Tuesday, 03.06.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, March 6th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Mike Flynn selling home to pay legal fees
    • Nunberg's meltdown
    • Trump's trade war
  • 32:32 - What is currently stressing you out?
  • 40:36 - What societal expectations of men do you wish would go away?
  • 1:00:05 - Nick Wright is angry that the guys have become, what he sees as, Trump apologists

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The righteous man. On all sides. You're in your homeland. Well you start. Strike zone of the and here. Hi now I know bands casting cowering I'm great man. Doing. And finding here is good to see it today we had a couple meetings. Craig. Got to socialize. Meats and burn co workers. And menacing and yeah. I know I'm sure someone was saying you know. The newest first loser who has been here for three years yeah. And seen this person for. Are we supposed to be going. Around the building and introducing ourselves in new people is that part of London a normal. Well respected. They send an email when someone gets tired and says please welcome dispersant and is a picture. Now don't read those. 25 isn't it time and never see that person. But I fund sales seem very nice and tracking. I'm very news. Some or all of their backgrounds and other stories. Sometimes you can lose. I know this. Yeah. They invited me and I said this weird but I'll go needed to know during the meeting. I would tell you guys most of them once in my back home over the. I don't know. And they do I thought don't ask me the last yeah I'm really don't care about us. I do and yeah. We definitely. We were did they don't care and can you tell you lastly you and I don't this thing then on Monday. I mean looking. Not only just blows me listening. Come on we don't mean yeah. I mean it was good for you. I think you love change everyone's perception how to do you now that you really cannot take control room. I thought you are funny yeah your own it's only evil locked down on grass and that guy and that's the future new look on his social media. I want to suit his presence is online yeah I kinda got a lot of dollars usually is he did. Mary married man. Pink kitchen username. And those fun. It only means you go June. Given week. Only two minutes usually it's at least a couple years of legal meanings. I do. I chuckling followed meetings I knew almost almost a home in the mornings from like nine to eleven. And I tell him I just can't concentrate. Because although I mean you. Yeah Elon good news. Just kidding. Well I notice not less today he stayed behind I assume you were shaking hands. As soon as I can see why don't I usually your guys. I can see it. You're supposed to. Look. Sure we stop talking for a second yeah. Gonna cover a low lows. So I don't forget there and wedge back. Did you got a long. Bridge. Yeah so I noticed. That you guys do anything fun introducing us and to knock it. I watched a movie when you watch. I've watched Florida projects. Nominated. Or is good did you wind up watching that. Eisner's son Netflix. Yeah I didn't you watch the Michigan is insane to home yeah platoon. The pictures we might cat. My reaction. All. I saw it figured as much. That's when you hold on June. Keep that. In the clouds somewhere along the jail. Well I'm gonna just became emotional. Just came over and. That's meet. Twice today. Once when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes for once I love you have to in the afternoon and tops. Mike Flynn remember that guy and locked car I. Blocks are on the nose and nose and music it's a good thing you see a lot generally do you like this I did so. Think she did what I was and that we're Sammy out because if. Our god only knows this business if I did it tends a tenth of what she did I would be in jail today. Yeah. Congratulations. And the nonprofit my manager of the nonprofit. The united down attend the united no more I don't know. But are dropping it in him. We sizzle yeah we already knew it. Think he gonna talk to the FBI Leslie among the youngest when he was one of the first CD first before mandatory Harry remembered that he was flown to his afternoon. They said he was he had lied about Saddam. Is contacted the FBI agents rushing contacts. To the FBI and he pleaded guilty to lying about that. Open your Internet browser and look at the headlines Michael Flynn selling his home. His legal fees. That's action you know I know people are saying don't. Put too much faith enough fire and fury books because now the minority credible whenever I'm ready. A lot of it doesn't seem now. Not just an easy night in a lot of this is easy and attacking. My husband one of the things that a lot of people say not just an outlook isn't Michelson and even kind of send. I'm gonna commute dispersants doesn't we. When no one here when I met with those people for the election. Because everybody assumed that they wouldn't win I believe that I believe Michael's been planned probably assumes. They weren't gonna win. If you think he thought they would land not think maybe it's not a good album. Help Charles. Not easy for guys yourselves house. Yeah I am a guy. The guy who knows his business. Sam Nuremberg when we got on the area's median just started he changed his story in three times she was on. Needless. That's a lot of cocaine then heroes like let's talk for certain. But hey Jim I. Story change from like I was watching there was something like 7 o'clock is that's 1 thing at 8 o'clock news and guns then 915 cents some now's. It was cool nights spending even death was only. Given all the local real organ donor wanna call Luzon there. So he's a former trumping. And yesterday when we came on the air and he was just starting did break and he said look Mueller wants in his subpoena me. Is he just harassment and I'm not gonna comply and you know running mate he tries to rest his religion. So. Agency to given her views. Throughout the day. How long morning. He was on CNN. And they said are you drunk. I smell alcohol on you did you guys see this one. And he said no I wasn't drinking I just. On its. Estimated present talked earlier about why. People in the White House were saying about you yeah I'm not whether you you where you were drinking or on drugs or whenever they how it happened today I'm talking you. Yeah I have smelled alcohol on your breath. Well I thought as a deterrent you have a hundred cents knock down. So I I just because it is the talk out there and I know it's operate let me just get to give you a question multi category why is there are no I haven't had anybody answers though. I have done anything else. Besides my immense. Okay anti depressants that don't I know what I mean I'm not I'm gonna just trying to understand. Well look what looked like you that they could say whatever they want I don't really care once again. At that point he had done six and abuse in the past four hours and that's when she asked him knowing he's not long. And leisurely stroll along. I don't know but now people are angry users saying well it aaron's all the out all day and certainly a producer should have smelled it and he said he was on any presence might be let him on the shelves. You're allowed to antidepressants and your loved to drink posted. How does so many emotional wounds green rooms there's losers and there. But if you're a senator or whatever the case may be or a movie star drawing those three rooms and they've got a little whisky a man loosen up a little bit and that's. This and all of a most newscasters are probably. Had a couple Palin and I they are these people who are obscenity implying that CNN. Forcing the during. Tricked him into drinking he's a grown ass man if you want seven strength remembering my way hey you've done a lot of these are very in new. You rulers unit as strong my stuff I just said I think there might have something on trouble that I said you know what screw you it's not on TV are doing and you know life. Everybody slowed down. I have a little little hot stuff and we can talk I'd still like it not only. Could be I say he should. As much focus was on the come on we don't know I don't know as much goes I think he was on the loose weren't there he is lunch counters I was on. It's hard for me to judge any disparagement. He went on to say after an active he's upset about what the trump can't sing and he said he was treated poorly by Tom and unlike them. They said they can say whatever they want their pathetic. I didn't steal from the campaign didn't have an illicit affair with a married man. All I did was work with him for four happy years and now I get this trap. Didn't have a fair. Yeah that's undisclosed sets I didn't have an illicit affair with a married man all I did was work for him for four and a half years now I get this crowd. And that's when she set RA and anger and stop this conversation. I didn't know I had not heard any other I thought maybe I missed something. Earlier in the day about illicit affairs with. Married men did you hear anything about that. Any differently OK yeah. These are your friend opens and you like he's saying this is the kind of tell it was something they said about other people's right yeah I think I don't know me and I don't care. I mean I'm not gonna just trying to understands. Well look what what they like I did that they can say whatever they want I don't really care what once again our he does look. I'll look to how you line it looks fine I don't know if he looks drunk. You guys talk about how is sniping I didn't notice until you pointed out that he does snow slides. News here. And actually might never be a bad. French. Just go out and get drunk. And just going to rehab. Right. We had a meltdown. Any agency had a meltdown sorry. I'm I'm more than willing to love cooperate let's. Doctors say I'm not running. Doc says I'm Don wit. I got a dilemma ahead Jack and I just don't came over. Given bottle whiskey. Crucial to bring me a model list and it won't somebody do my. Well yeah did you ever come over and do its business into its outcome could mean that. She's like everyone in this buildings. I. It's like every other team knew each other playoff resume drew. Yeah they're not room. In his opinion 300 dollars ten seconds yeah. Amen I'm making an hour before that three hours ago I gave you NASA's current president I'm making any money. Maybe a little trade war. People are seeing now China is trying to wag the dog trying to distract people. Possibly from the FBI investigation. Friday said we're gonna start except Clinton. Sheriff's son and steel and stuff. The rest of the world trade down DC to head of the EU saying I guess now we have to put tariffs on some stainless steel. My son John Rodriguez saying. Think I look guys I'm sorry I don't wanna do this I don't have to do well this is really stupid and they're going to be stupid we have to be stupid to Magnus. So you. There's now being he hasn't exactly sound a bunch of people. Rallying behind him. Phones or on either side of Paul Ryan look in the Q1 of the things that you guys ceremonies after senseless stupid civil. A tax Harley-Davidson's. Singing and Burma Irvin yeah well Paul Ryan. Harley-Davidson nights when this thing from his own statement and his coach McConnell yeah. So Paul Ryan's read about a trade where they ask Donald Trump paint. Are you good luck there's any chance you gonna back down any chance this is just a distraction says no way. People understand this can be really great for America. Rioters in about a trade war bring it back down let's Arabs know we're not backing down people have to understand our country. On trains has been ripped off by virtually every country in the world whether it's friend or enemy everybody. It's still has been is that we get ripped off by everybody. Friend or enemy. We just we get ripped off this whole time Muslim and everybody's real Renaissance. Moussaoui was teens really good rip people off. Campbell soups as a crush him yet did you say it's a guys seem Wilbur Ross. On television. On all tangled honor slam. And so and I'll one point six pennants. So what's the cost goes up Tony percent. You're talking about one point nine and it's time what about a car something went. I saw blizzard in blue light one of the beer companies right they said something to dial and he. It's gonna cost some money. I'm pretty sure. In time what about these people who work for parents Charlene and stuff can really sing in the they use as much American humanist yeah and it live demands to run after. Yeah okay here's a look brewers this time speaking out against Chauncey Terex. How they treated. We are disappointed with president sums announcement at 10% tariffs on aluminum. All we won't know the details for a week the Department of Defense recently reported that aluminum does not cause any national security issues. I don't know if they imploded and like most brewers we assign an increasing amount of our Beers and aluminum cans in this action will cause lower prices rise it's likely lead to job losses. Across the earlier this room. We buy as much during a domestic. Can sheet aluminum. As is available however there simply isn't enough supply to satisfy the demand saying peace and GA doesn't lost their lines I've got a guy who's. CEO of aluminum foils like you've done. That's the only thing we do. We can't do any other way we can't make copper foil tomorrow we arts group. Aluminum foil sun on the bench and we thought we're assertions. Recession proof. Now when he's in wax paper. She lives so is there anyone that loves this I haven't seen any number of resounding. Watched liberal media. Is there anyone this at Yankee. No harsh. There's got to be someone who loves it's a certain group of workers someone who says this is good straight past. Someone who makes domestic. Metal. Ask to be happy news. But then they say well the problem miss. All that's in that we explore. And mile an excellent that's unknown and so DreamWorks. But to keep saying we just need to understand it's good for America. We begin ripped off by these countries friends slow and enemies. For a long long time and not Smart enough to know how fortunate people their cars on Angela but they're not. In line when. The aluminum industry comes also say just saying a great idea and I just after I did those people know they're talking now. I'm not sure the president knows they saw about how much are people you know. Economists now but I do know that there. If steel aluminum industry says. Blind. And doesn't work long term in mind I wanna do that. Then I'm okay I'm like OK let's not do that. Blow. Not to mention effective right now seems like Republicans and Democrats said. Regional and don't do that. A are there Republicans that's why ask I know Paul Ryan says he's worried about the street where he seemed like he said Harley-Davidson's in his own sting. But once they explain how this works we tax them they're gonna tax us and everybody pays more everybody gets screwed who benefits from. Your child and she's a brilliant businessman. Which is yeah. One they started. Engineers on us and kind of yeah. Council's stand still until those that's the way it was. I don't know I feel like we just keep making trade more and more open and free until trump came along and sent we've got to stop this. We got to stop NAFTA we got to stop this trans Pacific deal. Asian symbol was a thing called. Whatever that trade agreement wasn't a bomb and thirty cent onto. Trump said we're not doing. We fear the proposed terrorists may do more calm endurance and Heidi Brock had a clumsy aluminum association. One I had no idea there is an aluminum association. Tomb. Commentator and a work. Concern all the news soon. When she isn't so well. I woke up this morning and I saw a lot of people talking at the bachelor. I was sometime on T she I don't watch the saudis as is anyone wants a fashion I guess it's really popular. I was supposed to have someone come up here to help us talk about the bachelor or. She's on the phone she says she's on the phone now and she can't watch is in its actual word sorry online actual work. She's dead delaying. People are very upset I guess the finale is going on right now in hasn't sank in this can happen again tonight I can think there's it's hard to denying. Until I don't know which OK so last night Ari. It was a told some twisted stuff he's mellow and the matches are getting so. These analysts apparently juicy enough money from strangers. After brutal TV America so that's gonna happen so arteries first breaks out. Lists Lowry unite junior. You registered or a lousy I don't know are you even tonight was a race car driver loses are you and I junior the son sounds like once I felt. The song yeah sounds like pizza parlors on. I had no idea. Will he pulls in Chile is nobody's lemon last just. There's one guy. That's about two girls come down and he says I'm picking you know theater rose wherever he goes swimming competing for some of them are still married some of these former contestants are still married have kids and 36 racecar driver. Told Jim. Okay what he told some twisted moves last night dignity and not cool here. So we should go and order first the rejection he rejected Lauren and proposed to back down. Which was. I was shocked. Imperial. In my case at all. The software I. She just told him how much you love. Oh my god look and release shall happen there now and cry a little longer Lauren. He broke up with Lauren okay told the other one I'm gonna I'm in love with backup okay and he told Beckel later I'm gonna Broncos to back down. Yeah so then this is am proposing to back. As anything that. I could feel so deeply hurt somebody so early on. You've heard here on you made it. I am a little easy making the minimum but believe me. And then I don't whenever someone here. He's home so Myers. Attorney inducing idea. I thought about us. We'll let you. My life. OK so now he's proposing to back out rightly so you can see him and he broke up with Lauren and propose to backed up. Right this is when she accepts. This proposal I think I. I beg of first that he wanted to be with clear that he change his mind afterwards he took hold on going in order here yeah he was very with Lauren okay. I told Lauren pain. I don't wanna be with you I'm sorry in Lawrence says that sucks I want you to be happy OK I thought we get together so bin. He proposes to back yeah she accepts and this is from last night. OK okay. She's so happy. Wedding bells ringing. But then. I wake up this morning is seen that Ari. Which is a few weeks after he is actually proposed or for the television show for the finale now. After he told Laura I don't wanna be what you he proposed tobacco he broke up with backed he did and to get back would Lawrence. It's. I know remain now I've been really kind is just my feeling now. You. And don't. We all the other things that. England do. That I wanted. I still want. Do you want the if there were hurt. And they. Something he's vulnerable and I would I. What happens in the same show us. Do you like paying you candidate rigid and lead up. Hey listen. And really bring future firm don't Wear it. All. I want. Aren't they weren't here to be happy and and I mean bent. A hair looking nearly they don't know is when you. Yet they send it so that. That took place. A few weeks. After he had proposed. Look I've never seen the shot. But that was also Fuzzy from last night's episode and he tells I'm Lauren I'm breaking up with deal. Because I wanna be went back and he gets engaged to back and then tells backed a look. I'm gonna leave you. I have no idea that he doesn't want to know this is just does not my search is big American and I guess I think that's an honest tonight why the hell would you. But how would you want. By now would you take him back yeah winds and yeah. That's the last piece of information I have I I guess means I'm tonight union I think you might be on tonight you called for the finale was last. That was part of he shocked viewers. We should do about to a plus. Top stories tonight or this morning on USA today said because of what happened we should stop watching the last we should be done with this week we can do how many. Could they put up with life as well. The women put up with them Carolina and I'm not an easy and that's a difficult position than yeah it's done. Oh man I know they can't really can't. And I don't blame him beautiful women is a great tonight. Loved everyone and but I know I'm just a tough thing just a tough thing. So they do that after the rose episode right. Which follows the finale that's right after just what we just listened to it as well yeah. Yes it's really awesome to discuss an audience that's when he revealed he's no longer with what's your face. And then not only do called things off the third. But he has rekindled romance of Lauren so I guess he's already said they've rekindled. He called the tearful and emotional break up brutal. And do it time constraints ABC revealed that there will be two part. After the final rose and I got features that that guy as a tonic courage. Lot of courage. I'll please you don't got those kinds of balls on you man. Well like US someone Amanda here minnow like. How I go check you just swallow that's how Jim married you know when you walk into that housing go. So I've been thinking about the same. I know that I asked you marry me. Our icon like no one should voters though. Anyway you just don't do that you just swallow. It and wait to get divorced and fifty news. You don't go in there and do that there's no word. I had a friend who was too busy game show. They think Indian real relationships on the system was still married and known and that was. Chris and growing season seventeen those people are still together my friend high school was engaged for like two years lives on like three days before the way tryst he called things off. And of course he thought no one would ever talked to make NBC waited until three days before the wedding to call things off I salute and harassment. I don't want to look many hours on church most guys or gals in that situation is gone through thick and saved himself the misery and go and cheap backhand down the road you're out. He's got home and a lot of people are mad now. Do you ever tell you is ripped the band aid off most of us can't do that yeah. It's when he has them. Now I don't know the business final lap to the rose is it tonight I know they're gonna do a second biggest and people said the last night's scene was the biggest spectacle of human misery. Ever comes from. On the show. Series there at the headline this morning as he said we have like a moral obligation to stop watching and shown. After last night's episode episode which just singing done. Why I'm because it was so brutal I guess so mean these people. We should lose our launch and it sounds good. You've always been a big fan of watching people suffer on tonight you like nine I was always your July people's hopes and dreams are getting its TV. And the kids. These people's hopes dreams get crushed you know she gets dressed her then. Argus press for she's had an army commander of let's watch it tonight. Roddick a match yeah you bring it was in the tell. I'm going to roses but not everyone loves. And then they end them are partying time Powell Bruce to know which one of the biggest and Malone Mayweather rose asked him to the show. I'm never wanted to rose so bad. Things that stressed me out as I was sure I was curious usually these lists like normal. This doesn't really relate to us. I think I'm looking nine hair coffee powered caffeine shot paragon solutions. Oh yes they just shows await word for leg coming go has those Islam no artillery. Undetermined coffee man yeah and they've they've got him there and I just it looks like I think you might charge a nickel or corporate owners and actually shot. I thought the first time I summit coming to this had these things and those free necks of the Kramer's used torture shots in your market your coffee thing. Why does the coffee grown but it makes a putt you made some. Someone made some of them well it's finished just only editors or their proposal and still has whoever may have forgot about it makes man. But see if you're about these things were lower the top ten things adults in the United States are worried about right now. Number ten hours. Meeting deadlines and goals at work. Malia and it gives those ratings that's a goal. That's a goal when there aria. We may not have a debt I'm sure they have a deadline downstairs for when those crazy do we have we may not know it earlier I might not believe they don't guidelines bedroom downstairs they know that. So we definitely need to be meeting deadlines Engles or work. Number nine the help of a friend or family member sure always worried about that yet seems like anytime there's someone that you're thinking about number eight. Finding a job that pays enough money. Now in our situation I think we are thinking about what other kind of job that we find that once you get on fire roads I think may be the same thing. Hatfill gets closer it's not I guess we're not as stressed about it is right now we're able to win oil for people who are more not pay our bills match socks there and I feel like I'm ominous situation run won't be able pay bills soon so I have to think about how to do. This is the only one that I don't think really applies to us but maybe you disagree trying to get in to a chosen career path. It's a little different than finding a job but trying to actually runs figure out a career. And maybe one that you might want another one yet that's the thing I need to find a need to choose another career path right and that should cause duo. Number six is just getting a job which it again I think that's all I find my job that pays enough money number five is our our overall health. There how many times today I can do better do you have some sort of panic attack about just everything you've done and that day Riga. You look back uses what I've beaten. As my friend I don't Israeli get a daily occurrence when you're of those mines like this is once today I want us here are your thoughts 20 don't do that it might do that you are looking Mandel Omaha. I can't I can't go to Los also examine junkie I enter some I'm gonna go to tanning salons and I don't know do not only to do that today. Numbers or your colleague on number four are wait. So that's two in the top five that have to do with. You know there was basically just how the money. Yeah and number threes appearance which we are we ask that. Number two is our future democratic health Somalia and the number one thing health and money money right I mean that's all you have to worry about a month. Really if you have your health and money. Last birdies yet I would add one thing Jeff health money and you're not only. You don't be I don't mean lonely like you're single I mean moment like you don't have any friends. Are the people say they don't have one person they can call in an emergency I feel I don't know anyone and money solves that problem. Maybe. What are some people who are really really really. Lonely and have a job. And are healthy. And on any friends at least according to sing and I read maybe they don't maybe that was a part of the study that they left out I feel like if you have. You have your health didn't get out and do things right. I military lonely if you're like you know how should. Ridden a runner right idea all are even if you had some sort of will be no mental health issued a wouldn't allow you to meet people or whatever. So you've got not part taking care of right now so I'm mentally healthy and physically sound. And then I have money to go do things I wanna do. I'm gonna probably end up would like minded people at some point certainly can make a lot easier right. As opposed to I can't speak to anybody I'm nervous wreck I have mental health issues and I'm broke. Dash where I feel like lonely comes in the yeah Dallas ceremony need to be at the top all I get it all other problems can potentially be solved by health and money by health and money mature. I'm really stressed out about both right now. Are we lose all our money. Oh yeah probably yeah. What hopefully will die before. I think MI. Had diarrhea for like six days. Yeah while I don't know. I can't tell at this because I'm anxious about what I saw diary and I make myself. Nervous wreck or the diaries make me anxious you know I mean you never felt anxious and up three Roosevelt second. Room oh you don't true. They never ask men never has been improving your life offices there. Well I have felt good the last few days. I'm a little nervous about the logistics of Merv. We'll depend starts ammonium I've I've I've taken both. The remote managed I trinket with a take it with pepto and it hasn't solved anything else we don't about a ninety. Hell's for awhile but then my wake up the next stamped on Qaeda and Romania are gone I go god I hope it's really gone and then take some more you know. You know drink half a bottle and pull yourself up for 45 days are nervous scared the out. But once that's gone I'm going to be nervous about something else point is I'm always anxious about health. You're anxious when your hand gets weak he starts thinking LS lounge recurrence or say it's always something my daughter has been heard in Vermont believe you've but it feels like. Who did a bunch of girls but yeah and I know he's. I should do their throwing a month. So gone you gotta have something you're worried about right now health wise Mario everything all the time I mean your help there's got to be something in any given time that bothers you. What is it right now I've always had that. Random sample here as about three years owning your junker going your heart not the one that goes went back in my chest O yeah out. And that may again but that was Davies or send them when Janet haven't. No I had shingles shingles sucked back that's. There's really insane and I get that I've gone on the doctor for told you guys about normal for our middle aged. That's what I'm worried about yeah. It's always in the back element now. Lung cancer. Yeah yeah Israel that. We ask her why didn't know like some people see a problem. I've got a friend as far as I now think about I don't care I'm like OK because I'm I'm always freaked out about confirm pancreatic can't well here's your. Let's change we change the subject or something while they figure out how to cure and I don't understand. What why why would the cigarette companies they are monitored the cigarette company said hey we have a cure for lung cancer fright that's big business from them but that's what makes me think they're really isn't a cure right because they were figured out all right anybody out there trying to figure it out there should be there have been them. But instead like here's how does water vapors thing he says it was so mature that does to either but. Both results are then yeah we'll figure out later took the time of that. City. You may find with these six. Yeah. They still smoking and I still how far. Down. I should stop I don't know because and I read something in the day GSE I think about zoom the heavy metal particles. Like Metallica like. There's stuff. We used up generously to. I thought about it. Actually last couple weeks have almost stopped at a gas is a couple different times I know that when I smoke the first one won't taste good so let's keep him from because I gotta smoke like most of us live alone can't I don't know I think we. After host talk about how old bags in particular. Known bringing me back. Churchill who has low. Six fire the virus. I think some of these that we you and I were talking about this earlier someone asked the question. On line what are home to find the exact wording of this as what are some social expectations of men. That as a main you wish didn't exist. And it's you know maybe forever doing. Okay that's Ireland ranked what is expected to pay for everything I think. The angels assignment. So we're expected a favor and I feel like there are old some women I don't know respected paper and I think there's some women that would say we I don't expect you pay for anything if you are well I'm but I think we're just item on a general rule out there. And I think soon I think I done. IA. When we go out my growth and a nine from the time that we met any girl I dated. I just assume I've never gone out and not had enough money for dinner that night thinking she'll probably pick up the check no I'm saying that she. Ever didn't have a money maybe they always have enough money to but I always assume I'm going to be painful lesson ago rice. That's not horse men paid for more stuff. Released were expected to and if we don't. We still live with the idea that we will. But we won't pay Schwartz could part of that be a pride thing because I will admit. But I've always wanted to make more money so don't let that man is here and outlook girl. I would argue about an hour on those matters relevant girl there ever bring it checkers senator. Now that never happens now they're just don't you go live some holes sometimes it put that up and I'm gonna outlive women. Obviously who are paid for dinner. Be it dates or via its Mike is hosting business saying and women always have to say I got it yeah I got to bring over here. I'm not. There. But I do have this needs to us tool to me. I don't know if I had a Sorgi Marmol when I was younger especially at all if I don't make more money. And the person I'm dating and first time with I'm gonna feel useless. And I think that's just part of life are allowed to change of course I've we've talked about highways and I'd marry we've always that we had married your dad says just as easy to marry rich. As residences either fall in love with a rich just easy to fall in love with the rich girl and that's something we never thought about. Those kids right blood didn't really cross my until later we thought. You know there's all this old fashioned way of thinking when these women go outlook for the trophy husband and why did anyone ever mention that we could do that to their old a lot of very successful women. Out of place when I'm probably not they've I guess that's. Just like a trophy wife certain things are expected of a trophy husband I don't think we fit any of those expectations though rolling out. I'm not I'm not quite a lot of catch. Do you feel like I am very hard thing. Do you feel unsecured viewed make less money. And I know you've made less money it's impossible. Find other players ceiling as a glass ceiling an album so I know there's been times I don't really worry about it. Did you feel insecure and rules are lessons never made less money than a person is headed for the oh. So again these social expectations of men and men which didn't exist all I thought Obama we can agree on. And that is being able to repair things fix things build things are you guys respect that. Could you Como might might might toilets broken right could you. Wrote in a new apartment below are definite improvement plus for a coach Jeff. I think you could just gone by the insides and Home Depot while I think she'll look you know we're Cuba they say most guys can do it we'll figure that out I can't run and you're making me you're reminding me. A how inadequate I AM every time you ask me to do closings if you ask me read something fine I like that. When someone my mom Margaret resumes as Tom Kite day right they say without a huge undertaking you can reach as I assure they seeking open mr. pickles you are sure he opened the jar like all right that's sit. I've Pete and I know it by and I reach some that I opens something has opened the tables or shall I do ours that's a that's. I am naive and and you're always worried like almighty god what do I am sure you guys are like here but there's something in your mind that says I will not allow myself. To accept failure in this situation how will get out Nichols are about to go on there and smack the edges of with a ninth the look on YouTube does economic social and twister wants boom idol treasures and massacring is yes and today a result I want Spiegel and open the other one comes around and trying to openings army trucks like technique I know this girl at a remote in time when we were doing a remote. And she got her there her keys locked in our car. It was an older car and some as it is anyone ought to slim Jim Nestle is a bunch of girls ask tells I had no idea. But my friend had done it to my car before Washington would anoint times I said. Yeah I think I said I I can do it here I walked down to departure route is right next or where we were grabbed the slim Jim came back of the car. I tried that door panel open every senator and congress got an unlocked. And this feels like he you know just evaporated off my out of my habits I gotta unlock it I mean it's always nice folded up as he got. She's like oh my god you're the greatest he does like. Got no problems salon that happens again. And I saw her lies on judgment I thought the look I locked my keys in my car really don't call mom and you wouldn't feel good if you'll know that I'm gonna do and I'm telling you wouldn't know doing all I thought twice about it when my goal I would I would walked slowly auto parts store. Did it for some I don't know did I like this girl I've kind of new or I like there. They go back to the jarred something Carolyn Jarvis allows Cubans are forming if you try and you succeed that's a good feeling he is very yup. Did you feel bad you wanna know feel and how we feel useful or pretty. I don't know I mean I don't feel like oh man this is awesome. I'm stronger and ajar like mouthful to say you know is that. You'll it. Well hundred pound woman who couldn't open this jar lightly garden get California you just field. That's mainly hello the most basic being. Of all these are things that we can do to feel useful we can't fix attorney can't fix a garbage disposal can't build exactly are we are all women go ahead and they could get it anyways in his hand and listen John America's real about maybe they do but and I don't know our government account but the I don't feel like a great sense of accomplishment after open up a jar of pickles memorized or you know what it is allowed now it's it's it's something I just feel adequate in that moment describe that two months but you notice when Jimmy in that car I felt scan amazing and when I folder that our disappearance ominously keep dissing your purse but you know what I have a following a bad ass. That would pupil. Social expectations of men that you don't thinks should exist so we send their women. That's actually on this list and says it hit them it says absolutely no one has always says this in the first you know on known Basel Stockholm at the press rewind he didn't. But if this person I think he'll make the same argument that this person made it you know under no expect are not under no situation no matter what is in those situation where you can handle there's no circumstances words okay beauty and a woman ever no matter what she's doing no matter where you are and this and I'm just saying that. The united I think. Lousy idea you know a lot of Illinois get that but there's certainly instances we and I don't know what is it what do what is that is in skinny one. When they're attacking you when you're helpless and you need to defend yourself what do you mean attacking you know let's say you're in your house this is gonna get you're walking on the street. And say three women for some reason to say I want whenever it is. Say a woman comes up to attack GO OK and starts attacking your room and you try and I'll not general enough punch in the face on how did you not hold on hold on. Not right away got to try and get away this situation I don't know about how it ends is on he would eat the history is how it ended. All history tellers are gonna say about Spencer and I don't know award comes and attacks youth and you use your a lot of boxer right in with you punching her in the face even if you've bell and not long as you always. Tried to get away if you try everything you can and your getting your ass beat. You need to get a situation you can't do it any other way down that's what we're saying even in that moment you are later and I think you'll agree to think about it and no one really come and help you can't all the cast them in there is nothing when that jury had so why you were going to kill you when that story it's a water cooler here hey Spencer was attacked over the weekend. I I want my some crazy lady and she came up to him and he knocked her out or Pete you want that story none. You were to write the story and it's I'm saying if you were gonna sound so this lady is going to kill each other and I guess if she's going to kill you. All on you just said there's no one K I understand that you're seeing now that you how good is everybody did that woman in the face. It's Democrats and I'm listening I'm going to say right now they view that that woman in the face. Many people are going to say that was probably not now I guess there and that's why you're gonna do her any help you Larry I don't agree with you know. No of course it's OK. Okay now what standards do you bridge didn't exist it exist job to say you've never do it yes I agree that you could be in a situation where you could have been really hurt me leaving children of course you should be able to use in short fat and lose some nights I'm sitting Hezbollah's Hussein is no matter how. How dynasty in little house and hold them when it's over you're not allowed to just. If you see where it in my pocket square opposite view and nobody would say anything below it comes in with a knife. I got to figure out how to get that out of her hand and global. And wait for the police to John he better not be blocking just not scratched out chapter one. That's not I cannot rewrite as are we better you can. Subdue her gracefully. But yes I think a lot better but that's better for certain things yes but it's also riskier. I will never if you go to that and I'd rather just not to do Donna throughout. I'm not all the institutes out of for any moment. That's batting bat no matter how dire situation was it's not going to be socially central our president man attacked him and as a manager allows and he knock this guy out and I had an attack right. When he punches a woman. But does woman had a night to muzzle those punch in the face for times like that's like a whole different story. Right this guy attacked us on the nightly partial export tons of space and took the life showed up possessed. Good yeah. Score one for running it yes hey I only get mad Liza with a variety poster for the face while we could not as far as like you could just don't president stride in essence that's where is there. Sorry go frantic calls and we're talking about social expectation the guys that. That are that exists for men that men bush didn't exist I thought of one hour talk about this we talked an appeal picks up mullah. I don't like and I know now I'm getting into what's a documentary red pill blue pill or one of the documentary is NBC now Basel the talks about men's is all about how men. You know it's really aren't treated as well it's kind of ridiculous is pretty ridiculous but. There argument from bodies miss hey we're the ones who lost word die men's lives are seen as disposable and you know if if different vibe or use men are there and they go on the last of op. There's part of that that is always bothered me since I was a little kid it's freaked me out. The whole women and children first world get all lifeboat. And they say women children first and I always thought to myself. My still young enough that they consider me a child at what point in my just part of that group that I guess is disposable like case are your dude. You gotta say behind man or why you gotta sink. Is it because we're women raised her kids or because girls I was older kids I think it's my neighborhood which they themselves like women and children first. I always thought of that as women and children first because there's no way they can do this on their own should get the minding your first and then guys you'll be able to survive. Because like down your guys show might be part additional worry I guess I'll I'll I saw part of it was that everyone has always. I never saw that we're disposable. I thought of it as. We can handle this. You. And so they'll world. Elderly women and children and let us help you first run my arm if you're going down a plane I got to get the air mass to kids are shrines yet I felt like natives are women and into left. They won't be able to do an S navy. I I would assume that it was because people thought the kids are hearing their mothers so the kids are gonna survive they better have their mothers with them that's to raise them are that's what I always on an hour about Simon so much importance on not that I don't using the mom I know I thought it was because I assume had been attention they need help us. There I mean that's probably how damsel in distress on the yeah. I just assume women and children like they can't get the ball you're gonna have to help them get in about what I'm not saying. Is true but I feel like that was dealing with writer are safe thing and she's not going to be able to get his bout they gonna have to lift the kids then and I gonna have to lift. The lady and an end once we get all these helpless people into votes in the and we did get an ourselves because of the assailant let's get this agreement bronze opera. I'm here to war once they're. Right exactly. What I thought that's what it was one of the things as someone mentioned on this list. Is he says you know on the guy and one of the only guys in my office so any time something needs to be moved. It's my job class I guess I would never went around as a bartender. A work in restaurants and I would say hey can you carry the team. Out of a big thing deteriorate no carrier. Yup from big girl don't get it hot shot like looking into an action if any case could be here I feel like you can hear honest earlier like there weren't major job. I don't know and like you breaches of due from the bottom like well why can't you and I don't know make two trips like what I've heard it's not just from. The low and that. That hasn't really don't usually carrying these security for her. Like luck becomes obvious today but I know Williams is true equality would bolster its. Good until you can do anything I can tell the Donnelly got oftentimes the first he's asking you to get something is something for their job there's nothing to do what my position at this company right. Like why we're at the restaurant they would ask me oh do you carry this beer like you're seeing down from our up from downstairs. Or sometimes down to the core holes I don't criminals like the bar. I did carry the beer. And I'll fight you for the boat like John lunch. And you should get paid as much as anybody else you can do anything anybody else does so it. Which is move on from there. What about again just like you. This is expect partly with the undertake any woman in this place. These are expectations that are put on men men which didn't exist what about Tom Burson says men you know from the time they're born are expected to be stoic and not. Never cry never show most just you know about the Gary who retired. Well I doubt I guess I TCU you this person doesn't like that why do you do like that that's fine you wish everybody. Was expected to be stoic little it's the billboard thing you know swallow your feelings advertise you've got answers exactly yeah. Pretty easily by you but again. This goes back to your equality talking is that you want everybody to golf women as Wallace really surely you've come in and try and yes. Do we miss anything lot of people talking about you know only one guy says I'm a nurse are you cry at work during qualified. Well depends on what your crying about your crying about a task that you were given estrogen yeah I'm network about working young. Mean you're not qualified for the position. Moon. A threat we've talked about all the stuff. Opposite tire I hate to amend. Expected to ask women now and expected to Assam America. Oh yes the the humiliation that goes and to propose such an all out shooting down one mean on talked about that that this person says. The office attire this guys jealous that women get to where these sleeveless blouses that look if you're a guy and you have to fall the office rules and most and we've seen this. An Australian talk show where the guy wore the same. Ty and and shirt every day or what was it a month or something and no one noticed but his co host a woman's year Erica maybe it was a year and they were critiquing everything that she wore women complain about that all the time I don't think. I think men. Are lucky when it comes to rule. Officer Tyler goes crazy thing would divorce and happens. And look I got that women you know you have much more problems and then mended but this is a crazy things so. If you get divorced right. Thumb. And this happens in most cases. The women will get some sort of alimony and some sort because the man makes more money in the woman will say and this doesn't have all the time at a normal woman will say I gave up part of my career. To raise a family right and so you went to work to make more money. And I gave up my career so now you have to reimburse me that money right. That sounds fairly like OK I get coach is saying. To some degree. Now oh. They say will we did that because really what we made was it was up out of a patent agreement you're gonna go while you're gonna work more I was gonna put. My career on the back Bennett Bernard I was gonna raise two kids right yeah sure like OK good civilians they might now also. Because you didn't help raise the kids I get the kids. The way the second. Didn't I'd put the kids on the back burner for you were so that I could then. Go ought to make the money right so why would I get more time with the kids now because I gave up that in our. Marriage agreement but that never happens you know paying money and losing records. Yeah I think if you have a discussion about how the courts handle divorce in this country and what's expected. I think you could talk about that for a week run it just that topic but god is all that's left is a really odd thing yes agreed with. And it's just a final thing. Did someone point out because it's it's a broad thing that the spurs as matter about the Justin in general the idea that you're supposed to be mainly all the time so there's certain things like my last night watching a replay of that machine game just. Also go to an AD. What about girly drinks and stuff like battery ever upset. Date that there's certain things like Jimenez and also I'm imagining them we're supposed to drink red wine is and a white wine is remanded but if you like some then. If you're a woman is purely doing just delicious right of course we're not allowed to drink from. And I don't I don't ever mess yes I mean that was a lot of tough and Yellowstone. You don't wish there's already that wishes there wasn't this pressure put on I didn't bring up. Pineapple yeah well yeah but it drink out of apply now. Okay well our asses out of a Coke out when you're on vacation they're showing all the women are bottom of the guys like after oral warm beer on the beach I don't take that red stripe that's. Since temperatures sans. But I don't I want to know I want that thing in the coconuts and everyone else's drinking for five dollars but I you summit takes a picture of me. Right that's the end of it. I don't want to talk about the how that's how I play honest I don't want to know you know I don't want a coconut drink. Want to coconut drink last and dollop meant yeah this this is what society doesn't and and this is your final. Was already found products. Yeah. It's Nick Price was towards us that's one of the first things first how are you. Liable for and that's how are you guys gripe ma'am what's going on. Well they're now like on owned sports so can I talk together is Thomas from bothered me about this radio show that I also feel like you do that often but go ahead yeah please go bothers you about it. I mean eight are we gonna I don't know if this is a ratings polish I don't know why they did that I was. But are we gonna remain big super show to the church of glad lol also known as the trump apology tour I think I'm not but not win. How many then they have to start with let it I'm no bandits rob well let me just being named to the. Nick. Or do agree with every single one of those. It's call mom and my daughter we did today what we've often talked about everything's races nothing's races if we really say that all trump. I really think gives them backstage trying to figure out who become president forever that's not what he meant. You have been soul. Where level and then with soccer grad it's Corey you have somehow being soul manipulate this. Why the last sixteen months or however long it bid. That you are now chucked it actually had to ask you weren't joking. Choke. That is totally unacceptable. In any in no uncertain terms by the president the United States. The idea all you have you know maybe we should couldn't hit like one yes it is. What are these. Repealing don't know if next referring to over the weekend when trouble is it moral Largo he's talking all of his rich buddies at our you know I like president Jean Chinese got to be president for life. Good for and they will try here's someday hot hot and the crowd laughs. Are we said die joking. And you guys stood and applauded evidently I'm just curious. He or won't sell because maybe I admit that he's a long list of things. That prompts said that format with all my god. And then let people know that wind blown went back that oh what you would clearly joking. What are it was the thing he was joking about it he didn't hurt so like I'm as curious. Like I'm going to dismantle Obama carry that everything has our do that. Hello hello hello we have the senate joking about everything but there's you you don't think that there's vents. Far too many instances where you've been online reading news trees you see a headline that says trump says blah blah blah are trump wants to do this and you click on it. And ego op. Well yeah putts that's a bit of an exaggeration he says enough things that are bad that are real. And we should really focus on those things. Org under arts so just tell me how we don't want right Mitt. Tell me but wow proclamation. That people got mad about and it turned out he was joking. Like a lot Hillary up wheat what he's joking about that hole. Totally Erica what people don't want to do we do things well when he was saying well. None of those who tell me one that was joking about and why I did think he was joking about it I didn't wanna feel better now. I I don't know. You have to give me a list of crazy things trump has said and the last two years. You know I got here I got to find it. I didn't take my clothes did you listen to it. Oh we lost you there AG said did you listen to it. I would until it yeah you can think it was a joke and. I think that he ought let me put it like this. I think that it's someone that's warm up act there hate Indian like we actually think we can make that happen he would say oh yeah let's do. Like I don't think she needs a little thing is what it was doing. He and he had 400 pretty good door on things. That like. It would will be thought it would again I just don't openly and to be hit jokes or I don't know demand is stating that he does not about old locker rooms are. Arousal area exactly exactly. Again I I'd love it here I'd love be your audience in all maybe you could say okay he's he did say he said. You know Democrats I think they're treasonous for not standing up at the CD union and then later is that I was joking about. Monday treasonous people joke what you got it wasn't true. I don't have a you're asking very zip it is nonsense. I was joking and that inside his idea really what your business men. I honestly it's even more like the Democrats are being disrespectful gather and they realize that they had to execute our mortgage rates and and as far as I out jumped him they're really good to say was. I know that man actually saw. I just don't know all of the example of him. Saying something that he wants to do that he does not actually walked to do you not familiar you thought that was. An instance of him talking something he wants to you don't need at this point when he was saying that in a room you think. His agenda. Was to get those people. To consider. Allowing him to run for president of third time a fourth time a fifth time. No I don't like that. You're right dealer candidate that he never run for Kirk and nick get celebs and and he just maintains the power absolute. Ripper and I believe that. Okay well if I believe that and I can understand your concern part of me believes it trump wants out. And that. I understand it either very tried on Manny doesn't wanna be seen as a failure but don't you also look at this guy and think. He wishes he never got himself in this mess and there's part of the just like to find a way to deal of the blame on someone else. But I'll wait for him to get out of this and not have to be in the White House not have to be under this microscope any longer and just say well wasn't my fault I got screwed by. Bob Mueller or whomever. And be done with that you really think you're the last team president. I think I'm sure he would I agree if you can look like the way potentially. To do all of a lack. Three years. However now that he's in the where she eighties and it you guys this that's yet strained right Victor collect on he also now note oh god. These crimes I almost assuredly admitted I can't just make them go away. I do all the we believe. Steady he would put his weight how might just be consolidating. As much power's off absolutely apple and it's absolutely. And I don't think he's that guy that makes the pot of all but call proclamation. About being in double or to do. Again like I did go under is not familiar with if you slip a piece that a lot of things. If not last however many over many months he's been in the public eye in that emit. Arena I don't think he was joking about but guys being having not being controlled by the area on the he was joking about. Wanting to raise the gun age to 21 I only was joking when he said. Eight by Ike which you could supporter and it avenue and not hurt featured summit avenue not easy to order. He can bear walked to be that he that I could do that I think he's well. OK I understand what you're saying you worse saying that if someone came to Tom said Mr. President we have found a way. Then you can. Retain the Oval Office without ever having Iran for our reelection you'll just because they don't tell that guy and he take that upper arm. Yes I agree that he might take that offer but I also think that part of plaza when I saying look this is not a serious issue and happy yesterday maybe we. And this could be inherently so but maybe we believe in the foundation of our democracy enough. That we don't think Donald shot being president for life is a serious threat at this point. There's Tony good things he's on doing Antonio is a horrible legacies if he's going to leave behind this gonna take time to fix if we're able affects all of them. I just don't think liabilities others said on man he's got now he's got this idea is and he was it. And I usually worry about that. I don't what I got from that was not the idea. That this guy who wants to hold an election. To see if he can be president forever. I get that oh batting at a bodman. I got the vibe from him that he was being cocky arrogant brat. Saying you know would be great you guys know I mean it president forever because it's also not president I'm about president ever now. I don't think that's true obviously. But that's what he was saying I got today was a good idea we ought to try here because I'm awesome. OPEC. Well I agree it here you also may sound like we we apologize for trumped frequently on this program I don't think any so supporters this in the show and say. May and it's good to have some guys on our side of the. Yeah no bomb you do obviously clearly very often apologized for the guy I assume it's some perverted attempted very ballad I don't get it. It's not the show I grew up on. Be totally out of nick I'm on I'm on what. You don't I leave it won't look all we won't have the guy is a moment is donating whatever we can't we believe he's a racist we believe he's the worst president that we're aware of we believe that he has absolutely no idea what he's doing an honest he probably has. Very little idea about most things it seems and he openly says I don't need anyone telling you mentioned an honest feeling about it. We're not disagreeing that this guy is terribly unqualified for the job it's terribly dangerous. But there are some sometimes there's hardly anything. If they can use social justice warriors like you neck. I'll a year ago I think if you. Have gone so far left. That when you could tax someone when they're clearly joking. You do yourself a disservice. When you should be attacking them win and they are climbing at. Obamacare. When there are cutting. Did insurance. When that they're giving lip service to gun control those are the things that we should be focusing on what those that they usually hitting him on because winning is okay. I'm really believe that Donald Trump end. Flew lynch. Wants to beat. Eight dictator. Of the United States of America and be president. Pro Russ don't. Eternity. And he is now trying to get embarrassed people tomorrow are out to Bob. As the new great leader. I think normal people. Here usually that. They hear that comment. And then they stop listening to what you have to say I wish truly matters why I like them because you know I. I I costumes. A friend of pirates of which are no longer make those customs the duo wasn't saying he wanted to be Kim Jong moon that's what I would only say he was saying I'm. Awesome president you guys obviously think about Jason is laws to be president forever yeah killer. Everybody blue. I'll do it while they're gone and. Gonzalez today. The. And even if any you've already stated emphatically do you believe that Donald Trump would like that idea some say hey we can actually what I agree on how you look at. Any clear and present danger the fact that he mentioned are we currently. Face scene I that the risk of a dictator ship in the form of Donald Trump and his kids. Not have to be a clear and present danger. To be a total outrage and I and I and I reject a spate. White marble falls short black book in I think you can't do multiple they don't want. I think because I find old comment before or reprehensible. That is all of a sudden you're distracting me from being able to say I hate what happened with obamacare. In the idea. Bet we are now so. It than that of the defense that guys to. The president all of what is supposed to be that shining example of democracy in the world the plot and all that nation. Opening if you call joke. Joking about how we it would be to be unelected dictator that the most general way we can break into. President of the United States. In the nit pick to make his rich friends black. Last gulf. About wanting to be an unelected dictator that the old jerk what we can break it and that our vote that day. All that's not that big of a deal up even if you're right it was only joking portly sarcastic. Eating in no way. And before any other apartments and nick that it would have been one of the three biggest gamble. All on all are on I remember George Bush sane. This should be a heck of a lot easier for our word dictatorship but only if our the dictator yeah hey don't you remember that. That and and there were some people on the left like my god he wants to be a dictator we said whoa whoa whoa let's focus on these wars. That's our work now stuck in that we may have gotten into for at least doesn't disingenuous about reasons. I don't think anyone said George Bush is joking around about how great it would be to be a dictator as long as he's the dictator we should be concerned about this. This is supposed to be the shining example of democracy we thought he's joking. Right. And it would not Matt would outrage in that they are. The be totally out the good reputation of what I'm back so that is if you're correct and that happened the way you're saying it and people wore horrified by. Bush I want to be a dictator. He said something about it would be a lot easier Byron dictator as long as I'm the dictator. I want to be a ticked it. Find the quote here. Others are actually audio to. If this were a dictator ship it would be a heck of a lot easier as long as I'm the dictator hey hey hey can't hack they don't put that ahead. In quotes there we can all hear him saying it. I do remember that I mean it was it was talked about it wasn't a giant scandal. You were. Oh at what was then the navy can maybe I've ever rivals say maybe I've lost a lot ought. And I also saw a Manhattan early June now but just so snowflake everything hurts you've made some. Oh it's great for the midwest man used to a little bit of finger stand in your new love funds to fight neither of those. I'll Borough leaders Manhattan and I live as my Ned does it still looks. President shouldn't run for Rosie it will warm reduces John's full. So yeah million Hoover got so I don't know what could take it anymore. I. My address our Jesus Christ man what happened to you used to be from a city. They're unbelievable. I completely out. This is I I don't know what to say and the fact that you are all of. For the record the example level just use L Meehan who were act because now since you belong there I will go to when what order aren't als or. Thanksgiving. I tried to call him maneuver like no I got it. And that I be pulling up without a very nice luxury giants at and. And I'm like what's going on you like hey man I'm a grown and I can't in the back it's somebody's freedom but I'm the man that elite like the holidays are. You'll also doesn't and did a dozen times ever denied if I did he love to be rich and powerful dictator they did you'd all be allowed to ask that it can be president for her. Yup you are buying or are you guys cynic a book. It's. Change you. 186.