Tuesday, 07.24.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, July 24th

0:00 - Headlines
Trump in KC
Jackpot in a storage locker
A supposedly funny eviction notice
My Favorite Murray
46:20 - Slimfast and Lazlo have worked together for so long that they've run out of stories to tell each other. Snowcone suggests they give it a shot.

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Courageous man. From all sides. Touring yeah your homeland. Well leaders don't. Will strive to own up. And here. How are you. I'm good I'm better now. One. I didn't see snow come. And it and you normally he's going to be late he would say something like Colin you know. Run a few minutes live and I thought. Where is not gonna say anything less loyalist tanks and even sound like done well right now and you have many guys and reads. And I thought wait. What what is what is what is what does he diet. Why did you think you might go because I thought he is his Stanley was out of town because remember the plumbing issue I thought if he died no one would know. And I thought wait a day. I'll bet his girlfriend would. At least trying to hold me she would not get a hold me maybe she's sent me a message on answering messages and I don't check who is all about Austin. So that's jealousy probably trying to get a hold of my girlfriend and then I throw Teddy you know hold the meat but. But maybe not maybe she's in the showers and and then actually his whole funeral in my head. And started thinking about might you might. Maybe somebody might not need to go see and I do and I realized at that moment I do not have a lot of friends. As I thought man if it's so Congo us. It's his stance just Laszlo like it's just unique and and and we we we barely talk or Phelps. It's win you a yeah. We're we're gonna have to if he gets to that point we're gonna have to. Stepped things up. Our friendship yeah we're gonna have to I should just be I should be spending more time and you guys period I mean after after experiencing now earlier. I felt like Sasha. I don't know loom. Almost like a phony giving eulogy at his funeral you know I felt Stanford of those people. I I I barely know my barely knows same way I don't know anything about it for a woman and I really event. This is my this is my daydream. I can say something they usually have I'm thinking about battles enjoys right now he passes away and I am at home right now. The day and his funeral. In my underwear and a dress shirt deciding whether I'm a different look like come on man. I'm gonna go against pressure and move it. It's not for I didn't. Your shirt actually that. In this day dream I didn't envision him there were lights of Hollywood faces are has now have siblings that have never met. Buttons. I mean people. Do you think we showed you feel also known. Let's give a big group of friends it would show up late 20s30. Total us including Stanley in. We think going to funerals and. You been to funerals for others. And nobody there. We've seen. So case. Maybe had to work forever but you know. They died you know on an earlier a lot of people and I think I don't either that's what I'm saying panel I don't think there would be who I don't I don't really know MB of I have built in. Guarantees with the with the immediate feelings I have three older Brothers so that's something. Brian you know and and they're gonna bring their wives and kids and so that's something that's not thinking like nieces. Mean my sister's got a big family. That's good she's got four kids and then they've got kids right that's so. That's so lesson. Tanner. I don't know cinch to college twelve on her site. Mean so if they all made it is rich if my funerals here are not comment. And after trips from Detroit to hear it but I don't know if that's true. Where would you want your funeral. I guess you are told you're only as investors. I told you are wanna be married you and you you told me side cemetery right on that path again I wanna get bust of my head right on the hill overlooking Metcalf Basra wannabe. There's a plot there. I want like they did with the men and where they just leave it. You know they like him on the and then I'm like a class task don't leave in the lobby here for people who view. This is having a plaque or something and it says in remembrance of which by the way I don't expect and wouldn't get but I'm gonna. With the demand little more I'm just gonna say. Just. Leave my body down their lobby in people can see you in the coming to get tickets to your body. Yeah I wanna be like you know and one of those automated thing. I know my handed. Your vision. And Madcast. I want a little big bust or statue overlooking Metcalf and then I want to stop plaque here. Honor Olazabal smoking area the smoking areas openers. Yeah. That's good. I was taken. One of us trying to claim that bathroom in the basement. Someone should get credit for that. Mean fair. Texas is the worst part about only talking to work as you're about to not work together which. And you know I just because we don't have contracts and just because there may not be working here doesn't mean and we under working together. I figured the first ever mention to try to do upon checks and I do not. Cars may really be YouTube channel and then we won't be working the other went through even if we're not here we got like a couple months before we're really. Go our separate ways. Before the reality of at all since Sammy Orleans no lose lose you revived the thoughts of he had no wonder why any contract socks. And they're going to slave owners do whatever. On the homeless shelters says they don't want our T shirts and all of our extra charge is that gonna. A podcast yeah. I don't even like tennis. Think about. A Sox. Yeah. We've known someone people who. Been through something like that. You just try and that's a stronger man stocks. Mean basement radio and podcast on sound cloud and whatever you can do to just. Try I'm doing my thing doing yeah because of the word you don't want to do anything else a lot of people what works for a lot of people podcasting gas so mark Marron. He's also I'm mark my exact I understand it works for other people. Joseph Rogan. Other people it can work around John Monaghan yeah. He's got a couple and follows guys to Monroe understand of comedy I'm guessing to supplement their income which is something anonymous are gonna do well. Your little ones is my favorite murdered girl's. It's okay and there aren't huge and make any new ground that he now we can do that chair and George and I. Yeah George. Yeah. Plus it's still hot spots but it's likely you know a lot of things are highest possible I mean I'm certainly looked as rice every got a couple monsters as we would certainly try okay. We would certainly drive. That's our. That's our first and all that I can just try yeah. Clarkson unemployment trying to astonished asked. How will we promote it. We don't have these regional president works for trying now. Well we should really don't have team. This should already be some sort of plan this is my distance never gonna work the wheels sort of RE than emotion there are already had T shirts in the you gotta do what the following year. There. Was a little more time. Alicia just started people listen maybe reduce. President is this is a replay. My go online here but you you've probably heard those three years includes approximately. About the same thing is always a stressful time. So no I'm here I cannot do like I'll ride it. It is 350 on what day isn't July 24 July 24 there you go. On here Tony sixteen. She's we should run best job and just give me saying daily news. Any time she. He never have to community. But do you ever listen we always had some weird variation of a cold or something or sound slightly different someone's you can do. Say Wednesday to life only they're the six season and as soon you'll be a couple of times it right now. The news plus age she's 3 o'clock hour right busy exactly time is 3 o'clock hour let's record voting machines. Bigotry and like done well I'm. Who knows I mean that's only known name. Let's not worry about that yet I worry about the pirate hat if I ask that it has some runs on do you still have that system are you saying why does snow come keeps saying we eat. That's true. That's true come on and I gave the eulogy is funerals. Clearly important you guys. See you guys. Who would give the eulogy funeral. And a but rethink who do you imagine giving the eulogy at your funeral. Mean. And I mean beyond site. I don't expect you to do you what do parceled out to surge in the Eugene McCarthy never opinions that rent a video coming on I mean you hear this stuff figured out so dreaded them. Yeah. Don't ever put me today against an outcome don't ever do that to me again. Not texting. You never text seigniorage downstairs. Smoke when glass house I suppose I will. The peace and he has him because as some ice on the radio dunk comment the strength of the country playing in Plano so. Well still those who oppose of the people who have said no this is settled no it's not. It's fifteen years as. Much truth do you mean other than like the news of the death. Well you know that's why those. Those ladies you know I get to know with the blue. And murder stuff. Just find a subject in just they just stick to it right. That sick and if they wanna talk about something else they do what every day in Hamburg or an old murders stop never never. People get married murder. And we do a show about Murray's. Fifth every day LT about a different interest in Mary. But but you never heard. I'm in Detroit there is like gay marries auto parts yeah I haven't a picture of Carolina long hair. And you can go in there is like any sort of I don't know what they have auto parts store here auto zone right runners Riley's I was trying to don't. Which one advertised spot doesn't matter. Maybe none of them maybe both of them doesn't matter but Murray is you're going in my auto parts and the mentally so they sold jewelry. Down and measure people went and got there winning wrench hold on that's a real names people. Took advantage of the jewelry bathers jewelry section in the middle of America's auto parts store and you can go by like running for instance governor. Some guy who also soldier carburetor so whenever. Interest to be Saudi an alternate journal wedding ring if you aren't. There's a first glimpse. My fair where. That's my favorite Murray who know Arizona charged. Well let me do my dad bought my mom's whether rumors. Away. And memories aren't cameras and courage. I'm excited for next week's halves of. And we discussed Mary Hamilton. Who's that who's an American stage screen television character but deep interest in things happened in his life. Hopefully we start with the rumors that everybody's expecting that Americans. At least you inevitable end data and he's saying you know we're gonna get to say yeah it's always come on out. And there's like ten and those guys to do you go through all the Brothers Brian Doyle. The rule as the gathered so raptors. You've seen his older brother or. In the teens stuff. Work on that. We need to margin easy to make sure that. There's frontal mind. The so you learn so yeah pretty I think this thing has legs new podcast coming soon after learned. You know my singing never run out of murders start I think we might run on immersed. I'm suing go tomorrow and Mario now no no no no you can't do that. That contradicts the whole point doesn't. We'll just have to stick with Mars and hope for the best practices. You know I think we could even those people who played a Murray in a movie we can take it. To that level of its. She will I and I'm guessing you relate because. You at the trump thing he sing you're volunteering and it's furniture. And you enjoy your stay here Donohue those protesters went police say you're. Solitary tear down the you know the maggot stuff no on things right now. Look exactly chump was his massive. Things around officially endorse him. Don't know. I think he was here to talk them down. Cherish. And other good. And to tell the farmers. Who are now getting hit with these retaliatory. Terrorist. That we're gonna give you money so everything's going to be okay lot of lobbyists. You know. Working against me but everything's gonna be great. Making tremendous progress they're all coming. Don't wanna have those terrorists put on them they're all coming to see yes. And the farmers will be the biggest beneficiary. Opening up markets to watch what's going. There's still little patient. There are all aiming at anybody that likes me. And they have lobbyists like nobody's ever seen. They have the best lobbyists ever put together I was hearing and reading that. They have some of the greatest lobbying teams ever put together an analogue line obvious. This is his first trip to Kansas City Conrad Murray are big and I don't own one don't ruin. Anybody that's a good episode. Well we do again and Conrad Murray doesn't respond. Did he get in trouble. Well you know we'll discuss it on the analysts a lot of stuff going I was in the reserve my favorite learn. I do like just a good idea. I live the same thing you not you're not keeping secrets and promising. We're looking up famous Murray's right now let's I don't know. I'd like to think he wouldn't but I know and trust me I would not. We can. Do those. Storage on the things we could do it on storage lockers guy in New York. He bought one of us stores like us and some old storage room gas storage drawers and guess people really do that this guy at 815 brands. Pro locker and he thought it was filled with the an old junk arch. Guess we found in their. Because as you do for this moment. A certified gen one of the kind painting by famous abstract expressionism will ended kooning. Potentially worth millions. This storage unit is. Is a mirror call William did Tony you know on our original William de kooning just sitting there can you imagine potentially worth millions and I think he said that there is like maybe fifteen others. It's going to be sold for millions and auction saying. 151000 for this thing we can go there's so many storage lockers around you can go good on those. I have I have the stores like currency. Well no they probably sold and I don't think any payments on a few years is the question you have a storage locker human pyramids are installed yet and he's fine. A large amount they probably have a home videos accounts and Marley and learn switch to digital online everyday and it. So it's in gasoline press loves to lose his mind what's the most valuable thing I'll probably like to get food processor. And bread maker stuff like that just big kitchen appliances and have room for. Enough things. Sentimental. We'll humvee is pretty cinemanow is probably the only. You know. Audio video left thumb on some I think humans animals the story. He's just a thickens in my house. I was trying to sell and I was supposed to go back and get it and I just you know it's never just an average until it you know words that. I know where the locker was the I'm guessing that it's on now same thing happened my bowling ball Losman bowling ball and make it came on the locker. Guess an auction that got things rolling at top dollar. It's just crazy is it should have been used to sitting announces drill from my hand and our I had my shoes and Aaron commonality there it was. His friend. Daniel Alexander Murray was a Canadian mathematician. Does give all my son and he's saying the other people involved you know drill holes it was a reddish color it was a crimson was and that's the same one that's in the locker. It's gone and I lost the faxing and had a denial program grows in the middle of the rules clear ones in the room. That was from a different thing I did have Rose Bowl this us and a skull. It's gone but I was on the skull league. He had the only reason S and definitely this regular on the false. I invading Canada a lot of marriage from Ken I didn't know that. On a Canadian ice hockey players and comedians. So you there should do some rebounds help uninteresting things about a lot of rumors. He's tutoring or at least get names together. I want to know everything there is no formula that interest in about Conrad Murray Wikipedia learnings okay. Consider a phone and. That girlie show you learn. With a girly like an addiction Henry shoddy Murray. It was an influential rhythm and blues music producer raised in hell's kitchen men and this is a story. Proof. It's five as you can talk about irony and telling him we haven't even touched on the Bill Murray family. That's a month right there. She moved to Memphis or Nashville. He's bigger. Think it is the really interest me and just really came sitting. Do. According to titans placed in Memphis and it that's in Nashville and a kind of an independent and those are mostly. While did you see this eviction notice that people got to Memphis that was posted on their door with the you know Jesus planning and OJ on. The fish now landlord to kick put out these addictions and they had to look here's a picture of it. That's the emotion. And it says guess who's not even now know you play. I have I'm serious. And the only reason they got into the news is because when the guys who live there's like an amateur comedian. And he posted a video about it. Talk about how crazy was the tape and put these eviction notice on their doors thinking it was funny. And don't rule this eviction notice ever guess whose movie you. Who and they got the mosey with the rose and you brought bullet but it gets worse we'll look for the first of the month. Not one or practice several errors sent messages and emails you ignore all of them who did you give out an additional fees have been added. Really out there in New York he's big he's not free. How can I tell you right now a black woman wrote if I don't know I know that but my spy series this. Telling me it was a black woman who is pirated games. You know I'm broke you got me especially any time you got my money didn't really like he's either way don't may be no doubt in my why Britney yeah I bet. They said Dave on the things that we've called we've Texans and email so pay your rent or bring in those keys when you on the first. Now whenever. And there are trying to be funny about writing and he hasn't paid his rent way shaking your head. Really needs to be professional. Yeah. I. I think you should feel good about evicting people didn't know. Business and you don't pay your friend and you know then NAFTA and I understand though landlords. Past to have that lies and they don't pay their bills to feed their kids like I understand how works but I don't think you should never be happy about American somewhere. I mean he's really does is awesome I guess I was imagine a scenario where the landlords like okay. Two months. What the hell's going on and maybe it's been golf for a while that the text message rivers of any that's the funny thing up there are those that are noticed as Susan and you rule. When it's on its. It is yeah it's definitely gonna cinemas and on. Can be the worst incidents lived yeah. You know was. I'm I guess and he knows this guy. Machine. Of those kind of funny I was gonna wanna and yeah easily that easily yeah he got an I don't know if they gave no other people are not pleased and it's a mother you know three kids been limited by. You know from this. She says makes you point. It would be like if you know you're Landler writes this Texan all the time you guys are even fighting against major ran a couple months. Yeah and they say it's a funny thing on the growing and guess who's proven. I did it would be bad to go around and put money hey are you. Announcing it in half. That's there's. This notice of she's number ten on the list of the fifty biggest adult contemporary artist ever and learn. I think you're saying it's the biggest marries. I know let's. Internet is a wonderful thing. To. And I've kind Florida's stand your ground guy that I'm there I don't think anything's in Athens. And cherish. Does not press charges because Steve Brown line. I told you growth and said he'd been trying to pick fights whatever. He was even an exact day if I see pictures Canadians trying to snag and then lose its. Is Mario like the Canadian challenge you know maybe it looks like that's I don't know I don't know. It was at a gas stations yeah he walks up and says they are doing any tips and yet and she sent. This has picked fights a little hurt. How'd she know. Did you even one of someone to be angry and a com. And summer with colonel he was trying to do was protect the Stanley. Yes this is harassing her organs handicapped space he once somebody being made just one as a unified and he was picking through I don't I didn't waiting. Yeah I think she's just saying this guy is trying to pick a fight he wanted to fight with some money. Am I who I don't talk real estate at that video I would sinks. That there would be grounds. For the sheriff's press charges. But I guess with this stay near ground long second and June. How this fire how well beyond that video yet I have everything I need houses being near ground hat now. Could he be in fear that next thing is those guys come and ask him again when you guys stand right barely stand it right they're like this. Yes. So that's a shirt saying. Financiers to come back. I still think that video looks like he. Pushes them and then he's done. And there really no news rumors about he's certainly lost lately. It's totally. I don't know if he's walking away. Antonio well Marines. This guy he was a combat veteran and Operation Desert Storm they became police officer in Baltimore. Yeah I'm just giving you a little recounts how news is going to be doing or makes you wanna listen. Anyways he starts he's like the Rio. Deal like he starts taken drugs and drug guys certain. And reselling them. Doing all part of the stop snitching campaign biggest busted. A drug dealers helped convict them. 454. Years in prison. That's gonna. My favorite Murray. Tony Russell stories. About Antonio palmary. Right after this commercial from Stamps.Com. And some sort of mattress and box. Through first then. Think about this guys we think about this and think about it and we news stories it's ever happened in marine at all. Now we can mix murder Liz Murray yeah it's still my favorite Murray I mean I guess Marion Indiana. Is Emery has gotten married the other guys. Here police calm very shooting a murder suicide though. That's compiled an hour right there. This is done it was you who really writes it's. It's a little bit. We have believed we. Good thing going yeah. You guys ever heard someone named. Charlotte. Murray Pace. This is on CBS news. Should I tell you now are. Murray Abraham. From ominous. Like in the movie. Is that that's that's the main guy. Maria Ramirez and I don't think guys remaining guys seem promise. I. Mid eighties. I know his name was Tom little junior player. Yes I. Oh yes Murray Abraham I know that guy he was signed a joining Kansas City film critics circle award for best actor and eight and ominous. I think that's got to play itself that's this out and scarface. Each one of these so hurry and DeMarco Murray are worried. And very into sports simmering. Debit these episodes are pretty big names in sports. Especially in. More subtle then. We're going I'm sorry it's trying to slide 19 Bangkok. Murray had. Does someone linemen kind of zombie masters I had had I've never heard them. They sang that song how if you tell me Dallas and I don't know. It Chicago or some you know it's. Very political very blunt and oh it's a guy's name Murray. C field Saint George head is in English actor and singer must recognize occurs internationally his songs superstar I'm wondering bang out of Dave Murray. Well we've got Anderson that's at least twelve months. Just that you dug up in the last fifteen minutes and twelve months material. And I think the important thing is seeing the logo right and then we need merchant everything. Worry about all the time intently. Damage. I'm just still everything from my very very murder and leash and make it my favorite learn everything everything. Any shirts whenever logo is just no none of my favorite current toxic Mary's. Kill the party and we put as the same task. Toxic masculinity ruins today. Julio figured out. Mainly due always. Yeah there's other things to do once we get to all Americans by the way I read a lot to know different things. When you talk now we can then slipped to Murphy. My favorite Murphy. So then our listeners are going to be Murray Arenas. What's up marine Reno's right center murder Arenas the Mekong owner answers that somebody else carrier. Seeing. Toxic masculinity ruin the party against ours to be a toxic and. Marine. In Indy movie or something yeah. Areas. Round. I mean that's the toughest assignment getting via rumors out there. I didn't. We can already see it. British select a single Murray doesn't sound just try to please put up. Pains right now moment they're Americans started. Just those lines on some flash in selecting single marry just they just write on an average. True Murray story we're survivor. On the Murray story to recount and discussed occasionally sharing additional hometown Murray stories. Submitted by friends and fans. Podcasts. Mainly in dialogue between the house. Early episodes. Merom. The magically base examples include Murray's work animals. Unsolved Murray's speed or real nourish. Rumors yeah. Down there when justice. Easy money in my favor are learning now the part where they give like cats and immunities or you're for now. Two. News after Bosnian Muslims. I can assure and a mug. And if you could you know Tony is a bonus. Don't act like you're too good for free coach. You don't need that and just anything. How do I do cherish so. Boom out of oh non. And 2001 Nomar and his five Brothers. Chance and he actors Brian joy all don't do this and John. And open a Murray Brothers. It's a charity Murray Brothers shared a bunch boom we. Just some sort of proceeds. Some proceeds go to calls it murder relish its fifteen cents from each purchase you'll think it looks like her style. Maybe it. Just sort of make sure I remember the low. And show their eyes on some cruise line to us and desist from one hour ago Demi Lovato. Treasury do Chenault. Hospitalized for apparent heroin overdose. Law enforcement sources tell us and Jimmy who has treated room not care in emergency treatments for narcotic overdose in her home we confirm Leo do occurred at her house in the Hollywood Hills it's just true. Shoes I'm back memo wagon right Jews back here and so. Jimmy was out Monday night so Branson's virgin in West Hollywood. Told you so room posted photos on a private and shoot him or herself and others in the group she seemed happy in the pitch. We'll just as honest and down seventy she released documentary in which she described her cocaine addiction system wasn't working memory and it wasn't Arenas over. I was sneaking drags on planes. Bathrooms. Last month surely shown similar shoes you choose home often minor. I don't want to thank you so. Alone or not. That's because I was right. It's an assumption. Well on my house leaders and apparently time and place for everything is probably not houses and hospital. You see you guys set the song was about being off the wagon that night. She's seen them you can a lot of this song like I don't think you need a parent in different side. Putting your hand. Analysts sounded. OK so then I won't say I don't want to be Disney fit the butterflies saying. I guess I'm. Just can't be so the whole alone. I don't know it since. I understand that she's in the hospital I'm not making fun of our passion and pray for Demi hash tags stay strong during those who tune. Trending hash out according to donate some money to partner. Murray to armory foundation right now. In her name we should do. As we talked about it right after all about. In some areas and nobody in her name will donate some money to the Murray to. I only and do my favorite damning but that's a an amendment Jimmie are you need. Jimmy rocks comfortably keeping regions that. My god it's proven Jumbo draws on its. Loosely you find out we can work on offer. But don't tell myself just looked back and they've got. Didn't know she. Lessons learned from the first men's tennis just some I don't know a lot of time in more general in Jerusalem I did to neat place. What about in a game it is stimulates. 615 minutes seamless yeah rich brown now live whose name beneath us. Demi marsh. You learn less than a sister primaries are now learning. There's. Oh man. Demi march. Page 37. She's been in such movies as Pat's parade American Duncan straight (%expletive) CM long. Add on my phone the. And sequels and to march. He's on his own. You need him I am very harsh and very much yeah. See I. But. Demagogues. I'm assuming since the very thing. Are innocent. I got so her son's thinking ahead tonight. Admit I don't know unsung. I don't either I'm just saying that's why would it sounds like ending a 32 unit. You can be seen all day. To me about it. Duke can unleash. I know ice and no I've seen her. Need I know is she wanted to ask her what her favorite dish was there senate companies like embarrassing and I don't know okay this is my I don't hear. I don't know see an English I don't know if she you can tell me shoes on the voice you can tell yeah what it was like it was all learn. By a Maryland. She and. I think so. What song to shoot some Barney and friends can she did you the favorite dish announcer now when we look at the flight attendant landing. Also on this isn't and I think Jesus. Oh she attacked a plane fly up and go from Iran and she came to see this is according to Daily Mail a lot of back and as soon. Only to back up dancer at the center of Demi Lovato is airplane meltdown has been identified. The 21 year old who appear in season three of America's best dance crew with the treat was on tour with the Jonas Brothers live in concert when the confrontation occurred. Thank you take hand in his it was commercial messages. Joseph Jonas are attempting answer. According and that's Thelma. So when this is not a matter backup do its. Real reason she punched and yeah. And. Do you monetize the machine. She's like a good person what she's sitting. Those are a lot of philanthropy and charity stuff and. Muslims should be under this. Those who sign here. Biggest song news. Sorry not sorry. I do not know that. Does anybody know that songs are not starting. Season and finding. Never heard not me. Customers Sean looks like it. The second biggest one is. Some sort of Spanish or French who knows. And and a song called. Tell me love me. And telling. You. And then solo. Cool for the summer conditioning company. Well. I hope she's OK. That being said I don't think we should switch is dimming theme yes it is more things insurance single primary thing. Who demur all anger. And then if there's anything else. There was supposed to do. That they do on their podcasts. You figure that out as we don't for someone can tell us hero yeah. You know we'll figure. As I don't think we should add any of our own flair it's like two shows that yelling back to the news. Think it's true. So my and my third quarter. I think anything until like Australians things in the world. People don't know about. Yeah wishes to world tour now science is saying be careful and cornstarch and English. But this was her husband. This is according to acts and I'm no stopped. I didn't say it. And I I cited by lied my age biased source they're I just watch insert yeah. Only you can argue the cuts pitched well. James to emerge from a practical jokers look. Hold on when I know him. I like diplomacy is involved on yeah DV loses yeah. Yeah. This kind. Yeah that's something well you know it's a YouTube shown. Let's it was untrue TV and puts things of that Murphy as Murphy. That's Murphy I think it's untrue TV. Not reality actuality they're running it tonight insist they play it all the time there's nothing else brought that show on today in the all. I've seen these videos and passing these is Negroponte mama it's actually like those guys you know we can do that as we're gonna do now that. Videos and hungry and I was I do. Just wanted to do make him say dumb stuff on please read when did you back. I'll say anything to anyone for a dollar. Yeah I do not care but. Solid things like I like that shows some of the things like im not gonna do and I'm like man out of totally and I. That's like a lot of work now we're talking about cameras we sitting on Murray's announcing the eating some. And we should also look for an actual jobs. Just in case. I know we're all convinced something my team emerge thing is gonna be an international. You know what did you charlatan for other jobs you don't have thought that he's my favorite Murray isn't gonna work we're all your focus on my favorite Larry. Meg not work that's what you do that's our job my favorite Murray. I. I. I. Had done it. Hungry it's. Who's going to be your first night. Mathematicians and cannot find him fascinating. And to keep him around. It's. Got to be some good stories. You tell people say is we're not just a child sounds like a gun. Listen ancient story. An inning we can you can't find one remember bringing in American units. The opponent I'm sorry where is it. Must say Mariano parchment down from holly pond and one of the phenomena. That's like a one year I'm not sure that story this as soon as posture like sandlot liked her. So earlier. We mentioned that. We've spent a lot of time. Together variance and it's we've. Sure I'm price for more timely view. Than any person. In the world I wondered about that like who have by talked to. More than. You because. Mean I live my mom and dad for a long time I don't know an hour just said in a room and my mom for four hours every day so we're talking no. On average. Four times a week say if we averaging out. For however many years and then were together for six hours today so like that right so we're talking. Before we go on the air we're talking in between. When we're talking on the air. And we're even talking in the parking lot. As relieving much. And Sunoco and telkom had pointed out that we constantly. Will start to tell a story to one another and one of hustle and erupt and say. Yet I I remember you telling me the right and so then he said what we do and not in a rude way we elect our Internet and and then you ask for more information or more details are southerner or then I'll really rapidly down persuasion who sonoco has only every single that I'm older and soccer hasn't heard a salami and only let me tell you because every day run. Things telling each other of course end. I stayed with you at your apartment. For like a week or something we sit up late and I feel like we talked for days and thunder. Yeah Bloomberg on term permanent midnight and and we talked about her high school because I think up until that point there was still. I mean I was ten years ago there was still. A lot of things maybe from our youth right that we have discussed explored and all now so suck it up with the idea. Which I think is interest in apparent. We each get a chance. To tell the other person's story that they haven't heard before a kind of guy but. There's a couple of things one is. You haven't told before. It has to be a story worth telling OK so he will be the judges on whether or not that's because I can tell you about. Now what happened in the shower this morning but that's sure how. So it will just all have to be the judges on that the other line the other two people. Andy has to somehow directly involve you it can't be a story about. And ever tell you about that guy right don't count out I was friends with you know something like that I got it you're directly involved from. It's a true story. I'm a couple of months haven't heard it and it's and it's a story we're telling its others and a little intro that our friend made forests and he just decided to call something something that I don't know there. It. When it was breathtakingly. So did. Better than the bed he's doing a boy now let us through your gasoline while ago. And Peter is right and we only every senator Joseph and I got lost going home because I was so I'm familiar with the Johnson County right 'cause like how the hell do I get home from here and I realize I 35 was right there and I drove all the way around the sports are just totally law gets into the theater over off to Johnson demand yes now American one field. I don't know what they're now it's yeah. So just it isn't about who's making that up that's actually a true story Leon so let me go first. Yeah because I think I thought of something. But just in case such an average is coming under a fistfight and a girl. Fist fight with the girl he well I remember the time that. There were is a couple Gideon a fight and I parking lot outside of upon us and we NL I thought I do you know you'll do no such thing sir. And then you with a bottle then I'll governor. Of us elementary school. Alan entries one on Juan Vila do you mind of thing. Take a school fight with the girls seems familiar to our and I don't think I know I mean right now that's unit C glass has an advantage because my memories Sox. I don't remember I told you stop everything you're usually grunt. I don't know I was in my second grade and I made some snide remark to a girl named Ruth. Second group. And we've senator Graham and I remember walking in she said after school I'm gonna kick your ass. And she was a big strong woman named Ruth Ruthie. There's what they call her. And I said they have I didn't really dollar rotating I want us airlines name now that I mean I know I can remember last name I remember what should I issues wearing. This gene cut off shorts. And like Tebow sandals before there were such a thing called Tivo sandals a cut and like a short sleeve dress shirt. And stripes. I still remember it. And she said Dominic kick your ass after school and I thought well off. Jesus or can't. You won't. And then. People were talking image rather than though I'd Ruth is gonna kick your ass after school. Well Russell what started this I made some remark I don't know something maybe some amount of pants were on some of our shores it's a some stupid machine set out to care rests. And I said no so I said they were like Bruce he's gonna kick your ass afterschool and I showed him a big brown beat down a lot of that lady. And I didn't think that we would actually fight me dollars and a girl. Yes so I came walking out of school in second grade whatever. And there's a whole group of people like what happens on the way home. On the playground emerge. Ruthie stricken son. And I have to fight roofing. Much of this is like a movie she's there's a there's a circle of kids especially kids in America around Enron playground. And it's not the school that we go to it's a school on the way home. Not on others like maybe twenty kids there and rural circled around and their light had come over here and in Ruthie stand in the sun. Cut off Jean shorts you dress shirt to the sandals. Ready to bare knuckle brawl me and story. So I walked on the only my way in tune circle. And I'm. Put my dukes. And Bruce became an imposter right yeah I hurt so bad hurt so bad like I knew I was like oh god damn. I'm kind of I'm gonna get my ass kicked piracy wins in front of all these people. I'm following all to see this is before the whole school it. Put together the letters in the NBA and this is like a year before that so I returned grades. So rude to him any guy like I'm in the lip and in the nose. And like get hurt light went right here and I was like I'll know it's gonna hurt and she was ready to go. And she backed up from put up or fists again yeah. And then she took a she took one of those wild swings OK can she damage done and came Internet and I was used to read it and it right yeah. Let Mike Tyson hook yeah. And I. Doctor I went over my head and she spun around and I grabbed a medevac ever and I slammed her head and the slide. I don't I was hope in the search engine and with her V you love her I think it's not because I want eighty asking where you were from whom fight a girl here in second grade. Was there he sings a different and clearly the cookbook so you smashed your head into the eyes just ran into a slide and I threw her down and then. I said it and then Osama fight. Because I hate ourselves because she says she does she said she you know she was getting up. Jurors jurors Dustin off right in front now fly airlines try and had her nine. Walked away and went home. And she let me go over something sure is good you know she thought maybe where missiles and don't her whenever she was ready to go one more round by. But she bit off more than she did you may be you know she Bush's radio more I was well aware that if you hit me again I may not get up. So I know I've played it off like not so I don't wanna fight US unemployment judges slam you down. Now walk away now your friends are people cheering for her they cheering for you. I think display even though crackdown that I did imagine if that is what I got bodies and I got bodies are like kicker missed a definite at this because that this particular crash. I'm John it was a different time it was weird nobody nobody came to me afterwards like I can't believe you fought a girl like you would be now. Yeah yeah nobody came we know you're allowed to get in five say aloud like. I'm getting in fights elementary school and other people getting in fights I'm in Virginia fight on the bus and the bus driver. Waited until it was over in the G handers paper towels because so most bleeding. It wasn't a number amount can slips they'd yeah there's a lot of times it is kind of let kids play well I don't think I. Know that story you know it's not gone I don't I think I'll remember him. I mean why so many women out of Florida. This is another island knows and I tried to point out it was I just like right. Expect on the corner that sheik yeah it's Elena. But it is owner of god knows bar order a loan almost but closer to that knows her she'd call it a little bit on the bottom of the in part of the nose just I just remember her. I I guess Gaza gets a point for the I don't know that OK so somebody and that's why I'm so confident when -- like you beat up so much. I thought he didn't want us government shenanigans and outrun when someone brought up could you be of Serena Williams and Monica I am. Are they kicked Ruth disaster but but but but but but a and I know and Serena. I know Ruth in your no roof they are doing credit abroad I now in addition to unify and then you hear and they sat on a fighter I don't Viagra. I'm not gonna fight it I didn't header after I didn't hitter Dinah do you see any pattern and a woman and so my father says so I slammed her head into the slot clear. Yeah somebody got. All right well. I I I feel like I told you for some reason I I I got stuck in high school. And like when I worked at the restaurant independents went all right got to be something there isn't a restaurant and I don't lie to you sooner don't pay out. So I was thinking there's got to be something there. But I haven't told them but I think I told you about first limited math so I'm gonna tell you instead. About doing math doesn't much drugs Souza that was like rats are experimenting with drugs here and I said all the waitresses there did math. Ever there was a lot yes OK well I mean I feel like I'm gonna know the story we're in your head I know where you are I mention this is not a mats. Why do you says the first times of those multiple times. For what for using meth well when I worked there are those the only times you know. Maybe somewhat for certain you know whatever show on socialism can be blocked view judge you just a total. I was surprised. These are the first time he's math which sounds like the only time of the many times I've used whose only the only time you know back. Things are different technical but I'm above a no I think it's we don't have a lot of really gave thought there was a different and serious focus will invite women go so that's my story so I thought okay same timeframe. But. I've was like. A busboy. So I didn't exactly work out on the floor and it didn't exactly work in the kitchen you know your kind of an outcast of both worlds you Warner server. Are you also want to cook or preferably think. But I think we were closer with the that the people in the kitchen and you know in the kitchen everyone has nicknames. And they all have that some sort of black you know T shirt with a band name author of some sort. And I wanna be friends those guys as are all older and you know they've and they all smoke made it easy cool yeah right so one night. We're getting ready to finish the restaurants close and were clean up and they said my friend who I worked with because I worked with umpire. And I know the story but I'm trying to decide which one it is right now. Let's see I think this might be different so. Three of my friends were carjacked as right now as this one are you getting a man. Now don't restaurant and an update domino and it is also not a permanent cell. Their guy 801 of the guys who works in the kitchen says hate stick around. After worst ever in the parking lot we're gonna end an eight. I was like all right Soledad adding that he's probably an insult to town we have that you know Mike probably sixteen sides are still felt like this is pretty scandalous plus. And because we're the restaurant there was no curfew because sometimes if you if you work at W don't get onto 130 parents or to grab smoke some weed that I would go out in the parking lot. Mean it was always guys was well we. I don't always vote we'd like is that may be a couple times before this I thought tasted terrible. Bad really bad. Yeah I know you don't you know the story that I told you about this. Get gas and see if he's right. Which story is that because I've told you other stories about the restaurant but I I feel like I haven't told you this one. This is not. This is totally the totally unmasked related death on you know we had from ally and then. So that is welcome at Tulsa it's. They are sort of widen and you and your body went Danny you that there was like 3 o'clock in the morning in a Denny's waitress was like a PTA mom. She must not PTA mom died I can't draw trying to got that right. Now my friend his mom was in the PGA and we got so paranoid and and so the way I went home on the PGA would difference mom. She was. On the PGA my friend is paranoid thought she was in the PTA certainly help alcohol Bono said that that as I was under the DS and he kept saying she's in the two previous season I don't know I think I think Vijay were in independence at 3 o'clock in the morning but she was on the PGA where their friends on the PGA he was apparently not. Because she clearly was she wasn't even old enough to deal regardless I was close enough he knew about Pete until you tell mentally it was an entity I was told this story is still listen. But you're pretty close eyed I really thought you presumably yeah. I really thought Hala you talk your friend about Tennessee southern lawyers and entry Jeff illegally used in the PGA how we all make fun of them children. He's name Donald we got to that we go all the bullets in the PGA I was in the PGA now. Is he what me and I went back and I go to Verizon I was like you guys know you know what it last night he's not in Ryan's case out of the PTA and he looked as he does. They're all in the PT play like he's out. I'll tell anybody on our all of these you know if there is the guy and I thought usually in appreciation as we don't know what's wrong is all I do not you like everyone's in the PTI and iPod he really wasn't a PGA but we didn't feel good and she obviously the waitress knew something was wrong. And then the next day. I saw a man I do not like wheat. This is not for me. And the next day guys Latin music huge grizzlies held its charm. Yeah I think he called it something else at the time I think I think he had the wrong name like at night he said it was tank or something but it was somehow behind. Those from all I'm explained it. And I thought well that's. That's good thought to cause that's going to Canada yeah it's Bible do some more time. Iams it's to think about this because. I got stuck on that says it's gotta be another thing it was with the cheerleaders. Twelve with a map towards the towards the bank. Told both of whom the guy with the Russian through. Sex with them so increasingly. All these summit of I don't think of something but I don't. The restitution of those living on I don't know positive sang. Love to go home and I I don't know but I can tell a story of without feeling like I'm dean. Attempt cows are meaner idol does it mean spirited to make fun of these people as long time was once a salad dressing room when she needs addressing she made it we have like a house dressing and that was her only job was made salad dressing and when you when you can't back didn't address that people would call her names like to our face of a I know this minute if I thought it was funny yeah I thank you. All right. He's shoes that she had a lot of city miles on her daughter and there you know like she was probably stronger O'Donnell mocked him yes he's from cleaner late fifties but she she just seemed older than that. You know Sosa wasn't old she just seem older but they put that big guy. Too many details guy who government wage younger way younger we found out about it later Powell Lucy. He was probably he. Late twenties and has such was out of Giuliani does nothing until we found a really cool I don't rush tattoo I'm not telling the salad dressing when you're the African republic the godly volleys that I lost had that. Every time you get into this could last week but this is the 1997. Not 1990 yeah like that. So you figure he was a teenager in the eighties right that would put him and about the right time ribbon is late one OK sir sir. And again he also had city miles on him so I think I'm trying to trying to. Guess is as she could have been in his early thirties because I so what's he do there isn't a cook he's just hopes and dishwasher if fifty. Actually no. Oh I don't know him well really the whole story though is that these two. I actually. It's a happens a guy's got rushed into what's right isn't just say Roger is the the hemisphere's all night with a nice nice guy and then they got my putt putt putt. It's it's homemade. It's done by our and I call you in my daughters it's even better now Gatt and I know that and then now twelve. And me the none. Salad dressing lady. She's an adult and she's an early read fifties. I did say they've not been as many Taiwanese. LH one and how does an animator start drinking one night at the restaurant. I think everybody who hits the just drank it is I guess I'll just and we. Happening was on the blog so and so sup was also like. And like yeah they were back vibe to it because that place is huge OK and they had gone back I guess back in the dictionary somewhere as a when it caught them. And this is it's. Your skin like ung believable. This couldn't possibly be true there is no way on bonds did this was he what was. Happening and what they doing drugs what was going on this was during their shift at all why did this happen right during her shift it seems. I wouldn't like that while she's donating to sell address what was how Strauss saying we have probable cause and it was like this Cesar. But but I just think she smells like tiger seems as president and and show reason she she what is she wearing network version where work she always had. Like baggy T sure cheap but you always had to Wear white apron because you were beckoned ginger she always had a wife who. There you know I mean I don't wanna poke fun at her for you know. The things that I. She's fine character is she have a date. Okay and many I think she and her leg in that I think she has now emerged I think she had you know what I mean it was so and people. She wasn't allowed on the front and how's she was. They're not she was not. And I mean I don't know that she was like how the dressing armed man it was the best I still think about it and made the rest. Guy goes to I don't know what to put a crazy thing is like some element on the show is like 3 o'clock in afternoon so no I think what how. Happen once we probably have had closed for business but we were always there like three hours after we closed well liked it gets a clean up wherever special is it to work in a double or whatever. And I think this must have been like you know right after we closed the show after an answer was yeah a chance of Alicia drinks and yet and people would bring booze back there of people share energy you know why I go get a formal order from the barn and take it back to in the kitchen. And I couldn't believe that they came up and told us we had our own break rumor we smoke cigarettes make up and told us. And I can set my friends were there and it's it's it's totally inconceivable we can't believe this true story of why would you say such things a fascinating story I don't. They think he I think this guy's in denial is saying hey they say that you got caught he's just cleaner. Not easy not to not give baby and a couple and they were up Koppel for like I don't I'm married. There's is that I tell you about the time a guy in the rush had to had sex with a solid related deaths related Ahmed salad dressing I'm trying to think you don't have any involvement here and was this story in Israel agrees on then quite a threesome or you stole her from him. Then. It's really a story about a guy who rushed us more ratcheted I'd need taco salad dressing like that's equally and I'm just brain salad dressing lady doesn't tell the story go. That's she doesn't sell it to work compared to those young Concord club. Tells our man. In my mid twenties or smokes so much Mac users restaurant and home made rush type news room I'm really sells he's had this rush. The head of the multiple yeah acting silly and much of the higher you remained calm and instead says I worked out but right on. Oh and I know exactly who he's talking about. Churchill who has low. 86 via.