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Tuesday, February 14th

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The righteous man is sent on all sides. It's selfish and soon you'll mend. The values dark. Will strike to own up. I KE. Arias the right now are you good. Happy Valentine's Day thanks man. Will you be mine. This morning alum. Debit you know this is like being a school you can have. The snow and got a choice you've chosen knows. But when you go to school you handle the cursing them and and so we are. She is grown up. You can enjoy world. Do you remember. Military. So go so long Barnes and chromosome. All of us your girlfriend's a total news mom. We Eleanor he's going to be. He said he doesn't go as early as. I go to. Yeah. Students are. Continue to do until Christmas. And drink juice so. So the next interviewed him for dinner tonight and ask them. Told me. Just finish his mom. And her about that moment thank. Only a guy who. Tuesday is a tough. Single it's tough as a reminder Singh. If you're with someone or something is you. Wanna make sure you don't overdo it you don't make sure you don't. Seem lazy about. Definitely made me feel so in some class. Apologize that argues that it plans no IG said yesterday no Lucy's mom. Benoit had a bonus and annoying sometimes there. He says she has a boyfriend now. Susie. It might soon embark together alone snowbound just a new and now we have to find an empty bar. When things go. No he's fine and empty dungy are going to be full of zero dudes look. And being. There's single girls out there to. Do Austin. You picky bond. Doesn't do it. No money taken somewhere nice but you so much nicer and Jane England pairings there you go worse and bonus or something. This man there isn't and I know allows you see what I know. A slightly better every day and whereas all these steps in my life taken a look around. Look around your during Hamachi a man named snow total. Yeah. Not. Actually I don't know that I can be imprisoned prison prison. Look at least you have kids you adore you wake up in the morning and you and I needed changes Charlotte also serves I go home. And that's all that's exciting because when so I wake up that's when we do then why are we getting out of bed. A look at your phone dose of the news. TV was texting used. Answers known analysts telemarketer are somewhat constant pain and split and payment. You have dual French intentional assign. I texture. Change action to. You know. To stop trying to make me feel better. She markets. So I just get some of the stories of the day okay. It's not too late for. It's love he's costing him. You sign. In the worlds of Cheney isn't boss. Who tell you that. And Jenny says. They mad and I thought it was a good tow guys are showcased. Circuit counselor came and they made me feel. Weird about it you can Jerry doesn't like me I don't know if I give you money would say world's best box. And I don't know it's seen its. You my best boss I know what I think there are Senegal this is fun game. I thought like they were saying and finally still lightly but you're right maybe you're like hey man god and you've just taken and twisted. Twisted. At W when you put something hot and it would change. You know but the words are change as the world's best boss. No it doesn't. Just still says world's OK it's lost OK just. We. I think you better than okay Dawson think your friend and mentor. A lot of work coming on the guest. A lot of learning company. What do you barbecue. Oh yeah. But music is good never had a four. And then looking girls. I've never had it. My man talk humans what's going on world well. The big story. It's about a man named slam. The man's name is slim. Michael Flynn and you may remember Michael's. And lo. And a lunch lady. I was elementary school. Mean is god damn I've ever met in my life and it was just on your god and does them. Or William. Did nothing but you know. Top and carry out finisher sand wedge. Always yelling yelling yelling yelling on the smears like Uruguay what makes you want to volunteer work when did vitamins it's. That it doesn't evil mean personnel. On. My girl Jenny brought me some bounds on his presidency you know they come here. The world's OK just bust. Right doesn't I thought right there. Also a sarcastic. Alert I didn't know. I don't know what I saw he got early got in my mind I thought maybe two like chatter we tell them. That is just okay you better and some medicine is this that I announce. Yeah. Dominic you Wal-Mart says world's OK just employees. Well the stretch. I let me just she learned to say besides Jeremy. The rest you people don't make it easier on me. Jerry makes it easier. A rescue. A whole lot yet. Thank you Jake. Anyway this lunch lady yeah yeah. Reveals her own rich there's a time when she resides used on everybody night. Also assisted at lunch. Must have been my first great segment right. He's like that I finished eating. And is dizzying and cheese sandwich. In his sight I mean real thing that using and she's saying Marshall and his parents are back into insanity they had a well lunch box filled with stuff I wasn't really paying attention right they Singh mentioned generally know the kid. Magnitude and I now I don't know that I am or some another day in school I'm in my life right. But it had kind of like you know matted hair and glasses you know like. Kinda dark first graders have but all first graders are dark you write you know I mean a normal kid I guess. And I guess I'm saying is as he got older and better looking I'm sure he changed those glasses you know what I mean. Like it was a glass is that you go to doctors gives you like and you got bad guys can Jennifer's dream big don't come out new I mean yeah. And she's. And you need to finish your sandwich him and he just stands up. I first grade second grade maybe slaves as hands on desk. I won't take as long as I want and I'm like oh man inning doesn't I'm a diabetic. And I have to eat this food and you didn't call my mother is like. Can. And injures when you can keep beating like she even held out of the right and I was like I'm. Iraq on a bill like all right I'm a diabetic tuna is a problem with the blind everybody subsite. Its first grade lunch why you really this all the they should really worried about. First during lunch. I'm with you why do the job. We have been sacked same lunch lady I mean the way you describe different name. She was just foul foul moment this like any do you dress should not. Want to my troops my pants on candle lighting dad who must slacks. And I signed general I think candlelight dinner was handling it well done. You don't sing Christmas time I think mutually light candles in the gymnasium or something and then yeah. I remember for Christmas or something the holidays industry tonic I don't remember some sort of music all the holidays coming holiday thing. I know you're pace of growth we summon the Jews. Performs a mother's procedure Maddon right so freeloaders are Jewish hospital yeah they are nice yes. It's a terrorist than Jews roared. I might take care. My parents and have health insurance and as the time and a lot of money so. The Jewish people took command I would have thought they would have a more did you. Mark okay. I was just on the timing and her. Well I'm just saying the timing and everything else I'm glad they didn't but the timing and everything else would have been foolish of them necessitated an abortion. And why some people and their sense situations. I realize how does not amount to. I don't know how religion Jewish people felt about it and I know my parents were on mother's very prolonged yeah. American life. She's one of those very pro life for herself tonight. She would doesn't wanna get one. Well your mom got one. Ago I yeah conversation. Was a meat and healthy with the I was citing the need to look you know it's a different continents and. Dollars in realized I was doing but I'm in a rear main. It is somehow challenge channeled ours is no letting go buy it. You're your mom your FaceBook war amongst my personal things with a bunch of pro lifers and pro choice urge miles mentioned up there or. I can see you're doing now. And from Lowe's I was right. I felt like maybe she reserves they like bachelor man as I read it dollars and elected explains why this guys around right. Oh low low low low. Now my dad always said it's the other way around to see look at means. How could you be. Anti life. There's going to call it. After. After seeing someone like me you know it is. Obviously were older iris and it was a planned I was surprised as he put it. Looked in my mom's that I was a blessing. I'm Melinda believe all those things man. And I believe they're all true but I think it's awesome all I was saying was that given the age difference the lack of health insurance. The more you're telling me the amount of income coming in. Bet may have been a it for someone else it may have been abortion Don you're lucky you got your parents. Well lucky depending on. I'll have you are really limelight right now. Very tough. A battery life very happy I'm very. Well and ensuring. Size does nothing's is having downtime can item surprise you are an important. Some lunch lady anyway yeah backed loans when he was learning Muslim. I don't she's missed Glenn and she could merely because this guy's name is when he's saying it's sorry about. Very famous Michelin. Just summoned Shawn Flynn. But we don't have zeros on the bench to what's this guy's name Michael and I moment I don't know your brother or 'cause there's some time. Who knows same family. A lot of anger son same function do assures. So what are you remember this this Michael Flynn gave her an erroneous. The inspired by Obama. Four in subordination. Hands and then he became a big trump. Some order them from drunk jaded big speech at the RNC was one of the most talked about speeches at DRC we. We do not need hey we. Spineless. President who is more concerned about issuing apologies. And protecting Americans. Really. We do not need a reckless president. Who believes she is above the law. Yeah lock for a top blocked her off from guys releasing yes that was him I cannot be taught even says Italy yeah. My current. Well. He became. Employed by Donald Trump has transnational security advisor. And 123 days on the job. He's lost his job. Now the official reason for him losing his job since I get the string. He had conversations with the Russian ambassador before the election and when he spoke to vice now vice president Mike Pence about that conversation. He did not inform Mike Pence at the conversation may have included. Dialogue about the sanctions against Russia which Obama had put in place in response to hacking allegations okay. Thanks and the official reason now that he is set no longer the national security advisor is because he didn't. He was an honest defense he didn't give pencil information you're not allowed to lie to the vice president or withhold information from the vice president. Now Jimmy Conway has been doing. You know the news circuits. And even asking her about it and she was saying that's this is the reason. And Matt Lauer grilled irons and placing but we've known about this conversation for a long time for over a month. I don't trump was OK was this. Because there are rumors going around they may be the Russians have something they can blackmail. Michael Flynn. And so it just seem coincidental. That all this is going on in this rumor comes out that maybe the Russians have some dinner Michael Flynn and Simpson okay. So what the Republicans think it's time on her. Zone that dossier. Don't know I don't know if there's anything about Michael's and not particular dusty village C over the weekend 35 of the things in the dossier had been changing unless there are so. So what do the Republicans say about a Clint stepping down Paul Ryan gave a speech this morning and said and done. I think it was the right moves. But basically we're gonna let them look into this more. For now national security is. Perhaps the most important function or responsibility a president passed. And I think the president made the right decision to task for his resignation. You cannot have a national security advisor out misleading the vice president and others. So I think the president was right to ask for is resignations. Come and and I believe it's it was the right thing to do I have always been a rushers it's skeptic and hawk. On the new administration used these days try to get better relations that Russia. I understand it's reasonable or rational trying to improve relations with Russia that's what new administration inevitably do. But I'll leave that to the administration to describe god the circumstances surrounding what brought to this point. Our ego grow the list I saw today now that's a third person. Pool. Either doesn't didn't get a job or is. Been told from the job okay and his administration do choose Russian stuff. Right so now they're they're looking for a new national security advisor. I saw a picture of Petraeus. I guess they might be considering Petraeus. Seems qualified. President nights I don't. I don't know. Treasure is still on probation. So we'll see if that Sarah and Anders. Disability. So let position. So weird. Yeah so this because I'm. Make sure yeah I mean it seems like there's always ties to Russia. And then I don't you know. He yeah. Follow our own blind follower of McCarthyism right growing economy is some a little skeptical like are you serious the Russians. How stuff on all these people the president in light it's seems a little. Senator Joseph McCarthy riot like I'm not sure I believe it all but then it keeps coming out. But I'm hesitant because of our history. When McCarthyism. Just start screaming Russia Brian Ross sounds good night and it is not as actor Johnny bastard and a friend a boat ride like. Oh man also we all sound like in rivaling those you know. That which you've clearly you have way like you're like okay slow my roll like this is really true I don't know. Every day the airline. Okay interest and interstate. No you don't wanna be that guy right. So the use your entry for the last couple days at the intelligence community is so worried. By the unprecedented problems with the administration. That they are withholding some information. It's just not sharing with the White House because they're afraid it could lead them to the Kremlin. There were withholding. From the White House. One well I mean you can do. You can't do that in not only do senior officials possess unsettling and public does a military true there are no he did well on this guy whether we like it or nine. The guy got elected fair and square. There are nagging questions about the basic confidence regarding team trump and it is beginning to withhold intelligence from a White House which are spies do not trust. The other story was you know he's tomorrow Largo city saying sure tomorrow's RO moral logon tomorrow are Longo. And he's just you know even dawned on the weekends right and you know you can still I guess my membership to go down there and before he was elected president is like a 100000 dollars to be a member now that prices jump two to 3000 dollars just president. But there was some. Disturbing information they several disturbing for. That while he was down he had the prime minister of Japan narrowed while they were there are. They received information that North Korea had launched some missiles and test missiles. In Japan's direction and then maybe their people there who are not government employees. Who were watching this go down because there are people cheering on social media rollout just all the president's reaction to finding out that. North Korea was testing missiles crazy right and there is a picture taken with a guy who carries a nuclear suitcase he's posing for pictures that people. And Saddam Hussein this you know more cause for concern. Are they being careless with the information. I say no I mean look you and after Clinton because of the U melting and houses sold campaign reeling. Block crunch careless we can't someone's careless Michael was big thing so I assume. The range early in the opposite of careless being very careful. Now Russia has said there a sense. Funds stepped down it's. Over and we end this obsession and that's true that I'm really sucks and it we have this obsession with Russia. And that trumps. You know opponents have this obsession with the Russian and they also denied that that conversation contained in need discussion about me. And darkness. Terrain murderous. Now if sanctions sanctions. It will be pretty awesome if you had that kind of money you can join a club like that. You just hanging around them I don't know on the bus a rumor they are there trying to sit there with the prime minister of Japan. They're receiving intelligence briefings about North Korea. Some bad. Try and Jacqueline every musical don't. Again. I use a diamond's oh I just burning man whatever that's generally come show like three times a year. Do loans auto dealerships all over the midwest. I. You nonchalant. Large format because some bounces forum not a good look I'm pretty stark okay like the smartest. I can figure out like interestingly. Now really important news is that sounds trivial. That's the salacious you know I get tabloid show on our tabloid whoever. An important news Juno. That if you combine the bachelor bachelorette franchises. No there's been 33 seasons were ready for the 34 the balls are used in past seasons is that what it is. It's only as of their. They run into his seasons a year like survivors of the same thing. And of themselves really seventies it was is still a lot but they say combined 34 usually on a 99. Years and so they do. One bachelor one bachelorette a year where they do too much as soon enjoy himself. For years and demands I don't feel like yeah. Apparently there's been 38 tons more suited to eight seasons they've messy I'm seeing 99 years. OK so there's been 33. So versions and blow so the usual love thousand dollar content yeah. Blown congratulations from. A bunch of people went. That's for sure and. Did you go for now summoned us tonight. Thousand bucks. And I know. That's life changing money. Ten to notify our own orange juice sure. We until we got to get some. In Florida. It's really good. So bachelor bachelorette apparently there's been 33 no I'm not too cool for bashing rush threat but I can honestly say I have not seen I don't think I've ever seen it. So bunch of really good you've seen these two they got married or famous I did not recognize you want these people are very I don't you and I just never talk to. To but apparently with all 33 of these seasons whether it was bachelor bachelorette people that wakes. Main contestants. Like the actual star room. Has been whites didn't realize so after 33 of these they announce that there will be their first. Black. Bachelor. Gentlemen please welcome our next bachelorette. Or HLN. I want to say like Rachel Lindsey he's. Arm of pauses I guess I guess. I think it's safe to say you know when guys do well I've been now around an hour. Was very confusing judges they both names houses then he went by both Lara now I don't have to yourself hey when Nathan. Did not go last plans well yeah yeah. This isn't even a spoiler because you're still on the show. Yes it is like you know we're a couple weeks off for filming moraine to get this started I'm ready to fun love fun and a husband. How soon after or whatever happened wouldn't they did you get approach to become the bachelorette. You know it wasn't that long after I got to show that I was approached but I honestly thought that they were doing it some people feel better I really. These spring and then as it kept going I realize okay they're actually serious about this thing and this is something you're excited about I am excited and I'm ready I'm ready now. Patience. We'll never forget where we were in this day earlier she gonna sign up now right yeah and southern us all along a black girls they're knocking down around 100 illness and nine forces are madam. And you just doing like Nero usually pretty. I really wanna say what you center there. Look. He came in their clothes on that audio I'll pay no it's. These things is way out of context. I know yeah you can I'll give you a chance to defend yourself and don't count reminds us that. He said so this is a little. And I said oh this new bachelorette. She's black and there's actually been 33 c.'s apparently it never had a Black Mountain you know main. Bachelor bachelorette and he said. What's next do people okay. That is what I sent by them and didn't play better now gonna what I meant to say was like okay they're left to do. You know LG BT bachelor's recently voted to keep progressing fashion show and let. That's a man and it is oh my god what's next that is meant that. I'll probably come back but they need colored up with the others to badly he's photographed with this country club false yeah. Jump from. This unsure. Was shot but I know your big supporter of the HV to law in North Carolina coach says people. You use the bathroom and beds. Or twice and you know gender this on their birth certificate. And they were promised that this was going to get repeal. But now they can't get repealed because those little luck your marketing is an honor getting to the governor just says we gotta get. This fixed the governor Roy Cooper presenting what he's calling a three step common sense proposal to repeal house built soon. Democratic senator Dan blue and Democrat represented that Darren Jackson join governor during today's news conference. The proposal would do the following repeal HB two. Impose stiffer fines on those committing crimes in public bathrooms. And require a thirty eating notice from local governments wanting to pass anti discrimination ordinances. Governor. All right. Stiffer fines for crimes taking places in bathrooms I we talked about this did not know this was a huge issue. Now what happened was I guess Republicans and originally saying yes we lost all this business to this HB to build. All these companies you know so they weren't gonna come here we had you know people threatened DePaul basketball games all the stuff. So we need to get rid of it. So but in the version of the bill that they proposed there's an earmark in us as we get rid of HB two we repeal it bottom. You have what six months. That these business that big government cannot write any more anti discrimination laws for six months. You can't propose any new anti discrimination laws and so Democrats and what the hell is that why is someone's discriminating we want to be able to take action. So the governor said this is our meet in the middle. And those are just three. I guess plans or repeal HP to. Ending get stiffer fines. Firm crimes that take place in the bathrooms. And requires thirty day notice from local governments going to pass anti discrimination ordinance since Nieminen there. To get thirty days. There are still people as showing up to these protests who are pro bathroom. Throw your batteries your own bathroom and yes they were talking to some of them on the local usually use and I don't we go to the bathroom stern after. In the same this is not discrimination. Is safety issue. I think it's been awhile since you sent allows them. So it. It bears are being. If you're Manning you go into a woman's restroom to table and there's just a lack of critical thinking you're going to have to install because that's all that's an. And wounds that. A similar slowdown yeah. And here and Mormon. You go into a men's bathroom. You have to almost all closed door. Right. And you're a man. Any guns Owen Spencer. Let me ask you don't know stalled because that's all available. So no matter what happens whatever. Gender view. To declare yourself. Whatever gender your mother lives whatever gender you identify as. It does it matter. Because you're going to have to go to salt. The only way they don't have to go to stalled as you have Alina you stand up. Let's say it any other way this afternoon on stop so shut up about it. There's no way it works really don't know when to stop. Unless of course you know who the targets that I don't go to neurologists set up prison style. Just please stand mistakes there's still talk let's everywhere. And let's just a case. John haven't run in June then you're going to have to go on to install. If you're a man in you don't do woman's restroom yet you don't assault because you know why. He's a solid sitting there. And if you're a woman. And you don't know the man's bathroom. They had to go soft. Unless you want them back up to Leo Nolan set on that whatever your children. Good luck and a ballgame. And the other times you're not in the stone not to compromise he should be taking place your washing your hands. I've taken a look at the new year same stuff goes on the water fountain blue shouldn't be that a country what do you think it would have been used to it I don't know what is the answer. Q did you think the other part of that is well. What I just said you makes complete sense and there's no way you can argue it and there's. There's actually no problem was solved when stall making years ago. Do you think got an immoral or really worried about is men showing their leaders to young women. And I don't know women showing nerve a giant is still young man. Using assignments as like men. That's what stops about a file rights and there's already lost Mazar I you know conservatives are as well we'll have to make more laws and our new laws. There's our laws again shown here we are Georgian. I've never made it a men's bathroom. Where a guy stepped back from here at all. Turn to ride and shook his demeanor attitude never seen it not Luntz a well I've never seen him send him this guy dead I was hanging. Stop it. Actually you know sir. Lowly royals I can tell you know is telling guys who don't have kids. Right away I can tell guys are on an interim net in a public bathroom and a lot. We didn't know enough along the way I used to do attuned to social fine. I you go you dopey. But you don't PM a short journal of its open it oh yeah that's well that's for kids yet and it doesn't cancer. Enough to do you go to the short one if it was last group got a pretty sampling and others who knew they'd have. They know they're all open now but he's only America but when it's busy day Jose in the hunt for kids out here. Like using handicap so write to us 'cause that was a preference but that's when investors first noticing a machine using their estrogen yeah. That's it I always tell guys like it's. Just once you have kids in every kid who's about to do his trance. That's the first time real diligent get away from the spots all right everything about it before so hold on site just artist if you go into about a minute let's say is concert something. All those journals on the longer and then there's the one short ones especially as people aren't going to and it was an QB one going to it I always thought you weren't going to exit on the use the kids one. Brother and I you do as a kid comes into action military can't reach is leaner over the other one McKeon never no I values and good human just like yeah your right. I just thought if it was open it was because guys like him and using that right. A threat to amass low is because they have kids on a limited contaminant here battle on his ranch. Anyway back to oil insulating Michelin. Yup it becomes can it relentlessly reset on defense to stop violence. Food not it's. He threw you pinch my slack as Campbell I think. That's she and grocers in my underwear waved at the slacks back on the candle. But you can't credibly ask you sort of unaware winners and collateral damage. Down. I was a little did I know you can't do that. All. We get home my dad's a data through my slacks yeah. Missed so and so wouldn't use the restroom death doesn't say yeah it doesn't that is supposed to be they're throwing embarrassment handling. Here's. Guess to leave for consoles Boston like Don Murray donors like our sun buddhists Catholics sales significantly. Yankees it candle lighting gonna go get some emergency across. He could say. There's no toilet trouble. Boys got to talk troubled L managers Zune family. Yeah I get out of here. I do exposed us to time. That's from my classmates thus relieve us from family. And buried at best that I buried it deep and I didn't mention sons an adult so far behind me that largely fell to dawn. My classmates forgotten me the umpire Dan on the draft to be embarrassed. Must I know us well for that particular incidence. That's it. Israel wants. Now remember kids don't cracked ranch. And if you do apparently call your parents don't call it doesn't embarrass some jealousy isn't anywhere in the tune of France throwing underwent Iran didn't notice shots into their own lives is an action player now on there just checked my underwear. I'm sure though man. If you put your pants in your mom does your laundry she's got a known she takes of those fans you know number one is saying she is not like the other. Yeah them I don't know what do it was bad though. Whose best item wanna miss recess you know the whole thing your day gets RRR. Even though that long. We had a couple hours last. And I suppose and has since Christmas right Yemen was Mormon if we can play outside. Two special and we had a big assembly ended when innocent you to hold a candle. King's. Son and a laser can only councils light candles ladies no way a new numbers cover of us. I do know underwear away guys out there. Don't know anywhere and say they have isolated the same thing as you know anyway so more than one cent and high school. Wasn't it once ladies all those miles all what happens. Until the story don't. Wait a minute on a bus field trips your exchange students and ozone issue just outta and a person so much you know some purpose we'll talk about these. Okay. Why it's so time. There's a group of what appeared to be nice lady standing outside the door there and and I invited amend. And it's causing nausea never do. Can't you because there's Susan look like okay. We're here and effort has cancer interest in order to demagogue god because I just feel bad like I don't know what to do though I went off hug you while you we're gonna. Give you. Burnt ends they're over here whenever you want. But you can't change so that you're doing. A fund raiser. To help your friend right. Yeah yes or doing a fundraiser next Thursday that Tony third act he enters on a 119. And 69 highway it's called cocktails for Casey. At 4 PM and word and raise money to help pay for her kids are too. So why do you show but tenors who's next round losers are next Thursday next Thursday. At a 119 right and I'm by drained and some of the proceeds go to U yeah 100% of prison they're gonna dedicate the a whenever I drink while not drink you raffle get Odyssey. So it does Buhner to make a lot of money if we do the right we can just stagnant. And I thought I'd summer and then com. Page I guess societies and when we go again next there's Howard he'll suck a kimono. This is cases cocktails and young nice friends who are against I have very good friends yeah and OK so. Are you are right. Going to be okay. Yes you promise me haven't I haven't if I can get treatment. Would be better what does that mean like it's like a bear hug that you wrap literally around ten really yet. In addition to that. I realized I know I am sure I am very scared okay. My dying winds get. Jesus. I. Do you know how lucky you always go to your name again right I'm Casey ride through the you're just lucky that your name and starts really bit and they didn't cocktails for Casey bonuses. Pretty rotten if your name was staged. No Ryan doesn't totally screwed right jello for John nobody would tell me my sock it right the president viewed as a producer to drag allegedly liquid diet and grinding out there is no I know we're gonna dream groom to him recently and whenever our banner right right. And you're like hey Greta go home I'm going to answer yes Brian and I now live windows people Ingraham I don't know party on Thursday when you're going to be okay ask. And got grit our nemesis this year is is cancer attack cities say all right they're mad I'm gonna I think the live. I had no legs a pulling a ball I. Don't know whether I don't know why he didn't move the leg but. It. Anyway as I don't lose store and it took me again where we don't. Sanders Sanders the 119 dollars and 4 PM yep cocktails for Casey. And nineteen point six and I liked her nineteenth and we're gonna raffle self off yes yeah we give you stuff to raffle now. Know what you got what and who you've been talking to Dell's don't know. Has anybody done anything I union until this point. You're limited time to work some day and they're telling you know. And you're like hey I answered trying to make me walk around the building for nothing. Do you little relaxation rightly get to a chair and dangerous around. Where's snow cone. Believe our I think he probably did want to go get some one individual much assignment in Iraq and drive and I was about salon cocktails for daisy. And well loved wrong information or FaceBook consulting right. Not much. So so don't tell me a Palin is more roommate drama. Man that was a problem this morning was that some install on Jamal. Don't you read my. Launch ovals it's worse than that it's. Equity or quick recap snow cone and his crew mates sir to have lived together for a long time. And they had to find a new place a few months ago and they needed a new roommate is the place their movies who has more expensive. So hard soul became their third roommate right so the two of them have lived together for years no problems and and hearts it was done in the next we see you throw a third guy in there. You know things could get and we knew typical kind of worried by it and it's hard sole. Via it's proven to bad you guys you know you see is that you get along every other day and so I like partial to meet you. So mile limo and I'm right I elegant as the eyes finds living with them is this funny. Smart. I like him a lot of action and go out there are not really like so it's it's nothing personal against him is such a similar result or mentally using your lunch rules. Train your engineers inaugural sports is cookies eligible so that's what allows last week the orange juice went missing sort of blamed snow console concept who has no I didn't. Wasn't it his timing was someone and arguing about a dollar 89 launch of all right. And and staff immunize a huge embarrassment but you know I talked about it and how slow my throne that can't Noah says no I can't. Don't lie on Jamal and how Sarah finds one glass of Orange juice left in the car and specifically says that is why did you take it and so on kept saying. Look we put together for years and there's clearly someone else similar styles are what you did all right and he keeps coming in laughter music I don't know why he keeps blaming you would never been a problem is another. He's comfortable and you. Yeah A feels like he feels like you're in a friend of hearts also is not new you can go in all of our own good I could be yes you think sell the other are the good friends I just feel like you does. Can phrase no younger right peace can be more open with being kind of yell at me first okay so give us give us with a recap what's what you started somehow okay so this morning. A look at to an email. And says hey you're our rent has not been paid in full. In this amount and then Mel that was listed at. Was you know parcel base has means are they different we have pets so we cover the cut right through eBay's a little less you guys pay more we go to more of diesel analysts. The amount that's listed that were short on is exactly what you guys all pay separately. She did just drop you at least drop us a check check money order landlords OK with that bunker. So these the mountain near midsize yet I just never thought that I guess at Kelly you know her roommates one of us who write a check someone asked him harassment no Maria we noticed that carousel program so them out I'm we're missing is exactly Parcells share. I hear my roommate soda in the kitchen making breakfast solid go talk to an office and say hey you know what's going on. Or go to the kitchen. Is cooking breakfast before I can say anything he turns the greens screams did you eat my bread. Now this is soon search service are not a Burger King says did you remind us so you are aware that you're short on rent. You log in vacation no major browsers did you read my bread that's the first thing you said Ben did you say you going it alone for brides for seven and nine cents a I noticed I thought he met did you use like you know did you eat some bread with the San what should I said no we talking about. Is tonight entire loaf of bread on top there frittered last night is now gone it's missing. But it seems like he's the one roommate who kind of buys groceries ask is he wakes up in the morning using the most irresponsible on the guy he buys her she's a lot. Why doesn't he live alone no kidding I know ball when we had to move we had such short notice to be able to find a place. On our program I mean you you you've mastered I mean. Yeah I mean I don't know what kind of guy is I'm never really hung around a number of all you tell me. He's a guys get not trying to have a glass of Orange juice and a piece of bread and then you know when you got room made sense to us gonna go missing. You know it sort of look I'm I'm from Ireland were a few stories consumer subtle but. If you buy a house. Right. The outskirts. Of Kentucky. I don't know the Bowling Green, Kentucky right I don't know I'm guessing as far as the outskirts of independence okay. If you buy a house something. There's a chance. That there'll be a couch on the front porch and a car rumble launch. Tire swing. And filter children and no shoes. But those kids like you know like I'm buying this is worth buying a house. I get it now if you're buying a house in Bill Gates neighborhood writer and so puts a couch out on the porch. Right inputs are calm blocks. So we're gonna come not from Minnesota a homeowners association says you can't really do I gonna have to. In Kansas town council lob pass in the colors are right where they put all these things in place. So when you wake up 1 morning and you're living on the outskirts of Bowling Green or independence or grandeur reverend needs to be Gardner. And you're living in you know on the outskirts of that. And you wake up owing to children would no shoes and filthy feet and I tire swing you have to say that's where I bought my house. This is my lot live from the right now I'd like to get out of here one point right now this is where I AM when you have two roommates and man if you buy Brian right it might go missing not just something you've got to accept it. I will say I agree with you on that that if a few pieces of redwood missing. So when you use to make a sandwich. You ought to go. This was an entire loaf of bread understand the difference but still it can be enough to make you mad. Because you have to know that you put yourself in the situation. Willow roommate named snow cone. And and another guy from a buzz art so there's a chance to look there's a chance that. When you wake up in the morning that that loaf of bread hasn't been eaten. But has been used to absorb rubbing alcohol. And strained enjoy a glass so no one person who gives Obama because they read on the Internet. Any anarchist cookbook two that would work and all I'm saying is that your life that's where you are. I guess. Right and he would happily let alone and no he won't run the situation where under the cover of the time right so area are Tony except some mile oval Rabin on. Your right before I could mention the rent out of the race yet turn. He stormed the purples room because again I say why would you even ask me what's clear loaf of bread. Parcells sleeping in the next through you know with them so we opens the door put us sir opens Parcells door when Parcells sleeping. Colin Fred Thompson empty bag of rednecks don't know really as an empty bag of bread next on Larry on the show low Klamath haven't all right T it is a loaf of bread. That was is better because there's time. Right idea and sincerity of you know why do my bread and horrible response those old that was years. Sorry about that they say it was your own. No we just. I don't know what he thinks. Somehow would be if he doesn't always yours and it wasn't a problem to eat it. But it's not this is on his own clothes don't do so there's only two decisions as house food. Which is what the first excuse was a case is that anymore because the orange juice was how's he said he thought it was for the house is for the house until dozens with a counselor now what's. I'd you know that was yours we you don't you don't buy you know wasn't years. Like so. What does that mean that he's just saying that it has confronted. Sorry is there isn't a society where last night he was hungry and then it'll sobriety and I mean I had Brokaw journal went. And consequences be damned. When he was hungry right. Yeah but Nigel Duma in the morning so he says no that was jurors do now is also sent. So so so those screaming Adam. Yelling at me you know quit eating my food quit drinking my own shoes easy and if I can see that guy yelling he's has been aka he's dressed. He won a toast with his orange juice I actually made as it goes so he comes back after all that. And I say by the Linda Kennedy that we're kind of late on rent you stood there of the service now why you gotta bring it out now. Right he's just trying to get ready for work lied at the total employment not right now and what what is a time and a place for everything nominees. Passing blood over orange shoes and tell us religion and an hour on it was duke fourteen days ago OK but maybe get all right so we're in no hurry now. Another hour to get a matters so I told him a late on rent. Pretty sure Arthel you know here's the amounts we escorts always said they lost this check. You know they paid can't find his checkers something that's obviously realize so that's were Aaron that's that's as of that. So he said he lost his check who lost check. Our favorite is right chicken and they care finder but all reining in the people lost. Which is just not true there's a Dropbox you drop it and choice act. He says don't pay that arrogance. How much as it. The force. Of and he noticed a we're Sherman. Bruce has turned about 100 journalists I love Jesus is buying so we haven't heard I I did I I did just by OK I did but before we get to that point. Yeah whereas in congress and there's a group yeah I know it's shot it between if you own Lola as though what you're talking moderate he's look around ago how to bind up here we'll remind you said hello answerable and not a home arguing with a roommate about Kuwait the bread. May I would buckle on why the rants hasn't been paid why you're getting evicted OK there in two weeks it's kind of serious deal. So were there how long did it take. Hasn't told you are or how long until Tuesday tech such as the global brand one of these guys live in Russia being he. A local breakfast was hungry man oh local time some sympathy you even the money to local bread. By all choices that was at the woman he wanted to married it was the only option he had but I was god damn hungry. No line that goes into there room and says you know I nominate an entire loaf of bread. No one does that by choice adore my god damn necessity. Have a heart she Jesus eat them there is. Obviously because nobody was street alone but doing always agree that yes no I've seen a local brand. You're right but don't steal from you heard you know your roommate who. Don't do that. What you wanted to not eating there's got to be something else he could steal entire loaf of bread and these are behind on rent. Ramadi money. He's only asking to borrow and I'm worried about his well being the kids lace embattled day watching wrestling now I call an added a loaf of bread. To this picture and he was. There's an exam ahead of him lane their bad it's a loaf of empty vaccine ready to start wasn't seen these pictures token deal taken in the morning afternoon and I know. In parts of those movies lane and bad as what. Marshals on every night have a section girls who SO image is seeing now now now he's just send a present that's that is were on when he's always like us he's one of those coming on he's on he's on my right guys got all is going on. Look at me literally got down exactly. It just like the rest of the gentle but he has he's not at a point in his life where you can just admit that he said Mercer votes on the weekends it's O'Connell some of these pictures like this is 10 AM this is 2 PM this is 8 PM. And he hasn't moved it's him under the covers his head sticking out with the buzz beanie on and he's watching wrestling. Respondents are small television signal floor his mattresses on the floor yeah. And now I can also add that image a loaf of bread and crumbling around them. I would like that yeah it would all live like the summit here and tell us a muted anybody. This happens everybody please god is more jobs do you golf is affordable for Brad. Don't steal from your friend and your roommate. Well how about we turn that frown upside down mr. pants and you say. Instead of not stealing from a friend. How about the bad guys my friend and he's down and out in a V8 79 cent loaf of bread how about I cover it for I wish you the best out of your. You know you have to ask you this should no room but adopted a beanie on said. Truck ride to tell common drivers watching wrestling himself being a local Brad how about when you see you love breads missing your runup to quick trip and why one. Bill I did notice Jesus. It's regular job but you find what is your. OK I get blamed this is understood like you know what sometimes doesn't he see George archer who's running. Runs over to target. By your parachute is Roger a viable well for Brett I should do a better job of taking care for them you don't have to take have a look. So you and his son he's a small amount maybe but if if that moment comes. When you look over there and he's got. He's trying to put a loaf of bread plastic bag over his head because in design error. But how much you don't lie so I wanted to press for residents but it isn't a paper bag all right. All right you know here I actually filed in my ten loads a brand million up shooter cops on alive this all my awful lot of memory and up know. So I always say that Syria louder but no sand at speeds. They just sang along getting you know that I'm saying you can you can you can rectify the situation really good pars of the same time there and Barbara O'Brien right exactly could really take the high road here like you go moment bread and some snacks they don't want it hurt us long preacher yes he's also I think the records on all my goodness he was supposed to buy laundry detergent. And he didn't. Yes I your martyr yourself and I'm 1008 we took my car to target. Go by five loaves of bread and two downs on ships about her and put a little refrigerator all right. We should hear about this again I didn't actually said to do list I didn't hello LeBron wanted to turn on me I did that and he can bring me on shoots him dead two gallons of Orange shoes and five loans from Brad. Armitage cam going to prison. A spy Zambrano Alou I'm gonna restock that once a week what else do. Red and orange like Reggie no man I'm not his mother. Get umbrella and oranges that's what against all right. Problems solves problems also for the rent thing only got a lot of payment amount and I don't know I don't know what you gonna do about them. But he got to look at the bright side there too I mean he's he does have the reliable car of the three of patent. He's not a reliable cars are seen as Carly it's dirty but it's fine your car hasn't had working TI's and you write it I'm not exaggerate it sounds like it the floors about the fallout faster than is seriously wrong with that some of them you love so bizarre as she knows Exxon doesn't have to figure nor does not zotero. What he said the word. Friend. And what your friends. Having problems. I'm not saying you. I can't take care or rent right you can't buy him for Lowe's abroad we did OK I know you can't. How much is loaf of bread Yugoslav red 89 cents and nine cents and a five bunch. And lasted longer huge steal that from me a day when you go get lunch but. I didn't call you on eighteen bags of Brad I and all you're gonna steal from Moody's. They're like hey can I get gas majority did. Iconia sorry that's not that happened don't look I guess or but the julep you got a medal because somebody. SA and she said I mean what's in cigarettes until you take record economic harassment eighteen dollars and clearly you know another scientific that I as a juvenile when Laura used three different parts of the guy that's fine I'm not complaining okay. All I'm saying is I'm I'm happy to get it you you know want. Average so when you look over. At heart soul. Naked on the floor shimmering little local Brad thanks to lump. How much does from a low umbrella Annaud nine over the blue dogs and a son of a bitch I'll kill him that's not really the spirit of friendship kind of despair. Nice. Nick Wright was sports from. On the ever popular. Fox sports one. Yeah in. We eat and I right now your listeners yesterday by your partner and the last seniors and a bigger record thing. Sorry nick it is we had a little bit Adam went along Adam Lambert discussion yesterday on the air and unfortunately our sports segment had a lot of Adam Lambert music playing in the background so I didn't think it made a lot of sense. That's good because I don't know anything about sports anyways you can talk to Basel. It's the end and normally I'd even here yet all I will say for more days or that we don't Friday. Op 8:30 in the morning people watching me and Chris Carter on that's one off debate. Each and every big sports topic of the day were in person gets a chance at all undisputed all week. Nine under. I don't know what that other cable properties are. Out by. They're the board but you. Look at least. Op. Allah or I caught you off your strategy. I think at that 27 pick of the draft that are around that you've got the looks mighty attractive to you on you've. Well for what you. Yes. So like I know adapt what you've crafted that career like maybe it will be bop. Right and I mean I even I think unified improvement. That's a pretty low draft pick in the first round and have to go see but. You know how many people in that area and now you know I'm sure. The GMs and a half stats guys that'll tell you what that's worth say that you know they have that at such a two point conversion chart they have that chart. Let us say this is worth that but the fact of the matter is is that Romo. It now they may not stay healthy that's the problem but he gives you a chance to win Morgan's. You get a chance to win the so horrible that attract. We'll of course that's not saying he did Georgia's win more games meaning that playoff game. Oh he's probably maybe not but at least he's a gunslinger enough that you're not gonna kill nine minutes off the clock. He's a guy got that he gets the borrowings to score a touchdown he may throw an interception but you're trying to Obama did you know that thing either way you loss I'd rather have a guy that you know. I'd rather have a Tony Romo. There and taken some shots don't feel it as the rest of the team is obviously doing nothing in the playoffs and by the way so I was outs let's he's not a back quarterback but. You know I think Tony Romo is a step out from Alex Smith and. It meant well. When it rated or I would. It guarantees. Your goalie. To me she got up and excited. To win and they act that Utley. It era I think endpoint in a moment. One back on don't be stupid. Because they won it staying for sure great Eric Berry. It here when they win shall land and beat them. You know what. They go to the Super Bowl. All of which. Scene and I'll tell its story. That scored civil war downs and our own water. 240. Ike and all yeah in order forty walk like outlawed. Our people we're not thinking that in any regret in getting older Jeremy. Already bowl you got. It as they are going all these next though yours and you and I. Alex and it will give charter are injured quarterback. All we are doing the air and land shorter wiggled quarterback. Peyton liked it. I achieve. What goes for the fact. Orange right for talking all. We become like hole. With an eight street as long as global. So what are they didn't order any arguments against from focuses has been a huge you know that topic. Last week not just in the local press but in the national sports press all the stories about Romo. Where he's gonna go on a lot of people talk about Kansas City and you know I've some of my friends who are big sports fans big chiefs fans. Are not excited about the thought of Tony Romo I'm with you guys I say he gives you a chance and you've got the rest of the team kind of built front what's argument against him other band he's injury round. Out. They did it is he injury all. What an all. At. Once and last year off. And because of injuries. We haven't seen him why he really didn't choose ignorance so how good idea or is people question our question by. For me it was spectacular. What all of it's irrelevant because of the point you made earlier we're not getting rid of Alex Smith. So becomes and is injured probably doesn't play good well I don't know he's a really good backup quarterback and yet you probably wasted that day didn't. We're gonna have to look ten years down the road relying on it to the government does right guard whoever played but. Okay I'm going to do what not for the chance that is Tony Romo 2014. Like I. Would. Or. In. An acre in words mean you know at quarterback but also you know what a quarterback. No where near championship caliber that the war was. Ortiz. And it changed. In Ratko are. Clark. I'll bet are all were coming back from scratch and all but it. And the question to really become how. Supporting act is. It change. Your confirmed that he'd already. Go and sell it I mean it out. On the court how it is too much. Right and like and and real quiet there were some people I did read an article last week that said you know. It was like three. Things that she should do instead of getting Romo. And they were talking about trying to draft some of these quarterbacks that are available but I'm with you that you've got a good team right now that's getting old. And silly you know do you wanna. Yeah rates mean look we don't. We have to look any further. We know what happened then when we look at it. The keys to the team in the playoffs. Live. And hate to say this because. You know because I don't think he's a bad quarterback. Block that she's the team in the playoffs got as far as it did with the worst quarterback. Yeah. Right yeah. According. To. Look. At him and that's nonsense of whether she's got knocked out. They were the ones you know those teams out there and they were the ones of the horse or. The Texans list together well understand they've got a they've got a one and badly what do the Texans said that rampant guessing. Their not I mean I'll move because one guy who gets it. And is gonna give him a chance is Denver. Oh they've watched him before the revealing you guys have given up on them weren't given them. They need a quarterback that is that I think everybody in the front office we know we all know very well and the people acting out and say. Bring him in here let's protect him he doesn't. Have to be the greatest Tony Romo he has asked to be a pretty good version of Tony Romo and went on and do some damage in playoffs. You it's a block on all IP error all right yeah towards. A statement that the pain it's no extraordinary they ought to outstanding wide receivers. All yours ago. Like the quarterback that does feel that it's here. You want a quarterback what do you about the change. If this were partly hurt Carter debate. Very. In which Peter K are actually. What you won't be eligible for an Al bat like he's going to keep playing until he's on able. He turns forty in all. Senior tight wait five more years. Certainly three. Now I mean. I feel like and I heard rumors of this but I feel like him impala Jack have probably come together and say ahead. We're at that point where we just won another Super Bowl we'd like to win a couple more. Let's go out and get me an actual play maker. Because in order for him to do those five years. The patriots are going to have to rely on him a little lesson last that's just time catches up to everybody. He eat but as she even loses a half step which doesn't look like he has but. If he loses a half step in three years he's still. I passed up about it the most people. Why wait speaking in order back. In the patriot. I will we were willing to Trajan eagle rock like or more of a commodity for a lot of people all of because you are now. Sure well. A lot of people sure that they like. Injury I didn't think they call like the Packers illegal armed. Oh right now like the Cleveland or will it meet at twelve conundrum. For all world arms Barbara Koppel. I wanna. I wanna call in court say hey you don't get well if you want more upload give us what your jewel and quarter like. Audience in the patriots aren't always winning number Super Bowl with some. I'm suing not but I mean the only the only thing I differ on you there is that you don't give us a corner I need I need help for Tom. I'm like maybe you know maybe I get a left tackle maybe. You know somebody that I know can guard is blind side on the left tackle is now it is great or not. Our give me a serious money back now but give me most rigid drop a little something else to give thrust to get a chance for an up. Yeah it sure apple yet that it's an error at all or like. That are older bluntly I don't think the dealer would it be content are like about Jay bit it is popular rumbling that. Steelers all are out all on the program. Like yeah air. Let it be great for one or two more years with a great wide receiver right I'm with you on under. Our great running back Alley they don't have to go to different I didn't think it from Florida State or whatever but. Until I yes I really did complete five more years and they've got help them now. For years how to live like you got a great type and to make money. Yeah knowledge that you are totally right. What you would be able to do this year. Hey I'm so rightly view all the time neck. Is suggesting get a job on fox sports one when I got to do but I gotta go find. You know what some wide receiver got arrested for cocaine and make him my partner. World. Why we only a year ago that Michael. Hey I'm. Not saying a bad thing or saying that you know that's part of like his appeal is that he was a bad guy turned good guide I gotta get one of those guys. Not just like I'm gonna you know you paid me at the table that aren't just stick with me I got. Let it IRJ. And I want it air well I'd met. Hey are you gonna be actually onkyo is sending a number on. No I'm hoping the whole show all hurt Carter. This week he's watched people. He's done this week you Chris Carter from 830 to win. Want every day. Mark yet today tomorrow and act that swaps the next day. Lot you've been so kind to me. All he got Michael Jordan's on this start sending me Jordan and so what about LeBron can be better than Jordan he's GA. Put dignity. It is about Kirsch corporate harder than ever it is you've never been in a better life and been up her purse and show you an absolute blow. I'm Lisa you know even though he played for teams that I hated on Wednesday. In the back. I've always rooted for Cris Carter as a person to to do great things. It always ask me the only two touchdowns right. Now he's been he's been unbelievable we talk about more another day I appreciate you guys apart yes well my disease.