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Tuesday, July 10th

0:00 - Headlines
New SCOTUS pick
Rest of soccer team saved
Apparently shocking kids is a thing and maybe it works...
The fate of Miss America
37:25 - A new type of scam involving texting
50:04 - The Mike Pence Sausage Fest
1:02:56 - Sports and conspiracy theories with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. From all sides. Cheering your homeland. Well leave dark. Strike down upon me. No volume. I've never been better you. I can barely hear you rung my theory they don't. They don't have figured out doctors but these things take our time. I change how's life it's painful a good view. Everything's good. I can't sleep. Why which is a new thing though you know I've talked about that before. About it was all good I am. Certainly. Not averse to prescription drugs in the Schoen medications and I've never. Wanted. Sleeping pills because I don't need them like I can usually just falsely. Out or send me enemies government and then the last like week. I just lay there and I can't see does that is that an age thing is that just start to happen is that what happens sleeping in more. No I still wake up about the same time zones I get tired but I just lay there and cannot sleep and you say you had things we can't sleep right. Suzanne it is time. At times villiers there's anxiety. Nothing highness it's just. I usually take my amends I can probably go to sleep pretty good I don't take Ambien and things went right. You know I'll have anxiety is like an honest. My start I signed I don't know how I met Leon my now man. But we usually no offense that and then maybe sometimes it from vacation weird spot or something that's a little takes a little longer and I just lay there. I lay down I just laid there I don't sleep. Really getting annoying. It's more important. Something singing his song. Maybe I need to try Indian I don't know. And me and I'm Marty stared with all my sleep paralysis. They literally don't IR wake up like that guy did some consonants in the guys for your this is freaks me out. The night before he showed me that video I'd be having sleep paralysis in bed trying to wake broke up those moon. Moved to in the whole thing. And she woke me up I disagree wheat and I woke up this. CO KC yes and then actually got matters and I've been trying to give you waking up for a long time. Actually OK sorry just visually all right signal music. Each. Why shouldn't I get my mind doesn't sell cars are easy to make Keith and I mean I start freaking out again waking backup and gets stuck here talked initially concerned. When I especially like ended that yes remember I had that's more apt on my phone down to circle mystery and one. Dan listen to an end zone being done through the Nolan. Maybe that's why is here to go to sleep because this is nightmares and I'm one of my little sewage one because. Ares are making this idea that one of them talks in his sleep. And I'll say right now. I think the other day resign I heard him talk and I went and are not content and I was like you know eight bank. You know their causes sudden sleep and use like why is everything so close. Why is running so close around here. So it's very clear it's not a labor does my cousin used to spend the night. And he would just have conversations in and going over there need to be alone or wake. With mine you know I'm asleep it's. A clearance under those little mining and your sleep and my son was. Played well enough by all. Get mad that you're going to be talking about. Think that's kind of what happened when I was young in Brooklyn why did you make me out financially the camps are we willing to watch me obviously keep an army I'm suffering over here. When you wake up and keep and I do mean every night watchman sleek please. What was that thing called the fact I had that he woke up with is that that this stoning to stony yeah yeah. Did he show you that video wasn't there. The guy just wakes up one day. So he he he went to sleep by I tried not to look too much into use and it's. It goes to sleep everything's fine right now only select ideas thirties forties. There was always a young guy really in shape yeah. I got to my style yeah so what he does wakes up one day and eat can't talker this is Sammy is wrong with the visiting here. Arafat's return iron 200 minutes. They aren't there is truth very embarrassed. I'm in a yearlong one to zero over the line and now that's always speaks. And then I thought to be hopeful for you because you go to sleep knowing him he'll wake up do otherwise yeah. Bright I don't know maybe. And they'll come out salting away WB tonight's super active. Muscular but the other British Texans I just hope that it works jobs and in great. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction on this open one day I wake up like. All the sudden I speak to king's English Cummins right. Her listeners. But what do you do to accomplish well the legislative and that's why don't usually run away from what I'm I'm I know now the I don't know legislate. I try to sleep that off for a little bit I stay in bed for awhile. Marsh. Estonia is a rare narrowed degenerative disorder that affects muscular movement. He is there's stories I hear about people who maybe they have it for six months and it's gone or maybe they just. Like this guy wake up with that one day and then you just live with that that's just what you do now. That's scary. May affect one or more parts of the body and sometimes the entire body to conditioning can go can range from mild to severe. The main symptom is involuntary muscle contractions that result in slow repetitive movements press. Like Georgia's central known as army get a descent in Estonia. Treatments may include drugs injections and physical there. Booth. Part of the anxiety of going to sleep does. The day that you got to face tomorrow depending on your situation and it's. And again and he's having nightmares on my interview comfortable wherever. MI going to die in my sleep you think about that stuff like I don't know we all wake up and I'm half dying here voluntarily. What I wasn't worried about until now is waking up with a neurological movement disorder. If his party your brain just doesn't wake back up the and when Dini had that what sect called. Regis falsely. Narcolepsy I'm always afraid to say that as I was that lets you like that lets next you're feeling yeah yeah. When he had guys and I should refrain. Remember that time and Sandra Terrell bottom macro fusion went to bed one night normal woke up. You wanna search so that should exploited neurosurgeons. Remember when he fell asleep or at least partially awake now remember I was like he did he couldn't really speak and it was like it was a mostly Edison's own cured now partisan I don't know issues when somebody gets medic. Medicated for as far as I know I'm not here the last time I talk to about 87 there were medications basically that you take to keep you away. During the day. And then I would guess at nighttime you take something they'll be falsely because you just Medicaid during the Danish and keep use from only see that only part of your brain sometimes falls asleep. So it was the idol that my kid that's our own problem. That's why can't fall asleep no I got a win got fully medicated that the doctors settled precautionary stuff done. To sign. I thought of you speaking of ticks because the largest thing about six and show a couple of weeks ago. You know at the end he does this sure newer faster new rules I guess maybe this was during new rules. But he was talking about six and how bad they've gotten and how they're spreading and how he said something about. Either most people are many people have never even heard of these right and don't know they exist. And I thought of you is when you say I don't know detectives don't know how do I drop in fear of them because we started hearing about it's very well yeah. But we must have just started getting sick doesn't seize on when I was little kid but we definitely had six when I was little yeah. But they show little spread there on the map and you guys against. He didn't happen in America. Two runs the town for yeah. Now things are getting a little nicer than it turns it into. Like today is the Texas watching the flight. Trophies who I think is usually the ones that they come in and make things nicer Societe Alka. I was dreaming isn't allies he says he's starting on ice doesn't and his command makes things great nine apparently we're gonna antics yeah. It's really take advantage. Blood so that's what it is excellent thanks for freaking me down. I mean another doctor's appointment. Give excuses and we grow no only. For what to sleep that helps a lot of people sleeping doesn't sleep. What what's the idea that you people who smoke weed if you smoke weed to falsely. Are you smoking right to freely down like you're laying down super high in China policy or is it. The idea that if you smoke in the evening that by the time. It started to Wear off futures higher. I can't imagine. Getting ready for events to sit there on the edge of night that my. Underwear smoking emboldened leaned down close my eyes in the dark. That seems like a recipe for an anxiety attack. This holds a stone in his late. Wait to come. I think you'll be fine. Donald trump. President and C Donald Trump. Presidency of the United States. And nominated to judge. Or do you use stream court. It seems Bret. Bret judge Brett. Brent Brent Cavanaugh again. And done. Did you watch any of his you know when they did the announcement comes out of the union address sudden the press. Shirt seems like addressing the nation. I love this started off with being crazy trump. Thing and maybe this always happen tonight and were just taken on trump. They're all started. Last year and they had that big roundtable with trump and all this. Staff just went around the table and talked about how great trump isn't it never worked with anyone quite like him so maybe now I just noticed that okay. Do people does he ask you did you that you just after you meet Donald chopping you spend some time with them you think. I wanna win this day over the best wishes this amounts and Jim justice that Mr. President. Thank you. Throughout this process. I've witnessed firsthand. You're appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary. But no president. Has ever consulted more widely. Or talked with more people for more backgrounds. To seeking input. I mean doesn't that sound like. No president has ever consulted more widely. Just saw more input it's like we've never seen crowds so busy work. Ali other presidents just did the Supreme Court I don't really know and. Oh yeah bush are denominated us library. Was literally heroes house nadir tonight thank you lady and they just left the home. I didn't work out. I did see something that you know you reading all the scary stuff but this wreck happened on. And I did see something that said it. I went straight to white conservatives. Are worried about this guy and what conservatives don't like about Zanardi read all these. Things. Scare progressives appeared immigrants. I was straight down to like insurgent like and one of the things said like. He's an old school Republican in has connections to the bush fan and I can't believe that part of me thought. Thank god I hope that's true yeah I hope not just saying I hope beyond hope he really does have connections to the bush and like I hope they talked to him. I mean how great does John Roberts seem now almost harsh. What do you do elections have consequences Porsche and he says it's been ceremony tens of all those people that told me. I'm moving a resident. I don't I only do one of them they both sock. This is what she can't learn English and elections and concert you hit Jeff Sessions you get Brent Cavanaugh who knew people who are. Furious I've heard multiple people bitch about Jeff Sessions. And his stance on marijuana it's all backwards and so. Of course of this news. That's their thing. What did you think was gonna happen. Do you understand that when the when you elect a president they need to pick a bunch of these people. Fill these positions and. She. Although I don't tell me you're gonna Texan guy the president doesn't matter don't I'm the president doesn't matter losing billions of dollars being spent. On who's going to be the president and manners yes. People don't invested millions and millions of dollars. To choose a president. Because it just doesn't matter. Trust me it matters. All twelve. Boys. Those canvas as you heard on time and saw anger guzzlers are all sales so fast through part of it is us and Charles say. Safe and well we're all rescued from the cure alive they did have to swim. Pam found still required each point to swim through dark narrow passageway is flooded with murky water. Two divers guided boys while they held on to a rope one diver in the front held an oxygen tank and another was in the back. They usually do that in the town the rope from Munich I understand why should there be a rope like in the movies. Arrow. And I said to reaction came back and forth. This guy should just call you should look at and said he Elon Musk severe bill it's. A reason I said Ryan dumbfounded for me make innocent doesn't show and thought about. Put like a rock throwing. Paradigm on one side return. Banging and Ohio silent thing in which include amounts. Did you know that there's this. News came out awhile ago that this was happening I don't remember this I remember seen this video apparently millions of people watch this video. But there's at a school in Massachusetts uses and ministers electric shock. The special needs students. You know we never talked about this right now an ambulance. Apparently this. I don't know who walls covered under the special needs umbrella on us. The governor of Massachusetts didn't like in it is that I want the school to be aliens electric shock it moves only to court. Well this judge judge Rothenberg. No that's right that's the name of this actual place rock either. The judge Rotenberg center and can't Massachusetts. On this judge said that Saddam. They can continue to. Electric cute kids movements and Cheryl I should warn you that beginning this audio is from that video that I guess got this a lot of national attention it's. It looks like he's an ISS room member country had dozens pollutants from religious like maybe a little Porsche Google chairman and daughters yeah just a little room. They might put sixers since it was one engine yeah. And a regular classroom yeah so this is what looks like they're initially and my teacher as an aside really are looking through all things yeah. Big clot and I'm real molding woman. That is no I mean it happens and as you get older you start to see it more often when you're fifty like Jesus. That's not suppose as a first however singer. It's like being three years old seeing a black person are gay person when you're fifteen you see a balding woman. They say you're going in school suspension you've never really been a class you want to know I'm right. But oh my god yeah. But for me. Jay you have no and Nightline I'm really mad at him while. Walked back out walk back in. Quizzes are poised as I'm looking for a miss shy but that's male almighty god. What happened if I had teachers wearing wigs you never know is akin you know there are sunnier the more I'm sure. And Fannie and I were waiters and and we never noticed for kids in this looks like he's got long hair. So I needed to win. Yeah. Well let's zoom ring welcome besides I promise me understand. Me and my shoes you don't only just initially it was where the money why spend money on a way. Intimidating black and spend money on more and ask cards or whatever. You'll lose sight. Around. She's probably huge banner podcasts this final frying. Sure enough. So and other learning to hit the message more so rather shocking kids in the beginning Irish no because I got just a deer ramble and I apologize. The beginning of this is is akin being shocked. It's. Charles. This controversial treatment will continue with the judge Rotenberg center in Kenton at least for now. In 2013. Soon after this video became public. Former governor Deval Patrick's administration tried to put a stop to this practice known as the reverse of treatment. But a judge just denied the motion saying the state failed to demonstrate that there is now professional consensus. But the level three a burst of tree menus that chair seat does not conform to the accepted standard of care. For treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Lazy man you know actual and don't know or abilities as soon electric shock can help him and. Sweet. It as a court found there's no evidence that any alternative treatment would be effective to treat our children and keep them safe. Okay. I don't know due June. That shows evidence that this is effective. I don't know I've read things recently about how some people with certain types of psychological disorders or whatever. Are using elect electroshock and say it works. There's something about scenic kid in the classroom. So like it's a public school reais in your kids singing you find out there were electrocuted kids for you know curse it's an army do it right. The GRC is a special needs today and residential school that specializes country and emotionally disturbed children. On looks like they also treat some adults or influence. As part of their treatment some students are given an electric shock. From a graduated electronic this to decelerate or GE. And playing in the press when I got enough on my GD Sharon displaced. Several parents at the school have said the technique is life changing. Am. That Nieminen go away. And statements of local news station organization points of GRC parents who said it was happy the court and affirmed their feet and improved her child's quality of life. No one loves her children more than we do. I. Don't have special needs kids. I don't know maybe it is effective. Maybe that video is. Taken on its side effects. It's shocking footage male clinic says ECT maybe good treatment option. Yeah my medications aren't tolerated or other forms of therapy have a work it's been in the news lately did they think it might. Be beneficial for a lot of people. So the prosecutors won undated. FDA to push forward proposed regulation banning the practice. Which agency said in 2016 pose an unreasonable and substantial risk to public health. Another child. I've never seen anyone do it. Maybe it works. I mean the bodies were for some people. My doctors. I'd rather not weigh in. The last thing you weighed in on the time thing and signals place to another shrimp. But you notice the lawmaker. Yeah scuba diver. I've been synonymous with. And your very familiar retired boyish. It's a solid between two Russian actions probably it's worse. Adjacent Delaware answers. Electroshock therapy and I don't know anything about him. I just looked up and mankind Minnesota can be effective soon lineup. At first I was appalled. My wife shocking kids what is. Going on inside. There is rage. Analogy of an American innocent can be effective. And so while it's been I don't know. How do you feel. About the Miss America pageant announcing we're in the last few weeks ago that they weren't gonna do need to be key. Part of it anymore. And then it's time. Even took a step further answers or merits not its not even on the beauty pageant anymore it's it's just a pageants. Chuck and I were having this conversation is here I think you're on the phone. It is if people save pageants are sexist reverend okay. That's about my question about the pageant is if you say we're gonna get rid of all this. Does it then become. Just. What should the US military tools. Let's array and I don't miss the passengers and I go ahead. Like now I can tell us how to swallow fire. And then have an evening gown competition wrong it's also discarding this evening gowns section. They're asking a contestants had to Wear clothes that make them feel confident when it now. I said yesterday so don't ever saying if they want it to be about like who's the smartest woman in America are each state. I think that's when it didn't want significant given both sets in we're gonna base them on their. Analyze why don't want. Some categories of competition those soda. No evening gown no evening gown no bikini let's team you should clear counts line changes that cause you disappear in bikinis did you notice when she's a whole new era. Discussing new changes signal is organization was responding to me to. We're experiencing a cultural revolution in our country with women finding the courage to stand up and have their voices heard on many issues. This America's proud to evolve as an organization. Or as an organization enjoying this empowerment movement. What do they do before didn't ask him the question and then they the last thing gas. I didn't like like a talent thing. No I don't fire eater and I want any content to answer them. She wants someone else read slam poetry and and and yeah I was a magician right as the he's in the movies whenever an aperture the pageant I don't know whatever it's an eye out left and came back and an electronic he's now left and came back and walked around an evening gowns and now left and came back then. That's a question about the world you know maybe I don't think there's like a spelling beer anything. Will she say I'm a South Carolina and the programme and right around the final part. You know Gretchen Carlson. And know what's new asks a question. We eloquent assistant I don't know I read well yeah Mario yes he would answer question. Is Gretchen Carlson is in charge of the pageant. Like same one from Fox News she's the chairwoman of this America's she's a woman made all these announcements and into the you know interviews. It's just a sad day it's. They're gonna allow older women or be more inclusive to women of all sizes as well so it's not just. Not a beauty contest right you can be beautiful big onions under my judged on out of rice being thin wire and looks like coming to play. But I knew that my opinion was may wind up zones of semi permanent resident and you're in the evening down and getting rid of and basically pseudo socialism. Those are the categories I thought up look how pretty. More menace. If they're getting rid of those and understand what traumatic. Tap dance. In place of the swimsuit contest. The contestants will take part in a live interactive session with the judges. Where she will highlight her achievements in life. And how shall use your talents passion and ambition. To perform the job of Miss America pushing assassin in on this matter. But I know something must be wrong with my team to this open our segment as we were seeing wouldn't you just I don't know colleges and find every. Girl who you know. As a four point whatever GPA in a whole ride it is. And then you if you had this is an intelligence thing is that what you would be doing but I guess it's not an intelligence think it's not a beauty thing. So I'm not sure what it is but then she'll come. Megyn Kelly was arguing on her show with him since sounded a lot like you and I so I really think we need to revisit this in fearless the hell's going on. I was telling women have bikinis Tyndall we I don't. Well don't like let's not let us beauty pageants are integrated women are people should be valued for what's inside their brains come on my. But nobody is obituary says they had great act the reality is. No one of them is going to want to watch the pageants when the initiative in what they can choose what they wanna Wear an evening Alex what is going to be like to grand a month. There and yet but they're having you looking for the smartest woman in America usually be at MIT right. In this America with congress that thank you what does the pageant become citizens that this is why do you watch for the beatings incumbent. Among the other pieces of it but not to get a dissertation. Okay. Do you have a problem with beauty pageants being viewed will remain so maybe we're not allowed to speak on this thing. If they didn't then mr. Missouri and then mr. American it was a beauty pageant it I know that they're mr. universe right posters are a multi. Oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah I'll do my body builder yes yes a look at I would know that I can't slap that I just don't just write books. But even if they just did like. Is those days I guess there's observed I went and all the them in this but they've got a lift weights and everything I don't know. But if there was a competition from in based on looks I would know not to answer. I don't think you would bother me but I Anderson is different for women because women her object to five much more frequently man list goes on and on and on. But do you have a problem with beauty that is if they just said. Are you know what we tried this it's not working from now on this American is a beauty pageant we're gonna rage these women based on their looks and whoever's the previous. Savimbi did she could and did you guys if you're a woman or Amanda. And you're trying to tell them not to show think they're an individual choice you know what it is that's her body to the opposite of empowerment if you wanna. My this you can do this right now and if you don't wanna do it and you thing down and see how disgusting all of that adds you know. Bad for women are bad for the female community whatever it is and don't don't. But this girl wants a doing so other joint what are you candidates are money can only say that all the time. Nobody can tell it to do my body and lower Vermont are supposed babysitter marker on the stage. Why can't you know their bodies or body and her own my body does not want to do that. My body was like Taco Bell for lunch. None. Where SuSE. Bonnie go to like you do. I'd itself and banging T shirts. Stay inside and avoid the sun. Now you're about as soon. Just eat yeah it. This people still do sexiest or did they change that to. And they were when we had Blake Shelton was sexiest man alive. Do we change that. I can definitely they have and I can definitely see that being one of those things where People Magazine says okay instead of sexiest woman alive now we're just gonna do. Dash dash. But the biggest and most influential people right time does that great. Deadly shelling just flipping out or is he was accused mile. I don't know I know I've heard you say before the year okay were. The idea. Not everyone can do everything this course and unfortunately and it's not your fault but unfortunately. There's a whole generation about a generation and a half yardage and acts a lot of millennial. But were told growing up you know you knew anything you want and they've now learned to. And that that wasn't the right thing to do and cause a lot of problems in the epicenter change on how serious stuff as soon. But I cannot slam dunk a basketball that doesn't mean GMBH and lower the rams right. I doesn't mean that there guys who can if they play in basketball suddenly can't agree change rules right. I just not the way that works. It doesn't mean that. People Magazine and needs to include. Who was in the guys we talked about last week. And Steve Buscemi. In the world's sexiest man alive contest can be more inclusive. To prove they're not going to find them. I'm kind of like him in boardwalk empire. Manpower. You're not supervision C Astros. Things like that you're able to. Religious and one Jason Richardson character it's tough for a lot of someone said Miss America does its scholars turn. Those scholarship that should be. The parish. Line. They didn't even get a scholarship whoever they want yet one and one really depends who they did to get the scholarship doom and why they get to get a I don't care who. One and super pissed now some kids really good at golf and he got a scholarship just gliding out of it and I'm not a good as go to Golf Channel. It's ridiculous. Get a scholarship to everyone to adjust scholarship to give. I'll never be. Since he's been line. I don't never forget when I really realized that when I was 33 years old. It dawned on mean the second half avenue sexiest man and wife she's you can you can last year it took a long time because I've been told to secure that it. Anything could happen as long as I'd dreamed in agreement was shook off. Doing what it's like the secret. Is work hard. There's got to be something. That we can do that other people can't do. Or that not everyone else can do. We can New Orleans is going to be something you can June. Not everyone knew it you can do a back flip buffalo but I knew more people should look at you and say. Don't do that I can't do that. That. And masculine it's me or makes me feel less adequate. Please don't do them public. You should not to show off and running a show that they can. Here. Stuff you can do. I'm trying to thing. I'm a meaningless. You can feel it and yeah not everyone else can do. Did you get your doctor prescribed mats and I've never seen anything different lines and didn't know you are here to get to talk him into giving his thank you. Thank you like a lot of people don't appreciate that I do thank you yard cut out you know I'm going to says it's and its limits limits on just him. You know it's not gonna knock out women you know led to that is nobody's business easily and it only takes a toll minutes. And that's not everyone can do that a lot of people are struggling to try and have a kid right and used like a baby out of the blue on a drunken Wednesday. The Greer who worked there about. Well that's getting directions and now if you bring a baby around you should be able to make you get these. But the places that I can't get an accent is clearly you can. If you bring an erection around should be able desperately need to see in these children. Direction yes. I don't need to see that. That's not fair it's not inclusive. Yeah I don't need Steve. Do you get directions off what is happening in this room. Because you constantly have to you know he kicks back his chair and there's a happened in the stands. And is it like when I was in. Junior high and I'd get real comfortable and it might ask actions I think most guys really get on the old triumph. I think he stands up yeah I feel like once to make sure you see in the I guess if everybody here is able to get an erection and trying to hide and honestly can't Alex. I'd appreciate it. I. Have you ever been. Scammed. Like you know the Nigerian gas is now attempting something along as maybe not that I don't say obvious and Roger scammed by now. But I know off I think the only time I can think I was trying to think earlier when I was a kid. I remember someone. Com. Sending a message on our dial up Internet Campion said like. AOL has logged you out you know what is your use all right yeah we're tonight is did it and right after I did I went. Always say if that doesn't make any sense I just sent those people minding your information I thought really stupid for doing it. But I was also a kid I was new to Florida and then most of the stories you hear. About people getting scammed her. Senior citizens. You see these. News clips of people getting a big they call them on their land lines and then tell them. All kinds of stories like this is not just senior citizens there is these dating web sites where may be some of this hate. You know I'm I'm and I Iraq or whatever and Ryan Parent and deployed by I love talking to you relevant authorities to meet you and hey you know what I'm here I need some money for this fleiss wouldn't get too quicker in and you see these people's standard of give and again at 3500 bucks were. I still like to thank. I want to give anybody money and and be wise right I'm not gonna give anybody money in the that's the easy part I gasses I'm not gonna enigmatic guard among them are going right back then that's I'm done I'm now. But the other things. Like just accidentally installing some malware on your Smartphone had analysts on. So this new scare if it is just to scare or wherever news story lies somewhere in the middle of someone. Just lying to you and also use gene I guess using malware but it's colts machine have you heard of them now. I guess attorney general of Michigan is the one who issued this warning to residents. About the scam so it's text messaging. Room and what happens is somehow someone I guess must be able to put some malware on your phone where they're able to get your contacts or something. So they send you text messages. And it appears to be from someone you know from a trusted source OK so you can get a text from me saying if you just let me share same. Hey listen I need to talk to you while blah and it just says slim fast in the context and you can see the history of our conversation that okay bit. And then the goal is to get people eventually so if I could search outlets and is having a conversation with you hey what's going on the line you're responding because you know it's me and and I said. Mean did you see this funny video I send you a link. Once you click on that link now you've installed. The malware. And back. Steals your personal information. So now they are a broad interest but I try to show area so not like Arthur young people though the though of course dudes machine. You know it takes anyone. And ever openly through my only using corrected whatever apps at. Come on it does that make me old. Then I think I could fall for this or they just getting better. It came from view when he sent a check of the story just because recent knew each other to talk about a woman showed so much I would certainly clicker. He says dishonest individuals are always trying to find new ways to obtain our personal information my consumer protection team continually works stay current on the latest scams. So they can make sure Michigan residents are aware of these scans and know how to identify. The scans and avoid them. Don't respond to any suspicious numbers. A panel think they're responding on it if someone says something to mean I don't know the number I do. Lost my phone let me tell who is this which by the way most the time is true. Lost contacts or something. I have actually had. People tax Muniz says their name minimize they liked Zach or whatever and I think he knows I'm right Zach is but I must have that one point. Probably drinking I don't know or maybe it is here's a new round vs but I just say who is this again says says don't respond to any suspicious numbers. If you get a they ask you to report it and then delete detects and blocks a number which is a lot of work. Don't share your phone number unless you know the person. Or their organizational reverend you know him well wild how do I know I know them well if you're asking me for what's your phone number I lost it. In your text me you know for my at different phone or something I don't know how the hell am I supposed to know. And then he also says beware of fine print in user agreements for products or services. They may use your phone number which is basically any mobile app any ring tones journal. No one could possibly. Really don't have all the you don't they know you're not going to that's a whole other issue that I wish someone would address. Those things need to be a little more concise. Put the last week they were talking my house Samsung phones were randomly texting people. On some phones were randomly texting people in their contact list. Photos from their photo library and not only was it randomly doing this so we can just text picture with just go to your phone and find a picture imagine it Graham markets that Texans to work. But also you don't get a sense receded doesn't show you that you text of that person's or you don't even know it's happening so we could be happening right happy I. I don't know if they're trying to scare me hear what I guess that maybe. You can't prevent. But if someone texted me started up this conversation I think it's Laszlo. Actors offered by the way if you if you texted me and you said Amy and so this is embarrassing but. You know army lost a law I think a locked in my office and I need to get back to work I guess happening to gas. And the card that some iPhone could not focus your phone is messed up I can't use it. Could Jew. Apple pay me some money. Are exactly scenario works right so now you ask me apple pay you. I would apple pay you more right they get fifteen bucks on image not gonna get thousands but even fifty if I sit fifty bucks to some schmuck. Who somehow got hold of my information because I don't order a ringtone. Or whatever it is a game it is basically every app that you download has this user agreement thing that they know your phone number. All this stuff about how Google and apple and everyone else FaceBook as should say was sharing more than we thought they were share. He says so you're just says singer somebody who's got out they say the judge Simon Says just so you know that is either one eye view of or someone that you know. He just have a keyword after every time you send a landslide pineapple or some fast laws lady penis so we have safe words for length exactly. That's that's the Smart thing to do very well to have a similar or related payments for a link. Ailing U semi necessary turn out as late payments. In it that. And it just say something else like purple after. We have ten dollars per belatedly this now if I just say Hayes watches videos finals in your fault link precluded it just says purple. Sure just in their normal I don't have to keep taking Lyme Disease and anybody can just purple. Ladies usually aren't this purple 71. That's fine and no no one's gonna know that. We're gonna get scams. And it's really easy to stick around you don't know I didn't watch those people on the news and see these old people music. If you keep giving these people money. You kept giving them your credit card information on grandma please stop what are you thinking then let's be honest parties thinking this is so stupid. But guess what it's gonna happen to us. I wouldn't let readiness well. Made for the smashing thing this wishing things scares me but for myriad reasons why not this is the ultimate defender Sonoma in every single time. You tax me. All right text you these are just about links is something that if you're not really talking usually hard every text now is send Mirren played this. Org has changed because now people notice but. Or ruin. I I don't know. Look even if I wasn't asking for money if dole was sending you a link that install malware they idea that someone could taxi. 11 o'clock at night and it says it's your friend might. And you choose are joking around and then you find out later no. Sorry. Wasn't him somebody else and now whoever that person is maybe Davis they have got your whole I'm message thing here I'll sell it to differ on a box. I won't show it to whoever your mom a wife or husband whatever it is. I try every conversations are related news so that's the world we live in now depth. Every single text message I sent has have a safe word the related industry. They're gonna know what they get a hold of all of our text messages they're gonna see that we've been using a safe for the interview go back and look. And see that it's always leaving they're gonna know that we're saying something he did it. It's over we're screwed. Our phones or send an out was those phone is possesses only actually possessed and just sending people text messages and pictures. From his phone ma mature and rented insane my phone is possess. He's been trying to play along with that which actually think it's kind of funny. That's not an angle I would have thought revenues on an angle I would have predicted that if you want but when when he started like random people that you work for ten years ago the president just saying my phone is possessed plaza or just say hi ya but it was flying until whenever you know like at all. Oh okay. We don't wells and I know their romance along star let my phone runs some or all of the screen and I can't get to the Apple Store. And time dram to fix an amendment you know it's always a couple hours later and you know me I'm just not that patient anyway no I haven't sergeant on time take care like bright side Estonia did you select bone is broken. More than literally earphones from Y one attacks me. As a greater sense my bones possessed but then I guess that does sound like. An excuse grunt I actually thought it was kind of funny that you just went along with that body and mind there is no no nothing else in there. And it's still you stole you you're still using a possessed phone doesn't that scare you. Now we got smashing to deal with and texting may be going you're just walking around with a possessed file mom. What you wanted to. I don't know there's no place in order to fix something Apple Store and intentionally seventeen days to fix it you can get into a psychiatrist is a new patient faster than you can get that phone fixed yes willow what winning is your appointment to get the phone effect I don't know I'm not to go on base and come in late you have to show up at the Apple Store. Before opens seeking engine line. What is is ridiculous every day is Black Friday down and you just have to get their take a number I Charlotte for the draw I was like no real bill for the July packed. The well. I apologize for your. Broken phoning your troubles but I do once you guys to be worse machine and I do think it would be Smart now since. I'd basically only Texan to you much to start everything related it is gonna have to be some sort of a code word between us we're gonna have some say the Florida case are gone. Well related Venus can't have the same for beef public. You won't know if we change it off here and on them if they did user you can assuming we were known airline. Be a dead giveaway. Assume sank a different change cherica don't know. And Lindsey Texas was elated you know some bone Don we know that there's not a trusted friend. A cracked. That's fine. We're really gonna stick with us relative pinch. So noise and it in the texture separately SMU attacks and I followed our every conversation related things. That's our church. I'm great people are eTech simulate Kunis. Trusted friends from whom. She now works. No stretch to me I'm I got one section just says sleepiness. No I'm gonna. We're gonna get scanned for various scams are elated and so Auburn he scammed by something. It's it's just a maritime. We're already today at age related or if it's serious and start working nine guarantee is saying is this an arm well. That I agree with but I don't agree about that smashing. The church of who has low. The virus. Chicago family idea and a Mike and sausage fest. He's had to throw a party and I think he's getting word that two people are gonna show for his house. By your body's gonna invite a few friends and my it's been recommended daily. They go to Houston. So when people message but sold out on the news it's in the hill was like that's good congratulations on China responsible I didn't call a sausage French right Leo Maia yeah you want at a dance party demands fighters join us that was raided concealment right that was that that. I always kind of thought if he ever came here we do gave pen's party. What is happening in cities across the country. So let's make it count Kansas City games some kind of barbecue and sausage Ireland has sausage party via. And I'm home. Here we are. Seoul. Will you now feel OK bump isn't just a highlight and they knew they aren't grass easy and I. Well tomorrow morning eleven vision and my friends only a barbecue sauce engines sent via. And to have someone downstairs and creative come up with a little picture in yet and now line now what. Well you shelter Barrios plaza across in the merry go 'cause I doom. Whoever owns the go okay see you know yeah I'll be down there OK and then what unanimous. On paso hot dogs okay. You can if you wanna bring a sign reflect whatever you wanna do word is that the press on hot dogs and have fun we'll play some music. What have fun to bring a sigh and our flag or whoever it is boiling down sausage pastor if you want to win Ohio us via. We got a bunch of bonds. And sausages are hot dogs. Virginia thank you embargo Wonder Bread donated the bonds to us which is all snow comes and you wanna do a lot of money and he called around on the micro has brought Doug. That's such a special read these that's pretty good at all and if you wanna between the buns Mike Pence between the bonds. Are like that and take him pick which one you want. But if you're watching your car is you can you can liken throughout dollar. Yeah for monitoring the bonds you. Between the bombs and looks like got so quiet little party plan there should be fun and easier when Dahmer the excitement is. How global I'm curious are you still as anxious as you word today when I first saw you I'm pretty anxious. But I'm sure before him a good time. If you do lose and now. Sausages out. Onboard were we're gonna run out really quick probably everybody towel actually and are you saw that coming up for free line. What I'm told them I understand on their for free food I get that but I would like to have a lot. And we do have a lot but a more it's gonna run at home. Okay well it may run out there it's been sense I mean well but it's a matter of how quickly. It might not we nobody shows up and you come back here to work the PowerShot that's true. So that's true but it looks like worst case scenario as you know given everything down there I'm sure roads be blocked off. Park usually give everybody free beach sponsors and they show him. I'm just came off OK you can catch. You have to go sees no content in person. And have to say give us if you can. We won't do that you. But I'm proud. You I think you should be excited not so worried the fact that the news is talking about and other not calling it. Raw dog owner sausage party sausage but they're not doing that. But they're still talking about is still your party your party made the news. They're tweeting about it. And it I'm guessing that means are probably going to be down there. I was getting messages this morning on social media direct messages of people trying to get a hold of view. Because they said they receive messages. And there are have a hard time getting through because so many people. Had been sending messages asking about this. That's exciting yeah they are very excited that's exciting now. Do you have like some sort of a change or protest sign ready to go or anything like that I don't think this approach us it's a part of Iraq is a party that's. At the pins sausage fest include the third party. And if you want a protest bile they can bring signs or whatever what do they wanna do you also sausage party I'm not leading the protest Newton. We can now when ownership. Now they wanna come with their own agendas in the signs and that's more than more than welcome to be here there or support program. Nothing but show my support for. It's just a welcome party man just a local artists Christo welcome saucer. Doing food fuel barbecue. Welcome to town. Exactly are you positive things coming. Like who told you that he was going to be here you have looked into this right it was guessing its own star somebody told you that a cut he's here and campaign for Yoder and then he's going downtown Kansas City for the America first tax breaks whatever. So we're assuming you know Mike Pence between the bonds double penetration too hot dogs one month who'll. Yes well we can figure that out. We get there early Israel around. But no unintended women lot so go out and wins server was not allowed to be around where our hotel and then yeah you can't eat. With a woman on attendant right so you gotta have your husband whoever silicone run well there will be anger yes. So just know he's not being reviewed insisted conviction red benefits you mother worries Mona. And where his mother oh well one day mother was just sitting here yeah. And there were like children in the building and lower and and and children came out and an aunt and mother was just completely indecent. And so I had just so wish I had to Haider I think she's in the back room gonna get there I know where she is you don't know where she is an hour she should Brenner. We're down one assigned. Let's get her match to hat. I think that'll be good but I think you find a mag out apria pay for wondered if you can get a Mac were really want besides online you can't go on person to get. I'm sure somebody hasn't somewhere. I mean people Wear them. I somebody's gotta be selling them yeah. I think he'll be nice if she was the only one who has been supportive Susan make America first kind of kind of presence out there. So what time you're getting there what time. 11 AM Barrios was. Me at the exact address is on tomorrow right here tomorrow right across the Marriott downtown. We have the exact address just in case. 301 west thirteenth street that's between I think thirteenth and twelfth. Well congratulations. Thanks moving forward to it. That he is gonna go. Now they're. Two of them works. Course you don't seem. Sure about that of course. I'm always whatever reason to get out a man. I was I was gonna get there early on my good honor tonight. But but but but but let's spend the night just make sure everything's ready to go and ruin. This you know lay of the land is younger vulnerable spot absolutely. Will be fun it is a free love bugs and music. Did its big party that can be fun. So I have pensions stopped. And he has relics. Really meant as far as I know that's only reason he's coming here he wasn't going to come to Kansas City tell you heard about it yeah we had a entice them the party the sausage fest. So good job silicone this is going to be I mean when's the last time you threw a party. I don't I sizes remind them to be peaceful. I'm not their miners can. Guys listen I an inmate can I won six general down man for. I'm Mike Pence sausage dress make sure you and I mean. I assume he'll be peaceful. Yet be peaceful. Just my friend that tried to stray from the text signed with the number and it just has remind them to be peace. Peaceful you can just hold up that's he's on any type of shenanigans. But that's par someone in June I'm just very minute to be peaceful. I've sent out a person's you Schobel assigned just shows relatively peaceful that's your job. Mike Pence. What honor that just gets the intensity and I believe it I mean this is a big deal. All of my big oh he's a vice president of the United States and he's gonna be here I am at my parents hope. I'll talk to his people. Because I feel like this is gonna and tell you listen flatter him. From. The end users of the podcasts so. See if you can not actual wants may unit camp about Brokeback Mountain style. What's I would happy. The style where we keep our love secret for years and years. That daughter finds out later. And and a member of it and someone dies something. Who perished the point is they wanna set sex yes yeah point and I wants action in public. When that doesn't have to be broke right now is former cowboy mango can't be I'd like no idea how over. I like the idea of camping and Igawa had a guy that knowing that I mean that's fine I'm dissing you could just come over. Or. All music's playing you can make a move never made a move. You know all palm. People say. My bears an alcoholic right. And they say. You say I'm never seen a person drunk and they say no no you've never seen him solar leisure site known him. You never seeming not make moves. Is that what I'm always made a move on purpose and I've just been completely blind to it from all these citizens that's who I am. Still up earlier today of people who listen longer and showed in my direction yet that you do that all the time exactly but I think you do that everyone. But worry about what I do and other people worry about what I do you burn off colonel colonel what I do another duels or business or not. Where do you leisure business yes well I would like to keep all that. Away from the pence party because I don't want my parents sausage fest thanks you might call and says right now and the Mike Pence sausage fest. Posted by smoke on. Are you gonna get on the might. There's going to be a PA there can you get on a Mike. Don't know why not 0:0 what am I gonna do everybody what do you want sausages when and if that we've got to do something got to get the crowd go on but the but you could you that's your job your knee and see how my doing that you gotta thank everybody for coming now tell them where they can get there hot dogs. The sausages. All figured out. They could figure out that you could also be a good host NB AMC I'm not. Those are just it's down there with several bills and don't Wear that even more in that same sure for the last like four days you gotta. Be. It cleaned up a little bit autism wandered make yourself presentable than I would like to see it on the Mike. I'm not gonna Mike. It's your party so it's. Find token on the markets Mike Pence is far Mike Pence is partly it's for Mike Pence yes but you still have like someone's life is. I had an NA arouse thing rendition of stories junkie so there you go kinda like that I'm Becky I got hot dogs and here I can do that. It's hard hot dogs and air around the dollar do you play guitar like nobody's business share. Jack you learn very you know and as always we'll figure out. You can sing it. They're saying it quiet these guys are gonna come or sausages and there I will be there I'll be I'm already there sausages and I think. But but but but I'm gone straight there as soon as we get out of here I'm going straight there crying I'm excited. To be fun. It. Tomorrow morning 11 AM first annual. Mike Pence a socialist and you'll. Energy this next year alone a little oil revenue contracting called the first annual and see what happens. All right first annual. Mike Pence sausage fest tomorrow and AMR Ailes was we'll see you there. I'm ended right hello you. The. Oh well are you guys Dylan talked about sports. Well I think. I think you don't talk like that have like it Philly sports old. Cliche debate because the only big sports news today is just the crack in his yesterday. Just zoom in just couldn't have just been an eagle global machine what trauma or. And see photographs. That. So an ex girlfriends arraigned and posted a picture. Of the extra opened on Twitter. He says hell. And that there's now police report or nine or one call where the allegations are essentially that would show on the court hired somebody. So do all home invasion on it again the allegations are an ex girlfriend. She got pistol whipped they took back some property here were some property. And the allegation turkeys behind this whoever whoever it is whoever behind it I mean it's. When this happens. It would appear in the last recently. Images posted to answer Graham Tuesday. Accordance close friend Meehan Michelle there's articles from today. So I mean that I'm not overstating the picture right like. I know it's bad she's our consumer are a that's what she looks like a normal aunts and how bad GB badly should be made her lip and his solution. Beat I don't think there watching C did it there I think they're alleging that he put. The people up to doing it and she also alleged that like he beat his dogs so that the dog wouldn't kidney failure that you would. Yeah it's on her answer on the instead grand photo. She's done on a side by side with the picture of of her you know bush Norman looks like and in the picture there did my current program yet gets her friends and Seagram and it says. At shady McCoy is the double U warrant in a mall we didn't see anything about how you beat your dog Henry Indy kidney failure. Let's not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from viciously beating your son for small things like peeing in the bad. We kept quiet about your drug usage all the illegal steroids in needles you're using but we will not keep quiet about this I can't believe you did this to my best friend. Your karma is going to be so real the world needs to know what type of animal you really are. This was just her yesterday on the last and now this morning this is her on the right hash tag woman beater hash tag animal abuser hash tag child abuser. And again this is from her friends. Mr. Graham I count as according to buzz feed dot com this our parent out. But they're now is also light I mean there's just something definitely happened as much as. I mean by policemen if there's a 91 dispatch like. Yeah woman in distress whole whole invasion should clock in at bats per home. I mean she's one of I mean he's not so for restore order but he. Is always an upstart if you. A casual you know slightly more than casual fan AFL you know home you know his name in a sense for the record to totally baseless and offensive claims made against me are completely false. Does what he wrote on and surrounds furthermore I'm not had any indirect contact and any and zippy people involved in months. Or are you need to you know and he's saying you haven't seen her but she's not alleging that he did it. All. And the what I do you agree to a that the police don't think it was orient but that it didn't look like it was targeted at home invasion outlook and I obviously maybe he had nothing to do that maybe it's just people knew he had something of value. Ali is she did she think that he had someone do this or is just a friend the only one right now let's alleging that. I'm not that. By the way it's been the way are ready it would appear that she thinks. But she agrees with the foreign divide I guess I don't think she just spoke publicly and it's just happen. So I mean. It was a terrible cup what are you good ideas are you guys are huge so big it's the Britain Portugal or. I don't get well Bonnie please call fault. So you. The front page of Yahoo! Sports today and where our affiliate Yahoo! at all from the age of Yahoo! Sports today. Like duck after the big news article it works but needs that was. On nick Wright explains why Celtics fans should be worried about carrier ring leaving. And I I think it was a well thought out take but it wasn't what they're reporting and in fact. I want that there wasn't any like. Breaking news I think having it wasn't like I had spoken to tie where you're someone who can't. I did gave rifle was he buried well on hot cakes. And it just in the middle of July with nothing going on qualified it like Yahoo! go up on their splash page. And now jobs I mean just inundated me keeping my Twitter mentions are typical bad. Just inundated with people there's nobody worsens also in sports fans. It never won there there are avatars Tom Brady date date date or do they have socks sell its. All packed in our handle a lot of homes so I had. If you click on their cage there's a nice stat Mac though or picture of trump to go along with all this up. And these people are just sole. So furious that I brought up before because they're the news this week was. That type 34. Years ago what upset when he found out LeBron was coming back to call you. And but like that he wanted to see he wanted to be the face of that he even though they opened the playoffs. Since you've been there done that well well what I've seen it in in the gender he didn't walk. To be on the team of LeBron and that he almost demanded a trade. I thought the white actually won the championship two years ago. And so the point that like the point that I made is that if you are helped expand that idea out there are a great situation yet very coach. Excited didn't wanna play with LeBron and earnestly believe each of its flat you can't. Applying logic to his decision at the end. There were also some other every guy was very upset evidently. That would the media was. Pain giving look like paying attention in the LeBron social activism while paying attention this is flat earth stop. Science here at the question that you can't convert cagey about who this person it's. Someone you guys clearly no one respectively are on it it looked flat earth. Yes and and more I mean he's yeah he's a lot of things for the eyes definitely flattered and I say a lot of things meaning he's got. They'll tell you all kinds of things that he believes to be true and you go wow what I did you know that that was a thing right there are no mountains mountains okay he told me at dinnertime watch that. Melons are old trees stumps from when giants roamed the you're originally from the only area or something like I think those like if you look at a tree when you cut down a tree and just the stump is left. That really looks like a miniature amounts over time it would something along those lines and there's a lot of different things like that we certainly not Roswell all that of course there's. There's a story for every conspiracy theory that you've heard of and they're even more for once I don't know exist. Here's the thing up felt like even one as a surrogate the mountains right. At least that Warren is not. Eighties who will lead faults but all we kind of you work still like trusting I guess geologists. You know what I mean do you think it's a legitimate but these possibilities. That carrier Irving is being wealthy yes. Person that believes your dislike. It got about a hundred million dollars oracle believes we are going on the moon right. If you had infinite resources. Would you not aiding and by the way and all season. Would you not decide. I'm going to spend some lobbyist money and that I won't get to be the one bet crew it's one of the world's greatest conspiracy theory that there. Like if you and maybe you couldn't prove that once she got a rocket ship. What type record the commission a clue but failed. I recall that absolutely. Go along and hire people to marks for Antarctica. Keep it he's not he should do this donor in the comment section he could take a a very nice vote. To Antarctica. And marketer right. He he could you aren't fully earnestly believe. That there was in worldwide. Centuries long conspiracy. And I had to re sources to open. And I would not. Intellectually. Curious or just industrious enough to do. Could that Alomar. Right well okay so we have an artist. Tom songs from blink one needs to a band that you know we play in alternative band. And he believes that. Aliens are really this is a known thing he's talked about this tore up furlong time but eventually it got to the point where he decided to jump I'm not gonna do. Toured the band you are gonna make new music with the band anymore. Because I need to work on this disclosure stuff and not another government once I hear is helping getting our minds ready to accept wind full disclosure Arabs. But he started a whole academy that he funds is called I think it's like to do stars academy or something. And he is actively funding this stuff you know because he believes that any has the money to to follow through with this. Back to the extreme. Anger at the carrier to retire. Take two weeks and not be like if I. Nobody believed. That there were. The pyramids were. Still with solid gold and it's where above nation's latest. And I would and I could have the ability to go oh and who would probably can't. I'd rather hang out on top and now I'm about it. Yeah and especially when you're arguing you're trying to get people. To see the light it's not like you say does about a male I mean yeah if you ask me but I keep it to myself I don't care one way or the other. When you're actively trying to get people on your side to understand it they've been duped. Am I mean you're in a way you are already trying to prove it to me. Right like that's the thing and it was. IE it's amazing man that there are there are lot of people. That believe. That they are entitled to an opinion all on that specific facts. That is why I take that flattered may be on the weirdo. The letter saying it's a microcosm for bigger issue but he truly scares me. When did it become a war like we looked up flattered society when time has found out it's been arouses the fifties but. Well I don't remember people talking about or are arguing about us and not public figures. I told you know recently the last ten more here and they don't yeah right and yes fires are famous flatter answers to the tequila. They don't want deal being he's got eight million according to slug net worth Sherri shepherd. You know what have you had a nursing and she also being yeah or maybe she's still is on one problem. Your guys got the most money nick you're right. She did. Like any Norman and oh yeah and a lot more guaranteed money coming to a. Let you go be obedient like look you got eight. You're probably never reaching peak earnings potential and liked it ain't gonna cost you two million I give India what it and all the political comments section on YouTube and like periscope the most right I I just. I don't I don't understand. That part of it and the people who. On Twitter when I Tweeter Val carrier thing being flattered her. Saying that you should be embarrassed that he will not educate myself. I'm like man. We are in we're in a weird spot. We're like no like no object if fact he's accepted at an objective back. Colonel fax anymore right what are fast and it's mighty Flatbush now I have to tell you I'm the worst. I am the worst ever because solicit Ayers line some serious trauma Sinai wound care. Why doesn't my enemy as it costs and I still have to go down my cap to get home and it's fine whatever but my name importantly. I don't care. This apathetic about every vote really why does it affect me what do what do I care. Do you really care and I don't like in the end I feel like god dammit as the earth let's just say I'm Al queasy. Side note Q2 killing tire here in Iraq. Well how doesn't doesn't affect you. The matter what. In less you have plans to launch a satellite or something you had to start up company you're raising money on concerns villages as a matter who cares I still gonna go home. Yeah Jesus came here right now and I talk about it and he said it look. In order to save the world they're gonna have to sacrifice your body here some fast and like what many. If you are Jesus in the news came long gone on your guy I'm going home Friday Osama finest. And nick why bothers you because now we live in a post facto world where you can say here's a fact and someone says. Now I don't believe it I don't like it it's I don't believe it and so where do you go from there are well you have to go to where I've always been political debates like what we had lack you know in 2016. And you have. News covers like we have now where half the people are gonna believe it now the people actually won't no matter what. Ends. What comes of that. Did you guys I know at this point we have and tell me if you are kept guard aren't I I know at this point. You certainly have a three hour show in years talk a lot a lot of things so it's impossible to tell us discuss all these instances of like people calling the cops on black people per existence. On what did you see it that boat video from yesterday yeah our belt with that lady were in the Puerto Rico shirt yeah. I I don't get the best of people like it wasn't. I get the guy. In divide not thinking for a good part of United States and being an acre queries this piece of crap I deal. The polish officer there. These. So what these people know he didn't call the cops he's just a Austin this woman. You might be talking might not be what liberties that demand angrily and not quite violently but potentially probably crossing the woman. And it copies there. And just what observing and minding his own business to a degree. And that is now he's been close some desk duty. They need that it is so. Such. Thing to see. Cut its fervor. Validate in one's opinion which is an understandably held opinion would you bet. At least certain police are not there to serve the community but just their circle white junior. What can you. People don't know her shirt was just they just had the flag and large the Puerto Rican flag. Yeah and that managed just Halliburton is United States you're gonna change out you storing the woman and as a point arms within 28. Yeah dirt like chill. Mine it's all different and that what. I mean obviously we know the world first got it wouldn't be like separate that. He is the Yankees I bet you more who you were like at the cop you get to choose who you're protecting them Serb. These. Are terrified. Young man and what he's more these. Don't tell me that means that you want I'm biased Robocop fours does that terrifies me those things are scary. I've seem like Myra need to be run away from one of those things when he gets malware in fact there's something that's that's scary. Where is gonna have to deal with the fact that people are people in some armor goods and former bad and of course an easy be accountability of course we have clear guidelines in that instance. I don't know exactly what the top might say liking at that point nothing illegal was happening I don't know what it's like you. And great news but man I know it looks high to me. England I feel like cops step in bulk for something illegal happened if there in the area yeah. The of course of course like June and nineteen. 85 NBA draft was fixed. The that you UN draft is the one you're talking about Maria. Well I think that you. HM. City all I know also as we can all find it can spared jail in 1985 conspiracy it's very bad mouth now. So. The NBA that people say they rigged the draft. So that the New York Knicks would win and so in order to do that. They took the M below that would be the number one. And they reported in the freezer are made it calls our brand already pulled out member of the standing you know very good number one so that the knicks can get Patrick Ewing. Yeah I remember that story. Or that potentially some people think it was even more and hinted that they hit the corner. All and you could just feel around until cool debate corner that's not the most interesting India conspiracy. Call centers in India conspiracy involves it doesn't involve the court threat can Donna eat it involves Michael Jordan. Barry got apt since mid career after nine years fly. Then he got suspended for gambling. They're gambling problem we'll so wildly out of control. That but Lee told him listen man you gotta go. Get it together and come back. It because it was such a I'm not saying I believe that one but I would submit that on and there that one did. A little more. Work when you remember what happened around that time to his father you are now. Our and that one I mean. That's like big east. Very what we eat we don't look at it odd because it happened. Oh Michael Jordan played nine years in the MBA was coming off his third consecutive championship. And oh abruptly quit the sport. To go play a different sport. Yup. And then by the way he came back. Just as abruptly. Or simply sending up facts but that are in back need to beat them on Europe app later. You just introducing New Coke. So they can get everybody taser in his new token and reintroduce the old Coke would cheaper ingredients and everyone liked more. Or whatever that while the version and I bridges that they would make people miss. Coke so must get all this free publicity mothers far and I presume there's also the other part of that is. Why are they gonna the other part of that is yet encased steel co premiers very similar but they're put in cheaper ingredients like to make more per bottle. I hadn't heard that version but I know I do believe that I think Dallas just always got just one. I'm drew is many of these are all if you are believed it yeah you have to do it tomorrow because we are these run my way way way over at this point is that the trials on the and it can trounced totally and he can I just I don't find I don't mind. I don't let throughout stones they wouldn't do it more more barriers are where are your cynnex. Churchill. On ABC.