Tuesday, 02.20.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, February 20th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump moves to ban bump stocks
    • Fergie's national anthem
    • Black Panther has huge opening weekend
  • 13:31 - There's now a Trump dating website
  • 25:49 - Snowcone's got a problem
  • 44:24 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Belliard starts. Will strike down low numbers on the. How are you com. Great how are you. And I'm grateful I can't hear any music beneath me but don't worry about that I'm of that bunch of really successfully. Treadmills Narnia. So is gonna have to stress out about them since they might not. Obama knows I'm him. I'm not sure. There's a lot of buttons on here. Relish five dollar. Ten dollar and tornados are taken June. And Alan Sunderland like raffle tickets how well does like Jews and they religiously five dollar take and twenty dollar ticket and ten dollar ticket an hour. Don't mind. You have by the lower I feel like yeah I mean it's a risky move right now but I meant how much what do I get there I can't guarantee that those things. Older values suddenly calling ooh yeah. There Karla Davis first boulevard. And I'd secondly yeah. Jets on this weekend's I did did you get. Or did I remember thinking that it was couldn't find these students yeah. The voices we can source and determine their. And I start to loosen. We had a basketball tournament game to. And not much went porch. I'll tell you coach of the year probably. I would imagine. I don't sound. Could go any other way exactly. And even if we lose our next games in the term and I still feel like you know. Well I'll make. Lot of guys out homesick and a flow Mulligan sort of the show. Well. And it's interesting thing happened this weekend the team win basketball games and go anywhere. You and Tyson yesterday since I was playing call of duty Leah. So there's your Damascus should get to them over reliance. I was on. But through maybe six or seven hours. We're able to reach Matt at any point during the weekend. We didn't try. Ali tomorrow I would say today and I'm pretty tired today and related headache. Probably doomed shelter and did you meet anyone. Looking girl yeah. Did you eat eat DJ so he's out every weekend of doing it's he's got a girl you can see all kinds of little stuff he's got a girl man. And take some pictures ever on insurance storm. I know. I'm just saying that when he's out Powell mania. The richest member of the time over in DJ what's your name. DJ I don't know. So much about it don't get us started to teach them hardly see DJ donut. I don't hold that yeah. Is why as those drinking beer and thought is recovering alcoholic and then. You'll have to break the new moon. A fast solution to rules sports. And when you take turns being recover Sharon. It's unfair and we do to lines that's what about. Investor. And front line. Which means we get to yeah. When checking to do it was a right there must. You guys go to Bryant. Of a sudden none of them I didn't notice anything and is myself. It's solo shaggy two dope. White House says that we'll Donald trumps us. It was two stretching the Justice Department to band don't stocks on guns. They were asking necessary about it since White House arrest an issue he's Sarah really do. Yes sir about the BC. If reliant. And she mentioned the the bump something that but that's what they're gonna do. Tell you that the president supports. Not having used a bump stops. And that we expect further. Action on that in the coming days. He ordered the Department of Justice in the ATF to review the regulations about stocks. My are seeing is that where do you think completed a movement will take place on that shortly. So bumps catch most understand bump bump stops and track should call buzz speech when it comes stock. Yeah man. Talk about the advertising revenue. There was something similar to that name put on court. Fifteen years ago so I'm sure everyone is voting on a name do I remember having never more so than there was there was a buzz stock or something like Garcia. So trump says your own. No socks. I guess that's it doesn't everything's fine. I solved. Thanks Don. I feel safe again. There are I'd done. Bringing she had a bad weekend it's iron. NASA Lander must like to. People just get so I can't tell you our national and a good mood and that song has never run Linux format before and that is big and I was like god damn girl that was horrible online run. Cool. You know it's sexist is that about covers her laughter. That's the amount. And complacent and I gentleman by the way I love this morning Andy I'd love down when women yell that. Format and let's play some basketball and yeah JA yeah. Has placed loves you'll. Social media. It's a town this weekend or make Hillary she's now apologize senator risk taker artistically but clearly this rendition. Didn't strike me intended town. I love this country and honestly. And determined us yeah I think I did I think you're being lazy as he rushed through. I felt like she tried to put hello mister president and Denmark. Some people you know I heroes and a little snow I was like hello Mr. President you try to do that had a birthday. As well music Christina Aguilera sing yeah. But it just didn't yeah and hold Rosie answered it was worse than Harris and rumors and justice and it's widely considered worse and public. Performance of the net investment and you've never seen before nothing and I was it based on the right. What based on intelligent and he's even doing pattern thrown some on the ground. And bad guys and they are and. Protesters she serves laughing. Plus earning. I know prominent. Nose through divorce. Revolutionary chipped it tunes from Encino and soap opera star honor. Something yeah something. And I'm Kim a couple of kids I don't consider this guy Josh. Own you know why now why the torch. Is seeking a divorce and actually. And harassment and forums including. Personally I'm gonna stay together and marchers. Learning center for teaching doesn't do the couple announced today separated earlier in the year. Notice NASA September and I wasn't doing. The rules inland take on the Melbourne nutrition and solve its. Who sold out sold out crowd gave you a little. Circle the on. Yes to their with the collision. Your people. He made my day. Banks appreciate. You don't even go home watch the video. Did you take the boys seem like into this weekend but I want to this week. Newman and Wednesday just saying I didn't see it but not talented people are saying. Did you say its top five's. Opening weekends ever right. And the others is a two Star Wars movies in their dressing relief injures and then like cancer and all this talk about whether or not. This movie can be commercially successful. I guess we know the answer now. Build weapons. I can even imagine. This guy. I mean that was supposed trigger it obviously. Isn't everytime I think that my phone and down line didn't read the news of the united. I saw something about my answer usually multiple things. The guy who did it is the same guy that extreme. And really them moving close yeah I love it. Real pinnacle. I figure LA and of course all. She is is no right time as usual weird thing having to announce to the public because you're in show business you have to do an announcement. Want to reassure and really just find a slinging dollar crazier stuff privately this little barrage of media. And soon I don't. I'm sure you start over us. That's usually it right hash tag eat meat meat to. I think we have to go with a new I don't expect to work all. Okay. Hi in. How are you I'm gonna are you. A great man telling about this tea bag website yeah so I've pursued about last week act act. Action maybe it heard are on the Omar for the first time I don't know that I read about it you know on him and it makes sense it's a dating website which. Is not a surprise at all for trump supporters. Some. We've hop with list overlooked atlas before of the actual basis exists there's something for. Every second person some of them I don't know if they actually be used but a lot of them are out there for drew an and he said the commercials what's the Marshall now for one farmers only see now on. Yeah I mean I'm aware that it trying to cowboy a decent as is or trump supporters diehard Donald Trump supporters struggling to find a partner. Who love freedom and despise. Tom. That Ortiz make fun of conservatives as much as they do recently blessed with a new days say to them try dating. So when you log on to the site last week and this weekend you saw pictures up right here. He never added Chandler because they both like trump I've read somewhere that it's. They're not certain these two may be the people who started the web site OK they don't know if they were there the owner of it was just their picture that was being used. Com. But I think they work for the site and in some aspect. So they put it out it was only open to people identified as straight man or straight woman yes you could not be gay but that's not the first time that's happened either think didn't was in the army or match Orman said. Oh and also a. Some says again curiously specific. Scandinavian. Mediterranean eastern European or Western European. I'm not ethnicity. Tom to the site went viral last week. And it's. I think what got the attention was the stuff about straight man or straight woman you know as we stream ministry treat woman. I guess they don't remember when this happened with it was one of the big ones remember we talked about it one of the big. Paid for dating sites. Said that they don't. Do. Gay relationships. And we talked about it in the end basically the guy said whatever site it was he said look I don't know how to help you meet and I don't that's what I do I'm I'm trying to help you meets. Not against it this is just what we do we we can't help you find a same sex partner okay well fine whatever. OK as funny have other dating sites that do answer obviously. Some their specifically. That seems likely to name it. But that's fine but at the time we kind of said. If our call we were like OK he's saying they he takes all this time to figure out what makes relationship or any sand I don't know what makes relationship working right out of them and our round I had that's not my expertise writes I'm sorry go to someone else to write go at that now whether or not that's really why he didn't wanna help you. I have my doubts but. When he said the my parents write whatever they algorithm doesn't work for that. And I think humanity and said you can't do it. But it's I don't guarantee that you're there's going to be a success something like that anyway this is for trump voters that put it out ands. So this first straight man's straight women the sites ethnicity section also allowed users to get. Curiously specific with a particular strain of whiteness Scandinavian Mediterranean ala stuff. Well on Monday. There's a local news station in North Carolina. WR ALO. We're all excited yeah they decided well let's look at these two people in this picture it's all over Twitter and Oliver they feel utterly where William Barrett riddle murder. And Jody rumor yup yup. And according to a North Carolina paper the news and record real burger. Was convicted in 1995. On the charge stemming from filming sex with a fifteen year old girl he was 25 at the time. Tom. He said he'd he's comedies have already paid my debt for something I did 25 years ago all these fifty. There's no way there's no ways that there's no lie you're an infinite there's no way this is wife of 22 years. Maybe a huge. Fan navies and you know not go back up to look at maybe. Can she doesn't look fifty either. Anyway I guess that's your right as we Cink is he says that he was 25. Ands. Or there's usually bodies and it was from a five years ago. So he says America in my dep present an edited 25 years ago. He would not speak to W Ariel about his association with the site unless the outlet promised only report on the present not the past George W Ariel did not agree to. But a text message she did tell them a lot of decision to allow trump dating users solicit they are happily married or unhappily married. That was being changed by a programmer he says that was a mistake well condone that David behavior now filming a fit more eyes. So now. Your guys had affairs like I don't think anybody's hiding that and I think. Basil who think. And no I guess you see newspapers and local news stations but who would think when that you see this story up. All right listen calls when your office and he's fearless two people are on that website right I think they got really aren't they I really think it's and I don't think it's that. Concentrated in an effort. I think they go hey who are these people started this they figured out and they don't just run into the database. And I think they run through a regular Internet criminals search. Because I have a link to it here and department of public safety side I think it came up and they're like. And then they called them and today you wanna do an interview you have sex with fifteen year old and guys like none don't talk but I think it's not easy. Well they said they took their picture downs and I got these two looks like a stock image I'm not sure they're not wearing magaw pass them. Love romance and friendship what's it called discover. Trump today and discover love roaming as just called from day Sunday. So now there's new couple. So now someone and by the way prozac guy and say hey can you sign up for when you take a picture. Nom because. We had six or pictures only found out about waited 1990. If I was a stability and now I'm not I don't want them China Raanan history on me and though not a legend and joining us forget it yet maybe. Much like downplaying how did they know you're Republicans. How do they know your child support her. It can't be that hard alive and amateur right now. To get a profile yet did you try. No I didn't. What it's. If you're gonna go on a dating site trying to meet someone else what would what would the specific day rise so be it griner the oath. Senator and a Samad answer there I I see what your drive and asked. Premium version guys are linked. Yeah. I honest. There's got to be I would feel I would feel more comfortable just saying to a guy like hey look whatever you wanna sex or not. Now order a woman. Like if I was on ten mirror ball Moeller. Dating dot trumpet it would be awkward to just say that if you want to. It would be less awkward to see a picture of a guy guidebook on this should have sex. I think guys are more at least I feel like there would be more responsive to that. Now that tender is people are our meeting on tender and dating and it's it's become a Dana. When I first came out and was hose and those are such threats of Basra and up. I think I think the creators of the absentee ballots for more than just that but it was like oh yeah right and Sanchez from more than just an and pictures revered. Genitals during a break but it turns out people are mean people are going on dates. Now where do you go. I think there's space now offer one that says OK obviously we will never. Move past this our mission statement which is so you guys are casual encounters ya casual encounter Irish. Dating them. Wish to short ones quickly. On trains trump dating thing it says a great way to grab just restarted after a skull and let right clicking clicking and that's not bad right now. He. Ups can be that hard. Greatly grab someone's attention. This your headline will be displayed at the top your profile and search results what did via output to. Choose my places is what they said at the rally at the truck can be so I never have to ask him. It is also. Dancers always just I feel like chuck tomatoes gave me blanket consent. Yeah I like Blake and consent that's not what I'm looking sore. But okay can send. Is there's such a thing I think it does daddy say you never have to ask me I'll always tell you yes that's from shock to me so I figure. If he ever tried to like you know I don't know write a story on eBay dot net about me and airmen and sex act could pull out and be like come. Barn cat concern. If you've got it writing I didn't think he's right there you can make an argument are alike got my profile there what is your saying. Com for my headline is as usual not replace us. Marital status is divorced. Both front a lot of those on here and the I color brown. Hair color balls. Says ball slash balding. I was at a set this motion when while I was at separate ones of his bald. That's it played a ball things you shaved your head height six to now body type. Manager who fabulous tighten towns. Muscular. We tightened around I don't know earlier tighten down what else is on there this is the Internet we can powerless slender. Senders titan town muscular average few extra pounds billion handsome. Average and average guy that's it that's my body type is put average. That's such a generic cancer I'm putting its titan town. And then as she ask what state intoned. Your buck. One ethnicity best describes you want. Okay. But it upload photos. Finish congratulations were processing your file as some ice and your headline should be a great way grab someone's attention similar policy. I knew that in my headline grab him by the back it up. I'm on here this is it. No. My profile. And hold on. Got these are true there I know I got uploaded picture Bartlett has on and I got a profile now and here's the girls that are on here on home man. Home man are they around him and ask you what city I was in this of which one is a near city. Out of pectoral says she's in Boston. Well it's early I'm sure people are still getting signed up. Of this program make America great again that would say. On first clear. That's not real well Lauren name is her profile name is roses and guns now so maybe. I'll the other girl disappeared I should've done that oh here's another one but in her. He's from Alabama. I want to make America great again with a special person might deal. What about that not socialist America brilliant show the messenger. Yeah. I'll 2495. To sign up to send the message kind of are torn books. Listen very trumpet your. I think it is borrowing money enough pain and I think that's very trump of may benefit. You want our children buzz problem. So I have a problem thinks so all of our first first I know we're wrestles with him I shouldn't have let god damn eyesight is I don't know got a problem and I countered Gabby made him if run it when we treat us. This is local. Look. They threw it. In the pro am got to him got Maryland river last time it was a Corvallis and now look and brought the guns down a little bit in Philly losing her actions were about amounts of red Camaro low what does that guy do. Drove the Corvette in the river there are fighting over our voice heard had a rough road to god damn river. This has rescue crews responded Tuesday morning to accidentally possible water rescue on southbound 71 hi when your best road quickly determine and I was inside the car. Sometime in the morning or night the car slid or drove into the river some on later spotted it and called dispatchers. If you. Accidentally drove your car to the river. I guess we drunk is of these depend on and leave sleeve. The old Ted Kennedy. Also holy old Ted Kennedy does not picture of a red. Congress and I'm not saying yes or no ripping someone in this room has pulled a Ted Kennedy. Up one point. Driven their car until the river not the river. College got in the red drunken rant off. Now. Chappaquiddick someone die did that. I was gonna say you. Yeah I did Alley along time ago but I think it was going to be like Chappaquiddick someone's to have died. I don't think otherwise. I don't think it's all that much alike but but but the if your body came home buzz I can't get here is that I drove would you automatically go to think you are Ted Kennedy JB drive around this is just like Chappaquiddick. These negative buzz driving. If you kill someone. And I think you could make that that argument and what do you drove your car into the lake but no one died he left it there. Also up to general when it will now okay it's got enough of this Chappaquiddick ask for the important points sure yeah all right fine. If you did drunken driver into the water. Then you can make the Kennedy jobs debt. So so so what your adrenaline and got a I don't know he's got a problem and auto problem fine wedge and I'm good everything's fine I'll explain this problem. It happens all of us right just explaining generic terms it's part of its generic OK here's the thing. When you do this job. You. You have people in your life blue perhaps listen I don't listen right. And then they have people in their lives or perhaps wizard don't listen. And and it. You can get in trouble for things you say on the radio during this program and you may have not even a sudden it. Saw there's plenty of times Ryan have to tell like a girlfriend or. My parents. Like you know I've just got to stop listening right you can't a probation officer who you can't the next. A judge like look if you can't hold me accountable. And for what side. While I'm on the radio now. That sad I do believe in it you know what we say is true priest still. You can't hold me accountable for that that would be like when Robert Downey junior. Gets in trouble. And he walks I don't know like man I saw you do that us on Iron Man you're in trouble none of them no that's a show it's different. You can't be held accountable in the core one out even if well Robert Downey junior character is very much like. Iron Man right mentally and a garden might same guy. Is still can't be held responsible. Robert ideas I was so memo it's like there's no way that attorney client privilege right you just can't whenever I say I hear this is obviously for me. Mean. It can't do you just answer yes right exactly cannot be used again not used against us so anyone. Who does his job and it is dating someone that conversation inevitably comes up absolute more than once and some people decide. I'm not Ellis RJ eleven us I know it's not not Ellison and others continue to listen and continue to say. We talk about something real quickie you know it's. We know if it's about something that was said today that is about words you can't that's our right. No we can't. And so that's when they choose not to listen and then so called for a yeah I know has embellished an entry on to say is like what. You chose not to listen. If your friend shoes and listen. Then that's you know but that's none of us is we can't you cannot use this against me. If you have a question for me you contention that question but not about it and sent right here. This is like confession. Via. And not allowed users against. It's stupid to me that these friends text that person who isn't as things like you know he's served as he said man I was much more generic convention nor do you write. You write in the last I got kind of conversation late when you're primarily but I and it sounded like he angered one of his girlfriend's from something that the sun airs in the somebody sent. Is that what it was. I hate yourself hate you so much mapped. See now on our news since your dad I think people realize that's a joke in one I didn't troubles of his girlfriend got this and also one of the girlfriend CNET here I think anymore trouble. As far as on your romantic. What's the rule your romance we don't you don't get rob rob you don't get in trouble your grown Manchester United grounded your grown god damn man. You can be angry at Maine. Like you I shoes and I'm angry I understand your argument is used and never talk to me again all these things what you can do is get in trouble I'm not in trouble but the I'll get in trouble or you can fire me or you can shoes. To keep me employed here but I am not in trouble. Troubles your children your not a child you're a man. Some I would like to ask you like questions. But it in your troubles as some would like to ask you some analysis that you don't I know you guys are joking but people out there don't some people don't. And they know lies comes that word does your joking joking about life I'm not getting in trouble about girlfriends. Oh girlfriends and or not joking. See but only they've really don't know but the of. Well you got a whole does that is say girlfriends. And then like each one of them things you brought up that these a lot of things that you're the lawn. A baton little later talking tomorrow and therefore there like not upside because like what's our army and he's assembled on. And as well like twelve Lama it. You don't know laughing about it and I don't know anything about it right right of that or nikkei's as notifications review is what I'm saying but. I understand what's on saying. I like him when you add a little cheat sheet in the studio over their case one of your friends and we are what we wouldn't. Miss identify her say the wrong name or something because that almost again OK coach I know I'm. I'm busy cheers and applause thumbs up pictures are just out of this girl comes Weezer aren't there has been dating Sam Smith knew the name game a little run parallel about it. That was helpful he gave a little rundown likes tennis. Theater Golan Heights. Tell her that I. Really like thus stroke Smith at a time colon cancer by boat next girl comes and I'm imagining you're in trouble. From who'll probably move which one gets you in trouble. And all of them. Would attack at all plus a romantic she's in those weeks and only one life. There's one girl baby mama. Message is one field the one she's my child and she's doing great job. You have the baby. It's where wasn't maybe taking care of the unborn child online carry herself sky hoping it. I know bush and say you know I can you guys to vet for lover held. And he has you miss a much worse no we did and we made it a little better everything. That is Strider ruin everything look. We started despite telling you happens hustle as I've got it never goes away our. Who. Just gotta do whether it happens all the time so I came do you like. Guys is annoying like how do you deal with the usually do though I didn't vessels exact hour always dealt with it right make it so much worse exactly. You make it so much worse as almost unbelievable but you would make that worse than it becomes. Almost a caricature of himself and nobody knows what to believe and so therefore like OJ you know what I'm not gonna listen to it or my friends. I mean I know that there's no pictures of girls live what they like a from a studio that's ridiculous even though it's. And you have to remember those things what kind. Comes out together all the size of is also think anybody else I don't Obama that there are all potential to girls that it is a golf there. But I really think that's true because you know it's not true. It's a couple of accomplished. But that was true. These battered updated net. You need to redo that now's time. That's on thin ice as it at all like the one that picture up needless. You know surrogate prepared. When that baby DO maintained. May eighteenth. Cheeses really they have man for the right around a corner and oh my god or 27 weeks. What are you going to my god what's gonna choose just just really came in here crying now I'm now came here cry at the on them were trying to do my life has grown like battle and Edwards says it like just yesterday. I think it was when we said who is Cheney's and I'm not really sure all six. Do you guys making stuff. Are you. Seeing this is so good for you right it's great for me. So what happens when the baby is here you have plans focusing last year you're saying. Yeah hey you know drive so I called the cigarettes and did you build any thing. Yeah but you put some messed up down there which should together crib but did you address there where is that what's been. Over her voice inside I saw the need help can't box officials are down the street. Certainly don't. From here compare both from here so I want went there on my way home from work one night out. Mobile Appel wasn't addressed dressed and I'm still put them together. And so. What about your housing guns and also yeah so are you gonna are you gonna have to build a nursery are yet that you had all these things at the end of last and he said. I can't in my junior who's that hasn't broke and I'm doing OK well your house or got to shut up for a moment. Mostly it's going to be at her place for. The first few months. Taking care of tomorrow we're focusing on that as an industry there college stuff taking care of for the most part and my boys we got a few things. It's some work but. Here's what you did a few afternoon and I got a crib and he'd get a co sleeper. What a coast Lieber. That's a girlfriend obvious is that some in the comes all right consists hangs out that Dallas is awesome when you don't want so likely here and of course we never married a lady you measure kids. When the kids are not with you you get yourself because sleeper and that's not only not sad select images of daily super happy and busy and imminent and when my kids leave you know like I got a call Michael sleeper of the opponent is from honestly believe so awesome that is awesome Ariel and all doctors recommend it. Our place the cursor over there is is coming along very nice so. You're just saying this date price shouldn't be in my house fears there's nowhere for that kid to stay. To another judge themselves enemies and be with the mom the first few months or disclose. Always been over there while we in the nursery set up that's who we got a place for to be. And one of its time to Conan does place already. There's like thirteen or some of them. There'd morning when he looks up online but she put it finds on FaceBook or something. There is agreement and then you say what is your answer. No how could talk just like you have about. I don't know your adopted within the adopted there I had. My dad and I'm sorry he ever wants anything needs anything it's a sad if you just right back to you're not out of public. Miss you Bruno both of our life you just heard it right just reminded them. What happened. What happened you say look I knew you were coming in this world and I bought a one bedroom house. Figure it out of the sure I go to got a two bedroom place but I didn't. It's a one bedroom place. Imagine that take that and imagine that bomb pop above but the. You tell a story if you're a mom Matt. Of that story fast flat. Careful. Careful I'm curious I think that can be and you're done nice. I think that could be just a careful I don't know are you guys men agree I don't know what he's gonna say I don't worry about it you know he's gonna save I don't know how you let Israel and I know how we well I don't our egos I don't know from the inside I think a lot of attention no pictures no we've got to know this as an artist it's not a okay it's. Time. This isn't just for you guys is just for you guys time. I don't know very you don't get as big so Arab drinking okay don't. Say what he's doing okay stop that I don't know if you guys stop drinking you're gonna hurt someone's feelings stop. I first overtime Virginia's I don't know timed and that's what we're doing OK time gone is that relied. I was in high school you would drink a shot a beer every time eight timer went off and got as a present and that's exactly. Coming out with a dude wants because Latin. Homeway one because you won you lost. A man just as I isn't it I felt like I won right now feels like a possible. But. But I look at and I gosh. Well hang. Now I think we've made it very clear that we're just joking around whereas Josh again now the stuff is real true or real it's obviously. A huge. Huge huge all about embellishment embellishment. I hope you are and it's gonna tell other people do a sinner. Because obviously those things that happened besides the pictures and things are happening what does the truth is though is that the upside is those are true. So I'm exciting is like a couple months away basically Saint Patrick's Day is gonna get here as is or to get warm and the next thing you know. So my little baby so come get you got a new god can. How many god kids you have I don't know I don't think I have any. I guess I've not only does my nieces so now cause now don't fool. My Brothers I thought I played a lot he signed something that said if something happens to me in my life quite Euro was now. I did not annoying thing about Don parents not only to family. Arab I don't I don't think that handgun parents who knows you know that three Greek I'm not sure exactly when all our programs and I Andrea wasn't really part much of the discussion to be honest radio or not very religious so I just told. A couple of my body's slam Scott if I die. And he got to look out form you I don't know that that's called god parents are not god parents but I told that right now. But you got to go check in once every once a week yeah yeah after my. And there's an OPEC. Monsoon I think that's different then and maybe that's all got father what mean that is what got us supposed to do exposed to look at buying Zahn now from Langley says I had like a little vital legal thing yeah that sense. You know. If something happens just gotten. Used to care or you get to. And maybe that counts gunfire and I'm excited. I'm glad puzzling to say something like warnings about life is gonna. Head I know. We'll watch I turn and I'm super excited for you. They are you happy he's not he's going to be. Recognize me at the end of the night. You're excited I'm excited for you know consumer side of CU yet but you're excited to bury. So you know what is your big damn super sign every is going to be awesome invigorating dad. Excited for you on inside of her on excited for him are which are ordered his boy or girl much air force I'm excited for him I think everything's earlier in the recited for all of. Okay here. I'm not having another kid and I know loves but but but but right now. No one's called me in suburbs are pregnant when my child that's got. That's fine that's fine but for them but that's fights I've got a music that's good you know what I meant so on yeah both are good the out. Both things ago it. All of bow. I'm excited to bring him analogy doesn't mean the moment Ellen but it and wish I get older. Go roller. Well you only debate either oh yeah of course Mel hold them well I mean. When you don't meet Japanese news crime blobs there asp. And annoying crying blobs is right yes sir. When those regular Austria. Remember getting. Old crater maybe. Only now. Well I guess if that does have any type of affect on your. Sperm we'll find out that actually wants to know which baby mama you're talking and stuff and I don't know the answer of that announcement you. That's why I use names right just keep a generic up until that went both baby Mamas and the title outside allow her to jail. And Aggies. Ladies and gentlemen nick right from FS 11 thing's first how are you. Oh well you guys so you have endured president say. It was a wonderful alone. The best friend who has ever had. I couldn't 965 the bottom. Church articles territory pushing happy Spartan Stadium 44. Residents which I don't know who sent that tweet but I uncertain what the black vote because in part or would only was happy for each state to about twelve of them. Thirteen Mazie for being Jared you know be right on. But I understood before the real quick before we get into a major local sports storage in the presidential central present presidential candidates. This church to ever heard the sure they do that's our problem that Romney. About him running for senate. About the tweet this morning in the reciprocating tweet didn't see it insists it. And Mitt Romney. Of the world and excited to that president Trump's endorsement. And I'm real excited to endorsement army and the idea that you know go to Romney Twitter. Romney senate opponent thank you Mr. President for the support I hope that over the course campaign and also little support endorsement of the people who knew talk. Well but. He got us and I got to stick Dunn's. That doesn't make any sense to me how long he spent two years is gone on television and our team's dangerous lunatic. And now you citizens. And then did not play on your show. He'd and announcing he's running we could ask we did I saw that unlike Washington. Yeah unless Washington like his dad was basically original songs yeah we treat people with respect in Utah yeah. I mean there's regret not just perfect. That's horrible this is perfect unsold and that if you if you look if you go to Mitt Romney's Twitter will then. His tweezers say you Mr. President for the support of out over the course of the campaign and also earn the support and endorsement of the people you talk the first reply. Just as a picture and it says it's a picture of him would quotes Donald Trump as the following a fraud. His promises are as worthless as their grief from trump university. Is playing the American public for suckers. Out and then the next one is Donald Trump saying Matt Ryan is a disaster candidate you had no guts and showed Romney is a total joke and everyone knows that. And postal. Oh quote corporate work been true what yours are all right. Yeah this doesn't happen and don't support his Mitt Romney trump says he admires Vladimir prudent while his call George W. Bush a liar earth dozen eggs twist example of evil trumping good. I admitted he'd. Meanwhile O'Donnell some Enron didn't shows tax return until September 21 2012. And then only after being humiliated by Harry Reid a bad messenger Sorenstam bushman. Appropriate goal thank and then by the way. Trump junior who's the Smart 1 that spent the morning or liking it tweets sang think kids. Who bought high school park or and. Our act pledges to say it. No I really. Trust it more or girl at her. Junior our guys dudes from yeah I knew about that I don't know about that and not only that but that right wing media has started attacking these kids one of the kids. His dad was a former. Member of the FBI. And I don't remember which website was or which outlet we. Don't know the reason that these kids dad was in the FBI what's come out and and start this anti trumpet and Saigon platform in this because you know. Is dead day east working FBI and the whole goal of the FBI's takedown Donald Trump don't don't believe me that's not a mystery there's a. All we all know the FBI one of the most overwhelmingly white and male government organization ever. It obviously a bastion of liberalism. There's nothing that went on. Closed my eyes and think of who is the what is the most wonderful group of people I can think of how. I think of American FBI agents yuck but that's neither here nor there there is major sports story. And that is of course with the train workers Peters. Who lose residential agent. What was it we don't know yet but they are actively shop and I don't mean you have an idea. Talent we have an idea announcement it and come on exactly who wanted to do we have an idyllic new. I don't I'd rate I would think almost certainly seem a little blue water. Key suspects for the Coke all yeah it's infuriating and what do you give Islam. Well not really December 1 round pick form you're not gonna get a -- proper form and music he's going to be expect I don't offer. Period point or. Like Y July guess it must be a problem why term because of you're not gonna get a first trump peck. He's clearly if you could draft a first round pick right now I always do those kind of in my head if you can draft a first round pick right now you know BB Marcus theatres. So he didn't want dispute is what of course you know me you would be happy. Typical tropical 75%. Market Peter trying to. The first team all Kuo who couldn't hold or first team all well. In its second year in the league. We can't know for sure but we assume this is all personal it is the holiday and I know that motivated like. Is happier. And they don't and seemingly. They don't talk to him in the orient the contract he's going to get next Euro after missile. Like they don't want to give they'll wanna be on the hook or friend Kirk forty million dollars but I won't but don't get better by experts newspaper you're used to okay batter. We have a weak secondary trading away one of the best corners in football. What can you would we all hope that air fares are good enough for amazing comebacks quarterly but that's a far from adjourned cheeky. What a whole career I've been accused of assault dined here alone if they're gonna say if they're if they're gonna go after peers and what are they're gonna have to just do something about hunt now right if this is true very. Have you. So again this is weird being NFL I do what. What bothers them more alleged domestic assault or talking trash to coaches it's great that kind useful reading of the sort. Is that he was having a party. There's alcohol the party she found out that two of the people at the party were under 21. Eight and then we'll leave it eight did not walk so yeah. And people push them out the door. That's what it is a sick and now she's claiming I get the kind of reaping what he was he born pushed. But he seemed like he is like what he's being accused of his third party. It refused saying the reason these two women who. Or not. Welcome to the party was he found out they were underage which means that I mean the underage like sixteen years old the nineteen years old and under drinking age. We'll show you seemingly I don't know. I think we're talking Burton this because. If I'm wrong and it was you know an undertone was read our freedom. Is it they say that they at the N word he says the end or was star around the accusers says. On the huge music Kent State student told police she was kicked out of the apartment because she didn't wanna hook up with one of the men. The woman says she couldn't afford and boomer back to Kent State and was too drunk to drive so she sat outside the apartment upset trying to figure out how to get home. That's when a woman with Hans group came outside until the accuser and her friend to go home cream allegedly came out next and shoved him pusher and attempt to shoo her from. Well. The accuser claimed she suffered customers and knees hands and chest by his side. On his friends paint different pictures and they refused to let the accuser and another female. Friend hang out when they learn that the women are only nineteen years old one of Hans former college teammates told police the accuser went crazy. After they were told to leave and began calling him and hunt the inward and specifically stated F fuel and word viewing pass. Did you your allegedly punched one of creams females friends in the face and she tried to desperate situation. Eventually cops were called to the scene and police took two reports. So that's where you teams he sports. So what farming kind of there you go right like I don't know if there's. Let's just say it is the worst possible reading of the situation look at everything you Q percent destroy or. I can comment. Like he may be suspended four games on the leadership and tone which about the bounced also I would doubt he'd interact. All NASA's of that that's where they took two different police reports. And one of homeless him as a suspect in one of almost terrorism suspect. Right because they both probably press they both more pickups you know I mean they're both saying I'm the victim. You've probably capped two. Have to do. So but they're very. If I found subdued it's because I'm on the not marshals are now all they this is serious of course there. I'm almost certain. Did you see this ultra marathons in the harder than that yeah I just admire 'cause I'm looking at a picture right now on the Padres have. To my injury to be a leader sucks. Well here's that colder actually talks to me the mosque. Chu and the rallies baroque going to be bad for a long time again. Yup it looks LA doesn't and we don't know but I was trying to muzzle the power rankings last week and add Detroit last and the royals next a lasting. We both said the same day hike right back to where we're about we're worried about it yeah. Obviously it's like here's the thing that people. You know don't walk to discuss and I understand art. Isn't morbid and it's not. The most important point. Go to Europe to change going into this Kashmir that looked like it could be on the car multiple oil was guarded Kabul they could've stayed well I. In the marlins' walls. And both of them lost their ace pitchers tragically. On the pitchers were young and all you know and you can work it's a very hard to recover from that. Like the royals were in the hard enough last year that he didn't develop adept at. If they had had a slight. You what they've been a few games Federer could be or maybe something of a play also I don't know. I didn't hear the Marlins who was reversed the term baseball Jose Fernandez and now they support the team and the whole thing is being torn apart. Flake and so logistics like that closes for the royals I don't know. I mean I just. It's not even like he has this amazing great young talent coming up anymore. Because they did trade guys away to go try to wanted to do each of them are related working bid. They were in the World Series in constructive use or do work it works like I don't have any complaints about that I just. We shall last year we could extend the window one more year people are gonna say. This is why is the deadline. To ensure that Corey giveaway came here and Hosmer and LCDs in warned that anyone wanted because then. You're more ready to compete in a few years I disagree that I think you extend that. Window as they tried I mean I get that I got it I get the arguing the other way but I am a brutal they generated try and let's make a run out of Boise did it twice is try one more time. If we don't then we're stock but what we do know is that if we try to lay were not gonna get it so. Let's try to instead of us starting the rebuilding process early eighth let's try to extend our championship run broke. What what goes stink for Hosmer. At least in my eyes now I'm not there I guess looking to get a 140. Million dollars like no one's gonna feel badly for you couldn't. Probably done playing relevant baseball. And that's what could you humane decision and that's the bit betrayed all our world may be our people have been that he would look like you're. We're all of Shia Muslim girl who also Jane. Would love to see Haas we're playing more oil and I would like I likely look and say I like great conductor insults and and I don't have the partners really that. Then they are not coming annual new for the Padres forever. OK maybe you know I mean does baseball does and he's gonna get you know the pirates are organs. We need to cut some money and still go to the mat so the Yankees are the angels or whoever's paying money. May not be this year but on the next year earlier after a length we're gonna see a lot of those playoff teams out of Chile that happens no matter what. We're delighted to see all those players on playoff teams at some point. I open. You know Cain obviously is of Bora I don't know where else he does I apologize for not following that for maybe achieve this course science. When he got in groove with Obama obviously the sport for expert. Home but I put this is there are going to be what it's getting filthy. And south. It interrupting cell we are the guys slapped and that's fine like candy but he's the pitcher remotes associate of the way David obviously. But that's starting pitcher most associate. And sell these book part of the team. And so I don't you because guy to be an example for the young teen birth Kabila on shelves. Bad. These all and a bunch of players we don't know the next couple years or call which checks. Okay so as he did get rid of a one year contract at the end of January with the royals I saw they always oh he was sending out pictures of royalist right on social media story. I apologize it was you know what I'm untrue and our truck Dyson is somewhere else now thinking of Yale you're right you do got a one year deal. You're so right my bad. And so. So yes I mean that's what's fun way to circle back for their talking on the yeah. Giles please ask a bar a one year deal. There was no morning. Like the foreign press or from what effect. And even if you look once you play and having it got Whitner filled them Raoul my undersea junior that seems like those two places are covered sort. People who have so we're similarly about I know it's been somewhat nick arguing Norton as well but it happened. But now that the book mentioned there remember oils are being asked me second question. There. Why didn't ask you up to four million the base of his contract as return and a half million with a 21 half million norm bonus if he reaches 600 plate appearances according to this. Original one year to have million dollar deal which by the way I can't function like the baseball economics change. Color me shocked. All work. It was sort of half million dollars yeah I know you think as a hitter but here the good fielder and like. I just used to that players in baseball once they're done with their adult working wage scale essentially. Making eight to ten million class. A gun I'm surprised he wasn't able to get more but it looked like a hallmark is the first court but a lot of pretty available but like you know it's called hot stove like but when our meetings. Or at the working in the February and so it deals are just now getting up. So. That would by the way to go back to work well in the beginning of laurels and think pink cheeks go creature born player rights deal with the I don't want at an I can. Not to make light of all of what this Korea wants situation but it's not a in this market commuters it failing drug doesn't ignore it. I own suspension he's had to deal with art from the he. Let's he'd be one thing if you're like man that guy's won more built sort of weigh in common is yearlong suspension. Yeah great but now it's just they're upset because they don't look like the way he handles himself flag Australia early I'm reluctant to well would you leave with I. Zero get a sudden they'll lose Chelsea does similar stuff is not the same stuff knows as you think. I can't argue that was our friend Kelsey over Christmas break about Peters and this person said they need to get him under control. I really angry said our. I mean we're calling you racist for your races because well I would present about Chelsea this is the whole reason we're gonna lose this guy next year I write it because you you're you're sitting here saying the same. And crap like the way you draw by the way why do you have to be under control. Writes is there any people in this room it was hurting anyone's parents why wouldn't care European in the air strip Coke and hybrids. So whether they got to sell them because he was buying turkeys and stuff report kids in Oakland where he's from rising Asia we do and thank you diseases and okay I'll do both. But but it seemed as if they were upset with him because he was doing this stuff for example is home neighborhood. These these coaches are not volunteers at the warmer. Write make hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions and millions of dollars if park which lobbies. You can deal without borderline personality or catch what you decided it coached in that oh. Following a borderline personality is not a pardon the play that game up a little bit longer body the sacrifices you make car. Court there's going to be some strange guys and of course sure going to put which went actually could that sometimes you have trouble containing. Now and by the way I've been telling him and their entire lives since they were seven or eight years old you need to hit more violent as a violent game you need to be more mile you need to be more aggressive. Aggressive aggressive aggressive and only do something aggressive. Back you don't like like roughly roll off. Who wrote Ron Emanuel and tell me the knot of people about half out. My entire life and then at. I get pissed and lose my cool all and use some of those rage that coaches have been bestowing upon me since I was 808 years old like look man. You got a short if you listen hard more often you went well I mean until people my entire life. But it and on top of he like this development conferences. And it's something that is struck me forever and to me it's very instructive. I used to go to achieves training camp or whoever falls wherever or Gordon when I was in saint joke right you know what generated. So loud this year from the fans. Who want them when I was there amazing blowing Boca that you wanted to mall called urgent someone's at Kohl's. Every single practice the thing that generated people well this year from French. Wouldn't call what fourth album someone and make them more rights there is no problem to all of scorching. Here we say. Skewed more towards NFL fans in India a fan of baseball and hockey and people draw their own conclusions are mostly involved with the players are where they really really liked when you're with a horse. And they really like throwing around phrases like keep it got in mind keep getting control. In art Harris say Oden or me saying inmates running the person like here there's an element of that. England defeats. And it's what they are you can't connection boggling only achieved far opposite discussing. Should we keep this or should we not keep the form one out. One of those machinations one of the pieces Emanuel. Is how things Google which is one of the reasons why Travis Kelsey will never be on the trade block. And Mark Peters and guides and Morgan I'm always will be. Just like on race in America Earl talked she does so that these.