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Tuesday, May 22nd

0:00 - Headlines
Trump uncertain about relationship with N Korea
Greitens accuser speaks out
Ms Nebraska wins Ms USA
Monkey escapes at airport
24:29 - Have you visited all of these Kansas City landmarks?
34:43 - What do men think is the hardest thing about being a woman?
48:35 - Sports with Nick Wright

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From the righteous man is set on all sides by the the selfish. And to renew your evil men the lessons you. Shepherds the weak. The value dark. Clinton lost she. And I will strike down upon the U with the great vengeance. And jewelry design nervous those who attempt to. No volume behind really good are you good. Trunk not a distraction maegashira okay. Check my parts. To go to the long live now it's not a brilliant man in the snow until. He's gone out of town the street and York. We don't Chicago. Imitation voice to Chicago for Memorial Day. She cubs game. Nights. Disney dead stuff. I'm also going out of town this week you don't closers. Late in the Ozarks yeah. That's a good memorial detailing most people will be there and it's really is I'm not sure that that's a busy Easter Labor Day but they're both. Alpha I think Ford's idea is it who knows someone texts. Continued to shift packed spot. I think you just spouting giant some are long weekends yes I'm sure in the little dizzy for although his definitely busy girl idiot. That's ever gonna start. I mean it was just one of those things like ride and I was a bit as we know today is Mike probably Memorial Day our Labor Day are. Fourth of July like yeah I would imagine all those are busy every leg and everywhere in the United States he said be good and my initial things I think it's like the biggest day of the of the year but denied any gun out there also be another long day you know more than July bruises and another along may again call Labor Day. Justin Morneau and wildly popular. Pat selects. The light that's number on it's kind of like Chicago. I don't like Chicago do you you know it's big urban area lots and lots of people plenty to do you know. I could go to a baseball game I'm sure but there probably won't. Solution to do it to you you've seen and a hotel in a cool spot picked out. Are you gonna get on the train ticket to the ballpark. That's pretty cool and when you're on that training I was on one time and there was in game. I think either in dinners get ready to start and all those cubs fans get on the train going stadiums man that's cool. I am that's above ground. Their listings. In and it loses out there called the LDL. It's no comes back. He's only done bill they dead. Well. Your dad and dad as I feel it's awesome that's really its. It's just amazing that people say it. The Dow Jones soon. Motel six and little bit nicer looking every bit but those two and eight is a new building. And a Radisson blu squad. Pretty excited. About used to some big plans this weekend. You know what the kids. True. And lucky you go to Florida. Few months and I think fourth of July we can actually nice strong winds and that's a busy week in Florida now plans does the busiest. But at the Czech open and putting and you down there. Communication with gamely down to Dustin. Plus are you a believer in the I don't think you are the people who say he's saying you know take babies and stuff to cool places as it won't remember you don't. All that you and you took your kids places that you go and there are only but I don't remember right. Lindsay better when they do remember. They are introduced us and I'm but if they. They enjoy it and I mean I don't think one week old insane easier it is willing to. He still do stuff. Draft. Have you seen the count the you know I saw pictures coming to. And nobody in the minutes and hopefully you guys meet him. When there's like four man. Don't just like your own kids you are I love James tried to send lately ground floor prayerful I really like kids and I can talk to and we use your great with the baby I go to a baby is just like babies I can hold on mine but I really like you have your own you know drill baby whisperer you really are under selling us out here you're on weekends under what is just huge what's the age they walked don't talk like a year. Looser and a walk around the whole time and that's and that's fun only that the my main man went up twelve seed and introduced him you know dad. We know walking around and not talk and I'm drawn told people that follow all the time and I'll take some. Get their hands on craft. Right now it. Always is walking around picking him up when I guess is what usually rationalize his father's been. Follow behind and in a phone number tomorrow. Don't built a I changed a lot signing as a good old argument goes over room Casey piece dugout peachy appears. Oh look a little sprinkle and you are now changing and essentially dropped a stay on the winners' cup planner. Yeah. I think it took fast enough last night and decent clean and it's it's our specialties. You all over himself and our father and son man. Good that's my boy so decide is do the same things earlier tonight. You feel like you did Iran as a dad watching your son beyond sub minute breaks your heart. Yeah I think fast enough to. Man all over doesn't buy into his bachelor party but but but but but the don't make that mistake me as a was not happy. That my dad was of that that's more. The infamous bachelor. Bullies your dad left. Because someone told them to be didn't want to do then my Brothers and I'm diplomatic here. It wasn't for the there was a Johnson and I just say thank you for being only seen Berlin. Amended downing and like announced at your general nonstop tiger mother about supporting a much fun because this guy goes you're in your brother got him out of the exact right time I get you laughing laughing watching you failed car. And the other online sex work. Was it your father in law is silent on I'm on the idea that was sometime it's actually ensures it is. We'll daily Oregon Arizona. She lives it's a big deal. I couldn't tell you that marriage is doomed from the start. That's the but the public but you know hot dog is a very tight knit family but I don't believe isn't gonna work and older acts found on I still very very. That's Obama can never be broken that the. Well ma'am you're right I didn't think about this yeah. Tension in the senate exactly good doctors had a drink like what are they doing other dollars some game. Why you play in this plot and not married yeah. Hundred mile and everyone asking every jealous and we blocked out so I just hope and he said. Son and once you found out taking insurance and I just swimming and tied it around his waist and an investment asserts cracking up. Super deep loudly she's loving loyal and as you do it and didn't. Like MM. Follow one stroke off the shirt and keep a lot of credit card autocratic artists are went around who takes cracking them really like she's just in town. But this one I know it observed the I guess you could write down the number. I'll leave from the special burn. Never gets old. Headline news shirt. Need. North Korea South Korea peace summit. With trump looks like Canada. May not go down exactly news you know the abuse was to meet with some luck they've set a date. Think it was June 12. And trump greed. And now he's saying that this encounter. May not happen very substantial chance that it won't work out and. I will say I'm a little disappointed because when Kim Jung on had the meeting with president Sheikh and then China the second made in the First Lady we know about the second remaining. I think there was a little change in attitude from Jim Talent so I don't like that. I don't like that I don't like it from the standpoint. Like you John and now I hope that's not true because we have I have a great relationship with president Sheikh. He's a friend of mine he likes me I like Kim we have I mean I'm sure he says wonderful things might not around that was tour of the great days of my life being in China. There was I don't think anybody's ever been treated better in China ever in their history and I just. And having just you know I've ever been traded apparently alone in the history of China obviously included zoo days on Donald Trump was there are no apparent now the complete history of China forget about it thousand. They get as many view there there was an incredible. Thing to witness and see NI rebuilt very good relationship we speak a lot but. There was a difference it made it one step above German mafia that's blue and Kim Jong-Il in Montana hotel room was one I'll pop miles yet but they've built on top of it for me but for just the second time. Mile below. And I think they would dedicating an aircraft carrier that the United States FaceBook. Okay you this we've paid for a lot that was built in China. Probably take little dig there at the end too late at night electing the song happened there decade and a aircraft and we paid for by the went big for all this stuff. Tired of paying for all the stuff I thought we were indebted to them no one has ever been treated better. In the history and now she's too crazy days of my life when he goes another country and people treat him nice that's all he talks about I guess that is his way you have to do is. The name they were great house yeah you still like to act. It that they could have done better I guess I just think sometimes. It's funny when he just gets off legacy wonder now. Is this summit with North Korean leader Kim Jung and get half because that don't know we'll see you might be delayed sued Adams when he gets on I think Regis just. To search rambling. Yeah love it love it love it it's my favorite team. Moved brightness. Making national news again because the woman who had the affair with great news. To solve in mysterious we've only had initials of hers when they released the Wordock transcripts of the penalty called the decision I guess. We know the husband originally was the one who apparently started this whole thing right her ex husband censor my ex wife had an affair with the governor grains and we like proving here's what happened. And they go to interview her. If she cooperates. On now of course. She claims that. Her life is not so great people are trying to you know attacked her they're making threats against serve. I'm guessing most of this is politically motivated and she says. I didn't want this I didn't ask for this and cooperating but that's it really just wanna be left alone this is the first interview that she's done and she said. The asterisk she's been offered payments taken any payments from anyone and she said no no no no no and done. She says she just wants to try and protect your children's anonymity if there's any left and trying to live a normal life. I didn't want this. How would not give anyone now the governor not my cousin who was known to get any one. I really was just trying to live my life in the middle of the most in Tampa called. Hazy fight. That I didn't ask to be at par up and I feel like I miss easy punching bag. Yet I haven't thrown any punches. So the local NBC. Affiliate in Saint Louis. Donald did not sure face. But he said tanner. I don't know the small you know like people give to somebody knows somebody and that and what I feel like the ex husband was talking to lose that. Post dispatch for Beatty was talking to totally lose ten finishes say that Hsu worked at a hair salon and a walk to his house not George Burns down you know that's the point. We know our initial call me inspector gadget but I feel like I can just say obviously people online at founder does she says that people are. I mean I'm just sitting at a hair salon. When the one that's within walking distance of the governor's house. Kimberly are Kathy hear them. And does son she didn't wanna do it her ex husband and makes the claim single Raines denies it in the know like winning talk tapes. She says not the second thing he denied the things that were the most hurtful were the most that. That word the most difficult for me to happen to you live I just. Realize now I have this decision he only ethical thing I felt I could do is to tell the truth. Do you. You gotta tell the truth. And I know we were all taxis seller last night we watched it live miss USA 2018. We have a winner. I think it's kind of show legitimate shot at him miss universe. These states tennis they. Nebraska North Carolina. The crowd. Now for any reason the winner is unable to fulfill my duties and the first trial. Meaning cleaning. Last night you go. Love Nebraska. Do you feel about. Pageants. I don't care about usually other. Are we supposed to. Not like him. And watch. Beauty pageants. And took the time women and students at central and women based on. Yeah you're right so I'm here I'm not making any decisions for those rooms their body they can do whatever they want when and if they wanna read books whether they learned much momentum on the water on the stage and bathing suit they can do not want to. Whatever you wanna do and everybody doing their mind. Do you want a new most. This jewelry books and walker on stage and invasive. The delay latest delay one. We're not buying it. But the fact of the and she's. Stunning and something else. Against him are you judging our based on looks that's what you're supposed to do our thing I thought it was about that he could not more than that. But it's also about lurch as she picked the lane to the stage in a general problems. He's beautiful to see yeah. She their own gallery here. You know I think there and. Game. Can. Maya. Easy on the eyes. I would say his senate publicity. She is winning. Very happy. I had to look it up users miss USA. Is that different than Miss America maybe but I look at this I assume. Google said when I do you Miss America honors. Miss USA or wherever it's at miss USA can see Clarence and this was only trump. Fresh eyes as pageants are disgusting. And history you'll judges aren't kind. For so having them in 2018. And I hear that matters and that sounds like a text from woman who's never men and kept. At six straddle a little lighter than actively take. I'm not asking you to go full yeah. Pageant fighter. That maybe. I just wish there. I can't stick around. Man I just have to go to that doesn't. A little girl wants to do it she's obviously happy she won the right who is anybody else to tell her not to do it it's our bond issue. Now she wants minute. If she wants to do I Miss America contest the white T shirt contest a run for president. Actually she should be able to do who are you when your little social agenda to tell her what to do with her bar. They exhibit. Preach. Some people want to be another so weird reversal of the it's finally stand up and you're also saying you can't do this thing right it's such a weird thing. If you look. To be the strongest man competition. It's probably pretty strong. Yeah you probably trying to even stronger she can win look that she thinks if you wanna compete in a beauty pageant. Someone probably told you pretty good looking. I am neither good looking nor strong so I will avoid both things. I'm OK let's say enough. But if you are really strong good drive and I don't think I could beat a very strong. I think I could trying to be as strong as maybe someone else in this building whoever the weakest person and be my goal yeah like when they show you the before and after pictures in now. Yeah we're going to be admitted that before yeah. Fishermen can time the night before guy. Yeah yeah yeah. Mean look at these risks. What are we gonna do about us we can't I can't even with steroids right into the I'm too old to grow revenue arms can't get. To all the lonely during chipped and two I'm past the point where I am. Gonna take a bunch of protein powder eat a bunch of food and I'm just gonna my arms are gonna get bigger and they're not gonna excuse any guy can be little more toned and eightieth hour that up are never going to be an built. I think you can get really define isn't just fine but I can be like being muscling act. Sure that mentality these additional body types there's an on side buttons don't you think that's a dog you know on. If you worked out every day you be stronger I don't know its strongest man in the world but you can get. Lead to be strong but I don't personally. We don't want to. No I don't so little summary. A monkey escaped at the airport is there Losman did a court don't know you know why not. How else is among humans lifeless place Suzanne Craig. He's got Lucy escape from its Crable was being moved totally baggage area cleared the trust anyone. What was the what was the Brad Pitt movie where they may be animals escape from the zoo we don't realize that's all they were doing. Until the end you an idea. Outside so well someone you know with the Al Franken is the handle of the eighth in the in the caves on the train so that's trading places a strange place is right. Trading places the conclusion that a Murphy yes and there's you know actually isn't there is seen in that were there all your industry. Varian. Does he you don't remember that movie like it was a number. Brad Pitt and they're trying to figure out they they need dining cars thirteen monkey song. And I know grandparents and I ruined for you and I and for a school. Well this monkey. Escapees who's gonna have been. And it shuts down the baggage handling the cops had to block off the whole area telling catch I love to see them chase after this month. Police officers. And other security blocking off theory to ensure that everyone else stayed out of that. The area brisk consumer out while we did have some baggage delayed we've not had no flights delayed or canceled. Lessons learned as a result of the spirits and a trip. Well I learned a lot of things about monkeys and and and what what it takes you. To subdue one but I think the lesson that we learned is our. Emergency management system and the way we put a team in place. Wanted to exercise command and control of of an incident that it works very well in an airport environment and a horse again. While I was on I guess yeah monkeys and I don't know I never watch you guys. There's no number one team really sorry that I spoiled or just. I'm sure is so good I don't know notre sing yeah good. So don't worry about it Brad Pitt. Release among guests something that I'm not gonna splits Tracinda we don't find out of their urges letting monkeys treason resume until the end of the listening yes. Some drilling plaza is not correct if you registered in the streaming it tonight. Don't worry hasn't ruined yeah. Twelve Monty is twelve monkeys and Sunday this Sunday afternoon. They beat the holy hell out of him for trying to run which I think is right about people have sex there yeah. They do that they put it back an occasion. Flew off to wherever it was gonna dance to they're beating them no they weren't paying it was a rhesus monkey on those little you know. Now linked linked to keep as a family know any airport. And returning him in the backs coach Donovan sprained guest rooms open and they come and gone you have to tackle who is really Schumer went wild as it was like trying to chase a loose cash was so when I. I can only imagine among your baboon going around right now I'm just glad we caught it safe but it was pretty hectic source at the airport today. Operations return to normal life the monkey was captured whatever. San Antonio. Norms among dealers. I don't know. Why don't you would have thought there was some service scientists is doing tests on the monkey inject him with the bola. Whatever he's doing now you think maybe I'll do it probably. Their defense some sort. Let citizens be put in the baggage area I'm guessing. Not a sex partner. And his popular. There are demanding monkey on your sucks monkey. I. Hi. How are you Andre are you I am fan. Cashed it. There's as regular as watching. Well it's an article talking about visiting landmarks. Now. Senate go to mount Rushmore surround that I thought famine variation like how many people as it says one in four Americans but is talking about. One of four Americans. Have not seen the landmarks in their own city. It was like. We'll packs in a violent and knowledge of violent and try to go to Henry Ford museum. You know I've been exit yeah. That's a thing about Kansas City landmarks like when are NSA however tell me. Well I was trying to think like Vienna into the world a World War I museum we've been there and and on top of the baseball museum has been there. I haven't been inside sure you know I have I have not I. I've I've. Drank down there are those bars from the jazz district have been down there I've seen shows down there. But I've never been into the museum. And that's I think what the other landmarks are I would think like going to sporting events tunnel that right. I'm going to the American royal prove Barbeque thing in an organized and right we've done most of that. So I need to go in the museum. World Harry Truman thing I didn't presidential library of several times I've only a lot of people have done. I'm undermine our talks a lot do you have never been there a city Kansas City landmarks Kauffman Stadium okay done kaleidoscope. A million times JC Nichols memorial fountain a million times. Lose spark yup. Union Station yes Aaron yes Thomas Hart Benton home and studio state historic site. Mom to come by it really now I don't know that it's. Is it and I went to. A win when they did the special thing at the sprints and museum I did it. I went to that which I guess this this'll have like the Thomas Hartmann section of the Nelson I don't know who was Thomas Hartmann he's an artist. And the Nelson now they get an area dedicated to own genre senator. Westport and then there had been around senator. Now Brooke's side yacht and team combined India Kelly's. The international house of prayer. I've been through the area is is the oldest building engines. That's ones on the cathedral of the immaculate conception. In the immaculate conceptions at them mormons I am thing what's cathedral of the immaculate conception a giant spiral thing that's a Mormon thing Erica I think I don't know lakeside nature's senate office. The crossroads. And I need to be going conserve her conservation discovery center opponent's ballpark and on and another thing is what parts City Hall. World revival church. What's the that's a landmark here. What is file while what are the final church. And stadium effect pictures. Our outlook oh my goodness all know that's a landmark on it says world revival church is a list of landless. Let's look at this thing that the to receive it looks like a big I get out the inside of these huge okay now on I'm looking at the inside it looks like tools team but on the outside. It just looks like one of those big but there that the playing every purpose superstars of Latin. Cave spring interpretive center what. Clark's point all night caves spring. Interpretive center. It's not cave spring interpretive center. All weddings reunions parties where history meets nature and no looks into fields on Gregory boulevard. Andrea on every day. I've been to the library. Downtown. This president doesn't make the list came from under him. The battle of Westport. And now shifts in the plaques castle north mourn the castle what north more castle north more. Wires this. It's in north more Missouri that doesn't is that Karen and or north mormons areas blue literally. Where is little little Italy. Columbus park and we'll see what they. Epic poems or. Corbin park Kansas let's. Kansas City. A room. Mean. You can see he's kind of rural. I can't spark. OK then there. That's our buddy Matt Lewis I didn't notice that was little Hanoi a mansion. The band knowing mansion. Mom's. House and and your mom was a big concert and foods for today on on the news. The end knowing this. There have been there. I don't know I've never been inside your conception is the gold church downtown OK okay evil good idea dome yet curiosity done all those things and though they didn't put the museums on the earth they didn't like that Nelson or I don't know proven earlier that's a nice and Adam there was an impediment that was on I just skipped over literary talked about it. A cut. So we just need to go out the chair and it is Orlando mansion we seem to go to museums using Google presidential library. Our long ago he's buried there. At school. He talks you and you go interest income world's largest mass murder. OK I think there are some other economists and leaders may have killed more balloon boy I'd like to shoot those numbers but. He's also. Respected. President. From right down the street. And you know Ian Churchill ended World War II so that's pretty big deal. Dropped a couple lynch OK yes but wars an ugly thing losing. An ugly ugly thing independent gasoline just get him elected to me like he's also a local he'll armory yes. Someone who should be. Revere I feel. Yes but I'm your guy dropped a couple New Hampshire marina and what we can mention that it's got to be speed and I don't know if the biggest thing he's passed on. Yes yes that's the way you put it what did you say he ended the war. He ended World War II cents and World War II of kid ended World War II or another roar my teacher told me ended ended World War II it was a different thing. What was a different thing. When he drops and loops what do you mean it was a different thing it didn't end there wars are over. I don't they surrendered after he dropped an extra dollars and world war. What was it on the Japanese attacked us. But that was because they were still fighting in World War II that's what got some of the war they attack or say when they kamikaze for our gesture and then we got involved there was a lot of fighting in Europe and popularity or chronological order is wrong not to Ahmadinejad doesn't and we dropped Jude would drop in new gonna move next day another one just for good measure. But then they surrender. I know I understand they didn't have to drop to a moment they surrendered after right that's into the war and he got every once it on the on the then sign in to trees but my teachers and into the war I'll be damned if you change this. I don't wanna hear this revisionist history. Calling Truman a murderer. I don't like any of that I like to think that. He ended the war. That's that. So we ended the great love British brains Russian blood and American steel right you know they say blood British brands men's. The Russians lost like half of the country not war in those a lot of people a lot of people. Lot of people. That's a good point can be a point from Zurich. Although all whoa whoa whoa let's find brown now the boy no that is not a good point. We have a well established rules of this a pass to be in a news this year I think the only and you want to bring newsletter it's an area bridge. The only two nuclear bombs are dropped put it this is it from Missouri this is an annual. News site Melissa I understand the rules on Hussein it's a new none at all and it was just like I get there bumping kind of not even close to 2018. The Robinson who's our happened October. I kind of now we're not doing that if you wanna have a history west into a long time on the same it's worth talking about. It's worth discussing so. We do need it get caught up the because Sunoco has been at a town and there's points that need to be. Awarded to both states because we haven't done in his first Missouri along time that we got ours a source of evil and sent. That they'd like us to address. We just need a cell phone keeps track of all of it and he's at all that we're good people seen the point tolls on FaceBook. I think our FaceBook dot com slash race to the bottom OK and that has the cancerous misery which we will do. Today paid beach ball. There that's coming out because excited. July 27. Providence medical senate there are issued and met us after a trauma. And we gonna do all Mets Kansas doesn't matter I think everybody everywhere are learning everything coming Aybar dropped a gentleman and he's a war. Bunch of bands will be there. I'll have T mention amount to a Hamburg over the band get up kids original line up outside and there Roberts along to a wave. Below October's going to be there I. Except for Robert belong hasn't been mineralized ground should go to these are really good life blood brother realized we look it surprise which I feel like is maybe the band of 2018. Because yes I barely heard of them. Going into this year and I feel I can hear about them and counseling course they want nation will be there we all know and love thing headliner. Portugal Belgium that's like before a lot of great about it I urge you don't want to hear. Churchill who has low. The first what do you think. The worst part of being a woman is is a question that apparently a woman asked on Redick what you think the worst part of being a woman is for guys that. We're asking guys all ask guys guys what you think the worst part of the home. Bullying on your vagina for a week that was on at a time that was on nearly that the order for it that's got to live or I can imagine is bleeding out my penis for a week now. I don't. That doesn't sound great no but I feel I got most men would just kill themselves but every other guys pay honest Ryan if every other guy did it. Like you knew I don't I don't think we remain in his position sort of survived I don't think we're that tough I think as soon as men started realizing that there's a blood. Shooting out of their winner. I think most men would have been like OK yeah I'm just. Subtropical idea queasy so. Can I plug maybe I don't know I would survive. It takes like you know three hours to get ready and the other kind of as I was you know while they don't have motivation there's them. There's a ex expectations than do are not capable dances there and takes a long time that that would suck them. I personally and I don't know what man yeah I was here say absolutely being the one who by the way I cannot you know as well it doesn't matter to us to question but I think part of it would also be. What's ours part of being a member of putting up from women I just think these two. Two species that are just distinctly see the world differently. Be that nature or nurture or both. We just be hard and his art. For whatever reason we set this kind of standard I guess that men are supposed to pursue middle initials to ask a woman out there I think that puts women in this position of constantly having to. Tell guys now thank you. You know what I mean like getting hit on I don't like done about race and they hit an it guy who's constantly has to be rejected rank as we we never ended. Deal with that. Drones are certainly you know certainly haven't listened to be uncomfortable knowing when you're going to work at a new job. And like oh you know this is. Paul he works next year and it's just a couple days before Paul starts flirting with you uncomfortably like all right Paul many ask you out the king you know. My buddies I was and you should commonly complain. I don't think so. More personal answers you assume about time someone someone said that he made the point it. He says he's single and he goes on a lot of first dates with girls and he meets and he said he has women telling. Quite frequently I just wanna thank you for being normal. He says the fact that needs to be said seems pretty bleak no permits so that goes back to dealing with man. One guy says and who knows this is true pieces of four years ago. His mom needed surgery and challenging like a hysterectomy okay. She was 48 at the time she had five children he says that she got her tubes tied at 27 and the doctor says look this will end. Fertility. This procedure well so I need your husband's signature saying that it's okay why it. I just yeah couldn't have happened nor years ago does us a lot of but may be similar to be like you know understand. A lot just the idea of someone insane. I guess that counts is man's plane like a guy title clincher gonna ask her husband and see what he says. Again I feel like that's covered under the dealing with men. Somebody said do withdraws wearing a brawl that I can cause you know women win early in the polls. And does sung uncomfortable wiring his jab and India and stronger and and I RT sweat and yet that doesn't sound like someone said the guy friend it just doesn't understand that you're not interest in them. But I think Basel and say well that's way don't have. I've got friends deep in less you just comfortable with the fact that either their interest hitting you or your interest in them and and that's it. I know a lot of people get upset when we say that but. Maybe it's not a 100% true all the time but it's pretty close. Someone said this guy says as an introvert person. And I'm terrified of the idea of fame dean really attractive. Young woman would really really irk me. Like I'm just trying to walk to get a soda or something and some guys trying to talk to me I pretend I don't hear them I've got my ear buds on because I don't want the hassle. Now I'm a bitch because they can't be nice and all I wanted was an asking soda which is what I was saying about getting. And then the fact they can't really be outside. It's not being OP's standing yes that's a dozen huge settlement but I guess we don't know what it's like yeah. Sales and even though it via this I got a TSE mid two and ideas and I just feel the deck now and they are I don't find it toilet it's like when your own you know. On a hike or something like I know I have to pay toilet paper toilet paper. Let's see. This person this guy says one thing I haven't seen or haven't been able to find because there's so many answers on here is the pressure to have children. I come from a big religious Damon recently in an informed and I'm not going to have kids do Allman mental illnesses and genetic components. Things like that all my aunts had been messaging me asking me of my boyfriend forces idea on me. And how good of a mom I would be so this is a girl obviously. Like all my cousins are going to have kids at least three of my five siblings who have kids why they like personally have to have a kid like kids. It was my nephews nanny for several years but it's not for me and I don't wanna kid to live the life that I half why is that such a big deal of guys get. But mom ask me. Did your mom ask you your family askew muzzle before you had kids like when you have kids moved yeah of course and a little bit but maybe women get it a lot more. Criticizing the one not having pockets. And your pants at all you have to get to carry a purse. I loves Madonna is allied nothing fashionable thing and obviously my right and then you didn't put everything in acts and I do like the ideal budget I wish the first was a man thing that's good because I would love them like I'm always I don't hammer. Every awesome and we I don't I'm stuck with me like I don't I don't always have to ask for Europe. I can just carry a pin win me good care that elegance and he doesn't like it and discuss what you're gone. But that's I carries allergy medicine around the farm you know like half of this stuff where only about him as somebody needs. It and no pockets is a good month. This person which I saw this when this question was first asked and it's down a little ways now but. He just says fear not generalized fear of society specific fear of situations where women become natural target yeah. I'm a big guy in my thirties I notice when I'm walking at night or even a broad daylight. Women alone or with their kids will watch me closely waiting for any kind of indication that I might be aggressive. It's too great an insulting to have someone look at you that way but the same time I can't really blame them if I really was someone who wanted to hurt them there's not a lot they can do pirates have run away and lost their armed. If I get that vibe I'll make. Extra noise so I'm not sneaking. Oral Disco a different way out. I thought guys we get to go out and just let our guard down and if we wanna get completely blacked out trash we can Wear. Women can have to keep their wits about them I feel like you know because of two of our shared. They kind of sucks as soon. Live Porsche. Here's your answer circle constantly trying to find the right thing to where you can enjoy your day without being too uncomfortable yet put together or not the people don't think you're sick or tired now. Walking alone at night same kind of thing. Here's the key thing that I'm surprised that so far down on the list some of the pregnancy but I think. I'm not seen giving birth is fun obviously there's a lot of. Uncomfortable as that goes along with pregnancy but don't a lot of women like it I with the title of being an hourly earnings should. Likes NG economist is being pregnant sometime demands obviously births looks at about. She liked being pregnant what does this is a good way to sum up I usually remembrance. No different story is tiring this time. The first as the worst are opium woman would be paranoia that all guys who are nice to you just want asleep at the. Which I think here it goes beyond kind of what I was saying about the guy actually hearing at the turn down what about just any guide it's nice to you you wonder. Does this guy just wanna sleep with me. We Tata but not worry about that I was still about having periods is still periods Manso number one thing running. Hashemi. He had not Pina is also good on helping somebody out outside. That's that stinks I still think. Just. Constantly getting hit on by man or. Pursued by men have and get. They said kind of dressed up every day and you can't walking up myself outside because early when your guard down in public it. Now this person says something a little more controversial. And I do think that he makes an interesting point and he prefaced it by saying this is gonna sound terrible to hear me out. He is if I were a woman I'd want to be a beautiful one or at least I wouldn't want to be an ugly moment. Being an ugly being ugly man or woman is an easy. But men are objective by differently than women and sexy men are usually strong rich and or any uniform. While sexy women are fit Kirby healthy skin. Men are objective side by what they are capable of doing providing defending. Winner objective five by how they look. Traits that might make breeding better and you can't do much to look better besides make up an exercise if you are ugly woman unattractive face grows scan. Pork fat distribution says you're playing life on hard mode. I don't know if any this is true but it is. What I would fear if I were going to be magically turn into a woman Monday when the sun about point now. I think it's easier to be an ugly guy. Absolutely. And not only is it easier because of the reasons he said. But also the fact that women. Are so much more willing to look past a guy's looks. They can say. I junior only wanna be was someone who makes me laugh and shares. You know. My sense of fun or we we have similar interest here were guys of course tend to be a feel more so professionals say. Bush look like them. Bush look like. I know that there's a Chris Rock show to seal guys say what does she look like and then when girls get together and say let's round it goes in what does he do for a living residuals so there that it's subtle grace. I'm not Obama Geithner so you want to. That's a good thing up and again I don't know the words of the musicals on makes me. I just think excessive bleeding on your genitalia is I'd I did you do not you're not ended up. As your top thing I can imagine. Someone says the expectation to act overtly feminine and did reaction that you get if you don't. Interactions ranging from how much hair should be on what parts of you what's expected sexually emotionally. Even things as frivolous as the tone of voice. And which words you should use even if you overcome societal norms forget how society tells you should act. And are truly OK with all aspects of yourself you'll face a lot of adversity from people purely because. You are going against the status quo lot of men will not understand the many criminal act like it's not happening until this would really weigh on me. But I think some women don't act. Now that's a saying all women act the same. So women don't act is overtly feminine. Whatever that means right I don't know damage yeah. He's sorry and I know the most torrential burly feminists know come. You know what I want yeah you do it does that a few times this whole conversation you called me a woman both Theo. I didn't say anything I I was going to say he's a member and I didn't I held back I was just gonna say we're done with the broad as that. Maybe you should Wear one I didn't say that I did as our first day back I'm kidding Pitt I'm kidding I'm jedi and case. It's a joke. Plaza is getting to about one now he's not much every said to look at what equipment he's not he's on an emotional roller coaster. He's a millennial. Well I don't know what he isn't. So that's always says he's not a millennial he's a basket case. No I'm I'm. I'm defending us OK I confidential for crime for allows us to even those fifteen years ago I'm also I'm almost every day. He's just into your emotional. I'm not emotional. Okay. What. Biblical I slightly raise my voice that's emotional now. If I keep going I realize you actually get up and leave is keep token opponent poking until it can take that. Yeah. Mario yeah. Again if they want. And be careful and nice emotional takes everything personal he's this period. Had to you look good look good man it was good or do we go the food Tomlinson going on how. Well low slung are so I would everybody should look who's back today. Don't go don't don't you know. No go. Congratulations. And thank you for it. I saw. Moderate wonderful song and I assume sharper than it. Tweeting that you read tweeted that you are listening to the show yesterday. I hope you weren't listening to my second section on the choke. Don't tell on that now he's gonna go back and listen nick I. Now what was that one of us. Now. I would give me well which is everything and also job on the and the person that's been a part of it three times over chuck shot maybe warriors ball and outlet it was social media with the new baby. Why he and I yet the re right in you would take it well it was a little concerned that. Obama like don't know we'll let. You know I mean the bridge. All but congrats man I I assume. Your back today and pain you gonna be off the next or aren't we with the church liable paid paternity leave program. I'd be nice right. What was it that you said about him in mood social mutant babies and in about insider dot dial back a little bit of the same happiness just dialed back at all the I said it was a little striker to dial it back and sugar I think he said he was insufferable. And that he needed to learn that people are not gonna respond well to that type. You know. Is strewn all the media. They're making it now or that what you're guy let me explain to you in very simple terms to point out was making. And there are two groups of people in the world right people at Jordan people that dealt correct we can ever wanna flight one of those do get it right. Being one that had children. It going to look at you work I'd never logged in one more I love you host and hole there. So the group of people without. Anyone would have children look at that vote and like yeah we get it. We all feel that it exactly all felt the first part we colored child at all opposed it at. Acts as you edicts and look I don't wanna be the got to constantly post pictures of it is I've tried not to but that was a couple days up is more I think posted. Two maybe three pictures that's all. Not pictured. You. The copies of pictures like he was saying close to the kids all you want the capture was a little shorter I think her neck okay. It would jog in what did it it was copied and pasted from what every parent as. And it. Every time so they're terrible first possibly. Oh my god I never loved anyone more obvious human being right now like it's changed forever. And I direct or deported people it seemed like shot up unpalatable to do drug we'd say. And be able wicked you're like yeah man we know we get. First of all summer so doing drugs on weekdays plus the the first thing that snuck on said to me when I saw him after dedicated he said. I don't know how to explain it it's like I already knew my son when he was born I feel sorry for you that you'll never have kids. She needs us. Hold off on that is right and by the way all the time because I remember. And doesn't bother. I watched what was scary movie that was really popular McLachlan is negated and I was like yeah. Being in the oh yeah. It will I don't think that's an I don't know. You already know the kids I don't think I got the kids I don't know why it might throw that crying baby in the other room and distract everybody now all that maybe. Wasn't very very loose paraphrase of what I was so big at the basic idea but I don't think we are quiet place I'm glad we say that you never mentioned that before I walked out of that movie micro pressing. Maybe because we don't have kids but wouldn't you just fed the baby to the monsters like a few that it did their grown children you've already invested all his time and money and I don't know may gorgeous depraved liberals I guess we don't cherish life body is that maybe that crying baby isn't legal I think so take your eyes beginning deserved hey don't give anything away some people haven't seen them move. I don't know if I can you get here where you suck you R&R LI IRA and right are back connection. Rejected it but what about whenever I'm told. Life it's I I told them that a number of children so I think you just said like feels sorry for you the immigrant children uses of a Kindle. In your mind to change this guy to sort it. And Jordan and I. Yeah. As worker. I am quite happy ground. Wouldn't that be great for. And quiet little place in the suburbs of my sex partners baby mama I feel like I would get along really well at the site Flickr to not to stereotype all sex workers and they're all the same organized sanity and it's not taxed and he's. But. If I. Get to vote. Or you're. Insulin about why he and is now acts like then why. Were having kids here and kid I can't remember exactly the rationale you need it but I'm. But the reality is what our war in your hat in the bed we shouldn't have children will not only respect correct or you. In that situation but that doesn't mean it won't be that case we it. You army whatever the next or the next lady. As a mild air with addiction that you all log in in the end it. Like. Right like. You never know you never know exactly yes. It's on the court. For all over the place. Do you mean not that these diagnose shall conquer art parcel there are you merely stood and applauded. Wayne you guys when you discuss the other day. They can make the white Canadian lady did then go for all of this is America. And the play hard towards making up. About. New age YE. It is possible position to make the exact point you made. But it well it's so well. And so accurate and I really if you guys would relate yeah. I'm only break point and I think it was wise of us to Latin America yes I think we have to be very careful as three guys in here. And I'm criticizing it criticizing feminism and new age feminism and now it's four guys. So yeah we assess the reality of black guy do what is more jet yeah he was in a position to do that with. And he birdies for sure there about. Oh. By his little quick since it is theoretically at least in name only export segment. You can't get it back lost oh. I did not. Okay she didn't do LeBron James I don't even know right now 2000 what did you do. Are you have a lot to gain first Cleveland Cavaliers against the Boston Celtics down 21 in the series. Yet 44 point. Cut its 640 point game. All the policies and I know you like just say. He doesn't score he's scored earlier now later lay out early so he did exactly what I think you would like geez 44 points. Literally eleven points in every single quarter of the game. Started games early in the game strong did it on 60% shooting seventeen of 28 from the field. And for context what does 44 point while more points and for example Kevin Durant has ever scored it and apply it. Well in the Bryant now has more foreign oil games. That Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant in their corners com fine. Yet more forty ports well in big key each step and Duncan including a blow to our combined. And so I'm sure you're going to start. Something about how you want in a clutch moment or you talked to you were too many shots that the sports where protester. Why don't have to bring it up your it'd. And she 221 game whenever. What they lose their little war and the next game and ball and from last Wednesday. Is one of the. Lets me and let's see how does an actual must win game. And are in order and yet. I don't know I'm just saying an excellent coaches yell and autism I'm curious to see Howard I just read LeBron has the record now for these all time leader in post season field goals. All he apparently occurred in the category in which LeBron is number one in the history. Points steal minutes shots made. They're meters in shots points per game game seven points per game elimination games. You'll replacement player falcons were injured when shared box or plot months all the. Also throwing throwing shade at trump voters like I may be like him even more and I like him a little bit more into that towel over the got a house about shoddy took her act. Right on the money. I do get that was its most urging game now I was over the week like com but yet it was great and the way. Lob ball should go into it in the near courtside seat somewhere and. Yet it that's for sure you know. They feel emboldened them via you know it's a little disgusting but you know it's written a speech or is there. I don't know that you don't yet balls it Wear that hat more balls and a look at LeBron and the like can you give me some things you that's how I run did you some to have people who don't know the guy is an old white guy he's wearing a magaw hat he asked. LeBron for his towel and so LeBron just like through overs had basically. Look intentionally or tool like the big I couldn't get tons. Was pretty and well LeBron correctly surmise given the wardrobe and the looks of the guide this guy's not exactly an Agile aptly. Tell you about. This stop the duke beat Bob. So that little crack and then tonight the big. It in the big India story is that rockets. Debate they're down 212 Golden State a must win game against the warriors warriors team that in that category last year. Have never. Even states forgetting that and being sixth in India well here. The rocket would deny they won't make sure this series goes at least six so that's all been on the sports world. Thanks nick to the nose and I think. I will actually good parties so yeah. Teachers who. 186. The months.