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Tuesday, April 18th

0:00 - Headlines
Steve Stephens kills himself
something about a church playground
different types of gravel
Katherine Switzer and some jerk named Jock Simple
39:16 - Most Shazamed songs ever, and Kansas City's most Shazamed songs
1:00:34 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous it's. On all sides. Selfish. And cheering you you'll mend. Well leave dark. Will strike down upon me. Jail on you Andre are you do. Everything's fine and she nice sound yes life is good. Usually does the same guy. Crazier I mean I mean you know sure. I don't know if it's surprises me. We're playing a little game loves. Someone said oh. I know someone who used to work with you guys a few years ago like what we overture long time to strive less so it is hard to describe me and come I can't over the long guy yeah. Because I had the same last name. And the way they describe Ireland into descriptive but the way they described it. This person Ryan. Fit that description of the person I had in mind would you agree that yes and I'm like I. Bible reader type guy and I think that's who would have thought. I would have been certainly I was certain I was dead ass so much to handle that guy whatever his. Now I hate someone. You know I don't know what your personal relationship does from the gun. Don't Hammerstein a sin and he walks for exercise and each a healthy male and a Tupperware and that's what I know right it. Like mixes launch live scene son. The best saying these things when they're describing him as you know. A real conservative. I not politically but just a conservative. Human human homebody type of person. There's a so's time walks by ranking I've never had them. Bad word to them which is surprising going to emerge here. Most people live yelled at least once and they yelled at me right and it's nice on some bad words I. We find out as is another guy who hasn't worked in a wild. And look alike know that guy is also on you right. I would have never thought that about that gentleman. Doesn't really done really like him a lot of common MB like hey what's our members coming in like this had shown them. Some guns a migrant don't don't like guns black angels. Song is great anyways you don't use a lot of you know getting more and I didn't tickets to shows all the time. And you like to you know he likes the guitar rocks I look like we still managed black angels I kind of stuff can easily ala soon. There is older you know flown. Bridge balding guy right gap like not so you'll think when strongly nearly like Tay. Tell me about the black angels right up. Knowledge any good work in the music side event you know you have an event that. Our dram by action and a dad who had his accountant theme. Would have never thought that's a strange thing when you think about Amanda did you spend like a warm front left Charlie's talk leg guy. My entire life a half hour right blaming it all and a half hour. Just a weird the assumption you make of people and what their lives are like. And that's thirty manager no idea of these people donate on. None. That is really weird. The other guy you know that February by the warning goes home and smokes Todd Wright and listens to temples records show Biden and all that Internet centric I mean I'm so lost and that is in no way. I'm so lost. Do you look at people that you don't know who's going around and I live Jeanne Allen personally and our laps. Lou is now again it's taken people that you work with you see an individual level. And then I'm on a road trip I'll generalize an entire region. Right do you drive by what do you know you go okay I'm in. Kansas. And this far away from Kansas City here's a subdivision. I don't see any people but I see the houses I feel like you know exactly what they look like what they're doing in those houses right now my thing is we're gonna road trip and stuff than that small town gas station. Right there's an eighteen year old mark count and write you an exact amount yes I work. Yeah. Do you rules. The homeless and does what that's like you don't you when you do that but also like. When you taken me win here around. I don't know. Where you go from here. But. Allegedly taken drive. To Vegas or you take a drive to Florida awry and you just get off on that exist. And there's like our restaurant and bar thing and it's so people know I'd. These guys live on an accident like. There's there's there's like a stuck he's here and I guess there's probably some homes back in those woods but what. What do you do all day when you all everybody works at stuck season. That's a weird place to live to Ryan. What is stranger to I feel like there's some sort of connection between me and that dying that's usually if I saw him out. How would have no problem talking and act on bailing them right how are you man. I mean granted I didn't know they had worked to your nearest. Yes he did. I Yemen may now and now I know that he's not here yet I haven't thought of him since he left right now and I didn't think of him and Jay do you laughs. No one told me was never coming back yeah I knew that he was leaving and I really thought I lets you back like that cannot work with them since I started here but. It's only been a couple years and now someone saint describing into amendment I don't. I know not. Did you speak IA I think this person exists and when you realize eagle eye. Oh yeah muck that guy was Texans is putting guys on my we are all out last night or meeting some people. Well we had a common person grind that time. Newsom that we worked with that said. And very description of them was completely different than what we had not mind from knowing them. Ten minutes a day makes it couldn't think of his name and all this done it was a big ordeal. Right through trying to guess loved horse when somebody says mailman and mark their forever up until like two years ago I'm like. We're different from I do not know that person break I'm never members and chocolate and holds on the wrong but now. Lucent also speaking of us being out last night. Like where we chose to go live that's on best I didn't choose to go there OK that moves allows those like you but did you tell. Tell about the idea. I think about it I mean I saw that. Who were in trouble for being there were one Longoria drove agreement apparently there's been semi alive wanna be vague year. Very vague charges but there's been some time accusations. It's. Maybe. Owner. Former king's former owner. He's done some want some done some bad things and next thing I know. People are saying why would you doubt in my mind we are in trouble for going there yeah I didn't go there. And those girls picked eye that is on your own fault on half I didn't do that you told us I told you I was there. I don't know. What happen is my fault and then. We met you there than we mentioned it and then next thing you know. Your. So what avenue what you do your posts and against a guy yeah yeah picture on the eleven on Twitter and instantly and FaceBook and every comment out it was how. Can't we vote wisely there are you still there this place. I've noted that we're talking about. Instilling good news article about that that. All of those levels that's they're pushed though he's talking to. Serious friends who work there so he goes there three times only flaw ocean doesn't kill him and I know I did I haven't. Must also don't. It was and I got is that worked there doesn't need I don't know idea donor. People were very upset. Well don't be a sign it wasn't my fault not theirs. I apologize. I don't read the news very often. There was also a lot of talk lesson about Luby's Luby's consumed. My day yesterday down Israel and could not. Have a conversation. After 3 o'clock that didn't involve some are asking me about white fish and cafeteria restaurants. Well. Why apologize to everyone I didn't know that. I just wanted to go on the deck and haven't drank is that so bad. Boobs pretty good it was delicious artery in his most malicious. Did you enjoy yours yeah I was gonna. And in new. It's good soreness and a guy doesn't own that men who cares. What I liked him and muscles of them and the whole place social angle about it you can tipped employee is an approach and doing his thing ranked in the skies right. From what I can read the newspaper here in San disguised seems to me. In jail Letterman ails us. Dave you gotta go back to comments before. He wanted to Leinart and they've really I was just getting in my eyes you know they really do so also we're usually their female listeners yes I thought. Really do because we're at a restaurant and as you enjoy restaurant and the guy who owned it for cell phones I don't think I want all right and I guys that will act goes and so on and I'm in my immediate plan because I didn't know this I should have known how can I not know they'll never listened to us again because we went down land. Drench us. Sorry. I'm gonna go through all of your kitchen cabinets. And figure out although horrible things that have people who have done it. The value of the product you bought. And then and then tell you you know I can't be your friend tomorrow that's ridiculous. Just say you wouldn't listen because through an ounce of drinks from people. And a bomb or something horrific happens and we know anything about and that person's not there anymore and that's ludicrous. Right now I'm just read the newspaper named and why did jays in jail as the paper says yeah OK so and around. But imagine if you had to give up every friend he's been accused of something terrible. Whenever any friends. Because Ivan accuse. Some people wouldn't be allowed difference in I don't think that's. It's fair. By the way the guy wasn't there. And facilities here. If you bought into the if I use our personal chef doesn't happen. Yeah I mean the way the comments read you would have thought it was like the godfather raw walking up there in. Kiss in this person's ratings. He says he does seamless. Yeah. Leslie got further. You keep lending clean. It's ridiculous is when there and it's one that's gonna go to the Czech mobile. Don't they're gonna say they just family knows this guy. Then they rely on the income means a lot man do you have somebody does something bad news fan and I know prominent place. You know you've. No one I don't mind. Me all right and Renault Monday. And then a prominent. Steve Stephens not to guitar player. But the fugitive. The manhunt is over I want to officially announced that the L search for Steve Stephens is send it. And approximately. A little after eleven today. Pennsylvania state police officers received a tip. That the vehicle that we're looking for the white Ford Fusion was sent a McDonald's parking lot. Near Erie PA. Pulls officers responded. Vehicle fled from that area was a short pursued and which the vehicle stopped. As the officers approached that vehicle Steve Stephens took his own life. I'm Jim men. Really I know what's earlier denials stop with that different Steve Siemens. Different guys. Also FaceBook is disputing the claims in the video ccb is killing an innocent man. Or. Live for whatever I'm sure it's German English and I'm not ma'am I was waiting for what turned off so it's you know below which. Yeah. She's speech. Can't work under these conditions in the same name only got in here though. I don't know enough to assess some sort of energy drink of some sort. No snacks. Oh my hard enough. She and us. I don't know why that is and Erica Benjamin those scandals is that there. And looked out Armani Donna don't buy some more candles from our laws are ready to be she's coming to town have you. I'm like minus awesome yeah. I don't know web site is we can send people to learn but it's. Scandals right. She's trying to. I am a DeRozan mariner and less like judgments and well she's gonna. Just you can't less family can't punish all family because somebody did something and everybody else pays the price. I'm going there and drink and give them. How the rest of silencing an OK camera right. Yeah anon so many tunes. I'm on the Americans. Twitter and Jonas scene when our refiners are went saying. Much or Twitter news. It's act Erika. CAA PHP name I Cheney W. Doesn't look through solos full sized luxury sedan candles and girlfriend whether they're great. I don't buy a bunch more from. Yes she's coming to town actually from Los Angeles and really it's fun. Yeah your garage or zero tolerance and I knew nothing about it until she's sent us a message saying don't just lose anything. I'm divorcing now my son's in their distribution. I don't know if she sells them on dancing or. You just made for us you know I feel like there's way too much worked or doesn't refer to just make those as well and on a hobby. Hey does Erica so those candles on line. She takes requests like just it's easier audiences. Okay we'll find a solution that she might have an honor. Yeah. And I took my home. I didn't iTunes. We just talked about all that's. Exxon says look you guys didn't offend me especially because you burn candles like church. Right now alienating women we are women. Yeah. Oh right everything we just talked about. Are you repeating. Which yeah. That when actually does not immune and the coffee girlfriend weatherman and I'm using nature walk right. Immense size of the trees full sized kitchen Shana. So I'm sure. It's. Oh Missouri. As a head case and Supreme Court. Apparently the Supreme Court is a fifteen months to take a swinging. At what may be the premier case of its lackluster term another reason is swinging. Recovers because this involves a playground. At a church in Columbia OK Jessica Lutheran church and pictures I saw. And they have a playground of the answers are learning serenade a playground. And they want to do some work on the flagrant yeah. Playgrounds at the center of one of the supreme court's biggest cases this term the issue is replacing the pea gravel surface of the trinity Lutheran child learning center in Columbia Missouri with a rubber surface made from recycled tires and kids have apparently been screaming their elbows and knees on the gravel for years the only problem is the State's constitution prevents public funds from going to religious institutions to the school sued and the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. Okay. And it is church playground has few ground and replace it with their rubber tires and recycled tires softer. Apparently the kids and get hers turned. But they want. Funding. And M and Missouri he says you're not allowed to. Use. State funds. For something like church east right there's some friends and what taxpayers aren't sure fun to church. Or anything that insurers do. Bottom. This. This case is made all the way to the Supreme Court and of course Missouri now has says. Crazy governor. You know he's duking it out. With the Brownback Cynthia who can be this Republican in the midwest and they're saying it looks like he may authority Johnny Knox. To allow the church again taxpayer money. To replace this plane and but it still asking the Supreme Court and they're saying it of course a course lunch there. It looks like. And don't notice they're probably gonna certainly didn't want to hell's happening. Is men around him out. I saw this thing they wanna start letting churches promote political candidates advance. Mantra is mentioned in point this is two days. As soon fashion two days or oceans as mentioned zoom mentions he gravel. Why is it just grab what they called you Romans well why isn't just drama is gonna repeat gravel. You think the big you know Mike Gravel roads are quite big rocks and Ingraham a little tiny pebbles. Touched ground. Google image apparently it's never mind is Google image drama. Is that when I read an image I've beaten her asks don't you think about gravel road like delight its Google image I can't yeah. I had some Google image I hate you. It'll scandals that's tonight and I. Just cell lines it's. Look just lose ground and his crews and I just broken branch right. And and he rattles easily small. Shall mean. I guess like a square and rectangular. No. Square and rectangular different. Grapples just scramble. Yeah look you know when I do wanna travel. And wrote my fingers you know just is yeah. I guess a specific type of ground. When you buy a Christian and Jews and I also needs some pea gravel from the bottom. I don't know what that's toughness. Looks annoying please don't say it again to find annoying general. They study in the story I don't care added you know. Got to get a country psychic candle. I was just like. She's figured out she really jumping on each. Catherine snow answer here not alienating female listeners are gonna talk about Katherine slights and mrs. empowering. Motivating stuff. Fifty years ago. She officially entered the Boston Marathon. She's the first woman and when she takes a gravel series losing juice group being John. Oh well yeah. Dylan's John you texting me. Bob Graham I'm I'm a discussion. Did you China and shot and. This going back for Schweitzer and my darn sure zug Switzerland she I don't know. She ran the marathon in 1967 a historic because she was the first woman to complete the all male race is an official intra month. Her registration and wasn't she the first female decision was to run in the Boston Marathon. God. And she changed her registration she changed KV. Swipes are trying to hide or gender. But once she got I was a mutual insurance just because they if he says captain Mike wiser woman came mean some estimate is on the line Angeles so don't. And why the lead. Where's the beef comes. So it's a fair question. And they're telling the story vermin I see what's her name's Catherine and then she just changes educate me on in the semi KV lines and of your middle name I don't know and certainly in the spirit. And New York Times spot. 1967 she did it and ball she's running a marathon this picture here. The organizers tried to grab her and ripped the number of active Jesus man wanted. Because they didn't want element. Home run in America can leave just leave women alone just leave them alone. I say it over and over and over again look women are equals their superior in many ways. I understand all of these things. I also understand our little bad as crazy at times and they certainly can be annoying. We don't have to chase them down and rip things off of them. We can just allow them to get health care and tried to be nice to and then that's it right. Is that an iron. Why do we have to hate women. They're fine. That's fine. I don't think Hewitt Centre of a number of yesterday. Fifty years later she did it again she's seventy. Look at this picture of her. 700 Berman and Holmes hi everybody yeah. I'm on the course. Read one miles. He's fearless trio what's your name switzer Katherine. Deficits are completed this year's race a little slower she didn't for hours and 44 minutes and 31 sack Jesus Christ he sent any 1967 she didn't for a 120 minutes. Says only twenty. Slower. Am I. It was Salomon I was trying to read the number on turn the first time shunning that pride took some time. Austin total time this series saying yeah my listeners chase you down trying to grab you. We gotta run and zigzags and stuff and pull Lang when we're the most guys named Jack simple big guy who she says isn't an exact simple trying to remind her name just. Osama benches act. And is short order like this in mind real business to attend. I hate men sometimes I think she did she say I really do like hey you don't use an organizer. I don't have mail filter I don't have any of that unlike life in Jolie. Well you know what there are women in the Tea Party went to sing god damn wind so and you make me annoying too so I guess I should dissident. People knowing he would. That simple. Jacksonville is no other guy is who actually walks out on the Boston Marathon Feller was. And tries to rip a number. I'll phone woman did to us. He doesn't want a woman running are trying to rip a number on someone because then register right you know that person as it. To ask it seems like I mean silent. Passed it kings of being a human being those of the people who are somehow managed to get around I won't lie and Brian. Without just getting there has to eat. Because once you ask the electorate three times like round let them run riot like say my fighters flying ranked. Who cares. That's a kind of person who's had everything. And nothing taken from a and I hate those people more than any. Like I deep inside hanging Jackson. Many angry at him. Even my mission plays. Let's. Just scanning and they complain yeah want them ironing remaining. Sports are yeah that's true sports. You know like whatever it is. They retire and you know yeah. The real good woods and Jim thing to remember night it's like color guard brown. Gymnastics and in a sense. The floor routine down like that. Brought along the rim and I like that. This is really Jackson. On this Seles says is he was she senate I don't know really god damn newsman. Trying to follow I mean this story here and it's citizens V marathons organizer in 1967 ran there course senator Edward Najera and once that Jackson's home. Or is that some sort of name she gave them as the light. John oh lord John. Hooker John is she just say this is the day Jack simple meaning. Jackass. Who doesn't thanks very much easier on sun. Yeah there's just saying Jack simple. And it condescending way whores and I an actual us magazine was. Simple JO CK street Nicholas Graham Frenchman. Shots some bad news really starts to explain more terror chases after him. I found a picture here. His name hunters those same shocked GAO Louis CK. John. Sized phones shocking. There's a Cuban. The I don't know what she knows she can't she called Jack gray sound like all managers on the convention. Or does. Some more in Scotland. Immigrated in 1920 Reuters cameraman turns really. There's a masseuse from Boston Bruins. So once they came in their own rhythm its. Job and listen there than anybody. If anybody is gonna hold back winning and winning going to be them. So gruesome gang ruins. Some became known joy on his orgasm Boston Marathon race director. And men in a long time Hammond of physically attacking knows he really soon to be non serious runners. Whether officially entered or running of course unofficially and you're a serious runners attack you too. Stocks and cash yeah a lot of documentary on this and does anybody like his first yeah. And ninety in 1960 interview with Sports Illustrated he called them these screw balls please we are trustees MIT voice. These tough characters these Harvard guys. According to fellow race official will cloning. These girls not only his body and a jam. But also a rather choice array of. And jobs method. Of attack is and to varying Q1 way. In 1957. Narrowly escaped arrest for assault after attempting to tackle runner. And swim fins and snorkeling mask. Why would you try to attack Iran earned this can run the Boston Marathon and swim fins. We should allow that to happen and I absolutely that's awesome. And want and 19671. Woman Bobby give ran and finished unofficially. I share the previous series as well not a lot of birds as they relish 1967 other long ago. But Jesus Christ. The people I know women in on day event land. Millions of people who are alive still today. That's unbelievable to me. I'm doing well on display menaces Katherine slicer and under race I officially. Through an oversight. Assembled trying to stop version ran. I'll slice Rosen is a big man huge man. There are two seasons center Thompson resort to react to grab my shoulder and slug back screaming. Get the hell out of my racing gimme those numbers he said. A player like symbol reverses position on women competing in the marathon. According to Marge baker who once Roloson Justin and woman were allowed generation John was one of their staunchest supporters. Some believe there probably reconciled and switching. Imagine anyone can publish on an autobiography of futures fell just on the job. Instead now. Yeah. I don't like. Many of the facilities of trek and you know like you start to be a little bit more progressive when you get liver cancer. I'm. Or religious. Opinion we are of course religious and bustling. Women should grace did you know liver cancer. You know you're designing a look back and a lifetime realized man was kind of inject. Too bad but doesn't erase dickens' a Dakota. To distance. The but it won't hold on a second to Boston athletic association gives you win awards golden shock simple. Really. I want the whole thing now. What's the award for. Man leaves women lounge in Milan. And women. Not to dish about members. Right look weak data and we're dumb we don't do things completely wrong. Guys stoppage. They're Smart and you know. Nonetheless went ahead. Simon that ma'am ma'am. Finally not because you don't go on a plane if it's a female pilot I'm speaking to you usually pay when I talk about this I speak to you directly she can have the jobs. Usually fly around eight. The bad person. Anyway he mantle lady president sue gas gas. And yeah. John for a lady president today driver's licenses and everything yeah. Volleying in whatever they can do whatever it's. Like Kansas and I can't do. I am I living. Man this guy is still upset about the ground yeah I'm sure an age thing let's go home. Okay I'm not calling him. What does he still gravel in the mountains and please call is regarding your program and losing our unique relaxed around. I think plus his people don't. You don't. Another. Another 1010 minds and you mention a hands on it. And I remember almost and when you are like. You rather have him and Hillary used. Senator William what he's setting rather than an hour. To unity. It's not like it's crazy I. And wasn't really crazy and just say a couple months ago. I. Stop shooting each other a right and it reminds. Still am a white fish and. It blowing up buildings. Quit voting fassel's links from. And Clinton beating lately women and do stuff. On. Thank gun. You know why you don't have to be nice to women and you know. I don't care. Actually nice to people. Bloom you. I just think you're zero. Just resettled not just don't see anything under shun. Him walk by. We don't discriminate and don't really song. Jesus and his. Hardest thing. I don't know. Saying for years. He's beating worse. I really crucial to winning Jamie Thomas chairman Dan. But man it really does hang up about section to win but also I think women and I know my ancestors. I don't know why don't investors men impressing women think. You can't walk out does men. We can't walk our leaner sound I don't know why that is. As an army most of I'm going. And what we're really. As a war on the streets of course won't puritan. But really who cares and why couldn't come to work when your check out our blog shortly here. Let's think about it like why couldn't you. Who sent you can't like Jesus. And maybe it was Jesus blessed but I'm saying Lucent like. Cover of the generals gives us remain Israelis like why. My hands. Just friends I don't know is a Jack off when these little guy don't know. Okay. IAE. Song always makes me so and I like that song I love it and a new songs grades there was no matter. Hold on I know it's. Change of heart isn't right. Change of ours and the system that the senate thinks bilateral quicken them under your saying. And I think I've got it one way or not make this work a fragile. My no. I know the mile Amway business loan Nashua south. Focusing music and actually north I mean are now joined our nominee and around too long enough you're finally. They'll play dungeons and if I saw a reminder to us. Most horrendous record since you found it orca has I saw this and I know that you checked it a lot and I thought you might structures and all the time there. But there's times. And most people use shoes and bring some point or another you've probably used it for good program. And I do feel like there's times Reich exam. The same song more than once what the hell is this song. And it says you know leases in this room like now OK I knew that matches and solid three times so I wonder if this list if a lot of these songs are on this list. Fall into that category of songs are people like I know that I can't root how it is. Instead of doing like you know emotions and pop downs as we know where this is the emotions and songs of all time. I world or in the United States so let me make sure that this is right because. I assume that they usually Xena coalition Sam every musicians and on time it's been. Yeah I mean I think it's been at least 67 years. Com. This music idea financially released toxic emotions and songs of all time. I'm looking at their thing here it looks like this could be from all over. A guy says. Yeah join Nina Google might have a lot of at this whole thing. Com. Yeah so this this is. All shoes and this is all of it so these are the top ten all time most choosing him songs of all time. Number ten I know is thrift shop by Michael Moore I know that's on a record number nine. Is take me to church over who will remember that song pressure. Number eight is thinking out loud by Ed Shearer and OK note that must be some and so complacency DJ because I don't. I do okay. It's. You can. Another soldier I've never heard him. I don't think there's one edge Sharon song that I would say I know this is an issue I mean ambivalent. Number earth that was a great number seven is cheerleader I do remember that song that was just last summer that was number one cheerleader cheerleader. This song is surely it's OMI. It's the. You did she. Even your time. I've played it for you I think it was last summer that was number one could have been years ago as I say plaza this is the number one song of the country he came. Only it's very heated. It's like golf for mom. Mentally challenged Paul Simon. Well that's an interest in tech and here's one not only do I not know this song. I've never heard of any of this song is called rather be. And it's by clean bandit featuring Jesse Glynn and I wonder if this is some sort of worldwide appeals long assault exam. Hey man hey all the ball clean and the clean bandage and it there's a girl singing and she's. Maybe Korean motion and gentleman whose. The song's called rather beat against China's clean man and our British electronic music group. The banged bruised right shown video I've never won a Grammy for best instructor has this thing is this is not. Hey. Sixteen single rock alive featured Sean. Paul Haney Maria. Never heard it mean in a remanded they don't OK number five. Like her go by passenger. And I looked as we both look to soak on every tablet do very narrowly you know even she says it does. You want to. Now benches him almost twenty million times. So yeah another scenario that that. Now number four on the list we all know I was surprised some people had dishes in a song but. It did have like a trillion YouTube views before god yeah. Suzanne song of all time. Eighteen point nine million she saves. I still like this. I just five listener a lot. I've heard Lamar Harrington Senegalese sort of plans Alex likes that album too there's like three sons and I really like number three. I feel like I should know this I've heard of major laser. But that's another one that I couldn't tell you major laser right here and I mean I've read that name and spelled oddly right. LAZ. Major inmate GOR laser lazy yards apiece for these. In Sicily is right. Yes I mean there's an us I don't know total shams. Twenty point one million. The song is called. Lean on me I do not think and. Right so I'm asking this question is major laser is that like a producer of and what's their bluff. Simple guy he's today MIA who may pick no I mean like is just blow like it would Danger Mouse could raise your guys yet so he's like a producer yes you can he's made very good report. OK so major Lazar has people singing. Different far sing and I'm music didn't produce. Yeah I think just the producer of guys there are producers and and bring in singers of all different types and and so it's major laser featuring. But it's basically good shocker content. Number two most should same song. Of all time. Also has over twenty million choosing ams I do know this song or. Try to get a you know this now. Number. Four years old throwing. They got sued for a lot of money and I think part of Marvin gays Stanley always. Get round there I've never heard it all on an earlier dissolving into. Hi guys OK. I don't listen around especially on something now. Like my car hasn't been assassinated LeBron and their defense on I'm my own ideas keep scrolling limit but not gonna stick around. The number I never really thought of it as a warning before or maybe it is it's like. And here are much less risky course of a move right along when your voice I don't stops for that. And the number one militias Samsung mobile time. I had to look this guy out I'll be honest I didn't even know for sure there was a guy I didn't know what it was that was a band but I know I've heard a name it feels like I should know this person. A teaching. Moved wake me up yet he had other sorry you do now we'll know. I do remember that. We do with what this. That's the number one motion Samsung of all time. Your honor code and we are. Do you play best and it's beings. Last wishes Samsung in the world you don't dare I missed it yeah I wonder if you're all right whether number one I mean people like it yeah. So now can you tell me what people I don't know B Rosen joined Kansas City. I'm always curious turn of several hundred players from Avandia. On the road map or some of the senate and swear. Yeah. Do you know what's his name Glover can't damage after I. Okay soon. You know what I Suzanne that. Lamar. And I. I Suzanne Childs can give as any we played informality and then I heard the cards queen who loses again when someone of those people. Kansas City and others in the world uses these are your friends and neighbors. Musician friends and David. An email and if you may want to think twice and anonymous you know I'd been globe love Bruno Mars I don't know much about life. Another song. I don't hate sad remark as a person he did a good job with the Super Bowl like that police sung and Samsung needn't. The weekend. Okay. Need equipment the sale find an average of June. Oh well I can do that. A team Harlem park during the shouldn't okay. I'm Hampshire man if I go back and look at much as I am rule. Look at Lafferty bears and normal impart you're all right. And saying. There's a number one song should Zandt and overwhelmed arguing Christian. Selena Gomez them. I wanna say and himself browser. Qaeda don't. Keep going is that tiger or do you think it's you know. Harry styles he was in a band right he was only one direction you know considers. That's over on park let's see if over on park has and in saying that I like. When they knew all along park here I think them being close to that dumb fun. It. Okay nice. Number signs overlooked RA how I didn't mean I go ahead and you guys are saying. That's a recession or not number seven general plug your own mind. Little parts doing pretty well moral card number and these are the emotions and songs muzzle break into my region now so those are in Chile rose show on. Lee's summit. Who I see country same thing that. I go and Selena Gomez are Mormon kids and I know she white kids in the summer of love them. 'cause there was an M McCain visited proper thing arrival risen. Number one in Overland Park and Lee's summit okay. And then Kennard a martyrdom that this is number three. Since resumed thing. Perish tiles. Some you're gonna have to do better. I think it would be of their view more country or anything but I guess Roger has found on this is. A bright young oh my god. Well god damn were solely Summitt let Lee's summit on the flat yeah thank you. You know I had. Limited food issues and how a lot of minutes number of floors so I'm. Worlds your interest in him. An interest in him what to help the stuff is an anxious am. Independents anybody Anderson when independence was listening to nowadays yeah. I am as I see the other new record but I expect. To go called Iran. And an owner who I don't know I don't even know what to expect. My dad. Chance around her Kendrick Lamar. AMC's Zach enjoy every I don't know that. There's ten minutes I'm going right or this is up. We call local school level. This is an okay yeah I. What was that Spanish I'm not hopeful that I think the best part was English on provisions are vigilant as I am not positive. Clean man and again Julian Michael's. All people are just so I have never heard it. Our president ends. Lane who's the guy that was really popular like New Year's victory gay guy who's this. This doesn't sound I thought he was more like yeah yeah yeah I mean carefully saying voters. Hello look up. I know I got I'm talking about a game and guess who's openly I don't know piano. Erica sham on you both read damn sure exists say once a country artist and there's a song called body like a brick road guy is okay. And I did you say I want a disassociated myself Smith's. Good job idiots and Arianna. Deal was Sam hunt's attorneys is that I'm not dead that I talk about a girl the body like a brick road which I don't even know what that means by as I said I just. Not a sound like yeah I would like a brick road what does that mean everybody like Roger who rough body what does that mean he's that. I've heard body like a brick you know as house yeah but I never body like a brick road was a main bumpy. Uncomfortable. Solid. Easy to walk on durable. Last for years. They do a really good point or no agenda should all right. And all very Milledge. Some of the same stuff like this I can tomorrow I'm just gonna and it's different from execute them for. All everything else is the same. Her ability to do different. You're not much but what. Being. I'm in one action now. When action. And I'll all right no. All we're usually manage. Who learned. Len action. My. LeRoy and share my bubble boy okay to be similar to pray to LeRoy and demand from. And there's. I whilst I don't man out of our roster no room down the boroughs in Kansas City and I just and I'm really isn't limited independence. Over own car Casey knows just want to let the horrors. Well lets Casey know. That's already earlier you did already read that account control right out of Charlotte over the impart them. Great tune. Belton. Great town I feel like would be a lot of all right. Premise I would've thought that's up for independence there was a lot of I can't find channels Gardiner. Rev it up to garner okay guard. I commercials and Sam's going to be on the again seeing our room. Seeing him. Are there don't know garner like star early on. Any country on there. Weren't known around noon I'm surprised. There's not a lot of country on their wrong. And options them. He's a flip phone. I guess I'm Nora Vargas agent. Oh look at. The important. Imagine Ryan's. I had done in the mountains and choose. That's it that's it not only is different laws are still that. Producers days the guy in the country guys guys that. I did not say that yes I think there is this think Jason lose big casings or eagle this all right I didn't know I was just. Since I'm sure there is all I will try to some image a good point if I can find it. Siri you cool Lawrence kids are listening to boo are you morals. You know they've got Shahzad home ma'am there's no excuse. Trying out. We don't need to she's an immunity no. Patents on nine on Joplin. Just out of curiosity I don't know where Lawrence's in relation to the sister so much could. Just moving around you know I can't point that we I don't know where I am. Had west's laws and really it Coca. To Pico Wichita and I go too far it would speed which goes too far there low Lawrence isn't too far. From here. Larger don't all thought it was a you'll find that they're gonna say they weren't listed Kendrick Lamar. We're on the do not see him list at at. Shiloh or Lawrence particularly accrual. I cannot Lamar. Zed analysts are Carla knew where to do that. Halsey welcome. Calvin Harris and frank ocean and me gosh I don't know one. That Harry styles song again. That direction James Arthur. News. Sure that it. I've just college guys trying to get away. Can't yeah. Right lunch yup that's not a real song that's only available in college sounds. Image. I. Well I don't know we should play. That song or appreciated. Keep our promise and play the new 1970s I was a song and ambulances and. My old buddy nick writes from fox sports are connect. Yeah so it's good to hear your voice man it's just you and I tonight lies all had soccer. But I know occasionally which as you and I you wanna catch up on whatever. Part of the church allows a podcast here on from a few weeks ago. I'm sorry I put the talk to you why I'm at the point of the podcast where. All parts we'll just got a dog. And where are you guys you'll think healthcare reform is gonna happen so like I'm about six we aren't. Well I don't mind that you're always behind him month an app for so I think it's nice that you still listen. Let me ask your question I apologize that is when you were on hand I'm in the mountains of central California. Armed. We hear that I was in the podcasts I listen to the segment that I did. I don't know you know I I don't know if you've you've been doing a radio and television now for awhile. When you hear yourself. I don't know what it's like be on TV because I've never done it but when you would hear yourself on the radio. Was it hard to listen or were you where you interest in China could I feel like you're the type of person who listens and critique yourself and tries to that figure out where you can improve. Yes so I. It was an Art Bell for a long time on the radio like at the beginning top. And I'm just now getting into television I do listen. Hard to argue watch because there's a lot because there's a lot of word answer he means the visual mediums like this like you aren't conveying the story. Like a lot to do all you'll. The C upon conveying this quarter like my actions and stop. Radio is a little weird because I was kind of felt awkward hearing myself YO show yeah but we're going back. Acts that stop you guys are like that we're going to show that I enjoy. Ike is after doing a little short segment the end of diplomats and by the way. What did you say for the most part. If I'm in the car and I hear you know what in my eight commercials come on or if for Al. And stoke on his running best of I usually turn it down. I can't but there are times or actually find myself laughing. You know it's kind of contagious and in and you know it's no comedy playback something we're allows and I were laughing about something I will listen to those. But I've never gotten over the hearing my own voice thing which I think just about everybody deals with and I still don't not really dealt with that. I'll office but you might find that fascinating. I went to a taping of Steven Cole bearers of the late show would have yeah about a month ago. So that show they to a cold open Michael they always do it but they did for the one we were going to hold better. It's all on me activists that. Watching him do the whole open cockpit recorder. And he is not holding at boardwalk. Really. So I suppose so they're playing that back because that's recorded. There playing back the coal open and again I don't want shored up though they always do well today we were there. It was that there are no matter how well actually took it right yeah I think it'll whole group. Where he will matter now and that spooked that and you only get to the it essentially. We would sell their goal line. That's age I have never walked and so I've never sat and watched. A television show being recorded I've wanted to actually. Tom. No the thing that I'm always interested in is. As I do know people who've gone to it you know taping of the Tonight Show late shut things like that but I'm always interested in the sick com's. Especially when it's something super cheesy like you know Fuller house on Netflix. And there's all backhand audience laughter. I wanna know is that you know hey is this being filmed in front of a live studio audience at all and then BR these people actually. Laughing you know are they covering up the laughter are there people there I've heard sometimes they have you know so much when you laugh now you know do the on whatever. And there's you've got that guy they're telling you what to do but that's still an interest in and I'm curious to see what that's like behind the scenes I've never done. Cold air shall never tell you where in the last. But they do tell you win the likes stand and applaud and they also how do art when that's about the law. Like art we got to show bill that would even come out people freak out there Google thank you know really good job was. It was a really cool thing yeah I didn't think it beat me but it was actually really really cool you can tell. Why did and bright light at all. All pro sports notes since we last talked the world all available on which is made me excited. Just because their. I don't need that in the in the World Series what they were juniors grow but I do we enjoy some are a lot more. When the only sport that's going on the streets all the in the world games feel like they matter you pass and they walk off it's a win a couple of days ago. And so you know I think he forward justifiably going to be word copper project at Churchill when they vote it you know enable whole rotation. To a tragic death by. You know a couple pins been better in the air or pocket the other dates so that's good and their you know their right there are lower after a couple of weeks as they slept exciting in the NBA playoffs are going. And LeBron but also quite letter that also meant to write their story really important niche and he does liquor. I don't know anything about basketball I was thinking am I was at the desperate senator last week Argus was couple weeks ago I'm maybe it was last week for the Radiohead show. And I just the whole time I was in the I was thinking man I wish we had a basketball team member all that talk we get a basketball team our hockey team dubbed. That all of accept public Condit in the building Netflix. And it's the cool Marino but it's in the shorter. Not at ought anchor tenant I will say now that I lacked. Five and happier light are within a city with an NBA Houston and Los Angeles. It is really cool you just don't like or not it's a random Tuesday night and I'll let you know what I wanna go to the Clifford. And now right and India will be like and it's unlike football where you'll get eight nights a year in the year or forty games block. What the playoff and that will be quicker. There and the other sports like football people are as strong it would not like it violent Volvo Volvo audience. I'm local. I loved it when we did in Seattle we had the Sonics. And you'll we would get to Agassi go to the games and I. I loved it but I also wonder is it because. I've grown up here and you know the kings were gone by the time I was a baby so I've you know I've not. I never had an NBA team so I did not that would Wear off and then I talked to people who are from you know Milwaukee or wherever where they've got an NBA team they say well. The thing about the NBA is it's like baseball there's a few teams that are good and everybody else Sox and so most of the season doesn't matter. And I just I wonder would Kansas City support a mediocre basketball team. Or that they like it might be. It might be true workable would be a lot but we are down. Are actually really affordable. Life like go out. Five dollar exit from the upper deck of the NBA pick all. You need be so they don't really need to make money off. You can always. You can go to block it at all. And you could get into our regular season games for twenty box. And because of the universe smaller like you'd better know that what really bad thing here and even if it means not go to. There's already start the call but would. Birdies per cent of the home games you're gonna uber. Well broad war that. War of fossils or my or your reasons to go city in the UQ one of those stores and Neitzel. But I mean on. The market. Yeah I I you know I I'd you know me I've got a lot of civic pride now just love to see a team we can I'd love to see the kings' comeback. Yeah not near Sacramento and terrible bought it just so you don't count yet there are gonna not gonna happen and we're not gonna do things are no longer talking about it but what. But what or where it was you aren't gentlemen tomorrow nick writes from fox sports thank you nick. Yup CDs.