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Tuesday, July 3rd

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Shooting in Overland Park
Teenager chased up tree by alligator
Supportive dad
Richard Swift
A girl sends her long distance boyfriend a sandwich and got a lot more

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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering the homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike to own up on the. Oh OK I'll yell hi ally you know Graham are you miserable miserable you. Worst ever. What happens I'm not logged in you and I don't and it cost me. No boulevard beer. I'm Annan. I like on the work I. I had a good mood and I can't come I don't know my own phone charger. If I can't come to work and drink beer and have coffee and taxed people why Tom. Especially on. 3 July and I don't expect aluminum and streaming. I'm sure slocum made up Regis let's bring him. Schools yes yeah I don't look for men since I am a veteran of the revolutionary enamored. We thank little respect it's. A movie. You respect. He's busy eastern Kansas. Told my guys to do an inside and downs and it did you really did you make him an Oscar. I doubt Obama mesh well too much since I told them. He eighteen many of the day incident knew things were so I do golden city is that they're going and it's reminiscent I think you're wrong I was accompanied. So we'll slug again so now he's back to his original asking price so maybe yes him again. Actually it's not a bad deal. Munich beer. I tell them so much for. It's an amount. I'm worried about SARS and 75. From up from 600. Like fifty nutrition. I just few words. Some rental place he's not on your door looking for and says this was never snow cones to sell us our property. You gotta get back to mimic and read the payments on its name finish mainly it's. I don't know how long mapping. Create your phone stills just he said as analogy Apple Store twice you know so I look good when I went to the Apple Store yesterday after work right. And guys I guess our dynamic and I can't see it's a Saturday. I'm like man my phone sends. Pictures and texts and calls people. By itself. That's an ideal. It's really not allowing. Gays and an outsider risen I'm like OK he's like maybe you come tomorrow early. So I shovel attempts are Iran and guys like Graham reprise. But did you see a technician around three unlike Rudy. It's 1030 man my phone is calling people. It's posting its own pictures Dempster brands. What is happening underneath me just switch to T-Mobile. Doesn't do anything to my home they would take care of them. I'm sure this wouldn't happen. You didn't you bought the phone from her cell phone provider right right right so I thank the gentleman presented a sentence on hardware from M Sundays did you take an act all prejudiced apple. And these geniuses. I'm John when you. And domineering I've been an apple fan for a long time don't have a whole lot of choice number one other choice really. A little bag Google phone mileage good on the commercials more at. Can I use that you can music I just. No doesn't post random pictures Lester Graham. So I have not heard any news on and send pictures on my kid has now gone at 2 o'clock in the morning there's just one does Syria favorite right now we need a computer open and I'm go to Google and just type in Samsung phone Samsung is the biggest competitor obviously right. He's both. Are you guys economy. But just do that and look at the news story. Or stories. Still the same thing and Samsung phones quietly texting photos to random contacts. Liars some Samsung phones texting random photos. Chalabi the same from. I had another my GNU I don't know because this story about the Samson Delilah didn't look like some guy posted. And anecdotal story done to read it and said my phone is doing this I don't know which phones ER anyone else is having this problem but it became a big story. I tried looking at your phone and I didn't see. Many people having the same and we I went in June. Apple Store. Why she didn't do when I say in my iPhone owners like yankees and I guess like possess and I'm like yes yes I managed pricey new garage. So it's. Everything that looked at for your thumb when we do hope disaster. It looks like it's engine due to touch screen. Right. Trying to get attention right. And as soon as soon as I need an individual pixels on. I do that you can do. Roy do this paper way it was I thought I was anyway I would give them a new one and then sell it if you don't want it. So called life look into weekly. Payments. So who's got a ten years having problems at the right. If you had any problems with your ten it's been good. Hey look this is on all of. I'm just saying if you wanna. Yet a pixel I would get a new one of those persons is solid and of itself picks in draft. Picks up the pixel well. With the injury you just kind of look up what what is the newest phone right now. I am being you know like the Samsung LG two golds. Is legit emergency there was. Which one is that the one with Aubrey plaza no that's an old she commercial break. I guess I don't know. They do need pitching to ourselves. That's in line. The big boy that's a big boy. John and what is in his coffee much. There is crazy and in this hockey mom mom. This country America. I just feel like Credo here. In his Icelandic dread the bishops of the stuff whereas some places if this is now our Ukraine and files out normal goddamn he's joking but it's really it's everywhere. Old news British. The big story ago that we got to getaways a local story just another. Carjacking and shooting and Overland Park. Brilliant now when I saw the story for us and it was national news. But. Where. A hundred and sixteen distance and it was a an elementary school lunch a blue valley school so this is well what I know so far and I just went back and looked at the updated story. One of the victims has died down teaser contractors who were working on a playground at this element Trace. Okay because apparently easy suspect. Worked with these guys he's a co worker of the contractors. He goes and tries to carjacked. Someone. In the area it doesn't work. Somehow I they say don't take my card so he goes and eventually successfully carjacked someone's. Yukon Denali the parents. Some worry it's America. He gets this UConn. I guess drives to the school shoots too was co workers. And then he takes. To get back in the the stolen car and drives to the home. Of the car owner. Now we don't think he stole the car from the home. But he drove back to the home and on the news earlier they were asking them over the park police and how did he know. Where this house was you know from the people who owned this car. I'm really you know we have asked questions about. The suspect driving into the victim's own you know how he knew where the I felt I had no idea obviously they're you know our detectives will be interviewing the suspect dog that in many other matters so whether we get to the bottom of that I don't know call me. You know whether it was he looking glove box and found the registration or did you get all star and we'll come home and can't answer that I don't know. OK so like I said one of his. Co workers has died. Police said the man shot two other contractors working on sunrise Pointe elementary school's playground. The suspect was also working for the same contract. The 32 year old alleged shooter has not been formally charged as of Tuesday afternoon. Fox four's not identifying the man at this time he's been charged. Yeah and they said that they have charged. Did he do you have a name of the sons and rude to. Treasurer Thomas owner earlier tuba and maybe you news. The suspect has been notified asserted two year old had his hands and Indy were able OK so they give is now as far as NBC news nine ABC okay. Both parties want him to the Johnson county jail. I'm in charge of premeditated murder in the first degree. So we did did did this story is a little yeah he shot two people not three all right. Doesn't this this kind of service says that two victims were both taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition one of the victims. Whose name has not been released later died second victim remains in critical condition. So like I say you tended to carjacked someone at this car wash the green lantern but that didn't work so many car jacks so also the carjacking happened after the shooting night. Suspect reportedly drove that vehicle back to the carjackings victims who. Right but he didn't and you heard that maybe you're I had my C loses I mean I know they said that the first carjacking. Attendance was a car wash was that was the second on us with the Carlos Rosas lay around and drop mamma Mia and then. Maybe now is like it was at that house right or heat win the GPS is at home home runs and thought maybe I have a does the ultimate garage door something I can hide in this house lunch quick thinking about it talk. And it's July we were driving home when he got in the car I was giving him directions minds always giving me directions and little or forever right. So there were no kids since the school. Luckily they didn't lock down the school like does it must have been some employees there. But these contractors. Ours I can tell I don't work through school system they just they were out there working on. Sounds like good guys like Clemens. And I shooting people I saw that they. Historians consider it we just want to say it was just one price so that they had been fighting accounts. Previous he had previous fight still work. Shooting people. It's horrible. Do you hear in the news and he just okay someone else got shot and maybe it's you a little more because you know this local you you probably if you don't know. These victims you probably know someone who knows and maybe you find out later you know but just imagine it. Getting that call. Can't I don't mentioning that hole is someone you know someone you love and care about was out doing their job on July 3 two guys and chills. Out and he'd try and bust their ass to put him playground equipment to support. What do you know they may just try to catch a lot of bright we're trying to trying to survive man I'm out here working and you're gonna kill me. They're gonna kill me. No really imagine that you are doing your job as a month comes appointing Donna you love and support like I'm having fun doing really dangerous. Shouldn't have to be a construction work aren't putting in playground equipment and Gloria you're gonna get shot that's yeah. Selling drugs are not in the mob riot unite running guns. Did you read any more now trying to work many big decent human being did you read any more about that capital gazette shooter. It's a little luck I mean that to me is so insane that this guy and it. Right after he shot up the newspaper like the next morning. Malloy year the attorney for the woman who he was stalking was quoted in the Washington Post and he was sane. As soon as you heard that there was a shooting at their newspaper he knew exactly who was no doubt in his mind he knew. Because this guy had been making all stressed. This guy was so specific. About these threats telling people that he was going to tell people that they weren't safe. If you have that many people who know. As soon as they hear something happens usually they know exactly who was there's no doubt their mind you already had these people who are afraid this lawyers said that he was afraid for himself first family. Obviously. His client was afraid she was the one who had to get a restraining order against. This guy who was making these threats out of gun and shot up. I don't want I understands. Why sometimes a law can be frustrating. And you say like yeah we do more and the police say because we can't. This is all we can do right now you can get a restraining order river but when it comes to. All this information about this particular shot of the newspaper. I would like to think that someone was keeping time someone says you can't have guns or something needs he's making threats like that. Well documented threats. Can there be some sort of system in place to make sure that yeah I would like to things it was keep their eye on him but analysis present building now locked down. The newspaper yeah I guess it was just opened in a small little newspaper and his. I think I mean I even think in the instance like. What was it like a year ago there's somebody got shot and I'm building somewhere. And Entercom just Damon said all doors close your cards are they weren't before everything is never leave this door open these doors are closed once you get into this part of the building when you guys are on the air. No one else can get an analyst and managing to keep our I think that was after polls I think is when we started. And into the mine not only did his lawyers say that he's telling you lose you know in danger in his fight he had made threatening knew he was angry at the newspaper. Or because they had written a story about this. Restraining order or whatever how you stalked this woman and he was this and he can threaten them. I would think if I worked there I was against one of the worst. Police right. It sucks and that's. The world we live then. Anyway I mean talk about the city new assignment. Shock me. A girl and now Florida. Was chased up the tree by an alligator. BC I'm trying to. Bill less trump. More alligator last Supreme Court in Orlando Florida chased 79 alligator. Down oh is that okay. I just feel like you've been getting kind of bummed out oil. You know immigration Supreme Court. Donald Trump. In Milan each round. So this drug gets this TCU's fifteen years old she gets she circuitry by this alligator in doubt she spotted out here can climb a tree bass and I think you saved them issues up there for like half an hour. Rebellion was like walking around I guess he's just waiting for she was ram fifteen or something you Alexander sprains. Florida. When she got to shore she sees that you'll see is alligator she gets shorn and she runs they treat. So there's this frantic 911 call from her mom's in my daughter is stock. Up this we can treat. It I got the street but how do we spoke out about it. If you that the economy could. What do you think happens. Do you think they solve. Peter has grown where are they in Florida I think this is absolutely earlier partisan news outside Orlando but. And is served. Any water in Orleans Saunders got ABC reserves is under pressure and sounds like she was really doesn't mean senator. I was named Alexander. Yeah this is says season is harmless late county a as the county and in Davie Florida and ask you know Davies were another how do you respond sir. So all these stories are from him Orlando's own zone Alleman Lake County Florida. Where's is that near. There are no mistake it's crappy guitarist krone as sizzling Alexander springs recreation areas and masters and told you do if you want your kids news. In a tree and there's a Gator at the bottom of the trees to secure our. These saying. I don't think they send this story that much harmony on 10211 funds and once he doesn't he may be able to buy my car is wrong trouble. Which I've run a little cars drive you know I don't I am sorry. God showed up with an eye on it AR fifteen got to shoot it. You got Jim whatever. I'm not a dialog amazulu yeah totally. It excited about. Top square off against aground off. Rabbi is a fifty employed alligator as a child and a trailer I don't know why you don't blame it on us Warren Larry area. And a world and ours I I understand and I'm billion paying but does is one moment there's a child in a tree and alligator and wants to kill. And apparently the count stats are sometimes you don't islanders or for long time limit like alligators spotted somewhere. And they send allied. Guys in common rest sit down and wrestle alligators that are wrap things around their neck you know no animals Israeli and he. Now like damn ladies hoops and they wrapped around and actually Maine I'll turn on and on a run their ballot may mislead them. Put him back out in the water but I feel like him and if a child's other imagery and could fall down and any minute you guys know no options. Yeah I'm OK let me take a volume and mainly we just really got him. And a lot Cog Hill I know why couldn't have been nicer. Today and fairly good round at times that I am. Are you a feel good story this is really a feel good story you don't feel good about this story. I question your feeling sensor. So there. So I should pictures and I don't know how old drew is my myself is hitting you with a common chili dinner I know that fairway but it might just mention. Bands a lot of you are appreciated my kid's maturity as a person and don't. Yeah. It was dark and nothing may be able to rule over its tails you can't move. I feel like if you. Get up close enough. As are bumpy and I think he's probably gonna die in my entire life by isn't trying to write unifil and America okay Nissan and that can be but still. I like my chances really. So this this heat shock to me I love you man a target as does Hillary does something bad gators. And Gator and I call in a good dinner to try to stop me bad Gator from 32. You know it's not so bad and angry alligator. Happy alligator. Oregon a bit and ended. Beyond the donation. An alligator really don't. I really like the idea that you can strap to their heads you. There's a movie where they strap a comments on my Austin Powers is sure blazers and even alligators heads. Is ringing any bells. Bush I know I've seen that shark shoot lasers and I want to show he's talking and no none none theme. Austin Powers things and some movie alligators and sometimes. That none of the million dollar crocodile. It is that in my favorite movie. I ACC this guy here ground. Does your students are injured Edgerton I also known as hydrated Angel on social media. Now he's really enthusiastically agent about beauty. And against behind it but. She started making a team. Make up tutorials 2017. And I guess is and based group frequently. A minute time. He did a video the other day and it was called up crying in pain. Cut priest tutorial you're blue waters around boulevard. Thanks your appreciated. So he in this video he's breaking down how to get this vibrant I look you can seized by Verizon look good don't think but that's not why yeah this is a feel good story. As injuries making this video on his father can be heard in the background okay this is and it's a real short clip here from Twitter to let alone. Listen to. Listen in your dad here in the background. It's so. Did you film itself. Isn't that nice. That's his dad when he says he said that is that looks so every again awesome. Videos AM any actually sense. A bad word only today and pass on Paris looks good. And is people herb you know. There's an ugly crying. That's because it's a day you can hear this guy he sounds like here. Typical dad you wouldn't expect that reaction from every dad. Also tried Andre. It's nice to hear is and this is pragmatism. Presides over it's over but it is trying months publicity. If your son was I don't know how old injures how does he look. Mean he's got to be sentenced 1617 re at lease terms. How would you respond your kids and they're doing make up tutorials. On YouTube. You would probably respond. But it still makes you feel good to hear each and shiver just do ruled. Coming out to parents. And then watch for that than the dads who say things like eight. I love you I just want you to be happy enough foresight. Yes there's nothing better if you're feeling down I try to avoid is you know people who have lived. Adverse reactions plus. The people who are Sabatini you can find like. You know highlight reel. And those two guys and sentenced to those those are great and this strength. I'm just cynical enough to really don't tell everyone should act in your change of course and man that we're celebrating you being in good human being. I know I and then you have to know how would you react to and so therefore I'm. This and I did and I'm happy for them. Sounds amusement it looks great. Building something and wish. If you watch video you mean you last thing blushing because of his dad's spirit it's there's demos and straight. It's awesome. Leave your kids relay on his caption 71 way on my dad is the sweetest most important person to ever. I'm crying. Does say I would be totally and I am though like man that's awesome dude thing. Know our make up consultant I'm proud you did it doesn't make him consult your debate. But SuSE are primed and I learned so it's a little uncomfortable yeah. A little uncomfortable when the grindstone a lot of news. Let's hug me kiss some cheap cheap but no one rules say the crocodile tears of days. You guys know Richard swift was sources white whereas. Not all know I know he was emissions from. And the monkeys many here as you met him. And the big chance but he was in the band he was like to producers and it was never less okay I was looking animals and that is where there. Holding your own right around in black guys there. Are you sure because that's what I thought at first to I thought you looked like one of those guys maybe I can't count ten. But I looked up like his is is he did solos on the news or his top streaming song it's an old lady luck I don't recognize. He worked as a black keys this year I mean you're just a bunch of people have and that's. It's very easy was only 41 years old last month it was reveals. Hospitalized due to a life threatening condition. And this fine had been launched to cover his medical bills and he passed away yeah song along and the senate kind of blossomed like so I went and saved it's an interest. She's. An American solution iron short filmmaker and it was hard to get a breakdown when he worked beach and what he did. I was trying to look for even songs you wrote justice. And you know he wrote songs for other bases Hussein is a former member and in Iraq and the sham OK so so that maybe that was in there used coupons in The -- he played live with the black keys new resolutions just a guy who is keeping some passing around here I'm okay you know. Because there was another guy that was in the bins that they kicked out of the bands I'm not any kind of looks like camp and I thought maybe that's who I was. Think you know. 41 cents cents us a studio. I mean I need to know more about this I need to know what this life threatening condition he produced to be done a thing. Revenue from the night's rose Hershey. It's creation. Let Howard he died. I know to do was say it's well it's you know it's may be so any business and I would like to know salute maybe we can turn. Avoided an undisclosed. Life threatening reaction. Well are they gonna tell us. He. It's scary. I know. Yeah dispose smartly really cannon from pitch for Cindy you lose. Toured as a member additions in the blacks. Yes and I read some analysis and users who are maturing Graham of elections obviously. But if he toured but the chances and that's probably him. I was actually gonna talk about the that you played keyboards percussion he's the guy in the next awesome baby radler. On their mind I'm I don't know I don't know yeah I remember but I know that was my initial just don't but that was number business right now. So that is is a guy that's amazing and learn yeah Indian Hammond from. And so you grab heroes and rattle him play drums and heroes rattle. That's the guy. I thought that's who we looked like when they say conditions. You. Crazy. There is playing drums solutions. Achievement. 2000. Yeah and then I was gonna talk about this story about these phones that are randomly. Texting people but I guess your phones are you doing now and I want an example you look at how many workers and shot would not be scary would that be horrible what would you advertiser there's little apple. Things. And manage. According to us that's an emergency man. What's happened with your found DL does emerge like if you walk in they're not the only ones who can fix it and inmates. Make this rule that if you take it anywhere else to fix and then it ruins are worn DC got to take it to memorize. And you tell them hey my phone is calling people texting people sending people pictures randomly. I should be looked at is like you walking a hospital and someone shot you in the balls like. It just got to the front line right now I can't turn on I can't turn it off frying. As of agendas is sending pictures to people. Well apparently assassin emergency. It's happening to Sampson on some devices are randomly sending. Camera roll photos. To contacts without permission. Is signed and this is mine Stanford nine cents Chenault prone a picture. As a picture of trusted in the all of the beach or something yeah. As first we ought to buy android central and later covered by just I don't know wanna send to the music director at Chirac and allied and his response was like cool Phillies was allies are made it seem like. I better reason. There's like that's awesome man. I was like how you respond like I can't I don't lie and I don't like my phone room and not mess. I guess I knew that I I I knew businessmen there's other guys. Name game we do business the other. And yesterday it called him three times and her own hung up. One wrinkle wondering boom wondering boom and then industries finally he texted me like. Guy I don't know. And of course I'm trying detection in my home on texture. Just sits there do you have an old. I know I don't like is only on his passion around. Well apparently did Samsung story said that the messages being sent through Samsung's default. Taxi absent semesters I don't use that so hopefully it won't be a problem for me but. The app. Does not show users. That the files have been sent again this is separate from us those things this is a story about the Samsung phones. Think about that people could be getting pictures if these stories are true. Their phone doesn't show them that they sent anything in his they have no idea unless someone takes max's why don't you send me that while. I'll tell you listen they didn't show me a picture I've body might need. I did you actually wanted to set a log into ma'am why the double hearts. And then I looked at my phone and on a show that I send out march. So instead of tribesmen on this tremendously much of the money it takes me twenty minutes to attacks just saying about you. As close as I can get my girls are consumers like what time you want me to come over and the most I could get. My phone to text turner was. AP. ES. TR. And scissors runner you only distort. It was like a sudden I didn't just text and ample time to get the I don't know are you an example trying to figure out. As the smoke signals about the Apple Store for Christ saying. Don't get nervous knowing that it doesn't if this is happening. The Samsung's also and it doesn't let you know. Think about how many people you have in your contacts you haven't talked to in years and years I cannot everyone else doesn't I have contacts in your floors mission. I just saw the of the day remember the guy who made the commercials horse into the region just a phone call and corolla right now writes that. Right is good why disguise inwardly for twelve years I I just feel like Simon Enron I thought the same thing I have Luisa case number and learn and I would be no David Arquette. Them. I mean it shouldn't matter more I guess I should be less worried about the celebrities. The celebrity contacts and more worried about my mother being text messages of my camel role center her eyes matters something. Also does. I mean I can now send pictures really just armed with the scrutiny right. Would be great for like. You don't just sit anybody if you season and doesn't go over wow those are those. As members of Israel's my phone service that I should check this summer and as they send your leg and retirement important in my own districts and we look into that. What a beautiful blue sky. That's the Samsung has just picked up like Dunn of the predicted that this is Jackson this is likely what a beautiful blue sky in the purses are so I'm like yeah. I'd like Manny is a sense of divorces lot. But lunch. And I do have a story just clearly on Yemen. Senator Barack Saturday. That's a long time to wait when your phone isn't working and. Always text and people please look at the beautiful blues does long time. It was just not working every one billion photos like when I. It's not a soft even if I turn off my guy got about a mine I don't want doesn't do anything turn up. Always a good god damn things Johnson some of your picture or you know like a guy struggling like she usually does it does about this. Shrug and. What they should. And. The shuttle loner something that they could you know electric car. They're expensive enough and there are important enough a few phones powered on they tell you we can't get to until Saturday more than cameo unlocked phone and an iPhone six or whatever it can be something. It's who could soon. See this somehow. Armed do you professionally. No front and I think you could potentially. I don't think soon. Leon and I found. Maria. I've got I think seven. Margaret. And got the he. Galaxy S now. I've got Kyra do need fixing to run I got an unlocked Windows Phone home. There's tomatoes no this is but I mean it works. And I would just it is using different who picks. You just order one of those online right now. I miss Tia and there's probably someone listened to radio unless someone has a pixel. Afternoon. Maybe not the New England the UK I want to do want we'll try out the pixel one or whatever see if you like it. Before you go spend a bunch of money on. Other similar traits tickets something I want. There's so many tickets and learned to my number changed the problems just get one that's what he had eighteen teaches but he sim card and its online. Morning to listen term. And you can't write any cans inside. Where did not do this. Right you can't write that you can't let the lesson. You have AT&T right so he just needs to be an unlocked either T-Mobile RE SP GSM phones. Don't believe what you're saying Tunisia and actually see him. I think you saw there. I guess you can do this off the air but. So mine is on the side over here. It's right. On the opposite side. He's got little tiny puncture marks that. Or any other such. Our ration it puts him. So someone has on the some logic just kicked out included in. I mean and who virtually to itself. All right well it may easily handle those for sale of its its illness. Maybe. So I'll tell you want apple to stretch junk. This is done catapults. I and and you know we I was battled his way yeah literally an online news. News and here. It's his service tremendous amounts of earnings. Seems to me. You know you service code brown. Okay. And what does that mean I. This amount a pixel that they wanna get Laszlo. Is only available from Verizon. I'll injury I don't know. Don't know he. I love it after it does like a lot of stuff losers is what can I do is like protection people down. I was charity and there's a way to you can just blocked the street and then just talk Siri do all of your text messages via the might. Is you can't type on a right sometimes tensions and. Just opinions. Arnold snow cones got a snow goes got a laptop the new AD you can just I message from not. Just carried out left up around. Campaign 79 dollars a month or whatever sentence or a week. Tony I've dollar daily. Can. My dad kind of mining. I'll make and rental money man. All right are we done technically that Richard slips on. My dear the rest of the it's really. Plaza do you MS. Good. High eighty how are you. Great or you never been better. So. If you order something on your own accidents that have an excuse to like you tell them a bone just keeps ordering stuff. Or did doors and Amazon who read your thing. You just keep it. That was soups on the scientists. I orders are well wait I was caiso was something that you ordered in the past year now aren't just order like a six pack it shouldn't assume I'll find a guy. But it came and I was like man Harris Allen marginalized are resilient Lou there are around. In pride and adrenaline founder and own ideas so you will definitely kind of expensive stuff they're your farm demonstrates abided Jesse and Omar is leg man. So I hope you sell a story on those feeder. Maybe social morals but this payload. She's 23 years old. And she's from west Burlington Iowa linchpin to her eyelids and so on April she had a 10000. A long distance relationship. With a guy who lived three hours away from. I so as this kind gesture. News while she was saying for finals. And he called. I don't even really wanna see that the business name because it but I mean it's in the stories from them. He called Jimmy John's to deliver. And the sailors right Miller had a challenge tart she called Jimmy John's order him assumes you are studying GAAP and should and he lives so far away but kind of session. So. This is from her Twitter. She tweeted this on June 24. In the morning and the order was placed. My boyfriend had texted me a little bit before letting me know he was going to take a nap. So I sent him a text saying quote hey food on the way for you please leave a tip. Apparent I didn't hear back from him for a bit so I assumed that he was sleeping when. So. She gets a call from the delivery. Room. She assuming it's some sort of issue with the credit card or something like that but that was not the case so. According destroyed the delivery guy says quote. We usually don't do this but we walked up to the door of your boyfriend's place. We were able to see into his apartment. And he was in his boxers with a naked woman on top of them on the couch. Where wireless. I don't know. I I would say maybe there you know I said they're not going closings and a lot of the ruins your boy different cells under the no match. She must have said when you were the Scrooge must specify like and sending this to my boyfriend out of three hours away it's a surprise from her but you know I've I've I've told them so he knows it he's right Ted fewer whatever. He just. Doesn't know the specifics this is a little kind gesture. So they get there if they knock any as he answered the door and it. Sounds like they've. There apartment. I don't know high ECB apartment I guess must have had windows somewhere and she was able to look at or is this guy was able look and and says we were able to see Andy has apartment and he was in his boxers with a naked woman on top of him on the couch. So old Kayla confronts her boyfriend. I'm actually interested in what she found on the technology are naturally calm guy. My my job and a handful engine Giroux had a problem as the series the problem. So she confronts her boyfriend not just a serious a problem Christian shrew little shocked and hurt her feelings it's really not so hardware issue. So she confronts her boyfriend he tries to lie about it. She isn't buying any of us who she breaks up with them. Okay. So. Now that she tweeted about the story the story is gone viral Jimmy Johns has now offered to cater of a break out party for her I don't know what a break apart if you know what I. I think bitter divorce party for an analysis and same idea so they offer indicator of a break up or safer. This is. This is not the kind of thing. While on the ads on Melissa things that you worry about when your cheating on someone know you're trying to cover all your tracks. You think about. Technology is my iPad connected to my phone you know there are there I messages coming through as did IA clear my browsing history on my laptop. Based. There's overriding clear my eyebrows and mr. blew off a kid ends. Georgia is trying to book a flight somewhere you gotta you gotta turn or I had to act and told the old power by new image just keeps talking. But the delivery guy John look out your eye off the just started saying. Clear your browsing history. Cheating on someone. That's. And I don't know that's gonna fly in court no winners concerts to go down in the NCR on our lesson. None of this actually happened series yet certain. But I just thought that this was not that they get a delivery person. Would call in sick at. Its says heat. I'm don't wanna get into this whole gender thing but. If your diet as there's a code rice. And honestly even if your girl it's and I would just think your response to be. Now this is not my business I didn't see it. I think about it and then your response is drop off the Stanley didn't answer the door yeah I don't know if he left his sandwich there or not. But. There was a large window at the apartment and he was able to seep through the window. So she tween said the delivery guy continued by saying this quote look we usually don't do this but I think you'd like to know we walked up to the door to your boyfriend's place we were able to see into his apartment he was in his boxers with a naked woman on top of them on the couch and she says some emotions and a Scioscia says owners should I was in virtually ensure that is a common cancers. She says she asked the delivery guy more questions to make sure it usually her boyfriend you know on before we like crazy to me why you're going to return on these. Quote he was like honestly it was just so awkward I just wanted to get out of there is so I just gave in the same lesson laps or did leave the stamps. When she confirmed. Are sorry when she confirmed it wasn't his roommate. Or anything how she confirmed that I don't know she said thank you hung up and then called her boyfriend who she must submit your vest has got questions I work on our border area of them. I was like Jimmy John's just told me this situation as a she tells her boyfriend situation and he tried to make up a lie saying it wasn't me. Old shaggy defense it's didn't work so few days later she breaks up with them again she does this on Twitter so that's type out the my boyfriend was here on me. By they Jimmy John's delivery guy and she answered me John. Jimmie Johnson's story goes viral people are praising the sandwich chain for what they said going above and beyond the call of duty for delivery. It was same way to go the real MVP. And that's customer service. Not all heroes Wear capes. And then the official Jimmie Johnson had things Akayev I'd love Decatur your break up party let me know when and where please DM your address contact info make it now. We BP. What disease should be cheating and so it shouldn't be that are going on your life almighty judge you but there is some sort of a code it. And it seems that the kind of thing that you wouldn't get involved and if you're the person delivering food. You just say I couldn't it no one came at the door that's it or you don't religious right delivered the sewage well why can't say anything you adults. Does it need to be any correspondence I did this story is a little vague. About how this delivery guy knew there was a portrait she hadn't told them obviously it. You know odd when you deliver this to my boyfriend why would he say something. I've never heard of someone getting caught. I'm delivering high delivery guy or anything similar. You just think if it's anybody who. Is an employee somewhere and you don't know. Like if you walked into a restaurant with someone else. And then you walked in a couple of days later because you grow from wants to go there. And maybe it's yeah it's always it's like they ruined Tony Soprano when Iraq let's say my favorite restaurant and when they say have you ever been here before you say no even those the same guy you saw the day before. He goes along with them. He says well let me tell you about our fine establishment. France's jobs. But people seem to think this is this is. A good thing so I that's why I said you know I felt comfortable saying the name of the they would but the types they seem. I'm within a big indicator her break up parties. All's well. It's how you've been caught in the past river college Ritchie injury it caught cheating. A girlfriend or something. Now. I know so Conte had the iPad left at home which is just one of those things then. You rule. You don't think about they need here that I happen to somebody else and then people who have ipads and iphones against start to make a mental can be run on more track to cover. And I was rough I feel bad for snow gone because. She's at your home. Unattended. With full access to your iPad and then I'm not making fun not to get really that would suck for a lot of people right. I don't want anyone going through my phone now. You never know what your girlfriend going through your thought and what this is a long time ago I'm fine how lamb is still the same thing at every so much stuff on your phone that leads people to believe you're doing something that you're not going to look you are only getting. Half of the story right yes. And if you go when they're looking you're gonna you're on you're gonna find something because you know actually it's an I told my girlfriend is very narrow eyes I even old talk all the time you never read it. You're girlfriend's diary don't do that now the phones and I just don't do though look at her right and I always compared to if you watch a scary movie alone at home late at night when that's scary movie's over you start hearing noises in the house right. Ear little bit uneasy when you go to bed even now. You've been sleeping never however many years are about even right after that scary movie you're in that mindset. It's the same thing we start going through someone's phone or computer you're already know you'll now find what you want nervous feeling. And anything that you see could be interpreted the wrong way or whatever depth and you get so. Don't do that. But up until now that was kind of dead. Most bizarre whenever someone getting caught cheating the delivery guy. That's a whole new rule. Whole new world. And I'm sorry delivery guy I know you're not listening but what the helmet and what the hell. I just I don't get it can I don't know what you don't know what's going almost gone or anybody's life you have no idea mightn't. I mean maybe they had an arrangement they didn't maybe they did. Our. In an aunt who are you to decide that. Maybe. I'm gonna get in trouble what is policy at the point is. You don't know. Maybe he was going to break governor right and he's been is staying where there even though they'll have three hours away because her father said he wants to see it through that. You know I don't. You don't know how long so just don't do it now there are certain any hunches sister. Whose sister she's naked girl you know I residents who don't are tech. She's got a shower exactly you know I was charities having a heart that is you know boxers. And I are trying to administer CPR and rice. Is drunk and passed down from studying and has girls taken revenge among all the police yeah. You wouldn't do that would you delivery gotten if you saw naked guy that congresswoman. You wouldn't call. Other girl's boyfriend to tell me call police. So just leave the same much. And for everybody else reliving site now I do think that people can put you in uncomfortable situations and appropriate situations where it's your friends. And your friend is bring you around different people or something and you're supposed to try and act like that's. You're due to maternity unit there had a friend do that which I think you'd keep up with the story to June right. I mean I was yachts being you know and I'm solid and in fine. But it was inappropriate I feel my values and telling you let you have it wrong though it were friends. And if you're marathon on Thursday it was some girl named Samantha and then we see each other Tuesday there was some girl named usually. Quick to judge you can't but I took delivery are kind of big balls I'm like hey how are you really this is Julie they enjoyed Kohl meet whatever and not my business. Dinner with. Aaron that is all that whole situation. I do apologize for. I don't prominent women put it still it's it's too much it's not fair to ask for an duel that was above and beyond and I appreciate your appreciated. There were really MVP but it. I do think that's a whole different. Set of circumstances. Right and I appreciate what you did. And I will never forget that night sitting there dinner that was possibly I can't think of anything more awkward. Been dinner that night I made its move. It ended up working mountain. As I don't even like to talk irons itself firing of the river told you that story. Is that. Really really really bad. And although. You know some of those things lead up today apparently what happened. Yahoo! knows this size and allowing him on I talked about it on the air and name. But I hinted at it on the air something's slipped up. Right then gas somehow something good did something didn't add up and the girl's mind I was dating at the time it is and what the hell so we go outside to smoke. My cell phone rings all sudden I'm. Getting yell about what the hell's going on I thought you were doing this you just have to you're doing this is busy long is short of it and I said. Oh beta please please do your terrorist attack and turn a senator to run coffee right now as I'm that workers or. Oh come home page I absolutely do dinner that I'm a little bit is so we took her to Darren ask them how little boy is all grows up. You know grows up that day I can't believe he's on it was a quieter that is discussed and what did you do that always says well you know she's she army do before I ever cheated ourselves. That you don't know us and world you are now and here's my sister or about having a heart attack. You know you'll love did you feel it around you don't know about that what you know about that young arms a couple of but the you don't know any of the details I was never they have a lot of vessels Dustin would do anything like that I would love to be and look. And I feel we can talk about some because it was a long time ago I really would love to see. Maybe pat. I'd like to see both I don't know which if I get to choose one what is the reaction of your ex girlfriend as you look at those pictures or to see exactly what the pictures were that she was look at the time I had an idea because you would show me some of them earlier is not quite a week earlier. I mean plaza one of the pictures is this and this is the topic should explain why August 5 place. A year. Just fine I am rides are showing her bowl. But our laws and him and I'm out looking in the mirror he was there well. In the picture on GAAP. He was he put himself at the execute the correct I mean well when you think about like what would be dumb. Does the most impossible scenario to get yourself out of from a picture that has to be hit. This. With you. In the picture. I realize you see the snow leopard I would go like you leave at 30. Where that is so graphic just Photoshop it is it's not real I don't win without ruined table it's kind of photo that we know will no one's analyze it is and that picture come on knowledge don't have some benefit. Churchill who has low.