says something like. Well I can't because my mom would find out why can't below he had trouble and he would say. We need your mom would find out you're an adult it doesn't matter what you mean you didn't trouble you can't get in trouble. And I would think cam but I can get in trouble and I don't want my mom to find out so you know. And you seem what that's maybe you can pull up on Twitter real quick I think the audience would. Enjoyed it keep quiet. It it at you in the Jurgen Smits Shuster sweeping video. Art so that it even got it into either work or vice Julia Levin JD UJU. And they need a mom or sweet and or home. So Bruce mentioned as one about maybe being that rookie wide receiver near alliger played for the Steelers you're pretty you know armed are flat all told she went back home. It is an amazing video. On his mother making him sweet girl leaned on the outside. Saying do it with some Troy language something wrong why don't you wait lapin pro war and that Al. -- outside story. And you like a laughing saying I can't ignore and that's no more. And you heard saying oh you can't be doing this whenever I deluge of. You don't mind. There can be grooming. You know doing OK. Come along. The only good news. I mean you. That there could that make you smile it makes me laugh. I also do. I do wonder how much. That is cultural right. I think I a lot of its cultural than I thought it was on display. On your television show today did you bring that up to your co host. No we didn't look like I hadn't thought about it frenetic. Oh yeah argue that allies occasionally forget convoy. So I didn't see the dike again it's all I know I I didn't recognize it but it once you have dirty tactic to me 10 obviously there was bad. There were debt divergence where and so it is so that that's the Newton in the only other one. You bring that up till not only show on a personal level they would I want to win their take on it would be. Yeah I mean and grant it you don't want bigger than Barry one of cricket most famous television moments when after the eager computer since dec. Couric. Going on television no quick obviously one of the greatest vikings never Peterson's fine bit of light into the I don't know what it urged I've ever. I think ridgewood in sworn in the vikings. Ju K Adrian Peterson all the feel for what he did. And there were a lot of other a belt player on the fact. Saying things. Object within. Our mom did it like what it is how we brought and corn here oh. Yeah. Well it's been like if I'm Jack other guys are and did the best they could. I love my mom what she did would wall right yes absolutely forty cal know what they did was wrong. And what's interesting. Is Chris got an enormous. Amount of backlash. Forget what his mother but from people saying he would pitch soul album while. Questioning or disrespecting his mother and that platform you want accredited moment where they fifteen year old Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ramos and about his take on corporal punishment it was about the fact that he had disrespected his mother and public. Yeah a question her I suppose. Yeah and that he had Eddie Payton the ignite ER a lot of blow back for what people called embarrassed things or. Or you don't or get respect he had not. And it would Barry entered into a lot of little garbled big encrypted in cheer on TV sang. Like you know. I love my mom but she will draw Tommy your mom was wrong like dated you know what they would do their best but we now know what they did do was football. And. I really feel like that was one of these things where. I feel like the white humanely and that applauded parallel what artwork in the black community gave in the cyanide for. That note I think zero and I thought you're show as fascinating as always the more fascinating today to that I thought there was some. Cultural relevance there that you know move kind of just went under the radar but to me was blinding. Well I appreciate you watching and always lob Los one actually outgrown you guys. Enjoy what I assume was about to become the most entertaining these referees company ever want the day before. And I will talk to you guys actually cynic speak yes but. Yeah it's. 2070. So maybe I'm crazy but I was upset about this I mean and I'm so I'm shocked by it I was. In the car. And I was listening to other radio station. And I heard a commercial. Before. You can say we're joined queen Lola egging us the station now I think it was a fox. And I. They said queen was coming which apparently is is old news I didn't know this and they said in the commercial said. Sprint center. Live at the spring summer and in the commercial that I heard. It was all clips of old queen songs on time Freddie Mercury right now so I texted snow come on. And say do you know anything about this. Queen shell. At Spencer he's like yeah. Yeah it's them and it's Manama ember. Yeah us reduce means Adam Lambert right side of American Idol camp exactly and I said so it's the American Idol guy because I knew that he had. Done stuff with queen and if people said he sounded like Murti Mercury moon. But snow cone gets to physically and he sounds exactly like it says that and I sit okayed you know but. It's a desperate seller there's enough people wanna see Adam Lambert. So many say sound exactly like Freddie Mercury but not be Freddie Mercury and music I had it might just release sounds like come right does that matter. Okay I'm not crazy zinni said Brian May's gonna run doesn't it says trying to do a lot of guys I mean if you scour the earth to karaoke bars you be notified somebody could face Paris said. I guess as an American Idol Arizona if you're lawyers filed an American analyst our heroes at karaoke bars trying to find somebody good saying I mean he's he's got a lot of fan OK all I said was if you're gonna do queen with him. It seems like something that would be it. Old shiny days or something right eye opening to the classic rock fans genuine that I haven't done right or whatever you know. Night. Ranger sure. Little river band I love love love love lender has different I think they might have to play at my side it is not a lot that we can and Niagara fair enough. But the point is at least for the night ranger I think it's the same guy. Didn't you actually said I'm not attacking you I'm just this is what surprised me she said. Yes but maybe some people would just they wanna be able to say they've seen queen we have a serious injury has ever. And you said no you're seeing Brian may and long is queen and correct you don't I don't know about who I thought Brian may was telling Brian May's guitar work is obviously legendary but it's not clean enough primary. Always saying is that it's the closest you can get. Does seeing queen okay. So that's an ally Colin are they calling it queens where is that Adam Lambert on the colloquy on the ticket masters Sydell eczema is sublime with Rome and I've mentioned you know I mean. I even sat in my tag bunch of Lima Rahm couldn't play. Let's go deliverance and former senator about themselves and Brett Reynolds and we yeah but I said. At least you know sublime to throw my dad and I actually enjoy seeing their shows he does sound like him and I think similar she'll say SWR I mean he should we will Adam Lambert I guess I'd be okay. QWR. Now TWA that Ticketmaster website says queen and Adam remember the commercial that I heard I cannot you know I don't know how to find it now. But it definitely made it sound like. It was queen and in the way and I hear Freddie Mercury when I. Adam Lambert done. An album. With the queen. Like as an album out you know I sublime a grounded and out of the land songs and it was sublime enrollment laws songs were a tour somewhat popular item in. Secretly. Dead. Let's take a look here come look at it queens website. All is that was as close as you can get the seeing queen live. Andy's it's fun I usually am shocked and they've picked Adam Lambert. If you wanna go go assignment. I feel like I'm paying the size of queen India. I don't feel like you need to find somebody who sounds like Freddie Mercury you don't put somebody else out there what about queen and Elton Jun. Yeah right about that it's always going to be singing you've got to hit those notes you have you'll sing like that man I'm seeing green on John performing other I think they'll be able to do it and you have to realize that Freddie Mercury's there right. He's dead. Sort of for myself mail that was 95. Via so. And I'm shocked by the fact that it's at an arena. So did and so on says arm. I'm not shocked that it adds that many people wanna see you get fired and tell you got a lot of fans like you're not talent well I mean look I'm not the only one here before Adam Lambert then and the guy from bad company or some tonight and and I am I don't know something with bad company yeah Paul Roger and look up clean and Paul Rodgers make sure I got that right and he's saying formed and think yeah you know he did. It's still a guy from back company saying for someone to thank for playing Boca queen Paul Rogers. A case of queen and Adam member plaza. Here's how much the tickets are if you wanna sit down lower level correct. A 173. Dollars while I personally. If you want the other levels like lower level. A 123. Dollars. Is so you know it's taxes a 140 hold out when we get the mainland are regular ticket on the floor. Is a 198. Dollars. With your taxes. So if you wanted to viewing your. Girlfriend boyfriend husband wife whatever what are negotiate between the two review and be down on the floor 400 dollars. To see Adam Lambert. Sing with queen yeah I mean I'd get what you are saying he might sound all I understand that way you have not seen my name people must be in order and getting the prices and right what's the guarantee. Someone. Is obviously buying tickets it is they wouldn't be booking it at this prisoner. But I it it doesn't count as soon. Well look who's flying over the moon while you know what. If it is such America on I'm into yeah he was supposed to write and I think responsibly remove your dad had something happen on an official doing there were problems with the but he always thought I would not say I salt point. I was as Saul queen with Adam Lambert and queen is a band. That. Let's all live our daily Freddie Mercury if he's he's way which is why I think someone who does seem like he was they want of a kind of legendary. Or whether your fan or not I'm not a huge queen fan. But the guy was a legend Larry of course yeah. Act also got so what I. Don't wait a commercial made it sound it made it sound like. A queen show them right and is it something about with Adam Lambert which the tickets a queen and Adam Lambert which also makes it look like. I could see queen and I get to see animal barns are another question that's why reminded me if you're gonna go see blink when they come to town march 30 writer are you see him blink right now I can show now without Tom now. I don't think so and I don't there's not a record and were right that and its rival. I heard it and dynamics and a little bit more. Where does it about a record in those last saw him become popular you know Soriano as selling records you know what you're going to see you and you'll see it right so. That you can make Dario and me and okay. Maybe you went. The same thing was sublime liberal writer put on the record they made sales edged sword on that whatever the case may be. This is just queen and a guy they saw America on eleven thought sunlight the lead singer from this legend Tom Cruise movie. The rock start things out right the other thing about blog is just got run over. This get well he was but I'm Tom Cruise went on he was and once I'll bumping and rock stars use it yeah I got the name and Tom Cruise definitely Iraq's ultra. The other thing to someone else blowing. There. Blink has three I members they don't blink just react Qaeda members Syrian I mean the drummer might be the most famous candidate I don't know if but mark and Tom both singers to me. Again not a huge queen fan. But queen was Freddie Mercury and know that you're saying the other guys are very important but. Where he held the line it's not really I don't wanna get I wanna say it's okay proven starter play guitar did you say Jimi Hendrix live at sprint center with us. Ruben stutter or you know Jimi Hendrix and Bruins are right what did they experience these ratings a closer closes they're gonna do produces largely closures like it. And then I think is a pretty Mercury a luckily for us his voice has been recorded many times and really unless you can hear him. You can't listen again but a lot of experience is the closest you're gonna get I would rather see hologram Freddie Mercury up understand. Put my hand up and say I think if those the other guy show up Brian and much of a guy's name the drummer who earlier that you guys are. They come out ending you have hologram Freddie Mercury. As opposed to the guy for American Idol. Who's fifty T up and say I don't record title he's not famous on his own like he's incredibly successful with what. His music. As I don't know when you got to a half million bowlers it was from there by himself that he could yeah. Amber you probably maybe Arizona okay if that's the case. Then maybe some of these people are going because they're big that's why do Lozada on the vehicle old people for the queen and got out of wherever fans well here's the people who have done that who have played with queen before. When they've been out there we obviously talked about Paul Rodgers right would you run through them and let's see Roger adultery. Welker who. I'm Garry show around. James Hatfield. Robert Plant. Paul Young. Seal put on the hardware like going on tour and I know he did Connors and or accounts certainly played rhythm whenever I don't know. Well I don't seal. David Boeing anyway next I would have an interest thing. And George Michael Patterson can happen but nobody Adam Lambert can do it because I just saw Adam Allen John George my Liza Minnelli. So maybe Adam Lambert Alley maybe Adam Lambert will do away am tour it'll be. When amber with injury originally and Adam Lambert back I can make a lot of money if he continues to do this because the topic and you know it's fine I just. I would I would go to the karaoke thing which he's at a karaoke in Tim mead where. If I go to this writes in her watch this guy what you want calm the American Idol guy or the hugely successful on his own guy and I still feel like I'm watching someone's encountered his way overpriced like give you that. But again if you. Seen them lives close you can get tool live concert experience of queens. Why don't you make it important I did these other people who'd played them before asylum John in play and obviously ball he can happen anymore but even. Some of these other nameless but I throughout. More interest soon. If you're gonna go see and you want to or good you'll hit the notes Freddie could. Or I'll think Elton John can hit those notes on the he would try to. Where Adam Lambert can sound just like you never most of total different emotion now. I give issues him I really do I just feel like it's more vague but using a mile island the says I also think is indistinct. Using every oranges and seek queen when Roger adultery. Who I think. I'm and I don't grocery fact of Freddie Mercury trying new. Wrong but I had some sort of mutual respect for each other there sure the bands were of the same oak room in the same area. And adultery is like grandma and I honestly gonna suck but Dalton is like my friend passed away helmet on borrowed without. To me that's more important than sir you saw a guy on who came in second place in American Idol but sounded. A lot like moral leagues they have so let's take on the road to me that kind of is you know I don't know this for meaningful when Roger Alford as a right. Mean yeah it's human George Michael did about a minute George Michael was to do you know I got a centrist and riding famous on his not rush you probably knew each other is he is all. Again now I go back the last thing nothing puzzles write to say that they were popular on the same time it probably knew each other. Can't imagine an Elton John Freddie Mercury news and knew each other pro and went through on the same thing Cheshire. So you think there's a possibility go to people who buy tickets for the show because because they're Adam Lambert fans yes I like Adam Lambert is the reason I absolutely. Like people are calling just as many people are going to see Adam Lambert is they are clean if well that takes down in my bubble and what do I need to if you ask the fans on Twitter they're obsessed with them. A die hard fans if he's in town there going no matter what he's point. But what he plans for children I really think you could. I think he has. And maybe yes which does completely change our informative. I'm Arizona learning. But also the commercial that I heard on the radio going backing with the Freddie Mercury locals in the background and the way they mentioned Adam Lambert at the end lake you know and animal amber and I just thought it was odd. And this before and how much tickets cost I just not a sprint center in a way overpriced. I come out and he. The Russian. I'm assuming its backers. 109. Dollars again that okay that's crazy. Yeah I'm not going to Syria fun. And to save its item number the idea of it isn't crazy. I agree with him these spaces except for the crazy part again if they said they were doing you know. Free show at. Some sort of Santa Khaled Dallas where I'm not sure it's not know again indicate something slightly bigger than that because you're comparing. Okay that's ridiculous but he's gone pretty Mercury's John Elway forty some years. That's that's to me why and people that way old sunny days that are one hit wonders. Last man looking ahead I'm trying to figure out how many records Adam Lambert salt and 2015. Loses highest chart debut at number eight initial 35000 records the first week. Not always goes down from there now where where years earlier accounts strings it is and that's I mean I you know include new 2015 so there weren't. You know bought. They do. All the records. As Adam. Lambert okay excellence that he has with president before Adam Lambert I was so someone says. Let's see which I don't sold the most records. Additionally we currently are so I don't know trying to find out while since 2009 so three million records. So maybe people are paying because they'll gazelle like the American Idol thanks so I would have thought. We've seen it's a name I haven't heard a long time and when I think of Adam Lambert I do think of him as the guy who sings queen songs. With queen like I knew who I was waiting in the commercial for them dimension. If he was still them dicing with and. I'm and he sold less records and play again. When we were of Clay Aiken I mean. He saw less writers and Chris Daughtry. Well I know we're Daughtry place. And it instruments. Maybe adds me as Clinton's. Yeah structured as a nickel back here poems and BC that is either bald guy and so will he play the mainland not to terror series opener peninsula is under. Always opening for nickel back guys yeah. If Adam Lambert was opening for them you know could be good could be. Brendan. From Pinnock and they know. It is heavily university cover. And sell look them a lower. What's is there and Adam Lambert. Aren't so this is not right now is saying also Adam Lambert. Is the thirteenth most successful. American Idol singer. He sold one million records. Above managers whose above him yes we sold more records and oh yes Jordan sparks. Jennifer Hudson. Phillips Phillips. David Cook. When we're there was queen and David Cook a Kellie Pickler. Scot Amos raring to. Ruben Studdard. And fantasia Marino and Clay Aiken Chris Daughtry Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood and he's below Kellie Pickler by that many spots. Oh emotions as they Pickler. Now he said Kellie Pickler. I'd look Europe or modifies some of those and don't Cutler's number eight. David Cook number nine. He's right above and David Archuleta. One of David Archuleta let's see he sounds like you guys don't match in the mobilizes knowledge on number seventeen I did he sounds like a mammoth blast so there's got to be a million karaoke people who work in pulled out off but he's got a ton of vandals also why don't go with a low around in a and so does. Punish us one point three million records about a million followers on what are. He placements there by himself so it was I mean the guy who calls you solve Don has more than Matt write tweets from one of inflation when I. I bet I would tell him when he's being in between Tom look at that's a unusually then your sales see how itself so that we'll see outsells. Data now for a 190 dollars to do whatever it doesn't look like it's solar and I'm able to get really good tickets area. If my and my in my line of credits big enough. When is the show July. I neck. And by the way I show that he's he's so little over a million tickets mercies. From a dog and auto deeper. Well. Digging through some of those software I have here from his first record sold 863000. Celebs when he came in second place right and his next record sold 497000. Has third records sold 52000. Nobody's buying his gun anymore he's not on the that includes that includes how many times they streaming equals single. Guess. They they count that. Nash they do. Let's see you can and glass and is listed how all American Idol he has owns twelve American idols. Then have outsold. Adam Lambert here. Adam Lambert. Do you there's actually. I'm gonna Dieter 156. Million spends. On Spotify let's not they don't count the record sales is that usually they don't know many spins Eagles assail. That's original he has just been on song over and over Oregon senator Jose knowing that equals that equals. One. Single sale it's going to be caught by Lorenzo Arabs those guys sold 52000. Group eight rooms bedrooms. Per million. Who don't in my 152. Millions but somehow Clay Aiken is above my analyst sales right which one thing you don't. Count them there's well no let's not being shown. Workers who were excited about it. The first Clay Aiken records sold two point seven million records are in the second 11 point five feet so they are 1531. The fourth 1165. And the fifth 180000. Focus still more Rubens there has to millions spends. And. What's currently under wouldn't. Quite what's her name Kerry under carry on. And Kellie Pickler. Carrie Underwood her top song has fifty's we've got a hundred million more spends than the name off your article and all guns kids are buying tickets or say Kyoto accords then. Maybe people are. My as a maybe they're paying 200 bucks a ticket to Seattle could cost as 86 millions he's got seventy something no remorse and honor I love song. Other top songs. So maybe that's what they're doing. Let's all just kids on Spotify you can do you have friends we got a friend requests tickets you should ask him. If he's a big Adam Lambert fan he's going to see queens I'd be curious from. Ons as close as you can get two wives queen experience. I don't disagree but I always true that but I wish that they would've done better but couldn't miss the studio I just when I wish soon. It could have been a lot people did just fine and I wish it had been hologram Freddie Mercury out of uncle I prefer that. Those guys walk out it's his voice and then go that would be the closest I think as opposed to. Adam Lambert but I don't ever ever prepared this go to grow you told me Adam Lambert to. Yeah play the sprints Arizona's two million Twitter followers maybe he's huge and how to none of those from I mean clearly you and why in the commercial they mention him at the end. But then they're going. Well now we have to go. I'll check it out to you listen logo yes sir we have to go home. So caused dying he's huge Adam Lambert's fan too beholden not. David Archuleta sir records sold more than animal members David our social 60000 records show you spends them. That's unbelievable who's David Archuleta no idea. He's got fourteen million spends. You're a season seven runner up the season right before Adam Lambert. I know there were thirteen seasons he was named. Twelve people above him in cells. If you join there's only ten seasons. Are believed that. Well. The other tickets are given we were tribute in tickets so you know I guess when you do. Classic rock. Alina you know it happens again parents. I don't know a lot of these people are. Bucky Covington shall forums or is a seller okay that's that's an. American Idol person no I've never heard of Bucky Covington crystal Bauer Sox sold to earn 30000. Our socks. You're that names of the media. I'll tell you the lowest. I try to offer access. Create Harrison sold mine owner records. That's the lowest creed Harrison creek Oak Creek Harrison shot genocide eliminating. He sold a thousand. Never heard him. Clear the queen only has one song with more spends on Spotify and Adam Everett. Where university. Doesn't really surprise me because I think a lot of queen fans this. Still pulled out there'll I'm just saying he's pretty popular. And you've convinced me let us look pillow or Antonia. When I look forward looking at it's it's. A really good looking Sunni. Adam Lambert. Solo tour she wears you play. Are getting less that's a really should who put this president's award of excellence that he's. In. And tourist. Philanthropy. Concert tumors. He did the American idols live tour with other American idols when glam nation tour. He toured with queen in 2012. And then he did we are glam only tour 2013. But busy for being queen with Adam Lambert island final on its non now seen it's just have so we don't use the original high tour. This is just him just him and mom. It's the United States. Hard rock live house of blues. Terminal five Lincoln Peter Riverside Peter the Fillmore Detroit how big is that. 2000. Paramount here. Results are efficient hunters shall hear from. It's what Madeleine tied room which means that are running his image right. So there you go that's from 2000 and then when women fifteen that's in 2015. So that was probably his last tour. He was doing. Miglin size venues and conviction of of those fronts there yet but it's quick it's only sold ales are inflated the whole I'm never a good. Positive no new wherever I follow in your hands in and out of a whole lot about how well McEnroe yeah I think he's sold a lot of imagine you're getting globe you I was immediately told you learn that was not usually but not sue us now and after all isn't senator will not cancel. And never did you learn you certainly are hedging on the words. I'm pretty sure you play the sprint center and no one paying a price that wasn't my handwriting analyst when your part of the argument was coming and your party are there was less hours it was Francis started talking about a little time thinking what the other part that would bend but no intent no you didn't design is only. And all I know exactly and I admire what I'm doing is trying to tell you. Thank you Elizabeth they'll move does know the people delta got into this little Roosevelt. And they said stick him at the Fillmore.